WEEI NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon Surpasses $50 million

WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon
Thursday, August 23rd
Seventeen years, $50 million raised. Listen to some of the best moments over the years since the WEEI NESN Jimmy Fund Radio Telethon began in 2002.  

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Seventeen incredible years. I pulled. In ground pool out you do throw it to work. Yeah they picked your post you wanna pick my poems. I know we'll have nightmares yeah. How man flew home. Hingis yeah we can only warmed formal terminator to read the best pitcher in Major League Baseball right now that's person. Seventeen years of laughter guys who feel as he's your equity group and the funniest looking as good. What's next well like I said sled hockey stuff with that Anna and then girlfriends. Now authority happened at. I'm Matt yeah thirteen of tears email support. It's okay. Definitely definitely I spent part comic cost. And I did land him in for a teen years and three days many treatment. I mean not emotional but. Eric. Just cannot hear that word in there it'll pick and a huge blessing. Stories of strength and courage he needs his beautiful sea of people and then the insight and it just representative. Anyone that could lead. Erecting it to ten miles an represented and that it and it is strengthen its courage. And this. Is just instead. Of inspiration. You know I think kids anything any amount of money just have one more hug and more I love you one more moments and I think at that they think. I gotta keep pushing and I can't give up I can't give him and I feel. Like about him off hole. It's been injured and tolerate it as well and so. If it's Jones. No the only ones that have to go through that. We have got a national right Kyle. They have pissed at every name in. They do and again. From some of the biggest names in sports we are very happy to welcome in here and talk to David Ortiz Boston Red Sox when I give him a smile on you crazy something that they say it can't prevent it from coming. Joining us right now. Is Tom Brady. His very great but the often heard Joseph Allen has been you. The vacated all of the work that that you Greg. To some of the biggest names in politics Romney is on the phone and others. Hey thanks Glenn could say a real word give have a hard here and I'm I'm I'm so pleased that you view agreed it. Take a lead on this and of course the Jimmy Fund has been a big presence of bosh and prolonged time. He is the senior senator from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Ted Kennedy. I wanna congratulate the WEI for doing it this you know it says the resources the money which you do a phenomenal job but it also. The education that the information that comes across your program during the course of the day that's that's been in the invaluable. Donald Trump joins us on the phone lines and I look at doctor and a great work he does and beta blockers and organization to readout for 50000 dollars and I just need to dominate right away okay. Throughout the years that WEEI nesting Jimmy Fund radio telethon has received support from all over in a mission to help strike out cancer and now. Thanks to the generosity of listeners like you. We helped raise over fifteen million dollars for the Jimmy Fund and they'll say that your dreams come true Disney. But for me that dreams come true season walking the edge of the from all of us at WEEI. Thanks thanks thanks thanks that England. The fight goes on but we run another step closer to a cure. I'm healthy and insulting stood donations have come from this telethon I'm here because of a clinical trial that was funded front. They speak from the proceeds from the south I feel a special connection to it and I'm super excited fifty million dollars over seventeen incredible years. He's WEEI messing Jimmy Fund radio telethon.