WEEI Late Night - Would Ndamukong Suh fit here in New England? 3-13-18

WEEI Late Night
Wednesday, March 14th

Third and final hour of WEEI LAte Night gets rolling as Ben Maller continues to discuss the exodus of Patriots players in free agency and the lack of returning talent from the open market.  A big name that Maller wants to keep an eye on however is one Ndamukong Suh.  Although his reputation is not great, the prospect of a great player like him is intriguing.


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The insanity continues as we get into the 11 o'clock hour. With all kinds of names. Names going this direction means going that direction. And most of them going the opposite direction away from the patriots this week. A begin anew here in the 11 o'clock hour and did the offseason plans it's not a lot of surprises from the pages perspective. Other than Danny Amendola. But players leaving. Any rapid rate it is being in the a situation where teams have been poaching. Patriot players but mostly Tennessee Titans. As beat the Tennessee Titans have gone out and gotten Dion Lewis. He ends up going. To Tennessee becomes. One of the highest paid running backs in the NFL. He's gone Malcolm Butler that news coming out several hours ago mark Butler going to the Tennessee Titans also thirty million dollars guaranteed. For him and Danny Amendola headed to the Miami Dolphins pull away. There's more but wait there's more might Girardi tonight reporting. That. Marcus flowers the linebacker special teams guy. He is drawn interest not a ton of interest but. Girardi reporting while he's not going to break the bank. That it it appears he's going to get more money in the patriots are willing to peso which like flowers. Will also be leaving. The patriots so a lot of people leaving. And not many people coming in the other direction there's there's two means that have been mentioned as possibility tonight to. And up coming back. To the patriots. 01 of them we mentioned it last hour the edge especially few minutes ago. The the name AJ McCarron. Was tossed out. A former Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron who's been. Hang out holding a clipboard in Cincinnati and his name has been tossed that is possibility. The end up with the patriots if the price is right which essentially means. That beat teams that still need a quarterback. And is not too many of them left considering has been a run on quarterbacks last. Day or so. What if none of those teams are all in on AJ McCarron and he's forced to do the walk of Sheen. And becoming backup quarterback against somewhere that the patriots sorry. A possibility in any other name which is also part of the ripple effects. Of all these moves in the NFL. Evolves. Of very large. Defense effects or you've. You've got to keep track that you've got mobile makes solar hasn't signed any where he was I've been seated of the tactics are made so older is being wooed. By the giants the browns a bunch of other teams that are interest in him. And there was sort at a Cleveland tonight that the browns are were meeting. Oh with their front office they're trying to determine whether or not Joseph Thomas was going to retire. And Joseph Thomas. Says that's it I'm Don I'm gonna go be a broadcaster. Bar stool or the NFL network or somewhere like that then the Cleveland Browns and increase their offer to Neitzel older. And he'll legal. Seat got Butler. Deon Lewis in Nashville with the titans. Yeah I didn't dole with the dolphins solar has aside anywhere yet. But the did CNN poll assigning could actually have that ripple effect. That affects the patriots because there is a report out that the patriots. One of the reasons they didn't pay Danny Amendola. Was because they won only use some of that money. In an attempt to try to seduce. In comic con Su. To come play for the patriots come to New England. And and hang out move up from the bottom feeding Miami Dolphins. And join the New England Patriots saw wanted to talk about is not a report came out of SB nation will be. B Dalton ball and has been issued so take it with a grain of salt but for the purposes. Pretty purposes of this Mallard. Monologue. Oh we should assume this to be true is it. Can't really talk about it we're not assuming it to be true we things not gonna have a good chance not a great chance there's a chance that it can happen. Because of some of the recent comments that sue has made in the media now that the here's the the actual question I have three. Politician calls on this what you want. In comic con Su on the page. Dottie maybe answers obviously yes. It and it's not. 70%. It's not 80% is it would be one half percent. That you would want to add. The boy named sue to the page it's much now my standpoint on that on dollar on my viewpoint as you've got. Cyclops. Combustible. And the hired gone. You'll find all this stuff together and a first ball. It dumb a parents and he live up to his end of the bargain when he signed that record setting contract to become the highest paid. Defensive player in the NFL couple years ago Miami. He lived up the music he produced any very high level. While wearing a dolphins uniform even as the walls came crumbling down. Around him in Miami. In dumb economy continued to play music a cyclops where the for the the dolphins in the middle and it turned out. The way things went for the dolphins defense that he was a one man wrecking crew. And that even you you can have a massive beast on the Frontline your defense but it you've got fertilizer. On your offense and you've got fertilizer the couple spots you defense doesn't matter doesn't matter that you have a cyclops on defense. If you've got a bunch of track. Elsewhere in your football team is and if you look at the the interest that he hasn't officially been released by the dolphins sue what the rule poorer. Which has been going around the echo chamber here. Of sports conversation this the roll over his name is held in double cuts whose name is held in high regard such high regard. That is going to be up up a a lot of interest. From multiple teams in the NFL he's the top. Available interior defensive player that is on the market in the NF. How would you pass that up when we even consider. Passing that up if it's possible to bring. Bring this guy to doing. You do it you make the move there. Now that becomes see more of a problematic. A situation. What you could certainly love to have a Swash buckling. In double a comment on the front line. Any patriot uniform. Fixing the fraught of that defects. It's not as I get that the whole reputation thing and reputation as we've been through here and I've talked about a lot maybe more than overnight show. At fox they do here but I I've we've got into it weeks we've talked about the fact that it's a blessing and a curse in double cuts to the blessing is. That because he has this this reputation. Of being ace owns. On the football field. By modern terms it in the olden days he wouldn't even be among the top 100 dirty players in the NFL back in the day but. His reputation as he blessing from the standpoint he gets in the aid. Of opposing quarterbacks opposing players. They factory in in drama currency more so than other players were good defensive players. Because now we have to stop the guy he could step on yet leg he can step what you're Haiti could tick in the knocks. I'd be likely well. It's also it's a curse because because of that and you know we do is what swashbuckling style everywhere describing it. He becomes a point of emphasis. For all of the officiating crews in the NFL and that's simply means he is a magnate. For whistles. And there's an old. Hey I'm again you'll warning you know he pulled over for speeding I like these you know you have a good day when you get pulled over. Not a day like this. But when the weather's good you pull over for speeding in the east just tell you slowdown. In the begin via a warning which are going UN LE on the ticker license and registration. Are okay. You've got no warrants have a good day. That doesn't happen for dumb accounts. If he commits something that could go either way he's gonna get called for the second being as we talked here and under BI Bill Belichick has shown a tendency. Who grabbed players who are. Of a questionable. Reputation. He's not afraid to go down the rabbit hole bring these guys did its part of the business model. Of Bill Belichick now to why I think that Ndamukong Suh is a locker room cancer that the patriot should stay away from this guy because he's bad news. I do not I have seen some of the stories that have been. Pinned on social media platforms and media sites insiders say all this stuff going on there that's whether the office you get rid of him I don't apply. That is porphyry that is embellish remains. None of those stories came up until it look like the dolphins were gonna get rid of Saddam occurrences of the patriots. The patriots are really a possibility. He'll stay away from that because of some rain to media reports. You don't. And it is certainly Ndamukong Suh would shake up the pages because that side of the news the defense would be. Tossed opted. Put you'll blender at all and that's not a bad thing it's not the way the patriots play now statistically they were pretty good last year overall. Played much better after the first couple games that year when they were just sliced up. Just tore apart and then after that is that stretch of great defense which she wonders wars that were product of playing. Some really inept. Offensive teams we've considering what happened in the super. That's a different conversation. The the point is that Ndamukong Suh shaking things up is not at changing the face of the defense the personalities. In that side locker room it's a good thing to spice it up. Keep it ration. They're part of the model of Belichick he's not afraid to have a highly implausible. Oh situation bring in players that have. That on the rest it I don't think Suze that and thinks it would be. In that category their players at the pages are brought in over the years that are definitely. Definitely of that reputation. And our have sue on that list now in theory. If you if you play the type of hypothetical game. And you know that. That Danny Shelton. Is already eight page come over from the Cleveland Browns. And nor its chatted about that no one ever no one's ever called Sports Radio should breakdown gaining Shelton. In dollar currency used if it dollar currency used different but if you combine Suh. Is Dini shield. You put those guys together on the front line. Solid that is that is in its did in theory really good right to trickle down effect. A would be that the secondary gets better even it even if you don't go out and get another big name which is likely not gonna happen with Malcolm bought leaving. Eight dominant defensive front line with the dollar can't suing Danny Shelton. With those guys up front that the secondary becomes better makes it easier for the linebackers. To make plays and is say everything worksheet you bottle up the bottleneck of the running game for opposing teams. It enough to get x.s and those football possess not we wanted to do here. What you can see just what plane like Madden football you can tell if you have two really good defensive lineman. That's a nice spot to be it makes it really difficult to move the football. On the other side. Now to the final thing on this in the baltics and phone calls it it dollar con Su oh who's out there and his name that'll be the next 44 to forty hours his name will start. Circling back around to that. Haven't heard much tonight on N dot com. But for this to happen. Much like would Jordy Nelson. Which doesn't seem like that's gonna happen at all it was just some creative thinking. But the thing about Ndamukong Suh he would have to have. 8180. Degree change. Of hard for this. Pipe dream of joining the page used to be a possibility. You know and I don't even if you don't pay that close attention to you got a job and fame we got crap going on your life you can't beat it and should it be that stupid story that goes around. Even woody has cool look it is you and I both know the reality the and you say it's an unfortunate reality if you want. Ndamukong Suh has been a hired gone he has as a football mercenary. Become a 150. Million dollar guys something in that neighborhood right around that 120304050. Million dollars. In 2018 this. Year you're gonna tell me he's deciding. Knoll lost I know quote which went around a couple weeks ago. And the quote. From a dollar con Su was he would play for free. The join the Philadelphia Eagles. That was his quote that was the quote there was league knowledge to beef from madame accounts. He wants to play for a winning team he's tired of beyond second division teams like the lions and dolphins he wants to delegates. Wolf that's true. OK with the the Eagles went out and got Michael Bay it's so that seems like that gore is close. And you've. Sue is willing to give up another insane contract insurer why not. We changed outlook ward off. I hate it's all about. Capitalism and not ripping him and all I'm. That's a good thing he's willing to do this. He's willing to follow the money. That's a good thing that's what you should do if your football player you should you should follow the money. And in monetize your limited ability to play the limited. Shelf life you have is an NFL player so with all that is the back. And that whole scenario him having to have a a change of heart to calm the Jesus moment mall acted to even consider the patriots. I would set the odds on this. And didn't remember. I have much experience. A setting out I would say there is a 110%. Chance. And I'm going high on 10%. Of sue ending up with the patriots. As they're not gonna break the way. This is not a case word beaten the patriots are planning on lighting up the Brinks trucks. And overpowering. I assume and his agent. With tons of one Anelka out deed other teams that's that's not gonna happen if that's the case the patriots land of getting knocked out. And they will be standing by the side of the road. Watching dom accounts to run off and go play for god knows Cleveland Browns it is much teams that have. I have enough money not blank check money. Bought close to right they believe way to toss. All kinds of money out. All kinds of Malia are if you wanna be part of this you can give me call. And we've got Chris shine our guys standing by he has braved the conditions it's an hour and a half. Negating the WB I studios tonight. And usually takes you sit thirty minutes hour and a half tonight 6177797. 937. In if you would like to be part that's 6177797. 937. And now let's say hello to you might guy. Wayne. Who's in south he what's. And you know now what outbid on our view which. Additional men so we got children don't just go abroad are seen almost torn mentions. I was out shoveling out. But I want to go the PG a little bit seeing these guys are all gone pretty much technical Coke I mobile. Was gone note that would give it. Who I was gonna try to cash junior and it means to get a little bit of good yeah. We can you know immediate topic hill to boot them both look at it we got our candidate and we got away and we got into me look good. It's a free agent Tulane so he can rarely go somewhere else also pride will. God no IPO KB. Everybody weren't aware Marshall global MMM I don't know what everybody doctor about what shall audio coming up short and go putt that would grant they're great thought and a Manila. I think it really you know dumped into the night hey maybe they're not many media they became any lawyer in me shall we go make my money like you know intellectual impairment to our Jordan Yemen. Right there we we wouldn't get any. Course. Those are yes daily doses get a meet going to the patriots that's going to be the big surprise move that's. That's the plot twist Wayne Barrett is right there you have it right. It. There are illegal and I are down almost well over. Yeah well I just throw all that they together until it. Throw you through all that needs to get a now now we talked yesterday you called up Bosnia last night way you we talked about Obama con Su at. You don't want to Darko. Oh I don't I don't I just a Uga Uga can't cure any and I think he might screw up or go home and and make. Like you had begun and the plate that impressionable players. Speaking French silk RN OK I think in my heart Miller all know what else would you watch and entering. What nobody he beside let's say he's doing this I throw one you're content you're not gonna at a eco light if in the middle. America got no recall what Micah if you got a real joke one year. What you can pick I have to pay 25 million dollars. See that he's gonna he's gonna have to come down from if he's not gonna get a blank cheque she desperately needs the money. Then he's gone he's gonna go somewhere else at play in Seattle. Exactly and I think they should concentrate more all right not only appropriate to call on the drought chilcott they need a young player. Just Apple's current deep prince back up you know they mean. It would have thought it would about aging action that was that the however I don't pick a great yeah season that this year on board with that when you wait a year. And they aren't aren't you will be. All up and chat or are. Or his cousin Brian guests and our record generally you guys are credited. As it should just mix it honorable and mean we should just mixed names together that's who we want it yeah that was. All so shall we could say on what I of one won't coach coach. Doug Peterson. Oh what Jack. And Jill Peterson amber and and women who are. Clark combined in the special. Questions. Only got to go to Angola amount and the real what do you think now. When they need to bowl they're seeing it being. And I think any down. I won't get back up by Tom cook garlic I'm praying that piccolo and get down like and I learned on -- could crimp Connick happily grim. Look back. Wanted him now we're Crennel must be brought grandpa all may know what it could also debris. Yet here's the problem I have when I fatigue at this point I see so many needs go by. I AM I'm great it's. I know that started like Dick Cheney so all the incidents don't. Work. Well yet it is Wednesday afternoon is we're just hours and let us know. What's that Jordan. Has spent yet protect him he's not a Miami dolphin yet that is that is drag queens. I went a minor yards and a video right lies. Good girl Olivia how old are morally Dayton went OK in my ear goes -- present how we're a couple of miss universe. The girl we Greeks. Give it till the models like have houses in like my AB New York LA. I think you can't Brazil. I think she's like all of the joke no longer short and Colombia Chile Colombia models. To look in social element gold like yeah local little micro outlet in me. I know enjoy electorate keynote like he's got an apparent stroke. During the and yet are skeptical members seem he had an up or 700 general I'd eat balanced. Yeah I don't even play our. Yeah I mean let. Alabama got you know I don't know which yet. Indoor probably would go to three catchers in the in the area. About three but it would have been much different this is my record element you know to me and I mean we got. I know my world. This year that's the great thing about to meet is all these moves happened not concerned about any case you know we're debating these things. So. You mean I don't make a record you hope. And we're winning all coming that they don't want to know I was so ecstatic I like jet came within their own global restraint Deng because their budget you won't want to win it but when you're winning so much. Yeah I don't know. Sir I don't draw I think I Q when I guy got to go play thanked a beer tomorrow to. That the number. To. Winning and losing their almost the same and in the wings like a poll he's at. Is exactly Shakespeare but compared to Boyer in Maine you Shakespeare. I did number 6177797. 937. A very active day for the patriots. Very little coming in about like doing outbound for the patriots and we're still awaiting some. Some late night moves in and that's the cool thing an exception happened. All night mall. Shall have to get ditty with that is what we're gonna have to do. I'll get to that and more we'll do it next. They'll get back to the full cost here in a moment some of the other stories tonight the NFL some of the players that are. Changing teams now here's another name it could be in play if you wouldn't for me a wide receiver but he and his guys can get a lot of money that is going to be available. In free agency the raiders are visiting with. The former Green Bay packers' Jordy Nelson says he's gonna meet with the raiders and the word is if the raiders sign. Jordy Nelson that they're going to say goodbye. To Michael Crabtree he's expected to get released by the raiders. Assume he's then gonna change teams what you gotta think that Crabtree. Who. It's been a hot coals shall we say juries in a full career he's also Unita a good sized contract pretty large contract. Elsewhere and one of the other quarterbacks that could be treated tonight or tomorrow morning. He's Trevor Ximian of the Broncos is a report out of Denver the Broncos are in talks with a couple teams about trading. Trevor simian the promise he's every good. That's the probably Trevor Simien gets them back up for a spot start now and again to be okay but if yours citing Ximian. And you're planning on playing him. Already believe that seems like he recipe for. Aboard two losses as the Broncos who sought. This year but it in dom a kind so. Nothing doing in debt as go to Chris. Whose next up here on WEE I was going on chorus. I still don't car yeah let's talk to even woo you want to Madonna can't sues them right. Well first and almost aren't heard geez why in Nuremberg card carrying member of the are now on our share last nice will think I'm trying to think interest and. I am and yeah I I think it dialect that legal it goes against what the patriots believe in and you know we use usually don't. Pick up guys like that. Jews in you've started so it is our current market you get dirty player that. Is good players. Is good player. Where. This group is that he's the second rain. Free agent. That they can be sign if you look at all the guys it is agreed to contracts today like Neitzel who's number one number two. Isn't dollar console. Now I admit to kind of what you consider good player like. I don't consider dirty well all there are times and people's legs and a guy who I spent some people's home and to be a good year. A CKE tell him what to Pollyanna is out there and Chris he's been. He's I agree he's been on the age that that goes without saying. SO KG's he's disruptive is what he is you want disruptive defensive player. You do all I. I Wear it. In a dirty player. But there's a lot of dirty players in the you know facing the patriots don't employ Rodney Harrison is that dirty is player in the history of the NFL. And I was sick or part of the patriots. No like god I was thinking I don't like that and then there's a green players like Corey Dylan you know here's where she worked in her before you came to watch by. Nobody what is important is Eric regions erred in dog can sue. I I disagree without writing I I remember when Rodney Harrison was before he got to the pages he was playing for the chargers I happened I had a buddy of mine at fox I'd a sideline pass. I was standing on the sidelines of the charges the soft as million years ago and I remember it at Ellis at the regular play the 49ers. And I wrote the play outstanding on the near the 49ers sideline. And the players were screaming. To keep what I'm Rodney Harrison because he was grabbing their junk in the bottom of the pile. And and they were yelling as they were coming off the field to the officials to keep an eye on. And and you know you're you're carrot out at oracle. BC football and radio show I believe every Saturday morning. Yeah he's got a lot of goodness easy to get the radio TV that he had the success with the pages after we left the the chargers are it's I think you're in a roundabout way Chris I think you're coming around opening your heart. To a dumb accounts who. No I don't I did I am not and so are doing little. I look let me speicher's because what happened here is that. Everything got enhanced because of social media like Robbie Harris in that social media wasn't really a thing when Rodney Harrison was plain. It to an agreement if it did a thing Rodney Harrison would have been seen as a scoundrel and a dirt bag and all the things have been said about some. Right and so did Rodney Harrison like step on people's way and step on their helmets and you know try and right. He did he is the most fine player in the history the NFL I think he is he's been. I could be accurate you could be right on. Yeah doctor are I was that we disagree Chris we're not gonna we gonna settle this right now thank you in I can't tell you the odds the had a gambling Ozzie offshore book. A dollar currency where he's gonna end up the favorite. Is the New York Jets the jets are actually the favorite followed by. The LA Iranians who were for some reason on that list in the Chicago Bears the patriots are not one of the top. Three teams mentioned as a possibility for Ndamukong Suh but. It was tossed out early in the day that one of the reasons that the Indian and dole out. The patriots didn't make a bigger push to bring him a goal back was it was spend that money. In an effort to try to get endowment concert which I fully endorse he's a menace. He's the type of player that disrupts offenses and those kind of players you want on your team. You want them on your team. And soul like one player he's dirty ought to. Sites. Professional football in and only trying to clean it up it's different now. There's not a whole lot of Polly Ennis. In the in the NFL all right we'll press on and pretty former NBP be in the mix we'll get to that and we will do it. L Lewis is gone he's headed to the Tennessee Titans patriots are gonna have to bring somebody else in the running back position in. Any chance that Adrian Peterson. Gets a look I would say naw I would say that that's not gonna happen Peterson was let go by the cardinals. He's gone there in he's actually done overall. I he was brutal. Last year with two different teams not only with the New Orleans Saints but also with the cardinals. He's looking for a job and he is said that he would like to play to his hometown team. The Houston Texans see you wonder of them running backs Markey. Bill Belichick does he go odds you sign a veteran running backers they can they only have a couple of traffic cited the patriots are are loaded. Like the Cleveland Browns draft capital. To keep it feel every position. In the draft are let's go see your way to show we go sellout entity. Who's up next year NW EE I was going on Anthony. Benny you're clearly you're about the patriot. All of that bottom. The spam don't wanna have. Players which lord. Quote and quote. In dirty players and you know market higher standard animated that the where did you know. Everybody you know I thought he'd then again I hate fake and that he learned he put on your journey and I get the bet that flat bread. Of the matter forgot Eric Hernandez didn't know that they've done. I don't know who amid cheering for they knew at community if you. They knew going into drafting him that yet issue. Evidently never listen there's a different between a guy has issues and a guy is killed someone there's just like. If it's Tony that. Picnic upbeat filling up the order Eric you with a dirty player when he played. Ballad don't even know. What does it and I I you're preaching to the choir here I think you. All right. If it works out it's a very long shots were slim possibility is a dollar currency would really have to have they changed part here. And after being the mercenary. All these years decide. Guys wanna be a good team wanna play for a coach that. Is the legendary hall of fame coach and all that. In this is little evidence that that's the case other than the cold he had about going to Philadelphia. Which again doesn't seem. Like Kia a realistic possibility I educated here an hour earlier than normal. So I exit an hour early as well thanks to Trish dime jet was in here earlier as well then I'll be back again. Tomorrow night is there anyone left is there anything last year in the NFL Phillip we've been through all the names I have I'd literally as a set fatigue. We'll have a great night. And keep the locks right here Adobe every night.