WEEI Late Night - Will the Celtics be able to rebound from their countless injuries? 3-12-18

WEEI Late Night
Tuesday, March 13th
Third and final hour of Late Night kicks off as Ben Maller breaksdown the plethora of Celtics injuries after finding out Daniel Theis is done for the season, Marcus Smart has a lacerated ligament in his thumb, and Kyrie Iriving is suffering from knee soreness.  Then Maller closes the show discussing the only 16 seed upset he could find, that being Kirk Minihane as a 16 seed in a sports personality bracket.

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It has been a rather uncomfortable. 48 hours or so for the Celtics who talk about that welcome me in the beginning of another hour here on WEEI even the midnight hour. And the very difficult. A situation that the Celtics have been we'll get back to the patriots. In will be it it would help of the patriots would actually make some moves that would help the conversation. Up but. But the Celtics who are making moves they're adding players. To the injury list. That's what they're doing very inconvenient. At that timing matters drag races that it's it could be worse it could be the beginning of the playoffs. But the last couple of days have not been kind the Celtics in the that Syria has always been. That the reason you play 82 games in the NBA. Is that this well let's talk dates make a lot of money the owners make a lot of money they have in 41 home games 41 road games. It's also supposed to be a war of attrition. And typically that is not the case his players and coaches have been able to. Manipulate. The schedule we get extra rest in the last handful of years. It's it was really enhanced by Gregg Popovich all the teams had done it before. But instead it's only mastered the where players would just take extra time often and so they would Jerry rig schedule. And they wouldn't have as many injuries during the course of the season. It seems like they've gone a little bit away from that so players miss and about two games but it's it's been a little different. This year. But it appears the Celtics are gonna have to try and catch. The Toronto Raptors. And we in the Eastern Conference with the incomplete. Roster because the pollution. The poison of injury. Has overtaken. A big chunk of the current Celtic roster if you've not been keeping track of this maybe you're always. On the patriots a year locked in on Red Sox spring training whatever you do I don't know you know like the witchy. Which you have not been paying attention here where we begin new data twice. He's out he ought he's out for the rest of the season he's got a torn meniscus in his left the so it's it's of up up pretty good addition. That the Celtics went out in. If free agency instead. We we have a fair amount of size. We have a fair amount of size but you can never have too much so why don't we go out and looked to. Enhance the back part of our roster. Just in case. Just in case and look at that Greg Monroe. Available. Radiated so they have Greg Monroe owners that's not that's not a tremendous. Devastating as situation as Greg Monroe was more than cable. All providing. Positive contribution with Daniel ties. Gone for the rest the supply then what about Marcus mark. What about market Smart. In that this is it is a bigger write this big he was injured. In the game against the pacers who was diving for loose ball. As like nine minutes or so to go in the fourth quarter. And he has apparently David too late. He's Davis now how bad it is his it is sprain is that it players there are some tests that were done. On Monday morning and supposedly is this seeking a second opinion gaining its telling. The media that the team will not know for a couple of days. Whether or not Smart will be able to come back in play he claims he's completely in the darkened his Iranian. And that he doesn't know hole whether or not mark is Smart is going to need surge. So it's unclear whether or not they'll get Smart back at some point during season it certainly sounds. I'm reading the tea leaves here at the Celtics are doing everything they can't. To at least get him part of the time I may be the host sit out for a couple weeks to put a brace on it. And and try to get him like a chameleon to adjust. To his new situation. I wouldn't say it if you're playing in your hand is compromised. I believe that is a problem I believe you will not be as effective I believe that will be a disaster but it at least try to get marquee Smart out there playing. I get him in the lineup in one way or another seller to talk about all this you also have Khyber your being who's gonna miss several more regular season games they're going to precaution for precautionary. Reasons. Because of that left in the the issue of the left needed an active Plame as much. So keep benign that you've got. Al Horford whose was sick what happened there Jalen brown still get back from the concussion so as a whole us off. All us golf going on injure your injury wise with the Celtics and you look at the Eastern Conference standings. And you look around like. There's only a couple weeks ago in the regular season it's it's mid march almost. The regular season goes to. Till mid April. And sodium like. It is this realistic you mathematically it's very realistic. That these Celtics can catch the Toronto Raptors and you have to be a math. Genius the only three and a half games back four back in the loss column. Of Toronto. So there they need the raptors who saw at a time they have not suck the raptors were playing great. They want eight role. At this moment so the question here is what is your level of concern. Over what has become a kid Demi. Of Celtic injuries. I know my viewpoint on this you've got these zombie phase. Handle with care it is you've got the fall guy. You've got all those things will buy these things to get enough first the ball. That mentioned the loss of Daniel Tice. Which takes away from the bench but the the Celtics have enough depth. With Greg Monroe and he's gonna have to the rise up there and in those minutes that Tyson head. On rose and half the field and that's not a devastating as situated mart market Smart being out. Is a bigger deal and I'm not buying into the hi we talked about this couple weeks ago he got hurt. Smart was to some shenanigans in a hotel room and every missed a couple weeks before the all star break in the cell is in play very well in play well on defense. And all of that was directed at market Smart that he when he was out of line up they didn't play well he came back. And Seles played much better. This is clearly some adversity this Celtics team and they play good basketball without market Smart for an extended time yes are they going to do it. That's the open question. Right there are there's definitely some lingering effects here in Iraq right now I would expect for the next. And next couple games anyway that zombie phase for the Celtics is they tried to get the injured players back is a chill us. On the fly short term Terry rosier. Is going to have to be the main consistent. And that's been a prop he's been good on certain nights. But he has not been regularly the guy who's been able to contribute and Shane Larkin and aptly war. Those two guys obviously there are gonna have to do more than Jalen brown. And Al Horford. At some point you figured to be back in the next Al Horford to be back in the next game and Jalen brown. Is is not to be out that long after falling in his in Minnesota was brute. I'd now secondly. The second part of his eighties. Mostly temporary misfortune. Alternately the key for the Celtics. Is to get that ball in the of Tyree Irving that ball he bombed the of carrier ring. Right by the time the playoffs come back and if you know there's a warning label. On the left if you go close enough. It's very small you can't see it. In lesser right up in Kyra your rings the but it says on their handle with care. You take carrier ring out of lineup. For the playoffs and the Celtics are going to beat him and water. They are capable of losing. To anyone right now all they would play the 27 matchup would be the Celtics against the Miami Heat. The Miami Heat would beat the Celtics without Kyra you're so he would win the Celtics would be out of playoffs. In the first round under that sitter if he's unable to go. Soul. Everything goes through carrier ring at the end of games playoff games close. So extra cautious whatever term you wanna use to describe the Celtics position on this fine and that likely means the Celtics have. Zero chance now. Of winning. The Eastern Conference and they've they've. Pretty much locked into the number two big like 500 basketball the rest of the regular season. And it was only what fourteen games of soda go I think some like that. As a make a play 500 basketball there's seven games ahead of the Indiana Pacers. So don't worry about that. It's question of whether or not the insult you catch the Toronto Raptors for the number one spot. In the Eastern Conference so they're active and go through Toronto. If they're gonna win the Eastern Conference in the post season the final thing. And takes a phone calls on this all of these in all these players that are out. Some. A bigger deal than others but this gives the Celtics a fall guy should they stop they're told. In the playoffs is all these players jog going into the policies with Kyra your re Al Horford Jalen brown. If you have those guys in Jason Tatum. Relatively healthy. The Celtics should get to the Eastern Conference finals with just those four core guys. On the court a good junket time Irving Horford brown. And Tatum. The Celtics should get to these are current but Brad Stevens is gonna have to find. Where that magic potion. I happens to be. To figure things out here. The last couple weeks of the regular season than it did they still have the the medicine medical around that they have the they have this of their own their own. In that department with out Kyra you're in line up. That the Celtics are going it's gonna be humiliation. Notification. Situation. For the self taught we'll take your phone calls on that if you would like to be part. The number. Is 6177797. 937. That's 617779. 79837. Now one of stories of tonight. We kicked it around earlier was Tom Brady. Who is going around promoting congress' time he popped up on the late show. Would Steven Cole where eight guest on that show Monday night. And a a clip of it. Went out we we plated earlier. And it was Tom Brady chugging. Albeit that was the skit Steven Kolb hair. And Tom Reid I don't we have that we should play that again. Do we have a producer Chris we find that in play that clip of Tom Brady doing his thing. Because that guy I let that this is what happened judges sitting at the set their New York to doing their thing. And at Tom Brady whose new legendary stores and back him today. When he was legend you're known for discount the use of a conversation with. I'd say cheeseburger pizza you hear things like that do you see don't think we're rarely. Yeah. I was pretty good your shoulder back in the day or did your Tucker yeah. Do want to watch out here. What I. Do I do this again this is how we can get easier we just are returning and I don't know if you're competitive guy. OK try we have a time. All right okay we've spilled it was built in. Okay. My wife's selling Real Madrid. Well. Listen that's all we have time for John. Cars that that was as I got the chuckles of late night television that never gets old that we've got our own investigation. And I realize that it's it's a radio show you you can't see the news but. The executive there's the great crash time has watched this several times a brutal film style. And we believe there's a credibility issue with this particular skit. On Stephen Colbert now what is your investigation uncovered producer Chris what do you see here. After thorough diving into this film I've taken it frame by frame we've noticed a couple things one. Most importantly when you chug a beer as an aficionado like myself would know you tend to get a little gas a year after finishing the beard you could tell col Baer. Gets a little gas he has to take a moment but Brady's just clean cut he's ready to go for the next segment. Yet so so the Brady. That leads us to believe that that might have been not my you know we're we seemingly are convinced year. We've explored this and broken it down that there was some kind of other drink that Brady had that that was not. The beer and also because of our methodical analysis here. Chris you notice it's like nine or ten seconds into the clip. Tom Brady is sitting there watching Stephen Colbert who bear pulls the drinks up he puts them on the best. And did you notice Chris the switch like cool barely looks offset ended. He changes the position all of the drinks yet he it must have been some rumors that China and is here. As as Sunnis as soon as he pulled them up on the table is like oh boy needs which these. Switches and as he's looking directly onstage yet. Which which he did adds to our theory here it's another element too is realizes that leads us to believe. That the Beers were in the with the drinks the drinks not to be used as they weren't able Beers they look different also. There's clearly a different title that not albeit it looks the same right you can have in different depending on if you like it darker light brew understand. Buddy low. To the to the naked eye watching on the clip is it appeared that there was some kind of other with a was nonalcoholic. I'm going with apple Jews. I'm going with the apple Jews. But it definitely does it was not the same we know that 100 times. Hundreds. Of your if you saw that and I know it it was broadcast the log on on actual television but has seen the clip. Online. You can he tells me think about that you buying what we're selling. I get the super brutal film style coverage. You will not do this anyway a split frame by frame breakdown. From producer Chris he's done a thorough review. And he has come to the conclusion and I back all. I backed up his work with the microscope there that there was some shenanigans going. Absolute unity. 61777979837. If you would like to take part. You report. The radio show did we press on you take some phone calls and also. A case of the damaged goods. Davis go to get to that and will do it next. I get back the calls it a moment the image goods also we will get to that. As one of phones the first. And though let's see who shall we talked to. Any meaning mighty Mo let's say ill loan to work each written. In these long matter what's going body figure on WEEI. Barack Obama actually kicked Michael. I'm real quick I just like you addressed the preaching of the front of our situation. And I think physical awkward would you rather him go free agents Eric Compton to our. Why are Odyssey of creation I like the veteran player and in the doesn't seem like they're gonna go that direction considering that. Most of the big name free agents where the players have changed teams have already changed teams. So that doesn't seem like that's gonna I gonna happen they gave a sign of veterans not to be somebody you've. You've heard. What do you think about Joyner from the humble and Joyner to cornerback amok and he's pretty you know. Yeah did he he's I think he can get him be he's I would assume he's gonna get of a fair amount of money traders are gonna pay. Pay that thanks to the focal does he actually is the radio it's gone and I've known. But we we know much about this can assign public by the end of the week when you think about butler's gonna sign. He's going to be one of the first guys to sign Wednesday or Thursday that he'll have a new team by the weekend. And so he'll be gone and then you're gonna have to replace. Replace that deposition we talked earlier. About some of the possibilities for the patriots and done it's Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. That's one Erin Coleman. But all these guys it's it comes down how much money that the pictures have allotted for the second. And it doesn't seem. Like and there's all that much as I did I say if you look at the the needs of the patriots. Going into next year defensive tackle they they've already made one move in that area they picked up being Shelton from. From Cleveland whether or not he can play who knows. They're counting on him play. And actually play well and then you gotta help that getting it help at linebacker defensive end mid eighties the whole front seven of the Patriots defense needs to all great. And in the office of line these go over a better in the second there I mean for those of the those a year is initially the pages are gonna have to. Have to address here direction damaged goods. And that would be one of the remaining free agents in baseball has changed teams remembered Neil Walker. He played with the Mets in the pirates mostly the second baseman and good players are made some. You are like an all star I believe it was all star. Back and they will Neil Walker has signed with the Yankees. Agassi one year contract he's 32 years old he's gonna get a one year contract for five million dollars and though the word is that was the only team that made him off. There's one team in baseball it was interest it. In Neil Walker. That sixty never been an all star but he he'd been a pretty productive player over the pirates in the Mets. Briefly with the Mets in the in now he uses he's found his way. To the Yankees until he gets hurt he's been injured. One. The last couple easy can't stay on the field. So that would explain why teams were not lining up to sign Neil Walker. To a massive. Contract are let's go to the oath bones let's go do let's see your game Damon is next year. On WEEI. Media in Utah all listing did. To the radio what's going on there. He has grown. Our rule just weren't saying they have a problem. It put you on hand me scene. Ain't they compress it and so that they wanted to open now. For their actions it's. Think differently. So it differently they happen. In this ups and some sort of strange but it didn't sign a portion. Certain pushing and alone it's. The reliever. For a fraction of the crowd support they wouldn't normally you. And I would thinking it would go out and hit. But I mean all the various Alice Carr still a couple still Eaton will be him. Overall are starting pitching is going down. You know everyone's. Else so. David you said Damian you said really giving Europe really upset by the state you really annoying. I am because. It's under green beans are saying. Saloon. And or that we want to win now. Now where are your options speak differently you know our students and getting now. Well that they're not alone those of bunch of teams in this that officially called him as much teams that are in. Not over aggressive when it comes to the freeagent. Freeze the freeze remark Atwood is Alice Cobb really going to be the difference between the Red Sox. Winning the American League planet or not we the American League in the the players that are available now. I is who who excite you to sites bald all the menus you can sign a ball over menace. I don't believe Matt Garza. As has signed the country is burns a hole. Ranged back to the rotation starting pitchers. Playbook coal to every clay buckled back to the red such she can get Clay Buchholz he's available. And sign him to a country let's say alone entity. Who's next up on WEEI was bought at duty. Benny Benny Benny you get that picture of that Pamela let you round there. As they keep rescinding the team will pictures I I appreciate that. I don't know what you're talking about it no like that's a dock Mike reference. Well it we're player taken that your value that lap cult. The Baghdad. I was Blair's cousin that was actually Blair's causes. How happy I was. Oprah that it appeared that back injury or. I like affected who's very upsetting to be at the Red Sox lack of that he wants Alex Cobb the bad. And is demanding Alex top. Ramon that you're. In and so random eight. I I have an argument of let. I fully done that yet you know Edberg wait for weight work but then it never paid up to have a toll there that it argued yeah. A pretty and you know I I couldn't leave without it you're not there. Sounds like something that what happened at like three or 4 in the morning. Not this is still a serious almost one of them when he was a little early though. Anybody at any crazier is that. And well I've been to you out there it. They're not the good news are there. Are you are you with Campbell's right now do I need to let you go hang out what you're camels is that what you need to lose. No we came back Maradona we're determined industry randomly thought camel the guy's backyard. Pulled over in napping sergeant Miller a crate the united today. That being in the spit on you kids keep met with that it mirrors that I hate hearing impaired that I am gonna that are out find out where. Luckily no kids got spit on Lauren didn't get in on everything that Biden is that. Glad no one was harmed by the Campbell that's there you know camp Kurt. Campbell armed enemy. That's all right in the thank you. This week. So just for the record election result of the last two calls we've. Were my guide you to all desperately trying to get the Red Sox damion to sign Alex Cobb. Very upset. And John Henry in the front office. And now my guy and to be breaking down. A camel. That's that's were that's the spot. That's the spot there were. So if you want to be different than that I user opportunity 6177797937. That's 617. 7797937. Report. Of the festivities if you look at it. After project decade. To deter him and I don't determine radio person because that's usually. Lazy cliche filled. A gibberish but there is a number sixteen seed. That has a legitimate chance. Of pulling a first round upset I will reveal that number sixteen seed we will. There we press on here on and off we go further and further into the night and eighties time to break down the tournament now not the NCAA tournament. Because anyone can do that none out around these parts but yeah. Many of the the radio shows this week it's Odeo they get a pull an upset much guys call up and give picks out it's just terrible radio. He's a person as he blight on more than the national. Radio shows that take place this weekend I get a dabble in that among overnight show and I tried last night on on the show I was trying to find. A an NI AT. Cool I'll I thought of before and to take the field for the national invitation. Turn to me and I couldn't find it eats ball out of so little. That even on the own the old one website is run by the NCAA the the operated website for the ninety. They don't even have a bracket challenge. For the NIT I bring that up because there's something called the spot. Which I guess is it's an independent. Sports flawed they have put together. There all alone. Bracket which is not involved college basketball independent. A social media focus sports website. And eighties I I would imagine going to be a topic I am pretty sure it's going to be a topic on the morning show because they have put together there's sixty or most annoying people in sports media. The 28 seeded this year. It's a who's who. Of annoyance. In the in the sports video as you know the number one seeds in this it's a bracket with. The 64. You've got the number one seeds Stephen A Smith. Skip Bayless have you seen this Jameer Jameel hill Britain make him. Who made a cameo on the Turkey Callahan show. Also on here the number two seeds you've got Jim Rome how much Jim Rome still a number two seed. After all these years Daryn rebel. Colin Cowherd. And clay Travis couple guys that work with me at fox are are higher on the list. Of annoyance. Now the reason I bring this up import. Is because I love the concept that it's a wonderful constant gay and one of the the very proud WEEI personalities. He's part of this eighty number sixteen seed. From the Kirk and Callahan show Kirk minute hand is a number sixteen seed. In this 64 most annoying people in sports media. That is awesome. Great. Admitted to match up in the first round and is you've got Kuerten made in vs Rick make Henry. That that would be view match up well it is the matchup. And you can actually go on their website and in vote. And judge Jean on. The minute fans. And mighty interaction with the ministers I would say that if per minute and gives his blessing. There is no change that Britney Britney Henry. Can beat Kurt meaning if they if the the the mid fans get behind. Kirk that is well over as can be a sixteen seed. Beating a number one seat. The other sixteen season is dopey most annoying people in sports media. A bracket you have siege steel. Verses skip Bayless I'll give the edge to skip Bayless. Now won't even be close. Jason McEntire. And Stephen A Smit that's a 61 match up and you have Jim Ney of congress is Jameel hill. Nance has no chance. No chance up though the 89 matchups in this pretty you've got Kornheiser reverses will bond. That's that's a solid one. Lo LC the the 89 magic you've got. A milk hyper. Vs pod make Shea. See with the they've done their David Portnoy. Vs Sam ponders that's a solid match up. On many many levels that's a solid match of any guts who got us. Vs Pablo Torre. In the other 89 match. I don't see any overnight talk shows him I'm devastate. I'm Dennis is no overnight there representation it's a bad job by them. And so these people like it's. I I have a range. That they're barely around like what's Keith Olbermann knows what what's he up to these days is he doing stuff. I yeah I do not. Do you are just to check that out good luck to. Occur committed as he tries to upset Britney can they worked together. As a last week they were they were hanging out together. The W the it. Studios will bunkered down be safer to with the snow and all that Chris shot a great job investigating novel. Mean Tom Brady was it beer was it not be here. But also doing a wonderful job producing. This fund radio show you the next couple of nights as well. To check it out and whether BD AM we will be yapping away. All night long it into the into the late night hours on WEEI. Have a great night keep it locked right here I can expect. I advise.