Will we ever get the truth about the Jimmy Garoppolo trade?

Mut at Night
Friday, January 12th

Reimer and Buck are in for Mut and they kick things off by talking about the Patriots trade of Jimmy Garoppolo. Ian rappoport of the NFL Media came on WEEI today and refuted some of the reports about what the Browns offered for Garoppolo, if anything at all.


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It. We've. Honors. 4 tree that tiger o'clock tonight. The buck. As time goes equally telling us I'm doing well yes that is that the guy doesn't own a car. Guys on the same card since 2003 he. The otters like dollar shopping during the break yes the other team with a little more right here at the Audi station looks like. Isaac Austin I believe is that by Boyd beads at Aston. Asked us to. Mines in such a cart guy Austin I'm. Out on such a cart has is famous movie character drove announced in mark's turn this again. Team team bond yeah it's a wow Alexy. I can do that day and night out like splits California wow I'm so impressed. Let's just say I've ever seen as the tire in my life I've done that you have done yes he can do it like if you at a flat tire right now. It's not that tight pool where I don't want in on that road again but he BC Christmas story. Now is seen Christmas story with a bothered if the flat tire and the narrator who's the cute grown up. The narrator talks about them now might dad regarded and he in he could change entirely in six minutes that might not worth what it's all world I was that guy. I you know now I've no idea no attitude tired ever changed the oil and Mike are either even taking it for an oil change. So you have acute Medea quite commercial where. It's excellent it more and more to you to tell exit if your life depends on do you change this tire. Where that's it it's over. How you go out and going down under. On Oregon on orbit at night and yours blog at I would hope so that we're here we have lots of but ought to get to you by Tom Curran. NBC sports fossil join us at around 635 tonight on protecting him really. More interestingly bottles that sat wicket stand ESPN peace. About Tom Brady somehow Tom Brady has become the patriots dot dot Condit. Reverse look at everything that's been going on fox last few months ago. Look forward to talking to Tom first by. Ian Rapoport made some news today on Turkey talent and the draft picks about the draft picks yes that is the Gerry Callahan show on Twitter but Kirk was there today so we're as Oreo as was not yes I'm just I just attached to strap a cot when he industries and they thought they're letting me come here tonight is the first day this week by the way. That I am not wearing elastic out waist pants. I'm actually wearing real pants with a belt. Big boy and a big boy it's been sweat pants every other day it's been like that shuttled between my apartment. Some restaurants near my apartment because they can't collect and when he gassed I could ravioli my. That's especially now you can states that it's on the screen maker once is that we laugh and only -- got a huge deal right inmate economy in the radio if I had that. That golf that you read Mikey humans are invited to my house invited somewhere may go to your house stereo what was it that if you're looking for peace that was back in Eckert beauty queen JP yes that's right and star you're looking to play at the peaceful moderator and unfortunately it. Look in your face there but yes it up port of political media was not with us meet might Jerry I'm in seat today and 323. Months later. We're still go to the drop would shake it's every single week they're new like morsels of information. About that meet you meet you rethink your positioning. This on the outlook for was was pretty substantial. We just flat out why again. With the patriots trade drop blow to the 49ers without talking to another team especially in light of that report. And the Cleveland plea deal this week that's the browns would have offered. Number four overall pick for drop in Rockport is on those today said no doubt that first round pick. Ever was on the table never was going to be on. OK and I. Dot let it out and played out that sound when we got in played sound that I didn't know that we have it okay. Let's get real let's get the war is got to work that out mourn it set up. Last year Mary Kay Cabot was screaming from the the rooftops and her stories the browns want talk to the patriot they offer first round pick in more. Are you suggesting when they did call on draft night we're told the Belichick wasn't even trading with them point. It was really only a second and third is is that a lot of people around Cleveland now the new saying it was a first. There. Really wow that's wild pitch that it's a shame once it's that first rounds are willing talk the same part of Oppo Wednesday offered for AJ McCarron. You can actually package is. I'm I mean I don't know I don't know what they're reporting. But I don't want to trade off once and it was for a second and third and you know again. It brought people in charge app and fired. For a lot of reasons and I'm sure not doing this was was one of the reasons not securing your future quarterback with one of the reasons. They never offered for tropic. The patriots never considered it to industry. Would it considered I want I would've actually probably would have not wanted to but he probably would've considered it. But the browns offer was not even one. And that the patriots. Even consider consider. Could have offered a first ever to post. So what do you make of that that contradicts a lot of reporting including from Mary Kate he's been reporting Tyrus. Report a lot of the off season the browns. Did straddling Rob Lowe and were willing to part with one of their first round picks last year so he almost recently Terry Pluto right complained it was a columnist in. We said it would have been number for the patriots like that so. This is the case where. Each of the people with you respective areas of wanna. Ian. We know and love literal football writer great guy is very plugged in the national we'll wildly. But sometimes the local guy and eyes entrance to a side door. Knows people because he's been around for a one time three Lugo goes all the way back to the Akron Beacon Journal known Terry years. I believe that somebody. Wit knowledge so that Terry Pluto so you like without it we choose to the grounds that Terry. Oh yeah yes and obviously I think some from the patriots patriots camp. Told this to wrap right that now that's ought. Listen people giving information to reporters not because they're nice people because they wanna get a certain narrative. So can't we all agree that the browns would wanna get this narrative out there. This way enhances the opinion why did get up what we opt out of a first round pick that's Terry Pluto reports. And then get out at just a clarification he said they would have offered the number four pick if the patriots have caught that that that each rushed it rots. I've talked to the grounds and OK I've had it exactly and in the patriots saying well you know we. How can we know that we you know they didn't have a lot so. When trying to make is that that people want to get answered narrative about that anybody's. Lying to anybody. That is Rappaport Terry Pluto I'm simply thank you don't don't. Simply dismiss would carry little dog not at all and I'm just using my hat I'm sorry the price of quarterbacks across this week. They get return and look at the fact that again the browns were willing to offer second and third for AJ McCarron Kerry was fifth round pick. Playing behind Andy Dalton. So are equally department's academic annually depart for burst for drop but besides that the still relevant discussion which is it in the first place. That's what I still come down. I still hate the thing I'm not the kind of guy that can. What's a guy in July throwing passes at Foxboro in the fields of back and say. They see that this guy's going to be all I can speakers thank you very much. At and point and we got an awesome day on the you go to practice holes I don't of the real and and I'd I would problem. I'd I'd I'd I'd I'd side with those who believe they would have kept him intact and penalties ID matches. And finally keep eligible Rappaport to the opposite and we get this cut you ready pout about how so ballots again on the point the question is. Why trade him at the deadline why treatment the niners not call other teams it's not to set wicket stand reported its Adams after. This is the patriots on the communicated with the niners its clean art Boston's torture or wrote last week. Bill Belichick did not seek the highest return for Jimmy drop was asked Rappaport about that this morning. Yeah we had sounds. Well look I'm just a subtle but why the atrium to the 49ers knock on other teams as answer to meet weighs just acting trying to cover. The Belichick and the patriots. To think there's anything fishy Ian because from my standpoint you reader port patriots on the call one team all while some ballot check. Chose drop was well being over the betterment of the team over shopping and for the best you know for the best package that seems a little curious to me but you're saying that is an article about text. Gartner. Also got an out of the position. A time you know makes make sure they did occupation once a year or. Several times you know whatever I mean it's still in your own signature. I think it was very nice discussion on the great spot but it's not charity it's also something that. It served the patriots. You can say are all you hear really the option everything it is mr. action right here the option. Maybe the patriots would have gotten a second round pick and a third and fourth or something. But it down cities face and once a year twice a year it got worse. That drastic vs having to see him again. And it's funny duck that won't talk about the price. You know look at second round series. Pretty good all. And to the fact that they take a lot foreigners extension of the book shutouts and at what was probably going to. He only played two games if you don't now he disposed to play four games he got injured only played two games in three years that it. How much he spoke to get personal with the little experience. Again I just don't buy that getting him out of the division was when it or getting out of the conference or out there was one of the foremost priorities that seems silly to me. I tend to agree human now when I would've gotten a bit eat it especially you could've gotten more graphics. To more more cash more cash but more. We stopped in return. And the fact they traded him for a second round draft pick that doesn't do it especially the fact or your team like the browns and you've been a moribund franchise for sole line since 99 and you returned to Cleveland. You need a quarterback in a note dropped to die out and under team control for five years but. So watts you pay that money for a franchise guy and I think teams signed up from Rob Lowe and his two games starting for the patriots last year. And working under Belichick and Brady and Belichick's praise for him. I think the word was out at the Rob Lowe could be legitimate include quarterback in this league you shut it. Buckets at the niners that's what that's what jumps out at me to Weathers the fact that. In the the Balkans you could be more remarkable the degree that that Brady struggled. At times over the last 45 weeks Rob -- lights it up forty niners and you've got your future quarterback. Making a name for himself on the other coast in the early conference at a time when people and that's what we do well wondering when all this party stuff Diane. Well that's the crux of it to see people wonder you know why is this deal and major major topic. Two and a half months after the trade was made it's because of Palo grapple played the last month sees specially comparison to break now get to that a little later on 538. As a piece on the website yesterday. You know it's Tom Murray seen decline going to these numbers the last five weeks in December. Comparisons Peyton Manning 2014. That solid a glimpse solid that's where drop was numbers heads against Brady for the last five weeks. Where better. They were better so that's added to such additional light to this story. You might find interesting is that subordinates he suddenly is V. Referendum one. Set piece in it's not that that's all been hearing all they want he's gonna go out there he's gonna light it I mean not c'mon now. I'd say about it. One of them one of the points out of make Moscow would day's news. If you believe Atlanta thought if you believe that Brady's quote unquote that something to prove what their way to beat you very disappointed. On the other hand if you are and I actually wrote that some call the boards barrel on the other hand if you are on the five reasons the titans beat the patriots. You gonna go up short at a read it to the theater is Washington Post as an article that exact that that's what I'm reference. And what I can not on this one is that. It's gonna be a very methodical very business like professional all phases of the game. Playoff victory it's going to be there were thirteen. Just enough to be comfortable but not enough we can say they steamboat Tennessee and the hole in the whole mindset that the patriots EE. Some he has an article to be motivated now that's crap to win a playoff I agree it's ridiculous. That you don't win. Five Super Bowls yet to seventh two evils. Play make the playoffs in recent years except for the year after the pursue bull in the year Mac counsel with the quarterback. You don't have 1012. Whatever consecutive years it is templates victories. And suddenly wake up in have to concoct a story to motivate players I find that. Of all the stories we're talking about during the entire week. That the rates in the the other one is to alienate just gonna take down pat this happens every post season ESP actions on the patriots to opt out that's what I likened the buck that would. That despite the we pointing out that. That very Asians what the story are not granted the won the world talking about Hughes is long long long. We've seen a lot of people account is going to be whether it's yes wrote a piece 34 weeks ago we talked about and NBC sports Watson and deadly weekend that a lot of plan these airwaves. You come without them coming back without yes. Media awards go oh why the resentment and with that sees right. And we in I was on the show talking about it and their theories that is the party over the red. That's being put up by more people. In ES via. I mean on that note this game we'll tell us nothing in that regard I expect the patriots to beat the titans candidly now Lou was on here today saying you think it's going to be closer game than expected. I just don't see that. I just really don't see got. Patriots get up. Even a touchdown titans have to throw. They can't do it marry Odom more picks than touchdowns this year he's just sucks lousy at it listen path and not lose this game but be equipped for the sake of discussion if you wanna play alternate history. What I can say is that if the patriots who loses game the need to scores in the debate. In the finger pointing is going to be off the track obsolete but I would say this is putting gradient a no win situation but it doesn't know what he's hitting up wind to to hold on. Like we know that he likes of Dick LeBeau defense and six nuggets might Malarkey accent there so pretty but pretty doesn't go out there and has. 23 for thirty effort 300 yards two touchdowns no picks because it light it up if he struggles a bet. But the patriots don't win there's a negative narrative coming out of that game. But yeah but that. That would be the case anyway it was a negative aspect of the game and they beat Houston but adds more fuel and buyers aren't taught our of that story are the three leaders bodies that Belichick wouldn't agree. You haven't written form. So so in respect me that's what everybody wrote about the future. Apple locked that while all blows. What little pleased with the people at different rehab crappy game forty year old quarterback who didn't come up when they well lose. And ninety yards but it does that really goes. And ninety yards and one touchdown intercept yeah it's like it's as it snakes around then that. Under what scenario would we be talking about that used in story and we've. Absolutely one but Brady's yes. About what is that guys and it doesn't change because he is in order. Oh my god but nobody got. The fire was great if this is history not have gotten if by week's knots on the decline numbers were if not out 81 quarterback I disagree you. It but I'll tell it's not because it's not immediate reform is like cherry on the top if you like but the fact of the matter. BC. They hadn't played awful I wheat for what it's hot the Pittsburgh it was. Opening day. About the patriots. Looking not like the patriots in peace on the off so you'd. That they would talk to and like all phases of special teams and so at the end of the day. And this play out he and Brady is. And they still win. East means there are at least in theory now the audio poured in and also keep in mind. Take away the dispute story. OK but darn it touched on this. Condit touched on. It can re touched on so it might be it means the ball goes up. Islam but it was the loudness on eased against what part of that was because it was 5000 words and and this is weir right right you're right you side with them and it. Minorities they yell again but I believe I believe we at least one rod into reference I believe me I believe enough. On that piece. Of him at my eyebrows raised now but I also believe. The nose ring and call it the posting. Is in this kind of story is losing money and tank leads the team. This story saved a nice and I apologize to the only thing that's gonna make it tells driving home Rick White knuckles are you so angry at these. Guys he does by its arch nemesis growing states right now. And the awful week Dale's all the work tomorrow tales ups yeah oh yeah it's the game dale Yale is rolling right now here. He's is Larry as the story goes. Use the and wrote this keeps. And it would leaked. It was publicized. And again I am not in any way suggesting that EST and yeah if stories they know that silly. So where it will coordinate them on a separate level. Yes the end. Went way out of its way to market this piece for the ways of course where when media McClintock in interviews why is that you think he's just a nice guy it's his own Hughes each store a pilot kicked him. You know we have the moratorium on the ice in very. Yes and that costs less yes we have it yet I appreciate the question. Oh well that's yeah that's a practice. How many times did you hear him say that oh we opted or I don't know if they don't now now now but a few months ago with the community resources. Dominique preaching let's think it's being right appreciate the question thank you open it reached its inquiry but it became hackneyed after work at it. I was at home with them and their material it is you know one more time. No but that is its onset of aids it's so condescending as that receipt sanity still think it's. I appreciate the question that I found on sending itself he's trying to be polite. Announcement like big magazine but I appreciate it well elegant and it felt like it. I appreciate the question. Your position character Jerry dale and Ollie eat. I would just say I haven't had him on a show them our companies like the question. They. They just like Ers might not have been gone out why why what he denied every and I would you like him. Yeah. It's like. What's it like. Yes you've seen around it he carried himself with like this big he got stars. That's at. I guess it's thing I'd leave nine peace with that he's right I com. And Harold based on the back and I believe most Obama we grow. And does that ease the rock is that I appreciate what I preach and I appreciate the transition Genesis piece is that. Three ballots secret Robert Guerrero antsy to tighten up points. Pints in route point is that dropped litre still trying to figure out answers excellent 7779. Set a decent Rappaport says all this talk about the browns willing to offer first round pick. No that's wrong that was never on the table with regard I don't know if instead. Right so you know. I was quoting a pair it up and get them hype and or around all these luxury cars to split try to focus I don't buy time to attack and not that many times maybe it says so much but in this one. Yes I ran out chair elect is the use him yes that last day slightly since. I can't drive on a country in civil war battle we've been trying to steal the sacred sites that at present so we can do it again and again vice president you can go to the real not much more. Excitement of real. I'll parties or gets it momentarily the coming up next to speak with a top current and NBC sports boss again record and a real lasting peace this week defending Tom Brady amidst all this Tom Brady. And become the patriots got Danny also interviewed odd partners odds Oprah. On his podcast this week on its podcast this week of course the actual lose on who. Reduced Tom vs time which would drop on FaceBook watch this much talked about all of our Tom in view but it worked on it for my. Yeah. We're back doing. International auto show bucket rivers got me yeah I'm. It's my god we got arguably say I'd at a guy no we're not getting people out of there now I run myself. You want to Saudi can papers sponsorship outlook that we just have to get to Tom parent NBC sports Boston Tom parents. Joins us every Friday night are you sir. Tremendous. Value low while you're like you're recognized the money's on the my four he's got a new toy. You know what's good for pocket and it's not wearable technology sound bites on greenery good notices crap. This is greatly here with what we're trying to turn on the fourth wall Tom trying to get the people an inside look that we do you hear an amateur your way. Yeah. Thanks for bringing me under the umbrella. Yes that any time so I was just raising your piece this week. Somehow Tom Brady is on the patriots back I thought it was not. Certainly something different than what we Redick not a real good guy on a different look at things have been going on. In Foxborough the last years of what was the main impetus that strategy that let you direct peace to speak with the that would Christian story Friday. Yeah absolutely because I think you know in my reporting. Similar sense that things were not. It proves he's sixteen and I report on the tension and uncertainty when Seth got a hold of the same general story. He had people within the building on the record effort putting your Tom Brady's feet that he was. Basically a coward. That he was whining that he was afraid to get hit that he was throwing people and injuries. And at this Lowell reputable not only to its own security but the fact that he was which and forty. And said man if we're gonna get that level of analysis on the x.s and Oates. That's that's that's coming from some guy you know who's not. Even close to being able to give an evaluation that's coming from somebody that means that it feels comfortable giving an evaluation and I thought you know man. I've not seen Howard I'm not seeing a guy who's afraid. I'm seeing a guy who's taken an absolute thrashing in the beating and the one thing too and this is the Pereira stuffed suit me. Aside from whether or not you look at it is hokey your Holcomb. What legitimate. Pretty as a popped his head out of it. You know holes spider hole for eighteen years and really tried doing it works for himself and when he does do it he gets lampooned. And this guy gets pushed to the periphery if he's trying to do a little bit after career marketing in advance it to me seemed odd. I'm I'm all import for the Holcomb. I think it's a sham by items for us this guy grows like Rome monotony that. Readily clear but that's not the issue the issue is how much does that affect Brady how much does all the thud you just talk about your opinion. That does it move him in the back him. But we put it this way. We can be concerned depicted. What I deacons. That's an excellent question I. But I think it would. Yes. OK because here's the flip of that. It really doesn't affect them and the reason it doesn't affect them is because all eastern Buddhist. Look look at everybody's rolls their eyes or agreement that that's exactly. That's wisely right that's why it didn't turn me if you did. Yeah if it didn't have that underway at the underpinnings of all this eastern welcome article my happy place and amok and take anything personally which is close work arrangements. Then yeah you could probably Syria and I was gonna perform. You know I've taught them a little bit you know on the side. This week it was I don't even pay attention to it to weeping and says it with such. I'm sure it pays attention I'm sure knows it's up their eyes or Australia. When that but I do cricket gets a blocks he keeps it and I'm sure recruits has a box that keeps him pretty. I would counter by saying that year he. Does pay attention to it is aware of it. Chronicles it is the same as putting box but he has lose sleep over. Let me look at. Good that while it that the one thing I was gonna say if there is equal equal Rand out there and you may know it is for all I know. Who he's cited in this piece by ESPN. That that's the one area if I'm Tom Brady but that was different was. Yes and and looked back through guys Alex that 2014. Game against Cincinnati Bengals. He had been questioned all weeklong and he subscribe to all these tenets of don't thickening personally block out the noise. But you remember how replete Mac game and you remember the emotion displayed Mac team after he came off the Kansas City game in the lead that team down the patriots with Duncan urged an eco want Cincinnati prime time. And just basically east signaling that I ain't dead yet. The reaction that he showed on that in the reactions you've shown he has shown since he and after 2016. After the suitable for weeks and in just a release. It shows I hear it I know what's out there I keep it and block some place like it comes down off the block certain times referred. To go to the peace here at this week somehow Brady has become the patriots bad guy that city think that ballot checks people where. The primary source for witnessed chemical and he says that patriots staffers these three eased. Fragility has increased so has his nervousness you after week of digesting and talking to people who do you think that that back came from. I think this whom many different agendas that need to be served when your team it's this successful and there are so many different specific. Wants and needs to look where the best team in football I'd like to beat you realize. The spoils of being it's I don't necessarily think it's telecheck. Nor collecting given some of the context within that. That it's necessarily spell its strict sanction. I think the two would have to look at okay who would be served I in this. Who do you rankled by the wave treaties eating as a teammate who's not getting the ball with them we dealt that. Is that somebody who feels too angry about QB go rob although being dealt. Who sees their future moving on. I think you try and pin it down that way but certainly I think it comes from I don't I don't miss trust the fact that somebody. Said things this I just don't think that a guy does as well as he's done in this business. Without somebody making with somebody making things up bottle club I absolutely believe he sexed it up I absolutely believe that he took the anecdotes the that is narrative. And perhaps ignored once it didn't. There's also a lot of chirping on whose interests are served and threw this piece don't think it was necessarily. Belichick. I think that everybody can make their own conclusions based upon their stuff up because them on the beat. If I don't have something that actual. If I don't have something that I know I think it would be irresponsible for me to finger point. In a public form if not won't put my name to on the story norms and. I do you don't like it but I know tonic and I know to a to a the end of the 2011 season baseball at all they'll park the chicken here I'm gonna get fired. Deal with the everything fell apart but we also know that a lot of stuff happens. Years before that that the all kinds of fires while about. Ramirez going after this guy and that guy and Theo and T Doherty toes notes constantly yet they won a couple of World Series. The spoiling it all down. Is it possible they everybody can just get back at the same page and continue until the alliance. Yeah I do I think it over the course of that time Buchwald too people we've been people common people go to. The recipe change the people change I think here you know always has to deal that would turnover. On coaching staffs and on rosters where people come and go look. If two in elements in the locker room wall all season long Donta hightower was. Let the patriots had won another Super Bowl I if you listen to a conversation I have to Oprah. Which patio so if you had been talking about yes. There's a lot about that. Where would I asked them why did he do it if it's simply a marketing ploy it makes it now really had to back that you what's on this because it biased but he certainly was. He realizes he's the envelope closer to be in the beginning when I get this stuff now for posterity. Because it is historic the deflate gate. Terribly ill mom all the things they conquered in that suitable trying to change things and that's why I think he's more hope that things. But this has rankled people and mrs. Uncommon for him so I think if people look at who's been here awhile that's not how we're doing a complete catch them so we've never done that. Got all that point so that that that Tom vs time trailer it's throughout this week somebody sends live copies you know five all five episodes to mark Leibovitz. A that your time you spoke with Gotham Chopra on your podcast this week NBC sports Boston's so why do you think you covered. Why Brady wanted wanted to get it done but why do you think it would betray our came out this week distaste for the divisional round. I don't know I really don't because it's not done yet is that it is a chum in the water. Four afterwards. Even. I didn't do good job asking that question could those more concerned with the wise what's it done in the first place post of the timing and we asked when's it gonna. Be public and said I'm still working on it. My my supposition is it accurate it is not. Strike while the iron it's not revoke for the playoffs but again to opera says that number I'm on my cast we don't want a muddy the waters. With them. Bigger. Plant its at play here. Tom they've had a lot of coaches coming over the years we've army announced it lights please go on and on and on. Josh in left and came back again. I'm more concerned with. Now let's check having to rebuild his coaching staff next season at needs 67 I think. Or 66. Movie and I have been in previous years almost of what concerned with that than on the Specter and weaving in the first place in my on something here. Now I just because Bryant were races tremendously capable at this point and treaty is in many ways. Autonomous. Offensively. He can kind of run night that's not to say that shadowed him wide receivers dot they'd have to lose the united fears. McCain has to craft the game and you can expect it got repute whites. I'm who also which we're back on Sunday crap game but it's telling Matt. But I think the chatter of cable to a good job if he becomes the offensive coordinator. For the patriots or you know Ryan Babel comes I don't know that happened either but. I wouldn't sweat that. I think it probably we thought it would sway I think it's time for those guys to go I think it's time I got him that all personal growth in its time but yes. Did he told them late this offseason and this is the it's the one where they both go. Yes I do think that it would either be new Yorker or Detroit church and I think it'll be Indianapolis were up for Josh. You wrap. Sports editor live this morning Tom got there's no way the crowds and offered a first round pick for droplet that was on the team was never going to be on your table. Contradicts obviously want we've heard coming out of Cleveland what is your reaction to that. Honestly Alex my reaction that was a Michael we still talking about compensation for a guy honestly from the crowds that to me had. That. Earmarks of Framingham Sacha brown on it earlier this week talked to Terry Pluto about it would put the Houston they're on the table. Saatchi trying to say welcome not complete moron erected triangle after the guy so I don't know rules. Interest of being served by seeing it wasn't out there that patriots interests probably the featured sale we didn't get these big off. They didn't exist well we didn't get them it's because exit don't make them because it's marketed in stock and get. To me I'd say look John Lynch is also not on the record well what he was willing to do in April picket should be Rockwell to indicate. But the patriots just weren't prepared to move on from them and when they did move on Iran does he did it with a right resignation. Help I don't know what I still disagree with a nine a lot of people. I do. I don't take too enough went out we still dissecting it but it's because eight. Putrid and drabs about every week and also I get just that the that the mystery still it's still doesn't make. Any sense to me to would have meant that in fact he thought report comes out it just makes less and less sense. That's why I'll be completely. You've been. A good get this. I understand them keeping him not treating him in April. If you felt that okay we have a Super Bowl caliber roster to go we're not gonna win a suitable targets or keep Mariah so you keep around and to keep around. From September through October. For the first eight games well you're in for a dime paean for a dollar Keaton to the playoffs could what's the second round pick could do for you 2008 team would get a compensatory. 20193. Rounder at the end of Iran who cares if the difference between. Winning a Super Bowl and not winning a Super Bowl in 2007 team you believed at some point to be too Little Rock below what the other guy. It you have to still believe that later. I don't care if they didn't franchise they could have explained it march we didn't franchise him because it would have meant we had to cut its guidance guide this. But if that's the biggest one if you're gonna go from first with second not here. They go from a second to third not care about it's a pretty it's for tomorrow night parties over. And it's been speaking which topped our final question for you the titans Washington Post. My favorite news outlet these days of the peace out. Five reasons the titans can beat the patriots steal a line from my friend the commander in chief. Call that fake news on any case any realistic case for the titans. There might win this weekend but make it a game into the second now. They need. Patriots to T done their legs somehow I just before we. Full line yes why. I mean. This is not a this is not a playoff caliber football team now Tennessee is not a playoff caliber football team. They're in the playoffs there's no better than buffalo. So. The patriots generally don't lose to those teams with a whole ton of preparations is not like the 2010. Jets patriots game this series. It's a much better team. But it's not going to be a blow I have this feeling that it's going to be very methodical. They don't tend to blow teams that was the tea booking a few years we talk about that awhile ago. But the colts playoff if that applies to what it's like Whitney but they. I'm talking like that it to the seventh night it's gonna be methodical way that's quite a low bar itself can be fifty to decide. It's wood which is what everybody saying that's my whole point it would raise. That that's not gonna happen it's gonna be very methodical. Yeah I just don't think that they are as talented as captain obvious to this team on either side of the ball so they just we are you down Wear you out there recently to. Real quick what's the difference when you have a team that is of average talent. On both sides of the ball and you continue to win by thirteen to seventeen points on a regular basis it's the Freddie would have bet that they're bitching about. Totally Tom character NBC sports Boston Tom Izzo is a date for the time you're on tomorrow but keep track I will be I will be Alex thanks guys. I don't let Johnny. Tom parent NBC sports Boston chicken in the dusty green jacket in his last three. If the people are nice to me I give them shout out say they want you shot at random names and documented that outward works exactly. And it got elected out there and that's why they liked it and takes like five or six later. I've looked it up that's when Alex takes generally five to six bidders people at a warmup today 617779797. So. Lot to digest there from Tom parent I understand they're responsible journalist but I wanted. The answers so but wasn't ballots next interests we're being there gave the code room gave the code red has this whole classic and now I read that piece. And I say this is a very pro ballots checked piece Pallet Jack looks like he was forced against this well to trade the next great quarterback Tom curry says now we as in the as politics. Interest being since distilled a second now and also talking with you 617779797. Coming up next Ray Lewis the always articulate REIT Louis. Has weighed in on Tom Brady and the patriots yes all that's been going on that nobody can but apparently Ray Lewis locally some of that and for next bucket. The fifth place. That that that that's what makes this gospel whore to defeat him because you think you have. Maybe economic. And if you go just like the run out of the words of the long run out of heaven there so I'm glad to talk. But I tell you what you gotta do most young seats they cannot take. Just think how do you view the maps that you must spreading your maps. How do you study the maps takes a lot of terror to study the mask. It's it's a lot of boards. Is that you met him the one thing you are greater humanity do what's. I had to figure out how to beat. You up and that this what I found out big pharma they're. Andy Guantanamo. They're stuck over moments but contains about four back. It will stick to slap put slot man on the individual goals for the Daytona five something. And so you wait until you open up this isn't what ounces or you move into bits that aren't there is gonna take these numbers. Right go excellence and mobile us. Right there we go it is our challenges leads. Man. People that's a real show that's on television nameless talking about I even know what I was up like how the titans as was just up Tom Brady. What was that. Who knows. I'm kind of seek the end of this guy guarding him ball down meaning there's some holes and not as a man might be outlawed after I'd have to study the resonates it is any of them that. I don't know I enjoyed who's talking look on tapper earlier this year I need is advising me as to whether or not they should sign tapper neck like that. Ray Lewis is the moral authority that's it that's yes that's Ray Lewis I think complementing Tom Brady saying you have to light. Sit down and think about them to be done. I don't know that it takes to do on the sitting they want they have no chance on Saturday night's nine Dick LeBeau as a coordinator in and other titans defensive player but besides. I'm not I'm not a number I'm not announced guy golly I just saw that playing your thought what if you have the numbers numbers in front you. There's number 54 out that USC human incidentally poems in the spring. 6177. Owes a great looking uniforms and a nice I want to incidentally pulls more Aggies. 11 ones really you know it's exciting now. Now I can music act is looking within again I stuck to my men but it is a segment legalizing gambling at least once a week legalizing sports that. It's it's a boycotts of its coming up next hour wanna get you lot. Defending Brady that's right Dell this week and much of freeware inducted me into the patriots haters club. Negligent yes what I'm going to present not against that narrative is like a ceremony yes he's ready and he felt he now is all the shot as the all all the all the people you've won and now there. It's funny because I. I'm offering meeting the patriots. Situationally methodically. But at the end of the day at Tacoma this tomorrow. There's a lot to likable radio obviously that's a conversely obvious statement there but it it. While I'm not in the war Tom Brady camp that it Tommy artisan. You don't need to celebrate the fact that you know people would say law anyway it would played forty years oh they do this this and the fact is that he's done it. He continues to do the reasons so many people hate him is is B is for reasons that are in some cases laughable. Yeah like the day simple model why. He he he comes a prize outside of 490 votes out of knowing when it's kind of receipt. Makers like pretty boy tonight. And you know laugh at that but that's you talk to people in buffalo and pit what are nightly news as good at analyzing everything came easy which I ridiculous it is round draft pick. Which throws that out the window. But it in the other thing is he comes across as dare I say cookie. Always thought it is is is is that psychology swing guy Ali Guerrero would strike me raise them on a big fan of him and that meant. The that. Magic potions in Keaton and any weird quotes we'll play coming up next start this FaceBook video Tom first time that your was released on your dot some of these bizarre. Quotes that are out there but it was going to say I was gonna push back against him patriots hater because I thought there was. It very unfair p.'s against raid in New York Times came out today. Tom Reeves midlife crisis. It defend my boy TB twelve on not the first draft Tyler in months and Tyler what's gone on. They re right do it that's. Much in and I like you a lot. I would lick he would do on the morning shows will be more often but I saw what the chairman Brady. Other needs that out those. Over exposed on six hours today though that a whole day every penny you guys. What time it got in the house much like out streamer out there but so that China is really him. Thank you Brady you know and ruled. But no thinking no even millions of four years old men my agent and my heart I'd buy our tablet and Tom Brady's the past and you know I don't think he's going downhill at all and I love Marissa change so much. Thank you news. Those are my people blocked kick it takes like that anywhere else. YouTube just watched your people out here and the numerous changes that make you very much he signed Nazi like ours in as I arts in our lives next to him if things exactly that's been my people it's excellent 77 tonight people meander on Friday in front ever want to watch spot is locked into Jesus himself to. That's why Steve Utley Boston arrow next to me I'm Cali Torres on keeping my headset on even during breaks I'm busy. Busy don't apply to shield the papers all these notes will someday you'll have handlers. Haven't thought about what kind of people out hired him and yet they know you know I'm not. The former football player type thing you know a coming up next spot we got together talked about it Brady's impending decline or I can defend him against these vicious attacks in the year times but he wanted to. Both for ball all right we'll do ball that 3 o'clock filled in for but my commute the England international audit has portrayed.