Zero Pucks Given, Ep. 2: The Claude & Seguin narratives 1-16-18

Boston Bruins Hockey
Tuesday, January 16th

Ty Anderson and Dale Arnold are back for week two to debate the legacies of a few former Bruins who have been recent opponents, Claude Julien and Tyler Seguin.


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Scale of the gone. Vilified or you are well very well you know I know that's episodes he'd better. That left here last week and went to the garage might hire completely flat at a let my way to the Firestone on come out. At a get a hold the tire replacement. So I know some of that. Indicates that this is going to be better it it will can be any worse why now I welcome it you could go on find two tires slide that off please don't do that. Just thought. I really can't afford that right now second edition of zero pox given and kind of a potpourri of topics they're they're going to be times during. This podcast we're gonna hone in on specific things. I really wanna talk about fighting in hockey at some point that's going to be deep dive into something you know a little more topic driven. I think for the second episode they were probably gonna problem bounce around a little bit crazy weekend the old friends weekend at close Julianne on Saturday. Eight. I wanna start Montreal I I do think that you look at that team. It it really didn't feel like with her a revenge game for Claude Julian or for that for the Boston Bruins for that matter. And I'm wondering did I would have been at length about it myself yes. Why why would be a revenge game for the parole they like close to the Bruins players who played forum like. He won a cup. He was good coach here. His time had come you know the Bruins and Don Sweeney decided to make the move. To Bruce Cassidy and based on the records sense that move last February it's hard argued that the move was improper it was the right move to make. And it's thought the Bruins we're gonna it seek any revenge at. I heard comments from Patrice Bergeron and Brad marsh and and others talking about. How much a part Claude Julian played in their development how much they respect him I think that guys on this Bruins team played for close Julian. Genuinely like and respect him I think by the end that you shook the fun from the steam and a lot of ways it felt like he. Was the dark cloud I don't know that's right way to say it but he knew he is getting fired no idea which are talking about dark out Ryan Spooner. But what Ryan's Boehner may be Ryan sport or is Ryan's borders problem lies that Claude Julian problem while I just think that there was that there is time where. He really sort of became this negative influence on the team and again. I don't know if I'm reading too much in their body language during last season for the meanness which tempers Cassie. But it seemed that the players were having on the windy shed no new play in the playing for hockey in Atlantic team. I just didn't feel that this team was energized or maybe they didn't feel which always find that energy and fun and all its office. Almost totally predicated on winning and losing. Yes when you when you're having fun doesn't matter the style you're playing. You know shock the mayor's doubles teams had fun when they were winning. They were playing that god awful neutral zone trap that you wanted to dig your eyes out with a grapefruit spoon. But it will win and we're having fun please stop with that you know he sucked the fun out of this team. If they're not winning and having fun it's as simple as. Well we complicate things way too much in in in that regard. Let close Julian had a certain style that he wanted to play. I think that the the players probably enjoy. The more aggressive style that Bruce Cassidy has has kind of put forth here. Bruce Cassidy roster also makes it easier to deal you know this team is considerably faster. Then than what we've seen in the past. I am Ali was watched them play against the other teams in the NHL where the Bruins always had this gigantic speed deficiency in the past they don't happening more. There as quick as any team out there now so because of that speed and youth that like six kids playing right now. You know that there's a certain youthful enthusiasm that comes to guys like Matt grizzly and Jake Brusca so damn happy to be in the National Hockey League. You bet they're smile and year to year always smiling why wouldn't they be true I think. So maybe from the from the other scope. Did quote. Look at this a little bit more intense in the Bruins would in the in a way because I don't think that you signed with Montreal they're gore right to Montreal week after get fired. Unless you want to stick it to don's customers hop act. Really did you see the contract off yeah you take that deal what are you hit me I look at what they gave him. He'd be an idiot not to go there and by the way if some other team a fifth beat the Minnesota Wild and offered the same deal go on the air for that. It's true the Montreal Canadians offered in the money. A lot of money. And a lot of term. Would think well why I think that. He wanted to still show the Bruins that his style works because I do think there was clashed or he said he need more talent in the Bruins said no you have the talent win. And he said no I'm gonna go to the new team and the younger is such. In Carey Price and I do think that is why aren't either it's true yeah it by the way I never said that you said that for him he never said I've got a younger Zdeno Chara. He never says that I've got a better at duke or ask you'll set. And you stop those words in his mouth he never said those things I know but. Don't you get there was that some sort of for you don't know you really don't. Well all. I think you're reading too much into it he got he got fired here he probably knew that the end was it at that point halftime he had you know I don't think he was shocked when it happened. All of a sudden Montreal Canadians come knocking on his door with his unbelievable five year contract offer that you'd be a fool not to take. I don't think so I'll show them I got a better team in Montreal anyway. He knows how flawed that team does he knows a lot more hockey and you were I did he say it is eighteen B raft of senators. I mean I've never seen. A team more poorly managed in the Canadians are right now. I mean you take a look at the way that rosters been built forget about the fact that Webber hurt right now nobody can predict that knowing you got nothing to do about that. You look at the way that team is constructed. I somebody's gonna go in Montreal it ain't going to be Claude Julien is going to be his general manager what should be to that it they haven't built the team to close friends at the same time so I see from the app when he knew it their best center is is who put Canucks and he's that. He's a very very warm entries Bergeron to what reason I'm expert. The game itself. What was the big take way for you the most fun it means king in Saturday night was a blast unfortunately nobody sought. You know that in and it it is not the fault of the National Hockey League. That they scheduled the first Bruins Canadians game. On the night the patriots are playing a playoff game. The the NHL schedule is done back in June yup no way of predicting in on January. Fifteenth or whatever it is this is gonna this is what your problem is going to be so I don't blame the NHL for that. Unfortunately. A fun exciting. Blast of a hockey game got seen by so few people. I'm not gonna kill the NHL for that what I am gonna kill the NHL for its scheduling three. Bruins Canadians games and an eight day span answered this is idiotic. So the two times the Bruins visit Montreal. Are going to be eaten up and back to back Saturday night's. By the time this next Saturday ends. They will have played three of their four meetings stupid idiotic scheduling by the National Hockey League you you have to. But these are our gifts to the hockey man. Bruins Canadians games no matter what that the rosters look like they are gifts. You've got parcel bomb out. You need to play one a month December January February and march. Parceled out like that. The fact that they're playing three of them and an eight based band is just more rock scheduling by the NHL Danica does that for me I would back towards you know the January and you've already seen the Bruins finished answered golden knights. Coyotes. I've the avalanche who cares I don't need those gains what I want is an October Montreal game November Montreal game I wanna see the change that these teams make when they go head to head. And listen. It sounds like you're with Jack on this when he wants more division game absolutely and it's the right I do not. I do not want a situation. Where I don't get to see every team in the NHL in my building that's the real thing for all god yes yeah will listen if it if if you're in Boston you wanna go two years before you see economy David. Well no well no you don't blow a coyotes like live with you see it doesn't work that yeah. You and you'll either have to play everybody in the league in your building which is what they do now. Or org you you don't play everybody and it at Timmy that's an idea. You have to play every team in the league in your building every it was ten years ago that we are seeing what he's in Montreal's. Eight times a year I think I think that's a -- too much too little too much but I think when you have though I think the only way they can do what is the way to do it now your your stuck with the four fine I understand that yeah don't play three of the four in eight days you have some five though at the same time don't you don't it's this yet this weird thing is to put the papers yet that's what I mean this kind of sucked the well let's because that's not out yes yet that is true date they were scheduled to play the Panthers again didn't work out that. I just the idea that it it's so late in the season Amber's where you're still wondering. What the division looks like I it's bad I think for one but you wanna see how this team match them against us the division and see what their competition is feels weird that we haven't seen. You know they're true competition this late in the season in my opinion at the same time of season series done with with half the western pop if I'm a season ticket holder I wanna see every team in the NHL I won its economic David come to town I wanna see. Johnny could broke come to town and and in the in the situation you described. I'm not gonna get that every year and to me that's that's not doing right by the hockey fans look at it. If you're a Western Conference USC Alexander Ovechkin come to town at least once he won a seat Sidney Crosby come to town. You've got to give hockey fans every team in the only a lot with the that does this three games and we just. Dumping out of the gonna learn anything from it gonna say OK well. That team was was good in this game in and they are bad in the scheme but you know this vehicle structure huts street it's on hot streak like it is for the Bruins a lot of ways so I'm with you there. I'm moving ahead to Monday. What do you think of that game I think that it was winnable and they drop I thought the Bruins were flat. You know and and coming off the Montreal game on Saturday night you know with not even 48 hours between games. It was not to be unexpected. You know I I don't think you can continue to have this this pace that they ban at this level that they Manhattan night in and night out. It's a Western Conference game which means that the extra point doesn't really perched all that much. I it was understandable that they were gonna have a bit of a law all. Special we need to play Montreal three times in eight days in the middle of this the way this whole thing was set up this is a nap in between India and an it was disappointing. If your glass half full guy may fall behind two nothing find a way to get a point out of the game. Go to 9014 in their last thirteen games that's the glass half full the glass half empty as it fell behind two and up into the Dallas Stars. At one point the first period you were being outshot twelve to one. That you got the power playing kind of swung the ice back the other way. But Ian the effort wasn't there is you know that the crispness wasn't there that we've been used to seeing here lately. I'm not shocked I mean you can expected every single night but it was disappointing the good news as they did find a way to get a point. Yeah you Zobrist guests to the lines with last time you saw about what has happened to exactly these and rolling so well you haven't had a touch aligns at all. I think the big thing I look back at that team is at a they had thirteen of fourteen shots in a row when leadership when there are chuckled the one right and they get a single goal out of it and that's. That's relative that that's a missed opportunity that's you not starting on time and trying to be your offense that timing back against a team that. You know they've made some changes they're still the Dallas Stars that's they'll carry Latin and that. He's not that great he sent them they're starting goaltender for crime and exactly exactly should put at least two home there affected in a missed opportunity. And I do think that in a way you were okay with this loss say in October because you know what this team you know this team is good now. And that's that's on the that's sort of. It does change its expectations of this team. When you look at backing mr. Jones say maybe should've won nineteen I mean night as I said this one was kind of expected you could sort of see this one coming. I wasn't surprised to see of course you're disappointed of course you wanna I wanna get two points every single night. I was almost more disappointed in the 65 overtime loss in Pittsburgh. Because you saw a team get away from who they are you know and and give up six goals and game and Tuukka Rask by his own admission. You know they played awful in that game I was more disappointed in that overtime loss than this one. This one I kind of expected certain and thank god they found a way to get appoint the various issued again I'm trying to parcel is not as best I can. I know people love it though they love why I don't know they loves wearing elbow. It's gonna be the new it's new to her countdown era dale about it while I do think that what I say expectations I don't mean that the team itself I mean that. You are expectations change in the sense of now we the big games like that and we say OK that's that that's have blown chance you know because this team has played so well. That now we teams that we would look at and sales were content at that point. Now we want widens and content I said at least they found a way to get a point for sure. Look I can't expect them to come out there on all cylinders. You know 82 nights a year no team in the NHL can do that. It if you can play portly. By their standards and still get a point. Olive without. I don't like it but I'll live. Yet I think that's. The streak you know the streak is alive I guess that's that's what you said that's the deposit you can take the night game at the same time when he deposits that I take is Ryan Spooner. He seems to be accepting life as a Winger just really love Ryan Spooner don't you know I really do. You know maybe you maybe you need to spend some time on this podcast just confessing that you wanted to bring it up before. The talk Claude Julian screwed up Ryan Spooner. As the Ryan spoiler candidate by its owner had no fault in it at all right and I think there was a lack of buying in from Spooner and then there was a lot fault is that. You got a chance to play and the National Hockey League son. Lace up your skates kick your ass out there and do the job stop with this coddling of Bryant's border crap he's playing really well right now. I'm really happy with how always playing. You think that wasn't possible before. Letting lesser I think he lost the third line center job last year and showed up without content and should have really did you see how we play the fifty X. At the time and lost the third lines that are job how was he played. The last stardom on the right and left end and how was he playing when he lost the third line center job. When last year this year is at its feet and tell me he's going to be the third line center on this well not in this one is front and act in exactly so. You know for all the excuses people like Tai Anderson make for Ryan's Boehner. He's got responsibility for himself. The job. It atomic me and I I know I quote and far too often but duties at such an impact in my hockey life. Atomic he would tell the story take a player would commit to his office and eats a coach. I just can't play better listen gimme more ice time and if you look at him and he'd say I veteran I'll give you more ice time. Another player would take up but I need more ice and on and and and play better and you'll get more ice time it's pretty simple formula. Coaches have a vested interest in winning and losing. They want the best players on the ice what do you think Matt Chris what hasn't been able to to get out of this lineup right now he's playing great. If Bryant's Boris playing great you think clos Julian or Bruce Cassidy your radio the coach on the planet of and I don't really like this Boehner guy lets him down and yet but trying to win there. C'mon now. Yeah like better appoint more. I think I just think that with the relationship the player coach dynamic I think that. You know there is there's different approaches that you have to to certain players and I think it's it's become more a player from the a lot of ways a disciplinary ends. Like quote I don't know if they'd they'd they necessarily work on and on every guy. It may work Brad Marchand but it might not work for you know three other guys the roster which I don't necessarily see that's where gas and he's more of a disciplinarian and you know. Really yes behind the closed doors yes we blunt I know that he very he does not sugar coat anything back he may be more blunt implode once. With players is it a matter of putting the players in better positions and that that they'd. Is it joy is it the matter of having better players of the rock I mean the roster hasn't changed that much all Ottawa exactly batter but you're core pieces are still the same still have your your way warm and your court pieces are playing great. I mean the differences. You're a year. Secondary pieces. Art dramatically different. I mean I am I'd wait and take in anyway from Bruce Cassidy addict he's done a remarkable job coaching this team. This team right now is tied. With two other teams in the NHL for the fewest regulation losses in the league. Weren't in the middle of January they've lost ten games in regulation this year that's the same number is the biggest golden knights and the Tampa Bay Lightning. Think about that from. Now a lot of that is coaching and I give Cassidy a ton of credit. A lot of that is the rosters that. They're better team than they were last year. Yeah I mean I can see that at the same time I do think that this team has been better protecting leads then includes teams weren't a lot of ways I think that. This team I think they're eighteen and they won regulation loss. When they score first I think it's one or two it's not it's not a lot I know that much so they have been a dominant team went ahead. Which I do you think. Comes back to the coaching but also like after the players buying into okay this thinking that we can now dictate and I think that you know I talked to David back it's about that after Monday's game Marie's that we can't. We can't let a team slice the roster the first thirty minutes we need to set the tone the first ten and that's where a good team I just I I wonder. If you get that that same result. With the prior coaching style that's all that's that mean that's and that's comes back to players solely determine here's the need to get over your love of Ryan Spooner. And I need to do and and you need to get over Claude Julian. He's not here anymore now the guy you've got here now is really good. On I don't I'm ready and where should I should it be decrying the fact that. You know Harry sinden isn't a general manager of the Bruins anymore those days gone by the Claude Julien days are gone they're not coming back. You need to let this thing gul. An awesome little weak if it again I gotta I gotta get that week's worth here I think that's what the big thing as well. If you're that concerned about it you get two more games to fret about whether close Julian. Sucked the life out of the lost in which he definitely did one player that we can say sucked the life out of something Tyler Sagan. This is a player that they've traded he's part of that group that reverend brings up in a joke Borden Phil Kessel Palestinians and Hamilton. But I don't ever feel like the Bruins. The train is terrible sense of the return was bad. But I don't feel like the Bruins made eight catastrophic mistake entry into the -- and I wonder why that is if people think that because this is a podcast. I'm suddenly gonna go on the podcast and spill my guts about Tyler Sagan. You're wrong. They had to trade. They knew they had to trade him I knew they had to trade him. For all for all I know Tyler Sagan knew they had to trade. Your your point about did they get an up and return is absolutely valid. Especially now in hindsight the answer is no they did not. And you know where they in a position where they could shop this guy around the National Hockey League if you go back to to win this happened. They were trying to get Nathan important sign. And they need the money. They thought they were going to be able to keep Nathan Horton and then as it turns out they trade in a Tyler Sagan a Nathan Horton takes hiking goes to Columbus. But that was all it was all intertwined at the time they were trying to to keep Nathan Horton keep him here and keep him happy. The Bruins had to pad is cut ties with Tyler Sagan. And and to compare and contrast that with Joseph Thornton didn't have to cut ties with Joseph Thornton at all. That was Michael Connell. You know desperately trying to figure out a way to turn his team around. And making it and absolutely catastrophic idiotic trade nobody had an issue with Joseph for not then not now not ever. He was he was a perfect player in terms of attitude and effort. You know that. The Kevin Paul DuPont stopped you know rip the C office chest after the the playoff loss to the Canadians when he was trying to play with broken ribs was idiotic and I told DuPont that. They they did not have to trade Joseph Thornton I thought they had to trade Tyler Sagan. And and I just didn't get all all that upset I'm now in hindsight as I said I'm upset with especially what they got returned the fact they traded him I'm still okay. Yeah I think you know I wonder the numbers he's incredible since the trade if he has six mostly NHL. You know he can and was a plus one yet he is an easel support he's almost a point per game guy think. You know and the Bruins at the sky the Bruins out of August 22 Brent marsh great player we feel we on the up. I just think that. When it comes it what is gonna staying is existing if he wins if he becomes what we saw yesterday on Monday where where he was he was invisible most of the day really until the game winning goal yeah I mean the on the game winning goal. They get caught out there from militant fifteen seconds after the Dele delayed penalty call to four on three. Matt grizzly makes it died trying to make a play in another player makes a dive trying to make a play on swimming on the and if the if the ice hadn't been frozen that all drown. You know he he he made a great play. Hats off to home. That you think that he was on a dominating force throughout the course of the game I thought it was kind of invisible for much of the afternoon no it was a dominant force but I think in a way he slowed down on the Bergeron mine as much as they have been over these last few weeks which I thought was impressive I never thought I'd say about what to do with Bergeron line I and again we go back to. How the Bruins played. Do you honestly think that Tyler Sagan defensively is gonna slowdown Patrice Bergeron. Now not a chance snatched up against in the best that he ever has the last center in Dallas which I think that had more to two with how that the Bruins were playing your show I'm not a regular Tyler Sagan. You know silky trophy votes based on how he played on Monday god now it's just a matter of you know what I would watch Phil Kessel I would say and they missed that shot. When I watch authorities say they miss that big body. I don't feel that way with Sagan and if for me it's wondering we know the obvious reasons why mistreated in note the Avago. Yeah there they are off ice issues and whatnot but they they were not they weren't share Revver gonna fix themselves and you get the point repeal move him. Now you have sort of this you know this albatross in your books where no wants touch the guy. Because he's more concerned with what's at. They didn't have to trade him because of that. Now they had to trade him for other reasons. And it was it was why he was even more attractive to Dallas eighty was good player and BS contract was cut yeah and I think the same time I don't think that I feel I feel as if I feel that he's not as NASA lost because I don't think he would ever be this player here I really don't I think the trade will come up in a lot of ways to get me realize he had temperature. If he's really matured I don't know he's he plays in the shadow of the cowboys so he really bright do every once in Dallas and no one knows who he has but I do think that. You know people see this ninety points again and I think that the Bruins queue up on that now give up on 828 gold 65 point undersea and he was never going to be. That nine point guy here in Boston with the I don't know maybe would have illicit trade to urge random and well enough. But it it it wasn't that they they didn't pinkie you know lacked talent. They thought he did lack focus direction. Desire drive. If you're gonna tell me that he suddenly discovered that in Dallas I'd suggest that they would have done better as a team if that world true. Because I haven't seen it was a two month stretch I think where they've really lost three dollars and I think it was that's when he thirteen play our front. Where you had all the rumors about you know they had guards at his door in Toronto because eagle. You know he had he had problems back in Boston as well. You know people tell you that that that was not a good run for him and the numbers like that out I think he'd. The editor ten points and pointless nothings ever was he's a third liner by the end of it there are many with in the Bruins organization who think that. They would have beaten Chicago Blackhawks in that series of Tyler's signature on. Which he didn't he didn't at all at the news on a third landing was what it was Kelly in and I want to say it was Everly but I I don't apparently moved up to take a spot at that point. But as a player that you absolutely nothing when when he really needed at the apps the most I think that. I think that when they walked let me guess that's floats all right no that's his fault that's it that's apps is spot. Let's quote hater and I just realized that I think that by the end that he was more negative than positive with this team I disagree with really yet. I and I knuckled activists I don't know now while all our games state you know bring Kleenex box which is you watch cloud coach at the garden on Wednesday night. Get ready for Saturday night you'll only have one more close game the rest of the year after this week it's a five year deal liken it can make it work in donating that money now know Norton I mean. Yeah and that's that's a better horse. Last thing on cloud if I were him I would take a year off to read whatever I would have taken a year off I would've rediscovered what I think. Can work in the National Hockey League might. So it would quote did didn't work. Well by the indexing cop elicits a cup final he wins a president's trophy. It's hard to say that what load did here didn't work what thinks won more games than any coach in the history of the Bruins yeah. I act. You're really rewriting history you're gonna tell me what clos does doesn't work on these final two and a half years spent that it. Last year and half I would say I would think that you went Don Sweeney had to blow the roster up. To help solve all the issues that Peter sure rally that left him way as everybody knew the issues here from the roster prospective. The problem was close at the end the Abby don't think it's slight break could've benefitted him a guy's been coaching for ever. You know maybe just Motorola I protest that up I Dickey he had every intention was getting paid but the Bruins it was fine. I don't think he intended to have to sign with another team a week later. But Montreal Canadians come knocking on your door with that contract music. You know just take your monetary losing it fired anyways you wait until the actual offseason when he had eaten go to Dallas you can go to Montreal. You can go to any of these other coach I guess he wanted to go to Montreal. Ago I don't get that like that's the thing like. I just don't understand it but we're getting we're getting so far office this might my second point here. That's okay. What I think about taking that was that I think that at the end of the day I think he lost the trust of his room of his locker room of his teammates. And that was the biggest reason why industry and I don't think that in a priest Bergeron Brad Marchand always loved Palestinian. I don't think idiots sport of the big man I don't think yet as part of his coaching staff with a front office and it ultimately lie. This move has always been easier it's comic. And a lot of weight despite the numbers you know and obviously Sagan not winning that we help that is well he's joked Borden light. You know castles won three he's not even close to jail for now it out castles want to Stanley Cup is in a point per game on the player he's won two Stanley Cup when he's the third line center is produced he's on top line center which is what Phil Kessel was most comfortable being that. Yeah that's true well I just I just think that I wonder when this movie you know staying because it just hasn't yet and that's a that's a real thing I don't know if it ever will. I just think that the returners all the young ladies have been Gardner so wearing their Sagan sweaters on Monday is not always the problem is amazing that the players here for three years and has that impact on the on the idea. On young females guy dad still like it's all like all those girls from Revere wearing their crucial nastiest letters back in the day. Same sort of thing you know it's it's one of those things where I don't think that they knew the person. I don't think the I don't think you exported into the person I really don't that that's the real thing that you heard a lot of horror stories by the end of the things that. He and his cronies were given around town and and I think that's. That's the thing a lot of its popular wreck that nonsense may be made that you know I got a new one is a nice these nice bad boy they've apostle eyes and tattoos. But he's pretty nice guy he's on I like him. I I do think that that's a big week for the Bruins. I do think that. This team they can basically in the Canadian season exactly exactly in light of. They do their job in the east three games basically they've put the Canadians. So far behind the eight ball but they're gonna have to look at the possibility of selling and not buying in I'm not even sure what they can sell to be honest with outs junk. Them which is you know back to my point about quote in what could he do with that. Load of flotsam in jets some but I do think that if the Bruins were to have to do their job Wednesday night at home. Saturday night back at the Bell Centre the Canadians playoff possibilities are basically cocked one last thing I want to bring up. Jack Johnson at the same name that has these requested a trade out of Columbus. He would he would like to be traded and a Columbus looking forwards. Is are the Bruins are fit for Jack Johnson. Jaffe would be able to tell you this cause he can and I can't. Eyes elect chatter right -- he's a left shot final year of his deal and thirty some. 33 points and final year of his deal and probably wanting an expensive deal on the on top of that will knowing his family yeah I need an expensive deal is bankrupt. My guess is he's probably not a fit here. And you know. And what it always depends on what you have to give up I understand that. If if you're telling me eerie that you have to dip into the date the stock of young forwards that you got percolating through the system. I'm probably not interest it. You know this is where Bruins fans come up with all look if you will give you while Ryan Spooner and we'll you know and not well and it but it as the deal they always come up with. You know as soon as we said last week I'll give you five pennies you give me a nickel sort of thing. Bruins fans when they look at deals like this always wanna give up the things that will hurt them the least. That's not how deals generally work in the National Hockey League I'm probably not interest that you know at this point you. You've got a pretty good NHL defensemen who can't find its way onto the ice here so why I probably I'm not sure that Jack Johnson makes a big difference here. Yeah I'm on anti Jack Johnson just because of the price I think that again with Columbus wanna move forward you're gonna need to get them when you're young guys that I really don't wanna touch right now I think that there are definitely part record moving forward. If not for a bigger deal in if I'm making a bigger deal it's not Jack Johnson it is someone locked up long term so I mean they want to address Frederick for instance yeah that probably would want a guy like prince Frederic. Do you wanna give up the a kid you know who's probably gonna turn pro at the end of this season. Probably gonna have a pretty good opportunity to make your team next year why wanna give up Trent Frederick for the right to rent Jack Johnson for the rest of the year. I don't think I'm interest and now not apps and is another guy out there on waivers Paul Martin everyone wants is veteran taunts about him last night on on set we were just kick in at around. Billy settle Paul Martin's on waivers and we were kicking it back import brick and Barry and Billy and I. And the consensus was again. I don't think he makes him much better than what you got here. Not and I and any as you'll print contract of acting just under five male I'm all set on give these veteran you got adequate or seventh right now. I think that's fine unless you know a 25 year old like as it comes and becomes available. And he's this company wants out of town may Deborah Knapp player and but I think we're not yours in the course idol and that I would really it would give me pause in a lot of ways is Nicklaus troubles. He's at the coyotes now he's with the Blackhawks before this a left. You know a left shot. You know he's won at before this the player that I would consider moving some assets or even then I am not a 100% onboard. But Jack Johnson is not that got Paul Martin not that guy while Paul Martin Elliott is put in waiver claim and a Zack and I'm not interest that I just don't see it makes you better. Now I don't think he does and who you gonna sit down. That's your thing too I mean I'm not certain I'm not sitting Mac grizzlies down just because this guy Paul Martin's wanna before. I'm not sitting at a McQuay down because they were you know we've chance it's got Paul Martins are you gonna still be on the IR even though your prime ready to play whenever you want. I do think that. You add to this group you have to know this move is gonna work throughout the room. And not sit upon army destruction but I do think that you ruffle some feathers in your own do you line right you're withdrawn blue line right now if you were ad sort like they did when they traded Johnny boy chuck away. And and they felt the repercussions for that for a couple of seasons and you know if it if you brought in Paul Martin and stock Adam equate in a cupboard somewhere. That's probably not gonna set Welling Iran not Selena and I especially look at we talk about equating the player who has given his body to the Boston Bruins always like. He has knocked a significant amount of dean's office career. Because of what he's done for the Boston Bruins I think a lot of ways and and the players they rallied around a ballot that they wanna see him back in the lineup they understand the situation right now involved and they love the guy exactly and I and I don't think that you bring in a guy. Paul Martin's one before rate as he won in Boston now adamantly is one of Boston he's won over his teammates and I think that he can't. He can't bring in these guys insane acquit I'm sorry this is life you now have fun watch problem on the popcorn Sizemore and now I'm hearing I mean you hear these rumors out of out of Brooklyn that. That that the islanders are considering buying out Johnny boy chuck at this point which is crazy he signed a contract with the Bruins weren't gonna touch nor should they have touched. And now the talking in New York about the possibility of buying him out. Now he still hurt and all that stuff but. You know when he's ready to come back can you imagine if they do that be nuts I mean I look at that its finality that what you move as that was the move that truly closed their window because you've got rid of a guy who was. Not a certainly top pairing guy but he matched up with your type pairing I perfectly yep that's terrible attack pairing was amazing those final few seasons so. People look at that sing and move in the game you know losing again. I would of that which are treated as that was the one move that officially closed the window on the Boston Bruins who was definitely the move within the dressing room that day it shocked that team. And not a good way. The players in that room were really disappointed. When Johnny boy chuck woods was moved out specially because he was if you you know. Talk agenda which accused the goof you know he need it on lap he was he was of god you wanted to be around I think and when you lose those and he was those guys and going through a transition as a franchise I think you can find yourself in dangerous dangerous water's depth. Think we did find. An agreement on something I now and how that was you know liked it 41 for five and we have we got to be arguing and I like our president I didn't even say the password. You know shuttle podcast right now yet but I tell you dill fallacy. Well dale thanks for joining me again as always appreciate has gone to two episodes now. The third episode we're gonna come to blows venture will be very well in fact the third episode depending on how things don't work out and be in the next week herself. I really do wanna do a. Deep dive into this whole fighting this subject I love it the the the number of fighting majors is down dramatically in the national. And it it is a continuing decline it's been a decline for awhile but this you're really down. And that's gonna make you have to get into the hole wise where force whether or not it's that they. But lots the next episode for all of its teaser rate what we do love it when they'll forget that thanks again from his death heart attack.