What to make of Celtics and 76ers rumors, 6-17-2017

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Saturday, June 17th

Giles and Drellich talk about the rumors swirling around the Celtics about the number one overall pick being potentially moved to Philadelphia. The two talk about why this could be either a huge coup for the C's or a gigantic mistake.


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The Sears. Sports. Radio One network. I just als jelly. Getting into the NBA draft rumors and the Boston Celtics with a number one overall pick. And I'm Marco faults is your projected number one overall pick gains. Seem like the Celtics and mark helpful said he could be going you saw pictures of faults would be any Egypt be good. A week or two ago we came you worked out for the Celtics. You know of all the Celtics T shirts has been re tweeting everything from the Celtics but doesn't mean he's been quiet on Twitter as far as that goes for the last. Weaker cell mark Dell faults will be working out with the Philadelphia 76ers. At 6 PM tonight the scoring to Marc spears of ESPN. And Eddie's gonna speak to the media after 6 PM worked out of Celtics and sixers. Fairly heavy into the entry discussions. As woes is had the latest on that as far as what that trade might entail the Celtics are trading down to. Three new trade on the third pick in the draft which Philadelphia has and then Philadelphia also has. The lakers 2018. And equities. Unprotected. And the lakers are probably not going to be very good next year so that to be another lottery pick whether that includes another picked on the line it's it's all. That'll become clear but the fact that Fultz is working out today for the sixers who are also working out the year and fox. And he's another guy that could be somewhere in the top five closer to five. But does Philadelphia's making moves they wanna add point guard the they're young core. And done I don't eat dirt out of Philadelphia. Last couple days out and yeah. And I'd imagine that sixers fans. Would be pretty excited about getting a guy like mark Dell Fultz. Just talking a couple last night at this sparkled garage. It sounded like they felt like the Celtics are doing something stupid. To me if you believe in any right in at games look to mark Opel and that this is not. A true difference maker worthy of the number one pick it Josh action whoever it there if there's someone who makes the Celtics. Just is go to may be incrementally worse but the value of the picks outweigh. That difference. Then that you know like careful until why would you be upset about race it all comes down to is is mark helpful to release. That much of a separate or in this group. If you stand alone. That that's the question and ask the question and I Danny Ainge and the Celtics and talk to give the answer. Seems just look at falsely. The other thing is if you can get. King's ransom in return for that number one overall pick in you still feel really good about who's gonna be there three right whether that's. Josh Jackson Jason Tatum. Or do you make check little they blondes all right to know exactly eight you have to almost look at it as a value was the player's value. Gains. Also may be they are considering the fact that they they're guard heavy right now on this roster now I understand that ENN I've. I've been full bore on and say hey go after the most talented player because talented players are low win championships not necessarily balanced roster now honestly not anymore now. You know we're seeing in the warriors load up. The cavs load up you want the most talented players you can get to try to get her for a moment if mark L fault suspect I then that's who want want. Us. AT and I don't think dean is dawn this regard he probably looks at somebody else that goes. Faults is that overrated and now to Jackson we just is compressor or there are needs as well. I just think he's the U entering these trade conversations. Unless. You you kind of it if you look at polls and said. This is definitively good guy and extract it's really any reason and it comes. Lets you do that there was going to be somebody next year ever. With one of the other picks that you have the UK can't forecast. And it's like. It it also depends I think Andy well. Got to figure this out because free agency is. Weaker to after the draft and like ours that July 1 is one free agency starts thanks Jack and it affects what they do as well because. If you're getting go ahead and get. Gordon Hayward. And you're planning on using Jalen brown for a lot of minutes next year than what are. Where's there room necessarily for Josh Jackson now again if he's a great player than I did you make room for. And we we're we're not exactly out of open totally sold. On what we see an outage in brown but I would love to see him get more minutes. He needs more minutes he's number three overall pick Lester did not when you went up minutes and yet some good performances yet some battle. What is what is been the Celtics fan reaction so far maybe go back left and what all you're talking about the newsroom short. Were people in the air mobile what was the cius and scene like in terms of this is stupid or this is not stint. I I think everyone thought this was the weight goal of it and not necessarily to make a trade but to listen to offers to try to drive the price because the other team that we brought up yet. Is the lakers the lakers apparently loved what they saw mark helpful to his work out the lakers have the number two overall picture. The lakers have also been linked Alonso ball all throughout this entire process but. If they had their choice they'd they'd rather have faults in the middle of the deal Lavar. And in May be Alonso is just not their guide maybe they see more faults than than they do and ball. The problem I have with this whole situation is I feel like Iranians has a compulsive need to be Smart but he notes. And everybody else thinks faults is going to be a star he's blown everybody outs away in their work outs. But Danny Ainge says Nadal. I like these picks the future picks in waiting for years for the Brooklyn trade to come to fruition everybody's been praising Danny Ainge on and then. When they finally win the lottery and they get the number one pick. He looks trait for more picks it's well it sends the wrong message that it does not expect. I but I look at it another way to object in in the sense that. If you can take that draft pick can still get a guy number three who think he's a great player and a bad accumulate more pay but he's the only one that seems to think that. That he there's not beat click between 13. Don't necessarily feel like that I I think you're reading plenty of people that we. Would hurt our rival GM say that they thought Josh Jackson was the guy four rounds at the mass slice it was Chad Chad for was the one who who idea. Had that story with with the ESPN heavily. Saying that one rival GM thought that Josh Jackson was the guy I think Ian Thompson even said it. Heard him say in the last week that's Josh Jackson was the player there for for the Celtics are number one I I think there's been some talk. About Jackson be the number one overall pick. I I thought it was faults I've heard much about all be number one and Jason Tatum got got some looks earlier in the year is being made in the number one overall guy all thirst. I don't there is that much separation. Note Chet don't you basing your saying gaining just contrary rightly that don't you think Dini would kind of maybe putting too much faith in god but I feel like you would. The U cognizant of this train of thought that if he was just sitting there on. You know. I'm trying to do something that is it's not there and I'm reaching for concept that. The rest of the world telling me doesn't exist just just like can be smarter I think somebody. Well I think Burt general manager. Always in the back your mind is that. You needs or by success you know within a certain timeframe the Celtics are insane at the union's job here Islam he wants. You know to cast a mom I think that's necessarily true but if you continuously treating an acquiring. Future draft capital you could say while I plan hasn't really about yet we have all these picks in the future to provide you job stability is well. I think I love the Celtics and I've been going to games since I was a baby I am as big Celtics green team die hard as you can find and I think this is. The height of stupidity documentary. Because you believe Naples. Exactly and ultimately you the chance to get a star with the so it's been desperately trying to fine since pierce and Garnett. Where half the age of stardom that you hate. The star. It's all Harden isn't what if you can get that more multiple stars and yet it did yeah it was say say that. Faults they compare marketing partner carrier and say he's carrier in would you treat. The way it would lose the caps have treated next year's fourth and then a year after third overall pick in a year after it over a bunch of. Change high lottery changed her star player and BA you meet that stall our player. It is you journal might counter argument today is if you have three shots. At a ninety or one year old if you get three chances are trying to figure out who that guy is that maybe that's where they feel more comfortable because that's. That's also the more difficult thing years you're talking about nineteen year old kids Martell Fultz. You know was. Was injured a bit at Washington several points or how many games you lost but then again he had nobody around it and LA and around here not a lawyer and a wealth conference. Debt in the pac twelve good and no one around here knows that because they put all their games answered buddies in bad but I told got. Mark L ulta is a good player. Could could be a great player in this league but if if you're looking at it. From Didier is perspective in. EE get the opportunity get a few great players then then maybe that's where is going with this or maybe he's also Eddie here's the other option. Didier just try to get all these picks. And then flip them for a superstar that's. One thing that would make sense to me you're right that. If you flip paper route superstar in Davis levels of mr. Jimmy Butler now called George he's only been a year. Not one of these middle a year and a one a superstar that in exchange all of that draft capital for which it. All in in poker analogy. If you're getting an Anthony Davis level where then. And that's a good move but if you're just continuously and take your chances in the lottery opiate on nineteen year old take the one. That can score immediately fees Celtics team desperately needs scoring and by everybody's account used by far the best as score in his draft. Yeah it's and is not just adding to drastic it's also add through free agency they have to get somebody they have to get you know. As I give a better chance to get gourmet were the Blake Griffin and we get into that a little bit but you also need to add through free agency it's it's not just drafted. Well that and if if if the idea sustainability and still kind of building for the future you come back to that question of art if the policy take fault. You get Hayward like even then. It is changed under delusion that the Celtics and jet do you believe that the Celtics at that point are really. Legitimately. A contender who could outdo the cat but I like it if this formula what does this add up to give it think big bolt. If you're vision here that's really worked out of that. You believe in the Celtics significantly more than. Ought this year and. I think that you're not. Realistically. Eating Golden State. No matter almost no matter what you do in the next three or so years so than those of you draft picks that it works if he's hit a great player three anyway. I don't think he's a great player that's the problem I think faults is a great player in Jackson is. I I don't know I think he's a much riskier pick and bolts went on tape. Adjacent to I I think Tatum is. Morrissey at the Jackson but I still think he's app that he's going to be a star player I think you'll be a good player. But I think faults the star of reality another two or three stars and strap it's hard it's really typical react by. I think that a mostly. A third job. Right it's a value on it. Took us completely they'd better be better at the end good sense of who actually each should work out and. And the problem that we haven't talked about two I think he talked about it all that when you're on with with Alex was that. You're trading. The pick in your division not just your comments in your division two team that already up and coming cell. As if fault sturgeon to start at a lot of people think he's going to be yours seem four times a year in your own division it it's so I mean. Yeah but at this point it's it's cool who's willing to trade with the right it's. Yet to go with who has the draft capital to be able to go out trade that number one overall pick so I I every little faith. I understand what you're saying as far as your you're working with a team that's in your division and make it work against you down the line. Like if you're trying to put LA in Philadelphia up against each other to drive the price up and that's what you have to deal. And and you wanna get the best value to each and for the number one overall pick next week. Still folk all lights is what seven sevenths of a 979237. Eddie's in the car and Eddie what do you think the Celtics should do here with a number one overall pick. It I don't really know what they should do I think it you know when Jack whoever it was said something about you know at the height of stupidity to. Trade this pick because default I think it cited the community do you think you have any certainty or knowledge to what any of these guys that the I mean I don't see how anyone. Can think or know that you know all of this. You know lock lock on superstar of which they're like you know. One or two in the league at any given time teams so why not explore again. I don't know if you get my point and how can you how could sink that ball so. Florida. The other guys. The other guys which is that he's the type of player that could be that Iran curry. You know LeBron it's such he Leonard hearted it seemed so unlikely that that in and out so. Particularly for the numbers factor on the board Chad you have more likely you are in a. Arts is that you would you rather see him go for the trade adding I mean at this. I think if they feel as if they feel that. That all it or it didn't let yet in the left they feel that fault is that I just mention what. But again I don't see how anyone could think that I need based on just a limited budget in the all these. Coke out. Right at mean you have to count now you won't even know for 34 years with the most likely. You know except for what I'm Billy white guy. That came right out of high school I don't want or want your college was an impact player immediately. Right on any we're what we're talking about LeBron in that situation it's a backyard made eight out of the last ten number one picks of the big good players. I suit and outsold the double what they generally does have a high success rate. Good players yeah like. Difference makers in terms of winning a championship or not. Yet the US to start somewhere I mean what they'd done the three then the oh the success rate drops. Right now where I. Why not go for a number three what other goodies. You know where you get bigger chance higher chance of hitting on something. Read it and that one. Yeah. You're talking basing your your your same play the probability and right now I'm sure that Kenny just thinking about that but. Yes well I mean look like you're. That it would be having these conversations if they expelled also faults was such a lock. That that's to meet the absolute biggest element here is what do they actually think of balls because. If they thought and once so much yeah. Not let them like that I think it's like. Yet now we're say now people are saying faulted you know this you know potential superstar player but think the ball the other are you know number one pick that they've said that about over the last. You know 810 years and again. There are a lot of good players and had groove like how many I mean even you know Kylie if he was behind you know any other team he wouldn't be lifting the championship would mean. Yet it again that a lot of lot of good players out there but how many true superstars. Any I'm not blaming it you know it's so they could or any business. It's such a crapshoot if you get one. Any they civic also much out rushing to get more. To your eyes Celtics phone calls coming up after the break I'd quick little bit of news story the Red Sox one of Tim Allen's. No policy and a ball Josh for a legit third in no Hanley Ramirez once again so you'll miss his third straight game since. Playing those full nine innings at first base for the Sox on Wednesday why he's still on the roster. I you talk about problems that ends right we don't balls are it's such relative Giles were gonna be back. Right after this you're listening to WG CC. Network. Thousands relics. WE Yang taking up the Red Sox baseball it's coverage starts tonight at 730. Right now though we're talking Celtics. In the NBA draft then what Danny Ainge might do would that number one overall pick. You guys are Golan in the number 61777979237. John a Thain ease in the months away in the and die he likes the idea of trade that pick with Billy what's up John to what he got. Definitely all for you gotta buy into the theory and I'm not sure it wasn't you got a he would use you agree with it by. In Washington Chicago also experienced this year the first round. I don't want human Bartlett play much during the regular season that keeps me it was or not. And he kept him in there almost the very intricate game down the. You're you're talking about Jimmy Butler. I thought I thought there were times at other times though in the fourth quarter where he wasn't nearly as assertive as he needs to be especially for a guy who's supposed to be a star on his team but. What would you pay for Jimmy Butler at this point to get on the Celtics. Or at a particular what I thought when I've been through little I would I would be any change would treat me turn that number along with Philadelphia. And get their number three in the lakers number one this year and start that's what's you know that's what I'm hearing right yes. And then it probably gonna. The number one in the number of electors arbitrary negotiator. And maybe I would agree currently what you Richard lower equity paper like Butler and admiral Craig who you want to receives great. It was something like that. Well let's take a look from out to me you read refuses to open as a pitching. You can make archery term Reagan and you article that it would lead to a lot of movement that you want you to turn your play with a coach. In everything you're gonna get rid of the salary of premier John there's twelve million you can get rid of a lot of others that assumption built. With a lot of young threw it sort of possible complementary players then you got us on an article on Krypton it. Jimmy Butler is true Gordon Hayward as small forward Al Horford. You look at war between the couple outlook look at whether any number of big. We probably won't Jimmer and emotional match I've got me deeper. And read firms subsequently formidable part. It AC here's the thing and Johnson I'm not really sure how the money or it's if if they'd be able to do that as far as the salary cap and elect Jimmy Butler somewhere around twenty million dollars and in my skill to do that so given Max deal. To Gallic order a word. Tom. What even then. In space for the call appreciate that. Jonathan and that there aren't and even then I wonder if that panel I don't. That is good enough in how crazy is that to say Isiah Thomas Gordon Hayward Jimmy Butler will help or for a player for player with Golden State. I know I can artists and now doctor curry go in but I'm Thomas outlook and even just getting past Cleveland's. So why do you do that then. Why's that the way you build your team if you're not street and that's even clean and that's got to exercise and getting to I I'm not even sure that that is good enough I think you. I keep waiting for draft picks makes themselves right. If you pick the future window is what you should be reports. I think that that that lineup actually might be able beat Cleveland. Hayward. Butler. In or first. When Isiah Thomas and then you lose in five to Golden State right right that's the problem. I ever could. So just. Do you use it to be of the mind that that they should take balls right. Yes do you think that taking bold position than to actually to get it forget gold think to get past that. In the next year or so now. You're you're you're looking three years ago. I think that if you have. Our young star. Who is gonna start to come into his prime and in 5:6 years and I am under cost control. And or on a rookie deal. Your very itchy in this putative. Two stories that warm. The you're taking you're taking a big risk though it's because maybe the nick at risk if the lakers but maybe the lakers ticket next year and up at six. Maybe. They'll they'll be maybe. You know the Philadelphia 20/20 one protected pick is really late in the lottery. Yeah I needed aid toys what he wanted to Philadelphia to be one of the better teams are in general added and it's just for X I just don't I don't see that point. You have who won or. That's the best pick you can get in the draft it it's right if my staff is tired of waiting one. Let alone in the history have you ever at any point this process jet wavered to the point where like well they get explore other options outside of Martell faltered you've been. Just. Completely unmarked helpful since they won in your stadium since they got the one in completely mark helpful because I watched. I take much every second so the Tabasco this season and most glaring need they have is score. It is. Ashley and Isiah Thomas is off the court. Chair all day and rebounding. What are rebounding to put it in the NBA today you saw how high scoring the finals in our unique to score in this league. Celtics if Larry and out of that from a medical I think you know its glory till you score. Any jet talking about scoring. Don't got to get a break coming up you're serious after all more folk all let's bring in them oddities in Springfield in the 413 with some odd book what he got a marked a false. It got things particular call just on the chart throw it on the island say this is not the most painful report. The Celtics and I possibly could've seen Howell. Power that. They're waiting years for a number one heck we finally got one and if we treated it like another year before we get one each don't get greedy I mean ain't a Smart guy. Are there in two or 21 record turn out I bet. Who knows how good note certain sectors are gonna be looked at that tactic number 21 arm I want them to church sports. Art are seeing the videos and super ball from the other side or artwork into it and she looks like a sell it to me. I think this stand based would you care expert RE and its struggle at first I think we just want. This star. A guy so you are you are sold on March helpful split. Let me let me pose it to you this way if you can flip it and then he is somehow get the number one pick again next year and also future first rounder. Any of the three this year than yet. The opportunity to add a few young stars. They were gonna treat a kick it should've been last year number three overall on this the two collecting patient do. Want Max free agent this year and then take it it's your ticket next are all the number one next year at their centers and an seven order or Mohammed bomb off. We'll look at that. Yup a part of them doubt Obama. Who would you want to know what we got to do you want as far as freezing goes which match player. Sure aggression what you want out on would be on that. The other. Really part of that I you know this idea that well it's been fifty years and you can't look at it that way grade for its number one pick for the sake of a number one pick it. What is the best player for us of what that positions us to belong to you can't all look at this number one night that's the problem. It is it actually active and O'Connor. For the ringer pointed out that Danny Ainge had some comments and the comets for forty years ago about a trade was made in 1993 to Chris Webber Penny Hardaway trade which. He thought it was the greatest trade ever and which. You know Orlando just at least Sacramento in that one I would future number one picks cell. Angel likes that. It Orlando won a budget titles after that the and a well you know we're Sacramento feet. They daylight. Weber walk was the problem was actually wasn't Sacramento's Goldstein those goals they sari sari was gold stay as he does right after his her years of very strange situation that can't happen anymore in the NBA by. I don't know if that's the best baseline portrayed. No blood but the two shows that that any the we seem to make some moves and he liked them move them and so he I think he's afraid to trade at. Number one overall pick the number 617 cents and a 97937. If you wanna text in its 3793700. Relic of Tom Giles. Take your phone calls and we get the Red Sox baseball at 730 take a break him when we come back. It's more Celtics stock or whatever you wanna talk about as well.