WEEI Late Night - The Matt Patricia coaching story writes itself 1-2-18

WEEI Late Night
Wednesday, January 3rd

Hour 2 of WEEI Late Night gets going as Big Ben Maller peruses the NFL coaching vacancies following black Monday.  The two Patriot assistants seem to be once again hot commodities amongst teams in search of a coach, but which one is the more likely to leave New England for their own opportunity?  Maller thinks the rise of Matt Patricia pretty much writes itself.


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It is the hamster wheels of football league coaching. Carousel it's of my favorite cliche is you only get to use the cliche this time of the year and it is spinning round and round and round and round a big week if your fame and all of the rumor if you enjoy the rumor. This is the week for you and much of the involving. The patriots and their coaching staff and who's going to stay in who's going to goal. Although even if these announcements. These decisions are made the announcement likely will not happen. Until the conclusion. Of the post season but we're back added a game here this out take a bunch of phone calls. And is as a look at arrest us you what's the what's the big story of the that I didn't see earlier. That happen. And the only thing it's as unless you wanted to go down college football coaching changes which I don't think play well here. A-Rod. A-Rod. Could be making you change. And he could be could be leaving his TV gig at box. And jumping over ESP. That the that rumors making the rounds this of your fan of television sports casting rumors. That that's who won its pop and so I'm sure that that'll change. That will change the the balance of how you watched television last world. But it was by the that nobody rod it was a baseball broadcaster. Is he actually. Cry. And the guy does he was working with at the beginning there like Pete Rose. Didn't try so he looked good. Where those other guys didn't look so anyway that's it's just a rumor that affect you keep. If you care about its feelings about that but that's not very Italy here let's not bury in the lead is to die. Is. Wild card week. Because. I know there's some anticipation of who the patriots play and whom you would like to play. Who you like to avoid in the playoffs but this is the time. With the won't be gone. Or the hapless. Helpless. Bottom feeding teams in the NFL. To go hunting. And they are searching high and far desperately trying to get them to help some guidance. At the coaching position and also. Kicking the tires on the New England Patriots. Front office there the coaching staff. A number of patriot assistant coaches prime candidates to be poached. Away from Bill Belichick. And get their opportunity somewhere else not in case you've been living. In some kind of shoe box. I you've not been paid attention. And it's bad job by you but you've come to the right place you know Josh McDaniels and Matt Patricia the painting on. Where you look in who you believe. These two guys are the Belle of the ball for the coaching season here in silly if I've got my scorecard. Updated now here's what I have I'm. This was as of last I checked. To very fluid situation Josh McDaniels is being wooed. By the giants. Colts and Bayer's and all of that will take place Thursday and Friday the colts on Thursday. And in the giants in Bayer's. Meal why. On Friday know Matt the trash he has drawn interest in the giants. He's gonna meet with them. On Friday supposedly the lions. And the cardinals. So that's the list there. Of who's in and who's out as Florida's the the wing process. Or patriot assistant coaches and coordinators you sort of talk about this now Josh McDaniels. As a Mexican chat with the Indianapolis on Thursday in the bears and giants. After that but it says that's a simple toss up quest. You've got Matt Patricia and Josh Reed dance I don't think they're both going to get jobs I I don't buy it they're both could end up head coaches. That they will. Both exit stage right. So with that assumption. That only one of them. Is going to become a head coach in the NFL Patricia in McCain is this year. Which of these coordinators more likely. To get head coaching job now a mark out of a first my answers Matt Patricia. I'll let it go map pitchers are now my perspective on news it's gonna sound disjointed UB you've got. Mig base magic. Location location location and AM. Eight Tom Brady problem. To get all those things and I'll link them together all locked them in. Like Legos and they'll be very vehement better than Lagos if you pull labels port out. The first thing. Matt Patricia. Is going to be the direct benefactor of McVeigh magic now it sounds silly to say that because. John McVeigh and offensive genius he tossed magic dust on the horrible rams turned them into playoff team. He had zero experiences that coach and I realize that Patricia is the opposition as far as the fact he's a defensive coach. And he's older. Much older what you think about the age gap between McVeigh news. It is early thirties and Patricia who's 43 years old so there's a difference there. I the reason I'm saying McVeigh magic just let me explain myself here. Because Patricia for all intents and purposes. Is the new kid on the block he's starting. At the bottom that's a place he started that with the pages read the story's been well documented. I certainly remind you this you follow patriots you know the drill worked his way up starting in 04 was a coordinator. And now he's coordinator but he he was the very bottom. All of the patriot coaching ranks in you go to the store sells itself you can sell Matt Patricia. Not be completely transparent here. I think we need more big coaches big guys need we need more big guy coaches in the NFL we've got eighty read. With Kansas City you lost some weight gain he's been hanging around he's been hanging on. And then outside of that you know is not much of Rex Ryan's gone now he's not gonna coach anytime soon do some TV stuff. We need ward no bigger guys coach so Patricia you can sell the whole rocket scientists that you could sell that all we hired a rocket scientist that'll sell anywhere. There's the hole number two pencil thing the beard act. Which some say is actually heard him. But if I would look around the Lance give us there were worries you get in the obvious choice will be line users of patriot connection in the front office. That job opened up yet again. And that dubious spot that you want to go to I would think. Is it tough division. And if you have. The the the the cupboards are bare there you've got some decent talent the patriots. Obviously with better talent that they've got on their roster the lines Bly. You could argue defensively they've got more first round pick more impact players that lions defense. They even the patriots although the results. Would indicate something else and you of Matthew Stafford. Who is a great coach killer. Matthew stacked and in Matt Patricia. Has watched over a patriot defense that finished ranked fifth in points allowed in the NF. And that's and we we talked about this before before James Harrison when I was gone last week we brought in teams here's a hodgepodge. Of defensive players. Button not a lot of name value. Not a lot of name value and not a lot of impact plays from the front of the pitcher's defense and yet they ended up ranked fifth. In points allowed this year that. The problem in the Kryptonite. For Patricia. And suddenly he's gonna have to get past years how much of that is Bill Belichick. And how much of that is Matt Patricia. And the general pendulum is. Almost all of it is Bill Belichick and next to none of it is rich richer or anyone else. But my answer. If you were look at this look at this objectively and say wow how did the patriots in up in the spot especially considering the way. They started when he would just torn apart limb by limb. By Kansas city's start the year in week one. This is it location location location situation. BA FC east. Offensively. Blows. Though the rest revisionism that. The front page of displayed at six games against total the jets bills and dolphins. Who can't get out of there all the way. On office the bills were 22 in points where they made the playoffs is your 22. It points scored the jets were 24 the dolphins were 248. All these teams in the bottom wrong. Oval Office is in the it up now. You could say well that's actually because the pitcher's defense or you could just say it because these teams are lacking. Offensive talent. And they suck. On office and I choose to go down that road I choose to go down that had that avenue. That's where I stand now the second part of you've got Josh McCain is an I'm I'm on team Patricia here by I think only one of these guys is gonna get a head coaching job. And I've cast my ballot with Matt Patricia but Josh McDaniels is he's got two things. That are gonna keep him from getting gay or at least are things that he's going to have to. To an amazing sales job. To overcome. It and you know what these are these denied. Hidden under a rock. Somewhere out in the boon docks here they're the painfully obvious number one. Mcdaniels already had a head coaching job and now he coached in the NFL he indeed. Eight faced poignant. In Denver. In the second thing here. Much like Patricia has got issues you a bit because Belichick it's all the credit. Well not the Belichick gets credit for the office but Tom Brady is a Tom Brady problem here. And that that the patriots were second in the NFL in offense. This sees and I see the fifth in points allowed second in offense it's his Josh McDaniels is gonna try to sell himself as this offensive. Savior it's genius hire me I'll monetary profits of around. That's a that's a Tom Brady prob. This is a byproduct. Of Tom Brady's. Mastery even know he was not particularly great the last. Five weeks average returns. Which you combine that with the shadow of Belichick hanging around. And that makes Josh McDaniels a much. Tougher sell now it's not stopping the colts. The giants in the bears in these other teams from kicking the tires. And talking to Josh McDaniels and giving him a second chance but you cannot. Underestimate I cannot stress this enough you too. Do not under estimate. Josh McDaniels mile high four because that's what he did. When he was in pain in the mile high city there the the non. Patriot who re years as a coach for Josh McDaniels. EU's aid horror show from a coaching resume standpoint. And you're gonna have to overcome that to convince one of these other doping teams. The hired. That the Broncos. Had to gain that was as a head coach is goes back you know it's almost ten years now or nine or ten. 00 or nine and ten of the Broncos. Head McCain as a semis for 28 games there were eleven in seventy. Now a couple of years back I did some local radio. In Denver. And in this is a few years ago so listen wasn't that far removed from the mcdaniels. A time there with the Broncos and big guys in Denver would tell these horror stories. When mcdaniels news was out with these the Broncos it was bad news it was a diet Rea. Inducing situation. And many left that he made a quick pit stop with the Saint Louis rains how did that go all rest. Josh McDaniels when he was overseas. The rams offense in Saint Louis they averaged twelve point one points per game now where does that ring that's bad right that's embarrassing NFL team. Twelve point one points per game that's not good that stinks. Well that is the eleventh. Lowest. All time in any sixteen game. Regular season and that it's there and is on Josh McDaniels Reza and he's also got to get that. And say well Lee and how you how do you get around that I'm not sure how you would get around. Because. The argument going to be if if you're the colts. You're not gonna have Tom Brady's it would what do we wouldn't get Andrew Luck till he gets hurt. Bye week for. And you know in the east and in the giants. We would think that meanings on there and even he comes back he's. It's certainly not playing particularly where the bears have a mixture bit risky. At quarterback. News. Why X wild card would be the kind way of describing mr. misty. Work in progress is another kind way of describing his performance. With the bears so that that's the job that mcdaniels is gonna have to it to sell one of those teams as of right now that's the list. That have reached out and would like to hire him. I if you wanna be part of this go to some phone calls are up with the ball on this year. In the second ticks and vocal 61777979376177797. 937 operators are standing by and that is there's a war one line open ports and getting in with trying to get you on the the the last thing on. I how many use them some valor map I have been in amateur odds maker for many many years. And I am going to set the odds on this. The kids is that each of these guys end up with a head coaching job I'll go first with Josh McDaniels. Outlet to go low. I'm gonna go although I realize there's three teams he's gonna talk to a starting with the colts on Thursday ominous it is only 25%. Chance. That Josh McDaniels ends up getting a head coaching job and they would Matt Patricia. Outlet to go high outlet to go Ohio citizen 60%. Chance. 60% better than 5050 that Patricia ends up. Getting your head coaching job so that is where I have set the ought that's that's where I am right now. And you take your phone calls. You can be part of it 617. 7797. 937. If you would like to be party years we hang out be bad Mallard and you. Late night and to the phones we go and go let's say hello to. In the car driver around who's on WEEI what's going odd day. Mama. All right you got form. A whole lot of you I think really featured a system that ability it's the these are. Currently at about gripe or guard troops from the cargo. I think we it and be in the lap back closest faster mamet the familiarity. Well with mr. although there are over Vicki who the throughout with Erick that that. So isn't so there's no one. Nolan will be left all everyone who's getting interviews gonna get one of these jobs. You know. I'm from the American. Well part of the you very optimistic you very optimistic Hewitt and give you the that they they both legal but I think it is part of I think are currently open short. Probably have I met quarterback did it work out that'd be president because of good wave. The kind of step by the Belichick's shadow as humans and they. The garlic to note though that it's so it'll work of Bill Belichick. And Patricia it'd be in the face or protection attrition or in the work. So I think you put them in Detroit because that thing up that the league diplomats spoke out there. You know it is finally at a tackle the deeper than that should be routine. As far as current native. Major points on his offensive production with the if we're gonna be others. He wasn't so much when he was in Denver. Now they've but. Well that that was with the rams of his two different teams in the argument is he's. If he goes of the giants that they got some receivers but they don't have a great running game they don't have agree office of why don't have a quarterback. So he's gonna be a bad spot if he gets the giants to. The best bet is. Automated repair. Tribute bet that would be in the Annapolis. What Andrew Luck with the Key Largo this rescue league who directs the work that start. Are they in the bar increased. Primarily due to roll could be a formidable weapon into the adamantly and there would have been like back room. Maybe or and if that that they throw it throughout the. You also got a crazy owner with the colts and that's based in her luck hasn't. Played regularly for several years and hasn't been dominated. In a long time you're counting on him coming back giving Dominic and in staying healthy. I think you get appropriate human refute the phone call as we yeah. The nine with the other thing which I I didn't mention a figure everyone knows it around here is the it's. It's kind of like the that the tree that just kills you the Bill Belichick coaching tree. Would choose. Which has been well documented in New Hampshire has been brought up again will be brought up especially when these interviews start taking place later in the week. That if you look at Romeo Cornell. And main GB. And you go down the list year. Belichick assistant coaches. Charlie Weis and when they've gone up out and done. Other things it is knock on well the only one which is a really good one. Who you could say is a genius. And looks wonderful but he was he'd sucked is an NFL coach and that's mixed save. When Belichick was in Cleveland Nick Saban worked. With bella check on that Brown's staff back in that it was that defensive coordinator for the browns for several years. With Belichick but as an NFL coach Nick Saban. Had a losing record. The guys the John Wharton of of college football. This particular mall without everybody when he coached in the NFL he was of failure. This among a bill O'Brien has been brought up as well obvious that people thought he was that the greatest of the dollar check. Assistant coach who sees. Middling 500 coach. At this particular mall with the Houston Texans although it looks like he's gonna is gonna stick around. Now if you if you wanna go back and you know nick pigs are what do you count scalps on the news Jim Schwartz. May the Schwartz be with you. Did work as a scout for ballot check and he but he failed with the lions. He was terrible with the lines back in the day between nine. In 51 week he's also a guy could get the giants. A coaching job. I doubt we will take your phone calls the whole thing and then the number 6177797. 937. If you would like to be part now speaking of the coaching carousel ate all our patriot. Another former patriot. Gaining in if you haven't talked about this guy yet and some say he is be borrowing it. Of the coaching offseason rule were note this is the guy ever wants the higher. We'll get to that. And will do it next. But the peanut gallery checking in here with me bend Matta late nights. Our friend. One of my guys from the overnight. The guy from Beaver Dam. Says that Matt Patricia will be the next coach of the motor city kiddies. The mats will bring a ship. As in you know what to the motor city it will restore the roar. Says the guy from beaver day. Seems like he wants Matt Patricia who's Mike he's my choice of these these patriot assist instigate. A head coaching job. I'm going to act that is my move it's that's where I'm going. Will take some focus not mentioned a darling has emerged on this coaching rumor mill. And he has ties many ties. To the patriots who get to that come and appear. In a moment right now go to the phones we go and we see guide through June oh. Losing them Providence and the VE guy with me Ben matter what's going on Jolo. Doses. Let me just explain something to listeners. I'm Benjamin and I go way back and then that and the big stop. You know ban. As hosted national radio shows all over the country. Dealt with losers down in Arkansas you know the whole nine yards. Lower 48 Alaska Hawaii you name it they know better and yeah but bench. God knows about two Trisha knew in. They aren't even close. To the most important coach decides Bill Belichick. Met slump then. Around here we know we want some bulls are those guys who will win more Super Bowls. The guys they can't go anywhere is Dante Scarnecchia. I want to be offensive line coach he retired they had to give a vocal but to bring him back down to it though guy. Cheered the only important coached they can take every single the Cotto between. And take on all we put him on any one of those teams need to coach. You're that oh you're very confident with the statement here -- very very tired your bordering on cocky you know with this particular student. Terry how would history. Reflects. That it would be anything as anything you've seen yourself make you think that what I'm saying you. I would I would not lose any sleep apply if I truly have a vested interest in the patriots not to lose any sleep if if Patricia make the game all these guys if they all get coaching jobs is not gonna happen. But yet it's not. So I changed much. As far as the book that your future the patriots and here's the thing I these guys and not be here to the throne of Bill Belichick. That's not the case that there were about my theory Joseph led Belichick he's he wants to stick around long enough to one of his kids is written takeover. You know that that's fine with me whatever dole wants to do I don't care if you want to Marv Levy and so. And drag him up out of the tunnel and we'll I'll carry him. The I bet you bush didn't think I don't think Patricia McGann who do anything I think they got music in those ads on. And they understand it around you know on the right pretend like that don't of the if this is bill's team all we need is bill and Tom and Dante I have to. It really doesn't matter what and the crowd to pay the bills they could throw somebody else in the owner's box won't even matter. That's all that matters and you brought up Marvin Lewis earlier back and got pictures on somebody I don't know what's going on but only Beckett picked up his. Maybe winning and everything at Cincinnati and it just like how well behaved as players. Yeah Al court their model citizens they never have any run ins with the police department in Cincinnati. I William you've again Joseph you solve all of the problems we've I thank you for that you're humanitarian Nia I think. That's why the crass paying all these other people. Well I'm guessing that that mcdaniels does nothing Patricia does not a I think the problem is that at the end. When decisions all the that we have to be made. Bill Belichick's the one that's got his fingerprints all over he's the one that she's making the crucial decision. I think that's kind of did anyone disagree with anyone or is there no one disagrees. And it is so you're gonna get if you hire a Belichick assistant you get trial by fire. Right it is essentially by coaching standards it's a test of courage. To find out whether or not you have got something of legitimate value or. Fool's gold just two guys happened to be in the right place the right time moved up the Belichick coaching tree. Well when given his opportunity to be the guy he cannot be. The guy cannot handle. Or should also. Matters location because you'd be coach and morbid franchise. More likely than not so we've got the of the genius everyone in this certified a locked in Bill Belichick. Mr. genius and all that and is coaching tree. Not a lot of confidence you're not a lot of confidence that these guys are gonna go on. And do wonderful things however. One of the names that has popped up here. As the darling. Of some NFL coaching guru analysis people people that follows the very closely. And that is someone who knows Bill Belichick. Very well. He was way back in the day when this guy played for the patriots they call them they use a pocket knife or Swiss army knife player because he. He could do several different things you play on special teams he played. As a pastor ushers are tied in. And that would be Mike Vrabel who his name has popped up piece that currently the dip a defensive coordinator. All of the the Houston Texas but his name has come up with the Detroit Lions and the couple these other. Italy's other jobs. As well and every able depending on who you'd turn to for your dirt in the NFL. Is one of the top candidates. Where the lines jello like she just got. Disguise him an email from my degenerate offshore gambling guys. We said odds on all of this. And they have actually posted odds. On the eve lions' coaching job and they have met Patricia. As the favorite to get the lions' job it's I did not see this before I made my bold declaration but Patricia. At plus 430. Is the favorite to get the lies Jeff Steve Wilkes is the second choice Mike Vrabel always talked about. Is third. On that list. So that's if you if you go by the B odds guys that that it sent the stuff. Missed the put limits on this seeking like that endless amounts of money it would have more meaning if you going to drop a million dollars. On who the next coach. Would be if you're not familiar with odds of united degenerate gambler like myself the implied guides I will help you out here. Oh what does plus 430 mean. Will be implied odds are say that Patricia has got an eighteen. Point 8% chance. Of being named. The lines but I was 6% chance of getting your head coach he's I would much bigger than. 18% I said I just about why is vice that there's an 18%. Chance. That he's gonna get. One of these jobs him and Mike Vrabel the the other name that I just mentioned as far as the lions. A job. Is concerned he's a plus 933. And that translates to a less than 10% chance. In less than 10% chance on that let's go to bill who's in Springfield and he is next on WE EEI. With me Ben Maoist. Oh and on bill. A battle going on the ought to do what's on line partner question but I don't hear anybody ask article view. It actually worked reaping the patriot. So you're going to be leaving the potential Super Bowl contender every year for a dumpster fire team that has no shot competing at least next year. I would take that job besides Armenia the procedure that culture title. And the pay increase accomplish that but I mean it may constitute what the winning team and not going to what you cart which. W. It's hard to pass up the money though it plus you can you can. Come back and you know with Josh McDaniels left and he came back it's not like you can't come back. If you go off to an apple team and sock and you you don't wean. It it's hard to pass up that money gets in your own question. Bill I mean it's it's money it's opportunity and it's also ego rather than just me says Leslie. It's late you know we don't you always want more out what do you do for a living bill. Right now on the video what are your idea a guy you are you good veal there are you good at it. I'm an award nominated wanna get account response but that's good see a good job but gee do you aspire to do more of that are you satisfied with what you're doing right now do you not want do anything else. Yeah but it that the questions were so if I wanna take a job where. It's going to be bad for more pay or one where you're comfortable you enjoy it in your make a good living I think I would think that. Yet seat you're like me go I'm a pessimist just like you sound like you pessimistic mean. But a lot of these guys are optimists and they say it will not only will it make more money what it I would have my opportunity. And I know I started at a high school assistant coach at work my way up and now I can be an NFL head coach it's only 32 of these jobs. And I can have it I start having a paltry sum of money and how much bigger pot of money at amen to be the next Bill Belichick. And I got to go out I got to go to some terrible town where the team blows and alma turned that team into the new patriots. That's the attitude that's why these guys a lot of these guys do it. And it's just really ego and us. Let's be honest here in when your coach. You're essentially a mercenary. Although you'll make a ton of money until you reach the very topic you. Guys I saw Bruce Iranians retired as coach of the cardinals. The other day. And they ran down the list of CDs and jobs that Bruce variances had. Going from college do the NFL and back and forth it. All over the country it's that it it's any of these guys that there's a goal it union united anyone's spot for more than a couple years that we I think you bill. Idea I appreciate. It reminds me. And I guess summer date myself will be. But when I first got into the radio business. I recall. A when I went to school. Teacher at a BD EG a network hell of these. What we went through the the list you know they they had all these DJ's and Ali's radio stations and at work that zigzagging across the country from floored it origin. The Virginia. You know stop been. In Maine you know you all over the place and and in that hasn't happened quite as much now on radio but coach is it still. Zigzagging. All over the country going all the are to some more phone calls the number if you wanna be part of our late night party here in WEEI. 6177797. Nine B 37. And down a blatant attempt. To get you to listen for a couple minutes longer. It's the instead trivia and think about this you should should be something get relatively quickly. A which NFL team. Just finished the regular season with a an equal number of running and passing plays exactly the same. Rushing and passing attempts that is the end the trivia the answer and more your phone calls and it would all due next. Well imagine the odds pretty good if you believe the offshore books on it. The coaching future of the patriots Matt Patricia is she's the a second choice behind. One other name on that lines. Coaching list. He did in favor he's he's he's number once Steven Wilks is due. On that was the odds that around who could easily utilized job while the Chicago Bears there's odds out on that who's gonna get the bears' job. Rank right is the number three choice and that was hatch charmer. Is number two and essentially tied for the top spot with yes. Josh McDaniels who is at plus. 604. The odds listed there are so that works out to roughly 14%. Chance if you go by the implied odds that Josh McDaniels. We'll get to Chicago Bears. Head coaching job I am maintaining that. Patricia gets it coaching job a beat Daniels will not. We did have a guy call up earlier who's convinced that the entire staff is going to. And up coaching somewhere else and every everyone will just hire a Bill Belichick assistant. And that's how it's gonna go down got a payoff be instituted to back the phone calls you but here's the of the question which NFL team finished the season. With an equal number of running and passing place. It's very simple that is the is distribute. What is the answer the Austrian. Checks in with the Washington. Redskins. As his answer hail to the Redskins he says. Who else do we have you let's see we we have the Toledo Mud Hens who I don't believe our NFL team you are correct answer this this get to it. That team in Jacksonville who the patriots. Probably will not base. In the playoffs are probably or have to worry about that we assume you look at the matchups here could have Kansas City. Taking on the patriots in the Jacksonville. And Pittsburgh it could be the wake shakes out but Jacksonville ended the regular season. With 527. Pass attempts and 547. Rushing attempts. So depending how you look at these things it's either the most balanced team in the NFL. Or. A team that it was desperately trying to hide their quarterback. Blake portals and and they realize that that is a weak link and it so they try to run the ball as much. As they cook. At that. I work I did see Ben Roethlisberger. And that one thing about the Steelers is they're not afraid to the chief Chad on. Like who they wanna play and there the whole thing to lead up to this steeler or patriot game. Was going to be what was tonight going to be was Mike Tomlin. Very open. About the fact that he wanted to take on the patriots. And they were looking forward Nike and had a team circle. And Ben Roethlisberger. On his weekly radio show in Pittsburgh. He also chit chatted about who he would like to. To match up with in the first game for Pittsburg. And he said quote I'll give you guys one guest who you think I wanna play and you would it make you sit Roethlisberger. He said Jackson wants another shot at Jacksonville. That was the game he was so bad how bad was he five interceptions. That Roethlisberger was talking about retiring. Expressed doubt whether he could still play in the NFL following that team. And course sooners. Quickly. Circle the wagons. And in came back when about two games via via the lost three games. All year to the phones we go and the sale of Paul in Westfield Paul what's going on your on the radio would be dead on the media. Big bad well I wouldn't. You'll need try to watch that Matt Patricia. Doesn't know much as I'm ahead on and that had been hurting and so are there are full body woke our white taken apart like he what do you think you don't win. I'm taking about UT at first light some poetry paws on the overnight show I'm not taking apart your team Paul number two I'm helping Matt Patricia. This guy he's a big major box with the alliance it's ill probably get a free car from Ford. Is they don't team. And out of that's a good good or bad thing but it get a car out of the deal and then he'll be there for a couple of years and then he'll be free to roam around to another NFL tee it's a short term situation Paul. All all all I you've got it worked out for a short term situation than you'd think Marty is in them it would be like a college. And you know what it. Well we have good job and get their way that we work more guys were a twisting tornado packed into one football cup I have been how much money we're talking here. Why is a simple he is a deal with Patricia let's say he goes to lions. And yet turns out to be a good coach daddies like Picasso or something I keep aids at a beautiful picture with the lions. Then in a couple of years he could come back as they head coach when bill Belichick's ready to retire pop up that ball I'm groping Patricia as a potential coach. Although I don't that's gonna have a what do patriots. Barack is there pilot goes oh. Two routes to reclaim his. Because the Mac air up there right now it had a question matter how much money red coat you've been going. What do you get for a what do you like formerly any is that what's the going rate for NFL coaches that seems three or four million is that low. MI below us in that neighborhood it's a good neighborhood. It's that kind of money. You could buy like a whole neighborhood in parts of Detroit. Are these used to be able to maybe not now but you you could you could do very well. In that in that part of the country. Yet formally insignificant. Quote what you get about 750000. Why don't have I don't have a salary in from the Chris producer Chris you how much Matt Patricia is making as the defensive coordinator to me about thirty seconds not he's gonna he's gonna look he's got his sources he's looking right now. He's gonna look that up I think the top coaches in the NFL make like eight million EI belly check. This this was as a like a year or two ago they are at eight million a year. Is what are. While that bill would write a book ten million a year that a lot. Like Shaw and mean Pete Carroll guys like. Guys like that are in that eight. Supposedly. A lot of his stuff is just spit balling his. A a most of the teams don't end up posting this hours back is a bunch of guys make it over six million or coach in the unified know that. So. You're intelligence now when we see the that what moves you in your way that. I appreciate it happened again we have what we got her out one guy we stop them and they kind of dominated not what are we need to do to beat them in the playoffs. Well to beat Pittsburgh in the play offs and those movies coming out and it's coming into Foxboro I think the patriots where I'm fine. In that team and not just because of location at the Steelers. Let's be real they should've won that game they had. They had the touchdown. You the full gaze he rules of the NFL the benefit of the patriots took the touchdown off the board would. It looked like a touchdown in my television Paul I I seem like at the best anime but that patriot to win that game dull witted. Surprisingly with their defense a defense is going to be why any of these playoff games the defense is the key but you've got to force. Turnovers you do that. And you knew before I think people. All the Pau line. My long time. Long time guys I assume you like the problem would these coaches salaries is like they're all over the map. They're all I ask assistant coaches' salaries is there's speculative reports. On what certain coaches are making nobody. Is no. Consensus at least I have not seen. The consensus on. Thank bill O'Brien who left the patriots are used here with the patriots and Belichick. He went down to Houston supposedly he makes in the neighborhood of a five million. Like in that. Neighborhood like 56 million a lot of these coaches are in. In their neighbor but you have no experience of you have Knoll track record. Then you end up. In a heavily at the soup kitchen. To make in. What four million. Some might and well whatever. What ever the salary for Matt Patricia. It's. Likely more than he would have made as a rock as a rocket scientist I think that the day. If report. A yes that that sums up the state of the Patriots defense. And where they are and please kiss my focus that's the story in the NBA we'll get to that. And we'll do at all and who next.