Why are some Patriots fans trying to defend an obviously dirty hit from Gronk?

Mut at Night
Monday, December 4th

Mut and Keefe are talking about the 1-game suspension for Patriots tight-end Rob Gronkowski as a result of his cheap shot on the Bills Tre'Davious White. While the majority of Patriots fans agree that the suspension is warranted, some wanted to defend Gronk due to what they deemed as "poor officiating" leading to Gronk's frustration and the ensuing elbow drop.


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And will continue here the next hour plus in a Monday Night Football the reaction from folks say here in Boston across the winless on the one game suspension Rob Gronkowski for the elbow drop yesterday. In buffalo late the patriots win over the bills 233. We'll talk you guys throughout at 61777979. B 37 I he reads but here in studio excuse me rich keep. Is downs let's take it rich our U smut how Oreo. Is that I in its money its at one of those days. Iran on Monday to get the week going I had I'd love to see your title league got a wrong and I've got one of these blazing hot cakes and dammit rates there are I have a handful. Ablaze and hot takes across the country on its gronkowski suspension. But I should the league got this thing right it's a boring bland and I'll sports take a week got it right. He deserted suspension it was a dumb stupid agreed just dangerous play rob Rob Gronkowski. And a one game suspension seems exactly Warren to given the history. Or other guys had done another suspensions. Given out by the league I thought he should be suspended I was surprised you yeah Obama showed today did against special why a lot of. Now I think he she gets suspended I thought I thought his track record in though in the his career I thought would help him out but he has never done anything. Like this before I thought maybe you'd just be a hefty fine. You know EE drops an elbow on a guy right after it plays obviously very frustrated they dirty play there's no doubt a cheap shot if you will. But not every dirty play cheap shot. It's a one game suspension so. I thought he shouldn't have bought. If I was gonna bet on it I certainly would have said he gets suspended what did you think it was dangerous rage is ID angrily go to guys have like that he's lying on the ground out of bounds give the war we don't know what had agreed I would called dangerous yeah I've wonder if the injury. Played a part in the suspension on T shirt I'm trying to say he still hit him in the head but every time you get Eddie don't get a concussion but that particular tired he did. So if he just. Hit helmet and white gets back up I want her feet doesn't and that's why I don't like that with suspensions if you sort of way in the the guy's injury or not it is his action is either suspend the bull or some what's the intent I don't care yeah results in a. He's a champion tent and in my mind the intent there was a dangerous intent Rob Gronkowski and I've heard the callers. It has not been a lot of them we are there and there are some in the media. Dan Shaughnessy and others who are trying to pretend today that patriot fans are outraged the cross Getty dispensaries but somehow defended but there's been handled fans that it said. You know he he didn't see him and tackled that didn't see had been touched down mean that is utter. Bull crap crawl knew what he did it was premeditated. It would he's pissed all up holding in the pass interference like I'm Sherri is almost every game. Any letting get the most of them so you. I think it's dangerous and in that case it's a dangerous play. Then a guy's history of being a good clean player model citizen. I'm never did like that. Shouldn't mean anything why I don't want a guy to be given credit. Four at making aid one dangerous play and a look back if it's dangerous and incorporate had a trying to hurt a guy. That he got to suspend it why should does history matter to play like that. I think it does for sure I think like why and how much you want to why because this is the one time in seven years he. Reacted poorly after play was frustrated and yet an outburst I don't think he deserved a suspension and I think. Because this isn't a guy like Ndamukong Suh or pot has perfect resent our he has not learned like he's done this before we slapped on the wrist before and he has not figured out and he continues to do stupid things like this. Then that I will get suspended or might be more than a game. But for somebody skip his nose clean his entire career one that response like this I didn't think necessarily. Meant he had to beasts. The I could see the argue where you go back and looked Ursula suspensions now and where the NFL didn't do your job and Ndamukong sue in Vontae is perverts on the repeat offenders. But given what we now know I don't care for guys had fifty clean years if he does something that is intently dangerous than it. He should pay the consequences and that Gervais that one is the one that now stands out to me the fact that. That guy played the next week is unbelievable still they went to games he ends up getting one of and I would say based on that based on the other ones then history should not matter I there are some portal when you're right I would agree. If it's borderline then yes oh look at his track record in TV's been a model citizen this well I don't think it was borderline and the minute he did it. Are actually much like a lot of people it was what what the expletive is is Rob Gronkowski. Does he think he's outside the tailgate with pills off look at it tables out there it is what they're. Each other a lot harder than that out in the parking lot trust and all that much harder but what about the officials being right there and not throwing him out of the game. Probably the wrong move I mean they've thrown out of my eagle we abuse it that way yeah I thought I might if this. Was so crazy so egregious you don't get a fifteen yard penalty you would be removed from the game that was in the Casey is yeah I added that officials got a raw I think that and I think like to mention this and in their right about the officials are not doing great job and packing now was not the only you know. Time where the game got away from a that officiating crew in buffalo. But again two wrongs don't make a right because they got it wrong. And because rockers on new Google's on the okay night instead of the game the minute he did it I thought he's gonna get rejected and we didn't. I thought it was pretty clear a he would get suspended and be. He deserved it exciting to me out I just don't care about. The players track record now rock came out and said all the right things after the game you guys are remorseful that help now that did not help him today. To bill ballots Jack pretending he really deals going on with the guys today saying generally no opinion. On this other one of those spots for him. The reality is this. This hurts Rob Gronkowski financially right the details are game bonus RE a game check. Roster bonus somewhere close to 300000 dollars. It's a herd frog Gradkowski. It's a good thing for the patriots like week and we'll talk about crawled the next couple days who have feels like. But I argue that this protects gronkowski for a game and I think rich this we'll get him a couple of holes. Down the stretch this'll put an emphasis on a look how much gronkowski is hit and held an interfered with its that he can't call every play. They could certainly call it more. And I understand it is Kara to a committee question here I guess that could be a negative for crawled gained and he's gonna lose someone that's the big one. A wise that's a good thing for the team is that going to be Miami and now you know. He's an extra week arrest heading into Pittsburg and an extra weekends get hurt is that the biggest thing wrong be healthy for the post season. Yeah you're right area in it in a weird way it will work out for the patriots to that one last chance. For him now on an injury although I do wonder they put the same buffalo team in three weeks and a lot of the guys on the on the bills specially a lot of guys in the secondary we're talking about how they're certainly I don't remember this. And I wonder at that point the bills are probably going to be way out of the plan out but he six and eight at that point. What's to stop them from just the wrong themselves at the knees of Rob Gronkowski I heard you say that. With you'll Belichick asking about the retaliation and night my initial thought was. Don't these players always try to her crock every single game. A company always like ice I had maybe you're always going below the going low on Brady they're going lol and crawled the kick Ohio anymore the more reason its there way they can go low and maybe. But that's that's a say they're not doing it now we know the case of ground. He's been hit dirty far more than he's handed out thirty it's in his career the Sergio Brown thing. Was not a dirty hit he has been like you said the most part a clean better player but we've seen other opponents. Go it is these go to his ankles. And try to knock a lot of games and the bills applied to that against your week's not exchanged. Yet it in your world do it again. Now they they well I feel like I'd isn't even more nervous about it syndicates have to play. Say Donald and sue for example it they'll they'll face a Monday night heroes were about a dirty player by him and dirty play against very shore. I think the bills is now have funeral extra motivation where. Now and I would just between the whistles where they might you know try tackled at the meet. Now you might open up the whole late hit or oh you're coming helmet to helmet there at the end org I stop and on his knees or legs or whatever else it is I would I wouldn't. Rule that out. I guess who gets he would but I also think that Belichick you that you guys asked Belichick what he thought. I I I got to admit I wish you guys asked about that whole scheme thing with McDermott right that was forbid you see it's pretty clear view warrant were a league read lips. He basically apologized to McDermott for the play in called it. Bleak right now that's what he said yes or anybody see. So we know Bill Belichick thought he thought most patriot fans thought he thought the NFL thought he thought with the bills on. And will we thought well just in NFL Sunday McDermott to and that hole in the patriots are. You know it you have now is there best team if he's out of that Belichick mall what he will say to his guys when we had to give that game is. It's overdone with each of his suspension. You know we're we're not gonna put an extra emphasis on trying to injure rob counts getting biting Sean McDermott plays into his favorite there now if it were. Rex Ryan. If the word your pick other vagabond coach you sort of anti patriot or lets his guys do that I'm sure of that get a bunch here on Twitter I'm I'm not come up with a great name right now. That'd be more likely to happen. I McDermott helps in this case given his respect for Belichick and the patriots in this. Love affair these two guys. In Iraq today would talk about it a heated political say Democrats ordinary guy. And even dropped day to whatever team their plan does that they want for me area around here it is what it is. At McDermott dropped a really dead it's going to be what it's going to be. And a half her that twist to it I guess that's going to be his version of it up in buffalo but yet he had he had moved on completely slaughter Knoll. It'll wise thing to do that manipulate you said he is so much respect for us the respect that he's part of an appellate checks circled they lauded Belichick Belichick line and it's well coached team he loves the that. Trust me that that that that's going to played in their favor so I was I think overall it's bad for crawl. And his image and his pocketbook that's the big one. But for the team. Explain why it's not a good thing a he misses the game against the team they're going to be week from tonight will be talking about a week from now obviously gonna wind. With that with we Dwayne Allen. And the rookie and airtight and the general Miami in Miami next week. It's an extra week arrests or Pittsburgh and one week where he can't get her and this will get him more cold you watched I I will bet. That of the measly dollars I've left out to my terrible NFL gambling this year. Op Ed that the you'll get some calls on the stretching your guy Robles say why you know why. That play above all he got that call jeans shirt art and get the call their late. About Romo that's gonna happen to us another great job all shot up phony you know diarrhea of the mouth Rosie like needs to be equal I I don't like Romo but now he's it's it's like a little. Will's old dog has little luck. Almost good inside he could stuff. Because you do a lot of older power he can let the thing breeze. Write your soul hosts on radio you've got to sort of fill the air if you're a color guy which admits in the football's a funny you. And it's not radio like Tony I was one I don't need you to tell me every second every millisecond. What is going on my TV but he's got good jobs like that in the jabs he feels good nuggets predicts some plays snow and alternate ways I don't care about that what happened next on it and enough Tony it's 233. The only if it happens ground let's talk about that from the rest of disease all of Hardaway isn't adapting to life and get suspended. That while check out on will you fight and Archie you don't you didn't even get beat yeah towards him but I think most people want candidates are Shaughnessy. And Borges. I was I had thought guys called it he's it Borges got there I saw the writing today this why. They hate it there's some guys their box on Shaughnessy of Shaughnessy hates the patriots any hate patriot fans or just loves getting of their skin. Because he is one of the guys today I will get all your phone calls in this coming up at 6177797937. There is a bit at the a hot takes on the art supplies putter did not like shut down today there are somebody bad and blazing hot takes this is sports media 2017. What can I say that's above and beyond the normal but now like they got it right it should have been a game. Krall had a dirty it would in most people agree with what can I say that all standout John Hammond three hours ago. NFL justice Coleman causing a brain injury on a cheap shot draws a one week vacation. Of course is not about a vacation John because it was around there 300000 dollars last I checked that in many vacations cause it was 300000 dollars. Ron Borges native went on Twitter and suggested any echo the comments of Rodney Harrison which is also stupid last night saying that if ground had that hit. Out in the streets. Then somehow some way he'd be arrested that's what out of line that came on cable and I agree with that the worst I've heard it way too much today from org and and properties. A respected guy guessed that as they dom. Take it considering every. Every hit. A football field everybody ask every penny they need to problem block somebody in the street Iraq and for that you can't do that. Gary Myers on Twitter today at one not giant item he says Goodyear about it on Gary excellent. I Huckabee NFL expect anybody to believe it takes head injury seriously. When ground get suspended just one game that hate yesterday. He should have been suspended the last four games of the regular. Season. Amid it is it is raining these takes here today and I would say. I would love to group people like the NFL has been light on the stuff in the past. But that one game feels right and they've gone more than one game. I tell you did that they all penalized enough plywood gotten up peeled down a one anyway so wouldn't yap and for a dale was on the was gonna be a reduced down. But this idea that they went light. I'd I think that got a right to hate this Aiken is gay Dell but what they missed this rich who would have anything more than four where does that at a cost that's just. Yet they want us and Ray Rice for now he's dead or. That's just it's it's it's and so yet I think the one that those sort of that's sweet spot because you have that a lot of people complain that wasn't enough that it was justified but anything over one. You've kind of you've lost your mind YouTube guys squaring off fighting each other in the end zone a couple weeks ago and that was too that got reduced to one. So I don't think Brock doing anything more than what I'll tell you Shaughnessy plays your wake are looking for the strongman today and he writes it I'm sure he thought this is the case. I think he misread the patriot fans on this because he said the play was bad it was indefensible shame on any patriot nick win. Or explain this by telling us the rockets held on every play and finally boiled over please spare solely idiotic and embarrassing defenses of the act. Your guide wrong that he really bad thing and there's no excuse Ford. You think these a who. I would ask you took four hours calls in the scrap. It was anyone Ol is the percentage of fans who were. Playing that Shaughnessy carted defending ground on the search we have gotten one. Or tunes that I said he shouldn't be suspended if the one dances to change the standard gallant guys that he steal the retaliatory that John Providence the guy and sex southern Alec peck another great call but you don't doubt Obama more people took to say that but now. Everybody with. Almost unanimous that he should have been suspended any patriot fan who attempts to defend this cheap dirty play identifies him warm cell disease footing the gym wearing card carrying hall. On capitalizes on then I'll be on who defend anything in the name of their beloved team. And shouted it's a lot of that is got you any what is the word on before it's an appearance coming up as a sweet but we're ounces promotion all I site that like how that works really good job by you. Ice is anyone to tries to excuse grants act by the talent on the whole again unfair calls round rock is change in subject and yet as we all heard the clip by now. Scott's allied during the game yesterday. On the patriots radio network going nuts about it. He quickly changes to today and about the tunnel for puzzles and incorrectly where he said yeah you know one has probably overreacting. He will get a game he does are game so even the people who work hawks yesterday. I think came to light the Shaughnessy can write this and I I will. Anyone who anyone who is on I don't want to call in and we have five full ounce of me keep trying to can't. If you want to defend wrong and you wanna say the NFL got this wrong explain to me why if you want these armed Johnson talked about. I will take your call first time I heard enough of those people today its way to level headed rich is waiting down the middle pats fans are not being hawkish enough. Often the guys like Dan Shaughnessy and really is one of the few things that seems like everybody can agree on. Again not that I thought he should of put I had a select predicted I'm not shocked by it and it's certainly not outraged you're wrong get your feet you'll want to admit that you are wrong you you've got the call wrong here is also that it wouldn't yeah. You are and kind of fanned out of the Mike Evans played at no action I don't I don't have dropped look at the Mike Evans play again who also got one game. I think now one look at it again is worse that's on the beacon parables about a play after the fact. But crunch that's closer to an actual play Evans ran across the field. Not Lattimore down blind side lot line or knocked down and then threw a punch on top of that. So and that only got in the act out one game if they give him two or ideological texting and AJ green one up with yeah I can't explain the AJ green fight -- to get into a Ramsey yes she got and getting a battle to get rejected they had nothing did know didn't get dejected but Big Dig another I think they may have been rejected right but neither one got suspended I I will double check I dole or to the united get rejected a parent it's so that one I can't I can't answer they fought in the fall on national TV definitely hates that stuff. They also at the concussion park and a concussion part played into it but either wake custard on it deserved a suspension are you guys are waiting to racial comeback it your call 617779. 7937. Is your phone double hear from Bill Belichick is a reaction to this would deal holly earlier. And then. There's also a race element to what happened yesterday with. Stephen A Smith at talking about Brady and his reaction to Josh McDaniels and the PTI guys that day. Talking about being black league and haven't suspending. Rob because he's white or something like that with will Bonn in a total play that for you as well but your phone calls coming up it's all grounds alone in a football. Mott at night's Sports Radio W media. I think he probably should have a one game suspension. What surprised me if this happens and also what are may have. You read and you know appeals which I would expect to do when you know produced and ultimately it's just. You know a significant fine. That would. By the yes what would happen. That would be my best guess there's a you know I figured just doesn't get another. This is the fine but there's any question that there's an average you know some type punishment. Tim Hasselbeck today with Kirk king Callahan Tom Brady was on as well check them out on demanded WE DI a dot com must keep its. An NFL Sunday it's one at night Sports Radio WE yeah I'll take right up until Monday Night Football should be good one Bengals and the Pittsburgh Steelers who are. Let's say they will have Antonio Brown available tonight he was questionable the knee injury. I is apparently on the field in full uniform expected to give it to go to levels the awful he's able to go tonight. Steelers and Bengals as promised or call 617779793. Cells put Eric in Rhode Island Erick you're on WB yeah. Slogans Eric. Always a little odd little boats we. My. Some. And it got a bit on why this thing around him. Duplicate try to kill the bunker. Urging him almost put him. How to do it. And they're. Out there and clutched at. Particulate call one then. The oil. AA and he's well. He's a competitor. Oh. You know it's. I think that's the reality of it and look at all those guys you mentioned. Between I Kelsey. Jack Doyle having a big year this year Indianapolis is a lot of very good at. Pass catching tight ends my guess is rich. Most of them are harassed the way gronkowski is and they probably think they should get more calls than they do I don't we're called very many. Target media player on the ground with the Jimmy fly snoop. Oh draw that's the difference it is a does I think Barack Obama not excusing look rocked the it would how he is targeted how he's covered everything else but. I think it is worse discuss these are strong reflect the broad. They get it all star players get fouls up as Kelsey is a pretty big I you have other proxy and stronger and in bigger and further firm safeties and corners and linebackers try to keep up with Obama but at the mall him a lot more. And they get away with it and then went rock shove software all tight ends all wide receivers do that these guys go flying and they're more likely to get a flag that way so I think he is. Officiated a little bit different but that doesn't mean. Are an idea of free rein start elbow guys in the head and the show the replay again he takes three or four stutter steps and done does his chin strap -- errors the guy and it's the most obvious one game suspension but did you know he was down maybe saudis or get up in Russia and run for a score and I'm I'm pretty sure did when Eric in New Hampshire on Rob Gronkowski higher. Eric. Eric revenues of the U. Eric earlier on you sound great on bond. Erica already caught the guys don't buy just screamed I don't all he wants called off adds I would skip ahead because he wants to defend. Rob Gronkowski wants to defend wrong. Long lines those penalties Rouse in Cranston Ralph go ahead as we wait for Erica defendant. Grounds ridiculous that yes there and then you followed I I hate when the phones suck like Pate. Yeah yes you sound. Are quite personable you know a lot of replays get held how did that's just part of the game. I don't fear it'll be the it is going to be retaliation we hear that a lot sports in the reps or can or. But I agree 100%. We view and I beat the rest will do good because I don't think you're protected by the coach Brady played the last minute it decent and decide what a rating was. Glad I came yesterday night I hit the ball they're throwing the fourth quarter of one. Really are big picture go one further step because of the practical in championships in so many of them. They should be one game suspension and intent to injure. Penalties too and that was that dumb penalty he looks like a horse that. That was dumb that's such a short week in October settlement yeah. I mean he looks foolish to place second after the plea to that and you know what he can use them where I totally agree with the suspension just take it. Yep I most people do financially is gonna suck for him I imagine the 280000 dollars you're gonna. Lose roughly mission gamer to what we don't mention and this is why for him messages dome it was it was dirty. It was aggressive and financially it's done it's the one game hit financially and remember the way he set up this contract was if he gets to certain escalators. He gets paid more. And so we can have one fewer game now to try to get ice it was appeals not going to be except that I spent I solid and all the one game suspension. It's one less game for him to get to. All those accelerated his contract and he's got a signed a deal. That was set up for performance based bonuses if he hits certain marks during the year. Yes catches eight yards it's touchdowns if they of one of those or some other ones in there to look like tomorrow. I doubt percentage of snaps yeah all of those things I think. We're looking it up earlier I think he needs fifteen more catches to hit one problem which you figure he can still do in three games but it's a whole lot easier obviously with four. I'll check the contract here to second out they're coming out of the woodwork let's try this one again Berry in New Hampshire Highbury. You have said Richard got it right. Bronx in there and then I'd get penalties followed him all along he's got out he's had enough this dude molested him. It and he no flag. Newton and that's about all your stuff about. You know so that makes it okay there are a bit ridiculous. That makes it okay the fact that EU all that allows you to take three steps under you'd unlucky chin strap. And very guy who's already been down for couple's sex. You know what if you never been frustrated in the world again should. Did you notice at enough. Okay and I've been penalized for my stupidity got called Larry that's both good and pretty evident here Barry sole brunt should be penalized just the way anyone else to be in that spot. No problem and get penalized. I'll give it 25000 dollar fine solid suspend his inside out of the flag jones' bat got there also suspend him for a deem calm you guys last rocket for an away game. It's a game free ground. It shouldn't have gotten suspended before. And added like these play Oakland at Denver and thrown punches. Plays work is the patriots are and it's a matter differently no punches thrown differently and I'm really ridiculous. He's so it's so unfair to those fifty catches he has. He's just say. You don't think it works a little bit the other way worse is cal beat helps him and and guys they know he's so big they don't call every. Are offered to pass interference on broad double edged sword but. Let's talk to a Joseph and women McGraw visited to ever suspension Shaughnessy is right there are plenty hawks are like yes hi Joseph get a job. I'll give I think. They're complete moron. 100% dirty play but I agree that I don't think it is their suspension and AJ green earlier in the year like literally act the guy on the field and got fired the are basically drop quick little lack outlawed. Because not I don't. I don't I don't think you're a moron deserves debate by and but ultimately they could sit there you have in my opinion AJ green situation a lot words and you got opt you know literally no mention not. The I don't think it was worse Joseph because that was two guys getting heated they got a legit fight Ramsey green. This was premeditated crawled one F three defenseless player that's why it's different I know I would deal I would actually suspended though those guys for game especially AJ green. But in this case. The guy who let committed a penalty on and it wasn't called he's laying on the ground he got the interception he couldn't defend himself. So that's why it's worse despite a thirty day. Not at all. Your thoughts on a shot Z college haunt today's column jail shots or the or under it. That like the route. At. All. Number. Art like mark I don't believe that unit that you know that's not she can say you don't like it which I understand. You've read songs and it's a lot about that. Well I'd go. On line up right but I. Is irrelevant although. It or. Any. Idiots like me. Who re that they have to say and they really I can use a side of the ships if you look at her show contacts exactly Joseph does have to do that that he's not renounce. Let's go to our market Chicago market on WEEI. Hey guys not only did the at all that the right thing but they get what they have to do a mean one that was playing football captures clutching grabbing. And then the other guy interpreted to get it'll steel cage match so it was a bad look Padilla well if they didn't do anything when one guy. At the end of this place get you clearly injured. You keep can cut we know the issue is. Police chat with concussions. And they athlete did the right thing but they also promote politically. Did what they have to do not copy constant highly today. It would be eight per person cut me and that's track somewhere like justified because there are several people get a what do that argument that you know like Orleans where I was talking out loud and local game show. It was actually we. All I was not I I got to admit I I did not catch this part I saw or heard about it dot hear the excuse part was the excuse mark. All right pit Wall Street art what he would be cumulative. Factor. He's being quite good he officiated by the rats the rich please take action I've got our whole while that's a lot of sand. I did say that I say that's not to excuse that I would use not a I don't I don't because some of the guys last night but I never. That would not you might deal would be I would say hey look at all the guys. There were the guys are doing to him I'm saying they do that's sort of a side argument that they do officiate the league's differently but that's not about a zero effect on what he did. I'd encourage you undertake earlier. Yeah I do that period it was like you've had to take. That was really get the ball when they go and anyway that's great so we shall they can't get good work that's only eight they ought to treat this gym late season. They just look at it that way and Grunwald crumpled peeled broadcast to appeal it because of the financial ramifications. But that for the patriots this is. It's a blessing in disguise. Because there once did go to all what this is the funny part of the game yesterday so backing was absolutes news 23 to wise that point 33. First half was a field goal fest that was a boring half football you're gonna watch this year patriots and on patriots and what they do in the third quarter a rock that we spent four defendants are McGraw. What they came out our throated rock and it was rich right down the field whether you are fouling him or not. You can't cover that guy he saw one comparable to just keeping him healthy for a post season Ron. Is all that should matter right now for the patriots yet already know it'll work out fine if he misses the game and I'd like anonymously the next buffalo game as well play in the Pittsburgh game and in does have a hellish for the playoffs and they are clearly the team to beat. 61777979837. Is the phone number we had the gronkowski issue we also had a the sideline issue between Tom Brady and offensive coordinator. Who's going to be a lot of looks here head coach Josh McDaniels and somehow some way should be surprised but Stephen A Smith of ESPN brought race into that back and forth. Or play that you'll get your phone calls lock and key Sports Radio W media. Monday Night Football Bengals and Steelers Tom Brady part of pregame James writes about it night's Sports Radio WEP alpha credit until. I'm back game next hour the big headline today as Rob Gronkowski spent her for one game. Deserve ward Tate NFL got it right I feel all those things will get to all those phone calls you guys have. On brawl between now and Monday Night Football the other story line for a game that was rich that you agree pretty boring on the field yesterday. I had the wrong story line of the hit and you had a Tom Brady and Josh we deals getting in a bit of a back and forth they screaming match there. On the sideline which. It's par for the course of Brady no matter who he says offensive coordinator recently bill O'Brien. And Josh McDaniels he's will need to. We yell right back isn't like what he hears ms. coordinators that's become a thing for Tom. It has I think this is really a nothing story and I know it's been talked about in national and all over the place today but. I think dispersal really good for Josh McDaniels William looks really good for him because. If he's willing to stick up for himself and get an argument and defend himself but Tom Brady. That he'll certainly do that anywhere and I think it makes him look even like a better. Head coaching candidate and you know you look at told Brian as you mentioned he gotten a big screen imaginable for those guys because he is a crazy one now all those years back. Emanuel mixing and I was hired by Penn State they hired by Houston so. He's been doing just fine. I think we've also. Over the years we've seen how Brady. Reacts to certain things you know he's never my act up with some of the players around the room liked up we sort of hear how Brady reacts on the field. He was just screaming and take a policy or a couple of weeks ago he'll scream at the officials have scream and other players. He gets he gets fired up all these guys all the great competitors hitting a fired up. And so he clearly missed the spring cooked some out why so he comes off the sideline and candles give them an earful. Brady gets it right back to all of the big key goal and that's that's great to have that relationship where they're able to do that and. Along so and because a history there because Tom has done it before I did not think it would be a big deal other players I think you'll be more based story. Stephen based at the Max Kellerman talked about it today on first take. And the idea of Tom Brady being whites came up in the conversation with the guys. I'm gonna say it was a big deal only from this perspective. If people black we'd be going off about. The fact is is that Tom Brady you know he's had outburst cortisol lots before it is absolutely positively. No big deal to me in the heat of action when you're on the stop lighting you're going off I understand that comes with it in no way. And not try to would score create Tom's great. What I am attacking is the inconsistency. Of jolt or Susie public out there who would be quick. So that denigrate. A black athlete if he was on the spotlight back and that way he'd be he'd be cited for insubordination. He would become perceived as being completely out of control. Temper tantrum maybe he should have maybe ask some. Anger management issues and needs to take the courts or something along those slots. But when Tom Brady does it. Well that sounds great now granted he's a spot possible bowl champions if it was if it was up Blaine Gabbert as somebody. Maybe it would be taken a bit differently all I'm telling you is that from my vantage point I don't see it that way. I think the white athlete is judged differently than the black athlete when it comes to emotional expressions are believed to have black folks are customarily. If not religiously. A labeling character rise this angry. As the polls to all white individuals. Being up perceived as just being emotional and very very much invested and committed to success it's a double standard it's flagrant. But it's been going on for decades if that's true. See I'm Sherry not the only one who thinks that my guess is will be a big topic across the country tomorrow. My problem is that again I'm dom range I think they're much more about winning and your track record than it is about the color of your ski and on it contradicts himself right that they say it won't let ever did it'd be upset if they would I think. Blaine Gabbert Johnny men's L Ron Donnelly like pick your failure quarterback in the NFL is not one Jack. That would become a national story and everything man Zell did it and I'll electronic check he's white. Got brought up whether it was off the field on the field Johnny men Zell went to the club went to Vegas one and Stu grant against what. People buried him not because he was white or that he wasn't black it was because he was and are not living up to potential. Tom Brady's lived up and live well past any potential people had for him so he's given the benefit of the doubt and it's about winning and your track record much more. That is about the color your skin. I don't see this at all as a black white thing I think it is definitely how visual are and it also helps that. In this scenario that played out in in buffalo the patriots you have the greatest quarterback of all time. And you have right now one of the best coordinators so when they get it would argument. You don't then say. Men like. Is somebody gonna have to lose their job over this right it that was never a discussion I look at it this move on whereas if you have. You know a rookie quarterback or a second or third you're struggling quarterback with a establish coordinator they're screaming at each other article the more one sided. Or if you had. You know a new again at a Roethlisberger for example of say he had a brand new coordinator and they're screaming at each other. You they won't rob the first probably right he's been there longer he has yet the track record so I don't at all see this I think you have to take a case by case is definitely not black black person. Like yea he was thought he didn't even give us an example I don't think a black athletes to. Had been chastised for their actions that the problem and in particular when the with the NFL's the position and the position I think about his wide receiver we see. And now he's Dez Bryant as an example when you see Dez Bryant yelling in his quarterback. All you can think of that's not great at the time. But the league lot they play and they they they they throw the quarterback throws the Dez Bryant he makes the catch as turns the silence given the ball more. And they do and it works out we just happened Dez. On was it Thanksgiving return this I want to give him a gamble and that's irresponsible that that's when it comes up records an example of a guy that is. Lost his mind on the sidelines people criticize them but. He's literally crop of one nothing is that whenever he's cried luckiest head butted a ticking net like he's he's lost his mind or there and in. What's that like and as talented as he is. Probably deserves he criticized the little that he doesn't have the the track record than a lot of other players in the league I don't see the race there and all Stephen A dozen other people do which will be talking about I'm sure. As we get closer to over to get through this patriots longer week with Monday night game. Against the dolphins rich shells thought the arts and arts it it's risky for the dale and Holley programs of the patriots last night they win 2320 and a big part of that. Was there ability to get to Rob Gronkowski. In the second half it was a field goal game in the first tap it was a slow game. Was it 93 run for a Burke of Burke had a via such downed second touch on for Birkhead there was also bought really. Pushed forward by the play of Rob Gronkowski ended up when nine catches tolerant 47 yards on eleven targets had a long of thirty. When they needed it last night the second half the patriots Rob Gronkowski and he got it done. In a car it's gonna help you do all those things help you get to where you need to go. We're talking Aaron talking kids to soccer hockey here in the winter I got the car for you the 2018. Chevy Equinox the equinox has built in fact. 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