WEEI Late Night - President Trump vs Lavar Ball Twitter Battle 11-19-17

WEEI Late Night
Monday, November 20th

Hour 2 of WEEI Late Night opens with Patrick Gilroy discussing the recent Twitter "beef" between President Trump and Lavar Ball following Trump's negotiations in China that allowed for Liangelo Ball and 2 other UCLA players to be taken back home to the states after attempting to steal sunglasses while over seas.  Then, Barstool Sports's Jerry Thornton joins Patrick to discuss where the Patriots are at and the outlook for the remainder of the season.


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The it is Sports Radio WEEI it is late night I am Patrick Gilroy. Number to join us here six point 77797937. Played a little bit he was coming next. Text the program 37937. By me on Twitter of Gilroy on hoops act Gilroy I don't know I'm not a big. Wrestling guy Chrissie wrestling that. I dabble a little bit but I'm not like hard court is seems like there are quite a few hardcore fans that work at the station it's like a part of people's lives around here and everybody do it I wish I did but in the limited amount of wrestling and have washed over the years. I can totally picture. Music like that and in one corner. You have the president the current president the United States coming out. The other corner you got to the big bowler Brandon and you know the hardball coming out. And the boys the radio voice here who does our imaging is announcing these two win that music underneath it. Because the fight between the Twitter feud between the president. And the bar ball is the fight we've all been waiting NC. You've got two of the biggest egos on the planet. Apparently going to add on Twitter today. And this is real life it's not an article on the onion this is real. So he got big Boller brand. Who apparently isn't grateful enough to by the president of the United States of America. And the president who believes that. He's not the president he believes that he's a king and you know we should all kiss his feet in he should be crowned. For going out there and saving the lives apparently. Of the ball kid into the kids at play for UCL. And like. The president did something nice and that's really good I'm unhappy that the president while in China spoke on behalf of these three young college students. And got out of a big deal. The president he didn't have to do that any it. While good on you and then he asked for a public thank you which he got all three players held a press conference and he. President trump got his right. But apparently. Lavar ball hasn't been showing enough gratitude. To the president decided to call the barb while out on Twitter but it. A real problems. In the world today like legit things going wrong in the world today and the presidency seems like a tough job of if I'm screwed up the trending here right. That this is a tough job I can't imagine what could be screw it up over there I got the football score wrong with this guy ideally they. It blows my mind because he's surrounded with people the president that is that our super intelligent that have done this before. Right you would like to think these surrounded himself with a enough people. That are qualified for their jobs bohemian up be qualified for his weakest. Part of millennium. I'm sorry but it's the areas like aunt annie's out there. Plainly this phone picking a Twitter war would Lavar ball and butterball is the biggest joke in the planet that that's what I don't get like nobody's spending 500 dollars on big ball a brand shoes but that whole thing is it working its a shame. Because Alonso had the good night tonight for the lakers like logs I think. Has got some legitimate count EE it's gonna take a while he's incredibly raw. And that jump shot needs repair however. Immediately sixteen rebounds and eight he can do other things on the court the lakers have got themselves a diamond in the rough. In wants a ball they do the kid can play basketball. And for all the distraction the cons of being in the marbles sign I think he's got a really good job really nice job of distancing himself enough from his father aware. He's still a good sign. He hasn't ruined his father son relationship but he still publicly credits is bother or getting him where he use but. Just enough distance to allow himself the sort of be his own man a little with the lakers. And I give him credit for that because that's going to be a tough spot repeated his age to be. But the president is like seven years old are close to seven years old. And I'm impressed that a seven year old guy I'm gonna watch my daddy struggles did that turn on the TV let alone play an iPad or iPhone as a real hard time and he 68. Like technology when it. And my dad bidding go with and I feel like there's a lot of people his age and that happens but the president stayed on with the technology knee he's got the ability to what they're use this stuff. But instead of using it for good he's out there. Literally picking a fight. With a Bobble and it ourselves ten. I just don't understand. And how he hasn't. Given himself a person that he trusts enough this sort of pat on the shoulder and say OK maybe not the marble but maybe you've been arrested stinging only. That's the guy. Like and you could you could literally eat lately is that the next two hours at the same word. And to be wildly entertained. These real people like these big people these cartoon characters. This is about wrestling wrestling is scripted this is the president of the United States of America. The Twitter war would that guy. Like that guy Chris Huntley you see you've got five new opens for me in there how many clips of the bar bald you Abner. Probably around and not an easy but when it comes to mr. Donald. We have quite eat like multiple pages of the clips. I yeah like I can keep scrolling for good five or ten that it's awesome like that and that's great okay so. Look in this is a sports conversation and I get it like the president did a really nice thing for our us. And I have no problem giving the president credit where it's due and I feel like he did a really nice think these kids are stupid I mean did they get a really stupid thing. Make no mistake about it I am not on the side of the shoplifters okay there's no doubt there is no question. That they broke the law that they stole sunglasses and maybe maybe more they did it a foreign country which is as dumb as it gets. Especially in that foreign country where I feel like. They don't care that you played basketball for UCLA and they don't hear the your pseudo celebrity because your father owns the big ball brand I feel like. In that country. They don't care about your human rights as much as they do here meaning like here if you type in YouTube. Police officer pulls me over and now iPhone video you get thousands of hits because people think that they're all their own in an investigative reporters now to pull their their camera they record the whole thing. And I feel like some some police officers may see that. The oppose later version of themselves because they're on camera. If that happens in China I am telling you right now those people don't care I have a feeling those jobs is like yes a lot double take your phone I'll break your phone on camera. Like that is a military state. You don't steal things they're you don't go to a foreign country. And do that there it's a disgrace what took place. So. It's all in the pits I get a they're fault a 1000% stupidity. They should come back to America and have to live and do something in America to pay the price of their debt. And go to through the American judicial system okay absolutely if that means a month in jail on six months Croatian what ever their punishment should be here I think they should have that. They should get off Scott free because the president got a mop in China. I did look they should be punished and good on the president for going over he was there anyways but go to the president for while he's there in China. We can up the voter haven't conversation whoever did it with the president of China and an aching help me out here but get these kids Heidi good with a smaller person. Like he did that Andy deserves that nice Rob Lowe but should have a story be over now is. Did you get them out of trouble like Friday or Thursday. Thanks in his last week right but it's Sunday and the president still looking for additional bank use like. Chris if I let's say that the you and I are neighbors Ennis who knows right. And I was out there taking care my driveway and I did yours as well so now you've got no snow we drive we'd go to work. We expect the bank he I bring over an ice pack two Browning Abbie nice right we could share some brownies and have a nice moment but the thank you that day. And may even the next day date at icu and passed a year by the way Patrick thanks again but it's over like it's over at apple how many times he need to be thanked for doing a nice thing. But like isn't like the saying to these you shouldn't be. Waiting for thank you changes to it because it's the right thing the nice thing to do rec league what's the motivation here for the president was that the motivation to do that did you do the right thing. Always the motivation to get credit for it credit for hits like. And at the thought it goes into that like. The foresight the pre planning. Everything goes in your group your your mindset to do that but that's a sick man there's something clearly amiss there. Because he did a nice thing. And he should've just taken the natural credit becomes a doing a nice thing and if he had sent word. You know what happened Chris people on local news national news whether it's real or fake it doesn't matter. He would have been given a little bit of kudos and praise. On believe it or not and on MSNBC on CNN on. You know 45 and seven here in Boston it would have been nice story probably somewhere in the B block that it wasn't all that important. But they would've said a by the way president Donald Trump while he was in China helped three American kids get out of trouble and it would have been nice. Instead he needed the lead story he put it in the a block the mistake that he made was he became the joke in the a block. And that's where things are going wrong here and by the way you wonder why this country gets slapped that. This this story got picked up around the world. Today it's picked up rumbled if you go to any major news media site from other countries. They arrow laughing at us right now because the president is looking for a thank you from the guy that brought us this give me some big ball is sound okay. That's what I want I want I want the most obnoxious big Boller sound you have been there. All it is day it's really got to thank you from that Jack. That guy crazy. It's crazy island Everett is Sports Radio WEEI it is late night I am Patrick Gilroy believe it or not on this busy. Sunday night there is room for you would 6177797937. To get to big all of zone we can talk about big bombers it built in the morning if you want. Doug but the president and his. Desperate need for a public thank you app dirty already received a press conference any public thank you for the three young men that he helped out. Right that all the way. But just like just like you know kids today. The the thank you from the children from the kid wasn't enough heated thank you not only from the Boller he need it take you on the biggest bowl or the mall. As Lavar ball I mean it's just it's it's unbelievable. That this is the world that we live in today and I had. I can't take credit poured it into his arc and on Twitter that said that this is like we're living in an article of the onion on the onion and he's absolutely right like. It's just banana land. And I'm hoping that it was just a slow way at the White House so this was in inside joke because of this is real and it this continues through tomorrow. And it very well may. I keep checking Twitter. Yeah I got a feeling here that eventually the bar has got to respond well Margot. See you got nothing to lose the Bard being roped in by the president of the United States of America. This guy who has become. One of the biggest jokes in the country. In the hardball a guide it. Refused to strike a deal with Nike with Reebok with the Adidas with Paloma with six Tony you name the issue brand. They all offered shoot deals. To his son. Any turned them all down so he could go on and sell his own big Boller is independently online. For between four and 600 dollars they have slippers if you can't afford a 100 dollar shoes. You can buy slippers for 200 dollars ball control ball control. And our president needs a public thank you from that guy. And all the president did was the right thing to do so I know have a good time more lap and about it as big Boller but at the end of the day. The president to the right thing help though three. Student athletes. Three kids that go to UCLA. There's no doubt that the bald kid the middle the middle ball child that got in trouble over there he is it Alonso. And he is and the youngest. And the Indians an analogy get his name but he scored a hundred points. The mellow yellow malice but under points and high school game last year like Alonso on the Melo have legitimate NBA careers in front of him. The middle child really does not you lose talented enough to go early to mid major but again Lavar being Lavar. He essentially. Signed on with the UCLA is a package deal meaning that. The bar and a mellow weren't gonna go to UCLA at lest they took the middle child. And that's fine he did the right thing by his side again right this guy does the right thing for his kids and you cap team credit for that. So he made sure that the middle child who wasn't a penalty did get locked up in got a chance to go. To UCLA like that to others that's awesome good for him. But he's not staring an NBA contract in front of his face he's not gonna leave UCLA after the season and get drafted. He's legitimately student athlete that made a mistake he when he stole some sunglasses that we are in college yelled at some stupid things. Right when I was getting a stole a pack of gum like eight years old my parents may be eagle back into the store and do the whole thank you think of a clerk and and apologize it was it was awfully embarrassing but like we all do stupid stuff. The fact the president got involved was good the president was over there. And the sanctions in China the punishment in China are just unbelievable. Like it's legit years in jail for the stuff so the president. Help these three American kids get out of trouble. Good for the president that is the right thing to do it showed the had compassion had a heart. And believe it or not she'll you can actually negotiate he negotiated there sort of release from trouble. With the president of China. And then the president of the United States comes home. And demands a public Q any guest seat the three kids holding press conference give him multiple bank use. The president gets the credit that he so badly needed. Many decides to wake up today and draw out some more. Man. Because that guy. The father of the kid that stole the stuff that he give the president thank you that the president thinks that he deserves so here we are like before post release. And we're still talking about it it's just it's mind boggling to me and it comes up because. That guided is that man. Lavar. I Alonso his son had a great night for the lakers tonight and a set of people talking about. His son's great night with the lakers the lead story tonight is the father and his Twitter fight with the president. And that to me is absolutely. Disgusting it is Sports Radio WEI it is late night I am Patrick Gilroy is room for you at 617. 779790. Reason welcome to big ball zone. The do you should be on my side and look at your shoulder is this is my kind of music and with this a joke like did somebody put the stuff together as they were really a screw it Patrick I don't. Excite the jet and trust me if it was me make and they would have been even crazier it's awesome I just you B again we went from like. Late eighties early nineties like rock sounding. It throws to this with out warning just like Paul Abbott's Ivo I person like that younger generation as we do development younger demo this stuff I think phenomenally Sports Radio WEEI it is late night I am Patrick Gilroy. Room for you guys at 6177797. 9370 text the program 37937. You find me on Twitter. Gilroy on hoops at gill Roy I'm new to sort of been all over the place tonight of course. I doing quite a bit of patriots to start the program the first hour hour and a half or so as the patriots come away with just a great win. Against Oakland Raiders today what's super impressive about the wind isn't so much the final score of about 33 to eight for me. With the patriots ability to once again overcome. Outside adversity and like when I say that I mean look the fact is this the they are human beings with the human body that went to Denver last week played in that higher elevation that we hear so much about. Remained out west. Upon themselves in Mexico City a city with the elevation is about 2000 feet higher than it is in Denver that the challenge if you listen to guys that played the game they'll tell you. What do challenge it is then you get additional challenges there as well because of the massive pollution and smog there are so. Not only is the air theater because of the elevation the air is harder to breathe because of the massive smog. And pollution problem. So there were built in excuses for a team that plays in Foxborough. It's like a place where we have nice. Regular air and it's clean. Crisp and cold this time a year easy debris that team. Had built in excuse is going out there with a foreign type atmosphere. And they got their bodies adjusted to it and they did exactly what they had to do to come away with a big win. Because make no mistake about it these two wins big for the patriots so we continue to talk about that at 6177797937. Of course also talking about. Our president of the United States of America deciding that he wanted to pick a fight with the ball family. For the second day general that way picked a fight the other day after he did the right thing got. A ball out of jail and a couple of teammates out of jail in China did the right thing got home got him back the United States got them out of trouble. Getting in legal trouble in China is is a very big deal. The president to the right thing by these college kids these student athletes got them out of trouble got them home. And then once they got home. Has demanded public faith use like multiple times the point where he got a public thank you times three. As these three kids held a press conference but they are not the highest profile people involved in this situation. Unfortunately. Lavar ball has made himself the highest profile guy in the situation tonight the president is calling the bar. And the bar needing to give a public thank you so now run like a three day four. Of the president eating. Public bank views from the ball spam which we needed that as well and of course the Celtics and this is awesome to me because the Celtics have won fifteen games in a row. They go for sixteen tomorrow night if they make their way to Dallas. And I wanna go over the next five games on the schedule would you guys and see if the Celtics can actually make it to twenty consecutive wins. I smile when it comes out like inherently I smile I don't mean to smile it's like. My body's at this automatic reaction when I start talking with the Celtics in fifteen consecutive wins sixteen consecutive wins. And you look at their upcoming schedule is Dallas it's Miami it's Orlando with the pacers and then. The biggest challenge will be for win number twenty against the Detroit Pistons Avery Bradley comes to Boston for the first time since leaving the Celtics. That should be a fun game as well so we'll talk some Celtics and at some point here in the next half an hour so we should be joined by. Jerry's important former WEEI. Co host I guess with dale and Holley and of course from Bartel sports so hopefully we'll hear from Jerry for coming up. On the program as well and of course your phone calls a 617. 779793. Sevens go back out to the phones go to Billy Billy's and bill Rica Billy you're next up here on Sports Radio WEEI. Yeah. Side collapses I shot was solemn eighties that site collapsed. Like a thousand dollar salute but tarps and a while also partners LP PL. Did you talk about Al O'Neal is yen nine US so. It is a big deal and I agree it is a lot that disrespect that child back and well that's guys are you indoor. I I edit Billy Billy but don't you have a problem with the president. Having I guess nothing else to do than pick a fight with this guy on Twitter isn't the right thing to do to just let him be yeah the president you are above. The ball Stanley are you. Well I'd say it was Obama on some but it's good to have you all poverty go he would Douglas paralleled this guy that let it that's. So why is that at it and I can get I don't disagree but why is that always the the reaction why you quite did we ever talk about the guy in office right now for the situation and why is why is it automatic to always go to the other guys like. He out child deduction and the pollen out to thank god he Teixeira secured that they're the other guy I'd jump dance an old Oak Creek field stale that's that. I only hear hear these jets let a child a balanced. Would have been but they would they they wouldn't have been facing three to ten years in jail over here that's for sure. I listen I don't disagree and again I started this whole conversation saying that did the kids were in the wrong. And Lavar Baltimore on and ease in the wrong here my problem is the president's inability Politico. Like letting up he's on Twitter like keeping this thing going. You write an option it's a much better much out with this guy a little while. But who else Lavar ball he's a self made like promotion machine he's nothing. He's got the blue it's not a forestry. Yeah Ali is he is but luckily he doesn't have the opportunity to screw this country up Billy and for that you know I'm thankful I appreciate the phone called OP streamed into the program. And it blows my mind Chris that you can't have this conversation you can't ever have a conversation as it no. Idea the way that I voted he's got no idea which way I lean because I'm I'm leaving politics out of it always blows my mind though that you can't have this conversation without being well Obama or if it's if it's an about a conversation it's oh trump. It's always. Automatic to go to the other side instead of just dealing with a conversation we're having right now stating only that maybe these people to stay in their lane as votes. Unbelievable the Heatley has talked about. What happened between these two guys has nothing to do with the Obama Obama's got his own set of issues and own set of problems he doesn't need that need to get dragged into. Lavar ball and president trumps drama it is Sports Radio. WEEI it is late night I am Patrick Gilroy does from pre guides 6177797. 937 but right now I wanna bring in my good friend your good friend from WE yeah eyes dale and Holley show back in the day and of course Beckett Parcells sports. Jerry Horton Gerri I really really really appreciate you staying up late to me. But my plan at the combine analysts. Are all our. Go. Out there and ball is that going to be like so remote that the think that aspect. But it. Went archaeology at the it's here or are we look at that they offer what life was like that. Without. Yeah apparently it. If Berlin all. That are that he got that it was difficult vote while we're like you're I learn. Children that you are you're. A. I'll be wildly entertaining Jerry it is no doubt about that I mean that you can't make this stuff up I think it was Christian art can on Twitter tonight. So it was straight out of an it in article from the onion and he's absolutely right like this is something that if you had no idea. What the landscape was politically our country right now when you came in and you just read this. You would think it was made up it's and it's a fictional story but this is this is real life Jerry. You know it would it took a parent says. That's the reality of armor that it because of the pocket. I'm I'll witness it like it hurt the politic for what you aren't your typical outlook social policy director at its generic. It's a preacher out single days of reality as it's become. Of a circus tent. But I'll tell you like over the last couple years there's been no two better people on the planet at an itself sort of promotion. And these two guys I mean Donald Trump got himself elected to the White House because. He he's it is spectacular it is self promoter and above all became a household name he nobody knew who he was. Because nobody who could promote himself better so maybe 42020. You've got your ticket right there trumpet ball. There are ample air in whenever like they're career and then let it go get back at you know trouble at their current. Of course he currently. They're they're all. On all be perfect but now because he's got their genius of the people. Needham and we are crafted. Government can and living out. It is it is Sports Radio WEEI it is late night. It is Patrick Gilroy taking you guys up until 2 o'clock in the morning on the line with us right now from bar stool sports mr. Jerry Horton Jerry. Big game for the patriots today of course to come away. Winners 33 to eight earlier in the program I sort of brought this up and I'm curious to know where you stand. Tate we all know Tom Brady's forty we hear about are all the time and he's playing unbelievable football. But if you were Bill Belichick still up that handle Grady a little bit different than you have in years past if you're up thirty and nothing with twelve minutes ago. Shouldn't Tom Brady BP taking a breather at that point. You know they're there are there are creek or. I don't know that with twelve minutes to go into it yet because. Yogurt it went well beyond good care of them while we're that we would have muttered shall live well. Still a possibility and it in there and get you know probably will point which and I thought I almost now. Like eight minutes ago and armor and get it. The cook you know here it is still went in 07 and I have to go and you could create comes back out. What in the that the language. In retreat in minutes for a yard. And that I outright to the point where OK there was no murder rate would come back but it wasn't going to be a little bit. He scores or whatever it took twelve minute you know. Whatever it was when he finally came out pretty epic patent. It is the longer they wait at RIR. Torture under what are the situation we're never going to boot and he cards keep all the quarterbacks and has been. Yeah it's a good point Jerry from me is just a matter of you know I sat there and I I covered in a covered the Celtics intimately for eighteen years so I covered them throughout the entirety of the Big Three year. And I watched Doc Rivers masterfully. Monitor and manage the minutes of Paul Pierce Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen to the point where. They were able to extend that championship window. Beyond 2008 to getting to game seven of the finals in 2010 and then don't forget about the run they had in 2012. That they had no. Is it is going on. Being just minutes away from getting back to the NBA finals and eliminating a LeBron in his heat. And that I think a lot of a large part of that. Is due to Doc Rivers ability to manage his guys minute to get the best in the most out of these Big Three keep them healthy. And when he got Tom Brady and always a freak and always done everything right. But we're in uncharted territory here and the patriots are quite literally now. Without the luxury of a capable back up that could carry this team for 345 games if something happened a Brady's I just think the circumstance now. Is a little bit different than it was in years past and for every minute that he's out there. When he really doesn't need to be every hit that he takes that he really doesn't need to take. Is potentially jeopardizing not only his future but the remainder of this championship window for the patriots stadium being over dramatic. I'm I'm with more of open. Quite an apples to apples comparison because you know with the NBA Colin you know. Active at night it and point and you know. I didn't. And so mark that yet the minute become more the issue was with cook although it is much more about which you mentioned injuries. Or dad is he. Very difficult thing to bury it now where there are members to coal Lotta T scorer Abby Conn creek is arm. Wanted on an extra point tribal I don't know that the quarterback coach in the world group considered fair or where there are up. Your point on our team you know he's got 48 I corrected your humor is injured and. It's hard pre injury and go OK you are there. All would one play away we all are. Eight games situationally it was pretty much him. The comfortable and work increase and a lot of pressure. Followed correctly or that no huddle and while I'm worried about it I respect their Belichick philosophy. It is to bicker and Sean locked in an up or you can people who are that they feel a practice. And non contact injury you know Julia government likewise. If earth simple. Drill so. Are accused the get out into what you're gonna write you look at the opportunity to hold them but he can't call him and adopt and I think is smoking a group like them. If you watched this team the weekend and week out I think after the first five or six weeks the one major concern that most fans had. Was the fact that this defense looked abysmal and there was no sort of easy answer insight there wasn't a guy coming back up injury or or trade that you could make that would say OK if we do this it'll fix it. What did the patriots do it's all of a sudden. Have elite championship level defense because that's what we've seen in recent weeks Jerry and that was gonna be there Achilles heel if they didn't fix it now what could be their strength going into the playoffs. Colin and I know the art with the alliance chronicle alarmed panic most early on in industry leader. And it it would stack up that the electorate since two record 2019. Electric kinda leader. Angle aren't technically not a hate each edit deal comics like a malcontent in the defense put into them the worst stretches without risking. And I think the most current at the what happened it would. Good guys as chair Albert and I know that not a real sucking up to but I looked at the card to. You're. We're going to quit is the only option I thought he'd rather see. But would be it won't be a look at get it to where it like it was only in the shop. We needed a lot of thing. And I beat pick them up that might crappy 2003. Exporter 'cause he didn't mile. Distance is key. And had looked back. Golden is but yeah it looked really bad until the guy he used you know stepped on Gilbert is out. A picture on it. Think art is it secrecy and machine and now they're getting it together. Are we. Eric is the purpose are embodiment of Adam and Gary who couldn't keep the field could be or are here and now. Playing the majority of the absurd and just couldn't get used to what the call on what the other ten guys to do with how he fits into. Google seems silk. With the crowd right next year so it took amber where you can look at all of this moment. They're given mediocre quarterbacks. Older and that the bonuses are suckers. Pickens. Will get speak agent and I'd ever. The pertinent that it wouldn't ask where are all. No I I I understand I mean again when it comes to the NBA on and patient as wells like I totally understand what you're saying one place where. I think the patriots did a good job for the last few years really exhibiting some patients was their situation. With their back up to me grapple I think that you know last year when Tom Brady was out and the combination of drop below. And other back up quarterbacks are going out there and and essentially holding the patriots over giving them a 31 record. With Tom radio really. Set everything in motion. For the year to be this. The ultimate back up quarterback conversation here and you know we we've seen it going all the way back to Bledsoe gradient Michael bishop I mean about the quarterback is always the next best thing here. But I think for the first time in a long time. Once this team decided it's a good Biden did to Kobe percent. And eventually say good bye to Jimmy route below for me for the first time in a long time it's sort of set. An artificial expiration date on the patriots dynasty here because I think that there was a popular belief Jerry that. Eventually Tom Brady would either get traded or or retire or something would happen in Tom Brady would go away in the not so distant future may be a year may be three years but somewhere in there. And the patriots had their heir apparent they had there at your next guider Ron Amadon to Joseph Montana and he was gonna be good enough to at least keep the patriots. In the conversation. For the next decade plus meaning. That the patriots era of dominance didn't need to come to an end just because a player is sort of run of dominance has come to answer for me. There's a lot more. Emphasis put on each and every win for the next year two years three years for a how however how long Tom Brady can continue to play this level. Because due to meet when he's gone this thing's over do you feel differently about this now. Yeah that ought to go on me here or Paris a technical. The other Brady's career like think about that universal is let alone an exit note that it continued on her apparent that. It meant that greedy when he is god he's gonna evolve into like a formal pure energy. And then just didn't happen at some of her well drastic and the PGA to trickle hospital is Kirk actually. That that might reality and don't try to talk me out of. Who that with respect grapple I think great. The unfortunate thing is they drafted him. Choose to. Like mark come on are out your political whom worked out secret BP keep that tradition. But pretty picture. Kept it together I mean. Kind of marketing is operating at 145. And you know so I don't like and then come in any kind of co director bill is that. Keep grapple all around long enough. Took BP error parents. Is you know Britain Brady had all the normal human finals it would have worked out perfectly. What she does it a little armored. So do you believe in all the deal believing your heart apart slightly forget your phantom because again you know what people ask me the Celtics questions I am. Flat out honest you know I am I am a card carrying dream green seamer and I'm gonna give you my answer based on data influence so and ask you this in five years Tom Brady's 45 and Bill Belichick is seventy. Are they still here doing their thing. Yeah I think who earned and then he'd be a completely sincere. I think it's a great at setting goals. Do you think that it never been done before in you know it's hard core types even hyper competitive. Athlete to. Keep that fire going to keep. And that desire to eat the right to be the first went to show up in the morning cope with weak or whatever and some of but the really great ones have the art of getting some kind of a goal. You know and you've reached an eight points and want to that saying. No quarter that you've ever done which is clean. And we all the bullet that it is 44. You know you want to boo yeah. You know whoever. I I isn't he sees that is that you know. It is an article went regions that are not you know we bought. It in Cuba and that he can be published order that it. Alum. Who I honestly do I'm good on that again because the other people who are current book. And axed element. There are so locked up right now. You know if they moved up operating the first part of people in kind of ballpark for ED you're looking at remembering not five. He might have been gone by 2000. Dying you know went to Dayton and optical he could hear people sitting on so. You know father time it's still undefeated. I just would not bet against Brady and he's clean and it is crying a little it ever has in his career. That he'd be twelve method. People called quackery they could feel free to place. You'll look at that the result program and I think that's where you want to prove to the world they beat him. He has there's. Full opted readers regiment will. Are you or we don't want you know Cuban apple letter to. Teri what more before we get jobs here at it of course there's been. A lot of changes and and more changes to come in the Boston. Radio landscape in guys so I'm gonna have you put on your your program director hat for a moment and if you were starting a show tomorrow is a dale holly and teeth or dale holly important. Oh boy. Looks like it. It won't be an arm and a at school. IE. I respect deeply that. The eight. Went to an outsider a guy with no formal training and equipment with two guys have been together a lot time. Broadcasters. And where and. And what was and it. We're not that sparked similar return yet still be here. Art I art I wouldn't like armed. But do you do you listen thank you dean listened to that to the show every day and sort of think yourself. I would've said this differently or I would have done that differently if I I try to imagine myself as you sometimes sitting there and it would drive me crazy. That there element that issue like where I could hear them talk into the radio yet. I would. How he handled it differently it would've been a a great line to drop it at that point I'm with those guys have a habit by dynamic of Reading your book that I. I. Always are without merit in that side by simulating a post used to it like I told it will. And Michael Richards has already been up since I can I get to that spot okay yet spoken to sit at a and ordered everybody. Out about the that it wouldn't adopt a a cool is that. I want it but successful those guys. It would be a great move from key that I haven't for credit per minute it's just. Yeah I'd hear go from you know twenty Albert Pico pocket about like people are polite. Instead of curriculum and lead to go pod cast in the week that the that they it changes the ultimate sacrifice but. Don't. Mistake and needed at that they can I regret that yet because of its sport at Quaker. Or is that I really appreciate you staying up late with us tonight Jerry. Don't be a stranger to the program if you if you're somebody that stays up late I am off in here 0:2 in the morning so if you'll have me I'll call you again and you can pub you podcast all you want a much. I agree that's a it drops every Monday at least Pat McAfee agent art art about the NFL which it was critical some with their ballots. Step Sox that day and it was a last thought he would yell let's let's make it's is that semi regular thing. We're cemetery with doctor real soon areas Gerri thorny guys know him from bar stool sports I grew up with him on bar stool because he had the young. That that teacher I think that he would do. Questionable teacher decisions what was it called Heidi word it was. Teacher sex stories it was great and essentially teachers that were willing and able to sleep with students and I don't know any these teachers when I was in school maybe these teachers existed and that with the fact kids so I never got to know them so I got to read about them. Jerry thorn ever since then I've been a fan of Jerry it is Sports Radio. WEEI it is late night two hours down one hours ago we come back we'll talk Celtics patriots and that. Questionable teacher decisions until then we'll direct. Sports Radio at WB. And this one. Every time favorite everytime I think I know what's coming the day with another. What to sympathize more like eighty synthesized and restaurant can take I like this one I'm an honest we should use this one more than once this is straight out of stranger things that absolutely is and by the way it would phenomenal show that we should do make it into an hour on that at some point because I have to get the land that. I do have questions about seasons view and I've got questions on how they're gonna pick this thing up in season three. So we'll talk illustrated things as well but until then. I do wanna talk about. Some stranger things what this professional transition. Some stranger things that are happening in the world basketball boss because no repeat nobody even though the biggest green team morale up there. Could have predicted what's taken place on causeway street thus far this season. And look the Celtics fifteen consecutive wins that's awesome. There's a real opportunity to go for twenty here. When we come back on the other side I do wanna talk about the next 45 games as the Celtics really try to extend this thing through twentieth possibly. Beyond. You know my question for you guys to think about. Is is this good. For the Celtics or they peaking too soon and I asked that not to be negative but. Because as I was listening to another show on Friday at a time the Celtics had just beat the Golden State Warriors. And the host of that show for it it's. Matt's okay mess that the Celtics have lost you the warriors he wanted to soak the losers and they were due for a laws and a loss of B humbling and good for the and you know I generally don't listen to anything he's gonna say when it comes to basketball he is quite possibly the worst basketball mind in the city. Baseball I'll listen to basketball he is without a clue. And forget about it when those two start talking about the salary cap they have no way do the talking about. And I heard Felger actually try and tell me the cap was crap. With the NBA two and at that point I knew that I could listen any longer any need those guys had to save it all that being said. That's overall point was that he was sort of rooting for the Celtics to lose the Golden State. Because he thought that guys like Jason Tatum and Jalen brown were hot dog in and out there and that he felt that those guys. We're taking these games. A little bit that too lightly. Feeling like they are these young guys who think into the game really is this easy and they need to be knocked down a notch knock down a peg by the world champions and instead of that happening with the Celtics do they came back from seventeen down not once but twice. Not once but twice to win that game and really. I don't wanna say shocked the world but really shock doing. And and the Celtics went out. And it looked like they were gonna lose on the road to the abysmal hawks and I wouldn't blame them if that happened because that game was ripe for a after you come off such an emotional win. An emotional victory at home against the world champions. By the way for those you keeping score at home. The last couple years the Celtics have played. The world champions five times they've beat them three times so for those people who say it's just a one off and it could never contend with a minute. In a seven game series while at the NB a reverted back to the best of five the Celtics have won the series and I don't. I know that the teams are different I know this Celtics team is different than they were last year and at the warriors are different than they were last year. But the guy that's not different. Is the coach in Brad Stevens and if you remember correctly. One of the things that leaked out of the Celtics meeting they had with Kevin Durant last summer when they try to recruit him to come here. Jae Crowder said this in the meeting apparently you know fans weren't happy the Celtics weren't happy that he let this out. It was sort of laughed that but Tim Crowder told Kevin Durant that the Celtics truly believe that they held the blueprint. For beating the Golden State Warriors again that was last status it would be in the blueprint for beating the war is the warriors of the best team in the NBA and it's not even close. But there's something to be said here the Celtics are beat them three of their last five times and if you remember it was two years ago. What is hoping for started the warriors. Were undefeated time it won like 23 straight to start the season became the Boston. And the Celtics should've won that game in regulation that one of losing in double overtime. So this thing could have been four out of their last five games against the warriors. So. If the Celtics are able to somehow find a way to make it out of the east the question for you guys really is. And they really contend with the warriors is there something there is something to the point and something to the fact. The Celtics beat the warriors three out of the last five times. Is this big winning streak is fifteen game winning streak going on sixteen games potentially tomorrow against just the thought awful mavericks team does it have you believing. In your Boston Celtics it is Sports Radio WEEI it is late night there is plenty of room for you in the final hour at 6177797937.