WEEI Late Night - Stephen A may be right, but he used the worst example possible. 12-4-17

WEEI Late Night
Tuesday, December 5th
The final hour of WEEI Late Night starts of with Alex Reimer discussing the comments made by Stephen A Smith about Tom Brady blowing up on Josh McDaniels on the sidelines of sunday's game.  Stephen A claims that if Tom Brady were black, the national coverage would have been outraged by Brady's reaction and Alex needs to set this straight for the people.  And as Alex always does, he ends his night with his Midnight Morons.

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Our rights are reveling work arousing. Here 2:2 o'clock this morning 617779797. Spent the first. Half hour the show again I'm a little late tonight with men and football running line talking about that nations Monday night game in how it ties into the grind can't. Feels weird and defending the walk off. Not. I hate it hate what I align myself with the Brady Jersey avatars on Twitter welcome to the club not make you feel so achy. Don't blame Brady restate what turned people against me again I'll be back to where most comfortable. Antagonizing. Before he did out go to the phones at 617779797. Scott New Hampshire is a dot. On the game between the Bengals and Steelers Scott what's going on. Basically have hired actually not target specifically about this game and not about football and jam violence. Is correct in basically football article editorial sports. You know and we we shall we know it's an actual concern about particular players but we really. I mean think about it we do we want to see our opponent's players knocked out. Because that means that the game is easy for us to win it. I it's out of numbering for him opposing players being knocked out now I will say I'll keep you won here when there's a big hit like again when George I Lowe got. Nay idea has helmet to helmet hit on Antonio Brown in the hands of a first reaction is well again that's. Chemical crap I mean museum tank yell but I mean so I have had this reaction but yeah I enjoy watching it but I'm not I'm not rooting for injuries. At Atlanta so much different and unique you're ruining what maybe got you where a lot of fans are rooting proceed the other players. I had to order our president the other team put in the position that can't quite Italy's. Actually get him. Yeah maybe maybe Scott saying they're on some browser dot I'm not rooting for injuries I mean I'm not some highest moral person I'm not claiming the moral high ground here. It is college like watching beaches tents dot. Viscerally my first reactions say yeah Larry Al. So all I am not claiming the moral high ground here but as Scott I I do not know I don't root. For injuries and I'll beat many fans to. Op and I think a lot of fans like the violence go back that angle steelers' playoff game a couple of years ago that was so brutal. He had to implement. Several rule changes after that. I was a gamer Joey Porter went on the field and Nancy paid coaches have to stay on the silence I mean lots and lots of rule changes after that it was so bad. But I got really high ratings and inks and the highest ratings up playoffs non super ball wide because. They like the violence they liked the viciousness and Judy Smith Shuster lays out on does perfectly debates is black eagle yeah IA gold ET that crack. Every fan in steeler nation was standing about it care yes any say well how is he okay is getting carried off they mean by so you understand the danger and you understand the Parker's did you feel dirty. It's still better that way it's still is. So mentioned all that it's an be big topic throughout the week locally and nationally by. They take away from the patriots 233 win over the bells on the field not much to take away from its. I was amazed that you you do see dollar real quick. The really not necessary to brilliance to the competence of Bill Belichick and his patriots coaching staff the comparison to their opponents. The bills had Brady contained in the first half there getting pressure on them. Receivers weren't you wasn't finding open guys is holding onto the ball for a long time. And in the pages like that some elements of weight limits they're not really covering grunt. So it's historic rock like every time and that's they did in the second half and gave it to Burt had on the goal line in the league out 233 cell. On the field misty saga patriots make second half adjustments in the bills they didn't. Which John McDermott who is Arab ball. Is it terrible coach on after watching Tyrod Taylor an action in the offense that they play I don't blame for the underneath the opium and Taylor's. That was one of the worst interceptions I've perhaps ever seen. That was like a game it definitely. A total gimme almost as bad as he got more packed in the red zone in the previous week. In fact the natural was worse than Matt Moore picked in the reds on that Tyrod Taylor pick in the reds and both real bad both doctors and if you make a pro I got I'm sorry I year head coach can and she whenever he pleases that is. An awful pero he won't win games with. But in the first half Tom Brady. Jarring at Josh McDaniels on the side and less obvious. Nothing up as well just a dosing the bill drying to treatment and when he 118 out. Brees fired up his impassioned and that's what happens. But I did notice is getting become not just one of the bigger national stories of the day Monday by a racial story at least according to Stephen A Smith. He said if Tom Brady's game where black. We view him differently with all of his us sideline outburst that eighteen points. I'm gonna say it was a big deal only from this perspective. If he will black we'd be going off about. The fact is is that Tom Brady you know he's had outburst cortisol lots before it is absolutely positively. No big deal to me in the heat of action when you're on the stop lighting you're going off I understand that comes with it in no way. Am I tried to would score create Tom's great. What I am attacking is the inconsistency. Of jolt or Susie public out there who would be quick. So they denigrate. A black athlete if he was on the spotlight back and that way. He because he'd be cited for insubordination. He would become perceived as being completely out of control. Tap potential maybe he should have maybe pass some anger management issues that needs to take the courts or something along those slots but when Tom Brady does it. Well let's outbreak now granted he's a spot possible bowl champions if it was if it was up Blaine Gabbert as somebody. Maybe it would be taken a bit differently all I'm telling you is that from my vantage point. I don't see it that way. I think the white athlete is judged differently than the black athlete when it comes to emotional expressions. I believe Deb black folks are customarily. If not religiously. A labeling character rise this angry. As the polls to all white individuals. Being up perceived as just being emotional and very very much invested and committed to success it's a double standard it's flagrant. But it's been going on for decades if not centuries. But I'll Beckham junior agreed with Stephen AUN on a late night tweet storm on Sunday you responding to someone who also brought up that point at a pretty Wear black beauty proceed differently. Beckham tweeted listen when I say this is the craziest things someone ever is Tweeter posted to meet. Because they literally had the same conversation today. About the exact thing you're talking about it there's rules and then there's rose he goes on to say about the words BP's describe them. Or immaturity. Or needs to grow up or selfish or on the what else is it exactly they say are on composed know bro I've watched that man meaning Brady yet exact same thing for years. Beat every time I cheered for in the super balls. I learned from then some following his lead as Maine and on how to express it the same way. So what's the impact there were on Al Bakken and Stephen Nate first quickly with an Al backed him. I would really say that Tom Brady. Yelling at an offensive coordinator every few years or yelling at teammates on the sidelines after a missed play. Is akin to paying like a dog. After a pertaining to appear like a dog after a touchdown. Or reading into it kicking nets throwing the kicking net they're proposing to think kicking nets. Are carrying out your helmet crying on the sidelines and getting penalized by the way. Removing your helmet which Beckham was infamous leak last year so. Beckham's on sideline antics. His celebrations. Is removing of the helmet. That's a that's resulted in penalties that stuff that's hurt his team he's been fines for that stuff so. Can't really compare that to Tom Brady to delta O'Brien in 2011. And yelled at Josh McDaniels on Sunday. To my knowledge in May be the cameras are missing as but at least from what we see on TV. He's not one epic coaches on a weekly basis. Yet a bright and what eleven yet mcdaniels yesterday. He yells at his teammates often when there's in this plight. But that's not the same as pertaining to Pete like a dog after a touchdown or proposing the taking throwing the kicking nets. I think but the kicking acts performing a dance with the kicking yet. Which went on a Beckham was doing for several weeks last year so. I think Obi Jane Brady's antics are different that's why I don't think. That's a great comparison that you even look like Antonio Brown early in the season who have making mental breakdown messiah yeah. Slammed over water cooler everybody was supporting him because he needed to get the ball. He wasn't wrong. Right to what right in Nazi or write in Antonio Brown. I don't think he gets killed necessarily like and I'll back him does. As a debrief Cyril lots are received as I said last are Antonio Bryant detect any ends on the helmets helmets at the top speed is receiver. I've ever seen. His first Brady. I get Stephen Hayes general. Bites Brady's a bad once in a bad player to uses an example. Because winning trumps all in sports the reason why Tom Brady. Is able to yell at Josh McDaniels and of everyone brush it off afterwards or don't his teammates and everybody brush it off including his teammates. Is the fact that he's won five Super Bowl rings in Stephen is that right there that was Blaine Gabbert. On the sidelines Sunday pulling up at the cardinals offensive coordinator. Their reaction to be a lot different. Like is Blaine Gabbert sucks and Tom Brady is great. So weighing in sports trump saw and there are a number of black athletes. The actively am pointedly who blow up at teammates to blow up a coaches were we have excuse their behavior look at David Ortiz. Brands that type break on a press conference angry that is RBI was a raced from the score book. Remember that. Never impressed on off that was the big deal yet Ortiz smashed in break a pay following. In Baltimore. A couple of years ago with aid pact. So that could've endangered his teammates. Could have heard this team it's. It was brushed off. Ortiz who what but umpires more than David Ortiz after strike outs is nobody. Maybe Dustin Pedroia but that's set and Pedroia had just more flack then Ortiz caught. For going up and umpires like as Ortiz is a better player Ortiz has won three World Series sorties. At funny guy was more emotional than David Ortiz. He got away with Al and rightfully so he deserved to win his track record book Kevin Garnett. The dirty is trash talker in the in the modern NB yet Kevin Garnett MF for MF and that everything was and that. True please just think about Garnett. Nobody. Who got into players skins more than Garnett nobody why is Kevin Garnett is a hall of fame player in a winner when a championship in his first year here. How about LeBron James. LeBron is it like Garnett with the theatrics on the court necessarily but. Who has undermined more coaches. Who adds up between in more. Has thrown teammates under the bus more than LeBron James throughout his career. It's not as prevalent now as it once was but it's all there. It's still there mastery Adams between the cavaliers. Had opening up about art they're mean when parry Erving as a big game but the Celtics. In I mean age so what who is who is. Undermined more coaches in his career than LeBron James. It's excused why because he's the best player who's ever played the game. So. Tom raise a bad example. He used to prop up this point because. Winning trumps all in sports. I can name you eight litany of black athletes. Who act doubts who yell and scream. Who tons. Of trash talk. In their behavior is dismissed. In the behavior is dismissed because they waited because they're great. So if you wanna make that argument steamy day Tom Brady is the wrong person to target. The better person to target is Rob Gronkowski. I'm not talking about the only hit Contra devious white and talking about drugs behavior in general and all things are being equal yes. Black athletes are perceived differently. When drunk guy hasn't female reporter give them a lap dance during a segment on fox at the Super Bowl a couple of years ago. People laugh it off and audit described being run. That would Randy Moss pretends to moon the crowd after a touchdown. Joba gets on his high horse and talk about talks about how it's such a disgusting acts it's a disgusting act how appalling. In a Travis Kelsey. What type what dancing okay Travis Kelsey does idiotic dances jerky this and act doesn't dances on the level of auto Beckham junior. But Travis Kelsey asthma criticized like OBJ I recognize out. So all things being equal yes black athletes are perceived differently than white updates go back to grunt the 69 jokes all these jokes he makes about Whitney. I have a black player was saying that stopped there would be more backlash. There would be more backlash a lot fewer people would be willing to say all of it's just player acts being player acts are described being grunt now. Rod can get away with a lot of the stuff he does because of his skiing collar gas because we don't perceive him as a threat. Many people doubt and Stephen is right black athletes are viewed as angry they're viewed as hot headed with all things are equal. So Tom Brady is the right person to make an argument for. Because Brady is five Super Bowl rings he's the best quarterback who's ever played the game. Any really doesn't do much Amy yells at an offensive coordinator once every five or six years at least that we can see. Any yells at his teammates. After missed play like a lot of quarterbacks do you like a lot of players to. But that's Tom Brady that's all he dads club is the better example. If they blacked out police acted like rock. Receiving lap dances and quads motorboat and women in clubs talking about 169 all the time. It's stupid it's harmless yes. But so was Randy must pretending to move in the crowd at Lambeau Field. In Joseph but called it a disgusting acts a disgusting act. Even go to easy you'll Elliott's behavior at that Saint Patrick's Day parade earlier this year grabbing a woman's breasts. If gronkowski did that many what do just laughed it up and Elliott did that it was a big scandal. So Brady bad example grunt a better example. So an it's an in Stephen A so Stephen is point has been completely lost its being completely lost because. He chose Tom Brady as example and as I sat you can name. And million black athletes. Whose behavior whose outbursts have been brushed aside. Because they went in because they're great wedding in sports trump saw. That's why brazen bad example and their reply athletes are perceived differently than white athletes. And again I think Ron is a good example there there's a black app that you acted like Ron off the field who partied like rock off the field. I don't know if you have a lot of white sports writers broaching not saying it's just grant being ground. I think here more and you window than I did you hear more condemnation and what's eight years 617779797. Let's go to George in Warwick George what's up. It pay out is just a slightly different take that you you you know I heard you talking about rocked. It's but a slightly different pivots from this perspective that we have rocked. Who's built up in appear at some a certain. Image happy go lucky and I recognizing placing about him but I just thought it's towards Sudan to let somebody I think. Has a good reception throughout the media and and NFL community. And here we have with in the same week thirteen. Education and have the rookie itself again working news flash well on the field and seemed to have built up could damage himself. Drew is creative stances after that's down to what have you. And so within 24 hours each of those players is now and then on field incidents. That casts a completely different life. And each of them. Yeah I mean the duties that Shuster block storage as I said earlier. By the Puerto lie it's illegal. Can't have a blind side block like that lead with your shoulder pads like Smith did can't do. But I don't think it was necessarily dirty. I don't think it was a hard football block now standing over perfect afterwards bad DB. Jerk but it's hard football block George in my opinion. As far as luck on the field yeah Utley hit that's not drunk again. It's only been buying twice for unnecessary roughness. Never been suspended for any. So you have Max Kellerman on first take talking about Ron on the field gets me a step that others don't now you can't make that argument off the field again. Want to use how black and white out leads all things being equal are perceived differently. I think you can make that argument grunt but Brady with TV Newser tragedy who does not work because winning in sports from skin color it does. 617779797. Re rafter dark roles are right after this. I Rimmer after dark here the 2 o'clock this morning. Chris I'm back there I'll be back here on Thursday for the late night shift. Normally I'd be this week Crist is here. Off to mid did you you're currently will be on The Today Show on Wednesday excellence now so this is the second time second week in a row for. That is correct and in the boys I do enjoy the experience it was a blast while the guys operate and Brad you really feel. Now I actually really enjoyed it accurate to get that. You know I came up with Glen big show on filtered in his act and Adams as Lois is right there. By his side I felt fortunate enough that Clinton called me go that ended so I thought that was a step in the right direction. Now you like they would general biology eating glad as a nice piece of ass I would I would aged. And rebel premiere at ICI I think what has a big house I don't know if he's and the nice house. I mean you know you get a factor in age here is this is there have been. And not. To be their minds they guide to general Alice should be an interesting perking Italian Tamar trainee is in. Face the music was back in port they did across Everett her on Saturday. But in Roemer came on after training in Tomas Ian. It was touching down should tell me she didn't know she was it scheduled this week but as she is there should be there it Kirk. In much filling in for Jerry who might think is jury duty at least he was saying that today. So not sure of that and am accord going to be interesting but it certainly I'm sure they'll be wants to react to threat today. After that tomorrow and lots to react to practice patriots bills game gets rid of the few times this year I feel like there's been some real national. Patriots stories the great house he hit of course is the leader but. Kind of bubbling beneath the surface today in yet Stephen papers take rants. If Tom Brady were black his sideline outburst would be viewed differently eight Buick tomorrow more get a start weighing in on this and it's gonna explode odd Tom Brady in aid does is skin color affect how you view. Is silent outbursts my point is if all things are equally gas black and white hot leads. Are perceived differently but Brady's a bad example because he's a five time Super Bowl winner is the best quarterback who's ever lived. In great players great champions. Get a pass regardless of their skiing carts Dexter brought it up it's another good one look at Tiger Woods I mean who. Has had more outbursts on the course over the years and tiger were to choose add more. I discretion off the course through the years than Tiger Woods. You people but he's still on in many are still routing form their rating for the comeback so. Tiger Woods is another great one here in Boston I referenced scamming her net. In David Ortiz you taco LeBron James whose undermines mark coaches and front where teammates and the bus. Than him throughout his career but he gets away with that you say a word about it because he's the best player who ever lived so. If you're great you're great there are different rules for you regardless of your skin colors so Tom Brady is the wrong person. For Steven eighty used to make that argument. But that doesn't mean the argument is invalid. The argument is valid. And cry I think is a good example of if Gradkowski wire motor putting girls and nightclubs that she's been videotaped doing. If he were talking about 169 in making a 69 jokes all the time if he where. If he you know got a lap dance on a super most shell a couple years ago if he were black in doing all that stuff. The perception around grant would be. Different if he had this big party but Regis got hammered at sea with him and his boys for a couple of nights the perception of crime would be different. That is the perception Negron regardless of who you'd asked if you asked when he rose thirty years old is like 5060 year old. Regardless of the demographic it seems like the perception of grunt is used to spot that describe being grind key means no harm. Any does it I'm not saying Gradkowski doesn't mean I'm. Is fine and he's never run afoul of the lot to our knowledge geez. Eads is reels it and he's always always needs the best tight end is ever lived if he stays healthy he's going to call David retired today. Even though he's only played seven years he's got duties that dominant so it's all well and god it's by. I'm not demonizing Rob Gronkowski all I'm saying is. Grunt can be videotaped motor boring girls and a nightclub. And me laugh it off in yet Randy Moss pretends to move into the crowd at Lambeau Field after a touchdown and Joe Buck cause they disgusting act. Are you even go opt to I Travis Kelsey who does more absurd touchdown dances than him who has more absurd. On field antics celebrations than him the you do but. Travis Kelsey doesn't get criticized nationally for his flamboyant C wears on I'll back him. Dies with his touchdown celebrations. And some of the stuff that he polls so all things being equal. There is a perception difference and you even look at Dez Bryant is another great example you four years ago Bryant was. Brett for yelling at Tony Romo and Jason Witten on the sidelines this was. A huge story October 2013 video cameras caught Bryant going off on Roma going off on Witten. He gets skewered for a couple of days. But then the audio gets released. As it turns out Dez is being positive. He was saying we put on that Tony where the press the F bow on where the best in the NFL he was pumping up drama he was not tearing them down. But nobody gave Dez Bryant the benefit of the doubt that's another example where all things being equal. The perception is different between black athletes white athletes and the emotion they show on the field. And on the sidelines. Yeah you even go back to the kneeling in a black players who knelt. We're booted and condemned for being outspoken but outspoken white players like Chris Long. They polarizing political figures out where is LeBron James gets graffiti. Drawn on his house in Los Angeles racist slurs written on his garage in. On this show went on behind the microphone that happening Kerry and Kirk or beyond like opponent did an apple LeBron was making it up he needs the publicity he needs to sympathy. But. I'm here that's real. Racist slurs were written on LeBron James is drive story. And all Larry they removed before the police got there while maybe they were his children whoever was there were so upset with the graffiti they covered over they couldn't bear to see I don't see why that is so not plausible to me that is very possible but. L winners eager feet anchors lined sounds public Gregg Popovich and Steve Kirk. OK so Donald Trump routinely attacks black sports figures who speak out. Right does it all the time whether it's NFL players who meal whether it's of our ball. Go on down the line if you're black aptly. If you're black sports figure and speak out. You can bet that our president is going to attack you on Twitter is getting use you as red meats to rile up his base. There have been you're Donald Trump treats about Steve Kurt and Gregg Popovich standing ninety. Three coaches let's skewered him worse than I think anybody in the sports world. But there's been no trump tweets directed at those. Makes you wonder why even go to the White House Tom Brady's gives the White House trumped passively aggressively doesn't mention him. During is that patriots speech. Might some off the record books which is peddy. But there's no tweet. There's no combination. There's yellow Brady's a spoiled brat. Who doesn't recognize the value in the importance of going to the White House doesn't respect the opposite none of that trump what's that gal doesn't mention it. Stepped curry says he's considering. About not going to the White House trumped this invites him on Twitter. They're considering not going even what you don't take it that. So you could you got all day one. The double standards and how black athletes and white athletes are perceived all things being equal are very real. And that's Stephen A is greater point. Is absolutely right. But Tom Brady is the wrong guy to use to make that argument. Because winning as we've seen does trump ball. Winning as we've seen does trump on an update is would've backed the Brady is this unhinged lunatic on the sidelines he's not. We had him scream at bill O'Brien Tony Levin and scream at Josh and and was a missing something this is not a routine thing form at least as much as as as far as we can tell. Yeah I get plenty which they screw up but that's what. Bottom high profile players do that's what. Energized good quarterbacks and players to get the faces of their teammates so it's a shame that Steve today. Dying to make this point. But he used Brady which in validates a lot of his argument and a lot of people are not able to see past don't want to see past the. The port break comparison but overall he is right of Ross Steven Hayes writes. Just in general me he does all day long with our society do you think that Barack Obama. We've been able have been elected president if he was married three times that women with three different children like Donald Trump. No way in house that you can do this. Not just route leads but anybody in society all things being equal the perceptions are very different. If the F fives or more rings like Brady it doesn't matter what color you are. The winning trumps now. 617779797. Phone number again 617779797. Coming up next we do the midnight morons. And I am giving its Q are former state senate president. Standard Rosenberg former head of the state senate to step down. Admits to die a sexual harassment scandal involving his husband Brian Hafner who is. 38 years younger than him now and I was on Thursday night. The story was just breaking actually forgot to get to it I regret that but we have new developments today we have stand Rosenberg stepping down we also have Hafner. I sending op unsolicited genitalia to other members of the Massachusetts. Political establishment so lots to get into Dak. This is my wheel house you know it's my wheel house here is my expertise I feel. Obliged to sound off on that would do that next and again a few of any cause anger and has skier Brady we here at the to a clock it's WE. It. Talk all Boston sports not streamer I didn't mention the Celtics won 10100 win over the box. My dinner at the garden. The Greek freak led all scorers. Credible late for him. Forty points carrier ring led the seas with 32. It was just so greeted at three point dagger at the end which sealed it for the Celtics. One pass guys with for lamps on night steal the ball from the Greek freak. A real great effort from carrier Irving Al Horford was awesome tonight tonight the Celtics really clicked on all Sunnis and Irving leading the way. Horford played a real complete game two when he points like nine assist eight rebound late bank was as fine a line. Affecting all facets of the game Jason Tatum was awesome seventeen points being guys off the dribble. I'd Jalen brown had a nice stock is while the third quarter that brought the garden to its feet so. Whereas the Celtics clicking on all cylinders. It's on tonight against the bucks to. On paper are should be right there with them at the top Eastern Conference not just this year but for years to come but the Celtics now to a one. On the seizing its Milwaukee improved to 21 in four overall. And of course to UBS something's coverage as always tried to meiji BLU percent decent in the Boston Celtics. And the NBA so. Abbreviated show it in nights but they did wanna get to this story that I just forgot to mention on Thursday last time and the late night duty here. Stan Rosenberg. Our state senate president every employee. Got to put on the back ranks as that add to our listeners he Marino who is he is. But Turkey kind of done a lot on a the last few shows so they have emboldened me to chime in on this as Dan Rosenberg is the I'd now former. Head of the Massachusetts State Senate the liberal Democrat from Amherst he is stepping aside. As leader of the chamber over an investigation. Into his husband's sexual misconduct and Stan Rosenberg is tonight's midnight Morin ladies and gentlemen a bright Hafner. It's out Rosenberg's husband Rosenberg is 68 have nearest thirty's those kids insure have a lot in common lots of discuss op. More Massachusetts political figures accuse Heppner sexual harassment and assaults. His thing is huge grab got guys his crotch it's. The Boston Globe story which ran last Thursday had tons of anecdotes. I he grabbed one guises crotch when Rosenberg is in the front seat of the car. Which are shows a dynamic that exists between those two guys. Abdur also grabbed the guy's crotch when they went back to his apartment to get drinks. Odd they got there again AGCO meets a mutual friends but Hafner wound up reading them back to his. Peak you know apartment I've been recently this this came out over the weekend. I have percent mute genitalia to another male. Who works in Massachusetts state politics. When demand said he was not interested in receiving the unsolicited junk photo. I have they responded with thank god he was your tight. I'll keep looking hot I'm not sure that qualifies as sexual harassment purse at a but it speaks the recklessness. In a perversion of this evil twin. Brian Hafner. So lots of things to impact your first of all ages show is. How hard it is to say no to a powerful prisoner Jerry Kurt saying this on Friday when their first talking but the story you don't think I grabbed your John what you just. Put him in the throat. Well he's just say that from the outside looking in but this Brian Hafner is married to the president's state said he is a very powerful dude. In Massachusetts politics and points the globe had lots of influence over the state senate and Rosenberg's agenda as well. So if you are eight lobbyists. If you work in the message his political circle if you're in the Democratic Party here. Pretty much everyone is and it's very hard even industry is going to mean not these guys were day. So the straight to camp near grabbed their junk anyway. NA we're kind of paralyzed because it is very hard to say no to a powerful person that's like Albright have their evil anybody uses their power. To try to Q I act as a way to do lie it start unwanted sexual contact. As they bad deed is a bad Dini when he uses their power in those ways is a bad day. That's like Albright have pretty evil tweak on instead Rosenberg. Diddy did he know the extent of this may be not. I'm sure he knew something was up again one of the accusers. Says Haffner grabbed his junkie while Rosenberg was in the front seat of that car. I mean that's helped raise in this behavior wise and it just shows. That older gay men. Like older straight men. Are blinded by young gas. AR it's true where not all that different. And all that different crest. Older men excuse behavior by a very younger counterparts quite a bet. Same thing with the d.s same paying your 68 years old lake stand Rosenberg Nina does young thirty year old twinkle. You're putting up with a lot you're putting up at the locked in after probably knew. That Rosenberg is sad and old in desperate and lonely. As a micro thinks he's so lucky to have this thirty year old in his life. So governors taking advantage of them Nazis doing. Again dividing grow as a bird knows the extent of this behavior all of the senate presents a date benefited dancing now. The very least I'm Italian as a quid pro quo going there's an all right all of man all. Link up with you and yet and I let me have a little fun when you're away and he'll let me play around a little bit on grinder on the apps. But he does have nears on the apps no doubt about it surprised ever run into one may be out these has been under an alias SATA now. So at the very least I am telling you I know lots of couples likeness. Not necessary like a spiked with this dynamic out it's an older gentleman who's with the young hot staying in. Not saying it's Bryant Heppner so hot but the sixty stand Rosenberg he has. They're able. Excuse thought they don't like they know make all right you don't Ivan once had an older husband. Encouraged me to hook up with this younger husbands and problem. A year and a half ago we were at a piano bar he goes up to me in says hey my husband I think has a crush on me. I said yell you know we've been tan tock on it like reconnaissance did too but it was it was a weird I didn't. Not contrary to pop relief I do have some morals like not net but. But it hook up with you and your partners in front of me. Game degree night to pursue its like did. And waited for prevention. So I know this kind of saying I know that these couples exist in that's what I think this relationship is all about between Stan Rosenberg. And Brian Hafner by you know I'm just aide to a real awful situation. Hi this half they're used as powering evil ways folks it's why caught in the evil twinkies and you know at the end of the day if they go down I'll be glad. Because I just viscerally. Dislike couples like this doesn't after gaze straight I don't like an icy at seven year old man with a thirty year old won in or in this case a thirty year old guy. Gross like what is it didn't call me you just call me whatever you want gross. What are you guys haven't content what is the real reasoning behind this relationship. Canyon combined forty years generally money. Generally money right. Is not true Chris I'm in pursuit of true love now on people and add true relationships. So I'm whenever these these couples they just weird me out. They weird forty years audit that means instead Rosenberg was fifty Brian if there was ten. Mean just it's so weird to beat these steed did they just weird me out. These couples they they totally weird me out trumpet Milan Niemi dawned on the not discriminating. Older man younger women aid to older women younger men in annual Matt Cronin France's wife is like. 25 years voted in years I think that's straight so. It's not it's it's it's it's on gender playing it's not a sexual orientation thing I think whatever you have. Published in this kind of age range you wrapped ask questions about what the motivations. What the motivations are so we have a little scandal going on a masters it's politics. Op I'm sure we will keep our eyes on naps. I move cover that is new developments. Arise Parker shot a great job tonight abbreviated river after dark. Currently timely back at 6 o'clock retraining in my acting Kirk should be it interesting show for sure. Ollie back tomorrow night filling in for much from seven to ten acted as though and.