Xander Bogaerts Player Of The Game Interview 6-18-17

Boston Baseball
Monday, June 19th

Tim Neverett and Dave O'Brien talked to the Sox shortshop, who hit two home runs in the win at Houston.


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Thank you very much John. With Dave O'Brien I'm Tim average at a Boca she's joining us. In the dugout Zander the way the game ended let's start with the back into the game before talk about your game were you surprised as the rest of us that. They were trying to swipe second base there. Really. He was trying to do and I know he was up at the playbook. I mean I was a bit surprised after Austria with all on they I mean he got pollinated knotted and me to win the game right there in a ball in the gap you know what. I mean it felt good in the guy running and I mean we one of the best because that is in the game behind it don't have also either often don't. Dinner it was a lot of fun it was a terrific baseball gear solid you had a great night obviously with two home runs and a big single did you have a a notion. Before the game began like in the cage in BP you're gonna have a big night no. I'll not really. Ahmed he he just left the few pitches you know who would allow BP. In the cages my hitting coaches. This ought to get mine get good and a good position at the volume on the of them they recognize that that is a lot to a lot of balls so dishonest. Minimize effects on image to sell the team in army legal comments from the tonight who was. We're pretty close in the stands and gave it would have been a who wins who love going wrote to go to Kansas City have to fly when it's used today to those used. Alexander the two strike hitting thing is released on Cammie. And you unleashed one in the sixth inning home our home Ryan I know we've master before you know you think you have a secret that you won't tell anybody but but. But what is it with two strikes in Zander Bogart's. You don't like to give who's very Jonas. This is has this year has been up to the fidelity years. Not a lot of difference for us it is a normal life about the war who was still when I get in there probably bill. I think it has to do it no it I'm doing pretty go to sources here you know I don't really have to. After the first pitch. On the decide within about this this this vote would wanted to we ordered them back you know bases and the guys behind you always do the job. Dinner at a turn and out the lights get a big night congratulations electoral seeing Kansas City data sword yes they do.