Xander Bogaerts Player of the Game Interview 09-27-17

Boston Baseball
Wednesday, September 27th

Joe & Tim talk with Red Sox shortstop Xander Bogaerts after he had a big offensive night with 3 hits and 4 RBI including a 437 foot 3-run home run


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Can't be that at all deny his historic first not a single. With a chip that is yet first time home what they call drop what you're doing what you really need it and yet it's coming out of the ordinary thing at a mental part of it either of those two that you are equipment muffler I don't want to do it go off what's up with what's that. Did you try to talk you out of a fifty. Oh come on I know right away that. There and others feel at all that question. So you'll with the girls and we don't you ever write you about buyers so why he had it right yeah I know I had Iraqis are it's okay this doesn't the government. It. That were to face again like Marco Estrada a changeup can make the fastball look a lot faster Internet if those. A lot of the stuff off of that. Both of us if you put responsible. Islamic youth or varieties that are going your way all the because the pretty good changeup and it's. That part of the field. Well that was one of the lockers tolerance or might be the first what you you career at Yankee Stadium I was crashed warrant for 37 feet they say the other sort of there was three guys this is the timing of it. Report gala this. Fallon and got behind early but then came back and get a few good for report shown to be able to hang in there and pitch well enough down the stretch of the couple went yeah I mean he's right you know he's he's so live a lot. The later innings but who wants to give the lead. I think to a feeling he's he's you do what you believe so we could do that workforce. What's that you really worse than the lead us but help the plot with so many ways into the game tying hit this scoring they yeah. Go ahead run there anything go home run you join leading off. I enjoy being on top of the order those of us want to treat. A previous success has been thought Russell used to you know we don't believe again. I'll always. Oval Office to report that a little. Early on. Media feeding hitting behind you good to see him back couple hits and again he drove unit they suggested it and are real you were normally. That's right there with the running through its image. You are in the top spot that David Price and he really looked like he was throwing mid season form yet he's the real good for the group good to be. Some of his vocal group are justice to the left. Blow guys away and he's got a pretty depressed over an hour ago. On magic numbers to you got Houston coming ended June obviously gonna come down those last series. The mindset of the club after the two game mode. The start of the series obviously and a good place after tonight. Yeah I mean with the very went by us with a couple behind you know not give up descriptions of port games. It's got a good team trying to best chip away. A little careful for the vast progress there from proceeding. I mean it's it's been tough who have worked with a chip in each and every evening and good. Cause addict congratulations. And a lot of talk about just corporate first not a single failure that we here in the Red Sox winning at ten to seven so the magic number to.