Willie McGinest on OMF 11-8-17

Wednesday, November 8th

Former New England Patriot and current NFL Network analyst Willie McGinest joins the show todiscussd the Patriots front seven, Alex Guerrero’s involvement with the Patriots and the NFL fights this past weekend.


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I've met here on hole. And a half willing to get issues the appears with a son Tuesday but we let him out because he said he was flying to Boston and any time he flies to Boston. It's okay Obama if it's little. For you to get out of jail card. He joins us live right now brought to you by wind river environmental and by tufts health plan beautiful day here in town how well it urges. It's great of those via a particular season we OPEC countries Californians of all probably would have. Debris muck up big quoted an affiliate brisk air this morning local mall which could do is great. Well Christian knows that right Christian you know of course yes the business they'll examine you know and no account for. I would history in this a piece talking about the defensive fronts. Front sevens on defense KC Joyner ESPN. The patriots are ranked 32. Buying it. For me I think you have a lot to do with spirit their production it would quarterback development and about one of the top floor of Seattle with a negative ratings at all let it. You know I don't vote their last. Yet market I could not complete got a lot of a lot of different people at the front. And their weaknesses but. There are put a better idea if you got a goal whatever that people Kamal would but I don't put a put a lot of stock because. And ultimately ultimately the Lillie you know what how are you gonna judge him. How how can how can you judge do you what do like the three most important things. Well first they gotta be able to stop the run of a week from Pope we've focusing too much or all the facts from past Russian. What a defense that occurred Burke thought they could stop the run they can control the church has been more if you get a team. Did you bake one Demitra mode you take away the rugby if you were able to get the quarterback and affect the popular and effective quarterback. I bid rate here because that that played a lot better of a lot of work out of our coverages. You run on the back in the culture quarters of great people out. And you're going to give you look at the way to eliminate export to play. You know we can we do you watch roundly sometimes Willie any Indian and I am and a football grew Todd Lee gotta get after the quarterback can't give too much time Geist after the Killian but the patriots. They don't necessarily always attack attack attack at quarterback and it seems like they never really put a ton of pressure over the years and it's recently. On quarterbacks that they still succeed how important is it then kidnapped that a quarterback. What you do what you gotta be able to afford five network if you continue to split. And we Matthew Stafford home. Every single. Big bullet. Would he do you know four big play he got the battlefield because they couldn't cover you know Reade baker called up on the back info. Go to capers as if solution would be get after the quarterback bring a lot of different people. Try to get there and affect the pocketbook. I think they live like between 8%. And they didn't get home any there what they did on the back here they get will be pleased to take that it will be played. Margaret thrilled and it every single time he tried they got gas from the backyard so you gotta have that ballot you do wanna get after the quarterback. Which you gotta do it. With with for a five minute for a and then a crucial situation would you play good man check out of the outside their analog receivers barrel this little covered there Roosevelt met the mayor of Kabul was. These people ahead of great work people put you know. Effectiveness of that even if you don't give effect you force the quarterback to get the ball out quickly you'd give. Important would be are comparable to get the ball out of make aren't comfortable or bathrobes. At that hole Colbert beat split crazy teams. The leisure leisure he might never no they didn't play well and you know last week but as she got people liked it but I can lock up they got multiple. Decrypt them back. You know like they have that in the locker. Did you can bring pressure for improved secured about his. Which are gonna our guy Willie McGinest talking about quarterbacks 07 quarterbacks starting quarterbacks have gone down with the injuries so far this year was six slashed here. At this time it was seven the year before so the trend is pretty much been what it's the woods of the whole two prominent ones Aaron Rodgers and a guy who was having a phenomenal season. And making a lot of news in Houston to Shawn Watson so what are people saying it and the leak is saying. Maybe we have to change the rules here so you're a defense of player you just talk about what you need to do the quarterback. Did you think there's any chance are gonna change the rules and put the red shirt on the quarterback or paint tress like that. The movie absolutely. They've changed the rules would not to protect quarterbacks. Are home. And a couple of appearances lied about contact patty bird lottery it was about contact. The drought watch to the practice contact he had the rich are going you know we can't hit those the practice. So. I think they've done about it being. The quarterback position because they were really about what they're outside of the pocket they've become a lot of that little bit different but if if we game of football. I'd be there enough rules in place. And that we dug up to secure the safety of their players help the world. In this league are being actively got a great where it could go over emphasized that and I note the quarterback position but I as important we gotta we gotta with the game you know. They wouldn't if it is football's. You know William Alex Guerrero is it's been a Sudanese huge talking point out here for a bunch of different reasons. And you introduced. I was wrote to Tom really take all those guys on the team me included. And one other one of the things we're trying to talk what is it he's he's not on he's not employee of the team. But he's on the sidelines just like your chiropractor would be are some sort of massage therapist that some guy needed if he has that type relationship. But would Alice Guerrero flies on the team plane or what he had to take his own transportation to get to like an away game. I have that secured the dynamics of that of that situation. How it worked for ran out I couldn't tell you person. Home. I know won't we were there either fly on the planet would've put you know. If we look different you know he movies with Brady does work permit. The I don't know how old. Bet you bet. Blood you didn't try to get our work here before we left. You know a bit sometimes viewed on the way he is here you know folk. I've been on the way cure for ballots had been there in the hotel worker or doubtful. I would assume he's ride on the play but what outdated models plant. You know he works with Tom Brady so I think there's a probably different feel in their book from. Our complement. Yeah. But I but I am guessing and I'm sure doesn't rub some of the that it string guys that train is the right way right and that's their job that's their profession and and he's kind of always around. I think what Alec it was a little bit different to what they do I would have never been there to step on anybody's goals or take away from what sort of strict conditions coach has this program. Much benefit. He's always been a different resource. That helped preserve your help me get better. Home at four B I can only speak for me never take away anything that Kuwait. What I did in the weight room actually did board the weight room without work about what Alex because I've been elected that if you don't want to be strong but wanted to be contributed. So I was in the weight room at least 45 times a week anyway or more so I've ever had an issue in the weight room. Which with the program they have four BI actually. We have been there and you know whatever scored all of it is about the sure their figured it out it's take care of it but he's he's bitter about the track with to try to keep god on the bill and he's an alternative. Resource and person. Offered different ways you know taken care of your body of so many different things that players do. The tribe failed football or folk these days. Because we played a physical sport so guys go out. Outside from time to find other ways to try to keep themselves on the field and Alec has been a reliable source for that for years. So Willy you know the dynamics between bella check Ken and all of that staff for whatever the ESPN the magazine story claims that. Belichick and Guerrero are on a collision course which would put Brady right in the middle of the do you see any and a. I don't know but you know this will make no mistake about it. Belichick have a program. At a system that plays. And bad football player is called why it is that the and Allison beer at the pool to help. And if there's other or this could conditional approach or or players if they need them but you know first and foremost that both fair system that. Whatever you have four players do best part of formal and you know if there's. Alex's cute and added that this should you know and he runs it he worked with PP twelve with you work for com of course. But and I heard about in the collision course or anything like that about in the building every single day. Involved would be spit in my vote and that didn't finish where good for and what Alex he's badly. Home. I'm really tired would go effective in the and you know. They've been creative ballots second in this basket very creative. Over the years. Try to find different ways to do is always improving get better so I don't see them take it away and then try to take anything away from Dolan met the players going. I know you gotta go or equipment last one for me Willy is so Jalen Ramsey AJ green didn't in this fight and you know Jim rams just kind of pushes AJ green and it's you know AJ green is assaulting. A deal and Ramsey and dale around this kind of it'll take it because I'm assuming he thinks that. You know I didn't wanna get finder suspended and hope eager that AJ green but no suspensions for either one. It like crazy isn't. Yeah I mean. He's capable individual case and I'll buy that though I've never seen AJ green react that way. He's always there's such a parole or developed. Of course always. Bigger the Trout farm that the rules. A great competitor. Are home great sportsmanship. Are you god knows a lot of drawn more back and forth probable. We've been there before Andre Johnson. Finnegan remember that 100. Over the fate have a guy quiet guy people felt. Why it you know. You know if it's the competitive sport who got heated to temperatures go. And you know each case. If differently. So. If not I don't I don't know how they they want to pay them and when guys go to plead their cases. Talk you know it's. But wherever it was a rugged validate them in a falloff as. So the rugged you know make their vision so if you got your. The spirit that are about. And wolf for but I couldn't get back there that they've been great character ever in the back like that in the and then around these competitor he talked ration. All BP's stock drive that's what they do by are thought to refrain. That little push it wore what happened but you know at some point you. You know you gotta you gotta take that out of the gate. I really enjoy the town Lola we'll talk to an excellent. Are they thought could vote. We Aquila Willie McGinest joining us straight here. On oh and now.