WEEI Late Night - Should Jimmy be furious he's still a backup? 10-17-17

WEEI Late Night
Tuesday, October 17th
Hour number 1 of WEEI Late Night kicks off as Alex Reimer discusses the Patriots win over the Jets and their struggles as a team through 6 weeks of the season.  Then Alex addresses Tom Brady sustainability in a league constantly overflowing with injuries and its impact on Jimmy G and his attitude toward the Patriots franchise.  Lastly in the hour, Alex breaks down why the NFL ratings will naturally decline soon and no, it has nothing to do with politics.

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All right here we go two hours of late night coming out yeah. Across the WEEI Sports Radio network my name is not streamer. Take you up until 2 o'clock this morning it's 61777979837. Turned into way more entertaining Monday night game than I thought it was going to be titans beat the colts 3622. Markets Mary on a battling through that hamstring injury the line late touchdown pass to Taiwan Taylor. Broke it open for the titans and again I don't want to win the 36 when he Q over the colts any battle of two who hit a mediocre teams. In the AFC especially radical surgical Bieber sat. Under senator who just played. OK tonight he's been good at is marked as Indianapolis starters in place of Andrew Luck but not. Dockers and how closely you're watching a telecast night John greeted at the constant salivating over percent was. I'd almost a little demeaning I mean late day he was OK fine I mean but. He's been at Indianapolis for a month it's like not a shot he can run their offense he now so being here atlas in the wonderful west Oliver points right while Agassi's game wonderful that he where they Gwinnett where they docking over how percent knew the play is Laker and once Kurt Warner was not OK so Chris so obviously you listened here Westwood One yeah I we carried the day better listen and I guess that. The Monday Night Football feed tonight for shore. On we have a lot to get into. Op and late night again here at 2 o'clock. Lots of news and notes I want to talk about some hot wire that bar stool. Is now in Dade Portnoy with some ha pretty questionable comments about Harvey Weinstein in. Harvey Weinstein jokes flying around out there from Al Michaels to teams scored intact. Ot Portnoy the most egregious one eyes set on a series show this afternoon dad's been wrote that op. That's going to be a big media story here today Tuesdays so we'll get to all that. And the 1 o'clock are also had some more an a for ratings notes hi Janelle hail could be neared the end of her run at ESPN Richard died had an item today. In Sports Illustrated back got a lot of play for us in the I dot com so we will do all that more on the program will we will not do you at all. And I tweeted this out earlier it is Austin as a fairy and Jenkins. Fumbled tock real quickly Chris we'll get this out of the way. What do you tank was that a good call about a call go so at the moment I thought it was touchdown Yasser hearing current day explain it. And he had to I believe the word was survive the ground yeah after receipt retrieving the four I I'm fine but the cause I. You know as a pats and you can't argue with it. That's. Two win what do patriots lost against the jets a few years ago of course on a make believe penalty the push at the the Google which in the field goal right so okay what goes around comes around but I. I think it was a terrible call. I think instant replay it's gone too far in sports that looked like it touchdown. That he had enough control of it. That was a terrible call. And that's all I'm saying about it please guide to weed this out I don't care that where. A late night show anchor that's past midnight if you call with an opinion on Austin safari in Jenkins you wanna go through the rule book tell me what it means to have the ball under control and hit the pilot. I don't care I don't wanna hear it no we're not doing any of that we're not doing replay talked tonight so I don't care it's about every day zero costs until 2 o'clock. I am not doing I ate it can't take it. Anymore so I'm sorry folks get your NFL rule book dissertation. And take it elsewhere and now we're not doing that tonight as long as I'm behind them like. Operate due to start off a little bit. With the Monday night game tying that to the patriots and Jimmy drop well I mentioned this to you Chris off the year before he got on I'd Jimmy G. Must be so damn jealous whenever he watches percent play and especially in prime time. Must be so pissed off must be so angry. I don't care based here at the patriots and has won two super balls now I don't care that he sits behind Tom Brady is into the patriots mystique and aura. Drop was a 25 year old kid from Eastern Illinois University I don't think he really knows or cares all that deeply. About the patriots are the patriots dynasty playing under Belichick out this is so cool like maybe that's cool as a repeat. By this is now allow white. Year four for drop below 25 years old and he's seeing all of his peers from Derek cards now to Kobe percent starting in playing in this league. On a weekly basis. Byron. Drop low I would be pissed off I would be whispering set my friends in the media hello Mike TRD. I would be. Starting a whisper campaign a little bit because now some listeners the station Al. That's the kind of guy I am on an underhanded guy I go back door. You got up. EE got it got advocate for yourself for nobody else who advocate for you sell pirate drop low. The whisper campaign would be on full blast but it doesn't seem to be. Outside of that strange mr. Graham post from the off season. That while drunk ignited the Blackhawks game we haven't heard drop low make any comments whatsoever. About his feature in New England besides the boilerplate answers. We certainly haven't heard anything from the media types about this is what policy doesn't seem like Iraq well has been doing any whispering so. When I'm watching percent tonight I'm saying Jimmy G must be passed must say why not me why not me. Unless. Unless. He knows he's the heir apparent to Tom Brady. Because outside of that. Again I can't think of any reason why Jimmy gee isn't watching percent tonight isn't watching Derek card Oakland. Isn't watching his contemporaries as saying way to minutes. When is it might Terry. I bring that up tonight. Because Tom Brady folks continues to lock. So much better than everybody else yet forty years old so much better. And frankly so much healthier than everybody else and you saw. It highlighted tonight. Monday Night Football you have a young quarterback in markets marionette. Third year in the league recovering from hamstring injury clearly not 100%. Not quite Sam Bradford from last Monday. But on that spectrum especially in the first half Mary Elena was like a statue. In the pockets Ian marionette young quarterback mid twenties. Coming off a hamstring injury missed a couple weeks still not close to a 100%. Of course your injure lock on the colts' sideline. Has not played at all this season after undergoing offseason shoulder surgery. The soldier primes of course have been plaguing him. For the last couple years op a lot that I think is due to be awful colts' offensive line what has been sacked. 56 times in the last 22 games more than anyone in the NFL over that span so. Obviously you need a good offensive line what does not happen at denounce. Been a gift of Brady's up till this year for the most part the patriots without him very get offensive lines. But lacked. Missed seven games due to injury of course and when he fifteen the shoulder and obviously as a mention bothering him the last two years had surgery this offseason and he's been out for the first six weeks of the season. And I mention. Brady's health relative to pretty much every other quarterback in the league be pies Aaron Rodgers of course. Broke his car boat on Sunday likely be yacht for the rest of the season and John too mossy wrote this up on WEEI dot com on Monday. Looking at Brady's longevity. Compared to other quarterbacks what's mossy did way as he went through a west. Of most games played QB since 2120. Quarterbacks including Brady. The played the most games since a one Brady obviously head and shoulders number one on that list. So who's behind him well. You looked activists. You are Manning Philip Rivers Matthew Stafford have never missed a game due to injury. Drew Brees is only missed one. You look at that list Stafford years younger than Brady so were almost in the drama side for the moment though he certainly. Had his ups and downs. Out of those three Manning and rivers Brees pass their mid to late thirties. Sure Brees is the only one who's a contemporary to Tom Brady still healthy. Instead opening a video game type numbers in his late thirties QB rating this year won a 3.2. 810 to two touchdown to interception ratio so you want a say Tom Brady and Drew Brees or contemporaries. In the same category fine I would give that team breezes Brady minus the post season success of course. Pop you look at Philip Rivers. I got alive always admired a guy via a live always liked playing there that torn Achilles in the AFC title game in 07. Our real tough cookie. But river is at 35. I think he's done 105 touchdown to interception ratio of the season QB rating not even at ninety. San Diego just won their first game of the year Sunday 1716 over Oakland's blue. Have struggled this year I think parsley in the second game meteor that's right. Oakland's has not been great Derek Carr coming off the back injury as well also another young quarterback. Who's been hurts Robert rivers though he hasn't missed games this battle to a lot of injuries and I think. Again 105 touchdown interception ratio you see numbers like dot. Close to the end at 35 I Eli Manning at thirty sex. Now he's starting to lose it is well. Never been consistently great the regular season members taking even more of a nosedive this year yes no auto Bakken anymore yes they'll Brandon Marshall. But he had does guys for the first month of the season and the giants went endless anti struggled so right there you have Philip Rivers. In Eli Manning two guys in their mid thirties. Two guys with really good resonates to you guys with a lot of success in this league. The Brady slapped his lap and now rivers at 35 appears to be close to done. Getting there Eli Manning at 36 appears to be starting that as well. Ought and you look at the injuries across the week Aaron Rodgers as we mentioned likely out for the season with a broken collarbone. Second time since when he thirteen eSATA carve an injury awesome missed four games of the broken foot in 2006. And Roethlisberger. 35. Has been playing hurt. Almost every year since he suffered that shoulder injury in 2012 and you look at his numbers big band seven touchdowns interceptions. I think he's close to the end and we saw signs of that in the AFC title game and if it wasn't for Antonio Brown just being awesome. And the Steelers would have lost the chiefs. Again yesterday Carson Palmer we know about his injury history at 37. His struggles this year about Tony Romo younger than Brady years younger than Brady. Now in the boot after three Kirk season ending injuries. Jay Cutler we know about his injury history Joseph Flacco what is ACL and that Patrick Fitzpatrick broke his leg. Alex Smith separated his shoulder few years ago. Don down the line we got immense and against mossy mentioned all of this as how many EI dot com today so. We talk all the time about Tom Brady's health. About Tom raised her ability and what Tom Brady skill level what you specially watch the NFL after this weekend with Aaron Rodgers going down with the car bone injury. And it stands that she more than ever Brady is healthier than everybody at forty years old. And he's better and everybody's still at forty years old and I of course in his weekly spot this this Monday anchored Callahan. The osprey about the Rogers injuries he's has the autumn and all that went down and here's what he says that it was a pretty interest and response. It's bad news and so it's a lot of guys have that happen to you know Judy laden. You know with commercial us consumer reports federal team to have to you know obviously he's going through it I don't know what you know obvious that the prognosis for him but. You know look pretty major. It's just it's. It's tough and you never know which play you know I'd I didn't I was mr. 2008 and you know that was a real eye to eye opener to what many seasons without. You know being out of Virginia right I don't know I was just way goats and then you finally this year you know like all of America this is. It's torture you know to sit there and watch them. You know again like I am as proactive as I can be and keep them. You know everything's Jonas you know almost healthy and work efficiently and trying to help absorb all of those forces as best they came from the you know finish in sixth game wasn't pretty dirtier. And I've read Tom Brady with the TB twelve method we did a whole show on not quackery last month and I stand by everything I've sent. However. However it's clear that it's working for him yeah I'm not sure of the brain to users are making him a boy nick concussions. I'm not sure of the obsessive liability needs to go to the degree Brady takes it. Certainly a lot of aspects of his diet are necessary nutritionists and medical experts say. By it's clear it's working for. It's third's work inform me goes into that jets' game as the left shoulder injury misses practice for a couple days. In all things considered still plays really wow still plays really wow and the offense we watch it. Seems a little uneven this year without Julian an omen Brady holding onto the ball for longer plays taking a lit though longer to develop down the field. They see the deep game offense and Mike I feel like this could get shut down in the playoffs I just feel like it's not clicking. 100% yet. But is delicate Brady's numbers leading the league in yards per game over 32613. To two. Touchdown interception ratio despite during two picks overs last two games. And I know busters grind dropped one yesterday and they're in a couple of dropped ones but overall just stock. Overall phenomenal again from Tom Brady and yes some mistakes yesterday but still some real good deep balls. The little floater that touch pass to James White. Tommy and other quarterback in this league who makes that the route so Kelly it was up there for ever for ever write like a little little eat the sports. To James like to so perfectly placed. From Tom Brady so. You know you look at the four into patriots start. The relative mediocre start at least for them and yes still some holes on this team by you look at Brady's performance you look at Brady's health as well. That's why the patriots are still the favorite in FC that's why and it just really show it to me this weakening your Aaron Rodgers who's the guy. Next to Tom Brady now likely out for the year at the broken collar bon. Anthony Barr vikings linebacker tackles and he lands on his right carved on his throwing shoulder. Something Brady never dies. I certainly by the brain knows how to take it head better than anybody else so you look at Rogers outs. Derek Karr still hobbling through without bad back. Ben Roethlisberger mentioned I think he's done or close down a 35. Flacco as declines big time this year. Philip Rivers has declined big time this year Eli Manning has continued to decline this year we have Jay Cutler in Miami. Not go on down the line I mean right now with Rogers out. Who is the fourth best quarterback in the NFL I'll give you Matt Ryan a Gaby drew Drew Brees is to win three in whatever forty wanna put him. His fourth best in the league now based on this year. Alex Smith. Maybe. But man that is that is a right doc is right that is a big big drop off. To Tom Brady. And that's why I gotta go back to drop well and might not tonight watching to Kobe percent start if your Jimmy drop please sit there insanity. Why oh wait a minute every other team the quarterback it's right. Every other cornerback now Brady is contemporaries guys who came up roughly around this time starting to slap. And he overall it's been a slightly uneven start. Still heads better still head and shoulders better than everybody else what to I have to do to play. And I just think it's a little funny we haven't heard any whispers whatsoever about that again this year. Again and last drop one knows he's the heir apparent and the more I think about it. The more I think that's the case because wireless be silent wiles beat contentious sitting on the bench at 25. With seemingly no end in sight. 61777979837. Is your phone number that began 617779789837. Him others receive you RD lining up one to talk about this. Bet your calls and more next it's late night on WEEI. Is WEEI mine does god streamer take you up until 2 o'clock this morning at 61777979837. Starting tonight wondering. What Jimmy geez think in watching Dakota percent play every week for the colts and Andrew likes absence especially plate tonight. Prime time on Monday Night Football. Playing okay. In odd that they run play in the fourth and one not the best call. I didn't get a lot of help from John Demont Cree fan Jack Doyle dropped house's. If they shut down to you I held that colds often does not have a lot job by you look at Jimmy drop what you're sitting there watching percent now play for a month. I contemporaries such as Derek are continue to play in Carr's case get paid big. There you are 45 Fortier in the league still on the bench. And with no end in sight because you sought this weekend especially with Aaron Rodgers going down likely season ending carbon injury. Brady is healthier than everybody else has jogged mossy pointed out today and great com WEEI dot com. And he's still better than everybody else to Tom Brady is despite this at least according to the eye test. Somewhat uneven start this patriots team in Patriots offense. So I wonder how come we haven't heard anything from grapple this year. Nothing from any grapple allies in the media why the silence from Jimmy gee could it be that he just. Buys into this patriot mystique in our impala checked in the rings and all that. Or is it that he knows he's the heir apparent to Brady he knows that in two years. When Brady's contract is up he is the guy. I don't now that's why I'm asking you at 61777979837. Skirted timid Albert who's been waiting patiently Tim what's going on tonight. Are you don't know do well. That's good to know what Jimmy geez probably look and promises he made Kia troubled well. Yes and he's getting paid big guy with the franchise tag if they do that next year. Right so he's probably looking and saying you know trying to lucky with the way they are central line is I took ghost lab because he says that Brady's healthy. He got hit pretty hotly Tonioli and I think he's a little nicked up more than what eleven drawn. Later with Turkey time we played the sound he said he feels darn good six weeks their you know we don't. We're all. You know. Yes hero you're right that is a good point if Brady can't admit to being heard or else the hold TB twelve theory kinda goes out the wind. There's one other thing I'd go in the trade deadline. Comes and goes but you know. If I would trade him he and critically important target Joseph Thomas L he's not let's read who grapple. Yup it brings some outstanding debt but not much alignment joked around that you may result in it and you deterrence dial in and get on the front line. Second rocked the top of the guys look at the jets quarterback what do we have to get a pass rush. Now he went on went on and that's what decade showed me the other day we may go. Whiteout spots. I get the whole league is kinda followed into looking kinda crappy so you know and I'll. Yeah and the weird thing is tenant thanks for the call the patriots are usually exempt from their crappy yesterday mediocrity. Not so much this year means you mentioned Josh McCown. 300 yards plus passing yesterday every quarterback the patriots have faced. There aren't for more than 300 yards this year in intelligent not doing any. Austin's a fairy Jenkins fumble tot not doing that tonight. I'd I'd like from sixteen hours to break that down to not doing that anymore more blog more than 24 hours of accounts Sunday in the post game stuff. But I think about touchdowns and a studded night. Think the patriots had lost that game so yes patriots could very easily be 33 instead of four into the chris' ice shaking your head with trading Jimmy G you not a board without. I am totally not a border that because if you're gonna do it this past I agree with the optimal time to do that. Bill Belichick could at least two ever he wanted. Whenever you want it now you're looking at teams just fill holes until the end of the season because they've injured quarterbacks like a team like Green Day. And they are not gonna wanna give up in the 21 round draft expert guy. That in there in the eighties to the end of the season when there writers come back Brandt asked you read to the browns like not just passing guy meanwhile would I mean to our knowledge the browns may be offered multiple first round picks her droplets so a third out aside how stupid they locked. Passing on to Shawn Watson. Read it and now pair that you traded your peck attitude to the bears he committed drafted him again in the first or I hit it depicted the latest in the restaurants now. How stupid of Eilat guy with Kevin oh gain in the shine Kaiser's I guess is in the back in after a week off by now how stupid that sounds like. Just parable but Nellie that well. But the AFC looks relatively terrible it dies and you look at again this patriots team especially comparison to last year you say. This just feels like a playoff bag it's something about it this offense Brady's holding onto the ball for too long. Receivers are taking a little too long to get open he's been sacked sixteen times this year only sacked fifteen times last year. Tim mentioned in the left shoulder injury heading into the jets game. I don't think he tech as big of a beating this week as previous week's colonial he did get him a couple of times by. That jets pass rush is not dead and beat anyone in their defensive line has a sack this year so certainly a weaker jets' pass rush than we seen in the past but yeah breeze. Taken some hits this year but never take it one like Aaron Rodgers. I hasn't take one like Derek cards and a couple weeks ago that messed up his back no hamstring pulls like mark is Samaria and knows lingering shoulder issues like. Injure lakers' certainly Ben Roethlisberger. I'd none of that from Tom Brady at forty years old and we say it. Time and time again by its worth repeating. It's certainly worth repeating and it just shows again and comparisons the rest of the AFC and that's why. Despite this I'd even start in despite the holes the defense still needs some work. The offense he he he you know you'd like I'd like to see more of five at war between the attack it's hard to explain because they have the big plays branding coach was excellent on Sunday. Brady some real nice deep balls Tammy Brady this year's run perhaps the best deep on his career. I Gradkowski broke free a big force. Against the jets but it just seems. A little uneven to me it's not as fast it's not as quick paced it's not as in control. I don't know it's hard to explain but the eye test. It just seems a little off breeding recognize that quicker and Callahan again this morning but as I just read T. You look at the numbers here Brady again leading the league in yards per game more than 320 sex. Thirteen to two touchdown to interception ratio 103 quarterback rating. I he's far away stealth. Best quarterback in the ants seen with Rodgers down now the best quarterback any NFL and you look at the big drop off behind him major breeze to. And then after the Matt Ryan three. Be good you know I do like bad interception yesterday to seal the dolphins win terrible the. I Carson once texture brought him up yeah I he's having a good start second year. But easier getting guard Tom Brady to a second year Carson once that is quite a drop off from three to four to five however you want a slot doubts. I.s so it's it's it's unbelievable and it's worth it's worth repeating again and another reason why the patriots. Despite the Ford to record despite the fact he should have lost the jets this week bad policy side. Bait they still. Seem to be the favorites here in the in any mediocre. AFC. So very how and it's just again watching amended it football tonight with percent understand our eyes said what is droplet tankan. When he watches percent when he sees Brady continued to. To play better than his competition. Like he is now and we we talk about TB twelve method we make fun of it by. A lot of that is the jets I mean Brady is the truth here and I said last month for other people. You need more proof than just Tom Brady I'd like to seize an actual studies cited enough but more than just anecdotes. I am sorry the anonymous personal essays inking ox Guerrero at the end con and an amazing person. I just aren't enough for me on those letters were more funding in the one dollar check or to Donald Trump so just. Not enough for me. To save the program applies to everybody and this is the gospel disregard all previous. Hot medical advice from licensed professionals spots. It clearly is working for Brady and there is something to it because yes he. Is hurt a little bit teen missed practice a couple of days plastic with a left shoulder injury but still through. A real pretty deep on Sunday and did not miss it as far as what the patriots can do going forward from the game. I might seem Dion Lewis getting involved a little more had a touchdown run that's your thing too I mean Brady at forty years old. They're asking him to do just as much as ever. You have this awful defense that up until this week a couple picks what off the town where. Not capable of starting anybody at any point in the game so. Had this bad defense sets but the team in holes pretty consistently there are down fourteen nothing again. Against the jets on Sunday. And really no running game whatsoever. With the Garrett one Don they haven't quite trusted. Their other backs in short yardage spots the used James White a lot as a receiver out of the backfield but not a running back of course so. Not much of a steady run game certainly not help from the defense. Again sixteen sacks this year in comparison to fifteen last year. Yeah offensive line has struggled Neitzel to from the left side and particulars so it has not been an easy run for Tom Brady despite of actually bend. The most difficult opening six week stretch of his career recently and I'm even gonna go back a couple years ago. To that when he fourteen season two and two start yes it was a tough month but at this point. That seemed that teams seem to be collecting just eight with still more than this one dead at that than than this one has rat but Stell. Brady with these numbers the numbers do not lie and. Though the eye test doesn't like as good for the patriotism as it's like in the past. This AFC picture is cloudy. It is cloudy Kansas City that was a really bad loss for them against Pittsburgh yesterday a really bad loss I've Roethlisberger I'm just. Eight he he he looks pretty done to me. He doesn't he sought in the AFC title game struggling down the stretch last year and this year protector when you have seven touchdowns. Eight interceptions. Five as six weeks into the season that is a bad sign. The Broncos just utterly embarrassing defeat last night Trevor Ximian a couple. Real bad interceptions so where is Denver today even got to be a factor this year I don't think so I was ready to say Oakland what is. Perhaps the toughest team. The patriots would face the Nancy fight with Derek cars back in even before curry got hurt that bad showing in Sunday night. Against the Redskins a few weeks ago the raiders just haven't clicked this year in. Also look at who the coaches are across this league to Oakland you have Jack Del Rio who Brady has just sliced and diced in his career. Mean come on Jack Del Rio really. You have bands Joseph in Denver rookie head coach. Sorry soap on dab I'd Depp does not look like he's having the time of his life anymore Sergio dip on site does not look like he's having the time of his life anymore. Going to Mike Malarkey sign Tennessee third year there are now. Low 500 records stumbling chat but gone now in Indianapolis might hot Lewis Marvin Lewis still in Cincinnati. Mike Tomlin in Pittsburg who. Great motive they are yes sort of people say at least but certainly hasn't shown me much. Editors of in game preparation the ravens with Flacco continuing to decline. Don't seem to be a factor this year. So just. He'd be the AFC in general the U got Houston. You got Houston who I still believe in with the Shawn Watson can make a run but they have JJ watt Whitney merciless now out for the year you talk about big injuries so. Even if Watson plays into his own. He just doesn't scare you are nearly as much as they once had with watt in Marcellus out obviously so. Yeah I testament slowed disjointed. But big picture speaking the patriots at four until could beat three and three yes. Which they would the fumble yes we know could be three and three I think it should be green to read by. Even so it's just stock. It's a mediocre AFC the patriots do seem to be closer to the pact and they've been in previous years by. They still really separate themselves with the coach and the quarterback they really deal and it's a point we can make pretty much every week. But it's especially worth repeating after this week in the injuries or continue to see across the lead in the mediocre play in the antsy as well. 61777979%. Is your phone number that again. 6177797937. Coming up next I would tell you why and up for ratings. Will likely decline I more this season. And why it will have nothing to do with kneeling or any of this political stuff we'll do that next it's W yet. I have to say though I'm interested as a number one listener of the show I'm interested to see how Thursday goes I'm interested to see what the interactions are alike but the recycling all the same arguments which if that's the case is just going to be. He's not apologizing I don't regret professionally no I don't think we're I mean if it's up to be I don't think we need to recycle that we've covered it outings it's pretty tedious to I don't I've made myself clear it'll. He was wrong he's. What he did I'm docket and wanted him fired I'm moving past I think recycling that would be him I just meant to deceive. The obvious disagreement that occurs when he's in the room with Terry and her especially with Kirk. It's gonna drive a wedge between Kurt and care it's gonna drive away and I just don't think it's like Kirk ever treated with kid gloves but I think rebut re pretty prepared for how would you estimate is. Are you not engaging discussion. I'll defend my father to the death and my. All right so the Kurt and cal and returns scheduled for Thursday you listeners out there main aim to say Wayman aux whereas here. You're baritone and tonight complain her little under the weather. Have my aunt ballot papers two issues here because while I don't have tissues in my apartment. So amusing toilet paper and as a result my nose in addition to being stuffed up is irritate. Terry red because under you know Chris toilet paper doesn't have to give the tissues dale it does not now don't don't feel too bad it's like Tom Brady also has deals with little. Can just we're all do and it's low forties tonight first time in awhile it's gotten this whole thing Arnold jacket now. First time this season yes so. The only thing worse than using toilet paper when you have a cold this paper towels. To earlier knows which I've used a couple of times as well and that is so painful. So it's like eating sandpaper. Against you know knows it don't read it just hurts. All it's awful so according tick and learning Chris Curtis on the real key NC podcast to could be painful for me. When I had returned to correcting Callahan on Thursday. ID say it may appear rupture Alan I say I'm ready. I like it rough. I am ready to go out so that you are you've got to look forward to. On Thursday and I want PM late night dress the weeks self serve you. Late night folks out there are some review may be rejoicing but I'll be on Kirk Italian scheduled for Thursday night. Rush shall bring it on like it rough. 617779797. RAZR phone number that again. 617779797. Starting up the show tonight when opposed magnate football action talking about a couple things number one. Look at Aaron Rodgers is injury you look at the mediocre play of quarterbacks across the eight seat across this league has as a whole. Quarterbacks can't stay healthy younger quarterbacks or can't they help Buick Marcus Mary noted hamstring Andrew Luck on the sideline again for the colts and you look at Tom Brady. Who gas according to our eyes I test has been a little uneven this year by. It's still grates ten to two touchdown interception ratio leads the league in yards per game. Just just fantastic I think he's turned it goes deep on his career all things considered in comparison to his competition. Brady remains head and shoulders above the rest and you look at Jimmy drop was watch in their car his draft contemporary get paid big in Oakland's. You watch magical Wii percent starting in Indianapolis for a month now. And place of the injured lack. And if your Jimmy G. Why are you not whispering to your pals in the media why you're not saying a little bit more I don't care about Belichick I don't care about the rains. He's 25 am assuming he's competitive and I'm assuming he wants to place so why do we not hear more griping. Curve betting if you well then pay homage to me Jewish heritage from Jimmy drop blowing the only real explanation I can think god is. He knows he's the heir apparent Tino is that how well Brady is playing is irrelevant the patriots long term plans. At the quarterback position so that's on the table on again 6177797937. But you want a slip and this NFL ratings note it's been a big topic for us on this show and the stations across the country since the start of the season. Giants Broncos last night 821%. Improvement. Over weeks six Sunday Night Football and when he sixteen which was set Texans and colts. I CBS's late afternoon when do I Steelers chiefs was an improvement as well. So well this week. Another week wouldn't you going to knock. Another week with the old NFL boycott ratings are down. People don't wanna watch. People died at the political as they should sports political season of football off. There ratings numbers bear that to be Ron. I dog Sunday Night Football game a practice and it football game 21% improvement over last year. That also was going up against Elsie yes going up against the Walking Dead so there were other options to watch live last night's. But senate football big improvement over last year and at Steelers chief's game which was interesting but ugly. Improvement over but. Last year's late afternoon went out national window for CBS was as well but. Next week this upcoming week ratings may go down again why is you have more and more injuries you know the Packers are one of the biggest draws in the league. They become a lot less sexy with Aaron Rodgers out and Brett Hundley end. Maybe he had topic in for Rogers that are here we go now we're talking. Now we're talking from a ratings perspective by it doesn't like the Packers played the sign tapper and excel if we're going into week seven with Brett Hundley. As a Packers QB. There are no longer a big drop. Mention the giants know I don't backed him out for the year. And I tweeted this last night I'm so sick of seeing the giants on Sunday at football I'm done I feel like Chris they play. On Sunday night or mandate every week. Fortunately they only get five games so once they do their five there'd it's they're they're on all the time I it was at the cowboys to the first three weeks is season just on. Every single Sunday or Monday but at least the cowboys are a little entertaining to me I mean the giants not at all costs one in 59 please enough enough. And often so a Beckham got makes me even less entertaining and they wire. JJ watts makes the Texans a west of the draw. The Ney were as well good team and seat may get some prime time games down the line this season so. Lots of injuries across the NFL. I think it's pretty captivating plates big mediocre. But I think better more captivating games in comparison to last year at least by. My point is if you see ratings fall for particular week. For particular primetime slot. Do you not take the easy date and say all it's been dealing all it's the protests all its facets that Trump's attacks now. If ratings are down for particular primetime game it's likely wanted two things number one in the game just wasn't died. Or number two would there's just no real star power like tonight. ESPN lucked out markets Mary on it was backed by could've easily bend back council verses to Kobe percent. Every what is sat there Tuesday it's an all while ratings were netbook bog down a comparison to last year what's happening is the NFL dead is at the boycotts. No it's just you had Jacoby percent vs Matt Cassel in prime time. Please this is not so hard so ratings dictated we see it time and time again ratings dictated largely by quality of play. In star power in the NFL. You have. If you have uneven for both you have the quade apply uneven. In the star power uneven and getting better and better at the most position in sports quarterback because right now we went there you got Tom Brady. And then who else the saints' Drew Brees yes but the saints not a huge drop in not all that good. Falcons downward swing again this year's whose number Fort Carson once in the eagle's maybe. Maybe Cam Newton. Maybe Cam Newton but even Newton's been up and down this season and the pay actors I would say are not always CBO entertaining watch oddity played their share. Of ugly games so let's stop the silliness. Let's stop the ebb and flow of every week waiting on NFL ratings. Is nothing to do with the boycott has nothing to do with the kneeling it has to do the quality of play and the lack of star power in speaking of the kneeling. This is the week where Roger Goodell. And the owners will meet with the players. Discuss their path forward with the kneeling how to handle the National Anthem. I say what. Do we really need to do this you know many players kneeled. On Sunday. 77. Neil at six of whom are on the 49ers. They didn't even show than kneeling on TV this week no and done was shown live on TV this week. What are we doing here do we need to sit down and discuss a path forward this is older. And also. ESPN two political rights other much too political left wing bias I Gregg Popovich. That's a pretty strong comments at today. But our president Donald Trump called him a soulless coward. Pot right now I think go to ESPN's homepage last check. No mention of Popovich as comments. Nine. Atheist and was a score easy radical left wing anti trump outfits. Wouldn't they be running pop that story as there headline right now so too big story lines and spent. A lot of time talking about in dealing movement he has kids political bias. Let's bury them tonight. Would do that next our number two it's WEEI.