Who will see Isaiah Thomas’ tribute video? NBA fights, killing Austin Rivers & the curious case of Anthony Davis.

Thursday, January 18th
Michael Holley and Rich Keefe talk recent NBA fights, and who would win theoretically. Why is Austin Rivers the one stirring the pot while out with a hurt foot. Would Rivers have an NBA roster spot, if he didn't have his father as a coach? The guys recall playing on teams where the coaches son was on the team. Holley loves I.T. but isn’t happy about the way he has handled the tribute video. Keefe and Holley debate The Last Jedi … it’s called “Mostly” C’s for a reason.

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Michael holly and Richie yeah. He's mostly seen some post links podcast the podcast about the Celtics from red to Russell brown took bird and I. Parish to pierce everything seemed. Mostly seeks the most least he's podcasting's presented by GP LB officials sound up Jason teed up the Boston Celtics and the NBA let's get to Michael Holley and which keeps. Most weeks she's podcast. Thanks for good activity mostly these podcasts that might JPL's it is out of the Celtics Michael we'll we'll see. I would like great day we'll do it starts these are good start NBA. Started yet to work her way back from. And honest wrong. Thing to note that. Yeah yeah right and burial site. I was very happy to hear by the way I'm happy that I have yet. And you have. I don't think we have. It is a lot of Jason cross your producer and I did once you're past dazzling outing came up what you don't I'm sensing a little bit of an end. The way that comment has a very sharp. No you know it was like a pointed remark like I've done it well you sort bought mine all wounded I guess he didn't check via the archives there we have an episode tick off the new year I must that was great it was highly download it. Hi thank you to Eileen highest number I've now not being here okay okay he's. Right we look back at 2007 team while you're laws that was the Boston Celtics two seasons that you put together and they're going on. We'll get this over the August the updated version of Isaiah Tom with in this ridiculous tribute video but. Starting around the NBA how about on Monday night. All of the fights. Breaking out across the league and then really highlighted by. The clippers rockets and the old backstage that is crazy as they got trapped door back there there are shown up a lot. There's certain things up got a guy knocking at the front door to distract you got somebody else you know Chris Paul he knows the knows you know there's your great he does those Staples Center hang on there's a little interest over year which makes you wonder yeah. Now we're at the top of the clippers. Use that to their advantage in the six years that Chris Paul is in the other Italy's spying on you know in a panic in some information on their opponents say if they don't really helped him on the playoffs if they. Found out that there was the trap door in Gillette Stadium call while there are. In an area that got about how everything about it as the deployed there a problem or does the patriots did all they got. I'll there's a lot of things to it joy about the clip of clippers rockets fight a big one album is that Austin rivers IQ was that the senator of letters to you who wasn't playing great. It. Of. Dude you're there and you're walking boot auspreys flash. Georgia is Ali and it was overnight to a point your foot and that is Erica the shot up. Two ways of handling this and I don't know if you ever. Bid on on all the sports teams you've been on Europe. So mayor Walters grow you but it career at you earth have you ever been on the team. Where that the coach the coaches on was on the team yes yes a bit. There are two ways and there's the I'm just a wanna be one of the guys there's you modest. Humble way of fitting actually mean like you treat everybody else and there's Austin rivers way. We read figure in the league right now what your head. Yeah it's crazy that you like out you might be in the league but you it may be my Wiener you write one of those. Okay sent to the G league yes because. You know I'll weeds evolved are morons earlier or redundant right now we'll see if he's ready and Marjorie April. This guy's acting like he's the best player on the team he. Talk trash to rock hall and Harden. We hear enough. Just be thankful that your in the position answer is in the crater is your last name is river to lots of rivers and at the time doc was still. At roster patrol. So not only that I want must on the team b.'s he can negotiate the contract have. They pay. Millions and millions of dollars because. Yes it's on the clippers now one apology games in a row by the way they're backing that the top eight in the Western Conference I don't think they're very good team I do love Blake Griffin. I've always like Blake Griffin he kennel walked past didn't Tony there and I did a little bush Antonia don't count your vote at Antonio discriminate every. So's it was former player too I don't know like most news outlets and in Italy of Blake Griffin at. In Austin rivers if they got into a fight with Chris Paul and Trevor Ariza. Made brutal and those. Those out there right polygraph and none out. Now he's the biggest advocates the big he's big guys act if you knocked out and are buddies now on time he's ever that yeah oh yeah I've got a lot of friends guys. I like five's in great shape though admit that I don't know maybe these wars and got a trainer not great today well. What that whole thing out and some old saw and I'm sure to remember about. Shoe makers kids have no shoes like that but I never heard a pop and I've never that alright lawyers close to our hop on the ship. It's just chips and say hey you're dead you're dead or or your wife's and my wife that this she made great food all the talent on this day when you're the exception a coach I. Guys are all you're not gonna do just because you do it as your career doesn't mean that you're suggesting that lake referenced friend who was betrays Jordan I had a chip shot in fact on the regular week. Of brochures smaller public or from guess what so is Chris balls those robberies those guys that's my point is all about crazy you know fight. Who was crazy so I've out of those four start whichever probably ariz the. All and later nothing crazy about customers to blow Brad yet. So I am not worried about him. I don't look like as a McDonald's American I usually think of most repels Americans they were told a good they were at the age of twelve. People theirs and their towns or their cities or whatever kind of protect them. I've always like those guys that get a lot of fights about Austin rivers and hold our committees and he's done. A moment library prior an NBA coach Wright and look at around recruit out of high school which. Also I'm not wrong product she's wrong all the time I'm not right very often when it comes to projecting. College players of the rogue agency with him I was dead on with Austin rivers are bringing it out I think he's in your boss my my guess what if that was the year ago with you know in the top five I think you know going and overall there yep and out. I didn't like them at duke I didn't like about a watch coupled with high school games to the right ESPN producer highly regarded. Mike I don't see what he sees low he's not very athletic. And the Al leading craters on job India. And I said adding that some stability could be out of the league you know four sec Contra well what's up and it kind of wrap the rest of the gas yet about their I didn't realize. That would take it. Doc will be in a situation now before we go on and talk about the clippers and autism is that. Tell me about the the best coaches did you ever. It and have good friend of yours as well my best friend. Dad was RAU coach and he was a good learners or point guard I've played two in he was he was a good player. Is doubting great coach but really really really good coach. That's the first or jumps the mine entrance vegan in all sports. It's grown up you always play with our yet look at my that would help out too and but there's always baseball football basketball we always had coaches kids on the team but that's the one that jumps out the summit. I think I play with a guy Donny is is coach with dot that the head coach is gone he's gone he Dario. He's short I'm short so we play both guards played the same position. Great guy as a matter of fact. One of the best teammates I ever had. Because is like I started strangely I started and he came up eventually but he eats up informing you know it's so. And you can talk to him about you know rotations. I. Got app it picked yes I'd just like to Baghdad to put a lot more like yeah but it would've been a great guy. Great guys to open our government so much right. Brian and with his father a government and saying one time in the probably all the parents that all the than the players there like. You know obviously like you know it's on the on the team and Hitler thing like he's my favorite player on the team he has. My son Greg let's at about trying to hide it but the same time it's very Harlem like you you'd yell at and it wasn't one of those things where it would take out and everybody else that never figured out they're not too hard though those those situations there being no other RLI goes above and beyond just wasn't bad news bears and tigers the physical development ever did that but it was. I'd never once thought out east tool or or not hard enough you know they just right right he fit right once is the coach's kid and. You know actually I I played under might as though you're the Buick how accurate quote you what coaches can agree my dad was a coach. I was last off the bench for awhile and I'm looking back that was good enough. Any of the awards at the end of the year wasn't getting them. I think he was right that in between re worried about how people would it was a small communities is Catholic schools like thirty or thirty kids in class like. And boys like sent around to it showed favoritism and I know what you're talking Hermione and I actually match with the other pats the crap out and outbound very. There's a great Jason Rossi these are counted on who is co host the last episode which which I've noticed that bags are a big deal only to come to mind is just billowing out because all electric. One this year I remember airstrike vividly but Rossi those who don't know it was so he's now the producer. For the deal holly keeps show. That's in my column deal calling each other with stuff yeah just so lame move it had this conversation on yet seen is that why you questioning today it's easy HK. You were here this is the butt off for awhile Michael Ward reed in the afternoon match after Michael Arnold key. Is that Rio all like yeah look I know. I was embarrassed that if I. Bit obvious since February to view you've had nothing but pretty solid to above average ideas that don't get it like not about. Never hated nice item. If copyright act we've been ripped the magnets. And yet that's on your reference there are never heard about an hour or old adage all the guy who makes shoes that have shoes well I don't know about that I that I find it's like a restaurant out of it by like yours that's on that she's. Mentally I mean we've return of the Mac yeah I understand. I don't lying around me. It's like what. That more than beat highlight if the two of the peak at the but rusty yeah we've already he's already told me about some wrestling things elections in. We have the stories only. Half the schools stories this year that was effort for many years at first. But kindergarten until. It's great how are you finished what you did finish I cannot. What's his statement had a very good estimate will LeBron for half an infinity is not gonna take nobody really got his bid as an actress talked out of it no I went there technique to died so first you know marriage and LeBron James to school then throw left. And went to a school now it's gonna explain some things where you got something I said last week the week before a finished yet. Firestone high school now. I think about mark large fires. I don't forward and I think for the whole name auto part time. Alcohol and they take anyone outside our tires maybe give those guys who come Bobby lately tires that's right recession proof as you can hook you up tires are experts in Chicago laboratory anyway we elderly or progress. Ultimately but he there. All of our big star on the India it is the week. It patty Davis was just in town yes he went man DeMarcus Cousins I think now is your man as well. Are far out of the states are where you let them and then I understand him as ever I understand where he's -- OK but there are a playoff team right now the pelicans are. And so I don't think either one gets traded by the deadline. Would be the deadline less than a month away. I guess he cousins. Getting moved so here's the last year of his contract it is the economic plan if you element legitimate player I had it won a Davis in the got swept. And I guess in the NBA is different where he's if somebody really wants to markets cousins. The psychic pelicans get nothing form it is naked sign them to more money than anybody else they can sign and trade so that's still on the tape they. I think it's not working I think it is shooters you soon they start the starting backcourt. Our former Celtics greats Roger on Rondo and E'Twaun Moore and how that's not fair Rondo is a great YouTube or not. But neither of those guys can shoot and used you need knockdown shooter for those two. Next to understand the way the Celtics were playing Rondo the other night how markets mark was up on them. What are you doing to give them space you know it radically there was one. I late report late in the third quarter early fourth. Rondo has like seventeen footer recount Michael Vick came up again and shot it. He made it a seductive Rondo is gonna make those shots all night. Lot of Havoc but he can't do that now you know don't don't play up on Rondo he had a they get on those guys and. They got through holiday and he's at your game he did he did but he's the highest puller in the team. That's you think about that the brutal contract but. Here's the thing the cavaliers are an absolute mess there actually only a half game up as we record podcasts right now of fourth. Which means that they fault for not talking about a second round match up. Potentially if the cavaliers at the Celtics maintain the number one seed but regardless of that talking about trades. What Cleveland got cousins. One of Cleveland found a way to pried the markets cousins. Yeah would have given up put it out give up the broken neck it would have to give that out. Yeah. That they'll be interest Tristan Thompson would be gone I assume you don't like that and only you know like that much for them I'm trying to think of cousins were thirteen piece you have Isiah right. Yeah I got on the video wall Isiah cousins LeBron loves. I think he'd still keep love that double in the summer and I heard some you know. The rumors are we need to like Cleveland trades you know Kevin love's name goes come maybe I would do that not a I would even like LeBron there's that must learn runs up the bronze done. Feel good landing spot for him yet. The full beard who brown brown do you use your guy lost your favorite athlete at one of my favorite LeBron. Tom very. You'll love you elect every ten year old kid and a half. Leo airplay I'm abroad rather read Tom Brady like are right yeah bit like Paul and all of that yet to pick one not typical I again visited your two favorite bottles guy's probably lakers. Lakers or clippers maybe even a little coal. Out DOS privacy that you can. You know LeBron majority. He got he brought a championship to Cleveland those long odds he did it at all that your luck but don't give knowledge at Cleveland. One a couple of championships in Miami. Had been done before so that's not that's that the new the first franchise. In and cavaliers history. For a first championship it was mr. Picking a franchise like the clippers yet. They've always been a punchline. Even with doc they haven't done anything special. No not at all on fifty something they'd ever written that would be any don't think they've never made the conference finals so you you you go to the clippers with us. Picture. Clippers were up sixers people pro sixers around. If you play an Ambien and Simmons would that be good enough. We don't Warner's got a pretty damn good they still Redick I that you would be two wars. And Mo. LeBron now let's sixers right now would be the warriors yeah but not not right now until my next year's world. And I got it wrong got a broad public image got a grown up you gotta grownups and and easier to Simmons and you've got to you know develop them beating and eat healthy and have mark helpful as has been awesome did you like you don't buy or audio. They were out of video Lamar I'll Schultz shooting a basketball. It just makes you feel terrible doing Arnold that if migrant and shy about every guy he's hurt or not. You that you feel like nick Anderson disease. Yeah I think he has lost the confidence I don't drumming that I can definitely happen I think you're handy art -- pushing the ball. You know Danny so gracious and so I think he at one point Allegheny the entire time knew he went drafters and it was one of those guys he's an extra short. But there's something to change at that meeting referee mark helpful can a Boston. Had like 208. Or what and those places those like he loves to Poland. Went there potential sponsor Republica. Than the house lukewarm after that yeah maybe it was that saying we're taking you live here are remote at a quick you can't. I'm not taking your article is one of those Shannon Sharpe who knows that ball. Go to our Internet and a bad boy dog that boy dog real for real tough for real for real god that's trio are noticed got the guy something and something was missed thump then is that off I think get freaked out. And it was right right on the yeah daughter Arnelle I take this guy that's in you to their turn and number one pick. In Q Jason Tatum and probably another you know top three. No I think last check the lakers had the fifth or sixth worst record so there's decent chance that falls two through five yep. The Obama. Bagley. Like Bagley and of course are young you know. They think they have the option of doing it they they went there or as auditors believe that the Ontario is another guy and a if there's it's obviously. You start protester called bass organ with these attention please in my get a guy and you're not open borders hurt but Porter junior and the guy right through to solve. No due to do some seeds it's mostly Eagles season is mostly around the NBA but the seized talk again these stupid tribute video of big back in the news fly out because Isaiah Thomas takes the winner. And after Paul Pierce had. Gone funniest began. And after Paul Pierce said then spoke what Jack McMullen at thing he wants the retirement nights yell about him he has lies that Thomas Isaiah who already said. I don't want the tribute video my first time around element they would be there in wanna play. Is now saying on Twitter you know what I guess this is all about all hear someone ask you just the focus on the wooden which is not how odd note there's no chance. Are are are you her you Rossi are you key for you it's easy fan I guess yeah. Q are you one of those crazy fans you can just qualified to tell you a liner to right abides Karadzic in the neighborhood of a lie you can do is recited off topic here. I can't really with anybody let's see are pretty good at this RJ might not be my number one Jay-Z I had problem Apollo Theater artists we don't know that way but it should be a daisy had this up into the effect never argue with the full. Because people may not know who the pool. Right so don't are there were fooled so that's still still in this case. Do you know line. Art and I'll Google Elaine let it go to the point is. Does this false equivalents equivalency is happening between. Isaiah and Paul Pierce whose side are you want who's out of your way to and died. Isaiah. Created the whole situation. To trade the whole thing by not. Just simply accepting. A tribute. And we just pissed at that weight big video watch them. I have a tribute. Tribute to use Jason. I don't I don't accept it now. Michaels is not a time for beating David given me a tribute Ali back wartime this year and then I don't what the tribute right now. It doesn't except to actually you from the Celtics. And then makes a big deal about it. And now Paul Pierce who wants to do it the next Arctic habitat so your system on an. Now February 11 in England on that yet if it's all here since retirement ceremony. A guy who played. The most important years of his career with the Celtics gave you a championship. What did truly risking his life by playing in the city he was I was covered a team at the time. It was it was within one inch of debt. That is true as an exaggeration one interview appeared to have one more time. And the hadn't been so close to New England medical center he was a U turn away from the knowing knowing the medical center they did an experimental surgery on him. They saved his life now after that. He didn't request rate. And they got some of the people involved. Some some do it. And passion. You're playing thinking okay what's going on yet there is that he was going through you know all the stuff. Two guys. Deserve it don't. Let that I would think yeah. So does not all mom I'd tease item appears aside all players are saying I don't wanna see it IT tribute to the video on my night of one. Deterrent your number retired. It is too bad that he was forced to respond. But I. I'm deck at some people think he looks. Richard Petty in this I don't think he does running on at any also and a and a media position now. So the first time this came up who's on that the job the job and they asked about it. We orbit dude shrug your shoulders like are there not a story that's lame like you if you or disease is he's supposed to say I'm sure I clearly ahead and vote on the brake the other and I'll. And I hit it it was a and I feel bad about it and I understand your point Michael that shouldn't be choosing between the two disperse all I'm soccer shoes. Anybody over Paul Peters argued a lot of fans. In the Boston area that feel that exact same way. A must you trotted out. You know Larry Bird and even then that's a different generation Macgregor pit pulpit over literally anybody. That that played possible lost one years I feel like. And Isaiah Tom you end up. Kind of pulling as there which I don't wanna do I wanted to leave gotta love him as much as I you have one guy. Number two and a half years any minute to a conference finals where they got smoked. So like. I don't wanna have the point that out but it feels like to get these arguments and then people are you don't like I think Gallagher diminish what he'd like really. Now he's not it's not diminishing you know it pulp yours is appears on the court was a closer. In this case thank you Paul in the closer because if you didn't say I don't want it. They still beat you know may have beat Tammy around it this thing out said lacy watching what he's the goal is is over it pumps you it actually pumps you. Which he did. I'd like apple I I got from another team that's what he has. I don't agree on the arrival but now now in place for the cavaliers played them the bronze team he travels with LeBron he is. He's retreating LeBron in the you know he's he's got LeBron what he's what LeBron on the grand you know remember our third guard their days. You agree that the religious body Politico does equity unit are. That's the guy that you are part of your organization upside down Ford to make a pro cup. And he got a big ovation when he came back here and I was a great player they put the show among the Jumbo screen plays went nuts for him and so it's it's it's weird if there aren't that next time you're here wants you imply a bit of a lot of joy we ought to do it again. But the is your final thoughts love Isiah. I love as they loved the book about there Marie lovely look at the actual book about another they had that Tom auto bailout you know like the music that when it went that and dramatic effect. A much level of the Wilma I'm really gonna put requested to see the tribute video could you might be on one get this bad boy via mammogram and that we may be at scooper we can scoop everybody mostly sees what you play it yet. The tribute video. Well I'm I'm glad I'm just a lot of Michael over to John gritty like pointless that this is my first podcast of the year but yeah I thought god does scouting you so lug and hope you enjoyed it yes it speaking of podcasts a couple of blogs warrior one that. If your big broad span of affirmative rooms and public they'll Arnold and higher than having new podcast though called zero ox get an zero. Give I think it's a little pensive and I like that like and nobody alleged must swear a lot like that's either until Arnold I hurl pucks there I didn't listen to the second when it. But elsewhere he swears like he lets loose really clear it was a great allies he does not give a puck Bob puck. Outlaws. To an end of that year he's been an also hash tag dork aspect or at the plug that pot would gag order on target. This week thanks for asking Michael of course we'll look at all of the important movies coming out to ethnic teams got to force it and know it and yet you're like where you want it now as to what you have thanks for asking. What. Thanks to god resting movies there's a whole slate of home upcoming and overt that vote including including one in December. Once again right now we have another note that may. Is coming out me on the old movies coming out in day and they have not released the trailer yet. The editors of re shoots are worried about that am very worried although Donald Glover as land no calories in the rule. All wallet but I don't know how you can recreate hitters and sports on flow that's going to be quite a task. And then last at a decent question yet of course elected on super I'm like what I was watching it deep and I was thinking. Let's keep talking about you and Andy now keeps edit his initial review its. That good not great it's K and now could move I'm now down the fine not. Who does not trash that got excited he's in o's don't want to negotiate again OK so who downgraded Nazi. And I think about it I think about it talking about it shareholders already checked that out in the archives on hash tag dorks. Some things here and maybe I mean how it changed our view too because I'm witness with the accuracy. Boys tradition yes Ali family. You know I'll go violent my son's 97. My wife and take our daughter is five note some of these are our go go go day but this time we decide route here this all goes family and the ugly. About it. And initially. You know I enjoy it and then an actor's. Interviews. Yet. It's nice and get the oldest and Nebraska was again. And workers and stop now or story. The I had all I needed now regret that are here Alice and I did they got us off like I like about party it's a long movie that would have hours he's healthy I thought he's a huge. Star Wars in an excitement that after he's seen everything but he's nine years old to falsely and movie theater at nine years old must be born Muslim are summing up there with some parts that. I have to say that was the part that were kind of. There was an entire story line those unnecessary yes. The good of people that I couldn't shave it down maybe two hours this is true and advocates are fall asleep faster also some four hours though not completely on I didn't know that I didn't even know that was I've never seen that before Star Wars ever. In many already powers I was a safer not seen the movie and I'm I'm watching from the beginning has now become things like I'm getting just hours on the phone in and ask. How we talk with a soft line. I notice. Thursday night movie's awesome Friday it is the best movie Saturday that movie was like out of Twitter everywhere I went just down held the reviews just. I haven't I usually I walk out of a movie from say it's the movie I want to walk as the year that was great but that's usually my thing. That in v.s Superman I did not have that feeling good and then last that I. I I I what I called you guys right afterwards good not great and and after after the calls it. What was really was good about it pardons that Oregon like or might Lysol about the sport they know nothing about it more is a great I've heard the report to work. Much more to. Never yeah no pot it's not enough they go for Burgess runs in my wallet armor he thanks for listening to this episode most seasonal documents.