WEEI Late Night - Reimer Talks To Seth Wickersham about Belichick, Brady, and Alex Guerrero

WEEI Late Night
Tuesday, November 7th

Hour 1 and Reimer talks to ESPN's Seeth Wickersham about the article he wrote on Tom Brady and the TB12 Method. Alex questions Seth about the article and if there is indeed a collision coming between Bill Belichick and Alex Guerrero.


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It's easy late night talk Sports Radio WEEI. Let's get it going with Alex Roemer on late night. On Sports Radio WEEI. You know usually. I would be pleased. About not running over his time. Gonna be honest with you folks four hours here alone late night. Thankful for every inch she gets but not tonight. Kurt many hands just jealous that sect wicker Sam refused to go on the Turkey Callahan show last week instead. He came on Roemer after dark that's what happens that wicker Sam spoke to him. Right before stepping apprentice microphone just finished there recording hot spot hot off the presses here of course is the man of the hour here. Wrote that huge ESPN the magazine feature story on Tom Brady. That's not carried us for exactly one week I'd spend 78 days of Jimmy drop load trade speculation. Jimmy go rob blow trade explanations. On then fueled by this dot. Big time wicker sham piece which talked about a possible collision coming between bill ballots jacked in. Alex curve narrowing Tom Brady and in all sorts of stuff like that sell lots of juicy details in that ESPN the magazine. Feature story and you know as a said he came out last Tuesday. It was kind of odd to read it first because it was a parents it was written before the Jimmy G trade. It out it contains lines that jazz Belichick has told friends for the last year. They want to coach grapple as a starter now he was confident he can win a Super Bowl with him obviously an outline a little. Out of date right now so the main story that spoke historian I get into this would set out for a little bit. Is whether Tom Brady can truly be immortal. In maintain this level of play until he's 45 a wicker Sam the peace relies heavily on the TB told Manuel he quotes extensively from that. It also questions and I mean you mentioned the other guys have gotten hurt who have taken part not program from Donta hightower to Julian Edelman to Rob Gronkowski and and dole out. So that's the main focus of the peace but of course the biggest the biggest attention grabber. At least for us around here was the line about Tom Brady finds himself in the middle of a conflict between the patriots knocks Guerrero. A friend close to Belichick tells workers Sammy collision is coming between the two. This dovetailed with a separate report from NBC golf reporter Brian burner. Randomly in a guy awesome to weed out the wrong too when you wrote this report is while the dramatically challenged. Ryan bear. On tweeted that politics relationship with Tom Brady is not rates so that high to set off further fuel into this fire. And I got Bill Belichick talking on Dion holly on Monday. I'm Michael Holley asked Belichick a question about his relationship Brady. Belichick used to to decried as ESPN the magazine story as fake news take a lesson. It. Feel like come in a responsible players and so on trying to coach the players that it's in the best that I can and cannot really sure exactly what you know. There's a specific question here I mean as usual at the glow of the comments that were and there are clear for two or an attribute our attributed anybody. If on the steak and I don't think anybody setting things assistant general in Randall opinion about I'm not sure exactly what. So well. Would like to actually talk about somebody that hasn't informed opinion about something that's one thing. And other laws are just talking about a lot of fake news here practice but now things that are on the turtle as usual so we get a lot of that. And have a good relationship with Tom Brady you you. Relationship with the infamous sixteen your. Here's the thing said quicker Sam claims he never reported that he claims he never reported. About the state of the Brady Belichick relationship that is this golf reporter that was one of the many things that set with the champ told me. And our little talk again this has been the big topical weaken the eyes are happy to get them on asked him what does that mean he say collision is coming. I also some things in there about a Pallet Jack is gonna retire in two to three years out Watson via. Ager staying anecdotes in things and rumors in that story and I percent what percent on Amanda again here's that conversation. All right sets so let's get right into it that big take away from your link the story last week that we've spent days upon days talking about is you write that Tom Brady. Finds himself in the middle of a conflict between the patriots. And ox Guerrero and you go on the side of friend of all ballots acts who predicts eight collision. Is coming. Did your source expand on what he meant by this from my standpoint that seems like pretty ominous. Yeah well thank you for having me on I don't problem thanks to come and get. That was that was in the context of the bigger story which you know again is Brady especially trying to. Play at least 45 years old and create a business around that which is unprecedented in the NFL it. A look at that was the idea use the book was the idea and you know there's no question. That some of the people methods that work specifically. Some of the stuff but Alex Guerrero has eased over the year has been controversy in. There's no question that in the patriot building it's been controversial mayor and you know it would and eight source who told me I mean that's something that it's comparable or people overbought to reporting and you know I don't know exactly how involved at all but I think that it's pretty clear that could spell check. As you know made it clear that out and not in the war in the patriot. Is an employee can be twelve. Right in this story that you cite a friend of politics told you that you're saying you heard that from multiple people the collision the collision and the clear coming up. Sure and it might be happening and you know I keep it in put project. Michael Holley show. You know that's by Michael about it you know he said it was statement I think it. But I don't know that you could ultimately responding to you but in the question Michael Hawley I think that Michael is a really good guys a lot of bills for year to keep. Actually completed Mike's story with. Between the report from golf reporter who said that human Brady. Are not have it any other relationship isn't great I think at least that and about what to nodded my story and so I think it. You know what went went went could put on that program and responded to that again I don't know. What exactly he was responding to but the question that Michael put to him about tension between him and Brady all belt what in my report. So what does that mean a collision is coming to go back to that phrase that was in your story does that refer to Guerrero when Belichick specifically here is Brady involved or not at all what does that. I don't know you know this is something that is gonna be played out I don't know you know I it's it's that. It's an ongoing situation where you know again you have. Some things that are going on that are very unique and unprecedented in NFL history and no. It's in the middle of it you you know head coach used. You know looking dude. When that many games we thought we can't give a quarterback is looking to play. For years to com. And like I said it's a fascinating situation I don't know what it means a good I don't think anybody knows. So in your time you've obviously they're on the patriots quite a bit the last few years what have you picked up about. Oscars presence around the team you say it's unique in and usual what makes you say. Well. Again it just come back. You know the story there ever with a palpable and again you know what never drawn on a she says material as much as I did it in this story back up but it was a fascinating document that you know armed. Has been always limited in what he's sort of cheered in terms of his belief. Until recently. And this book is is I think I thought it a fascinating document audit among the transcendent figure in sports. Trying to become a transcendent figure culture you want to sort of an. Whatever he says in the book in respective sides and that's been done by some people that. You know that's not what I'm getting what I tried to get that was you have a quarterback of the plate with 45 years old. The platelets or tiger or because she needs to be deep pocket cascade sort of methodology. And you haven't seen that all the way in the game always win. You know is a powerful force you don't talk so some things in his book or where they like again quote. Went out and get injured they should not blame their sport where there age injury happened what our bodies are unable to work dispersed in about a fourth placed on the you look at the put out there that would have to get injured they shouldn't blame the sport but shouldn't blame football. Shouldn't wait their age and that's in need is some really fascinating. Language. And that's where I try to warn the book. Right suing you write the story that Brady turns out to be on forgetting of players who make the mistake of getting injured. You're gleaning that's from what you read in the TV talk manual not specific conversations you've had with pre. Well I think on the does try to bring players to TV twelve I don't think there's a secret there and he's trying to you know build a business around that and know a lot of the players on the patriots to. Called TV twelve. Have been perks and you know that's. We gain you know there's a reality there with football and so the most interesting thing about all this is that we don't know how our story is gonna end. You know keep that said what she walked is gonna try to redefine success. And build a business around and beat the cascade and so to me that's what the story but what about and that's what made it's a fascinating because. You know again that these same word but what he's attempting to do is unprecedented on top what he's already done which is an unprecedented career. Right and you also read a lot about lock which I thought it was an interesting way to what Doughty site. Numerous examples Robert Alford dropped interception in the second half of the Super Bowl Marshawn Lynch getting tackled. At the one yard line now what made you come to that conclusion that regard that angle that how Locke has backed into debris. He's now got what I mean it Brady said in the book he says this ain't it awful performance does not about law in a few races like to this the ballot. And you know talk has spoken a lot over the years with me with other reporters about. Trying to. Live the more urgent and you know what he's doing is testing the boundaries of what. A quarterback can control it's really amazing to look at it and so the contact the block it what does say that you look what he player. No obviously Durbin I think bridge that goes his way other breaks that don't go away about what would appoint a bad. Action wasn't the way they you know is that what you try. But it debated these margins are incredibly live and what you attempted to do but it did net. Is make them even slimmer and control your test the boundaries the border control board so that's me again. I find fascinating. Yeah and you knew you mentioned as we said you know numerous players now go to Guerrero and TB taught high tower an omen. Iraq and until as you mentioned they've all been hurt Ted various degrees this year. On what do you think that says but the TB twelve net that in the rarest teachings and has not factor into all else. I mean I think it's a good football is real good you know what I mean I'll write that book he says you know our bodies. Can handle before. It doesn't matter what or require how old we are that's why age isn't my problem woke. You know doing evidence. Is not an ability if you be twelve to be some poverty is but he does a lot of you in the liability would he injured in the audit not contact before play. And I think it. You know. This story that it would you know I think that what Brady thought and I mean I think it like. That he is still the guy standing after all of this because all these adjustments that you made. Because of the good look at trying to create I think a debating about was what I was trying to get out at the end it's just that. You know there's a reality with a flaw that injuries are always gonna happen. And you know even though he's spent his bookkeeping not ruling sport I think that you can it. And you know that's why you know would be ending you know. I said the game might never be TV twelve but it won't do the best they can the last man standing that's. A tribute to Palmer. Tiger set the quickest and the lot their Tom Brady's most dangerous game cover story this month affair. ESPN the magazine Tom to go back to the reporting process for this specific story what was your access like you said you drew a lot from the team be told Manuel. How much time did you spend her on the team and how much access did you get to what Tom Brady and and ballots for this the espy's. Most of my age you know most of the reporting. And like you're in the book you know I mean it was essentially an expanded book review and you know late in the game decided. He would calm you know wanted to talk about any further realize that. You know the book out of essentially got a huge spike when it first came out you know I don't think she did a lot of wrapped around it and you know here we were we're gonna put in the cover. And so. You know like symptoms some questions that all rooted in the the book. And you know and and he got back to you and so you know in the good that ten minute. In of these. Right another really enjoyed the story was just littered with interesting tidbit site you also wrote the ballots Jack. Has told friends for the past year that he wanted to coach drop well as a starter. And that he is confident he can win a super ball with him IBC Jimmy G. No longer with the patriots so what do you think changed between then and now what happened last week with the trade. I don't know you know again it's something that I'd I'd really fascinating bit. You know you have the game's most. Shrewd and forward looking lying media ever. We treated you quarterbacks. In a remote span when his starters will be your golden. Playing at a very high level. You know with the the shoulder and I don't really fascinating I don't have any you know details that I can add humid on top of that but it by Medford. And so how do you think it's a collision coming aside that maybe ballots second at the date that the TB twelve method as one out here. With Belichick with politics thing McCain made reservations about ox Guerrero in his presence around the steam pipe you're going with Brady for the long term is that that seems like the players Neil where's the docket now. Yeah you know why you know I I I adopted poll that but I think that. You know this is clearly an organizational decision then you know. We're gonna take its quarterback through and we've won five super Walt Whitman's been what seven. You know he's going to be a patriot until. He picked himself off the field and again. That's what makes this so fascinating because. You know like we wrote the story I mean the most. In other orbit or boring sport is in actually getting all the pain and playing passed its product. It just somehow hoping to avoid the inevitable. And achieve it formatted book. And the mentality. And our goal. All our challenges to the inevitable. And he's always done that you know he always. That would have made a very unique got in a very unique cultural figure is just that the guy who always always raised the stakes. And don't let going back and and all of that we need is fascinating because again we don't know what it looks like 145 year old quarterback. If you played those quotas by and he stayed healthy. You know to get in the neighborhood of 400 and I felt. We don't know what that looks like when he walked up the field we don't know that look like down the road. The production is what makes it fascinating. You also write towards the end of the peace that are in the middle router that politics friends give him another two or three years to coach enough. To answer that his two sons Stephen and griner sick here and possibly long enough to establish. It truly dynastic succession after reading that set now I'm saying so. What does that mean does that mean that out elected does he want his sons have a greater role in the front office and coaching staff we're going from now. Are so the so that I got a confession was meant to court okay and you know and it is bad enough questions about that that it on me for that now being cleared out but you know. I think if you want to do what is bad for him you know make sure that his arms are set up in their career before he walked away. And I think if he wanted whatever he walked a little patriot and you know again you know craft apparently know exactly what walking away. You know I only know what people don't have told me and you know it might end up not being true I don't know what killed by the walkway earlier or later. But I think that you wanted to lead the patriots in a good situation at quarterback. And you know he'd like Al like Jimmy a lot you know you saw what you said about him at the conference announcing. I think with a date all of betrayed maybe they cheated literature level was. Don't get a lot of praise for him and he would have been a good situation. And all of you know a good coach. And I I find that really interest because it's clear that there's a lot of respect level there and I think that bill was in about the G. So it seems like something happens right for Belichick to be so investing Rob Lowe and then to trade him within a day last week. El Amin I don't know you know I think it like that stuff you'd be reported I don't know. What to say other than that beat me you know I don't know. Right not final few questions here sat in all your reporting all the people have you spoken with now given that. Current situation of the team do you think that Bill Belichick coached another quarterback. Besides Tom Brady can you mentioned he said he wants dynastic succession with drop all but obviously that's up off the table with the trade. I don't know you know that's those are the big question based and that's where it says because I don't know all of almost longer haul will be able to play beyond in gold. Playing until you know it is mid forties and so. I don't know how all this subject now. But either way think ox Guerrero is a big part of that. Continuing to always be around Brady in the team up through the end of his playing days. Well you know it all the right into the stadium and Tom you know again. Oriented he has made you want to start a movement you that it is well he imagined. I will practicing viability in the imagined she'd be twelve that are all over the world so. This is. You know this is what makes some of updating is that you know he is not a betting on methodology but he's betting on an L. Right end and you mentioned again to go back to restarted this and that the big takeaways the collision. Getting to get to a point where ballots Jack says Guerrero you have to leave very Ares Ayers in that this team recognizes that Guerrero is here whether he likes or not what's just. If I'll take away from all that. Well I mean you don't get word auditor we hear that that you know he's not an employee of the patriot and there's no rule book in player for. Being outside trainer you know about how that's what happens all the time I just think that the you know there have been cases. Based on my reporting moved out tripling the patriot. Training stopper injuries. It's electric about stuff are a lot of fortune in the building in the patriots and all rhetoric entrant. They've revamped it you know the thing I think they have good people there are they ever nutrition they have you know at all the stuff that they've trudged all circuit that. It step quicker Sam again read his piece Tom Brady's most dangerous game it's on the covered ESPN the magazine this month sat thanks so much taking the time really appreciated. It. All right that's the man who's responsible for the last week a program yourself honored WEEI set wicker Sam. I again author of the Tom Brady cover story is piece in the magazine. Odd report the ballots are called fake news that day on high Monday but sent quicker Sam says the coach was confused he says and he's not questioning my reporting used questioning. Some other reporting out there are lots of died in through there. I think quicker sham still. Not really sure what he meant by the collision line. Still not sure what he meant by that I pressed him on not a few times at the start in the end of art of the interview. Still not quite sure what he meant he said appease a friend of ballots sex as a collision is coming. They kind of got backed off that with means that while sources said. So I don't mean maybe it was just a vague word that Belichick friend throughout but either way I think it's a jet. There is definite tension between Belichick knocks Guerrero an intern. That means there's tension between Belichick and Tom Brady because at this point outs Guerrero is Tom Brady and Tom Brady out is out Guerrero. They are wine and also I mean watts reporting went to this piece. So they want about set wicker Sammy is a very accomplished reporter he's reading a book on Roger get down he writes about all the league meetings for years and years. Very deeply sourced in the NFL op when this piece was written it was written like Jimmy drop what was gonna be here. And I Jimmy Graf was not yours and here we are eight days later and it's amazing we still have nothing close to answer why was probably traded last Monday what. Happens what happens taking your reaction on this next at 6177797937. Phone number again 617779. 797. When you think is set wicker Sam did you think you spoke crap DDB sounds like a yacht. It believable reporter do you believe like I do they're still legitimate tension between Brady and Guerrero in Balata between Belichick and Guerrero announced. Belichick and Brady and do you have any theories still eight days later. On the garrote bullet trade ties out well. I think the theory of Robert Kraft Stepan and at the last minute and making ballot check push all this chips the center of the table. Belichick got waving that proverbial white flag and drop well the more I think about it. The more I think that is what happens I'll give you my final conspiracy theories so us explanation. On Jimmy G trade next it's late night my name is out streaming. Awesome sports never rests. Seeks peace Alex when Merck and late night on Sports Radio WEEI. So what does that mean a collision is coming to go back to that reason it wasn't your story to that referred to Guerrero when Belichick specifically here is Brady involved and not at all what does that. I don't know you know but this is something it's gonna. It played out I don't know you know I is that is that it's an ongoing situation where you know again you out. Some things that are going on that are very techniques in unprecedented in NFL history. Yeah. In the middle of it you you know head coach used. You know looking to win that many games are there any of the quarterback is a good place. For years to arm and like I said it's a fascinating situation I don't know what it means or I could I don't think that anybody you know. That's a quicker Sam author of the day is PN the magazine cover story this month and Tom Brady Tom Brady playing a dangerous game. You I don't know is in on my interview with him especially when asked about the collision course that's coming. Wanted to find out any specifics there what do you mean exactly collision course and he spoke in. Generalities rather vague got was that I think separate gyms a good report easing real I resource and our reporter. Writes about all these league meetings as I mention he's reading a book on to Dallas while so I don't think he's just pulling the stuff. Out of thin air but out whatever reason lots of I generalities. In my act conversation with Pam Ott might take away is that you know again. There is tension between ballots Jack anger arrow intern Belichick and Brady. I think that's clear. It is clear you know with exam one of the things he did say I bluntly in the interview was is lasting answer. Talking about out ballot check is upset with the players who have gone to TB twelve gone to Guerrero and I've gotten hurt. Think where is exerting too much influence over the team or bring conflicts with Guerrero blaming the patriots staff for getting some of his clients her hightower I'm assuming Adam and am assuming. Except Iraq and we have enough evidence right we have now a check responding coldly when asked about the TB twelve method. At the port Amy few months ago real easy question hey bill you're gonna read Tom's buck. No. Nodded off not interested seat time every day like right now I'm in play on a little bit there. The Boston Globe story 2015. Patriots of this arrangement they send players to Guerrero in the TB twelve complex. Opt for treatment. PT training staff upset about that. A source is quoted as saying politics response never asked about Guerrero is Tom wants him here. What you want me to do about it so I think that is pretty apparent there is some sort attention. Between politicking Guerrero does that mean not a collision is coming. I'm not exactly sure op but it also was clear I think from talking to sat in doing all the reading we've been doing. That the plan was at least in politics might forgot Rob Lowe to be here next year. A year after that year after that Bill Belichick plants have Jimmy grapple here to replace Tom Brady. Now Jimmy gee isn't the patriots with tear it seemed act hastily he seemed to act rationally. And why. Why did they do was that drop was contractual demands pot then completely off guard. Was it that Robert Kraft force ballots that may be it's a combination of the team EB Kraft said. Brees or five billion pack eight games it looks fine let's do trade him now I'm not sure. I don't know I don't know we still don't now. Maybe you know 61777979837. Let's go to Stephen Miami Steve what's up. Let's Steve. I know it's a good dad yep it's gone I have to disagree. A publishing due burst I think it has much ado about nothing Lester got out. There. Same votes. As people like DOJ to use and I just that. That. Belichick. Realized pictures realized. That they did not. Crumpled body if you repeat or as a checked. Player when you have free I just don't see that about I. Interest partners and restraint age and both missed dot easy. How. Check back get your understanding that cropped up Charlie. Cops shot but it is a big thing was especially after that all. Stark even though we cut back our country. Start. Teaching everybody. To the so I think that era. Because check out pick I think. I thought people sank about doctors. Check we. Do we trust but swears he. Trade two years ago has turned out to be a bit to shut and Chapman adjust well to about a bit strict. Those states by receiver got a league Arab against a break thanks for the call I disagree that wasn't a wet they got Malcolm Mitchell out of that deal and a pick that they used for Jarrett Sunni. And he's the pick for Mitchell as well and Mitchell was has been hurt this year but was a part of the super multi monster it's a big catches in Mac game. I too he's a starter on their offensive line tears streets I disagree they did not whiff on Chandler Jones up politics may dot moves before but he has not. Seem to misread the market entirely which is what he did for drop while I don't we've been Rappaport spent I firmly believe. The patriots can have gotten at least 11 round pick for droplet this offseason and they didn't in the question is why why did they trade him. Halfway through the year for a second rounder why why did they do you still looking for answers Roy and Wear him Roy what's up. All of the conspiracy then we might. Jimmy forces we ought to take. Have you been scoring touchdowns in the red probably getting killed all. The typical tropical at all. Aren't given it to pretty rock and. Although Ryan Ryan Ryan Ryan. Not the best conspiracy theory. I'm always up for that mean I I think you know hang wanna when Iran she talent right there with you about and I now. And another even brilliant song now. I I'm all here first sordid tales letting everybody is deep dark secrets. I'm not here I'm not sure if that's that the group posits. And we're still not straight days later it's riots at wicker Sam wants I'm talking Yu YY one because it is clear. Was it was in Belichick's plans for drop would be very on Belichick and even just the process right. They called the 49ers Monday morning in the deal was wrapped up by Monday night. What the hell was going on. 61777979%. As your phone number we'll try to get back on some some went to the schedule here. Her committee hand even when it's not show screwing up the clock your calls on this next as we still try to figure out the Jimmy Jean mystery eight days later. There's only one Boston sports station that's live and local until 2 AM. You reluctant. To Alex dreamer and a late now. On Sports Radio WEEI. Coach the players those that came with a stoic and they're not really sure exactly what. There's a specific question here I mean as usual I think a lot of the comments that we're and there are clear for two or an attribute our attributed anybody. If I'm not mistaken and I don't think anybody setting things assistant general you know rim of the opinion I'm not sure what. So. But like actually talk about somebody. Hasn't informed opinion about something and and it won't. It's just talk about they moved here just into on the true. The fake news. How appropriate we air. Roughly an hour and change away from the one year anniversary. Of the day Donald. I think for the moment that it was official at Donald Trump became an ex president the United States left to find out the exact time for hot I was here with arc and I had secret our camp Roberts or the news well ha. Different times different time we were so different it big night for the dams as well tonight by the way baby there we go. Big wins in New Jersey Virginia were coming for your trump were calm for. Trump canes were common for. Maybe a little later on Pasadena Arab. It why didn't attend for the amount of time for you nominated drama is being created it really trump is the reason why am still. A fixture on the station to any extent I was just starting off with tricking Callahan. When the election is going on I was there for maybe a couple weeks and if Hillary had won that are now it would not really been a point. And having all these liberal foil zinni there. So. That's the reason why I'm talking to you folks tonight Donald Trump is presents you child to hate me. Well he's to blame if Hillary or in the Oval Office I can guarantee you I would not be here tonight so. There you go out and all comes back. Op wrapping up the weeklong discussion at least on the issue out. Both Brady drop below. Ballots Jack Guerrero you know barring new developments here out on separate issue amber at the big he is in the magazine story. On Brady I had that I've had a minor earlier this hour. Talked about a collision coming between Belichick and Guerrero and all this stopped my final takeaways here. Again. Belichick went in it was nine characteristic west and I have faith in ballots. I don't think the Belichick would so. We would miss read a market to this extent without having some sort of explanation without something happening. I don't think Rob Lowe is contractual demands console off guard I mean. Yeah drop lied debates your patriots must know. Over the summer and a drop legit 16 another two or three years behind Tom Brady out to be need to find out outs. Maybe it's he's such a Kobe perceptive traded in place down Matt Stafford signed a record deal at the end of August may be he started asking for a little more. But still. I can't imagine a drop was demands that drop was desires were so different in March April June July than they were in September and October I just can't imagine that. So and and also you know even read the set wicker Sam's story talking about a Pallet Jack. Talked about putting in a dynastic success secession a quarterback rating to drop low. Told friends he can win it with drop below something happens here at the last moment what do I think happens my final conspiracy theory. I think Belichick threat this entire time was playing Tug of war against Robert Kraft I think Robert Kraft sentimental guy. Odd went to the patriots games in the bleachers still has a little bit it got left in them. Doesn't want read play anywhere else he's been pushing for Brady Belichick always forward thinking for pushing for drop well I think if Belichick had his way. The Rob Lowe would be here backing up Brady this year perhaps backing up Brady next year and then come 2019. You cut compete with Brady in droplets are starting quarterback I always spot once held on to Jimmy T this offseason. That was going to be the play that made the most sense but here we are eighteen through the season Brady looks great drop was demands remained high uniting Kraft said bell. And the wave the white flag time the push all your chips in the middle of the table. See which you can get in the high second rounder is what the patriots can get that's my final cracked and it's 61777979837. Is your phone number that again 617779. 7937. Taking your calls on not until 2 o'clock this morning also lots of other stuff to get into. Patrick gill or in my late night complied very common and a bill later on 11 o'clock hour you. You stuff besides Celtics Gil I only talk Celtics we will get to some Celtics tock. But wanna talk about some other things with and see if there's mines cannot wraparound now. The ball Brothers Lee Angela ball detained in China. Well I love this story absolutely love this story. We'll get into all that op also some Red Sox talked into these court yesterday as manager right how they I'd died in a plane crashed today is well off the golf goes to Mexico. Flying me out a small plane that describes the jet ski with wings so lots to get into not story. And again as I mentioned coming up on the one year anniversary of the election. Don. 617779. 797. And grabbed Jack in Kingston Jack what's going on. They would vote out I don't yell what's happening. Gobi radio. He'll always deal. I allowed it. Is yeah the that Belichick and now embracing decidedly you know I think a lot of this over the unfounded. However it it was Chicago vote. Mode there some value we dot Lee dot Jackie Davidson. It it bailout I'm ill on the radio show tomorrow and I loved light the I loved the liberal take our time you know I've got my certain conservative view. But I also I truly liberal on the offensive. A lot of things that you highlight. So I know a talk in general are generalities. Now let's get it some specifics here Jack. Are we usually what it was so you what you like me on the morning child waited out of my return to the morning show the last few times have been on. Dog. Like I'd like yeah I don't know like the controversy. And the way. I'm. You know I think that like and certain kind we like row right at people so like when we out people. All lakes and some black male producing them down if you like. You take a learning experience continued growth from. Her. Collect and next time that that situation arises. You know you'd probably handle it in the different factual. But anyway so I like you back on the morning show are light the I'd like the controversy. I like the I like that may. I like the fear that I like I like a lot of that. Jack and we like you have a home late night ten to two hope to hear more from your brother. All right baby thanks to the call answer right. This little this little body brings a lot of drama I bring the drama that's right. 617779797. Per Jack's request into lots of other stuff next. We do will address said the right howdy situation. Very sad I killed in a plane crash on the Gulf Coast of Mexico today. Eyes forty years old fought five flying a small. Because a light sport aircraft. Plane is described as a jet ski with wings. To me it's public and death trap like get to that story next it's late night and WEEI money ms. boxer three love.