WEEI Late Night with Patrick Gilroy - Charles Barkley is not a Green Teamer

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Friday, November 17th

Hour 2 and Gilroy discusses the hate Charles Baarkley shows towards the Celtics.


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It's easy late night talk Sports Radio telling you. Yeah late getting going and c.'s late night right now. On Sports Radio WEEI. And Sports Radio. WEEI. WEEI late night Patrick Gilroy and you would you guys once again. Taking you guys up until 2 o'clock in the morning nobody join us here 617 7797. 937 I gotta tell you guys growing up. Huge Celtics then a big NBA guy there's probably nothing better like nothing to gives you chills nothing that sounds better. Been Marv Albert calling the big Celtics game declaring the Celtics victorious could you play that sound once again that that felt so good wanna hear it again. And if I didn't know better I'd think it was game five of the NBA finals right there in the celtics' competing Purdue NBA championship at no. It's not the week before Thanksgiving until eight. I mean what are we sixteen games into the season the Celtics now. Fourteen consecutive victories but nobody. Nobody on earth could have predicted what's taken place over on causeway street. Through the first month of the regular season let's talk about it together at 6177797. 937 before I get back to the phones you know we do have to bring up the won him. One sort of unfortunate story tonight a sideline story that played a big part. In what took place over at the garden tonight. Unfortunately Jalen brown with a big loss personally last night. Losing his best friend to kids from Atlanta this kid Trevor and Stevie he's somebody that you can find him on YouTube there's a great video from about a month ago. Of he and Jalen at the Celtics practice facility going one on one there's no word yet from the family on how he passed away. Regardless of the situation. And how we took place anybody that young losing their life is it it's. It's just incredibly sad it's tragic and Jalen a young kid dealing with a major loss wasn't sure. If he was able to play tonight I mean EEU with a game time decision and apparently what sort of took place was. His teammates rallied around him went to the hotel. Talked to him to jail and it stays at a hotel in Boston and talked and talked him into playing and Jalen after the game tonight says. I wasn't in any shape to come out and play I don't wanna leave my hotel room. They inspired me to come out and play my teammates inspired me to come out and play and I think that. Underlines exactly what this team news. This team is a team of incredible teammates were one guy lifts the next guy up and that's why you're seeing major contributions from guys like Daniel price. Price played in Germany last year. Aaron Baines most people that don't watch the NBA had no idea who Erin Baines was semi Rosalie second round draft pick. Nobody had any idea who he was and if you tell me did you find me. But these guys continue to pick each other up and that's a huge part of why this team is able to real laugh fourteen consecutive wins and they were genuinely. The real for one another and you gotta love the reaction to the bench throughout the the entirety of this fourteen game winning streak if you watch the bench watching them closely I have. It's very rare to see a team enjoying the success of their teammates. The way that this team is just been very enjoyable to watch and that's why don't get wrapped up in what's gonna happen in April may and June. I wanna get wrapped up in what's happening right now it is Sports Radio WEEI it is late night now to join us your 617. 7797. And 937. Let's go back up to the phone's gonna Steve Steve's in Miami Steve you're next up here on Sports Radio WEI. Element you know hey Steve it's been awhile I Edelman. Why I don't want to bear. It here. I'm generally years he'd listen I'm generally here every Thursday and Friday and fortunately Thursday is that the authors and a football scene you know wait a while tomorrow night they'll be here from ten to midnight and then. I'll be here. 11 PM to 2 AM on Sunday night following the post post game show for the patriots. July pork point candy and particle board so much if you a lob. Bristol. Only people who sang and people walk us laws are the two players tumble was fortunately you know fortunately let me. In the great days of the succeed red that was definitely use some luck to you how important. It took from historic. And sent standards on what you would not agree it's up and play. That he would come in and shut down and the other players and and to me Marcus smarts yet he's not in the week. You know when that would have probably after the point in but he that's not his job his job as the event and he made me think of ape or man. And small person as Dennis Rodman won and who wears a transit players. Industries in the hall and watch because it's the not monkey just. That he's as it has been probably about that but what need to vote in the senate. He has what is she a mean he's topic of the green mountains are solid now. But he is a player who pitched with this team ski. You know you need someone whose stock. Pat it is an eight regret the eight we Brantley out in two torches to ask two. Markets mark with a decent mature enough and now enjoy it absolutely aren't. Mean part of the location. Thanks to. Did he change. We love group. Belichick leaves. Sort of load and speed early in Dayton excuse. General Manuel. Basically general manager's words but their needs in a sense. Has. And I think you can cruise Belichick and get on net but access. But what I'm trying to say it's. He has in my mind surpass that I was treated. I mean didn't he choose trade and that's right our. Stupid little pages and done that none notarized you guys we don't with a group he hasn't missed I was really aren't. Any treatment that you know relatives of the greatness he'll find people in that. And then garbage pilot and bring him make him great but look at what it you don't right now trade. We goat it would be considered Patrick Kearney Healy yet to meet up it too early who couldn't use him now. But again another trade that that field mission and and yet Belichick has had groups from eight. Gaining its patent doesn't mean that he's been missing anything the last few trades I mean everybody gonna this case. As a musical when he beat would have to treat them like why didn't he trade Tricia. Stephen and I mean to cut it to operate here and listen I'll be in Miami for Thanksgiving next Lisa made alright Nancy we can finish the conversation. On the comparison between Danny Ainge and Bill Belichick Belichick still it wins that debate he's got what 55 rings here Danny's got one. But I elect Danny Ainge you're absolutely right when it comes to trades he has been spot on. To the fact to the point where other NBA general managers have been wary of doing additional deals with then change because Danny. Has always had this desire this need to get the upper hand and not just win every trade the win every trade handle. Now when you look at this Kyra you're being trade I think it's gonna be typical team to judge it in its entire eighty for a little while. Because you get two situations here you still have that Brooklyn pick out there. That now belong to the cavaliers we don't know where that pic is gonna land and who the cap will pick up with that pick oracle trade that pick. To give this current. Iteration of the cavaliers team some additional reinforcements. In the other part the unfortunate part and the part that nobody wants to talk about here is that carries only locked up front of the two years and the Celtics gonna have to have a serious conversation. Starting about twelve months from now with Cairo re about signing a long term extension. But let's just throw the hypothetical out there where Qaeda Reeves leaves the Celtics and Cleveland gets a transformative player win that Brooklyn pick. Then you judge that the trade on its merit three or four years from now. And it lets this Celtics team with Kyra read this you're next you win the championship. There is a scenario that plays out where Cleveland gets a veteran of the deal now I think that there's a lot that NASA take place for Cleveland to get the better end of the deal but for right now. You're right Steve that looks like is another one that Danny Ainge who won and won and deleted Sports Radio. WEEI it is late night I am Patrick Gilroy number to join us here 6177797. 937 a stay with the calls let's go to Brendan Brendan is in Boston Branyan at the next up here on Sports Radio WEI. Any euros a segment called run so that's going on on. You know until you know except Smart talk may at its and they were down the road they'll probably after assistant. Trade deadline maybe in the offseason. Is regarded you know the Carter. Extension because you know everybody laws and what he brings that team you'd Celtics you know you're the perfect. Ex Celtic you know even if he would make shots 92 year note and you seem on the bench. Batman himself contained in this into making this mistake in intellect. And here demand. The spread of the slowdown for it because I think you bring up a good point here that the difference between. A market Smart offensively and carrier ring or step curry offensively is that markets when he struggling. He goes through these these multiple game stretches where it gets worse and worse and worse because he gets in his own head meanwhile a guy like Tyreke and struggle for three and a half quarters. And he still he doesn't let it bother army still has the ability to keep the game over offensively in the final five minutes of the game and don't of markets will ever. Wind up having that ability to it is sort of shut out a bad offensive stretch it and just continue to shoot it and allow himself to sort of break out of it. Naturally eat he's just in his own head right now. And it wouldn't surprise me of this this continues for him offensively for a little while with Siemens in the past from him. Yeah and you know what it's a blessing and a curse me because Erica blessing to look at it again here's a guy who want to put effort let's play. What do you want us but you know go to that stretch. And that's legal or day actually edit your head to execute had a bad that he to stay focused on what you do when in what's gone wrong but I exit minute. If things down the road but allotment act two quick points. You know first Obama and you know you are spelled out Marv Albert saying you know you look at and they are human observed at some happy. A Simon him and we had a heart ripped out. It is here and he got a gadget archer felt you know maybe pop up. Fourteen straight to speak to defendants can't vote for them and you know confer rushed it to the end. Great night you'd enormously. On top of that ilk I don't care what people are disabled what he'd play a solid haven't. Directed toward their best each that a couple looking at the spurs at her best Westwood Everett is. Attacked their best. In no puppet and better for those extra and the hawks now that I want to lynch is dealt men's event two lanes. Like the bad about that but not any better yet we're doing well right now stay positive keep on manner goes up except that macabre. There is Brendan. Listen you know Brenda is absolutely right and I love the optimistic attitude that he brings because this is I think your typical Celtics then. We are happy go lucky bunch right now and Brandon is out absolutely right. When he talks about Celtics fans deserving this because it was such a big blow. Watching what happened to Gordon Hayward and by the way we we're yet to mentioned Gordon Hayward but he was there tonight the first game back. He's on the bench. You know another positive step in his progression towards making his way back to the basketball court. His wife Robin before the game telling the media that it was a very emotional night for her. And for Gordon to make their way back to the garden and what a game for him to come back to write what a game for him to sort of revisit it and get back involved with the teammates. During a team night you know it was perfect. Perfect scenario for him to be there perfect night for his wife to be there and to be reintroduced to the crowd he got a monster standing ovation. It just a great night overall for the Celtics and for Gordon Hayward but continue to talk about it with you guys you know the forty minutes or so Europe's Sports Radio. WEEI. A couple of lines just opened up at 6177797937. To stay with the calls go to Brian Bryant's in Chelmsford Brian you're next up here on Sports Radio. WEI. I'm living the dream Brian how are you. An excellent hey you know there's the opening you know it would the first game wipe out publicly and I worked a lot of people. All I know it reminds me the patriots bowl game after next game although I hope people would say. Somber it's. Our area now and it sank don't have enough to do editing and yeah notes against Cleveland and now it's like. Like it can't stand at the street ordered should. You know you're finished. It's just it's a beautiful. Routed its people. In hell right near page where they way they think at you know they're on top of the world but they are so expel. You know couple things from last year that I just do it paid knew they had to improve on. And and one of them was because and just let. The brawn bring you know bring all the basket like he did let you without anybody being able to stop them. You know they brought some guys who are going to not make I know he's open to get districts to the basket by. It's going to be a lot higher pay him to take all the bats you know a lot hotter irk a lot of chains to take the ball basket against itself. Well yeah that's a great point Bryant and you know you you brought up LeBron James let's stay with that for a moment I think what we saw tonight if everybody's been so concerned media wise about comparing this particular Celtics team this thirteen no fourteen game winning streak. To what they could be should be will be when the playoffs oral round and I think you saw tonight the closing five minutes of the game. Was as close to we've playoff atmosphere as you're gonna find in the regular season especially the regular season in November and what you saw was Kyra your banquet struggled from the field. All night long struggle to put the ball in the basket. This is where LeBron James is going to miss carrier Irving because I every has got this unique ability to slow the game down take the ball the best to create. Shots for himself and get to the free throw line. And to me that was the difference in the celtics' ability to pull away and win this game vs losing the game Kyra your being going seven for seven from the free throw line scoring eleven points in the closing five minutes of the fourth quarter. The brawn is going to miss that guy that gets the free throw line and creates for others and creates for himself come playoff time. Well he is gonna miss. Now another thing that the so they greatly improved product I don't know how the stats compared to let your soapbox. But. You know that rebounding last year once or risk. I mean charitable. Out of those guys to reach out and Pagliuca. Young players who are all long lanky. Including Smart they're getting the ball and getting more rebounds I don't know the stats are I don't stats were tonight. But I don't think there's going to be a lot of games like this or last year where it rebounding. Do we didn't teams. Know the Celtics elicit them and up against the Brian appreciate the phone called don't be a stranger to the program the Celtics. Outrebounded the warriors tonight 52 to 47 about a top five rebounding team essentially built the entirety of the season so through the first sixteen games. The Celtics have been a top five defense of team a top five rebounding team and that sort of fluctuate sometimes they're number two some times and number three sometimes a number five that's so early in the season it is. But they've been great when it comes to rebounding and defense through things that we weren't so sure about it going into the season again going into this season. The big concern defensively was the Celtics were losing their defense of leaders in Avery Bradley and in Jae Crowder that that was the story line. And what do we have here we've got a long aggressive lanky athletic team that's able to go out there. And do things at last year's team wasn't able to do and like Brian said one of those things is rebound. But there's no doubt in my mind it's not just the additional talent for the change in talent that's on the floor the Celtics in the offseason changed their philosophy a little bit. Because for the last five or six years going back to be into the Doc Rivers there I'm telling you there are quote sell their from dot. And from Brad Stevens where the Celtics minimized the sort of pooh poohed rebounding. They were more interest in getting back on defense in winning the battle of the boards. That philosophy has changed from within the Celtics now are putting a renewed emphasis. On rebounding and winning the battle of the boards and thus far it is certainly translated to victories it is Sports Radio WEEI it is late night there's still room for you right here 6177797. And 93 sets. Khan yeah I mean it was one of those nights where would have been easy. Says tonight continue to bring on every possession defensively I thought in the first half. You know I wrote on the board at halftime we gave up a ton in transition we gave up a ton on back cuts. We had ten turnovers we shot 30% from the field we were down five. So if we. Slice some of those numbers and half we have a good chance of winning the game. With the exception of the field goal percentage after I wouldn't have been a good thing. But I think that ultimately. Their guys made just enough plays to. To win the game against two really good team and I think we benefited they missed some shots. Some open looks but I do think we guarded him hard and at least may be that. Has a cumulative effect. At the end of the game. Thirteen just touch on linked dealing brown was able to do that night just how long did he was. Yeah he was special night. He was really good. As Eddie said on TV just now he he played really inspired. Fred. DSL them the lawyers to season low. India points just weigh it which history has after the first quarter and would. Was the key is just learning them they're essentially we've had some of them first quarters that have been you know over 25 in the last. Few weeks and then we've gotten better as the game's gone on I think sometimes you get a better feel for. How the game is going. You know we have with these guys it's. You know. You can only talk about the need for urgency in transition and urgency of defending screens so much you can only watch on film so much eventually you have to. Feel it in person isn't and it's and it's real and it kind of slap in the face with how quickly they get the ball come into their operating area and so. Maybe that was a part of it and then we were fortunate again you know I thought we made enough plays but you know our offense was. You know not very good but I guess good enough. Prove who you would know surprised secure real answers and within does mask and two skin tone about him attacking done stretch in the fourth game is great attacking. You know it's hard it's it's hard to attack any of those guys off the bounce are all exceptional athletes with great length. You know I that I thought that we just kind of kept going and you know he was able to get to the foul line and you know overcame otherwise tough shooting night and that's what really really good players do as they find a way. You know once on the line no matter the circumstances throughout the game. So masks things. You know I asked our trainer. If he can officially play without that. The end the response was yes it's not recommended. So that would be a carry question not a Brad questions. There for a question cut. Curry got that fourth foul went out few plays that he has gone and ninety nothing run and how crucial to the game then was it's really try to get curry and talk some foul trouble user has counties in advance to the things. Never talked about it once don't wanna try to claim Mike I know what I'm doing. Brad Stevens there's post game. Press conference all you know smiles there everybody asking the softball questions to feel good night for the Celtics and the word that comes to mind. Is validation. And I think that. It's important for this young Celtics team to feel some validation right now if you listen to the station and if you listen to the other station. Tony as a rowdy went on for the last 36 hours it was an exhausting sort of take that he and it was clearly one of these fake takes that radio guys like to bring up in order stir the pot. And and his brilliant take the brilliant basketball mind that pony Mazur ideas. He said that the Celtics really needed to lose tonight's game they needed an ass kicking tonight to remind the young players that it's not. So easy to win in the NB and to sort of put them back in their place show them who they are he thought that would be good thing for the Celtics team and to that I say why. But winning is losing. Every good thing. If they take reminded me so much. Oh when that the patriots were in the midst of their undefeated season ten years ago and you had that segment of colors that we'll call sports radio and say I think that this team needs to lose a game. I don't yet and I don't think losing his every good thing whether you're the patriots and you're competing for a Super Bowl or whether you're the Celtics and you're trying to earn some validation. I just don't think it's I think it's a least he take and I think it's something where. This Celtics team is going to lose they're going to lose many many many games between now. In the end of the season I promise you they'll be a stretch where they lose seven out of ten and they look abysmal out there. That's what happens in the NBA happens in the in the NHL and Major League Baseball as well when you got these long extended seasons. It's inevitable. Right it's inevitable how many times during this past Red Sox season when they want a winning 92 games. We sit here after they dropped eight out its and we said this team's socks but they want a winning the AL east again. Yeah it is what it is when these long seasons and you can't sit here. Dissect and analyze the outcome of a season based on a sixteen game snapshot but what you can do. Is judge what you've seen right so we can sit here and talk about what this team has then to start the season. Predicting what they will be is really difficult challenge it's tough to do because we don't know the answers to questions like will the young guys at all. Will guys like Jason Tatum continue to grow and by the way. We talk about Jason Tait and two we just talk about the fact that he looked completely overwhelmed. For the first appetites game for the first time in a long time for the first time since opening night in Cleveland when LeBron James blocked his very first shot in the NBA. Jason Tatum looked lost out there he looked like the moment was too big forum. But what was so incredible about what we saw from Tatum tonight was as the game went along. He sort of grew with the game and he got more more comfortable out there and by the fourth quarter. It seemed like he said to hell with it. I might be nineteen but I can play on this level and it's almost like he had to believe in himself that he can go up there and compete on the world's biggest stage against. The Golden State Warriors the NBA champions and I think that's what's so encouraging none of these guys are letting the moment get too big for them. And that's a really refreshing and encouraging thing. For young basketball team to have that quality is something that you just don't see. Across the NBA if you watch other teams out there specifically other young teams out there and let's not forget the Celtics are the youngest team in basketball. When you watch the young teams up there they don't have the sort of maturity is that this team and when you look at the Celtics you wonder where does the maturity come from. Because their head coaches forty years old current players in the NBA older than Brad Stephens I mean. That's been able land but it's the facts so weird does. This level of maturity and confidence stability come from the come from the leadership of guys like Al Horford. Guys like Marcus Smart. Guys like carrier Irving I think it's a combination of at all but no. This is not sustainable nobody thinks this team's gonna go eighty into and for people they get on the air. And they crap all over the green team owners and I guess I'm a card carrying member of that club. It's you don't listen to the whole conversation. You pick and choose your spots is it okay to be excited about tonight's win of course it is who wouldn't be excited about tonight's win. Does this mean that the Celtics. Gonna go to the NBA finals. I personally don't think so but somebody that's got a lot more credibility and told him as a ratty or Patrick Gilroy or low Maloney thinks the Celtics have a shot. Right step curry after tonight's game and I think Mac you've got to back there that curry after tonight's game said that he expects the Celtics to be there in June. On the us a little lower than they play good defense of their shots and you know you may have taken me. Good especially that first. Spin it's specifically that was that was the case thing. I'll just don't want it. They're good around so he's got very good thing you know the same way. Day as bad as we share. They felt the home crowd and amid those runs. It's who won this game within the games it's. An out great didn't play it's fun atmosphere and some remember obviously we played in the game. It looked you know step curry telling the media tonight's game that he expects the Celtics to be there aren't you now whether he's just placating the media is. Something that's yet to be seen but I think it means something when you have an NBA world champion one of the top five players in the league. Validating what's taken place here in Boston because the Celtics aren't gonna get validation from guys like Tony Mazur loom alone they're just not going to. They're always gonna find a way to pick apart this team and they think that's what their job is and that's okay. Guys like Seth Curry. Federal they're playing in the games guys that are active out there in the NBA they did this team is for real I happen to think that they are for real as well that doesn't mean they're going to be 72 win team. It doesn't mean they're going to be a record breaking historic team and they certainly are playing well above their heads right now and I fully expect. As a card carrying green seamer. I fully expect this team to come back down to earth at some point here probably sooner rather than later but when you look at their upcoming schedule here. We had Dan Greenberg on later he seems that they that this thing has the potential to go twenty games plus I mean that's crazy to me and at some point here. We have to stop it with a hot takes. And look at what we've seen is any evidence in front of our rise this team is far from perfect there are holes up and down this line up. But they've been good enough to win and win in close games and win the right way when I say win the right way and you wind offensively the one thing you've got control over. As a basketball player is effort in on trying to teach my kids this. Whether it's their schoolwork. Trying to get always in bees. Or my daughter's a champion but tonne twirl or or my son who's now turning seven actually turned seven at midnight tonight after birth they got a or my son who plays football and basketball I tell them. Every single time they go and take the field. That they don't have to be perfect but the one thing that I expected them and they should expect from themselves is to give supreme 100% effort. Specifically on the defense event because that's we can make a name for yourself. I tell my son Connor I want him to be the best lockdown defender and as basketball team and go for every single rebound. Because effort speaks volumes about the character of the person. And the Celtics team is full of character. Because each and every one of these guys. That are playing for the Celtics right now are giving supreme effort on the defense event and it's easy to give supreme effort on the defense and then when your shot is falling. There's so many teams up there including last year's Celtics that give supreme effort. When their offense is working offense leads the defense how many times have we heard that. But this Celtics team has the exact opposite their defense leads to offense and their defense is the one consistent thing that we've seen from the Celtics team. Through differ sixteen games of the regular season and to me. More so than the fourteen consecutive wins. If this or if the Celtics team and on seven and seven over this fourteen games stretch but we still sought the same defense of effort that we've seen during its fourteen game stretch. I would feel equally. As optimistic about the future of this basketball team as I do. After having them be aloft fourteen consecutive wins because it's all based on the defense today and it's all based 100%. On supreme defense of effort. And to me that's the most important thing and speaks volumes about who this team is both on and off the court it is Sports Radio. WEEI it is late night number to join us here 6177797. 937 was the back out to the phones let's go to Charlie Charlie drive in the U Burke Charlie you're next up here on Sports Radio W yeah. Hey Patrick could do it could be your voice present and in make him make him. Anybody else on the radio. Anybody else in the entire media. It's it's great to hear just a basic like. Everybody got a hot cakes everybody got a you know they need to get to come up with a new a new wrinkle. And you just get back to basics it's like they're playing great defense. And it's consistent level of effort. That's it now that that's good that's it. Right into it it's a baseline effort in at the Celtics can. Sort of rely on this maximum effort night in night out. Then this team this team in the season's going to be very successful for them because as you know Charlie. Yo offense comes and goes right you got a guy like mark is Smart that was all for tonight but there's a reason why he was on the floor. In the closing moments and it wasn't a big shot it was to be a lockdown defender. Right. Right elevate state they have a lot of things in life that they try to make complicated. And complicating get complicated then. It take a step back and you realize the basics still matter yes he'll be the first. It's really not on a complicated Charlie I appreciate the call don't be a stranger to the program go make some money. We've your Alberts and I entered his Sports Radio WEEI one more segment to go run for you would 6177797937. It is for losers this season late night on Sports Radio WEEI. It was the difference between this team last year. Investing in this at Boston Celtics do you think because we would say that. The same theater you probably have lasted so you have this you know I don't know about elderly women's luncheon that is due to a club December it. Is there a difference bankruptcy but they've still got that he's the top spot so is there a difference. Last year's team was better than this to okay. That that's about that's addendum that ascertain relevant news ticker blog saying the whole thing is out of whack because of the board he would injury. He's a terrific player but I'm just saying the way this team is probably put together. They won't beat Cleveland. And I think it did in the Washington. Or Toronto got just my opinion there. Sports Radio W yeah I final segment of late night here. Number to join a 61777979837. Sir Charles Barkley right there the big winner. Multiple NBA championships rights are right Ray Charles. Who knows winning better than Charles Barkley tell you. I don't disagree with the overall take when it comes to Cleveland I still think that as long as LeBron James. It is LeBron James and he's still LeBron James right now that despite the fact the Cleveland has struggled to start the season. LeBron James has been spectacular right so as long as LeBron is there an in the way. I think no matter how many wins the Celtics pileup in the regular season you still have to consider Cleveland the paper much like. In the late eighties the Celtics in 88 in 89. Mort. They were dead. Right but the pistons had to fight their way through and break through the Celtics and eventually they did so the Celtics had their championships 818486. Got close in 87 are very close in 87 and then 88 the injuries to bird and McHale really started slowing that team down. And it gave the pistons an opportunity to break through and once the pistons broke through and won their back to back championships. The Celtics were never heard from again for thirty years. Right that's what happened and that's generally what happens in the NBA and then after that the pistons won their back to back championships. They started to fade as Isiah Thomas and Joseph do mart started to show bearing age and what happened. The young and up and coming Michael Jordan won the first of it is six championships and the first of his three. That's the way it goes as the ebbs and flows of the NBA. The Celtics are right now the team on the rise where Cleveland is is right now the team declining spot. That doesn't mean that Cleveland is dead yet. Because LeBron James has not started his decline yet his game has changed he is not the same high flying LeBron James that we knew ten years ago. He's a better basketball player right now much like we see here we talk about Tom Brady at forty years old being the best thing he's ever been. I'm not LeBron guy I can't stand the guy. But I'll tell you what. I give respect where respect is due and the Brian James as the better basketball player today than it was ten years ago may not be as supremely athletic he's still a pieced. But he can legitimately play all five positions right now so Charles is overall take. At the Celtics are the favorite that's fine but why you minimize it diminish. And put down the accomplishments of this year's basketball team it's clear to me then on so many levels this team is better than last year's team and that's where Charles take goes off the rails. You look at this year's team and compared to last year's team while the pace to win 75 games are now let's not sustainable. But last year's team couldn't sniff. A winning streak like this last year's team was a horrendous rebounding team last year's team didn't put in the same defensive effort. As the team the previous year and they're not even close to what this year's edition of the Celtics is. On the defense event which as we talked about that the majority tonight show. Is what I think is the most important into the basketball court. So I'm not sure Charles and by the way in another clip. Charles that he's only watched about five of the games. In his winning streak much or Charles is fully educated on what's taken place here in Boston I'm just a short paying attention and that's fine. But he wants to come out with a hot cakes and Kenny the jet Smith who's got two rings and Shaquille O'Neal who's got multiple rings both strongly disagreed with them. And I thought it was crazy. Don't forget even in tonight's game Charles promised us that Golden State was gonna win the game any promised us that gold assay it was gonna score north of a hundred points. And the Celtics did what they held Golden State 88 points because their defense of effort. The thing that I've seen that you've seen. The majority of this fourteen game winning streak is ultimately. What was responsible for the Celtics victory to. So it's not rocket science here. And again Charles Barkley should come take a job you're in Boston doing radio because that was hot peak central and a you know I expect more from Charles Barkley he's the most wildly entertaining guy. On that TNT broadcast when he goes up there and does stuff like he did tonight to meet the stick it gets old Sports Radio. WEEI it's late night here nobody join a 6177797. 937 continue to text the program at 37937. You find me on Twitter. Matt Gilroy on hoops at Gilroy on hoops so. Little bit earlier in the program we had Dan Greenberg from Parcells sports and we talked about this current fourteen game winning streak in where he thinks they'll cap out. In he legitimately thinks that this team has an opportunity to get the twenty straight. So I think that's a little crazy just saying the words. Over the hurt is something that I'm not comfortable with predicting a twenty game winning streak at because a little bit nuts but we sit here let's take a look at. A snapshot of what the Celtics are gonna do here in the next few weeks. They do hit the road for three game stretch here so the Celtics are at the hawks the hawks are abysmal they're three and twelve Celtics should win that game. And the Celtics around Dallas Dallas is even worst then Atlanta. Dallas is two and thirteen. And the Celtics go to the heat the heat. Aren't terrible but they're bad right they heater six and eight right now and the Celtics come home to play the eight and seven magic so okay thirteen over 500. And the pacers celtics' go to the pacers the pacers are game below 500 and then finally for that twentieth game. It's the Celtics and the pistons from the garden that's gonna be game the pistons right now are playing incredible basketball. And I don't think it's a coincidence that he re Bradley is playing great. Potentially the best basketball of his career right now averaging eighteen and three for the pistons the pistons are tenant for. So the pistons come to town that will be the next Celtics legitimate challenge everybody else is either well below 500 or hovering around the 500 mark. So. Taking a closer look at what Dan said it's not all that crazy to sit here and save the Celtics continue to give the same defense of effort. That they've given throughout this entire fourteen game winning streak. Then there will be a real opportunity here for this team the real up twenty consecutive wins and and that's just it's a staggering number two meters Sports Radio. WEEI it is late night still room for you at 6177797937. Let's go back up to the phones. Go to JJ is in Boston Jay your next appearance Sports Radio debut yeah. An article did you. I do not. China does so much on Barkley. My comment about itself Victor apps aren't. I totally agree that he has locked out so that game too. You know make an opinion about our team really has been to a boxing match during his streak but it in the first two games. Especially are where they wrote. It down our report it Cleveland. And it. Editor at Milwaukee back of the car and gone either way. And then embarked. You heard it he. Become a little bit not too long though. Partly on the on the Internet indicate they. The they. You know. He did he still think that the raptors and the wizards are better the DD mentioned that the. And into the equity and Senator Hillary Clinton you know and BP right now. You look at to do with out you know Corey Taylor. I don't know made in China imported because it would that it that they are who are now that it has done. But he's about that actually got. Don't result in general. And I still. You know apology not obviously you're technically it worked. Into the artistry. That because if you want it to. I think I think Jay and I hit a good job I think the whole nation. Is going to be paying more attention of the Celtics take a look at the power rankings tomorrow I'm sure the Celtics are gonna be up there number one in many many many national NBA power rankings look at it the best team in the NBA probably not but for right now for tonight. The Celtics are the best team in the National Basketball Association and to me that's all you can judge this team on the good news is here guys the Celtics won tonight. They beat the world champion warriors even better news for you is that I'm back here talking Celtics basketball December when stuff. And actually some patriots up tomorrow night too excited to be back in the house tomorrow with special guest. Dean will rise up from ten to midnight tomorrow night and then back again Sunday's appointee Gilroy for you good news for the people on the text line that seem to love me so much. Thought you guys again real soon tomorrow night 10 o'clock until then good night everybody.