WEEI Late Night - The Patriot's desperately need to upgrade the defense this offseason 3-12-18

WEEI Late Night
Tuesday, March 13th
Hour 2 of WEEI Late Night is off as Big Ben Maller breaksdown the Richard Sherman contract in San Francisco and where that leaves the Patriots in their desperate hunt to fix the defense after the Super Bowl beating.  Maller also discusses the releasing of Ndamokung Suh in Miami and whther or not he could be an option for Belichick and the Patriots as well as the possibilty of Nate Solder returning next season.

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Chugging Beers. Or apple juice or whatever we do here late at night. On the radio as we head into the 11 o'clock hour. On WEEI now Richard Sherman now litigated to the the plane if you will Richard Sherman it may lead. That one of the key reasons that he signed with the 49ers. Was because of Jimmy drop to Jimmy drop below played a huge part those were his words a huge part. In his choice to sign with the 49. It's. Now do you actually believe that that did the patriots apparently did not contact Sherman. That is the the scuttlebutt. From the NFL insider crowd that despite a need in the secondary. They didn't go go down that road. Didn't make contact with Sherman whose own aging. Now what any any time someone praises. A new teammate I'm my knee jerk reaction is. Whether just doing that because in diplomacy that's supposed to do. And I highly doubt that Richard Sherman. Signed with the 49ers is he really wanted to play with Jimmy drop. I highly doubt that he's played college football in northern California. And there in more than that Sherman also admitted when he's interviews that he did. That part of his interest in going to play with the 49ers as opposed Gordon lions were. At the patriots short entries was is he wanted to get back at the Seattle Seahawks that was actually his motivations vengeance. To get back Seahawks and if you were say what is the real driving force that would be the driving force. That would be the driving force as opposed to this desire is deep seeded desire. To play with Jimmy drop below you can't sit played a painfully gains. It played in four games teams don't have a blocked a Jimmy your problem. They will by the end of this upcoming season on a pretty good idea what he can do well in what he can't do well and then we'll figure out where the making game plan. To stop it but as we've been discussing the entire year. The entire night a lot of move lot of movement. In the NFL. The boy names who. Is being let go by the Miami Dolphins any chance at the patriots call him up I would say no they sure did. He's good players still but they likely won't because Ndamukong Suh is a mercenary. Andy's going to sign for the most money he can get this is not going to be discount situation you know it dumb accounts who was hinting around about that. That is a possibility that he could play he said for free to play in Philadelphia. One thing to say it's another thing to actually say yeah I'll go play for the minimum amount I'm not buying that. And I I also wanna point out read more about this on my overnight shall with the dolphins. Are cleaning out many of their big personalities are one of the things they've got going on there including Ndamukong Suh and they're trashing him. They're talking about. Culture change that's one of the buzz terms that are tossing around. And painting this picture that he was this horrible presents a locker room. And that popped up on my radar the reason that optima part of my radar it's a classic ploy used. By teams they get read a popular players when they're on their way out you'd trash them. There locker room cancers they're bad dude they're bad guys I don't buy that about a comic con Su in Miami I would have no Kwame was. About bringing him to it a team any team. In the NFL he's been cool it. You know what you're getting with a guy like you Obama cuts so he's very productive he's on the fringes she's out on the age of dirty it is in the box three and all that he's been a very productive player. And has he lived up to the amount of money to get paid probably not but most players though most players don't when they get the big money that's not usually how. How workshop anyway. She you've got you've got that in the back. You've got the the big moves the media moves the small names that are changing laundry. And a rapid rate were building up to this crescendo. Which is going to be Wednesday afternoon a free agency yes. For foot and it's it's fun it's good time. As for the patriots it is PD rather sluggish. Sluggish rumor mongering period. For the page now you've been paying attention on assume you have been paying attention been talked about here. On WEEI it's on the website in the that this some new watch you might miss. Twosome nuance you might not have have picked up on. With Malcolm Butler. Outbound. He's had an. And with that the patriots in need of someone coming inbound. All the veteran quarterback we've we've seen a number of veteran. Quarterbacks here that have changed teams. Amid just mentioned Richard Sherman to the 49ers Aqib Talib. Who was interest in playing with the patriots ended up going. To the reagans. And so there are already off the board. And to leave. He was a rich place treated the 49ers any Vito that trade any of getting traded to the rams but the patriots. Did not did it on at least I've not heard that they were in on on to leave an old rumor was out there that he wanted to come back in play. For Bill Belichick again and the patriots and as far as the Richard Sherman. Deal even though the patriots did not. Apparently contact Sherman I give him a pass on that. A from the standpoint that he really wanted to go to ET to haunt. The 49ers. Are to the Seahawks over forty niners would be that teams unit 49ers who get to play against the Seahawks twice a year is perfect. I am not buying its cousin Jimmy or apple and all that Netherlands and there's word that's come out that Malcolm Butler. Has now moved up like you were making a a list. Oh with a top available defensive backs are Malcolm Butler. Is that the top of that list in his team of musical chairs which is going also wanted to talk about that now according to media reports the Detroit Lions. Are quite interest. In not a Butler in but wait there's more the Houston Texans are also. Agers did seed got Matt Patricia Lyons. Bill O'Brien Houston Texans who light to do business with Malcolm. Aren't so here's the question let's focus analyzed the better stories the lions. Because of the freshness of Matt Patricia. Having just coached the patriots in the Super Bowl while Malcolm Butler was standing watching. On the sidelines. So what are you may. All of the possibility. That Malcolm Butler ends up with the lies and I'd just the possibility. The reality that lions if you believe these media reports. Are engaged in conversation with representatives of Malcolm but. I know I will go first in my thoughts on this you've got forgive. And forget. Supply and demand is an eight desperation. Situation we will put all these things together you'll lock them in June were on our number one. If this is accurate and we'll take it at face value. That that the lions are in a knock Butler. It's owes you a couple things today the lions are a team that. Really has avoided in the secondary. I don't have their depth chart in front of me but they they need help. In that department and did not support bill Belichick's decision to bench. Malcolm Butler. In the sober. Now we still have. A few cryptic message diss of what actually happened. It related to that outcome were Butler was standing Washington. 99.9. Percent of the suitable but nothing has come out. Who validate that again there's nothing in this and cryptic messages and all that standard. Speculation. So I don't need to sit here and give a sermon in preach about that weevil locked our positions. On this particular British. Nothing else has come out and nothing likely will come out until people start writing books in the people's there Lester is to sell books. I'm a recent documentary that'll come on people Sewell asses so document. There's no smoking gun. It if you flawed. That we would have the inside scoop a month over a month after the Super Bowl. Your role. Now it is completely understandable. Completely understandable that map Patricia. Would want a brain. Guys that he's familiar with into Detroit. It would silly mixed race smoother. Transition that's till I haven't given new teacher there. There's that feeling out process some blows that are in school you have a substitute teacher in you'd usually. We are we would always coupons out. That would be our move there but a whole transitions a lot smoother. If he's got some guy some of his guys in the locker room Matt Patricia some of his surrogates. To spread the gospel. That assumes though that assumes. That Malcolm Butler would be on team Patricia. I don't know that. You don't know that for sure. You say that's the case we don't know. Put it that if that is the scenario that is the scenario that would mean to benching of mark Butler was 100%. A bill Belichick's. Decision now you say it was a 95%. Hunters that that supports the theory that Bill Belichick had eight brain Ford. On Super Bowl Sunday. And that's how this is going to be remembered. Matt Patricia knows what pat. You applied at Matt Patricia is aware. All of what took place than a maybe it really was. Innocuous and completely harmless what met Bob Butler didn't just in practice well during the week and you play well against Jacksonville. And Bill Belichick is made irrational decision nmap Patricia realizes that. And he says well the guy can still play to set it back a couple of games it is also possible. That knocked him Butler deep bio Lee. Some kind of peachtree team rules it'd tissues and to his shall we say shaky play. Late in the season quarter pro football focus bought a did not play well boast of the season. For the pages but either way to Matt Patricia it it would seem that the lines feature shows you that he is willing to forgive and forget. What ever it was whatever egregious action took place. At the end there. Would knock about in the patriots or whatever happened. The disgust level was there for Bill Belichick does not appear to be there. For Matt Patricia not number two is not just the Texans in the lions. We're kicking the tires and Malcolm Boller now that the the Malcolm Peters. You go to analyst stocky to leave Richard Sherman. The list of big names. That have moved on either via trade or free agency. In the NFL. It was a lot a lot of these guys have have come off the board. I have come off the bourse like market is Peter's going to the rams. That's a guy that. Would have been in play for several of these other teams from Marcus Peters is off the board now but some of the other teams that have been speculated as possibly adjust it and mark Butler the Packers the browns the titans. The giants. The jets in the bill. Which makes you wonder whether or not Malcolm Butler would if everything's equal. Where he wanna play the Richard Sherman card. And if all things are the same would he pick buffalo god forbid for the jets. This settles some kind of score with Bill Belichick. I am Richard Sherman we just talk about that he pretty much admit he'd. That he went to the 49ers in large part for vengeance. For retaliation. To get back. At the Seattle Seahawks. Saw that on the on the Mahler skill of bitterness. Of that would be like in nine. That would be in nine out of ten with one to 1010 being. The ultimate bitter beer face. One last thing you'll take some phone calls in a mall most of us are calling you can do that the number 6177797. 937. At 6177797937. If you like to be part now if the patriots are going to shop for a mean player. In the second. They've got to do it in the next 48 hours or is that a fair statement made it got to make a move. In it to between now and the start of free agency which is on wins that the got to act fast they don't do that then. They're fine just kind of hang out Wheaton. And see enough things goal. In the second wave of free aids among the players who could end up. Getting a phone call from the patriots Erin Coleman of Jacksonville. As again I think there's seven or eighteen supposedly Adrien on me if you believe the gossip he's gonna get paid that makes him a longer shot. For the patriots and they've got Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. Who. Wasn't very good for the giants sucked. For the giants that's why he's available because he was a very good. When he played for the giants last. Cold and what is good. In Jacksonville. So it really depends on the patriots level of desperation. In his other players that have experienced that are going to be avail EJ gains. Jermaine Johnson in the news. Just random names you can throw names against the wall in the patron China Phil. The void in the second it's also possibly just as I said wait. The second wave of free agency that starts. June 1. Will be some other players is always a surprise player and it ends up. Available loss. So those are the options. That the patriots have. I get me on on Twitter get hit me up onto their ad then Mallard gonna send me email. It's been dot Mallard. At WEE guide dot com let's pin dot Mallard WEEI dot com we. Have also been talking about this appearance on the late show with Stephen cold bare Tom Brady. Appearing in ninety it's gonna air and a couple minutes. And the the showed tweeted out part of the appearance and Tom Brady was drinking. You know slamming a beard at least it appeared on television now. Thanks to a thorough. In depth WBI investigation our lead investigator crucial time. As watched the video several times and he's determined it does not appear to be actual beer. In the VD that Brady was Drake it was it was a chugging contest between Stephen Colbert here in its operating oblong with apple Jews. As my theory that it was some kind of apple juice a light drink. That Brady was it was consuming there other people said nonalcoholic. Beer the Brady was gone with that. And I'm sure we will get to the bottom of this in the next. Next maybe the next couple of hours here that we're here Chris I'm really open we do now and no. Idea where I think. I guarantee I will I will stake. Why my cell wreak on the fact that whatever they were drinking was not the same drink a cold barely streaking something different than Tom Brady owed that to that question absolutely no question that is not up for debate that is the guarantee there were two different beverages that on the set end. I want you notice if you watched that clip it's on the unity you know of the watch the TV show but if you watched the clip. You can see. I noticed where coal bearable off to decide the one of the producers like he had the Beers in the wrong places the that the drinks were in the wrong place. And he did the switch he picked them up off behind the desk he put them on the desk and then there was that switch. See I think that's where the producers like that you got to move those around so Brady has the right nonalcoholic drink yes immediately chimed in here and say there's Iran to which camera yet. That's absolutely correct on that I if you wanna be part the number. 6177797. 937. You can be part of the festivities years for that one. And here's an interesting. You're seeing people checking in here. On the social media as a as is always. In on the phones as well. And that's to take should we take a phone caller let's let's do one always sell low. To my guy a way he in the southeast. Let's go our way out. Mentally you make me happy because I'm not only can I heard Tom Brady can make you talk. And now the banks don't like let's get a big guys launch could drink a beer truly don't know who you beat 101 bit. I'm way out I don't disagree way listen to me. The way you would go and I know that Tom Brady leaves a big program life eat guns. At a program like I think. And it seemed learning to adapt weeping little bit in the bedroom it would have just Dell 82 memory oh no no I think he might be or maybe a pit bull. I admit I've never thought. No I have not spend much Time Warner which not a lover Tom Brady is that not only yeah. You're growth could see what we have now to cap real because he wasn't so good in my you know what. Is that right it's so that means that Tom Brady must be a total stoutly. Looked at. Yeah. Act. Newman our American. Rained. You laid. I'm really proud of the problem now what we are let's talk radio show way to lose and that's what I talk you all we saw these words. And at risk children can expect a guy at the the patriots make it competitive are up so that can basically saying give me a little more money because we need him if you haven't anecdotal Brady on a blank side or might go right out only what they would show and everybody good I mean the only Time Warner house Bill Belichick that you might see him almost April optional instrument one question why did you know. To behold came gender thing. On trimmed some sort of get some project could open you know Nick Cole. Helps when you put pressure us into Bechtel the popular query junior. Don't anywhere everywhere I'm well how much Yamaichi try to match up 100 jump. As a record long way to know what he's gonna run into Belichick that's what I only read about the malls shopping like when you're running. And when I go to a game coming up the way you guys don't know we outlined a way of quietly yet. The years you believe get behind the scenes there. So I believe you and yielded is you have to swing at the Moscow. When you turn over the page YouTube legend Tom Daschle for a. No way you know why we do painting a panic he got called into rig not get rid of him I don't want him. I'm Susan Susan he's not Michael made a nice guy. But you wanna you wanna on your side deal with evil guys like that on your side you that you don't like when there were the other uniform what you want he's a good player. What do you think you Mantilla tokens larger than the dirty place. Gets a lot he gets a lot of penalties because he's got a bullseye on his back his volley all the passion any gains. They don't does it so I want to I've already heard there's a party wave is already stories out tonight did in dollar cuts who's in Seattle. Right now so maybe the Seahawks are. There are among go to Seattle. Some two suddenly they ate two to delegate wayward pedophilia or should beat goalie potential ticket where combat would mention this year maybe radiating a player Julian must act. I'd vote come back elaborately let's. I don't know I. Love live laugh because I think you're great way I am enjoying your phone calls it. But they're great deal like crap first pick Derrick respect it and we're gonna get keeper and guys are our bench a weapon. I need a trade the pick how about that when he's any good trade dependent credit now the owner Harold. Prepare. Trade down its mother please Iowa thank you Wayne we be here all week while most of the week in a vegetable it's. What do you think Chris you wanna break down and that's Tom Brady in the bedroom like Wayne that did there. I dual hard pass in the New Castle. Interest outweighed I'm now one to comment on men's rallies in the bedroom you know breakdown his performance in that is I mean I'm not one to study that can take. Wayne is that a lot of research and he's determined that that Tom's very good in that department got a high upside. In that area feeling yes high ceiling he's yet to reach his full. Full potential as a couple. Different. Are right SP of that kind of speak out you you've heard of Tom vs time. What about Tom vs the ratings. Comverse is the ratings we will get to that and we will do it next. And we'll get back to the full cost here in a moment. Ha. Vs ratings. Now Tom Brady's appearing tonight on now late night with Stephen cope where. And he's doing that to get people will watch. His final installment of his FaceBook so how did the FaceBook show to notice of Brazilian people. They're on FaceBook. The highest episode added there's six total episodes the final one just dropped. Earlier on Monday so it's unfair to judge that one day. But the highest. Viewed episode. As over a few minutes ago was the debut episode the debut episode. Got eleven point eight views the next highest episode was the number five the last one was dropped on Super Bowl Sunday. And that was the spiritual game. Had nine point nine million viewers on FaceBook. And the the other episodes had over seven million silly they all did pretty well we all did pretty well the final episode which just debuted earlier. Last I saw the jacket at last I saw was like 700. 85000. But that was before people got home from work. And word check in now when what do people will people checked FaceBook where it's hard to watching a reality show. Wall years at or fifteen minutes he can watch it I can win without. Probably aware that without them having too much damage. Damage done so then there's a lot of work to do to catch up to the other previous episodes. Of this particular. Show in the veep Feingold install of Tom vs Todd you watch this ship could check this out. He talks about the need to have conviction. And Ed that he needs convict she talked about his family values. Was bowl presented in the most positive light. For Tom Brady which is what you would expect a show produced signed off with. A Tom Brady's blessing. To be about it is going to be a hatchet job. That's not the case at all artist go phones. And oh let's say hello to leave it may. Is hippie crap who is in this Miami Indy is next up on WE I was going are we men hippie. Then I love you. So outside you're so full event. Yeah I talk to you earlier you're so full of energy. I know. New England gaga is. They're not talking back like you've got to be in the present moment OK. What what what what. And with the right environment Asia umpire and I am okay what do you think good. And Sean. And Nobel peace and he didn't. The car and. Well we'll how many people watched the we'd been hit be FaceBook show because Tom Brady's getting over seven million viewers. Between twenty and keeping our olympians on every video and yeah. I see you a little bit behind them. OK. So I knew I guess you are yeah. Pool while Powell might get in hope you in this department thought what are what are might get a what get a sponsor. But hey hey let's talk sports okay I'm met at Tom Brady parole and you heard a dominant there. And god is loved what I. Palin and the pain and actually get up and don't get. And would have. Relaxed. And more ones in which I remember right you'd really you don't know how wealthy men will. I don't think that's the actual. Quote we think your. Obviously it's to a violent and still 11 no right. Triple right. The men wrong band the Austrian. And then be concentrated on the console. Home loan what do you what do you give you rambling now you the rambling man and we men hit the uranium. I don't. And written melanoma alumnus. And who it was remember remember and we. Really. Hard here it was similar hey do we go. And you know his wounds. Age don't you mean. YE robs. This is just go play. That's what we are doing you up on you and Wayne Knight every hour you're in radio I'm on the radio not every. Not every news some hours to the and we are. This looks it's just that the where he by the horn we would would store did you get the horn. Relentless approach a great question then and all Cuban man who was riding my bicycle and I don't he's gotten bigger on his by the Oakland squad. I can get. I want. Rose and. Ha ha that's just the that's another heartless we didn't take a guy's horn like that in the guys needed for safety. Michael you bought it bought the Lawrenceville and what it. So those are authentic Cuban. Horns that your on. And you might as well right. Well or you don't and Miami Beach is Atlanta. It's an idol season leads and that's currently being sick and then I am serious. Two yeah thank you we again thank you. It's not you weakness I have viewed the wonderful for I loved the honking of horns just absolutely more. Just absolutely. I hit me up on Twitter at bid Mallard that is advent Mallard if you'd like to be part you know also. A reaches on the phones at 6177797. 937. If you'd like to be part. Of the of the festivities here is that we await the next big move. Died next big move in the NFL. And it does not involve it does not humble. The patriots at least not as public and all the speculation all the gossip and trying to get caught up on everything in this it's not much. With the patriots witches. Out normally opera that the big move this week is going to be. The quarterback Kirk cousins. And where he ends up and is he gonna go to the vikings and jets it would appear that Kirk cousins. Let it slip. That he's going to end up leaving the Redskins for one of those two teams that he's going to either end up playing. In Minnesota. War with the New York Jets now my evidence on that. Would he he's good bye note the good bye note that these soon to be former redskin quarterback. Published as a farewell only swan song. To the Redskins it was a typical standard. Thank you who to the fan base in Washington. And thanks to organize a show on and all that stuff. And he had at the bottom of it there were terms like reds gains in free agent that were put in this letter. But they also had the jets and the vikings and they were tagged as well to handle it. I do is he that is a that sloppy and today he would forget that he put the jets and vikings in there. Maybe he is maybe even beaten baby cousin is a slow lazy he's been looking over and he hit hit the send button. I'm feeling that that came from his social media team be built at least quarterbacks in the NFL have a a bunch of people who put this stuff out there like Tom Brady. Where he's posting most of the stuff that he post is not actually from him it's it's he signs off on it but there's people work. Around him whether friends or whatnot they're the ones that actually put that stuff. Together elected TB twelve chronicles that that newspaper thing it's obvious he's done by somebody else and they they have a couple of different versions depending on the outcome. Of that particular patriots game and then they just simply hit the old publish button. When we wanna get up its this is not that complex it is not that complex. Politics more phone calls but first time now for the instant trivia again a blatant attempt to get to listen a couple minutes longer. And then here it is what do NBA. A game if you wanna send a question in. That's not NBA. If you have a good question we can use send it to ban that dot Mallard Ed WEEI dot com it's been dot now. I WEEI dot com my here's the used to trivia Blaine. Has thirteen career triple doubles that's five more than any other senator. In NBA history in his first three seasons. Again Blaine. Has thirteen career triple doubles that's five more than any other senator. In NBA history in his first. Three seasons in the National Basketball Association as the mystery well pay that off. And we'll get back get it will do it next. It'll payoff is the show you here it is blank blank has thirteen career triple doubles five more than any other senator. He in NBA history in his first three seasons that is the instant trivia would you be the answer. Right about now let's see if anybody got it right. And a manic might deed that's a bad job by him. She Moore knew of who lost we have paint string and yes by. By Dave that could be the worst guests ever. We can't close the deal meal. Is going with. Ryan Scalabrine. Which is wrong on many many levels including than the way that you spelled both names. How but can't spell the deal meal we can change in nickname you can't spell the deal he'll be a correct answer. To be its Indian security kind of obvious here. Of all the young senators in the MBA is a very many that are known for passing the basketball all that well. Nicole Yokich of the Denver Nuggets the pride of Serbia. Would be the correct answer is not Wes on cell which the Austria too with or mugs he bulbs. Yes by rob over and Belcher town though it's that the great one and only. Nicole Yokich. Of the Devern August I wanted to go back that a few minutes ago we took a call from my guy wean. Wayne in south The Who was planning on having a heart to heart chat with Bill Belichick at some point for that will happen. And he talked about the the need. The desperate need for the majors to bring back Neitzel. And the reality is that it's older he is going to get paid you can get a lot of money. In free agency pro football focus came out with their list of the top. Fifty free agents in Neitzel there was number nine. On the list the patriots tackle was number nine analyst now a couple things couple of a caveats. To its number one. The fact is that. At that solar did not play all that well. Last season and that matters that matters right timing when you become a free agent how much you get paid. And despite the fact that the left tackle position the volume of the left tackle position is enormous. If you gold by the grade that was given out so older did not. Perform as well last year in fact the last couple years his production has gone down. As an offensive wire for the patriots and they've been numbers and take this with a grain of salt in the way you great offensive lineman. There's great skepticism about this. What in the last NFL season twin seventeen. Mates older allowed 51 pressures 41 hurries of Tom Brady. Six quarterback he it's give up four sacks. And that was tied for the fifth most among all offensive tackles and despite those numbers. Despite those numbers as the old supply and demand situation. And there is a a shortage. All of offensive linemen that have starting experience big game experience and all that so it's it's one of those matter of fact situations where even though his production. Wasn't. That great. People are not exactly troubled by the statistics like that was the open. The question is will he will he stay with the patriots or not it sounds like he is is open. As long as the patriots are close there in the neighborhood. To what the Houston Texas has some of these other teams. Are tossing around that he will remain. With the patriots are to the phone is so we goal. And who else. Then Blair. In Maine who is up next on WEEI hello Blair. Why you why you all down while you wait talking quietly. Wall on down because the weather tomorrow is that put meat now. We're not gonna go outside anyway please stay inside and play video. Well no I don't actually could go. You know civilized barriers. Who work in mind volunteer job but. This storm weathered tomorrow and Wednesday. And maybe into Thursday and can thought that it's can be like this kitten and as shoveling. Can be a nightmare. You really bummed out. I am I don't know why have you not looked up to see how bad it's going to be. I have not like I thought you thought you were getting ready due to sit down and it I think they're gonna break down your bracket or some. I don't. That's what I ask well I don't know about that I can only imagine who you pick. There's no normally dollars and we'll Blair before the blend of the medicine right now we give it a disclaimer here. There's normally one call is called up and say here's who I liked in the final four. It is hawk radio suicides curable radio no one wants to hear that. What you Blair are the exception of the rule. You are big guy that I knew she didn't know him. Very popular vote in the late in Rancho new site. The horrible thing I can take even talk about this been like that March Madness is like that seeing you know everybody watches. Yes yes Cuba but like no one cares about someone else's bracket. It's kind of like people show people Olympic pictures of their aides. Is that make you real hard. Hopefully. I would every sit deep deep seeded teams near like I've got to have Blair's final four a must have. Well from my my final four. I wanna know your fun are you sticking number one seat. Do you how like this legal early part rate now Arizona. Like this is he might take later you just Eric ought to do we I picked Arizona just as it would upset a bunch of people. Arizona because. Lincoln Arizona to Nazi one of those places that's pleasure Arizona. Who looks like he can deal pro basketball player on the hyper in May. Forget his name opposition doesn't play. Or it. You know what part of all right let's ball position doesn't let you feel player what's the guy what's what's the Gallup position does. It is senator. There were played I don't remember you know what I mean you watch that. Put your Augusta. I think it'd just try to figure out where you're going yes. She put it seems strange well don't try to over the USC trojans player I was watching night game there. They've taken all my god this guy did not just don't I Trojan. Basketball player right there. You know that's all over him. Clearly. Liked what I watch. So are you gotta go to bed early lead Larry and seal like Salma and a subtle it's already midnight but he still blinking really really all. I'm just curious that I need do book out. Take here I was telling somebody who listens for me there and I have a headache and they've been thinking about our storm. I. At least you go to bed then you go to church on. They update kit might be dropped. Whatever that kid's gonna it yet what are. Dion 38 as. Yeah I city guys can be drafted out hope because some are really get in the pros. I'd cheer up letter it's gonna be all right BBR. They. Bombed out Blair so distraught. Disturbed. But surely take warmed up you warmed up. I. I'd I do believe that some of the worst talk radios and people call up and Zaire's awhile like in the final fours it's it's just absolutely. Terrell absolutely terrible I will tell it. From a pure chaos and anarchy. And upsetting a lot of people standpoint. Arizona getting in the final four would rock. A lot of people in college basketball who want them out there's a conspiracy theory that the caller had a my overnight show last night that I buy into. To a employee. Is that Arizona is not only going to have to wean. Their games in the tournament they're also going to have to overcome. The officiating. Which is a a problem disease it would seem even if you believe in conspiracy theories in. Calls going one direction as opposed to the other direction. That the people that make the decisions in college basketball are not going to want to see. Arizona advancing open up would awful. The south south street. It's they can blame for that. Arts Ben dollar annual late night here on WEEI. 6177797. 9837. If you would like to be part of the show and also on Twitter. At Ben now every time Blair calls up there's a million people want to rant and rave about Blair. Which is normally people just take much normally networks aren't as the patriots look to make some moves are these Celtics crumbling. Have they fallen apart the other Celtics always injuries piling up. Is only a couple weeks ago in the NBA regular season ends in April in the playoffs. We'll get started we will get into that. And we will do it next.