WEEI Late Night - Mooch's efforts to maintain stardom; Did Brady have a relationship with Ivanka Trump? 9-19

WEEI Late Night
Tuesday, September 19th

Hour number 2 of the WEEI Late Night dubbed Reimer After Dark rolls on as Alex decides to put a finishing bow on the Jemele Hill situation and her comments on President Trump.  Then Reimer breaks down Michael Smerconish's smack down of Curt Schilling as well as addressing Anthony "Mooch" Scarramucci's attempt to hold on to his five seconds of fame by joining an episode of TMZ live and dropping a somewhat huge rumor bomb.  Finally, Alex finishes the show with his favorite segment, the Midnight Morons.


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Aren't our number two of late night dubbing it once again Roemer after dark. Taking you up until 2 o'clock this morning. 61777979837. Taking your calls in the first hour and carry Irving's bizarre. And I think do you seater Bulent first eight today. Yemeni deck you want out of Cleveland. Beyond Iran wanted out of LeBron shot now I get out and buy dot I import. LP carrier Irving has an obligation nor had an obligation to tell LeBron about his plans by. I mean saved me to stop about calling yourself woke saved me the stuff about talking about your are off. Me and and and so that's on the table also Jerry Jones doing Robert Kraft has not done. Reportedly standing up to the commits behind closed doors. And impeding Roger Goodell is five year contract extensions so that's on the table and more and again 617779. 7937. By. The story never dies. Over the weekend and into today Monday we had even more Jim Allen hill fallout it's now been exactly one week. Since he called our beloved presidents. A white supremacist on Twitter. I ESPN's public editor Jim Brady. Weighed in on all of this late Friday afternoon. On Jim Brady by the way has like the best job ever. A drink there is archives. He published Esther Miller held peace on Friday. The last piece he wrote before that was like 33 days ago they last write something like a hundred days ago so. I'd like to get back to the once every like three months gig. Pretty gut. But Tim Brady was supportive of the way ESPN handled this. The world lightly of course sent out that pandering statement that please nobody. The critics quickly Travis is the Brittany and reads the correcting talent hands the months the mutt man. They wanted hill suspended. The White House wanted to help fired. ESPN of course did none of there reportedly tried to polar from the air on Wednesday. The same night the same data White House called for her firing by year reportedly refused to. Refuse to applies in. Becoming get a black anchored a fill her place in and so now is that she was on the act too we just days in her eyes a ridiculous ESPN is that no matter what. The only way to organ Phillip was with another black it's celery to ice that last week can we at least be a little subtle but we're trying to do here honestly. Honestly by so that failed and kill people like myself what dads and wait and wait and if you're not gonna discipline gym now hell. You're not gonna maker take down the tweets and they're still up as a. Why issued this statement in the first place why hang her out to dry like us. Either get a discipline her or your knots releasing a statement. It's just trying to appease your other peaceable critics. It's leaving someone out to drive for I think was a relatively truthful statement a better president well. ESPN's public editor in Jim Brady did not agree with. Rode along com about the stride this is the accept that jumped out I mean he got a lot of crap for this to Jim Brady again no one happy with what he wrote. In newsrooms guidelines exist to serve as a backstop for common cents. Is or not tweets that served her or her employer wow. And that's why is somebody responsible for getting decisions like this three purely journalistic ones I think she made a mistake. It doesn't have to do with my personal theories about the president's my own life experiences my opinion of hell or anything else. I'm a public editor not a public activist in journalism. Where expected to be cautious thorough and thoughtful. Even though Janelle as a commentator nine news reporter she still a journalist. I don't think she met that standard here. Off off come on. Get over yourself number one. Number two so many things wrong with that. First bought this idea dot Jim Al hill's personal Twitter account as a reflection on ESPN is so house and there's no other industries where people think that accompanies employees speak for the company. Like I don't think I have to say I opinions on my Twitter my opinions in my articles my opinions on the show. Did you not speak for WEEI. They don't mean nobody thinks. It's a no sane person thinks that Jim dale hill speaks for ESP I mean I know we and right partner everything. Well liberal bias but c'mon I mean let's put our heads a little their thinking caps a little bit. Trammell hill's personal Twitter account does not speak for ESPN obviously it's all this crap about how. She needs to serve for employer while on a personal Twitter account is bogus. Is totally bogus and Jim Brady is wrong when he talks about how in journalism we're expected to be cautious. Thorough in dot. I got news for. Being thoughtful. Is applying some sort of critical thinking. Describe somebody from what they are. And again I don't think Donald Trump himself is a good wearing white supremacist and not to stretched. I think he panders to white supremacists. I think he's surrounded himself with white Nationalists and people who advocate for that for those sorts of policies. Like its response after Charlottesville refusing to explicitly condemn you or not these in the kkk. This is a guy whose career was launched off the racist Bertha arisen why which he still has not apologized for by the way. My man Don lemon sat it out over the weekend and I agree. Trammell hill always dollar trumpet apology when Donald Trump apologizes to Barack Obama for propagating the birth terrorism. So it ought to go back to Jim Brady showing deference to trumpet just because he's the president. Is the opposite of being thoughtful. That is being mindless that is being a sheet. So this attitude needs to act this attitude needs and disputes this Hulk and why is the president and we can't enough now. Trump has said the worst things imaginable about Obama. The worst things imaginable about Hillary Clinton trump himself called Obama a racist on his Twitter feed years ago. Look at me that crap we need to be thoughtful no. Yelled Beanpot ball is applying some critical thinking which to mail hell did so just. A terrible piece from Jim Brady got absolutely terrible but I want to say that's. Allen among teens are now here I am I am. But you'll not see my avatar changed to a picture of Jim now hell. Rated Trotsky I was afraid that shot Jesus Trammell is gonna make it out okay she dead. She still work installed driving her monster Friday still making millions of dollars. There's no need to change your Twitter avatar to eat picture of Jim now L. Like Mike Freeman is done in Jeff Perlman is done all the pool I really like especially Jeff Perlman. I'd Jason master noddle from the Harold and other given to him a little bit on the morning show. You know speaks to Sports Illustrated master not out talking about why he changed his Twitter Albert chart to a picture of hell. Saying silence is what the administration wants answered any authoritative administration wants. Not to get all tiny here but there's a quote that's fresh in my mind from Shakespeare. A bunch of tyrants are considering their actions once or after the government and take power the first thing we do let's kill all the lawyers stick the butcher says. Take out the people who can check your power. That's how you can or. I'm due. Did you change your Twitter avatar to a picture of a sports anchor our. You're not saving democracy. Enough. You're not saving democracy. So. The point all right everybody. I hate the people who want he'll suspended or fired her hypocritical there'd there'd there'd there'd there'd they're dumb they're stupid like Curt Schilling and we will get to later on. Like Don I got his ass handed to. I am Michael Smerconish. Michael smirk on some sides and CNN. His lead and a smirk time so much of your CNN viewer like I am Chris can't can't and he's he's socks he's bad but he was good here which showing. Play that's on that moment but also a meaning. Janelle who is not a martyr. Okay I I agree is the end hitter on me hunger out to dry the would've been better if she were suspended actually rather than this week long public shaming now when. Out capped off with a public editor last week by. It's not a Meyer now there are other causes that take up Jason Napster not to once saved democracy. 617779793. Sevens coated shaking Cambridge who wants to signed up on the carry interview went first take Jake what's going on. They're you don't do well. So yeah. I mean I personally you know those and watched Judea Tyree interviewed Mack strong and not. You nation. To it you know what did you pertinent. It highly. Interview that I know he said that he. You thought it was a little weird seeing all congress knew you would order what did you expect. I think he came off like a pompous Jack to be on strategic mean acting all indignant that they were asking about LeBron James I mean of course are gonna ask you about LeBron. That's number one story around its numb when storing the league right now. Ike are totally understand their great how many times can you are currently. Not seeing court and you don't so many interviews and so when people that are actually. Saying and writing and the exact same ethnic converted into a pot. It is that it. But but it but it but should take but the don't do the interview you know you gotta go on for an doesn't really fully answered either like the Celtics press conference earlier this month. He deflected those questions he didn't really say explicitly about the state of its relationship with LeBron he revealed that he hasn't spoken to LeBron. But it expand on that which created more questions so. I get a take your higher eight. I understand why may be tired of the topic but then I would say don't do the power line interviewing first take if you don't want answer questions about LeBron James. Knocked owners I think their yards he play at any given the same actors sometimes clearly. Clearly needs. No not gonna get anywhere in the same question just let the man do his thing played basketball he's in the city you ought. When JD chips. I mean look wrong. And under way. Now I get that Jake and thanks for the call and as they sat I understand. Like Harry Irving one about a clean and I don't blame carry Irving for not consulting with LeBron. Would LeBron James have consulted with Harry Irving. No way in hell of course see what noble bronze probably gonna opt out of his contract carried probably saw the writing on the wall. Had way to much and left behind here and I history books mean if Isiah is gonna be out for a long time with this happen. And who knows how is going to be when he comes back. I'm ready city have leaders of the favorites in the east this year I'd. So I totally get retirees coming from I like the fact that he seems to think beyond basketball I like the fact that he's. In search of this personal fulfillment. On the court and off the court I like all. There's a lot of military Irving I liked. Just the pompous attitude he got in the did nonsensical words out again can somebody tell me. What Perry Irving means when he says I don't really have an ego. I have a presence in our about me that's very real reality based. Like what's what in the world does that mean. What in the world does that mean high read. And again Mac's arm and Stephen they're asking you about the state of relationship with LeBron James. US getting them one word dismissive answers. Just again just come off like a pompous dieters does come off pompous of you don't wanna answer the questions fine they don't do the interview. If somebody talked like that someone said to you. All if you're very much woke there's no such thing as distractions as some call themselves well in front you you'd put your rise may be the belly laughed Kress. You would take it out of my face what do you do on the heels Salim colonials. Carries 25 and 24 we got a connection going on but I just. Came off as you see him. I apparently am on an island because everyone's against me Anthony Revere you wanna know you don't understand why am not upset with Carrie. Yeah. What other news shall much. Let's say it's bothering me a lot I'm just saying did you watch interview by the way and first take tonight. Yeah and you don't think he came off at all like a pompous jerk. No he can't he can't quote I am a very competent. Turks and who played everybody would be spending now LeBron James. I I give the guy a lot of credit card you know. Break and wade made an air show a lot we don't know about the project. At the I green as they said I don't. Blame Tyree for wanting out I don't care that he didn't consult LeBron James but it into an hourlong interview like dot you have to expect they're gonna ask you about LeBron so. Either answer the questions or don't you know don't get me this nonsensical words sound which he did to. I know I I agree we Hubert can I ask you a question. I you you know. At our house I think he's a better play than. A bit right you'd you'd. And I think that. In the long run eagle Eagle 8. About. I think that game and apple all Asia which. I agree I gripping Kerry made the right Colleen understand why he made the call. But just when you're explaining yourself don't hockey circles. To give me this word solid don't Carter's self woke oh if you're very much well. There is no such things distract. What does that mean that doesn't mean any thing. That doesn't mean any. Thing. 61777979837. Up next we're gonna buy dot hi re Irving is a decent sound about today well the mood says. Almost all around books the mood to still around. Also do you wanna play this Eckerd selling CNN sound because whenever. Eggshell sound stupid I get enjoyment out of it that more coming up next sports rated WEEI it's late night without extreme. Sleep is for losers that's right here to 2 o'clock this morning 617779. 7937. Did you Mel health fog continues. Course last week plus spent a lot of talk at the suppose a double standard is Pia and Tim Allen home not disciplined her tweets calling trump a white supremacist. Schilling fired for a series. Of offensive tweets on social media. Including anti trans gender mean he shared last year. Dot featuring a picture every early cross Dresser. With all sorts says it all sorts medicinal big screen on an about it out the men's room is decide for that is designed for the penis and manner in the men's room women are in the women's program just step you'd find on a doctor install a degree Strom and it's the Al that's that's that's not hustling sounds at all it just might if not to go I like the Patriot Act and I like your heart don't have an it's like my hard though like via. Men grams of them and smoked too many mental then you're grandfathered be relying in his grade he can't smoke at Fenway Park but women gained on the men's about him and vice Versa. So but a lot of talk about double standard might take on and always has been shelling in hills tweets are different because. Gmail host tweet about trump was based in a semblance of reality and Schilling's tweets side defaming the transgender community. I was just based in nonsense and bigotry is no evidence that suggests that transgender people going to the bout him is that the rats. The picture you shared of a burly cross Dresser is it just again an offensive. Disgusting image to the transgender community. The equivalent of posting a picture of a monkey and saying oh there is black person I mean not same of showing it that that nobody. Would've called for aspiring odds are showing was on CNN are ever when my card for sprang out there nobody wins I. I argued against it Roberts was on CNN. Over the weekend with dining to by the name of Michael smirk on Ashe. Who live doesn't make a lot of headlines usually you know I think he's Andy usually succeed to skies cliche after cliche nothing. Nothing too special but he did. He did take it to Schilling this weekend and I think really explains. I quit or take you lead a difference between two male host from tweets and selling strand standard tweets. I like it when the big sell it smacked down a little bet so that's why I'm playing this audio. Bias is on the table but oh let's let's take a listen here. But instead what I'll do is I'll respond to you saying you were fired for being a conservative I wasn't even going to drill down on it but put back on the screen. That FaceBook post that Curt Schilling distributed where you cherry picked an aberrant photograph. And you used it to besmirch. An entire class of individuals. That's why you got fired now do you wanna have that because I haven't. That now that that got through my I didn't just work your entire. A group of people like that it meant to you Matt Morris yeah it's going to Wear. Rarely do you think that the image do you think that the image that's on the screen is typical of the transgender among us seriously. Now and never got it I never you know what that what that might it sure I am occasionally do it. I'm not a cheap shot. I felt that. Right now I get that I had to spend a tight you guys wore an I get you back there are integrating the bogey there. We bombastic equal make it nothing for the dealers. That you you view you guys that we operate in Europe or this big debate or so the fact that matter what. My comment local on the back I don't need my government the downward he and we never hear are the. It's something. It. And it got government doesn't need Tom to appease. Okay and you should allow the transgender people wouldn't go whoever they wanna go to the bathroom men's or women's Armenians. Game right Herman has no business telling you where to pay. I and that's just the weakest offense from selling it he said a million times you know. The wasn't mine image when you shared it on your FaceBook. I mean I mean would you meet was that your image you shared it. And thus you endorsed at so. I thought Michael's America smerconish. Spelled it out nicely mean Schilling to themes. Entire group of people for for no reason. And I Gmail hill yes she defamed trump she went after trumped by again when after a might think within attack that has. A lot of trees to a lot of treatment and that's the big difference and I think Michael Smerconish on CNN. Articulated it well 6177797. Nine through seven is here on number five Kurt showing. Will speak out whenever there's a microphone in front of him. As well Anthony scare Moochie who is his ten day rain. As White House communications director was fantastic. I loved every minute on that. Not loud to the post scare Moochie act now. Talk about the ultimate hang Iran the ultimate starved sleeper just just as holding onto his last shred of relevancy. And now he's slandering Tom Brady scare Moochie was was he was on TMZ live today Chris that that's the snow correct it was hosting yet. I think hugest thinking gas but he seemed to fit right etc. it's perfect for scam which he TMZ is perfect form why did Tom Brady skipped the White House will Brady released a vague statement in the spring. When this when this happened saying yes and we commandment it was later reported. I he was with his mother Galen who of course says recovering from cancer. On totally fair reason obviously. But scare Moochie says no now now there is another reason my Brady. Was not the White House proxies romantically involved or was romantically involved with. A bucket truck what's yes take a lesson. I think they're relations very strong I think I think I think the president's relationship and Tom Brady. And Bill Belichick and Robert cranny that religion is very strong well. I do believe they don't think I'd say the point of memorable moments for me he was in my first or second day. In the white house on the desk in the in the Oval Office with C championship ring that Robert Kraft had given to the president. For donation to the presidential library fairway why it took to to be I think they're all very close what I did say is somebody should guest is now. Why Tom Brady didn't show up at the championship or write your life why do you think. I don't know. 100% know what might yes my nine. You know my guess is is that you know well. That could be some. You know which is typical I mean it could be a little bit of jealousy there protection in possession. Of Tom Brady and and she probably in Monaco. Nothing against them. Did it was that communications are from trying to save yet again that TMC guy you say okay you say it costs what my head protecting from watt. I just think that she's she's possessed of problem and they've I have a great relationship that you buy and while there because. Because the cars is this Mike on. This is my gun so you think his social changes ocean hi how are exactly know why baby why settle down why why does she apparently homemade ornament in relation between the mini bar at some point I have no. I don't know the real real reason what does that mean. I don't know the reason I'm not what are you guys are not an investigative journalists at snoops around these people have no idea what that's why it is Iraq I'm just saying to you. That might guess it rigors of vodka. Or maybe wasn't or maybe somebody else I don't know I just think there was a possessing an error that. You know cause a rub. Sell. Since it is totally Sox by the way I mean it's it's awful. It beat its hope are you not going to be did not Amir not gonna be anatomy I'd be be mad at them on the market. Well I'm not saying I'm not saying anything so let me come on come line. Come line its is ridiculous it's absurd. He just doesn't once thing I. Some. Don't do he socks I hate in which the which is terrible RC I love the moved by this it's still you still advocates and like here diet and an eight. Oh my god it's kinda cute way. Like cute though I mean this gonna continuing OP know Chris this stuff is getting just in to the mood any guys wanna see him to eat more and more desperate got a false like I did he Polyone Twitter yet now we're all like the 500000. People. Follows me which calls everybody. Jealous why he now it's the mood Tuesday grade five all you like a year and a half ago to comic who is this files like hundreds of thousands of people. Who is this just to stay connected. I guess out so so connected you saying that Tom Brady. May have been involved at some point with a pocket trump any lots of back and say what was some sort of relationship. But a bug is only makes sense I mean let's Brady. Remember the LG BT QIE. Eight community. And I'd welcome mat by don't think Sao on the accused with Eric Orr Donald Trump junior. So then you say okay was it more Juanita. Was it a vodka. Or was it Tiffany Tiffany is a bit young. Or radio means she's slightly when he won twenty TO. So younger than us and work where gay relatively young and younger than us so don't think so it's a vodka. And I say if you're the gooch now you got to come with some substance here you can't just float this stuff out there. And back away from it so the moon which I think is dug himself into a big call. Okay as we know that Donald Trump loves a vodka. He re like he really logs of vodka like really really likes there. Odd doesn't listen to any of our policy positions supposedly an under the disregards all over political advice but really loves his daughter. On and it's in now now you have scare Moochie saying well maybe Yvonne K Brady were involved. With the mean just what just total insanity from the new two year. But it has us talking about a not his ball and my question is how far will we get now it's scary movie cheese so he's willing to defamed Tom Brady. He's willing to slander a bond did trump. On how far will he go to keep his name in the news here if this big prediction time yup the mood will be at the Oscars next year. What they give him a standing ovation like they give Sean Spicer Emmys I think I think it's going to be at the next step up Andy's gonna just. Break some news some more is Bertha more news that no substance behind it. So so what is so is the moods get a dose of all appear he can't just hang out out there telecast have to get to hang it out there that Tom Brady. May have been romantically involved at the Monte trumpet that's why eating go over the White House has Gisele said no. What was put sheet he was gonna taker payment Cisco owns twenty Oval Office right now it's a Fedora and woody really. Even make sense on any level so he seems he seems to be willing to talk to anybody. I chuck DI MMI EU protect Mars soured you on Twitter the brits are shall I I was slotted to them which is DM news right now and you ease up. The religiously as much smooch yes definitely depth whip up as a nice couple black coffee next on different in a request for comment to you. Said that you knew you by the organized speculated. That Tom Brady was involved a man to do it about it trump in Gisele said no you can't go to the White House like. It's just it just seems so absurd. So absurd even for this is the weirdest family I did to trump family. In Brady's straight I mean we got on but this is this is still and I want to believe it. Anything that's Landers the trumps anything that's potentially salacious about Tom Brady. Buying into it I or wanna buy into it. But this just seems a little too far fetched I mean it even if Brady did it let's just say he did at one point four rod that the bond guy. Gisele and what did you sell go to the white house with him. Inning if she didn't mean did she think there'd be an opportunity for a little some solemn. Like the most one that was public events you can imagine the patriots visiting the White House that they really have such an intense connection that she thinks that now that he's married and as kids. You know it's like it's going to be it would be all over him I mean I will say I mean from picking between Tom Brady Jared Kushner. It's an easy choice yet of course there is one of the creepiest guys out as a whole the baked that the therapist is gonna walk away from this administration at like. Billion dollars and it's gonna be like today it 500 most egregious thing that went on so. Scare Moochie desperately trying to break into the news cycle anyway possible. Auntie did with thigh his slanderous comments pentium easy. Alleging I hinting at a romantic relationship between gradient pocket trumpet saying. That's why Brady was not the White House to sell put the kibosh on it so the mood to get roped a juicy piece of gossip like that out there. You got to come with some more facts not yet to throw that out there and walk away you've now dug your hole lutes. And I got to step in in a little bit more six once. All strategy. Right you're in the news again but in the process he may have alienated yourself from Donald Trump vodka trump and Tom Brady. For a star sweeper like them which I don't know I think long term he's gonna regret this. Men that margins coming up next where we take aim at the hypocritical. Liberals. Who hate Sean Spicer in trump except when Sean Spicer is. Next to him and he takes all of these with them. Would do that also likely Travis is just not always a definition of a moron so we'll do all that next Roemer after dark and going. So for months and months Steven Cole there. James scored then. All of these guys. Rip Don signed spice there called in the Joseph Goebbels of our time. And then when he shows up at the Emmys. They all laughed. They'll cheer they all takes all these let them. Col Baer reportedly invited Spicer the Emmys this was called bears idea. He spends every single night out against trump when Spicer his Press Secretary railing against Spicer. Calling him a liar. Calling him an embarrassment. And then you bring a month's your monologue. So all those hypocritical liberals at the Emmys last night you guys are off the midnight morons for doing this and laughing. John you know. These. Bucks into question and around the world. I am not digging each on Spicer I've rehabilitation tour. Not digging in on mood out on placing it on moved out on Spicer OK fair enough I'm not a both of them. The moods again I think is the ultimate hang Iran. But spice surges Sosa use you you make you know you basically are Baghdad Bob Wright. You're Baghdad Bob you're that North Korean anchor who we always see I mean you are the at the chief propagandist. For this administration. For its first six months or never wise and now we're just getting. Just joking around to come line FUNF. Everyone there anyone who laughed at Sean Spicer. Anybody who took a self he would them last night can't criticize trump anymore can't criticize the spice man anymore you're in on it. AP did Nazi talk about limousine liberal tide would hypocritical liberals. That's all you need to now. Right there and we were gonna get ethically Travis just about shortening. I've now they'll play quite as he sucks anyway. Says that firsthand and we kind of attack and he said the First Amendment boobs is what he lobs and Brooke Baldwin on scene and got all. All aghast another example report people suck clay Travis Sox. For being Krauss and not funny. Her bald and Sox are taking offense to something that porting offense to. So everyone's have been more I remember after dot that dark Specter returning and Chris great job behind the glass will be back tomorrow at midnight. Let's tear chagrin totti and.