Zero Pucks Given Ep. 10: Former Bruins and Maple Leafs goaltender Andrew Raycroft discusses the Bruins/Leafs series with Dale Arnold. 4-20-18

Zero Pucks Given
Friday, April 20th
On June 24, 2006, the Boston Bruins traded the 2003-2004 Calder Trophy winner, goaltender Andrew Raycroft, to the Toronto Maple Leafs. In return, the Bruins received a 19-year old Finnish prospect, a goalie named Tuukka Rask. Raycroft joins Dale Arnold to discuss the trade, give a goalie's perspective on Rask's performance, his time playing in Toronto, and the Bruins-Leafs series.

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Episode of feral hogs did it rocks you buy stock market slice back. Here airlines welcome to zero putts given it is a hockey podcast here from Sports Radio that would meet ya I'm my name's Dale Arnold. And doubt this is one of those interesting timing situations. I had. Ask Andrew rate dropped to live report the podcast with me today little that I know that the night before. And rate crop was gonna appear took a Rask was gonna stand on its head. And help the Bruins to a 31 victory over the Toronto Maple Leafs had a 31 series lead in the best of seven series and Dario. Greg thanks a US tour fine thank you. You gotta help me with this one and I know goaltenders. Generally speaking can be lightning rods for hockey fans in any city where every play. Any idea why Tuukka Rask is such a lightning rod in this town. I don't. And I. Listen to talk radio bomb on occasion and solid and I BI donors I think he. Given everything. That annually to is the organizational the last. You know we're looking at all year now with you know you're getting up there. And last night is another example it. To GoDaddy years and they you know the big win on the road live with the leader out. You know he stepped up in a big way and stranglehold on the series now. You heard it and I hear a lot you know talking to hockey fans on the talk show. I hear always soft you'll never win the big game with two he'll never win a cup with Tuukka. I wonder what that's all born from my guess that go back to that flyer series when the Bruins had a three nothing series lead and lost in seven. I was in 2006. For crime and the eight and yet that's what people go back to I guess. Yeah and it'll you know all of those things are all dark rear treatment though both also make a better players and you know I think that. Without question you know I I ought to. Erie street of one of I would ever other spirit and all. That theory you know you find ways I'm sure you've got experience than. You know I learned a lot from it. We have a day off you know replace XP in the year the last ten years. You know what the level on the clock but he. You know I'm not lecture. You know why and I think the other thing is that to really think about and he'll forever and think about. If not ever win the Stanley Cup there's a bunch of amazing all single that it never won a silly cop. On its really difficult go to. And it says it to and it into the final flight you know only be carried the team. One here and and you know help get the team there as the second daddy is the year they won a lot so. On. You know it's to go to that in and the dot net doesn't it does relate you know makes sense. Part of the problem I guess is that in this town he suffers by comparison because Tim Thomas is the goaltender who carried the Bruins to a Stanley Cup championship now don't get me wrong. In the final two series of that playoff run he was otherworldly he was as good as I've ever seen. The first two rounds of that playoff run he was good not great but the second the last two rounds he was unbelievable and that's what fans remember in this town. Yeah of course everyone remembers the win and and the final the final period. Which you like you know light so on my opening. But the other a fine line and who's the you know. The duke you've got to game six who did say that you know. A wrist shot from out yelled I think the waiting game seven overtime in bought you know the brood get knocked out of that first round there. They've been narrative can. Completely different 180 degrees different so. You know I've ruined careers get the line on and buried in fine line and you know to go and certainly no different league you know he gets that now operates. They go one way and you know they they get them while they're on the way to win and pick the minute and a half. Again it's such a fine line and so judge people in career it is difficult on one well. As a former goaltender in the national hot really in and you and I've talked about goaltending a lot when you've been with me as an analyst on nests and how do you judge Tuukka stylistically how do you describe the way he place. If it is that the way he may. Moving on it needs the way he's been able to adapt the way that style is now in the way he got that makes it looks so much easier than it actually hit it yet set on the hole and they get the right angle. You know on the down ball and moving out its its premiere don't watch. You know just with a little bit of understanding on what he's trying to do it it's it's really incredible there's no doubt that move that way on the on the right. In the league. And in saying all that in the technique he'd he'd. He's a great aptly and he's able to make you know let Davey Dave when he kind of mocked the park and then that night. But to get back in you know that the scramble and battle the way it back it takes an athlete and so you know overall it's you know the technique wise is pretty you know RA is. Extremely solid like most guys in the NHL. You know our inability incompetence that become an athlete at Heinz when it needed it kind of separate. There are some people who may not know the connection. But I'll give it to them like you work a Calder trophy winner for the Boston bruins' final 304. Tuukka Rask was drafted in the first round 21 overall on the 2005 draft by the Toronto Maple Leafs. On June 24 2006. You were traded to Toronto. Fort took a Rask was an even up swap the Bruins dealt you to Toronto for took a rescue was a nineteen year old prospect. He was playing in Finland they didn't really have an idea of what he was going to be like. But just to put it all in perspective on that date June 24 06 the Bruins traded you for Tuukka Rask. And they drafted Phil Kessel mile Lucci and Brad martian that's a pretty good day and any teams a developmental system isn't it. Yeah that. That. That that date certainly changed the this generation for the upper or without question. Weight and it's interesting for me to be on the other hand now. You know it it's really interesting to leave that to you know pop blue chip prospect that the people here the other guy and not too. The leafs decided to beat. You know you're the one up the board into colon expendable which is obviously in hindsight. It didn't work out but at the same time for our. You know to go to get out of Ronald. I'm good this organization that I'm with Lucic and marched on common and we treat getting older and trucks in and not be here well. Com. So those are big name that everyone knows now good you know obviously 1112 years ago now what are we get in and out there again labored but. Certainly. Interesting for me to be on the other side now. And looking back. It was. It changed his the other group organization that generational question. What were your feelings when the Bruins told you were traded to the leafs. I was I was excited I was actually I was on vacation. Your well you'll Belleville Ontario guy yeah. Yet all of my friends are from war in Ottawa. All exactly you know I knew exactly what it. Ronald me legal standards like BAA and you know the starting pitcher for the Red Sox you know now the patriots quarterback is that it's a big deal breaker on the it's out. The over the moon. And I excited especially at that you know that I'm ruined. And the bat and to be ruined com. There was nowhere near the excitement or are the law. Or the opportunities and that there is now and there's united there's the lean years that that so. Yeah I was excited to get drawn Olin. You know out that experience out there it was. Look I know you're excited to go home and I understand that. But the maple leaf sucked too you know. I don't want that I'd like. In the herbal figure out that and the guy goal they. Unfortunately I realize you know it didn't go that way and it. It went even more downhill. After I left out there and they're good. Trying to get back even right now so be it big. They weren't burger. I was thinking about that because you had a really good year the full season you played there. I looked at the numbers earlier today you had a really good year goals against average below three. You played in seven games or something. And then the next year they don't you halfway through the season what the heck happened. Yeah I gather it. You know being up there and enact. Yeah we didn't make the playoffs the you know at the end of the day we lost. On the lap he's been we were even one day we islanders beat the belt this year but I had a lot to got a and I think. Again not fine line that I pocketbook earlier you know like if we get it up well off single in Iran. Then you know that whole thing treated well we've we were able to get it. And if you don't make the playoffs that a big market like that change happen. For me it happened quick that would enable really bounce back you know mentally maybe I didn't come back. You know in the right frame of mind and you know on the visit go things happen quick so. Just that kind of regroup you'll one point. The point now wait things aren't you parked out front of the act I feel like I would be able to get to go out and it. Or whether they should given you a ring yeah. So the end and I wanted to back to that because. When we do in the telecast last night we showed that that scene outside there in that big square near the Air Canada Centre. And it goes back to the Bruins Toronto playoff series a few years ago when that game seven. When the Bruins were down three in the flirting game seven and ended up winning in overtime kept going to that's that shot out of those fans. I do you know what it's like up there. The the angst those fans feel all the time the gut punches that they seem to take year after year after year and yet they keep showing up. Yeah no question and older like both of my friends over my bat and you know there there all in on believe. Every year they've played they've they've planned the parade group. It's to be at this point it's becoming more more similar is is Red Sox you know optical peep out of four. That's kind of the way for everyone here to think about that but the lead steal it. 1967. I mean that everybody knows. You know and those guys become bigger euros every year Italy don't go you know are in the lap belt. It'd it really is something. And those where that's kind of what this all that you looked like that little weary yet app late. Basically all across Ontario. Did you enjoy your time play and there. I did I did it was a lot and looking back. I've although it would been better you'd read. You know have more of a suburban life that I app it would be at the on its take a lot of those like at that responsibility and discipline and we it's it's one of those saying you know. It's really difficult but to be able to say you wait for the economy if it's it's something special you know where I'm from. Let's go back to this series. You know a year as were sit their on set during the pregame show last night while were were half hour into the one hour pregame show. And billion barrier talking they're doing their segment in in my ear Sean Alan my producer is saying. Patrice Bergeron is on the ice as like my for warmup. And I am I'm sort of think and what I'm gonna do and I'm letting them finish their thought. And then ten seconds later he says the Bruins have just tweeted out Bergeron is out. And I interrupt them and I say we've got breaking news here guys Patrice Bergeron is not gonna play in tonight's game and you could see the look on both their bases if and I'm sure was the same on every Bruins fans space last night holy crap out of this happen. Yeah backed credit that ruined her. Keeping that quiet in Toronto for two days. Is. Impressive nonetheless that battle alone so. On certainly a shock and obviously a lot more questions you know then answered at this point and I'm sure. You know hope and yelled that's in all vocal about win last night you know obviously a great win out but the chance to. And finish out the series sooner they get more rat. Is is that for the perfect example of why you need that. To get. I have a long run. You need a couple short period again everybody and obviously we're all four games then at parity you know going at it to work if they can quote it's out on Saturday. I'll say this Patrice Bergeron was skating over here warrior this morning with Brian Gionta. And and even last night Bruce Cassidy said after the game were hopeful he'll be ready for game five. I'm wondering if your Bruce Cassidy. And you got a 31 series lead in you know Patrice Bergeron battle and something you know what it is I don't know what it is. I attempted to say you know what the trees we're gonna try to win this without chipped. All know just because of the playoffs and when you get a chance to you know step on it team. You know and did. You you do everything you and Andy never wanna let them back in you know the BBL lose that game and then all of a sudden you're going back for their building and I think gift if he's healthy and cannot make whatever. Is injured worse. You get them out there and you know hope he does what he does that being said there is. You know all a small luxury that they've pad and proven that this season that they can win with anyone. In the that competent. Certainly you're you're not going to. You don't feel like you have to put him in that terrible ought. Injury wise it's it's it's gonna get worse. You can afford take another couple so. I think you know. Long answer along eat you put amenity comply. Like they do have a luxury of being able win in finding ways to win with with any of these guys though. Andrew to your point counting last night's game. The Bruins are not 125. And two in the nineteen games Bergeron has not played in this year. And it's incredible I wrote it if it is really incredible what they've been able the coaching. On it. And all the guys Stephanopoulos and you know just go to the character that it's seen as it and why everywhere that's such good feeling you know what they're doing. There was great piece yesterday in the players Tribune it was written by Brad martian and it's one of those first person things and maybe has a ghost writer but they're his words. And it is an amazing piece and a glimpse behind the scenes of Brad marsh and he said if I don't play the way I play you don't know my name because I'm not the NHL. Do you agree with that. A 1000% yet 1000% that it you know the back at a character doesn't just show up when you and up in the NHL. You know he. Fought scrapped the soul you know in these 78 years old and and you know all the guys in the NHL that matter you know or at least 95%. At. Weren't the best players on the it seems right up there weren't the best players other cities around wherever they're from they're all fighting uphill and you know for a lot of guys like mark on. You know again he's he's had differing. It's the differing hate for him because more of those guys don't end up being you know. 345 time all star than daily cup winner though they don't get the same widely. Some that it third or fourth line guys Leo. Oh without question you know both games you don't get to that level by changing your character at the end you know yet it's. I hate you're not gonna change it's the way did you on the outline and it you know you can crop that sometimes but. You know without question that makes from the players is. You know score in the big gold but he glee that. You know like I go back to his rookie season the year that the Bruins won the cup. And I look at the player who's on the ice now and it's almost like they're two different people. The the the advancement that he's made the hard work he's obviously put in the development that that he's obviously undertaken. It is almost unbelievable to me and I think they are two things at at at play here one is close Julian. And in in the piece he gives Claude Julian a lot of the credit. But tool is Patrice purse her. Julian put them together way back when any said to Brad marsh and you won't be the best player on the ice because Patrice Bergeron will be the best player on the ice which you can be the second best player on the ice. And I think that's driven in ever sense. Yeah I I couldn't agree more I've I would go out there and ended our. As well and and what kind of on relic you you know he's at. It's blank is all over the organization at professionalism and how to work in. You know treatment and mark on her actually have learned so much from that and they've taken note. You know if they get the hardest and become the same kind of leaders though so it no question those three guys having those three guys. Meant for you and you and your side and and help you learn and become better well. And match that with the talent in the work ethic in the character that marked as. Aid that's where Iraq today than impressive. We've got to go back to the third member of what I have said is the best line in hockey 99 goals combined this year all of them. Either high eighth spot twenties or low thirties and plus minus we've talked about Bergeron we've talked about marsh and now we've got to talk about the most talented player on the Bruins because I really think that's what they've imposter rockets. He did and and you could edit it's it's the perfect mix your pocketbook Erik there in here and discipline and then pop icon there and he's David just you know. Bring new life everything he's all excited to do everything you've got to be. And I would lucky that we went to China a couple of years ago with the beat that the clinic. And David Wood on the trip and you know just to be around jumper and gave over there with the black everyday you know big smile every morning. On the ice with the kids and then my wife flew back with a Max and she'd like keep Obama you'd think the greatest kid in the world you know draw them back there was. Apartment when he got into the electorate the great kid and very respectful very thoughtful and happy to pocket it going and on probable that is now not so much. You know improved so much from you know two years ago and you know it's 41 at that it's it's going to be fun to watch him grow up. Like we entry. As you watch this Bruins team all season long and we've talked about this yet during the course of the season at different times. Course for the biggest surprise for you this year. I think I think a little bit it. It passed circuit David I think you know he's grown so much and been able that take that first line rule and then. You know without at without having to treat that time without having Brad. You know I think he's really stepped up you know I you know. That it's that seventh player award thing you know you wouldn't give it and you know not that he that we all the leader but he huge deal but I think he's grown more than I expected. Secondly the first the real name that kind of come out and the Google. You know he's he's really. Improved it came to a point where he's really depended on back there any. You know I think that's helped with the coaching changes in the different mentality of jumping in the way he meant giving them a little bit more. Allowing them to make mistakes and and he's certainly benefit from that I I would put him. You know 111. It. You played for Mike Keenan here for the Boston Bruins so you played on a team that was pretty united basically in their dislike for Mike Keenan. So now I think about this Bruins team marsh and has talked about it others have talked about it how tight they are how close they are. How much do you think that affects successor failure for a team. I think get a back. Six that that a major way. You can be a quote semen not make the playoffs. All that you know about old Jimmy and I got bit on both teams were ever really go on you know or but I think if you have that. To win a daily cup you'd need that. Kind of connection and that kind of camaraderie and act kind of love for each other as as teammates. That's certainly obviously different kind of love then you know what we're used to but that. You know wanting to go through the Wall Street teammates and all the cliches are something that it's very important and that's something that. Every championship team in hockey pat. On some level so it's a big the other never they never feel like. There out of it they never get down on each other and have complete police and the guy next on it and everything that tend to win. No matter the score or. Situation there. It's funny you should say that has. Probably the single moment where it it just crystallized for me and I realized how tight they work. It was a it was a game last month in March a Bruins in Tampa Bay. Dan Girardi gives Patrice Bergeron a hard but clean Checketts at a rice had no issues with the hit at all I don't think the trees had any issues but it was it a pretty good. And Dave impostor knock those right till. Drops the gloves and challenges Dan Girardi. And I'm thinking in a three guys had Gordy Howe hat tricks this year for the Bruins did imposter not might be the last guy would have picked to be one of the. No exactly and and and that's as re it's so it's a circle if you keep going when David you know everyone else on the bench seat that in. You know it's nothing goal. It doesn't go on this and if it's. It's hard to explain needs can't really just or that but that doesn't necessarily happen on every team in the NHL. Not everybody got to go to bat for one other teammates but yet it's just. Whether they don't get along or are they just don't have that paction. A win for their teammates self. Couldn't agree more that those kinds of situations are telling and are important to winning team. I was a big cloud Julian Finn I thought it was a hell of a coach I still think he's element coaching at lucky he won a Stanley Cup here and they go a long time between Stanley cups. Having said all that. Bruce Cass he's done a better job with this team in the short period of time that he's gotten up he's got more talent on this team and quote had when he got fired. But what he's done with the talent and how he's coached them has really impressed me this year. No question he's he's. He's done a fantastic job. And I think having a couple month flat he's really helped give him an idea with the direction that seamless I think that certainly. Been a benefit for him being able to be in the room and get dole. You know exactly how. That it'll lead and exactly how country we've been being able you know. And Ruth this said that numerous times to be able to come into the situation out both guys are such a benefit at the coach. To be able to just kind of turn it over to that her in the room all to them let them you know the same way Tom Brady polices the dressing her down and in Foxborough and lead by example that a vote you're here. You know it a bullet that's why I think at some point where for art Julie it was just a matter being here to law. The map this thing get ballot the coach and got aids probably you know that extra year to which. Maybe pars is the way people think well here but he was a great coach and like they'll you know winning daily cup with back group that you had at the time. You know was was really impressive but. Do organization changed they have a lot more young guys and you need a different voice and a different way of thinking and seeing the players that are in that. I saw that happen I'll tell you another guy I saw that happen with it was Terry Francona. He wins two World Series titles for crying out loud he breaks the 86 year drought everybody loves him he's funny he's forthright he does a great job managing. And it came to a point where he had to go. Yeah and not that brought forth then and you know way it did happen. All or any situation into that but I'm confident. You got to lobby are certainly similar situation like two. You know they they should they should forever be beloved by the band era puncher history well. Well we'll look good for them. When this playoff runs started just you know little over a week ago when it started. What did you see as the eventual outcome for the Bruins. I thought this period was going to be top. To be honest and it's still Andy and it's I mean they've been but I would not I did not want multiple first game. I thought losing that final game last week was going to be something that they're looked back at each ballot at a back that up but. Odd that there is in real quick in now. You know you look at you look forward away. Structure you know you're in yet. You know a Tampa Baier major index is they get through this so I think everything. Become much more positive on the way I don't think there's no reason for them not all the way. They're really is and they. The way they won last night and without Patrice. We're getting out tried getting a chance but they fired away they get there one chance and make it you know they get their two on one and and martial. They don't. They don't get it. You know they take advantage they would the Brock school like boulder boulder in moments in the final they keep finding a way. To come through a little moment without. I would it would be disappointed at this point not to get you know there for. What's gonna be like for your buddies in Toronto with the least lose this thing tomorrow and I ought. They've RD party pack it and there are off. The leg like. All of charity off you know a lot with other. Oh. You know it's gonna be another forty years. Anyway it the though. Aspect and yet they show a lot. Although yes. Those odd ball. It's all in all big big big day all right corporate mentality of the site the ring. They're going 96 seats available for the public. The first year of there. It's all new and it all of the little bit of this means that by at the end of the day they're all. The they're they'll they'll come back. Expecting a cop next September. This is zero parks given it's brought you by star market it's been Fonda reconnect with a an old friend. Former Bruins goaltender Andrew -- crop to remember Bruins fans is the guy who brought you took Iraq asks Lisa thank you went to run into the streets of Boston army of your high yield beer. And I really appreciate time and double talk again soon thank you. It. Take care before the ice freezes in the ref drops the puck and make a wise choice at your local grocers dial this hockey season and pick up your favorite wise snacks brought. Delicious flavor wise snacks is that clutch score weird case plus. Oh hockey fans topple over the boards and get your feet moving go to top shelf this season and pick up your favorite tasting wise snacks products. As George team continues its quest towards the cup.