What's behind the least interesting lead-up to a Patriots Sunday Night Football game?

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Friday, November 10th

Patrick Gilroy, and NBC Sports Boston's Tom E. Curran are talking about the Patriots and Denver Broncos Sunday Night Football game. They discuss where the excitement for the game is and what's contributing to the seeming lack of interest.


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He's much they're. At night on Sports Radio you. We EI. It is but it night Patrick that you would do. Guys that we hear you late night. If you guys with weird. To come in here and still have people on the road and people. In the building I'm excited to be here tonight alongside it on. And to join us here 6177797937. It's next the program a 37 and 937. You find me on Twitter. At Gilroy I'd hoops act Gilroy. On hoops in and Tom usually when I'm here we do go Celtics heavy of mixed a lot of patriots and Red Sox but I'm sort of the Celtics got right shore but you're here so I need to take full advantage of you being here and I know the you can do Celtics with me and we'll get there. But as far as this this patriot stuff goes coming off the bye week the addition of Martellus Bennett. Well the way he's left Green Bay and and some of the an outgrowth of the things we're seeing today that are going on even as the patriots out leading. For Denver calls into question exactly what will happen because the patriots have listed as questionable on their injury report he's on the roster he's an active player. What as that's going on there on the way to the airport Martellus Bennett. We're sharing on ants to Graham. A number of mrs. that he was kind of just thrown out into the public domain and let me read it to you because that to me it's certainly calls into question. Exactly what Bennett will be capable of here because he's taking a very strong stance that he was. Done playing for the year in these. Social media posts a first the Packers and this is Bennett the Packers examine my shoulder on my visit march 10. And cleared it they even gave me an X ray it got worse during the season specifically against the cowboys. So ask to have it checked and we checked it after it. Few days contemplating. To play with it or get surgery I chose surgery. Now here we are. It tried to bleed me over doctor McKenzie who I'm presuming is the medical director for Green Bay trying to cover his own ass after trying to persuade me to play for major injury in the choosing to get surgery. They have. Access to all my medical records by shoulder wasn't where it is now at the beginning of the season a week that up playing for the Packers. Finally last one here. Doctor McKenzie didn't make. Didn't make me feel safe and was pushing for me to play which I thought was weird but that he was trying to get me to play through it. But the way he was saying things I didn't trust and look at three other opinions from doctors who lost that I need to get it fixed. I decided to do that. He decided to weigh me with some BS excuse failure disclosure and that's the end of that so. When you have a torn rotator cuff you are generally in my experience just cover in the league you can't play through it but there are times when you've seen on and get surgery now so that's what he's maintaining needed. If he plays with it for the patriots. You'd then be saint Patrick. It's decided to play with that here put off the surgery. But isn't it really strong stance to take on social media today and then go play. And that's really what I don't yet because it again and others rules around the sort of thing and and this is gives fuel the fire for the patriots haters out there right because to me. It looks a little a little bit below board I mean you have this guy that publicly says he was unable to play physically right just just a couple of days ago. And now here he is he's on the plane with the patriots he's an active member of the roster in this district the case of Green Bay it is playing for nothing this year the patriots are playing to win another Super Bowl pass autopsies be motivated. Well but that's the question is why would it mean why would end if the players say it's in a lot of contemplate bureaucrat that team with my bum shoulder there's not going anywhere but. For me about a situation I think I will play I don't understand how that makes the patriots look back. But is that is it possible that he in this case when it comes to Martellus Bennett that he did say. What in the offseason that this could potentially be as last year so it. Really though he didn't say that until after Aaron Rodgers are okay Willis edit accurate whenever he said he certainly looked like he'd jump ship on that team no question let's just say hypothetically that in his head he thinks it is his last year isn't that additional motivation for him to to play through the pain for the remainder of the season. You've seen athletes don't we quit. He just quit. He quit on Green Day I mean. But he's enticed perhaps if we do see him on the field we'll have to figure out whether and body does point to what extent. But he absolutely quit on the Packers and his ties to play for the patriots and patriots while people say well. It sucks at doing and can do that these distant and the reason I don't like them. Is that their fault but they have. The kind of program that people one point oh no not at all but he let's say you're saying that but but it's it's a bandit issue as opposed to a patriots issue if you got an employee out there. Sorry if he can be candidate think when he worked for you know we worked for us. We get a lot out of me you got to look at the merits how I do oppose the patriot. I get atomic and you know I'm here at part time at night but during the day might might fulltime job I'm on airplanes once twice three times a week traveling the country. Talking to people that hate the patriots each and every weakened and for me this is just it's more fuel for the haters out there because it does. It from an outside perspective it looks like the patriot sort of game the system again they did last year. I think what really enter rupture that just for the simple fact shore. Those are the people who are reading a 140 characters. With the reading the headlines and they're not really using critical thinking skills and that's why here on the East Coast we're an East Coast intellect prevails. And we have the ability to go a little further and because we are better educators. And which is more intelligence Enron and further better civilized that's why we end up. Being able to look past that so when you're on those planes. And you with that mishmash of people from all over our great country. You're often dealing with. Intellectually inferior people until he returned here to Boston that is that is absolutely 1000% correct they feel superior the moment the plane takes off into the moment I get back. I am the superior person on Tuesday at the point you cannot. Blame them for being in a situation where they they would say what the patriots did something wrong here. You know better and and I know better. Because of where we happen to be raised. I absolutely agree with you but I can tell you this I can promise you that there are people right now throughout our great country saying the patriots. They cheated once again they absolutely are Tom whether we want to admit to it or not this is just gonna give them. Another argument then we ask ask ourselves Patrick. Do we give those folks a toehold there would do to reduce pat them on the head and proceed on our way that's what we did you know we just felt that I went ahead and they have a nice day that's all. It's Sports Radio WEEI it is much at night Patrick Gilroy. Alongside Tom meeker in the number to join us here 6177797. 937 takes a program of 37937. Find me on Twitter at Gilroy on hoops. Act in Gilroy on hoops on the way here right I caught some your conversation with Keith and you're spot on who you talk about the fact that there is zero borrowers for this game for is that I can't remember a time where the patriots are playing the Broncos and it. It's not even dismay to excitement nobody's talking about it. Let's go five. The five top reasons. Duo to a verbal slide show dual list by GAAP arable mystical. But reason number one has to be the fact that there is no one compelling on the Denver Broncos offense. Aside from manuals in his and to Mary's pompous Jack okay and they've lost borrow so that's one right. Return. I have to say that at this point the quarterback situation when it comes to the Broncos it is. Less than boring I mean they've got nothing there at this point I did that. While not really aren't I always considered the quarterback is separate entity in itself administered I want but if you'd like to just take over unhappiness that might see and know you know hours I did that one wanted to come out. Go eat yours I know that's great yeah three. There we go number three and then back to you because I'm not monopolize a nothing over here I mean I get a gates who warmed up your hours to go I'd lose sleep. I'm gonna say. When there's no settlement. And there's no Hogan and there's a high tower. It loses some. It really does have buzz factor just goes away did you not curious about the matchups necessarily. And be one of the biggest aspects of this is how to Stephon Gilmore do when he comes back in the lineup the big question it is a it's a question. But I don't even know I mean it's gonna serve as a big question this week Patrick but I don't think that rises to the level of eternity that's just a story. Nobody would've at the start of the season right so and that's what that that's a question that I think if the patriots are really gonna go into the playoffs and by the way to get back to the Super Bowl they're gonna have to get major contribution from him at some point it gonna have to. They were the plans and expectations for him going into the season we're far too high just to dismiss him and say okay we don't need. They've got enough problems of their own if he's healthy player with a talent that he has he's got to give them something positive at some point along the way here and I. Think he can't and it will be interesting because to Marius Thomas's perfect matchup for him bigger dude. Outside receiver. Y have a that's why have Malcolm Butler to cover Emanuel Sanders is questionable for this game but the patriots are gonna go into this game out with. Three guys out. And among them as Marcus cannon so that means that is as we look at this scheme. I hate to see a team give up 51 points from the fans shore and then play the team that I happen to root for. Because that's what ten protested because they don't they're not without out. So they just gave a 51 last week they've lost four road coming home for the first time. In three weeks. I would be a little weary and I think that our guys Stephen -- abuse is a little leery as well with us and we get to him now or later in Europe the guys QB it well but I think that would go to look at this is a little bit of dangerous by. It is a bit of a dangerous by it but I feel like you know the complacency here among patriots fans also to do with the fact the patriots got off to a rough start they started played better of book. More like the patriots they more dominating the way the patriots do but. Look six inches and nice spot to be I think complacency has set it. I think at this point other patriots are back in you know they've had the week off. And just before the week out of the ground below train didn't go that really stole the thunder of the season rate than in the air because we got to talk about that per week and you at this point I think that the external drama factors are are minimal which is generally a good thing right but as far as both Specter goes. Every they're not there right now that. Happened last year too before equates imprint on the road number that every six different obviously yeah. It posed no great threat the storyline that was settlement in Brady going home to queens him Francisco term that's that's. That's. Eight at that that's really tried to sex it up to attract people's attention. And it has really there was nothing nothing compelling about that game and even when they want and it was one Malcolm Mitchell touchdown pass. That out really steal that game the defense Quaid. Pretty well for the first time. In a while. That game had nothing. Well before I get to it to Stephen new inherited wanna ask you when it comes to. The Gilmore vs Malcolm Butler is there something to be said for the fact that Butler started playing well when four more went out I mean not for companies turn to c.s around you looked a lot more like. The Butler that that we come to know over the years and then I thought it was just me at at and it was crazy but then I I. Went back I watched the games again. And this guy looks bought on the last few weeks of the post two week one week to week three where he just was kinda map out there all of a sudden he turned into one of the best guys at his position. In the NFL the last three weeks yeah I. I think that the guy at the beginning of the year was the aberration pat. I really do he's playing like he usually does not was he trying in those first few weeks to be something that he's not. I don't know I just he is kind of a home run hitter as a quarterback sure you'll use. Rate competitively. He saw that the jets game I mean he took away a touchdown. With a very Jenkins with Smart play. He had the picked before the half that set up the drive to set up a touchdown but he also got beat by Jeremy curly. On a way that you know Carly did a nice catch it was a pretty good throw actually trust account but but he gave that ups like a stink he's kind of a home run hitter. But it's an right now he's it's the agent never thought that he didn't. Bring me yet you see it to me the first few weeks of the season he just he didn't look like he was responding well to. Potentially having another number one cornerback on this team but I disagree only and that when I watch him I never see him not competing OK I might seem a step wait I might see him. In recovery mode because he thought it was something that's not announced. But he attacks people like a freight and mongoose want to get him on the ground I love his competitiveness in tackling and I think that's one of the things that they lost more than anything else. When Logan Ryan went elsewhere and that's where Stephon Gilmore has to bring up his level of competitiveness and you write is in hitting. Some run support it and get people on the ground. Exactly right about that he Malcolm Butler to me I look at him I look at the patriots sort of semi turn around that they had defensively and I don't I don't think it's a coincidence that. It's when he picked his game up to the patriots defense of we started to look a little bit more like the patriots that we come to know over the years it is Sports Radio. WEEI it is but at night Patrick Gilroy sitting in from whiteman at ski along side. Tom. 617. 77979837. Let's go to the phones let's go to Steve Steve's in Newton Steve you first appear. On but at night. Hi guys I do what's the but I met my yacht went question is for Iraq army. Storm or big buzz about this game should be. We kid who blew it because. They gage got covered up with that so many little kids government and we're playing better on the road right now by. I repeat we very well could lose his skating it got a great defense standard had he ever go off while that might have a you know an FTC engage. They've they have made other quarterbacks look good. You know the last two weeks they've played really well defensively but we are exactly right he Dave made average quarterbacks with outstanding. On some occasions this year. Yeah I think we get a lot of questions enough. We barely got to Egypt for got to have a good case in all the way around we got a good game does that negate this is an automatic. Do we add that analyst Tom got a how to begin that is on the west side will not Steve they created just for the simple fact too when you when you look at this team and what. The patriots will be going through you don't wanna go out to Colorado Springs after having played Denver because the patriots are gonna stay Colorado Springs. They're gonna practice at the air force academy and then they're gonna go to Mexico City. You wanna supplement sixteen to thirteen loss to the Broncos for a week now down there in Colorado absolutely not. But is that a reason why when you look at the patriots bring better on the trip it does that have something to do that who you people reading into him being on the plane as he's gonna play this weekend. And I thought to myself well now all of a second here. Maybe it's just the fact that this team isn't coming home for two and Harry weeks yeah it maybe he's gonna play in the next game a great point so so for me you know people are so. Eager to read into what the patriots are doing. They're a tough team to read into you know that as well as anybody but. It may just be the simple fact they don't wanna send a separate plane for him to come meet the team later. That's a great point and that's actually some night and hadn't hadn't even thought of I mean. He is listed as questionable he is on the active roster he could play. This stuff that I referred to with the top reality based shows that he is advocating personally for surgery. Indicates somewhat that you know he has hesitation that he'll play. At all this year and is trying to resist that's we'll see what he does but you're exactly right Patrick if there is a conversation to have between Bennet the team. Well they can have a when they're out there we'll see how you feel want to get out there Marty doesn't doesn't Bennett have to sort of push re the situation the way that he is on social media hotel to protect the team and predict and protect himself at this point a to protect himself one thing else if I was Martellus Bennett to Leipzig and I'll come back here complaint by how much. But this team. That and I already made my money in terms of what but it will be interesting to see if the Packers trying to recoup any of the six point three million dollars signing bonus. But if Bennett. It will be interesting we get to hear from him about how he feels about the patriots. Getting him a cut rate shark. And if we learned one thing about it last year it's that. He thinks that he's a very valuable guy and he's not afraid to share that with people like you guys that thinks he's. Very interest. If you were here for multiple years the act would get old but Lester was spot pat camera out here because you generally don't get that the patriots friends the one thing you don't yet you don't get to know people. And that sort of level helix it well there and sort of muck it up with a media say things that other guys just would never say because he doesn't care he doesn't care it's not gonna succumbed to. Build knowledge he does not gonna do it ain't in Belichick is knocking a Muslim and I found that refreshing and last year he really avoided the big mistake he did it. Giggle all there and put his foot is miles to the point where he was gonna be suspended or fine it was just all in good fun so. For the patriots I think it's an interesting move that they made I'm not sure how much they can count on this guy. Is 60% of Martellus Bennett better than what they have right now. He he very well may be and I think that might be part of the thinking here to Sports Radio. WEEI it is might ignite Patrick Gilroy Tommy current taking you guys up until 8 o'clock plenty of room for you 6177797937. Sports Radio yeah yeah. It's much that night Patrick Gilroy you're sitting in alongside Tom each current number to join us here 617. 7797. And 93 said he takes the program 37937. To find me on Twitter. Matt Gilroy on hoops acts in Gilroy on hoops and Tom I want to ask you sort of a a bigger picture type of question here when it comes to the patriots. When they treated Jimmy drop below. The first thought became an in my head was well now there's an expiration date on the dies the mean no one no matter how law. Tom Brady can sort extend this thing whether it's in you seem to think it's gonna be two years until he does that essentially says goodbye. People say five years what are put my chips on one would be okay whatever maybe two to five years right before. When grapple was waiting in the wings US patriots fans call the station and say well. When Tom Brady goes away grapple is gonna come in for a decade plus. So there really was no defined end date to the dynasty here people it's assumed it would keep on roll. Now with the fact that you're up against father time it's such a cliche but he's never been defeated. And for me anyways I'm watching these games. But with a little bit more a sense of urgency now because you know with what was I do Tom that when this thing goes south it's gonna happen quickly and the recoveries gonna take a long time. So sort of blows my mind that people are so apathetic about this team right now they are six and two I haven't looked quite as dominant as they have in years past but the fact is. The entire league has been sorted down this year so maybe it's good enough to win the suitable maybe you don't have to be quite as a leap as you've been in years past to get through this year. But for me is a patriot Stanford getting this job as a fan a fan alone. I'm looking at this year and next year and treating them with sort of renewed sense of urgency if only because I suffered through the Celtics twenty plus year drought and that was miserable. Then the intensity spikes and then Arabs and that's what it's gonna continue to do because. You know we don't know if the patriots crescendo. Was five months ago when it away eight months ago here in February we don't do very well could have been not yet because. Look at the team right now we're gonna look at this team in hindsight if they win a Super Bowl this year it will be an absolute rabbit out of a hat situation. And what's a guarantee that next year. They're gonna get all those pieces back and make thirty plus. Julian Edelman god bless him and I hope he does but you know. Please at the level we did yeah and you know how all those pieces fit together next year so. That was really if that ended up being the cherry on top U Sunday. And that was pretty good. But that it might just kind of discreetly. Diminished and this year a slow decline though because I certainly absolutely and I think it'll be. You know from last year fourteen into them we'll see where they finish up this year shark they have two losses they could certainly finished fourteen to again. I'd be surprised if that happens I would also be surprised if they make it to Minnesota I just will I just think that you don't suffer the injuries that they did. And survive I think their paper and on a number of different fronts key fronts you know. Free safety. With in Korea according use these incredibly important sold there gronkowski even patted his back. Butler is. You know guy who's gonna need to be replaced next year so. They're very thin wanted to month number different spots requirements not coming back and noise is doing okay. Which are not bet not a for the warm terms with the Steelers say. How's it gonna end up and in and I was driving a bus for ninety you know before everything happened. But you just mentioned everybody except Tom Brady because Tom at his age continues to play incredibly well he got to the best quarterback in football people would think that. He would be the first domino to fall because of his age right eventually you'd be the guy that that starts to lose a little bit and that it that would be the primary reason why the patriots eventually. We're no longer the elite dominant team the favorite to win and every year that doesn't seem to be the case. Which you said if Tom Brady starts to lose a little bit do you think he's lost it at all from last year. No I don't think so well but if you loses it a little bit what does that look like this right balance on peacefully 5200 yard right. 32 touchdowns and four picks so few loses oh a little bit. Ben so what does that mean he he if he does and an eight to one touchdown interception ratio that's where it is that's why Katie would figure him into the equation. If being noise falls off a little bit. Here's your script and it's more tangible effect you're gonna see it sure if he screws up a player to you're gonna see it if Brady screws up sometimes who won't even see it. Because he's making plays that we could have seen. Anyway yeah and he might be for it would difference buddies get Nate says eighteen are. No and upon I mean. Yes this by people sit up there and it stands so vibrant look that good to plan for yes he absolutely does he is popular spot on. Every throw all season long. But his presence in the pocket right now Patrick don't you think he's. It's as good if not better than ever stupid that it's bumblebee and the fact that he's out he's faster in the pocket than he's ever been in my opinion and I I said that last year to this year. His ability to to sort of create space for himself he feels. The the feels a sense to leak the fact that he's gonna get sacked he feels defense caving in on him and he's able to slide out. In this sort of Q wait you don't see other quarterbacks do increase space for himself in essentially do things that forty year old quarterback's. Are pretty much unable to do now people say it's never been done it has been done in Warren Moon did it Favre did it. So the question really becomes is can he do it next year that's really when that the drop off in the decline generally happens you'll go what happened Warren Moon at 4142. Brett Favre at 4142 that's way and at forty they were still great right at 4142 is when it really started to hit home. Let their great was Brady's good that is true. So that's true the relativity of at all you accused him but meanwhile Jason Taylor for the Celtics fans out there or being with us consider what football listen to me and pat. Jason Taylor will start with a sore ankles so. You can put your prayer cards away we Jason Tatum Al Horford still out. Part of the concussion protocol Celtics today saying that he made. Significant improvement nobody over there with the Celtics anticipates this being another nine game absence. Like it was last year when Al Horford and that they write you keep people up to date on sports in general when it and yet you kind of have to it was capital we start to an on NBC sport on our show at night I don't watch. Yeah thank you you're welcome and that's part of the idea is. Look you can't be blind we just assuming that other people don't know that there's a basketball game on so just allude to Witten and I'm listening it is for camping has it's hard to stay with us. What you know with when you have any update from the. That that I want to is how like Newt to wish you happy birthday because I had any kind of a big deal appear. A 49 was 49 celebrated in the manner in which he was really wasn't but we didn't have that night twelve to readers that is true to let the world know that you they're released its exports video sneak enough funding that that WB yeah I Patrick Gilroy. Tommy current number to join us here at 6177797937. Let's go back to the phones. Let's go to ten cans in Winchester canyon next appear on Sports Radio W media. Gentlemen lecturer. They support me on the airline. You know well I was gonna talk about Denver you know. In the longer term approach is looking you know. You still have Belichick regardless of where Brady's go on and I understand that that urgency you want it to intercept and I'd. I plottage well it check it that you're always going to be in pretty good shape and be a contender. And you know the time of year now it is ready when the patriots always panic it. So they had the art week. And you know you're talking about the injury. But I still believe that yeah you're gonna get some new names. You're going to be. Like we aren't even talking about that like where did they come right. How much how much can does it enter into it for you when you talk about you know optimistically and outside. You're entitled to when you look around the league insane not to Andy Reid in the Kansas City Chiefs and its. Doug Peterson in the Philadelphia Eagles and its that press gotten casing Garrett I mean do you take solace in the fact that. I don't care how many injuries there are the patriots program in place in the fact that their quarterback coach I'm bit combination. Give them a puncher chance all the time no matter what's going on. Exactly. Exactly. As to exactly who are the other you know and you know you. I guess I'm optimistic that the patriots that I'm not even a patriots living doing it but I am hardcore Eagles fan. I. Good they would do it when my friend. What what what happened last week with Denver what how would God's name could they hang 51 points on a competent defense. Well there are really confident and I think we've seen a steady decline on that the entire offense then he spent the Denver. Over the last several years since they won the Super Bowl so I'll you know I thought win they had. I don't we're gonna play whether backs against the wall after three law office. And now they they couldn't bring it they got completely dominated on both sides of the ball physically. And it was very it was very surprising in the attic like I was worried about the game and you know I could they're Denver and now isn't all adult yet. They just. Now Billick will look through them and it really surprised me and actually ESP earlier. Ago. I guess belief you know for real because they make Paterson actually build a very good at keeping them. Looking at the next game and not looking backwards and what they've done. You know I was actually surprised that we hear reeking of 2005. Well to tell alls Super Bowl pat I wanna hear from you Hoosier NFL MVP because I know that I got cannot appear when testers Ganassi cars Mort you're very now it's going to be Tom Brady and I hate saying that because they didn't want it. He would say this here really wanted to root for somebody else this yard Canton police backed candidates look what Tom Brady's done with the weapon in this this year. Candy can't let that stand. I think they're well I'll say it they get lucky buried there even really given all those injuries and incredible right now is played I don't like to welcome out of this these pocketbook while Richie just. You know well I don't know I just I mean you know he's been in the way he has continued to perform. At. This level. If there was going to be an injury that really did the patriots and offensively and listened and we certainly appreciate the phone call don't be a stranger. To the program if there was an injury that was gonna get the veteran Tom Brady and we've seen this guy overcome. Injured player after injured player injured player over the years it was going to be a las an element that that guy is absolutely think he was proven home once again. In the Super Bowl last year it's the guy that he trusts the most leans on the most and we know how Brady sort operates. With the new weapons it takes a while got and it's certainly taken awhile for this edition of the patriot sort of get comfortable with one another but as the season goes along. It's becoming more more evident that finally Tom Brady is getting more comfortable with the weapons that he's got around him but again if there was one guy that makes Brady look good and in turn. Brady makes him look good it was settlement and the fact these overcome that loss the patriots still being six and two still being despite the fact the last few weeks have been down a little bit still being a pretty dominant offensive team. Still being a team that has to be certainly feared come playoff time. To meet that that drives home the point that he's got to be the NFL MVP with out Tom Brady your patriots. Our. Not an hour into yet. But Emma it's weird too when you look at how close seven and one because ratings to get them importantly. That Carolina but nearly. But again we look back at by you wouldn't go in the direction of who can't it would lose me think about the guys. Who are held together in some ways by duct tape and gorilla glue that I think loss might be the one I mean gronkowski Yemen Tola. Has been arguably. They're unsung hero slash MVP and some of the plays that he's made to move the chains when the offense wasn't doing anything church and both are guys who are not. People you look at go while historically to enrollment every week I mean Hogan is down this week who probably missed some time. He's down this week we'll see if he gets the Mexico City to play there because of the shoulder injury. That he suffered a much hooters. Exact diagnosis with him I've heard but. They're up against that again offense we and that's why when you say okay to go to Denver and a look at. Broncos who do have a semblance of pride defense of weight went up 51. Their home after three on the road they've lost four in a row this is their last gasp. If they lose its over the season's done their cook but if they win. There's still mathematically very much in a playoff conversation so again this is this is their biggest game of the season the patriots face that week in and week out with every one of their opponents everybody wants to beat the patriots the patriots have got that big sort of target on their back they always have as long as Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are there. They always will this Sports Radio W the Shiites Patrick Gilroy it's Tommy current for about about another twenty minutes or so so we come back. I gotta get Tom's take when it comes to. Al Horford is the average or is he an all star or Sports Radio W yeah. What's radio WEEI. It's much at night Patrick Gilroy alongside Tom curry. The scary moment here in the celtics' game Kyra you Irving went down. And I among one of those guys it's gonna do play by play here but when you see. Another what are your franchise guys go down for a minute it it sort of makes you take it take a deep breath and pause for that there was a pool of blood. By his his face essentially so the club by Aaron pains at the end of the drive and love I don't buy it was a goose arms so Karrie was in pursuit position. And beans tried to give a little help and while giving help his arms swung so. I'm like he said he gets blood drive but it probably isn't going to be a season under or even scheme and the hump is we use staple blow. Guys don't waste carrier reminding us and it won't be dramatic it irritates radio there's no vision into a you know it does make you nervous the Celtics have done a masterful job Tom when it comes to overcoming injuries. When Tatum went down against the lakers the other night. Three fifths of their starting lineup at that point from opening night or out with injury I mean you look at that and you look at the loss of Gordon Hayward you look at the las now of Jason Tatum who thankfully is back tonight. But you can only have so many losses on our roster like the Celtics this team was built. Very much imperfectly and I say that because they're very top if you imagine Heyward being your being healthy. You got three legitimate veteran stars on this team with Al Horford Gordon Hayward carrier ring and then I've never seen the team. Going to a season with the expectations that this team had upon their shoulders leaning on six guys either in their rookie year or their second year. Other more top heavy now in the world last year oh incredibly sad about her out though they are no doubt because Tyler Zeller. In Amir Johnson and Jae Crowder are not as good as. Means yup twice. They're not his gone unheeded that you're so there is you're only three guys you're picking guys and pains entice. Danes played Aaron Beasley with the pistons and it was a good player Charlotte played but he did play occasionally overseen they played as much as Amir Johnson and Jake reported of course so there is good but you've upgraded those positions additionally upgraded. Over Zeller with. Inning number of people I mean seller could go on the floor this team is deeper than going into this season and you gonna tell me that you were kind of handled one. Good player last year and a half with Avery Pratt but you were you comfortable going into this season if you've it's at least it used the Celtics are gonna win. 53 games again go to the Eastern Conference finals and you're gonna reliance second round picks and usually to give you twenty minutes tonight. Because that's what's happening I would. And not even being a semi social way you know. Aficionado. I would have said yeah thanks anybody but Amir Johnson. And Kelly Winnick I mean god. I I once thought the east well I have to deal clinic is not a good basketball player who was Jake Trotter Earl. Avery Bradley might have been the best player and you had. Your very best player your most complete player was probably regret yet that markets mark who still made bad decisions. Isaiah Thomas is a wonderful score supply. These. One trick pony you've I think you've upgraded. Incredibly and that. I'm glad I'm glad that you have you have upgraded incredibly. My point being at least last year you had veteran players coming off the bench and out I was more comfortable going into the season but now where we're at three weeks it might it this is the developing opinion right. So but three weeks then I'm seeing guys that. Generally don't get playing time in the NBA not only get playing time but contribute to victories among right now what is the best team in the NB LEL style. That you're you're. You're bigger appointee of making is is is outstanding like that I think the semi usually like these guys that I don't pay no price from. Some guys didn't know I knew nothing about these players I knew Hayward and pains I knew and I was not a huge Hayward guy and I'm very curious as tests to see how they'll play now why am curious why I think that he's a very good player I think he's in the top thirty players in the league but I don't think that he's an altering player I think he's at peace that plays better with other people but. When it comes to finishing and scoring. He is. Not as explosive at the ramble on the scoring he does is its own follies and outside it's stuff but he doesn't finish at for an. Now I think I I could get on board review if the Celtics or relying on him to be they're number one right but now I think it's becoming. Clearing clear game inning came out that you do have a legitimate number one. Released early ticket he's going to be awesome to watch because of curry absolutely and Horford. And I saw this pre season he probably too. Horford is absolutely completely unburdened now he can play his kind of game in him and carrier ring our our. Incredibly. Telepathic with each other ethic. All these bitter debate raging on the station for a few weeks now and the Maloney started it and I got to ask you when it comes Al Horford are you comfortable with the calling him an all star he's a four time all star is probably going back to the all star game this year he keeps his play up is this somebody. That should carry around sort of a nickname of old average because to meet Al Horford. Is what he's always been. And fans saw the contract that he signed here they saw the 47 million dollars a year and they said OK he 61147. Million dollars a year where is my twenty intent right but he's not that guy. No he's not. And you have to in this in this instance understand that that he is. And this isn't. Really meant as an insult or might be pursued since he's a complementary player he's finishing PCs are garnished he's kind of thing you put in. It's seasoning fees not there. You can still lead it's gonna taste OK but if he is there it's gonna taste incredible. And that's why on a good team you'll spend he is. He's scale Tippett guy all you have to tape Ed and because he will make other players better but. You know that team last year constructed. With. 58 scorer. Who was gonna ball dominate. Because he had to not because he wanted to a book because he had to. It's not meant to make other people better. Here's the thing when it comes to Isiah Thomas Isiah Thomas. Was always known around the league as an elite score it the kings knew it the suns who knew it every team that pursued him in free agency knew that he could put the ball in the basket. The knock on him in the reason why when he first came the Boston he was coming off the bench people forget when he got here he was not a starter for this team. The reason why there was a knock on him besides his height was the fact it. He wasn't pure point guard he didn't set up this team right he didn't make his teammates better. So people talk about Al Horford numbers last year. The number that I encourage everybody to look at is the assists and number he led all big men in the NBA in assists last year he led the Celtics in assists last year. And it's because Brad Stevens shifted the gay his game a little bit. Any essentially made Al Horford. The offense run throughout Horford he was. By definition their point forward last year allowing Isiah Thomas to go up and beat the incredible score that he is without Al Horford. Isiah Thomas doesn't give you thirty points are yet it's not a coincidence by the way that Isiah Thomas Jae Crowder Kelly let nick. All had career years from beyond the arc would Al Horford getting them the basketball and setting them up he's an elite passing big man in Kelly Olympic. Should be thanking Al Horford for the rest of his life because got a fifteen million dollar deal on the heels of what he did last year. Yeah that would be at seven feet tall all of that don't have what I think that you know what but again. When you look at the way that office ran. Horford couldn't be himself neither acquittal a lot of those guys because it was often. Come up. Handoff. Everyone stand around a clear room prices. And let him go do whatever he's gonna do and sometimes that meant power off the bottom of the ram a lot of times that man. Getting filed and probably the most admit him finishing in some unbelievable way. But it didn't make other guys that much better allowed them to play harder on defense and take heat off menu could draft off of the intensity of that player. But these guys I mean. This conversation no you Marcus Morris guy. Yeah he's a professional score so I think every good team needs want to unlock he's not somebody that I think should be leaned upon at any point. But he's one of these guys that's got to come up in a playoff game and have a big game and then we knew a game more to. But he's not a piece he's not a building block that peace yet but I it's okay what are you all about it. To Charlotte the he's going to that's what he's gonna come in fire among does not like that's gonna look good and some nights it's gonna look terrible at that that's what he is that's who use. And and fans get confused because. The Celtics are goes round the Celtics trick it to aid Avery Bradley wore that wasn't a straight up trade. I mean that was just the clear clear my right urine and and that's the best they could get back. And by the Avery Bradley is the one piece from last year's team that that I regret the Celtics having to move on it's not a coincidence that the pistons are rate and three in second place in the Eastern Conference. Avery Bradley is the major addition means that the. It's funny read the trade got my and I said. If they were going to make a move please what do you mark Smart money for Bradley and pat when I did little to push back for people. It's funny basketball people more than any other sport will accelerate to. You have no idea what you're talking about it's what we did and any other sport. The very defensive Bradley its seats it wasn't close I mean he was here. Best big range guy I fought aside from. From Isaiah could scored better than anybody from anywhere. But obviously the best defender and just do so many things he did well but he was their alternate. Scorer when I say it was shut out. Yes he was he's had stop at some points eases up but. Those huge replica. To your point last year Isiah Thomas that that the real hall of Famer Isiah Thomas said an NB ATV that he thought that Avery Bradley for stretch last year. Was the best two way player best two way guard in the NBA somebody could. Defend at an elite level and score an elite level I love my Kobe does really well is a great player the Celtics certainly miss some. And I tell you what the Detroit Pistons are happy to have him Celtic struggling out there thus far in the first quarter tonight before it got to hear Tom. After Hayward went down I think a lot of Celtics fans tempered their expectations. NBA finals appearances were sort out the window at that point. If come in and thus far 110 at ten consecutive games are penned into. I think they've exceeded anybody's wildest expectations. This season for the season to be a success the Celtics have to do. Those are always really hard question because you don't know what's gonna happen in a series for instance I think last year would have been 88 not crushing loss of their loss to Chicago obviously. But they lost Washington even though they were the first seed in the in the Eastern Conference. The way that series played out I don't think you could watch the wins and yet it didn't play well it fried aren't there they under achieved because she started to get in the playoffs a sense of how undermanned they work the point that you make in a minute ago. That they're very reliant on young and inexperienced players and right now I think that those guys are looking better than those veterans that might be the time that you see. Those guys had a law yet so all that preamble. Is for me to say if it ends before if it ends in less than 6 games in the Eastern Conference finals then they'd that I would be to support. And yet to make to make your point beat a quality veteran players right now the cavaliers are four and six and it looked just completely disheveled out there they don't even look like a threat to the Celtics right now and you've got a guy was here till 2 in the morning last night taking calls on people. Buying in the big cats are dead and and I thought back to a comment that Paul Pierce said this week on. On NBA TV RE SPN wherever he was. He said I want people to remember the 2010 Celtics they went through a fifty game stretch of 500 ask written and with a game seven of the NBA finals and probably should one thing. Yeah these veteran teams are coming out and playing with the same sense of urgency that a young team like the Celtics really does not they know better Dwyane Wade knows he's only got so many bullets left in that in the gun and he's gonna wait until April. Dispense them now when I love more than anything to seek Cleveland implode on itself and it and see drama created around the LeBron James again I want to that. I crave that I wanna see LeBron make an ass out of himself again. That being said it's probably not gonna happen the more likely scenario is that Cleveland gets their stuff together sometime after the all star break in and they pose the biggest threatening. A conference. Well and that's wells well constructed and you can certainly expected but what's weird what happens between now and then. Mentally and psychologically there and is all that fists window dressing anyway and it is what it is they're gonna turn on the way they did. In 2016 says it's a great question Tom appreciate you coming into our minute by an I don't get to work with people like a human being lit up and you should see how the ladies like free game cast away Tom Hanks like I just as human here instead of volleyball so excited I'm very special. Our Malia and you know this is this hour of Tom meeker was brought to you by doctor Robert Leonard and doctor Matthew in this oppressed the is that correct. Awesome guy replacement got they had doctors and Tom meeker and at 1800. Get here at Sports Radio WEEI it's much ignite Gilroy in from my. He was a call 6177797937.