Zero Pucks Given, Ep. 1: Time to pay attention to these Bruins

Zero Pucks Given
Wednesday, January 10th

In the inaugural episode,'s Ty Anderson and WEEI's Dale Arnold offer the deepest of dives into the state of the Bruins, who have suddenly become a legitimate Stanley Cup contender. It's the best hockey talk in town all in one podcast.


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Welcome welcome. This is zero putts didn't tie Anderson bill Arnold. Welcome dale. I think it's time. Could talk a little hockey with somebody who understands it's softer stuff and I appreciate that I've been I've been looking went for a few Wideman lead but you know flooded one of us. Well you know it did its big thing we've been I've been trying to do this for awhile now and figure out who was the perfect person for this and. I I know Jack was not available so you well hey I don't know where Jack could make to the references like the revolutionary war in and I I'm more a civil war guy so I wouldn't know where you don't want that got you so I appreciate you take some time on your day here and you're pretty busy. That this straight I'm I'm pumped about this I hope you're excited you mean if it's going to be pretty pretty fun thing for us. In a lot of ways and you know who could pick a better time right now talk with the Bruins and other on the bye week but. This team is really is hard as it ever been I think in his last maybe four or five year stretch when I looked at the FTS and power rankings last week. They have the bruins' thirty the NHL they had the Tampa Bay Lightning one. The biggest golden knights to win who predicted that the disease and the Bruins agree. I I notes that Kevin Allen USA today in this morning's edition. Picked you know that the team to watch for the rest of the way it was the Boston Bruins. They've got arguably at least in my opinion one of if not the best line in the National Hockey League. They've got a vezina trophy caliber goaltender again. You know the the 65 overtime loss to the the Pittsburgh Penguins notwithstanding. They've got his good young defense chorus there is in the NHL now. And their venerable forty year old captain is playing like he's 35 years old again a lot of things go for right now. Yeah the biggest things from the question marks that you patent. I think it's sort of salt themselves waterways that third line with mine in Nash and packets that's when the better lines you've seen and even report planning on an answer there as well so. I think the biggest question I have you can this hold up content and I envy. Borderline fifty point type earthquake in actively avoid hitting a wall I think that these are important questions that. Would rock and a fine until March or April but luckily they sort of built Cushing. And I when I look at it looked going to be a plan team this year I mean there's there's little doubt in my mind assuming that they don't get a whole bunch more injuries and it kind of gone through that already. Early part of the season when they had virtually nobody healthy and everybody was saying all another another swing and a miss by Don Sweeney. The answer I was that was let me find it with the team looks like. Now that we've seen them now that they're helping the pretty deep as you point out technical four lines deep you know and I'm pretty effectively. NIC Bruce Cassidy using their fourth line late tie games you know and and having no fear about putting them out on the ice. You've got a guy like Adam Clayton who at this point can't make it back into the lineup right now he's helping he's been helping for ten days now. And Cassidy doesn't wanna break up the six man defense for the he's got going. They've got depth they've got a cynic Alec Saunders and York down to Providence of the American Hockey League because there was just not a place for him to play here right now. I guess you can always say well what happens if Tynan stops producing what happens if Mac voice stopped producing. You can predict that I guess I just see no evidence that's gonna happen so far. That's the big thing camps at work column right now pre. What is his team's weakness because I don't know Nasser they have one that's a fatal flaw because I look at sort of everything acting is concerned like you Rodham Quaid and his knee injury of some struggles you put him back in militant left side that's all the audio problems right there. Ford's Bjork is in the minors the trials and scratch the last key and he's in the Myers now really needs and jam on your bottom six so Andy and you have raskin who boom all of whom have played this season for different sports though I do wonder what is the field while the steam I remember archer. Special teams are good not great but the top ten in both our power play and penalty kill. Goals against when when I last checked before the six given up against Pittsburgh I think they were second or third other race that ball park second and certain goals against in the NHL. On their offense is pretty good their goal differential is one of the best in the NHL right now. Nick says look there on a hot streak offensively and I understand that. But they've got some guys who can put puck in the net the thing that jumps out at most people I've talked about this Bruins team is compared to others. Is that for the first time in most people's Bruins lifetime they're seeing speed and scale. You watched this team play and they're playing at a different pace than we're used to seeing Bruins teams play now. But it's a big part of Bruins fans who always want the big bad Bruins back quell the NHL has gone away from that style of play. The Bruins have gone away from that style of play Don Sweeney has embraced the idea that they have to get faster and more skilled and have. They get up and on the ice as well as anybody in the league right now as that entire you know eighteen and you. Yeah and it's that sort of scared me for a sort of that first off season they had to bring in the last you treat for an all though. You're you're sort of felt it was the single dumbest move I've ever seen Sweeney may and I edit it if you put if you put Sweeney under troops are right now he'd say. I don't know I had a brain fart yeah I mean I I cannot come up with. Any viable excuse for signings Akron although the good news is they realize that two and got an ally here. What it when it tumbled at west to bring him and asked me up there for the worst an Angel trees all time and a lot of ways because you train the top ninety picking rented the third round pick. The chances of him being a superstar right pretty slim that. Brad marsh house a third round you know I mean I there could be a player that eventually missed out on because of they brought it Ronaldo so I other risky and back a signing I understood this team in desperate need of some some dressing room leadership. They had some quiet leaders guys like Chara guys like Bergeron. They were missing some of those guys who had left here over the last number of years guys like Chris Kelly and Andrew Ference and Shawn Thornton. Guys who would who would pipe pop in and you know hold a guided to account they didn't have that they thought that the last scheme Backus would help bring that. Today they overpaid for Pulaski there's no doubt about it. I'm not convinced they overpaid for Backus. I I think you're now seeing what they thought they had in David Backus and the leadership was there for both those guys by the way. Backus is really bringing it now and results of bringing it in terms of production on the ice can you stomach him as the third liner because I thought that. In a lot of ways people hated Chris Kelly the three and a third liner. But I do you think that Bacchus at six mil that third line. Is what you want a lot of ways because you emperor from one creature on the other sites so we sold overplayed this. Line numbering thing I mean is this fourth line really the fourth line because for a lot of this streak over the month of December. They've been playing second line minutes now after you take a look at the minutes played per line. Tammy wheat tag them that way Bruce Cassidy doesn't tag them that way the players on the team don't tag them that way. We as spans and we as media say all that's the third line that's the fourth line that's the second line. I know the first line is and so does everybody else in the NH LS on hockey after that who cares what difference does it make. And you know there are nights when the fourth line is legitimately the second line. There are nights when you know Backus and his group are legitimately the second line. I don't much give a darn you know how they number them how they. How they tagged them I just care about as a as a complete unit how to they plays a group. And and what I've seen so far it's been good. Of the sort of what they've done this year in a lot of ways that the they're managing Bergeron and and it's you know with somebody for well lately I've been able to act that any helps to score six schools and rightly Ottawa Senators of course but. I think that that's gonna go along way for the team so many ways because it really don't have. I think anyone can even compared Bergeron obviously. So if you could limit him even my tune in tonight make a difference come April and may be made you need to be on the first round which was something that I. Not sure that's the last ready for a lot of ways I think they've done that was a couple of guys you've seen them really try to limit char his minutes now they paid lip service to that over the years and have never been able to do what. Because when push comes to shove he's the best offensive defenseman they have. He's the best penalty killer they have we gotta get him back out there on the ice but they've done at this year Mac was playing more minutes and char yes and I like I am fine with that. They've managed to do would Bergeron hero over the last month or so. And I wholly support that but they're gonna have games here where you know they're going to be trailing 21 and you're gonna see those guys trotted out on the ice every other every other shift and I understand that. Win Cass he's been able to do what he's taken advantage of it I think that's Smart coaching yet and I would really say that. I was always team quote by. I've been so wrong about that it's unbelievable when you watch job cast he's done here he's really found a way to make this team. Get excited about hockey and I think that's that sounds weird to say these guys aren't excited about being pro hockey players but it felt that for a year and apple iCloud. They'd they were sort of his misery around the rink because it was. You knew that I was being fired unit at two under a gun union something's gonna change and into having the coach but. It's been the perfect fit a lot of ways Claude Julien was a great coach in the history of the Boston Bruins won them a Stanley Cup. But stylistically. His game maybe a little behind the times right now. The Bruins you know had lots of shots on goal under load and they were all from the wall. And you know you're seeing that now being played out Montreal. And the median Montreal is talking about how the Canadians to shoot from the periphery and they don't move to the middle. We do the courts he breakdown of Bruins shots this year under Bruce Cassidy the one of the top teams in the NHL from getting shots the middle of the heights. They're not out on the wall shoot me an open for rebounds and open something gets tipped they're taking the puck to the middle of the net they're taking the puck to the goaltender. They're setting the screens they're doing those things stylistically it's different I know the speed and and all that that is a different thing obviously. Where their shooting from is totally different than when cloak was here and that's all Bruce Cassidy and I think that with with cast it in you have a lot of sort of qualities that make in the late players' coach and away he's he's harsh but he's also he's a coach in the sense doesn't it Bannister in the press box forever. Maybe the last few will dispute that I guess in a lot of ways but it feels that he gives guys chance to redeem themselves in that. This team date they all know that they're not in the dog it's forever and Ryan Spooner is pretty great example of that for from Cass is point. Thursday night I've had a discussion with Bruce about this because let's be honest you listen to imposed game. You listen to him after practice over hero warrior. He's a little more forthright than we're used to quote was very Bill Belichick like him and I don't know what it was like behind closed doors century was he was much more direct. But his public statements about his players and his team were always you know pretty Vanilla. Cassidy is a guy who has been willing to say we need more from. Tax weenie Y to play better and I asked him about it he said listen what I say behind closed doors is much more direct much more pointed. Yeah they've already heard from me. What I'm saying publicly they've already heard it so it's not like they're they're surprised sitting ago like what's he saying about me I've already told them. And and players I found hockey players to be pretty willing to take criticism. If I generally speaking they offer before it gets. What on them you know they say yeah I wasn't good enough by. I sucked in the third period. You know I've got to play better than that they're pretty willing to to say that about themselves they don't seem to have a problem with Cassidy saying it and it's refreshing each year. I'm head coach of the Bruins be so direct yet with load that's very bad telecheck directed if you I think you get away with your winning when you're not winning. People get fed up with that they singled why you explain it as wide as I've never finished with Cassidy. We've asked some tough questions we ask them. Why is up there on waivers why is why has this guy played twenty games and he's very honest about my I got re doing it right now with McQuay. Any saying you know it's it's it's a hard discussion. To have with Adam Quaid it's hard to look at him. Given all the he's given to this team of his body it is everything and say I don't have a spot for you right now he said those aren't comfortable conversations. But he also looks at the team in the way they're playing. How they're playing defensively how the defense pairs have have melded together. A guy like Matt Chris slick has made it hard to put Adam Quaid back in the lineup right now. And the absolute worst message Don Sweeney could send as a came equates helping Matt you gotta go back to Providence when he's gonna look at it and say. What do I do wrong what did what I'd done here. And and I liked the fact that capacity is in fact not outwardly but what he's saying he has acute treatment republic outline. But the way he's played he's done everything we've asked him to do. You know he has he has made himself part of his defense team. I I I love Adam played I love everything about him but how to white punished too cute like grizzly by taking him out of a line of just because the other guy got help. And sort of the same logic that I applied to. A trade. This can be it would be nice out of body right probably it would make sense of insurance by that you don't need it and I think you can send that message to a kid. Like grizzly like China and if you add another veteran of the knicks because you can play the veterans have. I look I think they do need to make a couple of deals and yet Billy and I've talked about dislike Japanese much more militant about it and I am. Com and and Barry Petersen Gary Peterson went to top four left defenseman. And it top six forward he's not a crew guys that are true believer I don't think he thinks she's a top four. And net and look like. I like crew guy I like what he brings to the table. He got benched here recently as well. At the end of the game and didn't play and to his credit union sound like he liked it. But he played like he understood it. Coming out of that he'd he looked like he got to meet picked up his play. And you know might my TV partners think that this team is still a couple of players short of where they need to be. Now they've got the capital to do this you know they've got some players still on the pipeline who were working their way up. Were probably gonna find it hard to find spots up here right now. So I think that there's there's stuff available for Sweeney to deal law. And and please I and and on talking to you when not to our audience when I say this I don't have to tell you this. Stop if you're listening to this podcast stop with the old ship let's trade Zdeno Chara or Tuukka Rask stopped when I thank you can we just stop with that right now. Zdeno Chara is the best defenseman you have on this team. Tuukka Rask is playing it vezina trophy level goaltending. The last thing you wanna do it straight guys like that whenever you start talking about deals. You hear people say let straight Chara but straight to cut let's trade crate G. You understand that those are players you try to keep. They're not players you try to get read up if you didn't have a you'd be seeking those kinds of players. But there are some fans out there who just don't get it don't understand it I certainly anything with a Rask. Get to the sixth game of the Stanley Cup final. You know he wasn't too bad in that whole thing. Zdeno Chara has won eight a vet a Norris trophy here. Ed and I Dickey looks rejuvenated. I think Sweeney. Not only does he not wanna deal Chara he's gonna sign into an extension is gonna make some Bruins fans heads explode. Occasionally but that's what he's gonna. Yet voters in the lot of fun that day I think that. Also we talk but trading guys of that caliber of the windows past if they don't truly blow it up it was Hamilton GQ were they treated those guys. And and they didn't so these are pieces that are still effective like you'd like you talked about. And that are still have a spot here no one is pushing these players out noticed pushing David traits yeah. Notice by the way look at how the team looked. When great cheeky back in the oh at W it's it's a night and day difference what you have when you have to puck possession sinners it changes the whole dynamic of your team. Beyond belief really makes you believe that it's in connection and deep run. It also changes. How the power play looks dramatically. Yeah looks like a totally different unit when David crate she is one of your options out there. I think at times he's been a disappointment and and I do understand those who say well he's always get heard anyway. And for all I know always gonna get hurt again this year it'll definitely probably gonna happen. When he's out there and when he's healthy he makes such a difference on this team that that's second center slot behind Bergeron. That's about as good as you can get with a guy like that. Yeah I think so and then you calories of the power play having Bergeron and preachy on different units I think make such a world and for the team because you have to rely on one unit for. Amid in 45 seconds you can roll them one and one in really have sort of a a strong tune in to you don't score. Putting the pressure on in the team and our guy like an incline and who was Manning one of the spots on your first power play. He's out there with Bergeron impostor knock him agree you take a look at that group when he's out there in San. The trust that Cassidy has that a kid like this is pretty impressive right now Matt voice another guy obviously who's on the other power play unit. Another kid music kit. Really what he's one of your power play specialist right now. Yeah any look at that game against Carolina and had seven goals but that third goal his third gold deposit not our legal that happens time and picks a puck out of midair. So that the veteran employees if you will the player who like you said as a kid he's 21 years old I think. You don't does that happen because he's playing with guys of that caliber. Or is that simply you know mix of the trust that he's the go back Cassie has him in a conference to help with it you know I think that's that's a great question asked in a lot of ways because. You know if you have that problem they are not on that half wall. That changes the whole complexion of that partly because that's so important trouble per front get a shot off on the bumper and for posture got the movement to get to him on the other side of the ice. I think that's that's a huge weapon for the team I. I got a kick out of it because after the the seven and now what's the seven yeah what's the seven goal output. When you know Patrice had four goals in the wind combined for twelve points and plus eleven. And Cassidy joked after the game he said maybe they're sick and tired of Reading about how good the Atari minus. Because everybody was talking about how great fourth line at Lang and had been by the way. And it's almost like they said you know we're pretty good too and they're they're gonna have lulls like every line does. You know Sidney Crosby doesn't have a five star performance everytime we steps out of the ice. More often than not. They're really good and they are nights when they are other worldly. And and that's which are getting they know look this team knows that with out that line performing the way they are they're struggling to make playoffs. Which you have that line playing the way it are Brad marsh and it's made himself into one of the best wings in the national hockey I know people have a hard time believing that. They have a hard time processing that because he's the past he's the agitator he's the stick in the skates in the and this stick in the groin guy and he's done all those things and and deserves the reputation. What he's also done is turn himself in to wait first team all star wing. You know a guy who scored the game winning goal for Canada in the in the Canada cup there is World Cup tournament this tight. This guy has become one of the best all around players in the NHL on the wing and he's playing with a guy who is one of the best all around players in the NHL at center. And in the attic can with the talent level of postured knocked. I don't think we've even scratched the surface of David impostor knocks game. I think he's that good I think he is a legitimate. Forty to fifty goal a year guy before restart. Oh absolutely and I think that the edge and pars and he's on attending gold wrote wherever it was entering the weekend. He scores a one timer against the hurricanes comes back the next nines was not a goal against that the penguins I mean he knows how to break out of slumps and I think that's such. A key element of a young player knowing that his head is screwed on straight in because if you're a player like I've order Robbie Smith for example player with the first I mean it'll walled him Boston. He a Muslim dumbfounded you know what to do. It's that he was upset that people were wondering why he's not scoring and he was upset why he wasn't scoring until he didn't know how to handle it. I think prospect 21 years old. He's you know he's checker is from the check he doesn't care I mean Wes isn't here using in his own hand I guess I understand you know what I. Saw him do some over here warrior. Before the team won out on the ice for practice and he's out with a bucket of pucks in an assistant coach shooting one timers. You know with the coach passing and him firing. To your point about he he knows how to get himself out of it. He knew that he had to work on a shot he had to get better at his one timer had started to falter so the answer for him was I got to shoot shoot and shoot. And he's out there working on a working on it and then and couple of successive games you saw how that one timer looks like it did before now he's got that that shooting touch back. Because what he did was work his way out of the slump. Absolutely and I think that's back commitment is something that we haven't always seem a lot of these younger players. You know acting I would say in how to work ethic which I think that that you Hamilton had bill Cassell I mean they're out others. The joke was you know Phil Kessel to know where the weight room wise. Probably wasn't that in Al Ras and about he doesn't look like a guy who does. You know the vending machines are Phil Kessel looks like a men's league player. Until the pockets on a stick near the net and then he looks like you know a dazzling. Phil Kessel success you know why he's successful with Pittsburgh Penguins is that the third line that's true Phil Kessel is to a third line option. Which is probably where he's the most comfortable it's probably you know what his best comfort zone is here. He had to be a Frontline at worst the second line guy but you really wanted to be a first line guy he wasn't that kind of player. With Pittsburgh he's a third line guy he's all comfortable and happy and in a way you go. Look I'm I'm happy for his success but to your point about some young guys here have had a hard time figuring out. How to how to get better apart that's coaching by the way. And I was a and M a huge load guy as well. But you can legitimately say that you know some younger players develop better under him than other younger players to it. Bergeron marsh and where young players who developed spectacularly. Under clout. But it doesn't mean his his method works for everybody there were others who didn't develop the same way. Now there were guys who who were here for various not here for various reasons. Tyler Sagan wasn't traded because they doubted his talent level. They knew how good a player he wise. You know Doug Hamilton didn't wanna be here anymore now whether that was that he couldn't take Zdeno Chara is leadership. I've heard that one before. Well all right go to Calgary tell me how that goes for allergy your Don island. Have funding while thirteen every single year the rest your life and edit fill castles case you didn't wanna be here anymore he didn't wanna stay. Okay removal on yet now you can always say did you get an up in return. When these guys went and valid criticism the Tyler say India you look at at the return was music. What the hell we doing here. I have a feeling the rest of the National Hockey League had an idea that he wasn't gonna stay here too. You know they hear all the same stuff we hear and they probably had an idea that you know on Sweeney's that we will no matter here I'm gonna do them any favors. I'll trade forum. But I'm not gonna give up you know all the the top stop on the top shelf of Mike covered here. There are times when when I think the Bruins and Sweeney in particular made. Very astute. Perfectly timed trades and there are other times when trades are forced upon them. And those generally speaking don't work as well that's violet and not trading for these chain and it's god because I watched packaging Ottawa. And I hardly notice and you know what he has he's the third line guy yeah yeah. And he he he wants to be paid as a first line exactly and he gets he has a reputation of being a first or at worst they second line guy. He's he's third like he's he's still castle but he's not as good as castle yeah. And when people complain about them not pulling the trigger on an Stoddard chain. They have to come to grips of the term with the idea that you're treating one of car lower hackable you're not escaping that deal without giving up. With saying okay here's Joseph Mauro column know it takes a moral that's not gonna work I mean I can honestly say that. Without getting stupid here you know. Edmonton's not giving UConn comic David. You know without getting stupid naturally there is almost no one I would trade Charlie Mack four. Yet no I'm with you there I think that this is. This is an now a twenty year old who is our top pairing defenseman that is and he can play defensively and play offensively he knows. He has is instinct and judgment skills. I think aren't out of it on the twenty. Six year old right now burst when he hurled a talk to Harry sinden recently about Mac voice game and Harry said you know the guy that he reminds me of this was Harry talking. He says it's Brad Park. He said you know the his intelligence his hockey intelligence that he said by the time Brad got here. He was nowhere near the skater Mac boys Charlie as much a much better skater than Brad was his knees were shot when he got here. Plays hockey I Q and is and is pox cents Andes is devil may care I'll what I'll I'll try it. You know and if it doesn't work out the back we'll do it again guilders on different next time. Perry made the equation Brad Park. And by the way if that works out here you're in really nation. I was so worried you can see Bobby your I was like don't doubt that they don't do it to this kid Otto gets stupid he's really young aired new areas nobody on the planet. Or let's put it this way there's nobody on the planet who should ever. Put any player's name in their mouth at the same time as Bobby your stop but that's never gonna happen people's Eric Carlson's new laws stop it yeah. I mean I'll get Eliot Eric Carlson right now tell me if that Alec Bobby your now now last time I checked he was minus sixteen book or skates a price that's that's spans where the but equivalency ends stop there is no Bobby York Charlie Mack voice not that but I thought Kerry's assertion that what he reminded him of and he said he hesitated about Bork is well then he said but but Brad Park is the guy that reminds in the most windy start we're an extension for McIlroy. I. I don't worry about that stop as much as other people do. Remember that the doomsday up. They've screwed this one up roster knocks gonna walk decade shell like the only active yeah Iran's indicates they'll get it done I I Italian. Don Sweeney for all the crap he's taken since he took over here. He inherited a cesspool. In terms of roster make up and salary cap situation. He had a really clean things up here the mess that Peter should rally left it took him a couple of years to get that cleaned up but he's done it. It's drafting you take a look at the players that they've selected in the time that Sweeney spending charge. I don't like seeing a guy like I astronaut where he was picked and Charlie Mack of poignant in some of these guys percolating through the system. Eat pasta not contract done. You'd capture your top line is is tied up for long term contracts. What the next three or four years at reasonable money under twenty know combined as opposed to Edmonton. Where you get two guys making ten million apiece with calm lately cash strapped the Oilers salary cap situation. And their plummeting like Iraq right now. Yeah that's when he brought. Drafting and again not hear someone ask you one last thing and I saw. So today was that someone said that the Bruins were not allowed to take Matthew bars well. And that it it was overruled by candidate they weren't taking him I hope that this is job. Staffer I think out of Edmonton he said this guy said that it's at that you'd catch me appears said the Bruins weren't allowed to take him by by Cam Neely that you know is that you cannot take this player with its thirteen 1415 you have to pick somebody else and that's one of the reasons why they never grab that player. Which I don't necessarily what leadership right this. You can't doubt those sources baby now I I think that that's ridiculous assumption because I think I wish they'd. Pick Matt ourself to I mean we see him play for the islanders he's dazzling. But do why believe Kim Heatley told Don Sweeney you can't take him. Oh yeah what possible reason would have pursuing I think they weren't they didn't like his attitude and lot of ways which I had heard but. If the players can detect the player and you hope your culture can help. Re mold and if you cheat and he still when he was 1918 years old he's not he's not going is going to be a 25 when he's eighteen sorry I'm up by in the story. You know came nearly Hampshire participated in those. In a pre draft interviews that teams have with players made it likely interviewed. But it's Sweeney and his staff were scouting this kid day in and day out in and I think it's funny too I wonder if it's coming from. Being it's an Edmonton report I wonder if it's coming from. Keep Gretzky and Peter surely transient and you know make the Bruins that bad because they they obviously have an ax to grind with that franchise and I do think that we look at those picks. They identified players that fit what they want personality wise and talent wise in the left wing or right wingers and defensemen which if you look at that draft. Were all positions of need time they had to treat each each pitched pirate Hamilton. They're best writes op was Brett freaking Connolly. Like be needed to get these guys in the some bars all the obviously amazing talent. But I kind of like players they have him. But I hated the fact that they took three players in a row they had no intention of taking three players tomorrow. They were trying desperately to put together a deal with the coyotes. They couldn't get it done there's no way in the world Don Sweeney wanted to take three players bull bull bull. Now when you get stuck with having to take the three yes specially now hindsight looking at it's at all Mike got how did you miss on par result. Just like a 198 teams missed on you know picking Tom Brady at quarterback including the New England Patriots on five other occasions. It's always easy in hindsight to say all they took this guy instead of that guy. Every single team in the NHL has that story. Somewhere in the restaurant Boudreau has won all of mean every player unless you're picking first overall. You know every team has got that oh my god look we took so and so and two picks later this guy went. What were we thinking stop with this I am let Keith Gretzky I think did a remarkable job here. I mean I thought he was most responsible for David hoster not being on this roster and and for that we owe him a thank you good for him. I'd be more inclined to Pincher rally was the guy a little bitter about the experience here more than Gretzky can I think Gretzky wanted to go with Sharaud. And house again remember that the the others have a chance to get ours ultimately traded epic nature of epic that got referred Reinhart is that what is going on here so it is a lot of sour grapes that amendment and when it comes to their situation where they are and you know it Oilers of the new Bruins that's not a good thing why it's so hard for people to understand that. There there's kind of a division of powers here. It did Don Sweeney really does on the hockey operation. I hear this all the time all of its Sweeney who fired Cologne who wasn't it was dunce if it wasn't nearly it was Sweeney or vice Versa. Sweeney was in charge of that now does he have bosses he has yes the answer to of course he does. Does he have to run a move by Kim kneeling before he does of course he does and really by the way depending on the magnitude of the mood cast ultimately run by ownership. I understand that but this idea that all need at least the guy really run in this thing kid he's got a lot of stuff on his plate among those things isn't styled. He's not sitting here looking at juniors and and you know scouting American Hockey League franchises and and traipsing around via out west in the NHL to figure out there gonna trade for. He's got an entire staff for that headed up by Don Sweeney. It's pretty easy for me to figure out. Don Sweeney the general manager he makes the hockey deals he makes the hockey decisions. Some of the media asked the red by nearly and maybe even some of the ultimately by ownership. Before they drop a whole bunch of money on David hoster knock somebody asked say oh absolutely goats go spend that money that's the right thing to do. What people sure in this town try hard. To either give nearly the credit for everything that happens or conversely. Blatant neatly for everything bad that happens. It's true I don't quite get why they're trying so hard for that and I will say that I think new is that a good job of sort of reeling himself back in understanding that he has a stack he can trust I don't know feel we have necessarily sure Elliott and there was a power struggle there. I think it's neat I think they are there's more synergy there. They know what each other what they wanna do they are on the same page for the ultimate goal with this franchise we always want a single guy to blame for something absolutely it's like Leo for for patriots fans it's this recent thing with. Unity craft tell Belichick he had betrayed Jimmy drop. Would talk to Belichick he said that's how we do things year. Wheat wheat hawk we have group sessions we talked about this stuff. And and it's not like. Robert Kraft goes to Belichick insists you give him the hell out of my locker room. You trade him now Toms the guy that's not how they operate. It doesn't operate with the Bruins that came really goes to Sweeney and says I want I want Claude Julian out by Friday. It's how what happens here they sit they talked about it hate. Maybe we need to move on here what do you think we need to make this change but we got to think about whether or not we're gonna trade this guy not this guys available. What are you guys think you know and you pitcher director of player personnel landing you get everybody in a Roman yet in yet hash it out and and ultimately. There's a guy who gets to make the decision. But for some reason we want somebody to blame we want a single name it's something dammit why it's all got screwed up nearly it's your fault. We wanna read our fan fiction as we wanna do we want it we wanna read our fan fiction if in our agenda and that's a real thing that. Rather than ask questions and find out why these things indicates people wanted to say that all of this guy's ball because you know I like men are like them. Okay that's not that's on the ground for reasonable discussion that goes for players and Angel like you can't have a discussion if you walk into with a bias I think a lot of people. They always want they want that they're still. Bash people out Tyler's they can trade they wanna go back behind the eclipse for its came nearly saying all week. In this guy not a fair here vs saying okay lied is why why will that affect player explains it doesn't it doesn't samples that they've got long. Term plans that they've a game plan they put together here they've got a short term game plan. You know in addition to worry about you know how good they can be this year. You know Sweeney's cut this in tired jigsaw puzzle but he's got to put together. Of these contracts are going to be up next year these contracts going to be the year after that we get these guys. We're going to be coming out of college in this year we've got these guys who were going to be coming out of the American Hockey League at this point. We get these guys that we're gonna draft in this upcoming draft and and where did they sifted in through here. It is such a complicated. Process that they put together here the the idea that they disappearance. Am. That's not exactly how it works year or by the way with any other franchise. Unless something dramatic happens unless you know somebody does something and you know we got to get him out of town. And those things happen I understand sports but they don't just sit there and implied by the seat of their pants let's just get rid of that guy. Hey you know what we get some of the story line out there is that not an atom equates help you get teams calling up and asking the Bruins but hate Kevin Miller available. Eight yet you know I got to get him quite coming back to wanna deal Miller. Would become stupid to sit and LP. Out of here the team that ran ten defensemen playoffs last year and they're gonna strip themselves of their insurance. They they they don't do things like that and no team does things like that. Everything has bought out everything is plotted forward there there'll be salary cap implications. And and it's you know interceptors felt terrorism okay the cap isn't crap. In it especially isn't crap and a hard cap leak guaranteed Contra with guaranteed contract so. Unlike the NFL where you could just can't imagine that well. Well you do that here in San met Alaska to Providence you've still got a cap it. When you screw that one up that's still cost you money. That cost you a hockey player that you can't help on your roster. Because that's salary cap spot to sit and play in Providence exactly I have to think all these things through its complicated. And it's not just the simplest. But if we give let's give them preaching let's give them I was of this well let's get much Ari Spooner. And and and up up the second round pick and see if that give us Erik Karlsson. Yeah I love those deals that experience like to make the centerpiece package used to be for years right give Ryan Spooner Coke which have Iran in the third round pick the belly pot getting for that that is nonsense while I was Paula it it is the classic I'll give you five pennies you give me and yet. Not how it works in sports at. I'm not taking your five pennies and giving you mine nickel nobody's gonna do that but the pennies shiny that I might see shiny and. It's gonna that nickel is now and I giving it a nickel for those five minutes no thank you. I'm dale thank you so much for taking time to do this whole hope and that's really I I did this was not a one off not. I mean it I it's sort of agreed to do this for a reason it. And in that we were just gonna do this once and and catch it and now my hope I don't hear many and pitch an Emmy because I just you know I did one in and war walk worked on his innocence no matter what he isn't like it's not a big fan. I don't know of many of lesser I think sell out and out that's this thing so but no I I wanna do this with you I'm Michael it's not (%expletive) you off to the point where I come back. So I don't feel free go out and Evian can do that so. We just didn't have anything to this each other up about this divot it was two episodes six her in the from the ashes through assuming that I get deficits yeah that's real well I read them. Very edgy rich stuff well. They'll thanks again for having me the paper bird for joining your shoulder I don't know what the speeds on our podcast Norris and he's he's light and appearances ground on this against them. On the it is in the power here I now I know I always bundle they do so he did notice you're like. Boldly technically and well it's it's horrible and lucky and it even turn a car on some very happy about this from you know actually now the more I think about it the kids that this actually surviving you know this. He posted it probably. No again and again I'm not quite there but technically this and if you hit a button over there this is gonna this yeah I'm gonna not press anything's gonna leave the powers that above need to. Press on and off yeah we'll talk practice.