WEEI Late Night - What's the temperature in the room? 12-12-17

WEEI Late Night
Wednesday, December 13th

Hour 2: Big Ben Maller decides to start taking the temperature in the room from Pats fans.  He has it at about a 6 and most fans are in beginning to get nervous while others couldn't care less about a December loss to Miami.  Should there truly be any reason to worry about the Patriots from here on throughout the playoffs?


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So get it. Tom Brady didn't play well hello Mike guy who'll Mike Napoli will back to back games for Tom Brady and you know what that means. That means you've got to circle although lag means. It is panic. In the city. Unless it's not. That we will discuss the fallout from that welcome in the beginning. Of another hour late night on WEE I would meet them out there this thing if this is a secret meeting place. Where invitation only the invitation is just listening to Debbie guy and we all get together year. Couple days we got here but every night you're 24 hours that you should only elicited a VI. You should only listened to station and and I get beat you to come in here hang out a couple days a week but in the post mortem. Two I think what you'd agree even if you love the patriots more than anything in the world. You would agree that it was a dreadful night. Of rather lifeless football. In Miami. Every been gates dissecting it's wonderful world and that I am part of this I'm part of the problem I'm not part of salute. And I near the top of the list. These Tom Brady who were lack of a better way to say it didn't look. Like Tom Brady. And and that has led to the overreaction machine getting cranked up. And then I don't know who goes in the the bowels of the sports chatter chamber of and crank this up but my man rob Parker who I consider a friend I don't rob Parker not very long but he's a he's actually pretty good guy on fox sports one. Rob Parker was leading the charge he had the Buell out. And my man rob Parker was there with the bugle and he was leading doomsday. Armageddon radio. For your New England Patriots regarding the status. All of one Tom Brady if you missed it let's go to the audio tape this is our rob Parker earlier on fox sports one. Things. Absolutely you saw the forty year old. It I'm not one that sounded a law but sounding dialogue. The beginning of the NBC don't under thrown ball last might look like a forty year old was wrath that bother. And and they got him. At and this is. What people keep forgetting them with with Tom way to think you're gonna play another five years and all that's when it comes to a crashing and it it Dawes. We saw this Tom Brady last year for three quarters in this Super Bowl. Remember that how bad he looked and then of course the falcons your team got just rolled over for Tom price of government room evident that our team. And what Tom Brady last night looked very ordinary. Ahead and and this is what. I think of your patriots fan you're gonna say to yourself. We have a quarterback for future I know everybody would just poop who would they normally don't play well the Miami. They'll come up with some excuses he didn't have it wrong can all this other stuff this'll be it won't know last year no raw. Knoll hardware right. And he didn't have grown up for the last eight games and there was big hardware at the end what I was okay missed that one but normally. I'll be all right Erica Erica Oca Angel I'm just saying I saw Tom Brady. And this is the Tom Brady and the end that creating a bit and just remembered on that raw balls remembered he had to. He won the game the week before but he was yelling at the coaches this is illustration when you're forty years old things aren't going your way ice allows rob Parker. Yapping on undisputed. On fox sports one and so news was talking to you your patron and and a and what do you think about that I know this is about to be fair is back to back sub par performances by Tom Brady still leads the NFL. In passer rating. Of the last couple weeks of the game with the bills and now this game with the dolphins if things have not gone right. For Tom Brady's quarterback rating the last two weeks these 68 point nine. Which she is. That's very good yes but it's 29 in the NFL but it's a small sample size that term for this also is called cherry picking. Whatever it is called JPEG now. He wasn't alone rocker Mick right also on his a failing TV show attempted to. Conveys the doom and gloom. Around it sombre and several other Talking Heads pretty boys on TV did the same. I saw I would like to do what I wanna do here and I love coming union and working Debbie died in hang out you couple days a week it's going to be here. But I wanna take the temperature in the world. Now to take the temperature in the room and you're in the rule some talk of the the question is the case. What is your level of concern. For Tom Brady's recent perform. Ask what is you heard rob Parker there and he says some things were outrageous and that there is no back up plan but there will be a back. And the patriots draft. Quarterback X. In the NFL draft next year and that will be the guy. The next guy that is grew home as Tom Brady's heir to the throne. With the patriots it wasn't Jimmie drop below its gonna be somebody we don't know who he is somebody probably never heard of hidden in some small school. They didn't get a lot of media coverage will be the patriots pick that would be the assumption that's generally now. These things work and soul find out if the NFL draft in April. What direction the patriot brain trust goes too but this is about to convert your level of concern now. When his wiest recent performance last two weeks again not to it and not good. On the patented Mathers skill of panic. Number I use that right here a dusting it off on the patent and malice kill panic one to ten with ten being nuclear fallout oh my god we're screwed. I've only got this in six. I only have this in six now. Some very close IE if the patriots go out and put enough and burger up against the Pittsburgh Steelers. This weekend and that's skyrocket it's that's sky rockets to an eight plus plus plus not just an eight plus eight plus plus plus. If Tom Brady struggles again. Against the Pittsburgh Steelers now my viewpoint on this you've got the classic aid to gain. The caution lights. And much to the dismay of rob Parker who pooh poohed the news. You cannot. And you should die. Dismissed. The wrong factor you cannot do now bind all these things get a with a two phone calls this a momentarily the kind of walk you through the first small Tom Brady. There is in the old way to avoid. The elephant in the roll right Don raised forty years old you know the drilling of the rules are different. The rules are just different when you're at that age you're you're on the the back nine and then solemn. What up until last couple weeks and a Tom Tom Brady had. It's a spotty performance here in the year. In recent years but. It's not like he's being shoved into the nursing home yet but that's the dynamic that everyone's gunning for writes the AD. You look at the age game you start stacking up sub par performances. And the vultures like my guy rob Parker and done these other talking his mic right these other guys they start attack. The vultures start attacking they want ripple wade flash is what they wanna do it in general is looking for signs. That the the dashboard in Tom Brady's car has a caution light on. And that that caution light is flash. Again two games against. Buffalo and Miami Heat. Who wore hazardous waste is not what you were looking for. These are typically. Stocking stuff for games you fatten up you stats. And you increase your overall resonate against teams like this Miami even after this performance. As the sixteenth best defense in the NF speller average. Buffalo who the previous opponent there the the Apple's 23 ranked defense in the still contained. Tom Brady neither one of these teams will ever be confused with the 2000 Baltimore Ravens of that meeting these. Chicago Bears team which has been romanticized. Over the years but in the second being here. This is this goes with the territory it's the way that it works. And my Mallard skill panic on on Brady as I say is only slightly above average. Again averages of five I put this in a six. Put it goes up it goes up if Pittsburgh's defense. Which we just saw you watched the game on Sunday night you don't some scouting. That steeler defense was trampled. By the ravens last week specially the running game in particular with Joseph Flacco looked like he decent quarterback. If that ravens' defense without Ryan she easier who's unfortunately not going back. Likely ever to play the game of football. If Brady struggles in that spot then. Then it's time to bunker down own. And off all start taking the Kool Aid these guys try to dish out about Tom Brady's knees be some kind of intervention at all. Now we at that point right now though we're not at that point right now why expect Tom Brady did dominate the Steelers. Yes. Apps Pittsburgh if you look at the history and you can always tell past results don't guarantee future outcomes. What Pittsburgh their whole defensive strategy. They run that base 34 defense. And they attempt to confuse. Opposing quarterbacks and most quarterbacks for port right that's been the whole. MO for this Pittsburgh steeler TV you can hold only twist around into a pretzel Du'Shon Kaiser. And let's be honest here any Dalton. Quite a bit experts had a lot of success. Against the weaker. Cornerbacks in the NFL has that work that style of defense of confusing and deception. Has that worked against Tom Brady he washed all these games you know but and I do it hasn't worked. I've for Tom Brady it's been like Halloween night against the Steelers it's trick or treating. You taking Katy get your bag out and put Katie right there seven into wood nine regular season games against the Steelers. And the numbers are. Video game numbers on the easiest level on met. 44 touchdowns and three interceptions. His lifetime numbers against that steeler defense he's got a quarterback rating of a 114 point two which of its not hops in Brady's career. Against any individual team. It's got to be. Really really cool I don't have the numbers of fire is going to be like right near the top American magic is anyone who's played. The five plus times that Brady's got much of a better career quarterback rating against that team in the Steelers he's just old. The Steelers have with Mike Tomlin and go power and the other of mice those of two coaches that bit of dispersants for Brady has been in. The NFL that a final word on this that the main. The main reason and I love skies fall radio I don't overnight show. And I goal I gulf war it was guys for rid of the reason I'm reluctant. Who do this guy has fallen radio here. Is because I have been burned before by Tom Brady. I have been bird before not as years ago when the they just played a Monday night team. At Arrowhead Stadium. You've ever that now it was Tom Brady quarterback that day he was horrible. And I went on in my overnight show an idea like a three hour. Eulogy on Tom Brady's career at depth wise that's it it's all over it's on everything was training that direction. And and then whether it's the TV twelve formula. Or divine intervention. You know what hap you know how to it's oriented so I was a premature eulogy. And I and I fell four that was the only way I know small of people around these parts the gulf wars. And is forced McGraw factors concern rob Parker referenced that. In the sound bite we played earlier unity the rock back here if you will does the court there's a tight didn't matter all that much. Why nor does not affect the points I have some friends that are bookmakers and even as good a tied in with Rob Gronkowski. Is there's no real impact on the the amount of points of the the point where is not leadership to watch. In any direction the quarterbacks chipped the point spread a great running back. With few if it even receivers don't shifted that much but certainly tied in stone. I'll put if you if you all eleven. On third down like the patriots beat in the Monday night game. And you only have 248 yards of offense. Then you would be night he. Did say that he was not matter it's the first time the patriots were the stats got around. Burst out just like 1991. That a patriot team had gone all for third down. Your elected to the early ninety's. Two that when when the first George Bush was the president to find a a time where the patriots have been that inept. On third vessel would crock of fixed everything no he would have been a safety blanket though. On third down and branding cook's testimony here and play well. He was the guy that they went to quite a bit. And got very little in return. They threw eight times and I think he only had one catch. It in the game than others a pass interference call also which. Which did end up setting up a touchdown for the patriots put it was nice to give credit the other driver protest the play better and that's that's as not to be a good spot. Not a good spot. It's Ben out there and you late night here on WEEI what do you think about all this now you heard the beat panic. Calls of panic essentially from rob Parker of in the other guys here. I'm not going full panic radio that they stuff they're toasted Tom Brady's that is those yes. Is he gonna come back and have 300 plus yards and three touchdowns against the Steelers. Probably. I would I would I would lean that way if the pendulum is gonna go one direction I would lean that way out. If Brady goes out and again he struggles and he he under throws receivers. On the deep pass. That then we have a much different conversation. A much different conversation. Next week but that we'll take your phone calls and operators are standing by and when I say operator raiders operators I'm just talking about our producer Chris. Chris shine is the he's the operator 617779. 937. That is how you get on their BEI and against 61777979. He. 372. The of phones we go low. And go let's say hello to Boston Dave who's next up on the V I was going around Boston day. You know I know what lazy radio I know exploring radio but I I think I agree with pretty much everything you just said. Just about everything. Now you had an attache from a mallet scare up you know I would have analogous six point five. So what the on the Boston Dave scale panic which is not the Mallard scale panic. You're going six point five. Ons and six point five I think you know. I think he. You know he's forty he's not obviously not young guy anymore. At least not that young. And you know a little bit concerned but I am. In the game last night I just chalk it up to one of those you know one of the yearly medical stinker that the patriots usually have. So it's not something I'm I'm too worried about. But Ulf saying they wish he hadn't played well for two weeks. And you got to wondering how we exploited for nine weeks off last year. And you've got to wonder if maybe that helped them play a little better and iron out there and the rest thing but I. And I tragedy you guys may not. It is if these NBA players I don't I'm a full volume right. I was talking many big production meeting me and producer Chris and we were talking about the Celtic game tomorrow and Al Horford. He's not playing because of rest that just drives me insane you out what do you do for a living boss and they were kind of work you. I'm a driver there driver yeah. Do you imagine telling that you you would you have a a person you like double live multi I think her known. Lately exit decorated driver like different you know people like. Second what they are poor thing. RPI got to a few matches you know this I've driven so much you know the traffic around using night and they can go anywhere it's Sox. And so I I just need to take couple days a restaurant and then I'll be able to drive again because you know there's the rose to hold the needs of the weather is not great right now. What people love your your boss Boston they how they look at you. I'd probably get fired I think that's the I think that's what would happen magnified psychic enough I just got you know excuse me can I have looked. A couple of weeks off here are my hammy or something else. Yeah like you he might get hemorrhoids sitting in the car you know again hemorrhoids are in the borrowed time sealer you got to look out for your health. To I don't I guess I sound like a dinosaur Boston David this kind of stuff a drives me nuts and I mean I don't buy that will Brady had four weeks off that's why he played. Well at the in the last year I've. I'm not with DR Matt. Bull find out this weekend against Pittsburgh is this is the is a big spot here he is another stink bomb and then we do Armageddon rate Armageddon radio next week here. I yeah I agree. Thank you. There he knows Austin you wary news. Only he knows only knows us Lewis Stephen Connecticut. Whose next we're taking the temperature. In the room and I see Steve is in the rule must see his name right here on my my big screen here in front of me. It's in the darkened. Studio Steve follow welcome what's on your what's on your mind your dumb VI. They've been thank you I mean I appreciate it. Thank you which got. So odd. The blogging about your scale. I'm gonna go slightly lower on the scale and and MI five and a half of the post with the excerpts. A fictional happened. Yo readmitted. You know he'd be better in this situation before and probably critics jumping people say you know it's the beginning of he had you know I think fueled fire. Is that that's as well Brady is you know and you can't take away they're great ball contact. After what he's done especially this year and in. In terms of the draft pick that you are talking about and you know what the pat gonna do next you know whose big league next. Quarterback coming down a lot for the patriots. I don't think that's a big concern Hendrick and you look at. You look at Tom Brady and another guy that's been tossed around an MB detox in. In Russell Wilson and all those guys were taken. Way far back in the draft and you know look at the result that both of them have produced and I think it I think that you can take that same approach like moving forward from here. Yeah but you do know that this is the exception rule that really you've you've picked two out liars and said that that's going to be an arm so. Then you. I would agree you pages via draft somebody though they'll spend the next year two years trying to rule that whoever that is it quarterback X. To be Tom Brady's aired live from home but. Historically. The higher your drafted typically the better that you play. You in the in the NFL and N and part of that also as you get more opportunity when you're drafted higher you know how stuff works. The pecking order you're not looked upon as highly if you're drafted lower the draft you looked down upon. But anyway our thank you Steve. Yeah yeah yeah boy yeah then they'll wait but wait there's more I'd agree with that but just. To counter that I didn't. You look at the patriot system. And and how many players that come through the patriotism and move on to other teams that they do so well undrafted guys. Better especially noting guys would become through the patriot. You have not played the quarterback as a man Jimmy grapples optimism for the niners would he and his story didn't the backup to Tom Brady have not been able to do much. When they've got as well I will what's going that thank you Steve appreciated there. He's very. Steve is very optimistic he is not pessimistic at all. And he's only get a five and at what would it take for him to go more than a five and a half. I think he's he is a lot you know I get it and I and I understand your vote many reasons to be. Be thinking that direction many many reasons. I if you wanna join issue that the number get a line open for his 617779. 9376177797. 937. If you would like to be part. Of the festivities here on the ready to do that. End. It is pretty simple pretty simple what does that mean we'll get to that. And your phone calls and we'll do it next. I get back to the phones it a moment but like I Boston David called up that's the legendary Boston Dave it's been. A listen to the overnight show for years I didn't realize that was that Boston Dave I thought it was a different Boston they've I had no idea that it was that guy. Mid. Are we're taking a temperature of the room and I pulled out the matter is scalable panic. The malice kill panic Tom Brady and I have been 86 point five. I have to six point five. And and that's that's where I stand them. And and I'm as averaged six in Boston David is six point five iron to six I should ever go eight plus plus plus. If Tom Brady struggles. This weekend against the Pittsburgh Steelers that's a find out what you think this photo Rick. In Foxboro who is next up on WT guy with me then matter what's going on Rick. Are you don't then tell me which go for me I got negative ten. Got a negative tea yeah that's fifty euros going to be tough but in six or Rosa beach starting now. I've seen this movie before. Quite a few times. And has the movie nine Miami. The only principles and record Denver house or. She Denver Miami on the schedule more. What would it take Rick for you to crank that for miners into like I don't know five. Broncos keep it open season. So clunky it's not in my opinion is not Smart receiver in the National Football League not stingy when it comes to football game. And that does her. But when grunt abducted after a couple of markets and open up the receiver would open up the axe its report goes on the transcripts that the gimme next week. That's a give me. It's you know a company. That you've got your swagger you know we're glad it is will go one by week fourteen I call my book yup Ricky view this job and got inside information Rick. Well I was born before its before. I got. All right well listen period you break my heart and volume down after six and oh apology done all right tonight look for that of the great that be great for this receiver. Or home game what do. I got who plan your trip is I guess you can buy your hotel room from the eagle things they have to sell out additional game the last game you'll sit up. I'll never vote. Never that's introduced. Now it's got all right all right and you have a great and I think you. Rich got some pipes too he's he's got a much better voice acted. Mega alive. Rick knows what he speaks like that I I ended up being makes any sense it just sounded. Like it sounded like that it's the guy's got some pipes so why not. Let's keep the door on the phones years and again an overview on reports 6177797. 937. And though let's say hello. Who Tyler who's over New Hampshire. On they'll be what's going on Tyler hear on the radio. Are gone out. On I mean we're talking a lot in a I mean it yet another bad game and you know maybe my animal a lot. But I mean like lab college and you know one on the ground back and open up everybody I'm. I mean. Support you know we are now ready he'd get old and what I. You know what the way I look at it right now it kind of a lot. You know I don't think Eduardo out of pocket at a different point here I'm like I can really lucky added eighty you know. Ticket to a baseball perspective if you look at data like TE federal trying to. And how he dealt anymore and and what are. And next thing you know. Yet you know what I bet you haven't life and career. Heidi think Tyler how do you think that happened to come on me and that was. And out of it on. And why it can't talk yet Smart you know I think I'm ready downfall audit they will be. You know I'm not playing too long. I am. I disagree that it that most of these guys. Will socket the indicative Peyton Manning was here I've always repay maybe it was terrible the end of his career. The people there remember when he was good with the colts in the Broncos try to remember him. When he and new warm. At the end of his career mean you look at the legends of football Emmitt Smith the all time we rushers it was I was a cardinal. At the end of his career was terrible real obvious they'll work today if Brady is this city does fall off the cliff fear. Next year and is terrible and remember that you'll remember all the Super Bowls and all the great moments ago forget about that. I don't think you county ballot next you know I'll means in and did it on here drop. I mean. I wouldn't be surprised to begin perhaps it's QB this year I mean eight. In my opinion academy and as it is perhaps and it got a great don't get Iran that they can't admit it perhaps in him. And operated on a few years slap now it's not a great quarterback in Panama. You know the 49 are doing great now I mean. I don't topic I don't wanna continue to do it then great players around the league. Yeah this Travis you gotta get some be returned Tyler I do follow them I think as the Mike Holmgren school football up from the old the green bay Packers and I knew I was leaving him. Some executive Green Bay but they always is most draft a quarterback every year is that's the currency of football. And if you draft young quarterbacks but what did Brett Favre in green Bennett kept drafting quarterbacks. And they would send them around the NFL and there were bots like former packer back ups that played. In the NFL they were good draft picks and he's got to repeat the process I don't think that's a bad thing at all I think they contagious. If you connector off shore I mean that backed up by mid that you know tradeoffs in apple I don't. Got I don't know what we got forum but like hey we got you know a third or fourth round draft pick. Yes second round pick is would you got were dropped on. Us it's it's hot it's a lot. It's a lottery ticket though is it's his second round pick he should get a good player thanks for the call Simon is I guarantee. That you're gonna get something to it in. I know from following Belichick from a foreign ears and and not hang on every word of Bill Belichick it when it comes to the draft. When it comes to the NFL draft he generally tries to avoid. Certainly first round picks and I didn't see second Rampage that he's he's he's more open to second round picks in third round picks as opposed to. Two that the pixel the lower or are higher rather hire in the draft aren't it's a bad matter late night here on WEEI. And I teased and in radio. The very upset with you if you tees things in the you don't pay it off they wanna yell at you they wanna shout at you anyway you know he's just gonna. And the tease was pretty simple. That was the tees and what is this about. This is the part where pale. And it involves. In dom what content Sulu. The boy named Suh who added on that we we talked early it was in the hole like god love you that's a lot of times that was the the Debbie guy we told you earlier that one early bid Miami dolphin players tied into a never ago. Was telling his tale about how the news dolphins gave a blueprint. On how to stop. The patriots will adopt a console also was strut around like a peacock. After the patriots did a face plant in South Florida and the boy named sue. Number 93 in teal but number one. In your heart in what he's not. He dissed me this. The Patriots offense and he said that the quote the two words the standout is a lot things that he said. But the two words that stand out there have resonated here are that the Patriots offense is merely. Simple. And he says that any derogatory way. I don't take that as he derogatory comment. It was presented as he put down. But that is really the beauty. All of the Patriots offense. Is the fact that it isn't that complex and you know hole the as the opposition figure in buffalo with the jets with the dolphins. Or anyone else that regularly. Locks. You in with the patriots. It isn't that complex and nor should be that complex. I was laughed when I see these coaches interviewed. And I really have a chuckle warned that. Of what they they ranked they rant about how all my god is we have the most complex offense it's like the BO these things called phone books we used to have where they all the numbers and all that and just be huge. Huge books. And it was a I've I've been fortunate in in my time in the radio business I've worked with a couple of NFL coaches former NFL coaches. Aback when I did like daytime radio but I just I'm a prisoner of the night which I love. But when you work daytime radio you work with like players and coaches and things like that and so these have all coaches they. They were quick point out different little things about you know that the the myth of the gigantic playbook and how it's. These are older guys as few years ago play how it's overrated and that. They had the EU want it to be simple that a good team runs a civil offense you know why. Bobby is in doubt accounts who should know this because it. It's not about how many different plays you run. It's about mastering. The plays that you do call in the game and and to the credit of the patriots. The numbers speak for themselves they have been able to master. The plays that they have have run the handful of plays that they put out there they've been able to dominate. In in that department. Arts up men out there and you hang out here on WEEI we will get back here at the call if I do not to do this Chris is gonna yell at me and I do not want producer Chris steel. I do not one so I'll give you the used to trivia and then we'll get right back to the phone calls year. It is the temperature in the rule when it comes to Tom Brady and it does not seem like anyone's all that concerned I got Foxboro minus and as in a good thing he's not worried are all here. He's he's good to go and praised Yu were by two touchdowns against these Steelers. This weekend here's here's the trivia. And that we we we honored the Celtics with who in my game while the Red Sox here Chris Sale. Chris Sale he had ten. Plus strikeouts in the game. Eighteen times. Last season. For the Red Sox that is the most. In baseball since the boy. Did it took 43 times again Chris Sale. Ten plus strikeouts in game eighteen times. A for the Red Sox last year that is the most in baseball since the blank. Did it 23. Times that is the instant trivia the answer in back to your phone calls next. And right back of the calls at a mall of first the instead trivia here. Andy blatant attempt to get to a cynical moments longer and I am very proud are you know one called answer this. Which I'm very proud of here's the question Red Sox ace pitcher Chris Sale. Who did fade down the stretch but he had ten plus strikeouts in the gain eighteen times. Last season of for the Sox that is the most. Scenes Blaine and did it 23. Times that is the question what's the answer. A Davone clearly listening said Tommy mad X is the answer might is going with sandy Colfax yes city Colfax. Is the is the answer we had a Tom Seaver gas. These are very relevant guesses a tremendous job you clearly get where I'm going for years the correct answer though Chris militant plus strikeout games. Eighteen times last year that is the most seen it's the big unit Randy Johnson. Back in old one for the Arizona Diamondbacks that it 23. Times so. Your goal way back over fifteen years fifteen plus years ago. The fine pitcher that was more dominate on a regular basis and Chris Hill but he did need a down the stretch did not go well. A down the stretch our telephones we go all. And Aussie we were gonna take my guy. My my guy when he but he hung up that's about job by him by so let's talk to it's CEOs go to who Brady. Lets us all see who wants to talk about Tom Brady he's in Newport was going on a saucy. Yeah I remember him saucy what's going on. I think I know what it is with armies will tie it. Yeah yeah yeah these TVs they get maps. And maybe about it that what we need. Need to get back on the steak and potatoes diet instead of that is is like Gisele diet which is probably just protein shakes here are. Not I you've got to read all about the is saucy and you can read the TV twelve formula blocked it's lights out there you can read all about it. And ease it ease into a lot of solve a cot so I know that he loves the apricot. But they got kind of guy it's too expensive for me and I. With the would just feel as good to a lot. It's going to be about a game. You're optimistic thoughts and everyone's optimistic Bowen and no mistaking the bay here everyone is optimistic. That's two games and instead two games we don't play. That Jews do you know. Still do better. People aren't they will. Things will be better sausage that you're an optimist I've no idea you were a guy in saw season optimist who do acknowledge. Are you re you're listening to respect you delays but in talk radio since since nineteen if my guy weighs black I got a rather me filibuster let's go to Wayne. Because my guy weighing over in south he's got all the answers and goes exactly. Let me give him a patriot Clinton diplomat patriot. Go ahead weighing elected Knight in shining armor riding on a horse to save the day. And I happen backlit sent a big gimme some inside shortly rainy a little bit looked a little econ department period to date book order came. Is that we're waiting to take. Will play it is kids now that suits you know. I'm McCain got the loan and you didn't feel on the bench when he was looking delegate like you'd like. You don't like big game. And I do look do you look those days he looked it was a little something going on there can you say flu. That means way that we have the blame the other kids in school. We've got a code and when I got to he's got sick. I'm combat ready. Number one. Palin mantra why would moment last night OK they want Alan Grant they liked and look at CNN on the left side rating had been put into play horrible they sort of played horrible. I'd like. The contractor allowed big factor people on the hill called Joseph bit he'd get two guys don't implement and had opened up cook clip commercial at the map like that guy gonna do attract you unbelievable shut him down man. Employee you'll probably know to a pretty calm and that Jamie and to keep it close bond. So did not cooperate. So people or lack Banca. Obama talk show host Wayne I kid just tell people relax it's terrible radio weight you've all been terrible radio do you. Let's send. The digital exactly viewed him only candidate can't going up PM yeah national. I was leading the way I was leading the funeral procession for Tom Brady after that game I was right there let's face it. Anymore. Yeah I mean how was what are those guys I was that guy on the radio I was like Yahoo! the taxes they get the play quarterback. Brady can't get it done anymore and I at all least that's the back up my argument I came prepared. And I looked like a fool after the. Let's get real quick dogma and all right any kind of bad game could feel good I'm glad bigger jumped to be sure to watch it very iBook and it can get them back on point you mean it got people. Waited that's a lesson be if that's the case the Cleveland Browns should be the smartest team in the NF focus ought to do is lose. They've learned from losses of course they don't learn from I don't the it's different with the patriots I get that but an implant in his life was that like an NBA team on like this the fourth team in five nights back when he used to do that the MBA. If I didn't have a lot of energy for the. I want him street corners in English and laughing and emotional well out of Miami. And he. Yes exactly that's exactly what he said. He was on South Beach and that's what he was doing was running around all those art Deco buildings on cell Beijing's shout. And soon groups college and that guy you'd look at our world without Bob Clark I'm. On the gold jumble of equipment sharp tool. Because it ain't going to be all right picnic and great Britain. And that's where we're gonna have the right speed and yeah pink cat I gonna go vertical gradient. Are there are either way I play you know that I like that. Fired up not just for you way nominee text about rob because I. Here I am name dropping but I do know Robin I'll text him and I'll tell him I you've been advised weighing in southeast to jump off a cliff. Up please jump off a cliff we would like that and and let me know what to do and then I'll get back to wean him a pass and on. I that rubble really appreciate that. Sure they'll look at. Absolutely Chris Wright who who wouldn't they actually knowing known rob a little bit like I do I think he would actually. You kick the we he would enjoy I ask you regard is that blind Scott IC on the north then I think it might be the legendary late night caller. On my show we call a blind Scott on WEEI he's just known as Scott on the north that but you'll always be lines got the beast guy. Well you know what club market block on Twitter months ago I would pick up the guy that he's not a good guy mileage either you know automate but. You been blocked by Scott you've been blocked by everyone lies guy who hasn't blocked you. We are courage on blood may you know Josh Beckett all different with the group but not all like RT lag after the cute cute guy and he Brody Stephen from the boat people on Twitter politics. Yeah above me I don't I follow you on on that list. That you probably didn't I give you little joke about how to deal little radio show that stuck. Yeah give me by USC you touch up my work Scott and occasionally you give me stock tips which I don't always listen to. Yeah exactly and I took on the advertisement I've heard about it look at new character Turkish government document I was all fired up about you know average age research paid you know I'm I'll be called that intolerable for my people of New Hampshire auto white people can't trigger on a new manager New Hampshire it's bank. I think that I don't look back I dug in Alabama got elected I was open and you know but anyway you know Tom Brady out now Ali terribly dull what's up we traded Jimmy rappel like in a month ago public art it like everybody go to other topic and Bruins games yeah and they told published on the ground out there everybody merchant only eat the -- by the pizza can I find the other half the people all over the ground on partly. Lordi not you or your dog Cramer does you buddy Kramer fine. Great yet you know Trevor picked up to put LaMont Kamal and I have to upload on the ground at your. It looked up and up there I mean Marty Walsh she's been a terrible hire you know he got reelected but few terrible for the city or do anything about trash you know the supposed to get smaller. Would you like would you like mayor Walsh to go out there including the trash up themselves up line Scott would that help you out woody should be good out of the trash bag. That we put blood on the sidewalk you know one of them like I can to get on the market more around the Pope quite pin oak developed into overcrowded you know that's not an apology to blind people can automate the blood will be a push up and we wanna be around here could we could walk everywhere we don't wanna beyond all the construction and special stand. And on the Obama ought to knock somebody yelled down you know like it Qaeda abducted. The guard approached the plate for the Bruins who you know he's not on a week of rupturing a mechanic John portrait you can duck I thought your between blog. Dollar and on and you don't wanna get what you do not wanna get to a fight with lines guy because he he will just you'll throw parties everywhere applies you were you were just. It publicly cared you know what I mean but they elect a new school autonomy to duplicate coverage of the white streak however there aren't going to get anywhere anymore automatic. How do you know how many kids there in new movements in the book written about that coming in and out right now and they'll come up my street apartment are called City Hall you know you can direct message politicians should go right atop their pay. You think this you listen those lake lines I know that like you can contact pause and I don't think it was and any of that. With a cup academic and they wanted to helicopter with it because nobody liked it when I would bomb not all that. And I'm like a weed out that got you know that we've come out about Pete the crowd. I understand and you Q also you you want the all the sidewalks in the north then to be explained is that right is that. A little bit of Derek I had to publicly trying to but academy go to. There's no rule. Like boy Boris got there's no doubt the streets are so small you can expand to sidewalks are barely room for the cars. Note Wolf Blitzer in America with your stability act been around. Around 1991 personal we could get the cart dot. History with guess you don't cars of the street you're right yes. Played under both the critic Roger if you with a budget look at all the want from New Hampshire they think they hate Boston and help on the block every day to work with their car. I know it's fascinating when they got to make money isn't a jobs that are getting money. All right take I got it thank you are right then there he goes flying sky. A lot yeah alive he wanted to yell a lot he wanted to get. Oh my god look at that time 6177797. 937. And give us a call operators are standing by and a couple of lines open for the first time. In awhile here's 61777979. The 37. And is a possible. Steps and why. That I would put this in the scheme to what that. In Internet full law. Involving a patriot and are the Red Sox about to make a big splash in Orlando which is odd because Orlando's. Not near the ocean it's in win in Florida will get all that it will do.