WEEI Late Night - Was the JD Martinez signing the right move for the Red Sox? 2-20-18

WEEI Late Night
Wednesday, February 21st

First hour of WEEI Late Night gets rolling as Big Ben Maller breaks down the signing of free agent outfielder JD Martinez by the Boston Red Sox.  The injection of power that Martinez brings to this lineup could be a major factor in the Red Sox success over the course of the season.  Maller also discusses one of his favorite topics, that being the Pace of Play progression in the MLB.


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And good to be back a WEEI. And glad you could. You found this out of you tuning just read this you probably just at the station are you listen to muddy at night. But here we are. Back at it again. Full in debt team coverage of the move that is yet to be officially announced it was haven't seen the official announcement put. The GD Martinez. Hated the Red Sox it is going to happen is going to happen that is the the big sport those Celtics are the so it's sort vacation the MBA believes. In a European. Style rest situation. That's other doing the and yet police I think the Celtics are supposed to start practicing on Wednesday believe that that is the tentative plan. As they get back into the swing of things and actually play games the NBA is gonna have teams on Thursday. I think I think that's what they're gonna do this couple games scheduled. On Thursday. In the NBA but the story here. Is clearly he was going Iran. With the Red Sox and it is being talked about four months I have only been doing this for a few months. Whom backed wellness currently. Colbert November's like that November last year I don't remember having noise very very bad with date but I don't know. That jury in the off season you've been following this story you've been listening to the station you've been hearing all this scuttlebutt. You follow the insider crowd. And it was JD Martina is is going to be a red sack no he's not going to be a Red Sox. He's got a lot of play in Boston went back and forth and all this without as a reality. Now it is reality. Although not signed on the dotted line. Will the song for the purposes of this that it is a done deal we think it is the DOT eighty Martinez Gordon Red Sox and so here's where we. At this particular mall. You've had over 24. Hours to the news team not that this was a done deal. Over 24 hours ago so. It hasn't officially been signed the the tees have not been crossed the guy's not indicting a dotted by. It's over 24 hours now and this is being a conga line. Of hot takes. There has been amazing commentary. From everyone that is a nickel and dime expert on baseball every gas bag every evening baseball writer that it. The pretty boys on TV the so called experts. Have tossed out all kinds. Of glorious opinions. About JD Martinis now keep in mind of a lot of these people. Had seen Judy Martinez play zero games. I mean I don't he played for the tigers and all that way last year Judy Martinez you can lead a punch home runs people are not going out of their way to watch. Martina is playing for the Arizona Diamondbacks. So here's where we borrow a little bit over a day after the story came out that it was going to happen TD Martinez. Was going to play for the Red Sox let's talk about where we are here if you've been paying any attached. In the fact that you're listening right now. After 10 o'clock they'll be means you're lucky you're in key tree was alive. 88 seems to me I've taken a poll also ruled. And I have had a sampling of different opinions have been listening here often on. Throughout the day and it seems. If I'm wrong on news that the consensus is. Good move by the Red Sox that it is a net positive rather our fuel. Stragglers that do not feel. JD Martinez is going to play well any Red Sox uniform play is in Sicily sensory overload nicely the term there. But it's it properly that would help. So so who better. I giving anyone better to added. To this particular train of of thought they'd meet. Right Y got I I am late to the party I did discuss this a last the night on my overnight shall we talked about GD Martinez. To the Red Sox but a better late than never hear. And so let's let's give it is now the question gain. Animal a toss this out you know I'll answer first because I have the microphone you don't have the microphone you can get the microphone. You can't have it right now. The question is is where are you on GD Martinis and his addition. To the Red Sox lineup you've heard a lot of different. Takes in opinions and some good some bad. Some people don't know any Bob baseball little like baseball logic but this was the story of the day so they had dual pie. On one GD Martinez. My eight thoughts on this you've got necessary. Razzle dazzle. Confidence boosting and being counting. And now give them our mash of tree you'll tie this all together. And in all of those things you know number one. Based on our own. By Red Sox standards what was a less then. Dominant offense last season the expectations. Were consistent. Offensive success and the reality the did not meet at a crossroads. They did it isn't a totally. Horrible office put. The Alves could've been better certainly the power department was was not great in the act is that the Red Sox like. 28 other 127 other today as yankees and the angels were pretty aggressive. In the off season but outside that is very legal move there was a dormant offseason the Red Sox were in line. With the vast majority. Of evening do anything of note in you look at the list of players and sent these emails some different teams the PR release zone players that. Team of players that went in bound players and outbound players and the names or not. Impressive proves that some changes but denied. Headline players. And soul. In the office wasn't horrible. But you need to improve right you need to improve the offense in its simplistic. But it's not always wrong you know simplistic sometimes is right you can be simplistic you need to be right but it it it's correct to conclude. That adding G eighty Martins. Was necessary. For the Red Sox now isolate finished ahead of the Yankees last year union the American League east very competitive at the top not the bottom tip stinks. Unloading players right left your spring training gets going the Orioles look like they're all of this. Joint did in Baltimore who knows what's going on with throttle so it's not like a perfect. Top to bottom division but the for the Red Sox. This day he's young lane is my great philosopher levoir ball likes to say and for the Red Sox who stay in their lane of being a playoff team. To get a no other player of power of salt stains. Was necessary that the talent gap. Between the Yankees. Power. The mineral the yankees' lineup and the Red Sox lineup. Is massive. He's a massive divide. Between those two did not youth there are different ways right to cut cheeses they say they're different ways to go about this and you couldn't win without heating up much of home runs it would seem though. That if you watched the baseball playoffs last year the recent trend is that is that the commodity your home ports. Seeing what the Astros did end the Dodgers also get to the World Series both those teams. The amount of home runs it the the number you hit while it it hit beat the bottom it's got to be at least in the middle. You would think. Because to get. 345. Hits to get a rally going get a butcher runs put a crooked number up. On a regular basis. Likely to happen especially in the policies. So now does GD Margie you look at the gap between the Yankees and the Red Sox. Just these two does JD Martinez. Complete his his contract Emeril Marisa does that close the divide. It completely close the divide. But nevertheless it was imperative. Weather's JD Martinis or someone else that the Red Sox. Add a slug you know I know what they know what everybody's aware of this situation so pretty much saying the obvious and speaking of the gospel. And have the Red Sox improved yes they've upgraded. There every day life and GD Martinez will stabilize. That. Particular set up at at least at the beginning of the years of for the Red Sox assuming these guys all make it through spring training. Without going to pull it. And ending up on the disabled so this is a positives in that positive. The Red Sox you provided the centerpiece. Of your life. And we talked about in the trading Alex Cora. A talked about what the Red Sox lineup will likely look like. And I don't wanna you might princess. 1990. Radio it's not my goal is to it just read these awful line up with. That the line up the court tossed out had GD Martinez. Batting in the cleanup spot. And Hanley Ramirez batting in the number three spot in so that would be a part you protecting. You protecting Hanley Ramirez would GD Martinez you think he would have me. A bounce back Cuban camp to a good year because river there at such drew knocked. Do not want him to have that option invest so he ends up staying with you know that the Sox rid of the year so it is is fine balancing act. That out scores gonna have to do. And where you want handy rears to play if he's playing well you don't wanna avoid too well because he placed well. That becomes problematic. That becomes a problematic situation but it would appear the Red Sox lineup going into the year's top. I'm very top heavy. And the bottom he'd use and you've got some some holes potential. A disaster at the bottom of what he's looking like the twenty team Red Sox lineup now that things. A we solid pitching the that's these the ace in the hole for the Red Sox against the Yankees well the Yankees have the great. Advantage in raw power the Red Sox can count that. We better overall picture. So if that's as good as it's supposed to be that you're gonna win 95 in that ballpark of 95. Plus schemes by the end of the regular season and that gets you into the post he is you get to 95 wins. The yankees' biggest 120 games. They go on Iran when you keep winning games right let the mat. You're you're gonna end up in that that range where years you're good enough to make. The post seized the if you get to that 95 wean territory every once in a blue moon. Do you miss the postseason when you get to that particular about his other things involved in this the the basics off that does not need to be said that it's imperative that. Smokey Betts gets back to an MVP level in the Gator Bowl guards doesn't sock. At a time should not sock. During the season and in the last year. You know it was. Not did not adore me none of limp Red Sox offense but it was not as good as the expectation that he's still a big in number was. With all of the lack of power and players that did not a say in all the mountain. Like there was supposed to do. Just the tenth most runs scored in baseball. A lot of that is also playing. At Fenway it's it's an offensive paradise. Nevada when you play there and you're gonna score a lot of Russians being in that ballpark half the time. The number two. As we yet Peter. On late night WP I it's meat and now we'll take some phone calls in a mall only your thoughts. On this now the second thing in terms of stall our power. In baseball doesn't have. More than. Ten headlines stars. That could be even too many to list but I do we list here but. You've got try out harper John Carlos stated. Who were on that list airing judge. Is also there. You can expand if you want there's some other players you can toss out in Clayton Kershaw to throw pitcher out there. Does wholesale tool they count from the Astros so he's very diminutive. We diminutive. And so those cup guys as it is there's a round head. There's your round today. JD Martinez does not. Move the needle. John Carlos 1880s. The person you put on the billboard. Play he's the guy on the front the ball part headliner come out tonight C John Carlos Stanton. Hit home. And by comparison. GD Martinez. Does not be nice even with that we know his his spot in the the order of baseball here Judy Martinez is like he worker be. Compared to John Carlos that he 45 home runs last 45 home runs. Had one of the great second halves of all time. And he he in now Mark McGwire has the record for the most second half home run threatening the heat of the steroid here. But JD Martinez. Is in the conversations on that particular list of great second half home run performances it 45 home runs. With the Diamondbacks and tigers. Last year what he does knock. Provide the rest of that idea you're not going to. Improved ticket sales and I'm my own a bottle assumed the position. That there's not going to be run on GD Martina a's. Merchandise. At the gift shop at Fenway that people are to be running out are going to the team in the store online. Beak used to eighty Martinez is now. A red side if I you'll be hard pressed in the last. And a 1015 years to find a more faceless player who's considered really good. I hate 45 homeless they're good players that have just been home run hitters then it hit a bunch of home runs and that's all they've done. And you can I get why they're not really know but typically. When you're given over a hundred million dollar contract you hit 45 home runs. That's rarefied air. That's that's for them the big movers and the shakers in the sport of baseball and I I get I've seen the same thing I've heard the same thing. These so called insiders have also plays a late bloomer. He's a late bloody of that one more time moment appoints someone. Late bloomer. And he's very slow to develop his talent. I do I and that's I see there's there's your cause and effect. What's your cause and effect well it'd be late bloomer there I guess Saturday I'll put myself right habit but it puts me in the face. Because he's he's. Able. Party shall we say get into the parade. Therefore he is on song he's off the greens. GD Martinez the other thing here. Is you. Got to take the good with the bad I mean and that's in any any transaction but when the good with Judy Martinez. Win this guy plays he's going to hit. The baseball to smithereens. By getting hit for power. The last three years he has averaged. If you base it on a 162 games. He's averaged eighty Martinez 43 home runs and a 112 RBIs re really really good. I mean that's VO game type numbers. Consistent the power. Great now the bad. Is the fact that he is not going to play a 162 games a fact. Jiggy Martinez is never. Going to be someone you can depend on play a 150 plus games. If I gave you some money as an art here the odds how many games as Judy Martinez in the play. And armour set the over under. And a 135. Games. Over under GD Martinez appears in a 135 games. For the Red Sox in twenty team you go to bed. Over that or you go to bed under that I would bet on. You have to get to go into this agreement knowing that he's gonna miss a month. For some random ailment it's gonna pop up even as a designated hitter which you would think. Would be the the Google the position in all of sports where you are the least likely. Do have an implosion. An injury situation when he's still gonna miss budget. He's also don't play the I'll do you think at some point they rotate him in. The outfield Mateen he's not to be exclusively. Designated hitter. It's thirty years old he's not sixty years old he can play the outfield occasion he can move out there are rotated out. When he's gonna miss. And in the neighborhood of thirty teams. Because of some mystery problem pops up during the course the summer salute. That's why it's imperative that the Red Sox they get production out of Mitch Moreland and Haley Ramirez when he plays his position in the stretch we're GD Martinez is not like he's only played. Overall hundred in these 130 games like once split 158 in one year but outside that's been like around a 120. Most of the time so it bill BA stretch. Where you are going to have to survive without him in line that's just the reality the last thing. And it takes a phone calls of you would like to start calling you get your position on all days the the number it wide open 617. 77979376177797. 937. Can also text meet 37. 937. Dom on Twitter at Maine now. And I even have even though it's Ben dot now there at WEEI dot com is a lot of ways. A lot of ways to connect to maze by the last thing. Up from the from the Red Sox. Side effects from the from where the Red Sox in on this. It is eight dull old shot. Of espresso. I easy it and not my coffee drinker I've made that very clear but it is a double shot here for the rest that's because on one hand. You now have the anchor to the middle of the lineup which should. If you look at the chain reaction of events should make. The rest of that line at least the top everyone in front of GD Martina should be improved. Because you have the anchor in the lineup. And I I'm pretty sure I've laid this all out here but but the nucleus. Is cool right its nucleus is good you you'd like to have. Andrew Brett and Teddy take the next level up the latter in bookie bet steep back to a he would be Edwards and MVP candidate all that. But you've added that mosques. Align so and the other figures it double shot is it is a confidence booster. Is absolutely. Confidence booster. For the Red Sox Jimmy get a gain it shows you the goal. Is not just to be the wild card team you want a BB king pain. Of the American League east and acted concede. Saying hey does this mean the Red Sox ago when the American League east notes that could does not because the you also have this. It's bad harbinger of things to come named David Price who's going to be on the mound assuming his arm doesn't fall off. And in what do you get out of him ended in report solid these guys have been good. In the past and and detonated Red Sox clearly are counting on him a bouncing back now I also heard a common theme. And it was the yet but Cora out. The yet but Crowe which is that at. Pretty confident this is the elephant in the rule. When you talk about this particular transaction with the Red Sox and the yet but crowd of the ones that come as it was. In Arizona and in a magical year yeah it was a conflict you're pretty used as great day out I. Red Sox they don't do well in free agency guys that come to Boston. A state. And in Seoul as a results. As a result JD Martina is gonna stay. I eat a good analyst David Price not as good as they expect. Heavier Mears who pain it stakes. I'll Pablo Sandoval all. The gift that keeps giving checks is he. Travels around Major League Baseball and joy is the hell out of every buffet. Hey Carl Crawford. There are others here but those that the big four. In somewhat recent Crawford saying in the bull. In the Ramirez David that is an old. For force. That's it says it all for Forster. But that tells you what has happened that does not guarantee. What is going to happen. We TD Martinis I will point out it is not just the Red Sox here that there has been a an epidemic. Of teams that have been burdened by high priced free agents that have not lived up. To the Billy. Yet bill of goods and not quite where it was supposed to be here. And it continues around baseball it Lotto players getting pilot cash. And in their performance. Those that it's it's by a Stockton. Stock doesn't always keep going Macedonia has a reversal. And as for the financial planners. And there are many. And you know old York and you know financial planning contingent. It is very concerned about the bottom line a top bottom line and let us use the it is my position in wish you all are. An accountant Europe being counter for the Red Sox. I I don't wanna hear about it I made that the the Red Sox are not in the raid. They're not IA in C don't have to worry about the deep pocket book. Part of history is transaction you're not gonna have a situation where there's eight a goal for a meet page so the Red Sox keep the lights on. At the ball mark. I do not foreshadow. A teen driven pot luck lunch. Or a bake sale how great is that those like I. The people until there's a lot of people don't like is a guy I'm very concerned as a waste of money knowledge shouldn't you know it they're gonna not be able to sign other players with things like that. It's one of the things that it hits my book a few things. Lot of things actually it. Get under my skin if you will but this is one day in it any other guys like. Your average I'll assume you have a job like you're due worry about your employer you like and I. I don't wanna get that raise because my employer might not make. That the profit this close to make. Assume that you don't take depths which I'm assuming you like a kennel like arrays I'd like to get that bonus that would be a good thing. Be in us us like it's weird but this is as odd dynamic. Of well I shouldn't spend the money. Salary cap in baseball and others luxury tax. But he can't afford it I. Do we again a lot to live in that they've bought all this through the Red Sox and they have an idea of how much it's gonna cost. And they are OK with so they're OK with it. Why is some. Some you know some rain and pursing a be all say. And rein it in ring EU and go nuts you know John dollars ground. Oh man we got to pay an extra eight million dollars. No one other caveat to all of this we will get your phone calls and again the number 6177797. 937. If you'd like to be partly right here on WEEI. If you're booking for the. Most positive. Outlook on GD Martinis he would hit forty plus home runs in 2018. Forty plus home runs in 2019. And maybe he will opt out of his contract. And he will move. Around like you know mad. And go somewhere else. And he'll be 32 years old. You've got two years of GD Martinez in his athletic Brian and then after that. Eighties be slow old decline. And the the old line I use a lot. Is do not Lenny falling star fall on you like you're okay for the first couple years you're all right you're not a bad spot. First couple years is not a terrible situation. You get a player who's in his prime adjusted 45 home runs last year that's a pretty good spot to be a pretty good spot to be in now. After that it becomes an issue. A later becomes finished. Take your phone calls the whole deal if you would like to be part. And we are here all the way up in tool 1 AM. The first leg of what I like to call. The Mallard. Marathon. The hawk Okaloosa. If you answer yes that is exactly. What is go to the phones. That season. And let's go to Cody. Who's up first years we take your phone calls and Debbie I was going on Cody. And I don't look at what's in. I don't know if you think that they're in Egypt that once that spent Andy or Bradley will be treated. Salute Betty there's a shot that in the Bradley's traded before the in the spring training and at least. They'll break that out there or rumors before this that that Bradley was going to be straight so I don't see why this would change. That reality. Ed do you actually think it will be think they get they're trying to. Keep that in or are trying to get rid of that trying to say that they want graphic on and then and it got a leader different direction get rid monkey. No why not love this SP object IQ would you rather keep Mo you've got to keep McKee that's right if you look at if you had to make a choice between Jackie Bradley. And rookie Bennett's you're gonna keep walking bats. I think I would pay check to do and that's. Why not going to move keep that is fine with coming in third place. Calling on the polling in the offseason not really work on his game to heart. Being content with playing baseball I think Jack up each year want more out of GG not to allow you want to wade where I mean that is good hitter. But he. Just go to an outfielder I would say if not better you know and I think he wants more. Yeah you're upset with the rookie that's because he bulls. No not so good people don't set them to write ups that would allow them or it should admit that nobody. And a lot of I have my doubts because after that punitive treatment he wouldn't be a new set. You know that the best you're gonna have you know I don't know better yet although someone is willing to say that rocket that can get. The that's a stylist you like if think you would call I mean you're like Jackie Bradley that's that's great like non. You key marquee bets me he did this last year he did regressed in the it is an old thing in gambling. Might degenerate friends who work in that profession like to remind you this I believe it's the zigzag. IE in it's it's the same thing like this Sports Illustrated jinx. Where they put a player impact when that mattered governor Culver was big deal the Madden jinx here you end up getting used the Madden example because it's a better example this is more. They have not been people going out by Sports Illustrated this point but. And the Madden cover you get on the cover of Madden football is you agree your star your celebrity generally that's out worse to a popularity contest. And typically. There's a downgrade situation. Following that you reach the top and you come down a little bit in the back of its that this zigzag through like. Will he bets his act it didn't go down as batting average went down. A fair amount this past year from the MVP candidacy season. The year earlier but he drove it around the same number of runs that the power numbers were down at like seven less home runs but he. His numbers didn't like completely fall off the cliff. Where did you get thirty home runs in a hundred RBIs and a rookie vets every you rather have that the Jackie Bradley in his defense even with smokey bull. Even with his love of boldly. I'd 6177797937. If you would like to be part. There is no. Need for speed no need for speed we'll get to that and we will do it next. Now about the fall calls here any moment but it is the other stores they're going yapping in. About. Baseball's spring training gets go on spring training games start in me a couple of days. And the pace. Of play and I have enjoyed I don't know if you've enjoyed this as much as I have but the the last. Ten hours or soul. Today assent does say today. Even his being in a parade. Of baseball players having hissy fit because they have changed the rules and he's the most minor changes. The most minor changes and is several people that outbursts around baseball. And I hated that guy thinking it's marvelous. Felt these changes that rob Medford Manfred put in. Were were not. All that dramatic they weren't all that dramatic. And talk about a 22 pitch count he talked like a tough guy he didn't happen. I this is a babies that this is the a very. Small. Push. Towards the piece of of gay movement it is estimated that it'll save approximately. When you add it reading up. About nine minutes. About nine minutes is the estimation on how much time will be saved. Any Major League Baseball game based on the changes that were added that includes the shortening of commercial breaks. Well that's say to the reaction of the baseball community. It's. Been just shameless. I mean there. They have their unconcerned. About how they look I think it's just marvelous it's great. I'll wait we'll begin here Wilson contreras of the caucus. The boy weeping caucus. He doesn't like the new rule limiting mound visits because remember it's not just the pitching coach. It's the catcher going to the mound it's the third baseman shortstop. For. All of that is off limits. I all of that is awful Russell Wilson contreras said. That you don't like the new rule. So what's he gonna do about it cubs catcher eat his playing days. To just ignore it that is as plain. He's going to ignore it. It's been called the Gary Sanchez rule others have said it's the yacht a year mormino rule. The limiting of mound visits and that's designed for the catcher more than the the pitching right because it's just ridiculous and so the announcement. On this pace of play initiative. It is that the fact the six non pitching change mound visits per unit and that includes the did the players not just the manager. Or the pitching coach and so all that small talk that they grab asked the guys were playing during the game. You can't have that out there's one. Big exception to the rule. And this is global poll which is going to create. More drama once the regular season gets going to be a really cool April his. There is going to be meltdowns all over the place much of players acting like petulant children. Are not going to handle this well. But the loophole. Says that if the catcher in the pitcher. Are really crossed up like eight they're on not on the same page. And the teams already out of those mound visits vision and this is where if it becomes problematic for baseball. It if they have issues on assigns the whole plate umpire and then determine it's a judgment call. Whether or not the catcher. Can can go lots of about getting free packs. You're chit chat with a pitcher so here's what I assume was going to happen at my assumption is how this is gonna work up a work out rather is that. The beat crossing up between pitchers in judges will be at an. All. Time high this year. Right because this is the the cheat code to get more visits them out so in order to prove that you are not on the same page. With the the catcher we have to do you have to throw a wild pitch yet throw ball either hit a batter or. Maybe hit the catcher I beat you know not the catcher to hit the umpire rather have that. Have a catcher missed the ball and hit the umpire that all they improve the home plate umpire that there's a problem here and then you can get a brief. Mound visit. Now I am told there is no penalty. For a seventh visit to the amount that the umpires. Are supposed to just disallow it. And that rob Manfred. May have may have pretty wants to have. The the umpire just essentially blocked Haiti to the catcher from going in the money want the umpires to intervene. With the trip to the mound which is going to be a lot of one. Another Commissioner of Baseball has spoken for the first time. On the record about all this yeah the news conference in spring training we actually have the audio. On days and then let's listen here's the Commissioner of Baseball. Deep tailing. His position on these new change. First let me start with pacers game it's important to go back to first principles. And I'm pace of game I think the first and most important principle. Is the pace of the game is safe and issue. I had my expectation. Is that. The clubs will keep track of their mound visits. They will stay short of the six and they will visit visit the mound they're after only when they were otherwise prepared to make a pitching change it's true. But none of the basic agreement which we also negotiated with the MLB PA. Are you won't have the option perceiving me. Don't under know. Or of other changes to types of spacecraft pitch clock. And the second Pope a clock that bit related to bad there's been in the box. I'm where did not proceed. With the end of the rule changes that we had the right. To proceed will be unilaterally instead what we did was we reached an understanding what our players. Publicly. From approximately. Players admitted that on pace of game was an issue and it was an issue that we needed to improve time. I thought given that public recognition. It was proven. Two road precede any rural independent manner. On to see how we do twenty and eighteen road this more limited set of changes. I so that was the Commissioner of Baseball earlier today talking about the changes that have been. Implement implemented into this without it this couple takeaways I have. Like my knee jerk reaction that is number one and this is. A warning shot Eisley warning shot years hey day that you morons if you don't follow along. You think this is bad. Out goal to the nuclear option. We'll have a shot clock like they have in the NBA it'll be at 8 o'clock. Every pitcher will read it right well Mike got this kiss of death. For baseball like this is the commissioner. Attempting to be the tough guy did he's like well I didn't do what I said I was gonna do. But I have an assortment of options. And if you think you don't like this you were not going to like the booby traps that I put in baseball. Going for. Writes Leslie. That's the first name. On this the second thing is the fan issue. And and it it's it's really not even if he he's being disingenuous the Commissioner of Baseball when he says. It is a frame issues up finish with the ball park is eight television issue. Right that is the the hornet's nest that baseball is trying to the fix. That when you were watching a baseball game. And you are trying to focus and locking in. And you're giving your attention. And then at the you know the third baseman comes over to pat the pitchers ass. On the mound and you know you will pep talked. A certain percentage of people every time that happens they are gone. You have a myriad of other options as a bunch of stuff you can watch it on to be watching. A baseball game he'd beaten flip around and find plenty of other things. He keeps you engaged you do not have to be locked in on that particular baseball so they've done studies. And it's always dangerous when you base decisions off studies but they've determined. That a certain percentage of the audience every time there's a delay because of a mound visit. Say is goodbye. I am body here I am going to go do something else. I am going to not stick around here so as a result. Of the try to expedite the buzz about this is fading issue only it's a fair issue to TV each. Ike is that is ultimately what is driving all of the days. Is the you have to expedite the process of playing baseball because there is in need. Two key people engaged. That are watching TV. That now the the pitch clocked in which is still being discussed you heard the Commissioner of Baseball a someplace. Rob Manfred who said. That that's still a possibility down and he hinted about that usually in about external in. But but that's that's the there's the league step that's like the giant leap year which is obvious. Obvious. Four. For baseball because you're used its Kelly are you a NASCAR analogy which is by the worst possible she but NASCAR few years ago. They attempt to aid. To crank things up right NASCAR attempted to take things. To the next level and get mainstream people. Above the Mason Dixon line to watch asked. And they had some short term success. And what happened those they offended their base like their their cordon at the core fan of NASCAR got offended by that and hey here we are couple years later in the ratings have gone down. And then you offended your. Your core base. And but yet you know you can't go back to the way it was like what's baseball crosses over adds a pitch clock. You can't go back right he once you cross that great divide. You can't give you can get back. We'll we'll take a phone calls on that if you would like to be part. You know they're not of course you. Yes art but you don't know a number I hear it is 6177797. 937. That's 6177797937. Time now for the who in my game this is where pretend to be some deals in a blatant attempt to get you to listen live longer and this was actually saying. By Steve. Like believes in Boston but I am I might be wrong he's he sent me an email he says here's. He's an NFL who Emma severe it is. Art since 2010. This is the year 20:10 I am the quarterback that has. The most. Fourth quarter comebacks. In the NFL again. Since the year 20:10 I am the quarterback that has the most fourth quarter comebacks. In the National Football League. Who am guy the answer your phone calls get all that and we will do it next. Get back to call seared a moment first The Who in my game this is where we pretend to be. Somebody else. A listeners submitting questions so you have one of these doping who in my game questions you wanna sending you can email me Bain dot Mallory WEEI. I'm here. I'm most Tuesdays. And Wednesdays most Tuesdays and Wednesdays late night and occasionally some other places. Here's the boy am I gave sits 2010 in the I am the quarterback that has the most fourth quarter comebacks. In the NFL who'll end eyes that is the question. What is the chances and when get this straight here. We're we're looking a lot of Tom Brady guesses lot of Tom Brady guess is it is not. Not somber. So if you if you through to number it's about job it's not that obvious policy Drew Brees was guest. Which we have. Jay Cutler which is a fine flying gas always good to go Chico Adobe it just shows that you have a list what is not Jay Cutler the correct answer. He quarterback that as the most fourth quarter comeback since the year 2010. Matthew Stafford. All of the alliance is 25. Comebacks this decade. Most in the NFL Matt Ryan 23 for the falcons is second followed by Drew Brees. Then you've got eighty Dalton on the list in Tom Brady is tied for fifth. With the great Jay Cutler and Joseph Flacco. Brady has it's been credited with sixteen. Come from behind means. In the fourth quarter sixteen. Fourth quarter comebacks. In his career. When there is a developing story. Involving the in the NBA and scandal. Scandal in the NBA and I heard might mention this earlier the end of heat shield. The Dallas Mavericks. Caught in the middle of a scare we don't have a lot of the deet tails yet. A boy it will come out it will come out be mavericks releasing a prepared statement. 1098 and they and that's they have hired a outside firm to conduct conducting an investigation. Over inappropriate. Alleged inappropriate workplace behavior directed the female. Employee and actually egg rule of female. Employees they issued me a statement and this is tie dean. To an investigation by Sports Illustrated. That he's going to raise the curtain on what is said to be inappropriate conduct towards women over a period of years. By someone labeled a former front office. Employer front former officer of the organization rather. Is the state. So you benign. Spin that's been me. Story it's kind of calmed down at the the hole them the meat to seeing you was massively. Every day there was someone else that was. Being named in that need to move me. Last couple weeks maybe I've missed it but I haven't noticed he's seen. Gusto that. So is at the the calm before these the storm gets started again he would be mavericks also announced. Then an employee has been terminated. Or miss leading maybe the organization missile in the organization. A body prior. Domestic incident. So this is also the same mavericks team that their owner Mark Cuban. Boasts the that the team is tanking yet again this is like this second time second or third time in recent years that Mark Cuban has announced to the world. That we are tanking. Against no shame at all in that you like that that the rules are you're not supposed to talk about it like you can do it but you're not supposed to talk about it. And it is like but it talk about it I would it's because united do anything. On to say whatever I. Want. Whatever I want operas say and what do you do yours spineless commissioner. Adam silver and so. It's trite. It's up to keep an. On all of that are to the phones we goal. And who better to chat with and Mike guy. In my AA CE's listing on the WEEI. App. That would be would be manned hippie. Who's next on late night here on Debbie I was going we may be. And I love. View. Sure about that oh you sure about the actor's last night he had to pretend to be sure you love me. I look at Bart and I and fill in parts he would do so law also a little bit and outlook look I don't wanna I don't warrant. Bring. Our personal Asia's bought our bands all heard the open I shall not additional. Patton how do you get to be caller of the year on this shall we. Notable at all I'm telling foster's. Probably you'll see overnight news. He said you just said I don't wanna get into that now you're getting into. OK we get back most at risk what I shouldn't I was going to talk about. I've because I. No that's. The only bit they still let me explain some okay he'd been told me for awhile. Do the call of the year the other should I listen. Do the magic of radio is the belief that the only conversation that takes place is between me and you know. Not realize there's a middleman but for the person listening they don't know that idiotic conversations took place what's wrong we view. As a sidekick even then a pulp that advantage per play such an editorial arts. And isn't. Or you know they always ask me what do I wanted to talk about that no I don't at. At. Nothing to open up as too specific but well but it absolutely. And I told correct. That goal. Actually. How Evan got or not an inappropriate. Sexual behavior that is not truly is not a moral victory in the idiot they would be quietly. That he didn't domestic violence bought lights biplane peace. Aptly professional athletes. On mills. To pay fuels that remains X-Men. Want. To have sex with. That if we did that might be true that generally speaking women prefer to be with professional athlete's life. We admit they have a crossed the line they have gotten in trouble. They have your your forgetting that. John hope Bryant was charged with rape. OK don't go right right right this. It won't apologize right apologize that's right this race you must kiss the ring is what you must do we met there. I well I will get going but you know then. Excuse me because Betancourt I tell Arctic amid the military are are very emotional video I like interest is spontaneous and because who in their books might go all right from Scotland spoke should discard this girl and got attacked and shoot rajat. Will see Courtney today trauma hospital. Where. You don't blow mom mine Bob Baer and pushing. Check in at cat we're gonna find out tomorrow. Is some sort of on animals yeah and although it. Everybody outlook appreciate life on the yet. I yes I think I appreciate you we'd appreciate the end of this phone call that's what I appreciate. I'm so grateful that we had this conversation. And I will likely regret it when I do a retrospective. On this particular night talk radio but we did have a conversation. In the board are here's the other thing it is yet over the bar days I'm right now in the wee man on my overnight showed that they do it fox. That is the call over the years you know where the Barney's. Bite you know where the bars that should encourage you and I should not discourage you. That should encourage your participation. At 617. Set in. 7979376177797937. If you would like to take part in the festivities and that there's an old saying and it's an accurate statement that. When you Wayne Wright when you're successful. The there are a million people wanted to take great pride that everyone wants in on the they all wanna. They all wanna be part of the victory it was John F. Kennedy equal right to victory has a thousand fathers. And defeat isn't war it's great wonderful. Public was John F. Kennedy said that but he it's a it's critical and it applies to everything eat me in check this this. This even applies. To the GD Martinis store. That quote which goes back many years like victory has a thousand fathers but defeat is an orphan. It even ties in. To the Red Sox edition of JD Martinis the bat cleanup. And peavy the beef. In the middle of that lineup I will explain what I mean by that as we continue here on derby.