WEEI Late Night with Patrick Gilroy - Sleep Paralysis, What is the cure?

WEEI Late Night
Friday, November 10th

Hour 2 and Gilroy asks callers for advice on sleep paralysis and how to solve it.


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This season late night talk Sports Radio WEEI. Let's get it going and Steve's late night right now. Hunt Sports Radio WEEI. Yeah WTI league thank Patrick Gilroy in different other hours so taking you guys up but they'll tell. O'clock in the morning nobody join us here 617779. A seven to 937 takes the program 37 net 937 you find me on Twitter. Gilroy on hoops at Gilroy. On hoops before we get back to. Sort of the stuff that we set the table within the first hour I do have to ask you got a question I gotta say that what like six months ago and I think. Mehdi might have been here for this I'm not sure that it but I reached out to. The listeners out there for help my son was in the I'm we're derby for the first time and I needed help I didn't know how to build the pine wood derby car and get them to win without cheating when you Google this thing online. Everything gave you tips and tools and how to cheat to win. But I wanted to tips and tools and how to win and the WTI collars called in. Fast and furiously for hours and essentially walked me through the process here. And my son came in second place overall first place in his age range and I think you guys for that. I don't often reach out to the listeners for help your I got to know. You guys ever experienced something called sleep paralysis because it's it's happening to me. And I can't make it stop and it's flipping scary and essentially your sleep. And the you feel like your conscience it Contras in a week. You can't move and things are happening around you that you need to get up and move though exceed your life you fight your fight or flight to exceed. It's hit moat you can't move your arms you can't you you feel like you're trying to scream to wake yourself up it's. Unbelievably frightening. And it happened to me a lot years ago and then it stopped. And now I'm gonna say like the last three months specifically when I travel for work and sleep in hotel rooms. It's happening and it's happens and each of my last four trips and I'm gonna say in Panama last ten. Like I said earlier I just got back from a trip this happened last night and am still a little bit shook up by. Silly I don't know how to stop it. So they do you guys ever experience this whole sleep paralysis thing and have any insight. At this point if I Google it one more time or I read some diagnosis from WebMD one more time I'm gonna go insane. And that's the worst thing you can do when got a feeling well is to go to the Internet it it's just the worst. It's gonna screw you up even worse. But what you gonna kill Freddie Kruger it's it's but it's so scary like it's unbelievable and a big millions of people suffer from it. And I didn't think this is one of the things that I suffer from but apparently I do alas it was really confirmed because last may it was really freaky but. I don't think it's coincidence that it's happening when I'm in strange places when a minis hotel rooms so this is something that's happening you guys and you know way to get out of it I would love to here for new because I can't take much more. It is flippant scary. And again it's just like your. You wanna scream your way to waking up and nothing's really coming to your mail you feel like you're screaming but there's no sound you feel like you're kicking and flailing but you're not doing anything. It's like your mind is conscious but your body is still asleep. And it's just something that I think it is incredibly scary because you have no control. And usually that things are happening around you in the semi conscious state. Right so again you know. I don't know if this is something that you guys experience my wife rolls her eyes she thinks some crazy when I talk about the stuff with her. So I can't talk about my loved ones at least I can talk about it with you guys the strangers out there 6177797937. Again I don't know if there's a quick fix to this I don't taking some melatonin is gonna solve the problem orbits gonna make it worse. I don't know of going to my doctor for something stronger to help me sleep is gonna solve the problem or make it worse. I don't wanna make it worse I just wanna get a good night's sleep. Well bent out of a dad right and I worked my ass off at my day job and it worked Massa doing this I don't sleep much so when I do sleep I really want to enjoy it. I wanted to capitalize on those. Very few hours that idea. Unfortunately. You know instead of capitalizing on good sleep and hotel rooms forums not bothered by the noise of the outside world the noise of my life my children my wife my jobs. I should be able to sort of take advantage of the peace and quiet that comes with that. But instead the last the last three months and these trips are killing me specifically because of the holes sleep paralysis Bingham was curious to see if that's something that you guys. Have had to deal within your lives that way as well 6177797. 937 of course we can still talk about the Celtics thought about Mike Felger talk about Lou Maloney and talk about Martellus Bennett with you guys go back out to the phone's gonna Kyle. Pals in Rhode Island tally next up here on Sports Radio WEEI. Not really there. Yeah. Of the three men tournaments. This week out and it really decent about. I'll write you off the beta and Everett. They. It happened. At about I had sent. How long have you been doing the Fincher export this like days weeks months like Al. I've been well I. Bandelier per year now but I I've. Speak out awhile before that at any issues but that's bit. I'm a writing all the stuff down because I'm gonna try a bit to try everything they've got to get rid of the problem. When you when you experience this stuff Kyle wasn't something that. Where they scary lately this scary thing for you or do you realize what was going on what was going on. I knew what was going not but I could. I wanted to talk like you're saying Ellsbury break up and the way it. Yes it it's terrifying it's athletes are spineless and I appreciate think the call I appreciate the advise cal dopey a stranger to the program it is Sports Radio. WEEI it is late night I am Patrick Gilroy number to join us here 617. 779793. Sevens go back out to the phone's gonna Glen Glen that lol glad you're next up here on Sports Radio W yeah. I yeah I just wanna talk about that sleep or are also some little but it doesn't happen that two years. OK. I feel bad oriented it's it's not easy. Well yeah I broke my back when I was young. I have epilepsy so basically. One goals with the other. Wake up and I'm lying on my back. That's when it six. Have you found a way he's sort of out of the paralysis when it's taking place. Well one night. Because I have the epilepsy I just don't panic would it. Right and I guess that that's. Key for you not to panic for meat I think that the whole fight or flight thing kicks in and Clements and I appreciate the phone call appreciate the advice don't be a strange in the program. I think that's what the hardest part is. Now you found a way to sort it not let it freak you out but I think for a lot of us have experienced this. Sleep paralysis thing your body takes in a fighter flight dear aunt and you really think that you're screaming. And your kicking and flailing and trying to wake yourself up by this. The scary thing that your experiencing in reality you're just laying there right and it continues to sort hot you would happen to you. So it last night it was the most recent experience of this for me. I was all excited to get a good night's sleep very comfortable Bennett a very nice hotel. And instead I laid up most of the night once I woke up from the paralysis I didn't wanna go back to sleep because it feels like it's gonna happen again. It really gets in your head after it happens the attic and screwed it can really screw it and we all need sleep. I especially needs sleep on nights like this I don't get home till 3 in the morning I'm up at seven with the kids and I work a full day and then I'm back here again tomorrow night. I need my sleep on a better opportunity to get it. And last night it was sort of stolen from me and that was the end of my rope so I figured. When I was doing my show prep I would ask you guys out there at 6177797937. For help because you guys. Each and every time I've needed something outside a sports. You guys over it really stepped up in and help you would this so. Feel we can talk about Felder we can talk about Luke sleep paralysis the Celtics Martellus Bennett we could talk about a golfer of the forty minutes so right here Sports Radio WEI. Because sleep. This is for losers. These easy late night on Sports Radio WEEI. Thank me. He's quark might look terrible. I didn't get any sleep. Sports Radio WB yeah. WEEI late night nobody join us here 617779279237. Takes the program a 37 and 937. Find us on Twitter Matt Gilroy on hoops at. Gilroy on who continuing to take your calls on my sleep paralysis because you guys have been full. Of good information and some tips it's a really what are you looking for here I can't afford another night were on I'm not getting a decent night's sleep. It's just it's not okay. I absolutely. Need to go home tonight and sleep well at night at experience this'll paralysis thing again. And it seems like he comes in these bunches and it'll go away for a while but haven't been evil straight year for about three months where it's happening more and more often. And I hope that something like an outside external force making it happen something else happening in my life a stress or in my late making it happen. Or not may be at the the time that I'm spending here at the station at causing it I don't well. Whatever it is I gotta put an end to get a figure this thing out because I I wanna come in here and feel refreshed and feel good atop the U guys. And today it's a struggle and I don't like it being struggle this is my favorite thing to do. Right this is absolutely my favorite thing to do. And I came in here tonight sucked down two and a half copies just to get through the next two hours. And only two as it's written it's not the way I want to talk to you guys about. Mike Felger what about the guys about Lou and of course so a hockey guys about Kirk I will say this about Kirk soul thing today whether you consider it a stunt or not. It was brilliantly done radio. But I tell you this what was even more brilliant a broker minute hand and I've never done this before. Anchorage you guys you download is his latest podcast and about me he's put his brother's talking about the death of his father. And it is with an amazing it is something where it's it's moving it's touching it hits all the right notes and it really humanize somebody so Bjork Kirk guy that felt a little bit off. Rooting for Kirk minute and after what he pulled this morning globe it was a perfect day. To release this podcast because it humanize as the guy that people think. Is this jerk and he's really not east definitely a good guy plays a character on the radio. So his I I elicited podcasts on the flight home today at. Again I couldn't sleep I tried to sleep I couldn't sleep on the plate so I listen to Turkmen hands latest podcast and a bogey. And it's seen as Brothers talking about the last couple years for their dad. And it's just it's really it you know my dad pushing seventy it's it's all its home a little bit. Too hard sometimes so again you know it's. Kurtz of really good dude he just takes things a little bit too sometimes it is Sports Radio. WEEI continuing with the quit your phone calls and Andrew Anders and he broke injury next appearance Sports Radio WEI. They have it on a Bender. Eighties so I have had this sleep paralysis silent eleventh. I've had it. Literally off and on and I go like yearly. Route two right at it like every night flights a year and then it goes away like you months and it respect for a couple months and then it was relief it's here it's been like that. But have you found any ways to sort of manage it when your in the middle of one of these stretches where it's happening. Yet to be on city. I'm going on assault seven months now that I have had one. There's a few things that I that I have been or. Percival. Tried your hardest to not sleep when your back I know it's hard his sleeping in the middle man not a role hurt be comfortable but. I kind of got good at it. You know kind of being happily knowing went viral on my back like big no no but that's the first thing. Second thing it is try to use your role model ever Ramirez is darkest possible. You want to accuse the Euro light in the wrong. On. I actually went on bought those expensive curtain that lack everything out of the black curtains yeah act put him to kind might likes it's he wants. It still looks decent birther exists. Act but. I have three cute too so they come in and wake me up and they're clear that dark but I bill that their rule don't know compliant keepers darkest off. So when you're when this is happening to you and your wife is like next Steve do you feel like you're you're reaching out to her for help played wake me up like B Felix. I think that it has basically you didn't feel regret in your says yeah yeah yeah. Yeah and I go to the same thing. In the end she she didn't believe it she you know she's a code go to sleep study you know what that actually one. I found no legal conspicuously. Study don't know hospital and sweeping most create programs that stuff on your head and create a bigger role on colonies and and they actually govern that at bat YouTube and I didn't know that it go. Amber and her when things that you snoring and sleep apnea but in reality. It's creeping. And I didn't vote that was causing could not get good sleep but I go to bed at her hours. And I would feel literally electric on an hour of sleep in the morning and it was because at sleep apnea so. The thing that makes it not having enough sleep it could be too bright to me stimulant while structuring in part by Patrick crippled crazy. As suckered in almost like caffeine energy during one couple caught an eight day meet. With a lot of different things can trigger. It depends on new yes so I guess my thing I would be happy to keep happening. Right thing for the local in nature he rooms in them. You know. And congress the you like that and create even fine. If you've seen on my back on the rule that would ultimately it now. If it keeps going after that I'd it that he put. And I want to say from that you didn't really talk is our house area that people. Underestimated anyone want to know what we don't want a nightmare on Netflix it's a vote sleep paralysis. The movie about it. It set the documentary. Some people think it's got like supernatural forces in that at all Accra by the agreement but. Basically that like it's areas hell. And when I happened to me is the same thing every time I see somebody from its its its lack in my room but I see your shadow figure. Only a stop now because he and the reason of saying this is because the few who were in the studio with me right now. The hair on my arms are standing up the goosebumps just came out because the general they did the shadow figures a part of my life as well. At a meeting. Our. Beat. Cory would have to go to break him I thought this might. And they like that this is unreal with his happen in my body yet I I know all about the shadow figure and he comes with me here's the thing about the shadow guy this happens to me when I am. Traveling for the most part happens at home sometimes but for the most part it happens when a mini hotel rooms in mid hotel rooms. Usually at least once if not twice a week. And the shadow figure comes at me and all over the country all over the world if I was in Germany last year it happened it was an Istanbul and happened. So he follows me around so I really appreciate the phone call and. To say that that the light but not letting lighting your and they say that year sort of semi conscious you guys are sort of semi open and that little. Bit of light that is in the corner of your eye in the it's what causes that that would put some of the doctors said. The cement at the lightning was huge for me is that. It all right as we wrote that after that after I was still like to edit dark yet. That's when it that's when it stopped in the shadow figure and it was just not being able to move and I'll be able to more control if that makes sense and I don't at. No it does now Ali dozens and I I'm up against and I appreciate the phone call Andrew and the tips here it is Sports Radio. WEEI I am Patrick Gilroy this is late night taking you guys up until 2 o'clock in the morning did you Benazir 6177797. 9370. Takes the program at 37937. You found me on Twitter. Matt Gilroy on hoops at Gilroy on hoops I had no idea that this sleep paralysis thing was gonna take over the hour mean that's okay we can continue to talk about that as well. I do want to get into Alonso ball Alonso Wednesdays at some point here before I get out of here but until then we'll continue with your phone calls let's go to the chef the ship is in New York you're next up here on Sports Radio WEEI. Like that about it they shut Diaz don't. Ali excellent point point seven public record chase you're ready to do about it it is dead even off Broadway this person. Get prescribes an excited where a guy you know not addicted to. Take a one night. I well the problem I'm right now that. He telegraph. That's in NATO that they can get push crap that's what I want that job. I sent an absolute media that Bobby out. I appreciate the had a tip there chefs and and look at Ben's those and the generally try to stay away from stuff like that the older I get you know like I hear they're bad for you about. If it's good enough for the show I think it could be. Good enough for me let's squeeze one more in here before the break with good meal kneels at Rhode Island nearly next up here on Sports Radio WEEI. Ever but was Abbott and you'll. I just be careful with melatonin. Melatonin yen may shadow figures and especially there's a little but the way he quotes that. I made so much work it did it get it so late in every sense possible in your body. It our nightmare period but browser so what what have you done to sort of team this in your life and I'm assuming that this that a party led to as well. Yet it will look everyone it's that the blackout the most important are in the wake up and you think you're having it. Your sliver of light and that's when it's gotta figure you don't you open describe it moved so much more. Any time any judge LA to that would have executed any noise out by. Whether it's wind out a tree branch or anything like that was a bit to do that well. What I can't figure out for the life of me is. The feeling that you're screaming for help with a feeling that you're flailing your arms and legs and it legitimately your brain feels like these things are happening. But I know if somebody were filming me at the time. There's very little movement happening at all. Yeah I don't. Yet Neal are now on it's worse I appreciate the advice and I'll I'll stay away from the the notes Oden. Maybe it was the right for the xanax immune melatonin supposed to be the natural alternatives to. Is NX oath if melatonin is that I can't imagine cynics being good for its Sports Radio. My brother who's listening to show text me right now and said tell Patrick to try masturbating. Okay well in May be I already do know is that mean there are some nights we need a little company go to sleep right you all wound up after a show like this in the white thirty asleep. That is all that to the next thing you appreciate the advice let's go one more islands and Alison. Allison's in Cambridge LT next appearance Sports Radio the media. And the project sales and I think probably has been nice person video into the game I feel stupid Richard McCain is actually. To me is actually. Deliberately left and current system means of what you should be looking out if you can look at topic but it definitely. I'm trying it and when you're experiencing this. Trying to and gained control of the situation. Just think that it will open worked hard look at your hand and that's kind of what happens. Just try to look at your hand don't don't panic don't look at what's going on in the room 200 so I haven't ruled listener habits says I'm going to look at my. But I parliament have been governments can really happier raft. Something from your car dependent upon the children. About your wife. Think of what could happen thoughtful. And focused on that. It's probably have a expand and figure out what's going to do wandering into the contract. Outside of the dreams and that would put upon and we will have seventeen years ago what was going on in your life. What did you feel like. What did not let me and what it was something that was recently that's. That particular. Anyway the curriculum and I think it is to look at various. And I think that this whole thing. And the right. I don't think that's what this whole thing of dealing with a hole in the but I haven't been talking about it. Objectively here. But notes that that's a bit I would I thought about as well because it's been it's been a difficult it's not a typical week but it's been a different a couple of weeks from the right I used to coming here and enjoy doing. Might might late night shifts and and sort of play under the radar and that was fine but now on the candy again during the day here in and that's fine and I don't think that's the cause of this actually I've enjoyed. That part of this but listen I appreciate the advice and and maybe next time it happens I'll sort of try to look at my hand and see if my hand can get me out of an arrow. It it it certainly is something that is capable of really. Freaking somebody outlets is put it that way it is Sports Radio. WEEI believe it or not it's not Dr. Phil it's not some kooky overnight show it is WEEI. And I I put the call appear for advice that you guys have really comes through there's still one more segment we continue with the whole sleep paralysis stock. We can make fun Alonso ball because I really wanted to do that tonight we could save that for tomorrow night I'm back here seven to ten where I don't think. Will do nearly as much sleep paralysis talked Smart right between the hours it's evidence and to me this is really an overnight by conversation. But I really wanted to get to make a couple of the ball because anybody that shooting less than 30% from the field. And yes yen having out Alonso Wednesday is to me that were the last that is Sports Radio WE yeah. You can sleep when there's so much Boston sports to talk about these schemes late night on Sports Radio WEEI. Sports Radio. W. The Buick guy late night here I appreciate the music there but I do have an hour drive home so I don't wanna go to sleep. Just yet but I do like the fact that you're thinking about me trying to help. With the jazzy sort of low music here I wanna say and David Boucher but you know he's gonna be part of the failures and easy so that's kind of cool to. Bedtime magic maybe help me I don't look at it's just last night got the best to me it was via. One of the worst. The experience I've had with this and it's been something I've been dealing with for a long time but usually I sort of get over idle talk about it much. Last night was was pretty pretty bad the point where. That was affecting me. Today and that sort of why I buttered up today that it wanted to dominate the program the way that it did but hell you know what. I cannot control right now you guys are in control of 6177797. 937. It takes the program 37937. In those of you that have taken the time to call. Or text the program with your advice I appreciated I said you with my notebook in the break I wrote everything down and we gonna try it night after night after night. A minute try each one of fewer your remedies here and I'll figure out. What works for me out what does work for me to. Is the Celtics winning ten consecutive games that's certainly helped brighten my day great in my moods. In and have me sleep a little bit more sounder let's say. At night they're currently the hottest team in basketball best record in the NBA. And the Celtics are doing it now down three fifths of their opening night starting lineup and I don't think that that's something that gets played up and up here. Jalen brown continuing to just be a stud out there showing tremendous growth Jason Tait and the same can be said for him. Jason Tatum officially listed as questionable for tomorrow night's game. Against they're Charlotte hornets at the guardian. Which is good news. Last night he was seen leaving the garden you know walking boot that's something that bits kinda scary because you know Gordon Hayward in a walking boot. So you don't wanna see a young nineteen year old stud and walking boot today out of the boot. Imaging came back clean diagnosed with a sore ankle and is listed as questionable for tomorrow night that's good news and by the way I am back here again. Tomorrow night into Marta LB joined by. 2008 Boston Celtics NBA world champion Eddie House will join me in the program who had some very choice words for Michael Felger. On Twitter yesterday so Eddie House will join me at some point between seven and ten. Tomorrow night until then there is still plenty of time for you with 6177797. 937 let's go back up to the phones that Robert Robertson nor would Robert next appear on Sports Radio WEEI. Ohio yes I was listening to the program. In the it happened to me using rested my back and that most of my cited doesn't. End when I looked up to says. That you do get experience hallucinations. Yeah. And you see things suspension is one thing that didn't work for me I realize it when I'm in the sleep paralysis mode. I can move my fingers. So once I move my fingers are moving really quick and I can move my hand. Do want to some of my hand and move my arm. So than it has once they start doing that moved around really quick then my whole body starts to break the paralysis. So you can sort of wake your body yup step by step. Right in this optimizing is that only thing I could move it apps for us and dinner and move my hand in my in India and then that the dust. You know we're told me so hopefully crew worked for other people you. I did I wrote it down here Robert and I appreciate the phone columnists my fingers worked well in my hand eventually in my arms next thing you know. Well bodies flailing around the bed my wife screamed and people wake her up but Al if it gets me out of my sleep paralysis then. Who knows maybe you know it's worth it is it worth the divorce. Potentially. You know like it sleep well I don't know I mean I do lover but I also needed good night's sleep. And maybe who knows maybe maybe the shadow monster in my dreams is Lou Maloney and this whole thing ticked up again with a little Maloney fight started that's really Lou. Standing over my bed screaming down at me calling meets handyman is the shadow man. It is Allard is Domenica below doubts that you and it's. I'm not gonna do that in late this freaky like 1950s and sixties black my TV shows loose that they'll have separate beds what is that. It was marriage different than they did they not sleep together back then. Go to sleep properly as a Christian way of sleeping I don't know like. It's as it every single TV show they wouldn't show a couple in bed together. Now I mean TVs changed the point where they show. Straight couples gay couples had the groups in bed together. But back then you had your own separate bed and if I want to flail around I guess I guess I could and it would defector who knows it is Sports Radio. WE yeah I'll go back out to the phone's gonna Brendan Brendan in Boston Brendan your next up here on Sports Radio W yeah. Hey they can recover that what it's a credit I don't I don't have any personal experience but I am I at terrible by the cognac yeah it's a private ache or pain summit titled not so. I can't even and that you know like Evan and I hope especially by the LP in you know whatever we're actually figured out. I appreciated Brendan is as a hypochondriac you can't go like to the Internet right the second you feel an acre pain and all you go to the Internet you think you're dying. And then on top and whatever deal with suddenly just becomes worse. Only. I know that no. But not without there at all but. That you admitted. You know I say OK yeah I actually met in court issues or her Sunderland and yeah actually don't get knotted at the summit I went and recognized nobody posted. I'd go to the you know isolate the etiquette mob and had a question illegitimate. You know everybody. Brought up how you know. You're being withheld treatment brunt of all that nobody saw I don't think we saw recently haven't you know you are gross repeat Jerry already a part Korea. Quote in. So I ask you know. Vote early if you mean split you see any degree get a greater you know IKEA and saying you know. She not stop athletic. Yeah it's called authority would see him gone do you have any idea like what he's feeling that makes chemical. Remember I appreciate the phone call will be strange to the program always relate to me is support mr. Crowder right now. He's a three and he got by definition and the back story out socially is a great back story he's a kid that was very highly touted coming out of high school went to duke. It didn't work out for multitude of reasons one of transferring to a smaller school. And slipped tremendously in the draft but if he was going to be much higher pixel definitely a raw talent is there the question about beaujolais was was the brains screwed on straight right and it appears that. It is I mean he's working hard out there he's caught on to Brad Stevens system both offensively anti offensively. He's playing the sort of role they Jae Crowder played in last couple years again that the re in the block down tight defender somebody who needs to be at least respected. Specifically from the corner three and he's earning minutes is a second round guy. So is his ceiling somewhere between Ryan Gomes and intake prouder or is it higher in my short but I do know this I know that he's. A contributing player on a very good basketball team right now a team that's going to compete. To go back to the Eastern Conference finals a team that's gonna compete I think for the majority of the season to once again. Come away with the best record in the Eastern Conference so that says a lot about semi usually isn't a lot more about the NEA to Mike's Aron. And there are deleting continue to find these guys in the draft you know did he went through. Tough stretch where he wasn't raping all that well and you know Danny was always notice this guy that it was great and it sort of getting the best of other teams and came to trades but wasn't all that great when it came to drafting young talent. Really have to look no further than the example of the Greek freak. IG on us outed Colombo getting picked one spot after the Celtics taking Kelly Olympic. Or the failed attempt at at fab Melo being the center of the future here for the Celtics I mean there's there's a tremendous amount of picks that doesn't work out. The right way for Danny Ainge had for the Celtics but then you look at these recent peaks here in recent years. And you could affect the Celtics are playing six guys six guys with two years of experience or less. Right now all guys really pick by Danny Ainge in the one guy that wasn't picked. By gains was a free agent pick up. India's but he played professionally overseas so he he's an NBA rookie. He just wasn't drafted. To date he's done a tremendous job and will the dive a little bit deeper into this. Tomorrow night because it's gonna be that this subject matter of mine ex post and WEEI dot com. But this is the key to. Building a contender for a long time. Today it was all over ESPN it was on fox sports one. Not Colin Cowherd actually wanted to grab the sound we use it tomorrow night couple Colin Cowherd today said the Celtics. I set a century kicking open a patriots like extended championship window. In the heat of that while having the top tier talents in Gordon Hayward in carrier being in Al Horford is certainly critical to. Winning a potential championship and contending for multiple championships because. If you get a guy in high read this 25 Hayward this 2627. And Al Horford only 31 years old but the key to the whole thing. Is the fact that the Celtics have continued to draft well because you need to supplement those expensive long term contracts with these guys either have right now. Or will re up with the Celtics in two years with inexpensive contributing players on rookie deals. You need to have these guys come in a rookie deals give the Celtics serious contributions. On the cheap and get a lot of bang for your buck and that's exactly the Celtics have done. Whether it's a guy like dias. An older guy 26 years old seven years professionally overseas or guy like semi OSHA laying. Who again with the top tier prospect for duke played a couple years at duke it didn't work out goes to a smaller school now finds himself playing a contributing role. On a very good basketball team again Danny into mice Aron deserve a tremendous. Amount of credit this is then Sports Radio W the guys late night. I am Patrick Gilroy am excited because I'm back again with you guys tomorrow night seven to ten for tonight. Thank you everybody for the advice when it comes to the whole sleep paralysis and update you. Tomorrow see if I had a good night's sleep or not until then. For medi in the Beckham Patrick gill we'll talk their but he again tomorrow night the night off.