The whole hood wants Gronk after his heel turn, Ed Sheeran enters the rap game

Mut at Night
Tuesday, December 5th

Keefe and Andy Hart are talking about the upheld suspension of Rob Gronkowski.They also play some sound from Ryan Clark, who said Tre'Davious White texted him that "the whole hood wants Gronk". And get ready for the Eminem/Ed Sheeran collab that nobody wanted.


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Welcome to never bought at night rich he joined today by hit it hard for patriots stock Connie and Howard you and tremendous this the real treat. Is sarcasm. Well we don't know the tree over the tree do you ever we're gonna get here are never he we've had a salute who's not a tree it's while. Now it's all good each one better than the last tournament was lost over it pretty much but. It's still a compliment on the this really wasn't now unless some guys suck. I'm now putting your hate working within this little weird one hour window. On much note of solo. Well I thought that's what he org with the most just myself and a pretty you know anybody else it's sort of sports than implement. Rob Gronkowski suspension upheld no no surprise there. Now yeah I mean I guess you may be could have held out hope just as clean track record and a sort of that thing where it seems like every time people appeal you know that the two game suspension from last week one. But you can't really cut it to a half a game it's usually the rule of cutting in half and additionally he can't start against Miami right play in the second second half not gonna have to turn on the points famous or maybe he's suspended. The big story legacy or two from Sunday's game was crop with the dirty here which led to the one game suspension. That you are open arms about Brady and mcdaniels which I don't really understand is one of those stories appeared guilty of oh definitely wrong okay. Ground specially combined to what happened last night and those suspensions on top of that and sort of this whole weekend now and it's in the year of trying to protect players even more in the CT Ian head injuries as. All falls in line and plus you know it's croc he's a superstar. Read this was just boiling over not making excuses for I don't think. Would you when you when he appeals that I don't think he was gonna say not a guy that's holding me and he was you know hold middle I would hope. You can't really go with that but the truth is they do that nonstop he has officiated differently. And so maybe this was sort of years in the making that somebody was gonna get the brunt of that all I will say. If you listen to the game on the radio which none of your listeners would be perfect suggesting that now. The the call earlier in the game we have the offensive pass interference the color commentator on that stations said I'm starting feel bad for this kid. Which had me wondering is this sort of some sort of talking point. I think that inside the building people are talking about it it's building and they're sick of it because grumpy at various points this year yet along back and forth of Mike recent press conference maybe a month ago. Talking about how he's officiated differently he's sick of it in the right kind of tried to laugh it off B can tell what really bothers him. So I just wonder if they're talking and think about it much I actually think he has become more of post play throw his hands in the you're looking like a little slot receiver trying to steal call like they all do you I personally hate. He's one of my favorite players that I covered in this era and I hate I absolutely hate it to me let him play. More often than not. Even if you let them be overly physical as long as you let him be a little bit physical doing a problem to deal with them yet I feel like there's been more in this and he could use the patriot fan in me but it feels like there's been more. Offensive pass interference calls where he didn't deserve it than there has been Padilla holding call or defense pastor at I don't know I feel like. Maybe this year it's a little different but in the as the some of his career I feel like he has benefitted more than he has been hurt by those the way it's been called. Earlier this year there was a game I forget exactly which one he got a cheap. Offensive pass interference call in the end zone. And then very shortly thereafter he scored a touchdown which in my opinion was a much more blatant offense apparently they didn't call him all right I'm good you know they were they end up you know eating out in the wash so to speak yet right I don't want them calling wrong. Plays all that closely because I do think you place physical Oda actually does so I'd rather they just look away and let him push off a little. And everyone's on the on this one that was a blatant hold. You know that's a little different to me than just banging of being extra physical because it. Big guys get treated that way down here in Newton asked Shaq ask glamour and abroad built Euro bigger stronger. The officials tend to look at you differently throughout your life. And you know was it two years ago back the whole Cam Newton thinks well you're talking analysts both Brady gets hit like that are Manning gets hit like that why we. And will get into the racial things later which this all the talk seemed to everything ignited racial issues but. Big guys get called differently it's just the reality edited your right if if you sort of pushing them in the back it's one thing but when you're clearly just grabbing the Jersey for at such an easy call to make you missed that one. And it is true. It is not an excuse for what he did there is no excuse for what he did but my guess is if there had been a flag. If he would've done what he definitely and a bit ago the combination. No flag and then I was also packed. Thought there was no flag anything out of bounds possibly may even less sensor and a don't jump on a guy but it's still not ours it was it was on how to update. Was out he'll turn these new laws. And like you know those matches where it ends and the good guy and then all of a sudden he does not a minute old and it's over that it's exactly that was a heel turn that he brought out how's he's guilt or is he viewed now across the league is a dirty player I think so in Ito and I think politics wanted to today we've seen the highlight on loop and you got all these people all these national guys saying. It should have been more than one game and so they don't care that he's had a clean track record basing this one play. Where is driving guy's head of the ground. What also is great is every time they talk about the two. Rock gets bigger and white gets smaller in us that rally. Yeah. I thought monster. That the opener and yeah I think he's lost a little of his for example. Throwing the guy out of the club in Indy a couple of Sergio Brown or brown I think if that comes a month from now. It is seen as another example of ground being dirty and not playing to the whistle again I don't usually watch a lot differently now for ever and it fair or not you know this is always going to be in people's minds when -- the view what he does on a football what do you think of senate you'll try to spin this positively little things like usually duck rock he's been healthy this these he would get hurt as we I don't think so bowl match against those dirty dolphins go along so I sue. Those guys Democrats face mask can't hit a multi line vote. Sure if anybody doesn't play he heaped literally can't you're right well Stan is now lord only knows what he's gonna do Martin might jump through tables and thoughts are I don't know what he's gonna do but he's got Monday Night Football his team is fine draws on so he's like all end up with energy what is he going to let him go. Participate raw and true I don't know who at a gossage and Gardner in humid across Romania. I think you as a future rests on him he definitely does that we're gonna say he'll now it's a little different that guy that's he would have to do an elbow from. Yeah I went after the end where the thing. What thing the big. Elbow thing. I was big double break yeah that's to be part of his mystique and his entire uniform but you never really sure why is how to wrestle with that what's in that you never issuers that cheating is it not cheating doesn't need to what the mid ninety's they decide it was like one of the occupation ones like that was here. He's the football polar authorities angle sure that your counts groan come down moment on. Had but people yes then doubled that would be at the end he puts that helmet on head but some of that work I think an ego or Padilla he is now a dirty player. I think there's going to be. Retaliation. And the bills and maybe that's just a kind of scared mentality of the peace will Steelers Bengals know Earl. Somebody had where they said the whole who would want them or something of art. The whole hook I believe that's what it said that I should announce that you definitely want that a quote yes and for that matter I quote I want to say Ryan Clark. Effort to talk to yourself let's find that if you can you can join us at 6177797937. Let you know we're used go from there. I do think there's gonna be retaliation I didn't see it for years. Between the Steelers and the Bengals couple of big hits last night led to. Two more one game suspensions although very different than wrong is both of those guys who was. He'll during the play one was a big law it is holiday helmets I understand why insurer was Italy what sometime. Russert I think that was unnecessary roughness and I would like to add a little context of that Conn I'm not sure a lot of people are talking about. Every year in officiating crew comes to Gillette Stadium during training camp. Meets with the team does a few practices. Tells the team isn't what we're doing this year here's a video you can't do the resident who lives you can do these celebrations now bubble dance they meet with us as well the media life and in that presentation. Saying it was genes territory but I'm not the equipment that. He made the comment that the league has now asked players. To take into account. The situation. In basically paraphrasing he said if you don't need to blow guy yeah. Don't blow LaMont. So this was an example. He didn't need to blow up. A basketball pick there is fine right I was a nice block it was sucker and to meet its. Old school football that's why kids wanna play all of one day out over a guy after the awesome out a pet especially a guy like that but. They have asked the asked players to now take into account. And player safety so they're not saying you can't hit hard. But if the situation doesn't. Call for isn't needed to see that as that one didn't right because it rained and there correct you on the other side of the field count is likely like no light lit candles get the ball in front right behind him. And that's the one time but the wide receiver gets to hit a guy in the middle of the field who's not looking atom which is what usually happens to receivers right all the time. And your chance especially bonds has perfect as you said. The Steelers get a chance to hit him and they do car. Oh my god Zachary it's a rough season 30 yes absolutely actually is not a home on the Volvo in the around there and clutched. Those crazy guys are just we are here again and they've got probably get liked Steve Smith and Al yeah he's a little not Matt Davies as fiery as Steve Smith was but he's he's off the wall. He's not yeah its own little way of social media and the dancing in the boom and I don't grow. He's an audible regardless of questionable going in the game that was the employment is also drama queen Oprah doesn't hurt or hurt the law around. At the main 100 catches people. I can cost them for that place where I'm still looking for whole who'd once yeah aware first thing that came out Jay z.'s lyrics. And cashed all missed a road King Kong earlier this. He said Ryan Clark came up with a effort more so maybe Ryan Clark was do you think he was quoted Twitter. Believe he was quoting a text are using blaming Sony where I believe he was claiming he was quoting a text is Eminem has the new album coming out and yet you list they tweeted out all of the the track names like all the songs that are. He has a solid edge here and and what is the of that issue that's considered selling I don't want that if you. Yeah he picked before aunt wasn't that bad yeah one was one of those college duty sounds. Yes I think of the dog I thought that's my point of reference for Eminem yeah Apollo creed yes and that the trailer that I was in suicide squad the will be. But no. Anyway that's that's the goal at the side thing but door into different apps a dork taper and a one right after this Will Ferrell movies. Well for the did you do it Justice League not yet that innocent to go down that road that justice thumbs up thumbs down. Slightly up slightly. Light don't like it like that is that is a fine line like I given a four to six. Four out of 604. And a half back there but it was that. Better than that meant so much better that's much better than that sorrow Kenya and move on entering on an on line one ripping us about the probably regardless of what we're talking about everything imaginable obese. When it really your whole show right now. But there was enough doubt about that Ali what got invite and it was working in the mine nominated for anything. I don't except for our best new cohost on WEEI. Now that there and it's what. It means tonight and it's not for that didn't catch this which hurts even more which globally are you most excited for tomorrow. They are. I don't get the patriots beat writer and they are real thing I notice who goes. People who work for a while. So it's just like an internal party to say like chronicles draperies in BP the patriot doesn't have a picture party and eaten VFW posts and let's go to because yours ramps still broken you're struggling without ever Ryan Clark say sorry about the hood evident Hostin please help and you are out but he got. Okay when they're on the over the war competitive being almost like our job on. All holes slowing economy in the sport I Kuwait right. So retribution in the next game to treat it. Like it will. Autumn. That's lumping it in a city I did you hear Ryan Clark are you just take what his agenda is as openness out because I'm curious what right Hartley says. A back a couple of quick meeting and that all right thank you that you Kevin thank you very much actually have. And I it is on three weeks and they play the bills. And it's of the storm on their ideal but worried about that they're knocking at anything to play for. If cross down maybe a little late jump on the pile that you see there and cinnamon that came to how about sending them. But aren't sure a little bit concerned more concerned than you would be any other game obviously grow and get hurt any time so any player if the whole foot lots of them connect. If you or your convinced that that's something that's not totally out. Is it okay to just run with a that irresponsible and easier and wildly irresponsible gobbling you and I you're gonna get in trouble now hoping yeah. The producers and they. And how they scrambled back there trying to humble he can't quicksand of an arms out as it equipment and model song lyrics back here mosques. It is that was on my Twitter today they face quicksand the less you do the better. A freak out for I'm fine I'm cool simple app played real cool uncle uncle. But do you think there's anything to that yes oh okay. Yeah Obama and especially because I don't know if you follow this a little bit there's some criticism in buffalo Jim Kelly. Aaron wills Williams that former safety yeah Williams talking about. There some disappointment that the bills just sort of took that no one stood up for him at the time almost a hockey like. Resolution route and on the idea even worse than Jim Kelly is beloved beloved all you say it in buffalo while he's the guy yet. So take op EU might have this thing where Sean McDermott their coach downplayed it. He was you know I really pride and I'll be honest even we are thought freaking sucks. The worst coach in the division really far. I was soul unimpressed edit them off challenged ugly challenge I'll deciding not to run when they were running the all downloaded all roads multiple times get to the goal line and just we're gonna throw because you know we have the greatest passing game on earth what that. 12 weeks ago going to Peter and he's yet at there basics here he's got his right toast you dig us. One on now I edit but the wind is coming it's obvious there's a finite point in his future where he will be fired and Lucas. But he's not talking about him and promptly went out on the next day anyway and the and I press conference and can be overwhelming. He'll snow isn't going to do if they thought and I think you can players everybody you know circling the troops getting ready for the next time I think there will be too if you see though odds Eugene Smith Shuster with celebrated for what he did to bonds has perfect by the Steelers I think whatever player acts by the bills who. Takes out on whether it's helmet to me or helmet to helmet or elbow to helmet or whatever happens to be. I think that player will also be celebrated by the way to find they'll pay there's a flip side to that too there's a chance that if you're worried more about. Doing something underground and tackling him he could make it look silly. Our problem run right through you with your gaming for some specific point rather than thinking I gotta get this big guy on the ground that's I think could be more of day and a late hit situation or. Play is on the other side of the field situation ban. Our instead of try to match up of them on the supply on Disco like target his knees and if you do it that way and when you could just coast on the field and make you look down and then there's other ways I mean if he's running down the seam after catching the safety guys that his new units. That's true average play. Yes you know Smart football on little he's big taken down from right right that you can Williams early on know. If it's a cheap shot and yet because it really late and that's normal for Sutherland later than he has. Yen around largely due and it they hear on bump your chin strap and had to drop album something like that. We'll get to more or phone calls are coming up 61777979237. Its rich you've Andy heart Sports Radio W media. Article about a half hour in Jesus you are talking about what Ryan Clark say he tried to paraphrase what he said a did you even mentioned. In the quote from the producers helped us. About that is that earlier. It's at now is supposed to do it though you're here you throw them under the about us than it did not out not over the air comes in broad digital talk back but and you could hit right here in the nobody else hears it means they have yet we have this out. Turns out out of has the sound here Ryan Clark had to say earlier those awful who seat did you talk is that you it was dirty I have. Reich I have to say they say he's in a hole who warn him. You know I mean the polo ground for sure the meanest the exact takes the whole who wanted to see him. What exactly he could you translate that. I'm not notified and I think that this that is the thing I'd take that I'd say she did jumped him. That was why I was did his teammates. It is keen I'll do it in and obviously you can't just the pain will they be doing is now in the lead and you can't just do that but is someway. His teammate should've let. Gronkowski know how dirty and how out of bounds. That plea that play would solve kind of disappointed in their. So the whole who'd want them you were right about that and thank you graduation and that Scott and I mean results so low interest. This vision of gold have been found the lyrics up at that what is it directly but everybody why exactly he did you translate that. A lady what I thought earned our youth day right now. But I think it's pretty clear that they they really wanted to after this guy and it's one of those weird scheduling things that have to wait very long right. Goes through Christmas Eve. Yes what says Christmas leave it up like alcohol. And a fight. And it that for sure and it's premeditated it's an eye on the record now it's it was sent in a text it on Malta. This is getting in a play by the lakers was earlier today Ryan Clark are we submitted happens on the afternoon she needed me. Where about half hour or mocking me he couldn't text it and you are now benefiting from me unearthing some great sound ever called me on the fuel and my friend. Are welcome you have saved ever keep. It was really is on its way down and then you show up in units Ryan Clark found about a half hour after you mentioned it a more it at yeah well he could build up to these that's true how is that payout for everybody tremendously now moron right. Yeah he should be in this what's gonna happen is. They're gonna get like a war that they're gonna tell the captain and nobody wants that avenue market. You and are setting out warnings in what was I mean. So don't throw me out again this ends one of two ways rockets have painfully yeah war. Broncos for about 225 is everybody's afraid of him because they don't warned before him and I don't wanna be suspended and lose that a paycheck and Christmas Eve but I feel like. The way it Ryan Clark was talking in the way you mentioned Jim Kelly and Aaron Williams. Whatever the player is that does something to rock. The rest of the team will probably chipped it in a solid he's gonna miss the whole game Jackson tells me maybe it's Christmas or Christmas gift for a lot of tropical. Thanks for fast becoming Gregg Williams you know bounties in trouble in the you're not allowed to do that those frowned upon he was ugly for a little bit yes yet. Tire team paid ought head coach. Mister c.'s correct that is the grass though the bills my benefit of Sean McDermott mrs. sees your your down on McDermott and the challenge the opening kickoff all he kicked it into your ability but it but the challenge. If I'm just playing please your nose at time out let's go to Josh up in New Hampshire he joins us next fellow Josh. They had to look real. Our flight 100 point I just said he had quick question I missed the entrails and I know it but if you are mentioned the open world. As far as. His views on my Sony and show. They let breed mutt filled in on eighty hard show. Noted noted art filling in on let's show Nina. They're on the boat can you can't you can US clubs and oh yeah support person on radio like that. He is pretty boring and here's appears that he lives would most boring person. And they sat and had another you know what I'll stick with the defense that I said it but much stock years though that's fine as we rarely here at night so that's true. And tonight clear that mr. I lift a lot hurt his back moving. A piece of I've noted dry or something into his house we'll try drawbacks to live bush appreciate. I don't think you plan anymore so I think that I'm such a rough there OK. Oddly enough and you did play it on I think the dryers. That heavy object. But so is the weight you're looking at the gym to prepare able to lift heavy audio wasn't wearing his belt. It was an approach of the LT probably about 'cause that becomes a little bit of a crutch that was wearing gloves on sure it was those soft pain source easily suggesting energize that Andy should do a show with mark McCann hashing out. I have two parent all of that down though he's lowering some that I haven't just. Then on the other the other thing that's one bit. You know the actual book all. What I had to make what is done. You know the whole national person. Local perspective on the ground then you know like. The national media just pick up or whatever just recently got blown out proportion. Then yeah all the digits and that Ehrlich are they're only doing it in the thought well let your opening session at the thought. And they're just you know responding to the because that's their job you know I mean so I think like. Yeah you know what just they call I don't I think that there is something to. The patriots it is going to be blown more out of proportion I get what he's saying that all year as a local fans you're paying attention more than national stuff when they're talking about your team. I think just the way. You know Brady has been covered the way along he's now being covered I do feel like that is different but Michael will on us talking about wrong he's a superstar hitting a black player when we're of that to you got one from yesterday pieces yeah. You thought about there's about a black white issue about a lot of black players have been suspended in the league. And in this white player gets suspended but not as much as he should have been in their mind who declares that. Apparently they did you didn't they talk show my blood you don't decide the suspension that he should have got now he doesn't but he I guess that weighs in with his opinion and then he mentioned for some reason the details of the player that rock elbow with a black color. Which just absolute item or me so that's worse I was. I don't know if I didn't. Jason C worn on the ground yes. That's our last four and I thank. So that would change the story it would all be it would be more of cheap shot or less of a cheap he's also implying that. Rockets against some salaries that's right he's gonna attack black one issues here is it's a patriot no question. But you are the talking point team of the National Football League to have so good genius you all are grunt is a superstar to something. People would argue he's the best tight in that ever played the game over a short span and oh by the way he's dominant again. The game in question he had a 147 yards receiving hit more than half his team's receiving. Only kills the bills kills the bill yet he is back among the one or two. All pro candidates right so there like a superstar player. Watch TV he's a stupid commercials on TV all the time does our local and national and some some of them and yet I commercial where he's he's got a blonde wig he just walks in the background. But the polls are pretty clean nothing great for Thai. What was the point. There was a point out from the OK let's go to to put a got a jacket Arnold Jack. Hey I don't guys do great. Call it about the broadcaster Austria and I would bought it yet I have steeler. And the first thing I hear is rooted ought not about it about how she votes aren't as perfect. Keep it basic combat Al Q bikes even tickets to see but as for. An opinion this is the cheapest guy NFL. Are not. And later ride after they hit. Jerryd. And I predict the other guy's name now. But some. About how terrible it is Little League this struck the Trabant the and I bit my living rooms scream and entities eagle. Note it's on ten for. I mean this guy deserves more than any player at the NFL. You play up the grout ever year X out stealer and shorten bigger short they received so that they can play against a patriots I mean. It's tried to create union I wish football oral hockey. Because that the players to kind of police that right exactly that's how I thought this whole thing was this was the players police souls. You do not like papers d.s. Or was really reincarnated I was like thank you got so body finally put that guy down. That wants paste and they are over the top early in that game there was a play where Burke didn't really do anything overly bad but he was. Go at the most in the turnover. And he went to block bell and grabbed him by the throat was how he was gonna lock in there and then Belle got pissed and throw into the ground the refs saw the retaliation out of line but. But gruden going over the top about. You know was to great job by him veterans don't walk away and and I mean that's got you look at him he's differed on the Puget you don't realize it up the field he's such a great guy like. Talking about it turns I others he said though about dirty players were also really good players like it out of office perverts are gonna get confused with a hall of Famer. They're solid player. I was the Arctic rod hair. Everybody loved Rodney Harrison. And if you weren't patriots fans or you know go back to when he for the chargers were charged at this episode or decades they had him always on the whole courteous player every year yeah. So you know you don't eleven of those guys that you have warmer maybe to a new team in the old days I'll take it I'm not sure you can have those guys and I that he got on that line right. And Rodney was over the top to. He immediately said on on football night America he deserves a one game suspension and then he said obviously the worst. That's if you do that on the street you go did you yea cause. Guess what football everything that's literally everything is if a guy's crossing the sidewalk and I just Terry Tate office linebacker immigrate you go to jail would end of its football is different you're allowed to hit its way to get him in the front though or maybe the side I think he'll Philadelphia is where guys out now -- alleges he pressed charges that he can do that in this and mutt rooms so there's been some extreme. In both directions yes your type of people. Was that. These super patriot fan patriot Feeney you as you said abandoning into the go to guy got what he deserved it I'll bet wrong that no artist and grind out there that don't throw flags argue it's hard to be drunk now. And then back in history of garlic industry that's what I was going without the thought of going not surprisingly on your old show ya take its outcome post game show we leaned on. Clean history not just the big time. We Rahm turns out yet but. And then the other extreme was you know Gary Myers he should be suspended for the rest of the season. Or you know it is the worst hit I'd seen all year this is the issue it was dirty blood everywhere it needed immediately it was dirty. Grunt apologized I liked that I wish he had been a little stronger on the apology not so quickly shifted to excuse making he did go to excuses little quickly yeah but. The experts throughout the extremes and have a normal conversation in the middle yet it's a new NFL hard to do that you have seventeen it didn't notice I have noticed. It's a new NFL. The guys in the concussion protocol that means there are certain topics that are brought up Chris Nowitzki rights outright if what was the stupid thing he treated it if somebody hit Brady in the knee he'd be banned for life. He wasn't all about Bernard Pollard actually played radiant and he actually hit a multiple years later took out other patriots did that so why don't we had to jump to extremes can we have just an on. Discussion. It was thirty targets but while got discussion without the 617779792370. Mile cross suspension which was. Upheld all star Marcos it's. On Monday Night Football and you are rich keep Sports Radio WB yeah. You talk including thirty ahead right I have this Jason considerable who wanted. You know I mean people who won't grow up for sure the minute the exact date the whole who won the U. What exact he could you translate that there is that there will be his own. Sent the whole load wanted to go to be in. We think that it translates. And so I I can assume we need everybody pulling thoughtful look. The hole look like no where he's from nobody or maybe its latest from there to bail on bail on all the bill wrong shouldn't go to LSU function go anywhere. No staff there you can spit about luge and went like what we threatening exactly. I like it did Nancy Kerrigan's walking Coleen. I would rule and pull hook one and I think it's going to be on the field but I don't know in Evernote the whole look wanna I don't know the answers that I got ten minutes left. And you are under count apple does what people now is to sort of that site is this. Wait a really nice grownup as editor by night launch at midnight 36. And he's a vehicle ten miles of people are a bit like your energy are gonna be able to can probably out now welcome copies have gone movements trouble. That is from Paula that 2830. That. Lou that's earlier so let's go to a market in Oakland he joins us next Omar. They got married and right. Luke might take on the opening day there's no reason that guy should have been guard guard in the first place. Differences in you know. I think you'd like a little that little lie after a while woody do you have a lot of away the bill bill that was the game plan they are upset that on the kicked out of the game earlier. It we like should be against it doesn't grab and hold and other it is like that would apply in the studio you know what you're gonna set. After about two hours you would you be freaking out there by out here at Auburn did some things I was. While they're gonna put out fly. You honestly believe like you know that white is a first round pick who's having a very good rookie season. Like he's that good cover corner guy. And they couldn't cover ground when they had a I don't aren't gonna put on ground again they're all going to be four inches shorter and fifty pounds lighter now. Or lower you're right no electorate that they knew that was the game plan to anoint him. It you honestly think the game plan was to annoy him till he snapped and got suspended haven't done that so. He really backed down quickly jumped down this road this guy's trying to give you his theory on all the way from Oakland. Think the hood there once. McEnroe speak to that does is now where Marshawn Lynch is for you from Oakland. And ground can Marshawn Lynch had appeared on the car O'Brien Conan O'Brien show the other playing some videotape the moral comeback if they plus they have a history now does that help grow. Yes I balls on the sides of some of the hood is loyal to lynch will leave I don't want justice to say I'm not gonna involve myself. Number accuse myself I was there could there be a portion of the putter around here on. Put him on a nightly air base wrong wrong here okay from the interstate custody anomalous yet or about Aaron and Pittsburgh. What's going on aired. AM actually in new resident from Creighton but I am from but we'll welcome to brightens their. Most of thank you. Are wondering love Bach and and equipment but I got yet yes I'm pretty sure the statute parity under way. In pictures for you on short. I we've been waiting for her circuit hate stick my receivers in towns were retired and yeah unless they're I think it the big difference between. That it and the one later in the game. He DB went head outing for AB so. You got it different from the hit it has yet on what a few inches away from being completely clean in my eyes and the second one was straight up. I'm going to head it. Agreed yeah first one where right on the line I think there may have been a little contact with the head. But the second one was just fall on leading in my head towards Europe but you also talked before about impacting the play and if you can get away with the refs are talking about right you can it's unnecessary roughness particularly when you can do something else that fooled it's safer. The second play the Antonio Brown that was definitely helmet to helmet correct but. He caught a touchdown pass he was trying to prevent him from catching a touchdown right but you do that by putting I don't know your helmet on the football. Unity and now look what they say lower your target zone Peyton indie game moved pretty fast it does and it's amazing he could so accurately targets had there yeah that was impressive young fed me that was a cheap shot he hello now to the other issue is should should either of those guys have been suspended I don't believe so I don't think I was there in game infraction that I think are somewhat common I know they're trying to legislate them. Out of the game yes. So is there's some weird snowballing going on here I do think that these two guys have a great chance of actually having it go from one to non. It's only happened a couple of times are looking it up Ndamukong Suh and Du'Shon Gholston and Gholston was they had helmet to helmet on Darren Sproles years ago. Initially one game suspensions and overturned so anybody can do like rock nobody expected it went right in the one game regarding anyone game. These two guys that covered a realistic chance of playing next week Wilson. Yeah if they appeal ought to know what they sent them there they're going to and I know a lot of appeal I agree with the a lot of the complaints right now coaches and these are from players to what are the in a ward of the president's what are the you know how do you know what is now a suspend the bull offense with definable offense with an injection what's fifteen yards what is in. And I agree would them. But I think it's quite obvious you're playing in a changing landscape yes football is changing. Football is it's in the world that is a change and good you mocking me. Margaret I believe I actually got I'm out now I gotta go to our out three hours or more urgent that you for the next three hours that's fair was hurtful that's fine. A I got out of this will lose a lot of breaking news for other deal I'll keep show tomorrow. Michael will on will join the show at 230 and you will promise me you're gonna go after. There were to ask him about why he thought it was important you you're the one I haven't -- go after those three guys asking questions for sure yet about you get a better don't want in three chance yet laughter we will ask him why it was important in Alaska about to or to point out that rocket a black where rush last robot that. And I don't. That announcement that annoys me as well art any art Alex rumor got ship until 10 o'clock out sockets are at two Michael will bond at 23.