Willie McGinest on OMF 11-30-17

Thursday, November 30th

Willie McGinest joins OMF to discuss the the Buffalo Bills Patriots match up this weekend. Eli Manning's benching and his future in the league. 


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We don't go well and good. Willie McGinest joining us right now William lives and you know wise digits of that and relieve the wives in good what's up Hoya. Aren't so whoever you brought. You were in town the last few days you don't stop we don't sit and I tell you what you want and war. We're Christian to be personal and you're unit I thought we did something that. You're wrong at the end the tradition I tell you what if you stop by we have a little trophy to move and if you risk platform. But what are relatively. Melamed yeah nobody admitted no you know there's little that you disagree and they did a great outlook to turbulent and ever slowly bit battered by. I don't know what that I've locked doors are they're motivated they're really out here so what's. It was a beautiful mark. It's not like here for sure until now I'm not hurt are we gonna ask you about the Buffalo Bills conjure part of the problem. We're sitting here trying to do sports talk radio for an entire week. Try to get the audience all pumped inside the body game the divisional game between the patriots in the Buffalo Bills here's the problem. For seventeen years the patriots have dominated this game that died in two losses one. Was at the end of the season game sixteen nobody gave a rat's ass. And the other one was that lawyer Malloy trade that week when it was 31 and I think we did he gave that one away you go back at the end of the season might be the 31 nothing. Seoul I mean how you get excited. About a a so called rivalry. Where one team has been this down. Arnold Arnold called lopsided. Lopsided win Brussels also the water we discuss the competitive. Armed. Divisional daring. Are we there if you close a robbery got me. We never looked at this level robbery we would better be very competitive. Aren't you disturbed in that had implications nor whether. You know. Human it would have been busy agenda and also what about gore or where are you won't Budapest Lebanon's intelligence. Home. We actually. Plastered but I was secular percent yeah it was it wasn't in wasn't pregnant we don't count on iTunes you know we looked at those. I don't know what it means that. Women that's the deeds of the team on TV yeah. Boots group to rest and attempts at the out like they're in will be at oracle playoffs implications. We talk about him it is a team. Arm is that that would that would no doubt about it yet I've abdomen as issues are home. This year with bleachers. I live at the last 67 weeks which were totally different to being. And there aren't saying the commitment level. I'd be urgently. Used have an issue with Tyrod Taylor are in good years out of pocket. Reviews and our home. Mostly because of villagers yet and he did you watched. You yes. Are you watched over the jets Saturday. Are the bill this year impassable for power you'd be actual bureaus to jet from an pocket. He struggled to wherever with a giant is not very accurate. Are out there are Sunni policemen when you keep on Bartlett in the park argued. And it's a great contain. An artist actually. That's been up there are you review of Cuba and Edwards agents are gonna square ports if you do there. Your first ever there have been the worst pass protect being offered to bloods. Indicate so you've got a thirst and took place you have to do and as all square it certainly can throw a big you. If it it it it's a different border. Yeah and that win on the road at Casey's is got to give them some confidence now they're back gated they had the whole Peter man. Fiasco which was nothing but it was a fiasco. Fanatical all rolled they beat kids see become back home there's still the playoffs all locals still right from I think this is. Other than Pittsburgh Steelers coming up soon this has got this is the most dangerous game they're gonna have remained. Let me delivered disturbed because of the conclusion of event at the web pages they're insurgent Baird industrial light that was in the every single week and are going to be without a couple more receptive this week so basically the upper. We have a lot of credit to map which are certain they're below what their ability certainly. On. And when you eat. You've customer moves and good players stay out. There are other compete you know I got old build the best they can attest let's put. QMR Christian is too dangerous this you know that they have an opportunity regardless of attention team is. From the get him a lot of ways. That's a huge land and a rare that gives it to him a lot of Costner's awful. Well they're get your thoughts on Eli Manning down in new York and obviously a lot of respect for Eli and what he's done but a two and nine team with a guy that they might not be wound four with they make the change. Philip a lot of this is because that change isn't Davis what the kid it's because it's geno Smith and people don't believe them soul what your thoughts and highlight. Armed. Counselor remark as a little bit instead of earlier. Eli has been ours as well that hurts us years. On the we talked about it actually demolished argued that a procession will receive how he's handled. This situation. Why user unit couldn't get censored. I accepted that it our city. I personally didn't agree with him try to figure it out. It's winter and in the hour in yet and what else in the world this year. It is our windows. You easterners or are you didn't and you were the guys. So important to this as westerners you regardless of risk of our armed. Out of me in this. In this. I would get this like this where. You Roger actually that aren't so arm aren't blurted out there to judge well why there shouldn't either right now because now it Amir are pretty editors. It's not gonna rectified that would probably go to litigated. There obviously used to you know aren't actually in real. Ireland as living. Ever since they are or not I'll work to retreat. So even rod because you know I. The guy and let and let let the question went through the body you ought. He really didn't think about. Sort of player arts. And that he added we were good but this week's different that we can and that's. They can't do. You pressed against the pass trade deadline a bully they can't they can't don't have already tress pass the trade deadline the first time you can trade him away. What did you offseason has no not at all and yeah ask. And here's the good news is the other part of it Willy is that he has a no trade. Clause in his contract so if he wants look at the money that he still all of if if they come up and say we're trading huge shift system we're trading you to Cleveland when all is to say is no no no I don't know affecting. You right. Right. He could churn down. 31 other teams and then the giants would have to basically release of right or keep him on as a backup quarterback he has them right now. In a good position on I'm not saying he's in good position he's a backup quarterback on the sidelines. But you're right and build a bigger place but. Jennifer would be a good place next year right John always got to do some security Nazis and he's a quarterback they're gonna have to wait until Leo offseason do. There's so what are. Armed understood were understood so there's going to be never again shall have credible. Quarterback available this year so under the rug being ripped he's got mad at the got to meet these quarterbacks to ever actually. There are hundreds source at a you've met as well it's a bit on the loose and don't back into it and saying you. And that sort of and that's a group placed another if you have if you have absurd and you create. So you are looking at the Pittsburgh Steelers as that he does it do you think the patriots of miscues on his collision course. For the AC shares of game. Absent are looking at their roster defensively a lot of studs young players on their offense so we know they can do with Libya on bell and brown and Regis you just keep going but it always seems that the patriots just have their number regardless of what it is sir how good they played in what kind of success they've had. They just Brady has his way the defense does enough. Have they did ads do you one do you feel the same way to you feel like they have the right makeup to push the patriots. I didn't have to include improved at this legendary are you watched the patriots have been wastes our blog has been used are there other. The passing game has been I would they do would you spread them out. Jones hassles are those that it would have more in Europe that he wished that I assume would be in the coverage. He's not out and there's a bit of improvement that you ask that relies. That you have younger athletic web. Intent were injured in the states which helps. So what would be improved our league and got the blog edited to direct our beverages have a good product like this they're actually. I did and lived and at least he's that they have improved that much legendary. It's always. A different match it's always. A desperately that the page took from its rather than try to ski. And if you look at. Linebackers. Are used to just try to match their backs are against the kings linebackers that they're better right in there admit I didn't. This would pretty athletic ask route that's eroding clever and they do it pretty good job so. It's sort of adjusting matchup and that's a couple of weeks late and everybody is excited about it. This is probably going to be the biggest game of the year had determined it out and and it was gonna have levels place and that is key. But it could these two teams or else. Are willing Tuesday next week right Tuesday will still. There is a list that would go to that you've got open hearted attempt to have a good have a good week we'll talk to the.