Will Flemming, Pawtucket Red Sox Play-by-Play announcer, joins Bradford and Drellich to give us his take on the emergence of Rafael Devers -- 7-16-17

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Sunday, July 16th

Will Flemming has been incredibly impressed by Rafael Devers who was just recently promoted to Triple-A Pawtucket. He tells Rob and Evan what he thinks about Devers, how far he has come and his career timeline. He also gives us some thoughts on other prospects in the system. 


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There you go there it got Frazier the dad sat him down on account and its sign. See that that man on TV don't be like exactly there after. It back I think getting paid 95 million dollars could not cease that's by the way that was all. Political well is not Oprah produce Raphael devers Todd Frazier month if people don't know that heartbreaker. Not from the game last night which he still play for the White Sox about the news that. But he he seemed like he can treat that he can play youth playing for the Toms River team injures the the Little League World Series the little league world champions. Todd Frazier twelve year old and we'd get that in view exclusive Jack career. Average accurate. Jacket route doing that it anyway speaking of excellent excellent announcers. I had a bird will Fleming's voice and one of these Altman and we did I apologize for them are. Well forming the pot fox wanna be off Sox announcers who. The popular game last night in Syracuse. Watching. Maybe the greatest performance we have ever ever seen. Well Howard you. I'm dude grow up if it is the day I verbally and they. Listen well I mean this is how we have to live our life these days. Everything's the best in the greatest and and I don't know did you hear me and I apologize if I could identify your voice. On the home run call the single double what whatever will Raphael never acted on sure that you don't want great calls on every single one of those but will the thing that I think struck average average say hello Evan drought you carrier. And how are well it's gone on what the things struck both of us was your tweet. Which was saying that this is one of the best performances that you have ever seen. So tell us a little bit about what you saw from average last night and was it what you expected. No one beyond your wildest dreams. Or was it just a good game for young. Well first auto parts pulled typically Ream of about twenty year old baseball players lounge around about other currency from the numbers that are. Others all the night vision. There's no question. That is the eighth as much expectation at the thought it you know. We had in many years you go back Cutler folk art and there. Even Henry don't like what hurt when they came out there were so much talk about them are. There's no question that what what peppers it yesterday you what any of them. Effort yet and and I met exactly what I part I think I've been yet there were out trying this or like. To separate. Tighten expectation and wanting to see what my all night and or my own impression. Having been an entirely for some years now I've seen guys like record form or startling mark Edberg in recent years parents are treated her and each of those. Look you walk in the stadium and attractive. Form your own impression. They pick it is that if there while you. And so are kind of want it take it minute I met with peppers yesterday. And then that started that back in practice or walk the one year old and it looked. Like use you know that. It assault or a school are lit further period. Walked out and look around the greatest scene that are like this student 100 game of Tripoli not occur I want. And tickets per round EP. And this way it'd I think ready at all collapse and nothing to him president but then around and come around and you look like David Ortiz and including a spectacular. Power display all fuels and he that went around. Like. You can hear her for ten years and then McCain starts and and it hurt Tripoli. You heard he is that it is right now in America on line drive in the left back I'm out. To strike out of the line drive in the right field. Third I'm about to strike now. Spoiling won two straight breaking ball after another rip the one. Out double off the wall in right and that it last time out and about it throughout it is or effort AAA. And before he comes to the way the opposing manager. Go to the ball and to bring it tenure Majorly veteran to go left on left in the one year old yet peppers. Who'll work the count that they were two and one. And that to collect our own. I'm direct feel and all the other way in the bottom of that inning made it Adrian Beltre play coming in they get here and craft behind the mound. And a submarine off balance throw the first day. To rock and Kermit to get to chopper that are so. You know it was one of those days where you can't help that crept back in a way don't wanna put too much stock into one game obviously you can't there's one game. One week changes and he but he planned trajectory here. We're as good as anybody ever seen him when you're. I welcome on the try to put you on the spot here. Do you think he can help this year and if you're the Red Sox. Are you relying on. So I think and I don't I wouldn't ever imagine that one game. Would all. Took a one game out of options but just from what you know him even you know big picture. So. I actually think that it doesn't change anything I still think that makes. All sent in the world. To potentially make a move I'm not in the business of predicting what what the risks are well. Because if you make the move for a guy who doesn't block to happen in the future a multiple some of those are often you don't necessarily want him. Penetrate and it when you're at the commuter that polygraph. If it if Europe India. To me. Well looks like someone who can help particular club this year yet you don't there's no. I'm Heidi I don't know whether or not they're they're. Rely on an element in all of that on and I my doubts they ought he definitely looked the part of the guys you know well practically recruiter and who Batman and. Are in in following with our I don't know if you will listen previously apologists few work. But are our theme of the day to some degree what what do you look at his body in and see there's been some talk of you know. Yeah news baton splintering. You mean by Agassi play all of us. Upward toward year old kid you had gotten out probably what got I think ill gotten better shape what is Wilson yes let's start this. So I saw him I'm in spring training yes better now. And your the other actually that. People it Warner earlier point are we would like that I mean to me her an advantage in the where I mean your when he has definitely. I've gotten himself in better shape and and he had all time to do that and here's the other. No matter what your first impression of him as that of body type as you know if why complain. He moves tremendously well certainly it like. Yet rate jumped from second and short on date so. It doesn't matter to me at my it is sort of what that scene in money or people will now table our communities snap judgment about. Things that they seen in the past and how that impact them out of you looked at number of bodies and it but he was tremendous. Player though. I think and eat in terms of your movement on assignment which are all a matter because. Yet it is a good point will you were doing that game does reprieve for awhile he said he saw them we saw him. And he was paid by I'll say in this second breath that he got himself in better shape it looks like. And and that has helped a big set it will. John perilous that it this is going to be up to him whether he placed third base or first base. If you can stay in good condition that he is going to be a third baseman and that's what it sounds like he's going to be I wanna ask you this well. Devers aside UC's author arts team. Tell me a couple guys who might woo hoo baby art isn't yet arc at the height that average. But will be helping this team this Red Sox team at some point next on here that you and beats. Well actual peace Syria yesterday in the effort that you knew was totally overshadowed by what but want to have. Six strong innings and allowed one run that was kind of treaty. Without some great ease and played hard and open continues to. A record low nineties so that definitely played with an open. Are purple and Carter are ball and he says and really impressive to me and I think one thing that stands you know. That I think he can definitely help the clout they look. What exactly is total eased to make that it accurately or not it behind him he seemed to have an ability to do that depict you can find it so. I think we certainly a guy who wouldn't vote at Robert I actually think the guys who get called up today in new seen in a brief spell often. Looks like a totally different pictures of me and he has a problem or. I think. What he went up. That is particularly experience he's retired border or will they also convey in a particularly if you he came back the doctor. Different and explosive. Like on the all in the upper nineties total command of everything. I dramatic actor can't really intriguing people and and another order. And he got a question mark joke telling that of course he's not in the slot and any kind of a setup role in anything like that I think he's really people full and people look at the pictures. Our people are here are Brad Johnson & Johnson has been really good. Is laughable concept and that got broken but but rather hitting perspective. To admit that you you know well and both really existing. Situation to get their flock in the out to right brown and root at your apartment ought. Believable. Not exaggerating. When I make our lives that he then left. We know he's cornered by the contract. Exit really difficult. But the rest are to call him up but tape I hate at it you know has done an aero that any impacting the game on both sides. And there's rent and eat in home runs won the triple a home run derby. 38 home runs in three rounds error. Do I mean he he's totally transformed players yet it toe tattoos wearing. And it helped him find things not seen everything in the stretch. That book and really really across. Well well as one of the two greatest spring training announcers there ever was. Me being another small fraternity I appreciate it. And in the system thanks for the insight on devers. And will probably be in touch would be going forward because this is all we're talking about where we're not talk about sixteen inning games we're talk talking about. Well I guess retire about Todd Frazier of Iraq feel beverage is the guy right now of phone will thanks so much for joining us. My pleasure and look at our machine yet it's being with for early note about unit relive those nights like our site. It's few and far between in their work all other shed are going to be different partners on welcome and if you therefore alarm. I think well thanks so much will one and one of the few jobs tomorrow is off of the year other plots arts announcer. And he's at best performance than he's ever seen that ever seen on the David Ortiz batting records there's there ago. Yeah I love hyperbole even if maybe he believes it made it hard for little I don't know. Why you do see reports and that you know are expected to continue the average relatives that conversation on I'd I am no longer has that as well I think that you are on the same path as Raphael Deborah was this is the different bubbles to invoke at that they couldn't get the weight off. You may have to get some of the weight off crop field devers has made it some of the weight often and so that's what I'm talking about avid. When we're sitting there at saying Raphael devers this baton spring training. He's such a sitting there and saying okay I'm fat that's OK and get paid and no matter wise I don't let all of that and to that. It's your nobody arc but when they signed him happened yet. When they signed a Miller's view thing I can play this wait don't worry about yet the old trainer that old guy. Who was very nice guy. But you say don't worry bodies more Agile than ever. Well when I broke yesterday why in the Roland rat race yet well he should have Redick who would help you for the segment. What the reflection on rock at all possible with Adam on base these stricter watched. Product candidate that's what you wrote. Too little too late to support from Iran by. Did you write. I wrote I write anything get your credit. I bet I thought sixty pounds once summer. Great summer great. And then I had people tell me she and you were who the hero that they are mostly girls as Mike well did you. Like we want to. How do you do it. But he but he dropped the weight. IE odds that probably didn't use legislation that's also the in my body just to. Yes smoking cigarettes and drinking now on I would now active that's what you're telling publish him mom dad I don't you guys excellent negated back contracts that went 77797937. If you wanna join in the conversation. We also we really talked about the fact that this is the greatest. Show in the history of this time slot. Well yeah we're gonna break and stamps having an that relatives bring a breath ocean. Now the Robert Farnsworth Bradford show with other. We'll explain all looks in a shift in our program right activists.