Zero Pucks Given Ep. 11: Former Bruins Marc Savard discusses his career ending concussion; hits to the head in the NHL & the Bruins/Lightning series with Dale Arnold. 4-30-18

The Skate Podcast
Monday, April 30th
In this edition of Zero Pucks given, former Bruin Marc Savard joins Dale Arnold to discuss Savard’s career ending concussion, recent hits to the head in the playoffs, Savard’s efforts in the field of concussion research, and the Bruins’ current series against the Lightning.

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You're listening to zero putts given our hockey podcast here from. Sports Radio WB guy. And I am so happy to welcome in. Former Boston Bruins star Marc Savard who recently joined us on the radio program but in the more long form opportunity to talk mark Perry you. I'm great I'm. Let's let's start with the Bruins in the playoffs. If I told you that the highest scoring team in the Stanley Cup Playoffs as the Boston Bruins. Your first reaction will be watched. I believe that you watch amnesty and watching what dampers and been able to do. With this team behind the bench. You know it's not surprising to me they have a lot of offensive juggernaut in and then not only up front but on the back and so it wouldn't surprise me he said. You know it's funny Brad marsh and the beauty it's such. Contrasting reactions from people I mean I think he is right now one of the five best forwards in the National Hockey League. And yet because of his reputation and he's earned it he deserves it so many fans out of market just can't stand the earth that he walks on. When you saw Marcia and early on in his career teacher seed this possible that this kind of offensive output is being a possibility. I do you know Lugar's guy who's doing this guy either gonna get better better I'd be lying by the. Be totally agree with you that he is top 54 in the National Hockey League I think any coach. Would love to have him on 1980 ahead of that top five order because of what he brings to table every night. Is just an incredible hockey player and I eat he goes under the radar get to that a you know. On. Disrespect facing some people but again there what he does on the ice you can get that anywhere. Is dirty player. I mean. He's not so called dirty player I I think she get so caught up in the game and his reaction. There. At a high pace and high tempo. If it's just pleased the way you played hockey as a whole life she doesn't know any better not just Brad Marchand and I think as a coach. You know you wanna control a bit but he can't he got to let his emotion come out about twenty that's so. I think in ally eighty played on the board that's for sure I'm not gonna say dirty but he on the borderline now. Sure he recently wrote in players Tribune that he wasn't the best player on his Peewee team so the chances of being in the National Hockey League seemed pretty slim. But he also said if he didn't play the way he plays. You wouldn't know his name because he wouldn't be in the NHL do you agree without. Are you out for sure you know he had to make a statement and is the way he would do and as is is BM I guess they use the term rat and you would do that and get under people's skin and at the same time be able to burn you skill but he has. So I think yeah all of our annual make make Brad marsh and players that yeah. He also made the point that he wouldn't be the player that he was today without Patrice Bergeron. And I don't know why Claude Julian Stockton together back in the day but it was a real Smart move and they've been attached at the hip ever sensed. There's no doubt in my mind marsh and couldn't do what he does. Without being aligned with the Bergeron. Yeah I mean has that dynamic duo Gilbert can feel free to call that that's what it's been ever since those two have been together they. They rarely got carried this team time and you know or not I'm not even a pastor back about where golf started from. What these two guys and they won their first cup mainly I mean reason let's cut little cute guys and it continued jets to blossom together and. And they just come that used to treat should number about Bentley have gotten better and that's due to Brad to marshy as well also add up so. I mean there's a lot of bonuses on both sides of the table but they they are dynamic duo that's for sure. Well you mentioned David postured and and look there have been some very talented players go through this organization offensively talented players. Or the last number of years and some didn't stick here guys like Phil Kessel in Tyler Sagan. I honestly think Dave impostor knock is the most gifted offensive player of that entire group. Yeah I mean you know you look at the mirror that are they're all great players let's be honest. They. Help the B and the youngest of them all but. I mean it may even get company let's say you're in casts in. And now illness goes on the a lot of great young players here in Boston but. I I would have to agree there's this kid's futures as bright as anybody's and he'll probably. You know surpassed those numbers at the line can stay together and stay all the not on what. We all know the stories so about Sagan and why they ultimately had it to wheel him out here in that regard it also seems as though postured Iraqis just more mature. Perhaps than some of those other guys were in and look he's still only 21 years old. Yeah he does you know on these learned a lot along the way it'll come on come from where she's. She's very strong personality. Get better shape he's Eddie go into the guy. Early issued to carry on and I just keep from player outage. And you only mature and again Antarctica marshy and. How birdies helped him out and I'm sure birdies out as well so a lot of credit goes to birdie for and except that like and stayed together for years they're going to be a force to look at all. The big thing and imposter not for me markets is his imagination. He he he seems to think of doing things that I I think normal players on the ice would even think of let alone try. Yeah I mean and yet in an effort passing and integrate pastor. But he can shoot the pot but he does. Try to think what mr. root language change all are very talented talented player on these on the law achievers. Actually one of my I X and my playoff pool this year and it's. Paid were fairly well did good dividend and I'm leading both of them so. The other guys or limit and only it's cliche but does this kid. You know he'll score 51 of their ears for sure and and I don't think that's out in Boston a long time. If you go back to game seven of the Toronto series and port Jake Gardiner gets a minus five stuck next to his name. And then you go to game one of this set Tampa Bay series. And and you've got the dissenter on the checking line for the Tampa Bay Lightning gets a minus five stuck beside his name. It's almost demoralizing to play against this line sometimes that the Bruins when they haven't going the way they do it almost demoralized its opponents. There really does that mean they just keep attacking if you look at the popped the whole game and I don't know much who as a good answer to shut the line guys don't seem that. It seemed that Freddie and just another number for a couple of games but obviously machine he just can't hang on they just keep coming and even even a game or Freddie played ball. Earliest. Even getting out some luck that friends are those your neighbor the post a lot of that night but I guess. I I see. You know these guys just. There's not stopping them. You know continue overall I don't cap as a good opponent and I know they have some great players on the other side but when you get caught them like that and I've been in this situation before where you get off and and air offensive player. And and and just continue to roll continue to. Should know that it's gonna go in the net no matter what you do you years got to put the work in and put the Ayman. And I you're gonna get result I think that's the big work. You get a lot of great players but the key thing for me is are they getting result thought the Matt is the first round great player. I played OK but he didn't get results but that's not good not so these guys are getting results and Weller. Mark I had a chance the other data talked to Louis Nebraska who's obviously watching his son Jake with a lot of pride as he should be. And and I asked him about the game winning goal against Toronto and what he liked the most and he said what what he like the most is the weight Jake took the puck to the net strong. Old time Bruins fans will remember you know that's the way got like Kim nearly played and I'm not trying to equate those two I'm just saying. Take the puck go to the dirty area paid the price take the hit but make the goal and Louie said that was the thing that made him the most proud. Yeah I am and I'm not even that may need to articulate that. In Matt. In knotted in an inning games seven at that time of the game try to Nat deleted and probably one of the better plays like Gartner did make in the game I thought he played that great. Object in the outside and I think Freddie Anderson adversity at all about you know and we say that. Again cliche I cradle on the bastion. Should but the way Jordan that you don't know here. And I care package I mean there's another and other remote and I have a lot to say and I and I and for a long time. I almost wonder what John Cooper is gonna do in tonight's game two. I guess he'd almost be tempted to stick number one line against number one line. But the bruins' top line for all their offensive skills is so good defensively. I would guess that Butch Cassidy would be fine with that match up. And that's what I love to go butcher it just seems that no is not any of them not just he's worried about his team in late. And I I think you're right I think that. Coopers got to make a collier and it's going to be a tough one to lead Dodi. These stick but the guy with a minus by the other night urgently that it try to roll ethical line. Up against her try and I I think he thought the latter I think you'd be put stamp cost but again like you said I think. I think budget's fine without so much at all day long I'm an and that's great Astros confident junior and your top line. Showed confidence in your players and then there's going to be a very hot in I'm excited to watch. Thing that shocked me is I watched it bend and you know John Cooper Scott last changed there in Tampa. But how often the Bruins had Zdeno Chara out against Stephen stand coast five on five they were matched up most of the night. And Tampa didn't do anything begin weight problem. Yeah and there are some confidential by Cooper's well in all I am. Idol as a former player playing against top defenseman. Not gonna happen has not been avoided and I know your arm you're at home you can make those changes. Politics that you want that car that you hear coach to go out. Play gets up there might be time we can move away from them but it'll take your your so called top flight out of rhythm not a big thing and I got back on the map is cursor. I thought was really focused on match ups. And maybe took a motor rhythm so I think he's just what these guys play on the chips all they do. And and fortunate and they didn't bond tapestry and it. You were via an immensely skilled offensive player in the NHL if you were going into a playoff matchup tonight. And you knew you were going to be on the ice going against Zdeno Chara how would you attack that. Big C yeah well I mean the big thing ability is is an and you can't. He can't come down Italy and I didn't want to get shot off so. The only real opportunity is trying you don't widely speed chip it down walls get and turning go but. I mean he's such a great hockey player and edition I'm not going on the other side it's almost. You know given them another five years because he's able to go back push October Mac blame Mack where it will matter at all. So it's been just been a great tandem by adding diet if you watch never have to accept again in archer coming to the middle. And and again I need to go back up and not about one of those. They played any value as very successful at this you're watching a lot of these in Europe and the piece of work for all area cutting the mill ridge circle that quick restaurant. Egypt shut him down apple Jack in. I think he only successor Abby insurance trying to take a little I'd. Laine she end up behind him like I said that there are great tandem another group. In diet and as I've been watching. Yeah the Bruins all season long the thing that's jumped out at me is the development of young talent they've had a lot of young guys played this year and play at a high level. Heineman to brusque and Mack a boy and others. And the confidence Cassidy has had in going what those guys in tough situations. You were here when Claude Julian was here as well he got in my opinion a bad rap of not. Being willing to use young players and yet young players like Brad marsh and and others developed at a high level under him. Yeah quote don't get a batter up your Alley he did bring a lot of law young players along. They don't let the RC outer. Yet again and getting birdied where is our shop you know the checks and. And you've probably helped heal so but but going back your first part of that question. I think the biggest blessing in disguise that well he's my injuries early in the heat and enabling these young guys play in top six roles. Which they want that opportunity you you know when everybody was out so that paid off either slot back into the proper position. And that came just pick often. There that are going to be out to be you know iron I'd I'd I'd have them and then filed against the jets that would. There would be a better final locked at all that Belichick is it collide. But right now they got to take top honor at it again they can play a game and tonight and I want about Stafford looked like out that I know adopt a lot today about some great upper. And when it talking tonight. You know that it's gonna look good going forward. Do you trust Tuukka Rask mark. I can trust your gut I know he's some disappointment and some big gains. But what really stood out to me was like game the other night back it went the other way on chip got. He showed maturity that I don't know we've seen from him and I think it helped his teammates so. Op when he when he lost his cool air. In an ice hockey game. I know that the TV and that snowballed on the rap on loan package did get its attention I even stopped at winded it. Posit the wrap aggregates Uga. At all wanna blow at all but he doesn't I think you've got media he's not thinking that this bout in the mile strip on op. And again situation but. Can easily kept his cool but able come back in that game a quick break gimmicks and pixie. Really put incompetent in it easy in him what I think they need it. But I do believe in two guy and he's such an emotional guy as we both know. Both goalies are really calm he wears his heart honestly so that's a different thing Burkle. But movie or execute learned. How to stay calm mallet a great situation for him to be put an end against that cap. It was funny because going into the playoffs the Toronto match up worry me much more than this matchup did took I had not played especially while against the leafs all season long he has played very well against. The lightning all season long what was your thoughts on the match ups first against the Leeson now against the lightning. Yeah I I really liked the matchup against police say an iron and get increased lease credit could not given up and push and not seventy. I thought the burglar out maybe a little bit of an easier time without. Been playing at camp you don't get there. Other high straight straight not as likely seen but. They do treat champ well and that you're gonna chase chances that the broad. I'm you're gonna pay because they have a lot of guys they innocently seen. So I like both matchup with a broad. And and I think. Moving forward at this date they've really got to they've really got to play well defensively but the best he sent to the good offense and I think that's what they're proven in the first period. I asked earlier few trusted Tuukka. Imagine yourself on the other teams out via trust Basilan ski. Well they're good questions that he's started at the gate in Auburn fire. And any kind of ran annual walk to work and the heat and me that little tired. But yeah you know the question is creek and then. And one when you're not trusting you're always so much you try to do other things that GQ wait you trying to block a shot. You're in a position where you wouldn't be cheat a little bit more load to larger goalie and you missed out on a break it's a little ball that well you do it. So I think they still other goalie back breakdown they trusted him to but it appears that night going to be epic journey could give victory in the series. The current it again armor. What's it like in a dressing room if you don't trust your goalie. Well I just said it is it's really topped the a year not only worry about you your job is which you should only be worrying about it on your word about another guy. Took me to do that it that it in particular position it can make you make plays that you might not mean that you got another thing on your mind at all. It's not a great situation for anybody and it's not beneficial because you like it could get away from doing that thing that you do well. Maybe trying to help you stop them all alt and other guys yeah. We've talked about this in the past him and unfortunately Europe in a better position to discuss this stuff than anybody else I can think up. I assume you watched Pittsburgh in the capitals last night did you think Tom Wilson should have been suspended they weren't they are naming giving him a hearing today. Yeah I just think Italy he's status quo luckiest thing in the NHL players say yeah I gotta get arrows ready done a great job. I'm he's released showing it to add you're gonna get penalized so. It's kinda out of the realm for him not to continue what he's been doing. But if you want to play called Vietnam his battered. Most of them out bit but I don't I don't look at genes concept. I look at Marcy you don't want to drop the shoulder and get the guy and an act. So. It's kind of a gray area again I don't know where they're at it but it seems like anything that I will be called. But right now I mean did he get away with one maybe because. I think everybody thought what's been going on he would get one so aviation Citi dot global air but look you. Given your history I just assumed you'd be one of those people who would advocate. Had shot no questions asked you gotta sit. Yeah and and and that's right that even today the Portland and Cilic said that. You know I think you get a game and it didn't happen and for whatever is there other Islamic. Like the. Here and I'm. Because everything they'd they'd set the all of that they're gonna call. And to take a step back and seem like there and didn't think to the right direction so. Woolsey and and hopefully you know they they say to crack down on eclectic they'd done a great job they make great steps. And outlook you happened on again moving into the next couple games. I've really I and I I agree with your comment I thought they got it exactly right with the Evander Kane cross check. That's the sort of thing you don't want or don't need in the game. Yeah it exactly and I think. That's not what does that message has been the players anything to that whether or not intentional or not. It's gonna be called an outlet as well the thing the little legged it out of the realm. Oakley was the key situation Marcy situation. You know even at Delhi a little bit questionable. He did get this that showed it at that they had. So I think there's there's there's gonna stay on. And I like where touted. Unfortunately I guess this'll woman a little under the radar but I think they're gonna keep cracking down and I think that that's sort of game need to continue to go. I assume you agreed with the out with the now some cot race suspension. I said to gain initially three that's fine with me. The biggest thing there is it seem like an attempt to injure not. Not only going to add but he really had. You know taken away most radar and a rare series there look like so I agree without one and it was a good call. Do you think that they should ever take into consideration how badly guy is hurt when they. When they decide on punishment or should that almost not even matter when they decide what the punishment should. I really don't think it should matter you know and Cha Cha artery in your person you and a person that I can't beat you up. Call it like this guys that come back out there who'd been. That's injured and that is that about another couple games so. The touchy area but I think gasoline. We get elation that just yet the guys that you are. Actually. I have been fine with that would that way of operating in the Matt Cooke situation we view. And a touchy one and ought to fortunate. I think gene that besides that may not yet that if there is a all of a new rule in helping a lot. Don't players an older man I mean how many more sort of conjure I've got Cuba. Course we like it leaked a great job. And it Java. How long did it take before you thought you felt right. How long you know just three years in our early aren't really chop up time and you know I start you know come Amish shelled out about what country am here all my wife yet. Our doctor Durant and a that are bought did. You know they know all the whole Boston organization has really Korea meet certain computer surely great breakdown jet. You know Donny don't hagel on the train doubt that there for normal that means. Doctor. I can't say enough good bit about them they really help me get to our map to gauge. Doing the best I've ever stop not a liar you're seeing more ridiculous I wanna get back get to add to again give me everything that. And that great rule to write did you have to fly in here at the beginning of every season to be told you couldn't play and then you can go home again. Yeah I was probably the most irritating. After all this is that you automatically are twice in the beginning of the year. And I fly at the end of the year and they end and anymore I got dealt to go places in life and in view that jacket and stuff so I would have been obtained by. Opt out unfortunate that not the way to. You talked about giving back to only about project 91. Yeah I really enjoyed it brought it on anyone not really wanna speed up concussion research anywhere at all. Start small think you'd take jobs did play them really upset that but ate my stick and stuff like that started therein. MIA my yup oldest son that you know we do you keep challenge that we make millions and and. It was violent tickle about expanded in the project not want to get him back. Money and Russian research that he thought project I one dot CA. Elliott embodies the patent and now we're gonna keep expanding actors do really well. Let it anyway to get back in the game give me anything everything the bailout bill that you know and that just really enjoy it like for. I knew he was a player here I didn't realize until you're YouTube channel how obsessive you were about taping your sticks. Yeah got its British British special my yeah. We me and my wife quick bring up like sushi starts for them that they had to turn and it get her purse. It's quite comical we have good luck to I think in her enjoying it the most of the anybody would just. Probably the best part to be out you know he's somebody like him. Just have a great time and a lot like just I guess so intense that and I hear a lot of great feedback that people can't get enough that it just the way that I turned it. Eight people all it can just keep. He'd been joined by ambulance dark dump them out and I'm really loud and have a great tight lipped about some YouTube channel it. And Abby 91. And I might have and 9191. And Anna and also Twitter and 91 stop. If anybody goes through any of those they can find it and it's just been a lot. Are the winner of this Bruins Tampa series plays the winner of Pittsburg Washington who do you think that'll make. Com. Really I lot licked at that but it's Kurt started like Jetsons stuff from the cats and and I loved it wintry cut but. I'm really Oprah Washington has won just stop. This came as an oral to coordinate and they'll lose another one you know I just don't know what you do with that franchise to inflict. The tires in and I oracle launched into an old Vietnam and had a couple all star game really great character. I really like to see them or I'd love you are in how Washington here. Deal like that the playoffs set up where you got the top two teams in the east Tampa Bay and Boston playing against each other. And the top two teams in the west Nashville and went up to take playing each other but in the second round. Yeah I don't love that kind of thing in the I'd love to nickel back one day. You know we've we've gone are not just you know we're trying to create rivalries but you don't work. Where were taken. Along the excitement in the early rounds out the ticket and he met a lot around so. It would be nicer to media. All wanna pick actual file a pot in archer also. LA. You know put the top sixteen teams altogether. If you go out format unit in a travel would be a little bit more exhausting but. I think that Nick Berg. You don't getting awarded a little more for the great he did you like if you like the least. And I Amelie and to hurt you know what I'm not sure opted. I get a category she's in the Iraq into a juggernaut the first round and an irony here chopping and I need so. Not hear it on its pocket just to even. Developers are moving in the second round out playing great Q Mike can help up and that they don't do on a whole new dawn we'll get to spot for autism in any job in a played a great respect around the world. I'd like this it would back to another format that sure. Speaking of Toronto I got to ask yes I worked for Lou Amarillo when I was in the devils' organization. Where you are shocked as I was when Brendan Shanahan announced today that Lou will not be returning as the GM. I am what I like and I I think the reason I like an idiot too late despite all of them you know below him mark potter and the end I'll do it. And I think their bellies or maybe a little worried a little reliable guys this year. So especially if you've got to give one an opportunity and they learn under one of the bat who's been phenomenal. His track record speaks for himself people are gonna. You know accountability and a lot of respect back to the organization that he'd be you know I'm not the real I think he's done his job. I don't think Lou and sit behind the scene though and Jake Jake on the next story here is whatever their tag what form. Senior revise or not. Junior but I think you'll see him back in the limelight. Maybe and I and our airline perimeter of the island open it up there. So we'll see I think it's time because you wanna get one other great my opportunity. I've before we let you go let's talk let's wrap it up you're talking about the end of this Bruins Tampa series Bruins have re c.'s home ice advantage now. After their game one win how do you see distinct plan out six or seven. Well if if if. If they can win tonight com hi I'm gonna economy in the air protection are gonna say I gave but it Baylor tonight I think seven years there at the waist I hit a iconic called for the series drivers have been. Tony I'll land Tampa. Don't try to be a huge game like at the night. And I think the Bruins know that night if you're gonna put their bats that orbit the planet get hockey people ready immediately Hewlett the other night. Can I just Eliot pro on a personal level how many Bruins fans I hear from who were so excited that they are hearing from you again. Here in the Boston area hearing your voice hearing interviews senior on social media Bruins fans are very excited to see you back around again. Yeah I'm. And I really appreciate them during my downtime and I got a lot of get well wishes and stayed with the end. And I would all of my plan to get back get back at some point. Why don't comfortable again and I really appreciate the opportunity and getting more married now and and I'll talk you guys in. And shared back and that you know really it you know it'd hurt be a make it up and everybody I'm invite little sick every night and you know Bela. Doubt you need a great elation and all the other players so. There are people that we should be given back Q and that's what I'm trying to do now on but it just love the city of Boston. There really is my home away from home. I was moved to Marlon and set up shop for what I'm home. I've become a Mac that bought I really enjoyed my time there the people. Organize station an idiot. I'll get hit after big. Well let's fund re connecting with yet and I have a feeling that built the longer this bruins' run lasts the more I'll be reached not to get in touch with the again thank you so much for taking a few minutes here this morning. Got great job in he signed it are deemed to be about thank you. Thanks mark the red river is a technology transformation company re imagining the possibilities of technology enabling organizations to transform beyond the expected. From the cloud and big data to mobility and cyber security red river can meet your business objectives with a over twenty years experience red river has built a tremendous reputation serving commercial civilian defense intelligence healthcare and slim margins by sticking to their company Credo. Technology decisions aren't black and white. 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