What was that about sexual harassment not being a major issue at ESPN?

Mut at Night
Thursday, December 14th

Mut is talking about the report by the Boston Globe detailing some nightmarish stories involving sexual harrassment, gender, and pregnancy discrimination and more. All of this after wanting to distance themselves from Barstool Sports due to their perceived reputation. Mut also gets a call from a listener who is not pleased with Mut's performance on the Kirk & Callahan show of late.


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It's Monday night. Colin there was no there were never any details that says anything about the patriots benefiting many videos specifically and Tom Brady was not an accord that he Tina what's fun. My team was punished for that that Tom Brady was not punished for that Colin. The team was punished. There was nothing about radian despise about him benefiting from anything on the with my. Yeah bluntly he basically said Mike didn't do good in the weight and I represent three and out and you put anything. You may like this guy is like playing in his role with much. And recruit talent we've got to punch her punter breaking down football got loaded and it's great. Now here's my. I talk sports radio and tell you we. We are open to criticism on this show it's on at night Sports Radio W we got here until 8 o'clock these teams have coach Dave producing is always taking your calls. At 6177797937. And yes we could have been better. Bad job by me last night when it comes to the Colin Dunlap interview which you can still was. You on demand at WEEI dot com this is plenty of dumb things he comes across as a complete and utter moron. Pittsburg sick if it is it yet sir is that what are what's that what's the term. And now. But he needless to do for yourself I could've been better in that spot will be better going forward but not apologizing to that big dummy Christian Fauria. Obligated to what you stuff here in this hour I wanna start with the news today will be in Europe globe tomorrow December 14 the globe with public to tonight on the web site. The headline is women who worked at ESPN's state problems go far beyond a bar stools warts and able senate is the author and the background here is pretty simple. If you were I younger enough you're if you're I was disable forty. But it's probably an old that. I think a majority of view in my audience know would bar stool sports news you know the bar stools sports and that'd right here in the city of Boston with David port noise. Building of brick by brick again it is vanda. Driving the newspaper around you pick it up you goaded the blog of the Celtics came Red Sox game if she one of the bars full sports XY sought my high school college days whatever one's. IT the bar stole sports news did you pick one up. You look through it eventually made their way to the web site and now as you know I'm bar stool is not just one of the biggest brands in Boston it's one of the biggest brands. In the world amongst sports fans one of biggest brands in the country I should say it among sports fans between what they do on the website on social media. These body freaking boxing company and a holding a boxing pay per view tomorrow and nine and not 999 pop so they have gone supernova. They every TV show on it was based on a podcast pardon my taking a very good podcasts one that I listen to. Religiously three times a week when it airs Monday Wednesday Friday at big cat and the FT. And they had a TV show in aired. On Tuesday nights at 1 AM. Or Tuesday mornings at 1 am I get that confused it aired wants. It aired once because internally ESPN anchors and personalities led by San ponder. Did not like the ESPN affiliation with bar stool because they thought bars the was unfair to women they had an issue with Sam ponder going back. And so after one episode they canceled the show. And the skipper statement it was essentially hey we think PM ET those guys that a good job but. We realized we could not associate or could not disassociate ourselves with the actual bar stool brand. Which is a pile of crap the whole reason they did the show they set up was essentially. A wall called a trade deal but I would call at some sort revenue sharing opportunity at a good brand building opportunity for bar stool sports. Is because ESPN wanted that audience ESPN is having trouble right now ESP and a is struggling mightily on their shows they are not getting younger their ratings on shows like the sixth. Are bad very bad on some nights they're looking for anything. How do we get this young. Hot upcoming. On fire brand. Bar stool sports. And how to we do what they want their cake and meal eat it too they wanted bar stool but they didn't want the baggage of bar stool anti go back to the Internet web sites like bar stool and others. There is bags there are things people said before. So they want it after a week the heat got too hot and they bailed. And John skipper pulled his big were holier than now we can't associate or sells the bar stool that's the back story. And so after all that. You have a eleven page story today printed out in the Boston Globe the telling that there are some issues right there in the backyard there are Bristol. It is written by jet Abel said it was a member of the spotlight team over there at the globe that line is women who work at ESPN a say its problems go far beyond a bar stool sports. Read a couple of headlines from this today it'll be a major story tomorrow across the country. Solomon said the environment it ESPN can be so hostile. And plum positions from female sports journalist so precarious. That they hit their pregnancies and felt pressured to take short maternity leaves in order to protect their positions. One anchor even dinner scheduled broadcast. While she was having a miscarriage. To prove her commitment to her job. According to former employees that of course they have stories it's somewhat widely known. Sarah Walsh wrote about that on rolled social media. Another woman one of the few solo female anchors on sports center said she was told her show was moving in another direction. And she no longer have a job on it weeks before she went on maternity leave last year she is one of the several who said they were given less desirable positions. Or laid off before during or after maternity leave. This is everywhere in the story. That when you have a baby. And maybe it's this can be quite citizen ESPN's firing people because they're having some trouble right now. But it seemed like if your woman you about a baby gonna miss some time that you're gonna lose your job or you've been moved around somewhere on ESPN. The big game and this is Adrian Lawrence who is a legal one of these coffee go Mike McCann patio that makes sense. She was on ESPN and she it's she filed a suit against ESPN. Quote she ESPN has failed to address since deeply ingrained culture of sexism and hostile treatment of women. Onset atrial lords who filed the complaint this summer against ESPN. Boortz had worked as a lawyer before she joined ESPN a 2015. As part of a fellowship designed to increase racial diversity. At the sports network. She went on to detail her time to thirty ESPN. I'm in her complaint she describes a toxic environment at the ESPN headquarters where men make unwanted sexual and romantic advances. Under the guise of networking or mentor. And in chooses quotes on this word mark. Women as the role that by spreading false rumors about sexual relationships with female employees. Lawrence accused John which across a long time sports center anchor who she viewed as a mentor a cynic unsolicited shirtless photograph of himself. And calling her doll face. Hash tag dream girl and hash tag long legs in messages from 2016. Reviewed by the globe. A board said she tried to remain cordial in these emails but one point responded to you need to Wear. Close sir. When rumors spread the tour relationship. Or repeatedly complained to company officials and was advised by superior to drop the matter. According to the complaint. Born said he ESPN retaliated against her by reducing your on air ships and ultimately denied her a permanent position. The other fellow a mail received a job offer the globe interview three former employees who lord to confided at the time about her treatment and confirmed her account. Butcher grounds IG is quoted in the story he responds to the allegations to the Boston Globe quo. I know sequel first he acknowledged sending the photos the shirtless photos to her but tonight starting any rumors that two were in a relationship quote. I consider Adrian to be a friend which are growth said in a statement to the globe I'm sorry if I did anything I anything I did it. Or set offended her it's certainly wasn't my intent. Which across noted after he said the first shirtless picture lords texted about the possibility of getting the other that we get a which atrocity Texan frequent over a couple of months and talked about personal issues. As wells advice on improving her on air delivery. ESPN says it conducted a thorough investigation. And found Adrian lords is claims to be entirely without merit. So. It's a serious. Serious. He said she said in this case you have one woman here Ager Lawrence saying that. Allen with John which across sending these photos. But he was calling your adult face stream girl and long legs and said she'd she dealt with a environment that on one it's sexual and romantic advances. Under the guise of networking or mentor ship. That's the she said part of it but he says which are grass saying look I I essentially. I got an email from her after he sent her a a shirtless picture. Asking if I was available that weekend. So it it seems like. ESPN is going to position this as. Maybe a romantic. Issue between the two. And are gonna say that she responded in a way. Debt. Didn't look like harassment look like the two were. Emailing back and forth. In fact Adrian Lloyd ESPN a last half hour or so. Their spokeswoman Katrina Arnold issued this statement. Are we conducted a thorough investigation of found these claims to be entirely without merit. Boortz has hired into a two year talent development program. And was told her contract would not be renewed at the conclusion of the training program at the same time ESPN also told 100 other talent. Was substantially more experience they're contracts. Would not be reviewed the company will vigorously defend its position we are confident will prevail in court. So they are saying her claims that these things happen did not happen. On a Connecticut commission on human rights and opportunities released Lawrence is complaint and request she's going to sue in federal court. Rather than wait for the agency to make its rule so. It's a he said she said. But it does not look good for ESPN wreck anchor John what you grouse I'm sure at some point if he's wanna talk to global on this who have further comment on it. But he's been deed was setting on wanted. You know shortlist of photos. That's going to be an issue. Four ESPN. I'm Jan surge here also talks about her trip to. A strip club via ESPN personalities we've talked about that and then towards the end of you have unnamed bankers and the author of the storage enable send says that. Basically nobody would go on record for the story because they're worried about ESPN and the worried about getting jobs going forward. Here a couple of these organ on sourced or people want to go on the record and their comments as female anchors employees on ESPN. Current former employees at the networks still face problems when it comes to older men. Preying on younger women particularly production assistants just out of college. It's like cutting your arm in an ocean pulled sharks said one current employee. Who said she's received on one and physical contact for one colleague and listen to another rape women on a score of one to ten. They knew that quote the second new blood is in the water they start circling. So that's to spell out a scenario where new PA comes in a fresh out of college here comes the talent circling that female. Another carted voice any male coworker accompanied her to the cafeteria. To protect her from an older male colleague. Who had made on wanted to advances including an attempted kiss. One former employee said that she faced sexual harassment police Forman and the complaints human resources. Went nowhere. So this is pretty detailed. Here in this story I goes on to talk about the different women who we're terminated or rather position reduced. What went or in around the time went on maternity leave and on and on we go. I had no idea major awards tell the truth I had no idea it was consensual which on which across Spock and back and forth. That will be left to play out. It just goes to show you that. There are some major major hypocrisy here. That ESPN was so quick to distance themselves from bar stool sports league Parcells is big bad entity in their soul badly true women so bad. And this is going on to write their backyard. To what extent I have no idea we just read this story for the first time. It as one real accusation. Against Jon which are grass and it's a lot of other. Unwilling to go on the record female anchors and pulleys. So this is not the detail of the NFL network story of earlier in the week it's not the I'm Kevin Spacey. Okay it doesn't get to that level. But it speaks to ESPN as an entity as a group that they were so quick. The cut ties a bar stool like they were the worst website in the history of the Internet. And god forbid. After months of planning this. And putting one show on the air we get a little little push back on the Internet can a little bit of push back from our employees. Weren't canceled his arsenal show. They want to act like their holier than now. Ironically in a story reported by the Boston Globe they are acting like the Boston Globe in this case. And they wanna pretend there's no issues there will see if they meet these things head on. We'll see if there are other stories my guess is that will be. Rory seeing a media outlets. Start to report on my three goes past my three goes and reporting on the Olympics from BC sports he does the NFL games and NBC. He has a checkered history of dealing women at ESPN. If the NFL network is through believed in was gonna be a boys' club my guess is ESPN a was similar. And I figure will get more stories like this and that you had to expect if that's what ESPN and John skipper. Labeling bar stool like this radioactive toxic website that god forbid we stated this with only after one show. It's why we so freaking hypocritical. It's so embarrassing by ESPN. They wanted bar stolen one of the audience and when San potter and other female people in that being in that building got upset. According to multiple. They got upset they go LaBarge left one week my question would be was Sam ponder or other female anchors. As upset when it. AG awards is getting these emails. Would female Michaels they jade McCarthy were fired in and around him maternity leave. When Sarah Walsh are so worried about a job that she bases have a miscarriage on the year. I was doing it a show one at that was going on. It was San ponder whether female people upset about the bar stool connection where they as upset about that would be as angry about their female colleagues. And what they were going through. We have no idea. Because they're not really quoted in the story. And Sarah Walsh who had her obviously dramatic issues. Could not comment because of Sean a contract with the ESP. So I read this to if further we talked about these stories as they break. Whether it is in a the last couple days now Russell Simmons or the NFL network or this case ESPN. These stories are coming to sports. My guess is there are more stories like this at ESPN. We will see what ESPN does you'll suit ESP a responsive they've already issued a statement saying we did two years of looking at this and we are thorough investigation in major Lawrence has no merit. Oh she's got the pictures. And she's got the Texans got the emails that's gonna be an issue. So will we keep an eye on this and not shockingly be hypocritical nature of ESPN. Once again shines through. Yet do a bar stool but I stuff like this one in their backyard. Least according to this story today. In the Boston Globe with alleged by. Adrian Lawrence Wilson would have been 61777979370. Is your phone number welcome back it's your fault calls on. I want it the Red Sox for couple minutes. Because after a week of doing nothing at the winter meetings Michael Solomon suggesting their knowledge gonna do something but do something big. We get to that in your calls one at night Sports Radio WB. On this Thursday we'll. We're radio WEEI it's and Red Sox here in the second district with policies. EST get exposes in the Boston Globe was just during the commercial break watching Portnoy on Twitter for nor did. A six minute video I got through half of it where he is. I guess in the initial posting of the globe story they included the bar still sports URL I've gotten that part of yet but he makes an interesting point. At the beginning of the video which I had not thought of and that is. That this this court case is Adrian lords court case added that ESP is dealing with the Connecticut. Puerto would have you believe that is why they canceled the parcel TV show. That they canceled it because they're dealing with this court case in dealing with this issue and don't wanna be associated bar stool knowing that this is looming out there so. Port Norris firing back or piloting the sound of it tonight but I'm sure we'll have it. I tomorrow morning and I'm sure Al three roll haven't had a main event to this Alec streamers on the air tonight I repeat. Roemer is on the air after football tonight stay tuned for Reimer he wrote about race in Boston. On WEEI dot com today united disagree on many of these things but that he's always good. When it comes these topics are Roemer after dark following football right here on WE yeah. As for the baseball. There is nothing going all of the Boston Red Sox. Talk quality eEye guys here today it gives the Red Sox the end. They're doing nothing right now they're hurting everybody hurting our hot stove show they're hurting us all. Do some thing Red Sox and it's not gonna happen eight times who doesn't feel like they got the weight outs Scott Boerse. And Dave Dombrowski said as much yesterday the two guys they want. JD Martinez Eric Hosmer all represented by Scott Boris Scott Boras is very very patient. To wait painful painful fault with these things this is going to be awhile. And so they met when both guys yesterday reportedly and then today this in the midst of not wanting to do anything how about Michael Silverman source. Red Sox talks signal interest in signing balls. JD Martinez. And Eric Hosmer. From the Boston Herald today source in the winter meeting said the Red Sox are engaged in talks. As a another pop up comes up of the Boston Herald site. No surprise. A source the winner meeting said the Red Sox are engaged in talks in not only freeagent. JD Martinez but also free agent first baseman Eric Hosmer. The intent is to not try to sidewalk and the intent is not to try to sign. One of the to a league players. The goal is to sign both of them. Our Red Sox president baseball ops Dave Dombrowski confirmed either report quota on comet on any free agent discussions. After three days plus a little low worthy news the red size critical search for a leap offensive talent. Today's developments certainly seemed to contrast with the browse these common here Monday. About a cult and Harold it's of the Red Sox ought to sign both Hosmer and Martinez. Jaime Martinez gonna get cost green 20300 million bucks Hosmer is going to be north of 150. So you're talking about. Potentially about 400. Million dollars between these two guys. It's not my money I like ball players sold all four. But it seems very very likely this seems like something to leak out their try to get a little buzz few team heading into the weekend. At least to me maybe this is I'd actual source maybe a Red Sox have that. Expectation it inside both guys. I would bet against it. That assign one of them will be JD Martinez. Because he has much or a power history that Eric Hosmer does. But it's at least somewhat interesting right that they might actually swing on ball these guys. It would make some sense it would lead to one more trade you can't play ball these guys have been on the current roster as your outfield is full. So what you're gonna move. A DH candidate in him earlier as are you gonna move a first base candidates have their Ramirez betrayed when your outfielders. This d.s signing both guys. Would necessitate a second move I would not be against it. I'd rather signed JB Martinez and keep Jackie Bradley junior for now if you're asking me what my perfect scenario is it's just eighty Martinez. As JD Martinez as a DH. And play outfield once or twice a week. That's what I would do I would not sign both guys. Because that would mean public trading Jackie Bradley junior. And that immediately nature pitching staff forced because he saves you so many runs in the outfield defensively. But it's the first little nugget. We've gotten sucked like we're gonna overreact to this. And my initial reaction is to try not to just say ultimate one of the two I much prefer JD Martinez. 6177797. ID 370 is the number Josh in Boston on the Red Sox all season I Josh. Obama was summoned. Eight events are all questions. It's all. I would actually hurt. Well look it make your case Johnson ball. So I feel late march at opposite. And I mean if you look all a matter confirmed where Aaron out. That are let that he could you know kind of a couple guys in order for our. I don't know it is technical. Feat and it's not call her our. And actually eat it push harder they're in the car but I mean. I don't know. If Beckett out of that you are. And it ain't that. Mark. Josh thanks a look at his his hit chart now on Fannie graphs. I mean he's a right handed hitter who pulls a lot of home runs and he's got some opposite field power here but. I'm counting his home runs and you know over half our two. Left in left center field. And I'm sure there's a better way to add to do this Sunday when it very quickly I'm sure there's a much better way to do it. I add I yelled hi I have to pull Hosmer look here as well. I know JD Martinez hits in the right side and crushes baseball's. Crushes baseball's. Hosmer is never easy good hitter. And a good first baseman and by all accounts a good clubhouse guys to getting more well rounded player potentially when it comes to our customer. But from just a pure power from the right side standpoint. Bring me JD Martinez when you compare his numbers and if you don't fall one Twitty should Red Sox that's on Twitter. I he compared his numbers year to year this last year Martinez and and Jon Karl stand pretty similar last three years Martinez and John Karl stand. Very similar. And we watch a guy swing he's crossed the ball to left to left center field. So I think I want I have faith in him these next 45 years after that begin a six or seven year deal. A beacon started to get the age 35 or 36 but certainly the next three or four years. I feel pretty company come here and at 303540 home runs just by showing up and be in the DH. John's up remain on the Red Sox are WEEI John what's going on at. They might well I can't thank my show I had made it compared then Mac. I'll you know all the hype about getting there are similar height about eating a lot where I'll ask you and you know. We headed out where Gordon Hayward and carrier so I feel like it anywhere and allow our MI united. Are similar. And unique but it he's out in the move quite as I think there's a lot yeah yet anyway to make a move. You know me you know Iraq or eight by eight article there I decided I would like the old record our heart our Morgan mark. A lot taxi. What I say for the same reason to rule the other guy said what's your reasoning. While you keep every at. That lack. Boy I gave us an I understand attic Eric Hosmer is a bigger name. Because people saw on the American League but I I urge you urge you. To go over and look ahead. Go over look it JD Martinez and look at what he is done offensively. All he does is crush these balls. He's a better fit. And Eric Hosmer. Odds go to the Gary from the great sit having Gary your WEEI. I Jerry. Our Mary what could be called Barry in mains are barely it's gonna comment. About Mars orbit put your appearances at all Kirk Allen we couldn't. You artists. What do you mean what what's been the issue very help me out Egypt you don't. Currently used to worry a little Kirk. I'll offer. About an example former and I've been excellent on that show in the ratings would save as much. I don't I might I if what they say they're really what I'll say that much. So they keep pat me on every week in the same day and raids on it secretary case are. So they're number one in the ratings but they put somebody on who's not good at the ratings bury that we know you believe. Ever want to be hurt. Or kill the rate in the ratings are based on the ratings are based on thought. The ratings are based on five days you ought to see you you're sick to stand for Kirk many and that's fine. You think cart do you think Kirk Smart. Makers are OK so he's gonna put somebody on the air who's not getting good ratings for the show that's when you think there. I'll also art. I does is have is a birthday parties are very good guy and it ought to go much. I think I'm helping him now on that show by. And what are you OK oh what right now Barry wrecked me right now on the casting couch when you wake up in the morning. Give me from five to walk Ford wants is for members right now full time four to one let's not include Roemer in this next give me the people you wanna hear on that show. Oh. Did they have people on the Shelby are you can't be critical of the and then knocking me an answer you tell me I'm number one last year not one that's fine but you gotta give delist your bare. Its. Audience here. Ten mortar. Yikes okay. Sad that in Baghdad gets it it hurts your opinion when you put ten weigh one hurt the rest your opinions are going. Number two I can't argue. Eric. I forget you falls going in and out talking into the phone part. Don't lose their parents or care. Of you agree to go ahead rank everybody go around launch current put on order. I wondered why there are arranging nobody almost Gilbert. A lieutenant Larry number one put fuel. Numbers three and number two. I just it's taken too long very c'mon you know the I'll admit excellent on that show and they can say all they want about the ratings. It's a pretty Smart group that show. Special radio standpoint Chris Curtis might not having a real common sense to. I he might be a dummy you might be in a brain looks like me. But he's got damn good radio sense and you guys can keep believing everything they say if you want you to listen all the sound bites they play. That they pretend it's something I really said what do they are taking the out of context they love to do that they wanna make me look bad the wanna make you look stupid and makes Curtis look better. And it makes canned laugh makes them all laugh. But they take me out of context. And they say things like Eric their ratings do you think that show that works that hard on their show and cares about the ratings would put somebody on consistently. Did not help them in the ratings the answer is no glass all brain S a celebrate this for they thought I'll get can be great. They won the week thanks to rain was four. Thanks to a dummy would no shirt way in trouble. Brought them the day brought them the week. That's why do that shows I I am fine. You know playing the mark. On that program I'll take the shots I got thick skin. But I would urge you not to believe everything they say. When it comes to. Ratings. And it comes to the laws. Is I bring paying way sleeps to those shows tomorrow I would rank it will add to be out of ranked Hamas in a more right now. I think Tomas he's number one that's just me. Don't believe everything year. As well I'd say to bear on Kyle's and main icon. But I'll go what's up buddy. Hey guys or call and then later that left collar I don't know like block then your life aren't. All very nice you say Kyle very nice use. I refer to say angry at number 110. Anyway hey wait goes on different shows. During the Kirk in Callahan show that is called not being committed there's nobody more committed back this is they mitigate quote. At last Friday he said don't open the show. I'm a sense of the fifth member of that show nobody cares more about that show on the casting couch that I do ten weighs down to an Hill Man Morning Show Kyle during the curtain challenge. Yeah al-Qaeda about that will tank riot act the only thing I will lead but you don't hear that from both saying. I don't really need you know I. I know you don't need it but the people leading Kyle of people need. A 37 year old a man a father of two playing a a brass instrument for the first time like twenty something years. You'll not hear that tomorrow let's give you'll tees occurred in Cali combat I I have some news on the curtain Callahan show tomorrow. Alleviate teases the program up they like to listen Roemer after the football game tonight. Now get up until Thursday night football here on WB yeah. Final minute or so Monday night's Sports Radio WEP guide other we did the books reality on the show was the other guys tomorrow six until ten. On the curfew Callahan program Kirk is currently at the opening night showing. Of his new Star Wars movie which I've I'm. A C at some point. But it feels like at least the next week or so patio that's that every single figures to be packed. And say at the wait at least ten days two weeks ago see this thing. That seemed right yes our guy and that moral bought his tickets months ago you know thanks. Eric are you bought tickets you that crazy about Star Wars to be locked in yet. No I haven't seen a Star Wars movie since episode one it's been a long time I I've casually interest in my son. Likes Star Wars now is a is a five year old is getting re ask for a bunch of us stalwarts here for Christmas we'll see the ends of getting that. As for tomorrow morning. There is new global information more globe talk tomorrow the bar stool ESPN stuff is picking up and you'll hear. A brain let's rendition of little drummer boy the David Ball we Bing Crosby edition. Myself and Chris Curtis. It is likely going to be a freaking disaster. So tune in at 6 AM tomorrow to and in the third time football right now including god Tom Brady Jim great halftime and after the game with Raymer right here on WE ESC.