Will the TB12 brand be put ahead of the team and Patriots organization at some point?

Mut at Night
Friday, January 12th

Reimer and Buck are in and talking about the Patriots QB Tom Brady, and his upcoming docuseries "Tom vs Time", as well as the perception that Brady is only doing the documentary to peddle his TB12 brand. Plus there's a flat earth update from Kyrie Irving


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It's much that night on Sports Radio you. EI. Well if you would what are you willing to give up because there should be. Yours we generally. We'll stick around for. We're competing gets you better be good. You can. 38 inning Bonnie and Tom Brady showing more than thirty. There's a warrior spirit or wrong. I have to send him an amendment line. Deadlines. When you there when you do. When I see myself. So lives. So is that Tom great numbers is not the chatter that's been released this week at get a kick out of that every time I hear the strangeness. There's a warrior spirit about me pop. Somewhere but what if I put it out. That would appear to kick in not you doable warrior spirit about them being totally serious well thank you wait that's of very courageous couple weeks your rate yes I do appreciate very much like what you're just let. What if it was not you can't let that but what do they are nice that's nice gentleman nice while women who came up to our Booth today at the New England international auto show at Boston convention. Exhibition center what if they came up it's you know but. I said warriors here. You would say you are strange. You are a total while weirdo well OK here's my take on this. Barry Sanders does the commercial. For the term. Divorce lawyer yes great great commercial great work they do and all that stuff it's great that it meant he would seek legal counsel. You know when you Hewitt I don't wanna advertise but he pleased that he introduces doesn't know legend ericsson's. He isn't in it though it is no doubt in my mind we all agree. That there is seen is an NFL legend right but the person should not refer to himself at the let that's Allred John. On the same token wouldn't that worries here it Brady out new ways it is it is four shots. Does convert what it absolutely. Sign me up with some of that navy but. It seems weird when you say. I have a warriors here this one thing this has been described as patriots poignant Gerri this morning I can't wait it's gonna be great McNealy to. Really it's like informers offered Tom Brady is hit you. It didn't have to watch this for your job would you be excited to seal nods now that's a way to put it because department watch it and be mindful of what they did point talk about cured of the fourteen you'll notice Jerry Jerry's. Theories. Midlife crisis is to see. Tom Brady from the eyes of the young Jerry while on Larry Bird. Really Anderson deep psychological and Al's list. Jerry is all in on Larry Bird yet with the greatest athlete Watson with a history it's Larry Bird I write. It's horrible that who's raised up my partner and I. That's and monsters and the US England boys and and that's the way he used Tom Brady adds he's grown up version of teenage Larry. Yeah so this documentary fine whatever. I don't think it's that big distraction take a look curious. The charter was dropped this week. I think Brady knew everything about this documentary. I caught it in from the document he knew everything about east he he read it. Right so he had to have known. That even that in New York Times and come out with a piece announcing this voice. Right to it cleavage is doing a book about that choice yet and marquis to right if Boston roots he threatened by beatings he each day. He used while respect and boy. So then great while actually that leader Mitch wrote that big piece about read your time's magazine totally missed that rarest stuff for years ago was Boston came up with that. Regardless. Do you find illustrated drops this week in embrace asked about it yesterday at a press conference. It doesn't take the question at all. Like the trailer drops and why where I mean why not entertain a question who cares at this point right now I agree with that it's. Go back to its world what would I watch it if it weren't. If you will require re write what we do for a living. But but it might have done it it's not like any BO series that I can't wait the next episode I'm sorry. Its it is and it commercial and pretty much every utterance everything about Tom Green. And the bad guy but he's a capitalist and wanted to he's got products selling. I don't know wise and life releases in the episodes that you wanna know why we're here where we're going trying to find that deeper purpose to let it through sports and very authentic way. Make so much sense to me it's like a man and he knew your great play record like. Really well we wanted to get Harvick satisfaction. Through sports and you're using that medium it is the reason that so many people with the politics reason. The reason so many people in sports and the team having reached the pinnacle. Now wanna go rule idol went through with the president Donald Trump is president. We've we've seen national restless. Entertainers singers actors sports team owners and now here I say quarterbacks. Who won at the something beyond what they glory success. So I think it's just that strains the weight pretty talks is strange it's bizarre however I will say yes. Lots of talk this week that your tends to peace out today Tom Brady's midlife crisis major draped with a book a website in new documentary series. And all does this all pro. Good team speed heading toward a post football life that Tenet that the that the jesus' piece of the street view of few lines at the help of the book. A partner's side business in new documentary series coming to Smart phone near you. His midlife crisis is unfolding before packed stadiums millions intelligent viewers and those immediate followers and eager news media. Ward something just feels different but the latest patriots Brady chatter which has produced consternation upward patriots nation. In the NFL at large now I'd buy that in comparison to the wicker Sam's story. And audits rob was stuff we've been hearing all year but it terms of that pretty pushing the TB twelve and in this. Infomercial FaceBook documentary. That this is distraction for the team it's up. Distracting at all known to that column pom well worth in this beat them on the team with some years. It is one thing in the back to Michael stand in the patriots. Words are the bonuses as possible in what Michael's hand. They didn't end up doing it but when people said he would be a distraction. That Michael and beat the patriots witness absolutely not. The only proof like it off with the only group that was required Tim Tebow Tim Tebow came in the patriots it was in any distraction rule the mall with Detroit's week. That is that the rope line it that these questions miles away. Ought to win it would continue to you're right that that. You do not win with back to what you suggest that before when it rains talking about now. This is some kind saying they quoted him on the team and all that stuff. This team doesn't need that kind of motivation. Worthy distracted buys it doesn't happen. The only time I can possibly think of any player not the team but eight player. Being distracted by stuff that was too mean to winning and losing. Wise Wes Welker 2010 season while the would be a distraction either but it was to him that's why he says to him you mean. He didn't play the three theories they sat him down yeah that he has Belichick is hard and want to send a message. We see 100% focused on winning this subject because I don't think he joked about rexrodt helplessness on it and don't know out from the educated couple things that was in the fleet of it was a well crafted. Ten minute if how how much I think Wes Welker spent on those what does Rex ride jokes. All I spent quite a bit to always be quite at that time ten hours aren't entirely missing the point I'm not that and then ran against the grain of every single. Things that Bill Belichick believes it. Balkans. The next game in the schedules. Don't give the other people would material he's been harping on it and how many times the teams that T eighteen years he and the coach. How many times have please rate that now. One he told a couple of ways but that sticks and with it and it pissed him off hot. So what if you look at what was what not steady game playing is he was working on it. Understandably if you're missing my target point out that there is much of points on the other than there was huge point that YouTube that it's him it's to understand and on about that means it. This is this is what it is Alex. Never in eighteen years as Belichick had its help you maintain your focus because we went to shop. Players are always focused on the next game. This was the case and it did happen in Houston marketing this as it went stock. It hasn't happened since swell to city think this TB twelve stuff in this FaceBook mini series trailer dropping days for the playoff game Keating that this hurts Belichick it's politics see it's like you know I think it hurts them yeah. It hurts the absolutely. He wants his players vote they you missing the point on the Welker thing. Belichick doesn't like that it doesn't happen very often go back the Tim Tebow. You were reluctant people all of during training camp and it didn't affect you you're the way the YouTube uses. One known as Tokyo walker Tony couple quick notes at a press conference shows is Josie wasn't focused on the jets I'd I'd just like them to keep saying it was a couple of it was also know what it was it was about what it would. Ten minutes. All it was on ten minute team it was the entire press conference that was that my phone I heard I remember that jokes they were not that they were not very. Take a walk and if you want if you wanna get down and dirty on specifics but what you gonna stand by the that it was a couple of which jokes is that you wanna be literal. With a couple of what took you to know. It was several spots using a. But here's the thing out I think drape the more brief focuses on TB twelve and pushing it TB while brand. It means he's focusing on her on extending the longevity of his football career because if Tom Brady. Falls off left to quote our friend Max Kellerman at 41. It died after all right again and he has more Brady heat coming up what they'll play it later on up like everything Brady just totally use the neck artery like loop but. The rate falls off of 41. The TV talk brands ceases to be all that special they're okay like you thought that poured on like Brett Favre did. Like what is so special about this that the parents and Drew Brees or who's great at 39 I mean so. With great ease people's race devoting all this attention to TB twelve. That means breeze devoting all this attention to extending its football career joint is great he can respond to cancel all ties together I don't think this is the distraction. I don't think it's a distraction to him. And I don't think it's all that matters right. Now it is all the matches I agree with that but that doesn't that that you're asked immediate Belichick he's pleased with it if he's if he's up about it but not to the degree receive an update radio would be so. And rightly so like think to go back to the New York Times piece which announced this documentary that we've been attendance declines saying it is unclear. How much the patriots coaching staff knew about this endeavor. And Stacey James told Leibovitz that the team was nominally. That Brady was working on this suit Tom Brady you have to believe that. Jeff I did that it would nominally aware yes that Deepak Chopra son got the answer or respond on Brady several months. Belichick made out of noted that's that's interesting to me. That's interesting angles apparently in this thing several times based ingredient whatnot. That speaks I think more the fact that they'll check. Is there to coach the football team in Brady in TB twelve and Guerrero it all wanted to all packaged into one so that I agree doesn't wipe out. I I think it every. Utterance from Tom Brady is part of larger in. At this point at this at this point there yet what's what's this what's really got turned after the super. Or 49 when he gets its books I agree with that that is when it you've really got to think about you know. And you know we're bowl normal working people in the grand scheme of things that that we. Can only speak for myself. That. Win normal people get through third day to day. Asked themselves. What the rest now Tom Marie knew that we were millions of he's got involved with them. He Ponzi scheme. Yes and yet it didn't Guerrero money for a phony can't yesterday's strikes me as a guy who lose. Doctor role play and think nothing that his wife though. So. Try to think it's of the people think if you're Tom rate. What use his life after football. He's the key is gonna run for the senate in Massachusetts or California we could you all read it not and I think Brady is user worried about it politically and Easton. And I mean he's made it this far but we we have delight you with political news and we have to make America great captain locker. He just about himself that at some point. And I believe he's disassociate himself because that's right like. And click on. Not I think that's a really turn the race this year working ion even talking a lot off the air about how they say on two about how yes but I know as open this year those guys. Typically ends. I think it's not so much weight gain as much as try. The trump so I think Brady looked on that weighed it added a few innocuous comments you as friends of mine I said if he wins they've been putting green on the White House line. And little dissents like TV are also attacking him I think he's endorsing trumpet a thumb Brady go to pissed me off to. Concede that yet but it's a bit like to question what he does Tom Brady in it you carriers while where. We agree humanize. That he's not in politics he's not gonna be an analyst on Sunday on ESPN BCC BS on whatever. He's above that. He can't sit you on the side. Instead you know in return for the one shot went in let me set up Cincinnati and today's game. And offered me that's what Rex line Willie McGinest guys guys have been very good living in football wanna continue to work with well. But yet they work. I'm very easy wants them needs to do something that'll stimulated intellectually I don't think this is all about making lots of money he didn't leave. And all with origin labeling now and he wants to beat beat pardon oh yeah and let. The TB twelve brand is dependent on Brady's success and longevity as a football why is it when Brady would people say breach it he thought he won that game. He keeps saying he's gonna do at least 45 points in that but what if he doesn't it does if he's Korean and fall 45. And this is just might write you'd be episodic you'll be on them like you re at the only season you get and it instantly. It it'll be well instantly to the degree that it'll be an injury which he does not recover while because recover it won't be. Less than Tom very. What that what the whole pitching at that I read that TV talk manual all of you know 300 awful pages of it and Brady's main point let's give him credit you but you don't you know he's like Peter TO you know Peter TO thinks he can just you know fight off death at that this just disease all pointed out look for Brady is that injury is entirely preventable. Of his career ends and irritate due to injury then what it's preventable to your 4140 tale. The whole narrative kind of falls apart. And unless he has emphasized in. He. Tackle them in such a way that he cares neo and at that point it's like okay he's he's just one. And get back then people cannot turnarounds are also much UTE twelve now right if it's episodic now to your point. If he comes up next season all with sudden. He's he's overthrowing guys see he's he's yet he can't wait to act with he's just a different quarterback if he is. He once great quarterback who eighth suddenly before our eyes. Then you can question his methods and so forth because he's been saying where everything he's told us is to prevent that from happening but it's crunched. He picked the events that rain does that pretty knows that which is why it means New York Times midlife crisis I don't think so it all ties together all ties together. If football it's got David New Hampshire date. Hello let's update hey I just wanted to say I need Barkley I don't know they'll Don indicated that on yeah. In the flat while that they I don't think he got to act now I don't understand bucks point. OK give me the last walker. Had looked like half the day in there that during the week. Oaks if you would I date until at a time. I'll tickets to protect half the data come up what you should go home tonight with Susan I well I don't operate. He now an hour it was too much. You think it took walker half the data come up with foot that is joke about race run in the I think Davis go on the street you go to extreme icing. Look at the quick little off but hear me out real quick out. He will not focusing on the game when he was no he was not writing that it. When he said that on the front offered all like that the money not my girlfriend is he won't be that their game. All affected PLO and I thought got this statement. You know let's get on with late January and it was and I got to move on Belichick's part you don't bench your best wide receiver you know just don't do it through its worst team for the first possession that game is enough no ground. I will agree that but you gotta. It you do on the ballot like that and I I promptly but it might Ali iPod like thank you. Pretty typical day. At a date texting and not lights up to walker right with the jokes back and so there was there was plenty. Something that I hold the hold flooding. On how it dad did not take a homeland why can't it did not take away from the game plan on that silly. Does like Brady. Just like the TB twelve states that the distraction I think it's I think you'd be surprised that you don't know what actually happened that they do remember that I remember the press conference vividly told but that is jokes Belichick was as the season goes. A couple of with the couple but yeah I wouldn't days after the exit a couple of but it all hyperbolic. But it is true I'll check you know the dot rankles Belichick the bad. That that FaceBook miniseries the trailer is drop this out that it's a big deal that it matters one iota. But you know ballots act that's just annoys him. It's a lot is one guy and it's seen the play favorites but we do. Coaches do. It is one guy in the team get away with that. In whose focus would not be count because it its numbers and again it's the same thing TV talk about extending its longevity extending its excellence which. Is great for the patriots has had throughout well they're outnumbered the. For the now it's to bad about this is is that it wasn't so he. If the if the message with Kaymer. I mean what it's missing. EU it doubles get a lot of sleep. I rate. You know I'm on dumbing it down on a mostly in the large component of it yet but that's basically what he's doing well active duty as a message that you know. That's not today but it's a message to the keynote at home. What better than well it's almost every night. It's another stab at being partners with fox Guerrero a professional line that's why. He takes a common sense approach. So in turn into wiley. 617779797. But could regroup live New England international auto show back after this. It was in the best foot forward and it came to stick your toe in the water here further up in the area. What about offensive but before everything occurred the we've had some younger players through some tough decision you know his defeat these and other guys heard the through this before. Make it happen just those go out there and and being dual foot soldiers you definitely have to be under. So. You and we you know with a birdie you know you know under the radar type deal and then I could sail well it that your kids they. The ball without saying foot you know what I worry you know like. They are tickled to power. It is true though. We're discussing north Welker and more evident there. And I'm biased. I'll hit it well polite but still not enough time warrants and eastward at that it's this action. Wes Welker was and that's when he might not currently. Not here. Not take back kind of ridiculous on nights ago. We use use probably after that time but about three weeks before that. They played the jets Monday Night Football beat him by about five points. And then here's street later they played it yet at home as they have week maybe team and they lose. That's like it happened you know people say all act teams that comment box currently it it on and you're gonna ask New Year's in Oakland. Okay. Was Wes Welker. 100%. Focused on that yes. You can want it to him at the same time. I just I don't sickening more see I just so condescending. That an athlete though Clinton is sending is hey I appreciate yes that. Now that is a man who once he liked it's a different products that please take it easy to your guy. You know right texting. Beat the appointment to be a great story and a great equipment another great and Natalie and he's taken a beating from we've. That whole thing at you because it's like now I appreciate it would it is a playoff week all Brady and answer questions about the FaceBook documentary because all that opium. Doing regular people. They can multitask everybody else re answering one question or help let's go crazy five questions at press conference but states with many theories as. Nothing to do with what's gonna happen on Saturday has nothing to do with race factories and so I'm glad you were not a sports that are because you'd be telling you write them. Asked those questions stirred the pot but ask them why ask them way too when it both ways. I just think it's silly this whole mindset and it's it's like it's like the conventional was that everybody that all up weeks of Brady. This team meets all stuffed it not a big distracting it's not a distraction I'm gonna look at a tight race. I still think the jets beat the because then plant a couple of not because while yup because the office to get anything going against his jets defense. By the way is the. And I got its dividend Dolan because when it resolves to unseat right tops Arlen material absolutely dead no doubt no doubt about it Eddie you're angry you're job you did admit that it was with scholarship involved that. Story obviously. Thought I don't back at that I. I don't talk to not on not you would you gave me my point of humans but it's not a lot actually I'm sticking by my guns and has done its job and you'll hit an eight Augusta I got a extraction. Jack in the car on Brady jacked. Hi guys I love about. Our listen listen we're picturesque. You could actually and I think that. Mister Reimer resisting that when he I think as he often does your closest to what was that not may be and also when asked to do questions. I have I have a very important statement that I wanna make OK any follow the program. Aero no doubt decadent and and and a jacket gate it will look like eating Wichita what's blocks. I wrote he would be open minded and let me make this state and happy are you be happy be here and eucharist ought to lend him one the oil spill. It's wonderful what you have the power. That the program stand alone no no I wanna be able to say something makes its. I know they want Simon was not an opt out of your rates demographic is you probably could yet. And I argued that when I heard. That you are I know her community and was leaving this show or days a week or yeah. I'm I was very very happy to come back and listened to W. EI. Mart's problem in our I'd speak Armenian with that is that he has on the away and I think you have been inspecting. You collapse so negative in close might be that you are willing to give you. But you know separate but. Not right there when he went an outside agency economic Akamai paddy plus it's a our Arab our unity tour and I mean at home like god predictably it down to how quick throw and his and I. Nice big deal. Would you agree to aqueduct missing Andre. Well it's very simple the patriots. Having certain method based in that they use in preparation. In reading on a lot of things. And so we know what he'll be that was enough squad that was an app so up one of the coaches who are. Morning and simple and a form and so. What that would do as far right is concerned. When it yet. Typically. Means is hurt. It will be one of those injury but he won't be able to come back from black gold records you just all the image. But what you are if it was witnessed party. Not what you bought. So he isn't political law that would like to open up all the water back. Because if you put it in the end all statement he had he had that the app. So everything is that these minimize your risk of injury at. Went and finally comparing you with me. It was a what's the what's the muscle what am I missing exactly agree Jackie haven't really that it had it yet. What you're talking about grade he knew he would. It is methodology. And that. I'm sorry I'm not I'm not gonna waste your time with their back. RO OK. Okay McNamee meet some missile. After he thought he beat you love old art. When woody really did with me tonight and that'll call though. Like Max apartments that that. This hour's code word that they'd send you to the night before with. With the aide Matt he's been in Minneapolis while this is good. Is why so tax the live. The 72881. Right now for your kids to win. Messaging data rates apply rules as it yeah I dot com slash contests or enter online visit Entercom contest dot com. When randomly selected each client for one trip to Minneapolis. For the night before again this hour's code that it's added to the night before. But it did not use it in Minneapolis is lots of text lives 781. Now your chance to wins excellent 77797. At seven that you're Brady calls on the board do you think all this to eat meat while stopped. The team to a documentary film this season it's true that drop this week is this a distraction for re heading into the playoffs what do you think that this is all. Goes together TB while as the Brady extending its longevity extending his excellent panel that it's a distraction Ahmad team Brady here. Despite which Jack in the cart things on TV while on this approach current minute pro am brought to slaughter in our partner in the breaker in a new view. Exit the tax ID go back after this. Always bolt would go. If they pick yourself doing we'll movies in this case but doctors fear. Really Tom Brady that you wanna tell. We've developed part of eighteen years being applied to it wasn't until you started started before the bill that will give him that he be twelve met. Without all of us could you wanna hold would I wanna show you what's that about refrigerator. I've got avocados I've gotten. There are you really. You're safe I'll break. If that's the most outrageous. That ever came out of your mouth I live well of late break it makes the wrong yes I did everything he wanted it he wants the whole football. Only after he started to hit something. Why did he. Rick are you would refrain wild thing it was thought they get that you would trade with them all the and father. You. Know you think Tom Brady is nothing like what you. That was just all outstanding he wants to show you what we have because you want to step out of them the right. That is the comedic style exemptions are right about that good stuff. West right about middle life. And we stopped it yes but see this. The way that Brady's presented at this FaceBook in commercial offers time obviously is to get receipts aids it's not authentic. What surprised you radiate children find it. But wouldn't write Q it would surprise me that if the bank. Definitely. I on the journalist and cautious it seems as if greedy may have. Had finals there are my journalism professors would be very proud of me right there but the old TV twelve stop our favorite reference the all McConnell ice cream. That's really who gradient that's that was taken not sure what Shannon Sharpe is talking about that. Now but he felon that for a war they owe you an iron once. That. You know you know talking about one quick you throw it out analyst did you hug right yeah. Just you know not take the person says it always thinks he's the expert and it is about the condos and I imagine. It's not odd news I enjoy the good to her parents are healthy. On appeal to the off and on and post it salad. It Turkey sandwiches laces them. Kelly Amherst is always good Cali. What oh RE LEI. I'm like all of the great thing is that it's not curtain. The pack is certainly not her Brady sorry all the cutie well Guerrero. But think about this logic right so analogy. We Ginny you over there every game he was leaving that's helping his future because everywhere but other another million out of context you idiot side. Because he's playing for Egypt Britain planned procedure and would not perceived as a player. The first future as of that that I did it all ties to get. Exactly and so what he needs to do is to make everybody think he's only talking agent of it the other you know I'll. And that was not like you have one of these guys it's like that are dear to left and done whatever who cares he's like now. This is it you know obviously you article written approval I think this is even more than it even when it's almost certain to be like. Because that's actually keep playing for years and years to come and to bring it back problem he he appeared here on. No you know where the Acropolis you know in the upper upper levels that's that's what I mean morality of the. Ability to. I'm racism at people out there in the dirt years. Up that's maybe that's not insane at least in all tied you've been saying do it all ties together retreat STB twelve stuff. The more braced dedicated to it means that more dedicated he has to his playing career. And he's got an opportunity to use what's left of his career be it. Obviously market and this season you know always coming back next season whether it is beyond that time will tell. But he's using this time this is ready marketing. To get his message out and to sell his products in his way Ayers and establish themselves pro life after. Here's my question wired right yes absolutely. And I heard a lot of people say this week that your agree that now capitalist god bless America I don't blame for this I would also say though. Selig if Britney released this miniseries on Amber's time on FaceBook watch it is but I'm assuming I'll just watch it. Like if you races in April also get tons of publicity. The fact that he's doing it now during the playoffs attention is on the patriots have a sneak affects the interest in this one way or the other right. The accused in the product and the product the product. He's gonna get more eyeballs they would no one's life with the patriots don't play out now in their whole bunch of other teams not playing football right now. Yeah and and in football is a nationals what every team in football national game there is heightened interest in football. Particularly in the players and that doesn't exist in baseball and youth sports right so now with the target nation riveted. On a handful football games this weekend determine who's gonna play in the conference championship. Week. And then the suitable he's got everybody's attention and we wouldn't he did this September sentinel but by that I mean Brady is million dollars on social media I think it 2018 it doesn't really matter the attention is always on Tom -- the most famous athletes in the world. Except you and away say that kind of backup point is that. Well like outside the wing. People laugh at this TV while stuff that's not laughing inside to them and not as much not much of course it is all things right I understand that but. The Iraq facets of all of this that they eat that you plan he put a column we in the Tony Robbins of course I think you'll watch that a lot of stuff is. Is to PDI also alkaline diet which it bases its these these nutrition off of this has been to like get a lot of stuff. And we have to talk about Tony Robinson went through and having PT EST this is my first time convention center since Tony Robbins event which resulted. And I Turkey Callahan ban so right. I'm like the little shaky spares few hours it's as a site. I'm a soldier going back to Vietnam or something but think about it think about all that he used to use that previous calls lexicon. Disease. He was peddling. With the Tony Robinson was not yes Willie wants to be Tony Robbins and it is the the the next Andre wasn't right. It was in this year but maybe like Houston when that him sleeping guard Agassi where yeah nine bucks yeah. Also as well I mean his TV talk manual book was number one and your times bestseller list that Georgia dark cookbook we'll make fun of sold out instantly. Financially to step has been taken out but I honestly believe it is not I mean again. We're all capitalists. He more than most but I honestly believed he might this is not all about profit margin. No he believes that he is changing people's lives he's not the entity says it in the book that they have found a way. He believes injuries are apartment may have found a way to prevent injuries they found a way to avoid. The physical pain for the other athletes feel they have yet I heard him do that. Hit he goes on Mondays with with Jerry. Writes when he talks about like snack foods and soda pot. He thieves with great. People. So. You could hear him like we lived together. All week I believe that's real yes. Yes ya it all it ought to all Brady. He is TB twelve he is not square which is to bring it back to talking point that we've got tonight many others about. That's life belt would telecheck cartels grounds access and it on the sidelines that's a big deal to Tom Brady is Tom Britt out Guerrero at this stage are in separate ball. Brady is TB tall and DB to a brand is partially owned by Alex. Which is why when people say in the marine says I don't buy it. When he says that he's the coach of play parliament that would have a what he marries the news is cancer in. With one for the inevitable question about Jack if he uses closes out afterwards he said and I grew humanist. It's got to get some mock ups got tossed out of the state courts of course most of them got around in the nature. 61777979837. Coming up next as promised and other people doing there waiting for this. We have fresh Max Kellerman Tom Brady a taped sound fresh off a piece on 538. Which side which they were right about the election you know I mean and then Hillary went one. They write about Brady being on the decline in it on a Wisconsin more than that it spends statistical study. We'll do that next with your calls -- buck live from New England international auto show on Sports Radio interview.