Zero Pucks Given, Ep. 3: Brad Marchand’s suspension & opportunities for the Bruins 1-25-18

Boston Bruins Hockey
Friday, January 26th

Ty Anderson and Dale Arnold are back for episode three to talk Brad Marchand’s five-game suspension for elbowing and what it means for the Bruins going forward. How does the suspension impact the lines? Who comes up from Providence? The NHL’s trade deadline is February 26, so the guys look at potential trade opportunities for the Bruins.


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We'll welcome. Free throw what's given times Dale Arnold dale I don't. I think you know it in the interest of full disclosure here. This would be a much better showed today we disagreed and thought yelled at each other. Have a feeling at least to start when they have much disagreement on this. Probably not if you saw yeah I'd knock on today he knows spoiler and you have the same opinion that no we're not mr. Ennis Brad marsh and was suspended for five games by the National Hockey League com. He was. Suspended five games and he deserves five games. I senate on Twitter I'm quite amazed at the number of a Bruins fans who have taken me to task for that come on it was a hockey played no it's not a hockey play. And and yes history matters. He is eight he is a great player he's made himself into a great player first team NHL all star one of the best players in the national hockey. 13 of the best line in the National Hockey League and he can't hold his head together. I I'm I I heard his defense quote unquote. You know a's try to defend itself stop it. You elbowed Marcus Johansson in the head. A guy who missed all of the month of November with a concussion you now give him another this is the third concussion of John Henson's career. If the situations were reversed. Johansson elbowed martian or worst yet Patrice Bergeron had. We beat calling for for Johansson he strung up down on the common. Absolutely and it's also it's that Randy savage flying elbow it's not like it's you've throws arm out the last thing in the mean he launches himself when he has really no need to and I think that when your in your play at this important team. You plainly large teams rolled Leo are these selfish unnecessary penalty penalty wasn't called an open it's an elbow to completely. Unnecessary and he get he got we deserve it let's run through the history for folks who don't remember he was suspended two games for elbowing RJ hamburger back in march of 2011. Now beginning of the next season he was suspended five games for his low bridge check on Sammy south. 2015 he was suspended two games for slew footing Derek Broussard. 2015 he was suspended three games for clipping mark or BF ski. Last year and the regular season he was suspended for the final two games of the regular season for steering Jake adoption. He spent suspended five times coming into this 15 times for fourteen games. Is the NHL not supposed to take that into consideration. When they waive the penalty that they're gonna get in this time. The act itself if he had a clean record if he was snippy with David posture or not he's been suspended once that he was Patrice Bergeron. It probably get a Gamertag. You can't ignore this now the indicate an epic. That doesn't help march and is ideally sort of goes financial department players they insist on changing and I'm a reformer man. And he always sort of hasn't rained parts they don't know he can't sit there and Telus that you're changing that you this is in party anymore when you do it every single year something else happens. Always seem to happen. Right before a big event. Horry or aid and an important sort of team happening last year with the lightning I think that he's lucky he gets spent per playoff game you before that he missed the winter classic. I mean this is a guy who for some reason he loses mind at random points in the season just millions and it'll put that in perspective last year he gets suspended for the last two games the regular season for steering. If he gets something like Visteon the regular season he's going to be suspended for like ten playoff games five to ten playoff games this is gonna keep accumulating. If he can't hold his act together if he can't keep his head. And he gets one of these into the regular season like he did last year the brewer is gonna pay dearly. In the post season and at I I just know that the coaching staff and management has got to be so frustrated. Hell I was thinking about this is I was driving in today. I'm married have been prolonged time you know we we try to watch our money and everything don't quite make some money Brad marsh and as. But would this suspension. He forfeited. Between half a million and three quarters of a million dollars. In in forfeited wages at some point. Does the the little woman sitting across the kitchen tables like you know we could've bought a house. For what you what you handed the NHL is ten vacations and wind and that hasn't slowed him down. I I truly cannot figure it out because he'd be really is a transcendent player I mean he he has become that good a player. And any of the country at candidate when he scored the game winner in the the World Cup championship. You in the country of Canada that you know what maybe not so bad you know. He's he he's our guy like we say in Boston. And that he doesn't like this and sits for another five I'm a little mystified why they let him play in the all star game I'm I mean I understand the premise here. You know the all star game with a reward for what he'd done in the regular season so far. I'm not sure that they they should be. They are allowing him to play amateur nascent ad isn't a situation sort leaders say it cheered and celebrated this week in gonna have a lot of fun. Oh by the way you're gonna miss fighting games and are four games after the all separate. I'm pretty important to Anaheim Saint Louis Toronto lose some games and teams have given you some problems sort of missed that game missed those games. Potentially put the poetry in jeopardy depending what happens against Ottawa. I mean that that's you know it's heavy active and be a little awkward if he runs in the Taylor Hall in the Eastern Conference locker room this week we'll look at it that there's always players that I think. You know it's it's one of those regions where. He's developed reputation at league. Some teams and players Needham other teams like in the respective talents. But I do think that it's just a week it's too patient because. There's no need for you know we thought that at least I thought that he'd graduated from the sort of mindset and attitude but nice beard guy in with two games left in the regular season why would you think that. That this has changed. I I don't know what I don't know what will get through because taken money out of his pocket hasn't done at taking games away from him. He was the most remorseful I've ever seen him when he gets suspended for the winter classic and I thought okay. Now this is the one. Because he he was really truly. Down devastated and and I thought this is the one you know this is the one that's finally gonna change the act after that. He's been suspended a couple of times since then and I would argue that he's dodge suspensions a few times yes they've given him a stern talking to when the ban them warning and the runway accurate we're not gonna do this Heatley got. He got our 101000 dollars just crazy for tripling nick a tripping Nicklaus crimes span and has beacons final 510 I figures thousand dollars. With the stern talking to if this happens again what happened again and guess what. A slap them for five and I. The other thing I was looking at I just you know these things bug me sometimes. I went through and looked at the five teams that the Bruins are about to play that they'll play without Brad martian they're gonna play Ottawa Anaheim Saint Louis Toronto and Detroit. In his career he's played a 112 games against those teams he's got 41 goals 39 assists eighty points. Good store strong solid numbers got a couple of Eastern Conference teams in there that you know. His play will be it will be important to Western Conference you can say maybe not as much. The those numbers are now from right cock pack because he couldn't control himself again he's gonna sit down for five. And the chemistry that that had developed between Bergeron marsh and imposter not now gets way delayed for five games now you could say hey can get hurt. You know guy gets hurt misses by games than you got to climb back on the horse again. But this was the was avoidable. Yeah it hurt but it is not avoidable and now somebody else gonna have to find a way to to mesh with those two guys up front and they're gonna have to and they are already without Charlie Mack of a key player on this team you could make an argument they are now without the most important defenseman on the team and now the most important forward on the team. I would say Bergeron and char I'm just saying you could make an argument consulate for those two guys and now they're gonna have to play without for yeah for me that would comes back to a lot of ways that the thing I hate the most by the suspension is that. The act itself is that likely that it's necessary and I think that. Markets of hot years lateral Louie Erickson when Jon Scott clocked him in hot that is not a physically imposing player. He came into the scheme with six penalties none of which there are for rough stuff there's not a cross check in a roughing. You know. And interference even you know he's not that guy. So I think to meet the example out of him for what was a physical game you're sitting miles would who. You know we we would admit had his run ins with the Bruins all game long yup this was a player who didn't deserve it who like you've meant liken it to be getting had a concussion as a Russian history. And now martian is being backed ease back in public enemy number one and there was no need for it and like you said that that importance of the schedule coming up the Toronto game. This team needs beat Ronald wants if if there are a lock for a post season match in round one. I think the boroughs it beat the Maple Leafs they've lost six straight now I don't think losing eight a row to Maple Leafs during the playoffs is is the best recipe for your confidence. Will note tonight as we as we're taping this thing it's the day of the Ottawa game the first of these by the economist. Will know tonight what Bruce Cassidy has to say about it. Publicly he'll say you know whatever he has to say he's already said that Brad was trying to defend himself and I understand the coach asked that stick up for a player I'd I get that I really do. I'd give anything to know what's being said behind closed doors. Whether it's Bruce Cassidy whether it's Don Sweeney whether it's Kim mealy. I'd give anything to know what they're saying to him because this just doesn't change for this play. They've tried they thought they had it licked. When he missed the winter classic I thought he'd never get suspended again the rest of his life. And he just he can't help themselves. I can't figure out and it's and it's scary too because the next incident is going to be the one that slop it's gonna cost 1015 yeah yeah. And an edit that was in the playoffs. You know was that happens but at that point that even matter who's knocking away at the opera much on the playoffs SARS not happening so one of those situations where. You know does that change how they view that player and is more of a danger now mean. You never wanna hit that point I think it's a scary point that you can have all tell the world that once you become a liability in terms of the being able to be on the ice I think that's when teens being a deluge and I don't wanna ever dealt Brad Marchand and incredible progression from year one to now. Is Brooke truly remarkable when you look at what each human league as but one more suspension and it's our it's become a little bit Dicey for the Bruins in the goodness for the Bruins is that with a seventeen game point streak. They've they've really built themselves a very solid base if if the worst happened in the slipped a little bit you know it's not like the end of the world here. But I you know yesterday and again as we tape this this is the day of the Ottawa game. Brad Maher I'm the crisper try and couldn't practice yesterday he was ill. I expect he'll play tonight but I'm not positive he'll play tonight. And Oleg Sharif obviously not the same caliber of import as a Brad marsh and are Patrice Bergeron but missed practice yesterday with a lower body injury. That means the erratically tonight and Ottawa you take out Brad marsh and and all Atari and Patrice are. And you insert frank the Tron now and an honors York. Sorry that the big drop off if that's in fact what happens I think Bergeron will play. So now you got to take out Atari and martian. And replace them with the trial and Bjork. Props and think now it's a puzzle that was good the next question users who do you want replacing. Martian and and you can't replace them but but. I think putting York there it seemed that the easiest fit right eye and you'd you don't wanna disrupt you know every line you've got out there because you've lost marsh and for five games. You'll want to disrupt the entire team my guess is you'll see Bjork slide into that spot. But Ronald slide into that fourth line spot where two RE wise and just go from there right I think that's what Bruce Cassidy will do. This is one of those you know I'm never coached game in my life but if I was coaching that I like him yet that we got that was it and do nothing while. You could put it to hide in there he's rolling with I'd leave it alone in packets right now yet that's the thing you want a massive two lines affix one. You know probably not and and I didn't that's a big test here for frank drop meaning he can put together a few games here. And he and perhaps production airplanes for bilateral positive manner. I think technical long wait for him and the Bruins may be not adding. Another body by the tree by a trader at deadline because the player I will. I we got tweet about this I don't know if he's not but at that which is gonna him. That up I I do think that that the the the Tweeter has a point where he is Twitter where he's dominating HL level to get the H out. The NHL I think they're when you're bowling game at the NHL level your goal game exactly and I just to get the NHL level there's been a little bit left desired very keen and guns blaze and but I think once teams figured him out. Of textured everywhere it's sort of matchup against them and you know held in check here yet another a Twitter question and it was directed at me more than anything else and it's said. Are you really gonna Tellme. That Knoll Torre brings more or or picked. Pick any and a four shot rally yet let's say Sean rally that it you're gonna tell me that chunk rally brings as much to this team is honors Bjork would. If he were playing. And and and the him the implication of that is you're gonna stick under Bjork on the fourth line regular Providence. I'd rather he would they are playing every night playing important minutes playing power play doing all the things. I don't wanna play and fourth line minutes here you've got to fourth line that is exactly what you're looking for from fourth line including corral. I have no desire to take a rally booed him out of the lineup slip honors Bjork in that fourth line spot. And then let insecure and waste the way that I I think it's dumb development interestingly enough I had a chance stock in recent in a few weeks ago. About your. He's really high on under York he thinks this kid is going to be terrific player and I do too by the way. The idea that developing in Providence is a bad thing is Paul it's absolutely all take a look at some of the guys on this team now. We'll spent a year a full year in province. It hasn't hurt them it helps them it makes them better players when they finally get the opportunity to play here I think it will help you work. Ultimately to spend a season down there in and get his feet out speed and Europe. I think it'll help Jacob force pocket Carlson to a spent a year down there and and get himself ready. I think it it it is Smart development of players it's not this mix a natural. Raleigh stinks let's get him out let's get Bjork and from Providence well that just makes it's not so in the you're talking about sort of I think the stop and start development they've tried to pass for a guy he does the shuttle from province the Boston doesn't really work either because. Here costly changing your role here your third line fourth liner Bossidy your first miner Providence. And you know that changes week to week it's tough to sort of I think find your footing as we Lars the player what you're going to be I think that the prost getting top six minutes for the province proves us here. Absolutely helped helped them sort of battle through maybe some of the fatigue and sort of the issues that come data daylight an HL. Same thing for high as well and I think his decision making has been better. Because you learn on the pro game more than he did last year coming right from college I'm OK with Bjork playing in Providence. In Boston but. The the sort of the role might he has it he's topic player in both and bald areas I don't wanna play eight minutes and I NHL doesn't do anything for amount thank. You know crowds differ analyst and rally his team that out of control. Turn of speed that you see that's built from the bottom 600 Dirks a skilled player he's a Smart player I think that if you're not using him. With line mates and with minutes that makes sense he should be in province and give it chance to find out over the next five games because again my my gut feeling is that gonna slide him in on the left wing. With Bergeron imposter and I'll be curious to see. He certainly has the skill to play their member that's how they started the season. With with Bjork with Marcia and in Bergeron. I mean I think when they started the season their ultimate goal was an imposter not with Cree chief. Obviously they like pairs obviously have Bergeron martian together and I think they they started the year with torque up there and look pretty good in training camp. Did and they dropped the puck for real and didn't look quite as good yes stuff I think that adjustment when the great season starts first the pre season Odyssey huge difference but. You know at the same time it's so hard to break up that martian embers on pop's not line I mean that is top heavy obviously but. Nobody has an answer for the line is just incredible they've been together. For over a year now. And no one has really. Been able to stop them I think Ottawa's the closest thing the palace. In a more a team thing than anything else having in the playoffs and the reason why and we did a study on the sun Essen recently the reason why they're the best line in the National Hockey League. In addition the fact that they're the only line in the NHL with 320 goal scorers on it. Take a look at plus minuses. Mean stem coastline is great to put up a lot of points look at their combined plus minus as compared with a combined plus minus of this line. This is the the line that not only puts up all the goals and points at that and the ice. They put the 200 foot game they're always playing against the top lines in the other team. And they make it virtually impossible to score against them five on five I think they've given up two goals this year the end strength goals against. I edit their impossible to score against. They're practically impossible to stop at the other end. They are in my opinion clearly the best line in the NHL right now and I had a actually funny I had it in my piece WA meet seasonal awards. And the cell we just a dumb thing to edit it they added some really weird awards. But 81 of the things they had was the sell each. I had expert on number one topic Terry at number two I Brad martian three because that he's the best defense of Winger in the game and I sat on my below that homer here maybe. But I've seen this line I've seen how hard to score against them. I've seen them get up like he said I think it's too maybe now three goals which is all it out three goals against and over four minutes together it's just it's absolutely insane to think. How good this line has been. And how it just makes Bruce cast his job so much easier. Which comes back the frustration we have the beginning with Marcia not being part of this now. Now hired situation where you can't rely on that line I Bergeron pop up a great we all know that but you cannot rely on that line the same way that you rely on that. That that Big Three late games scored goals are to protect the lead you don't want to change anything when you've got to go on the way today. Thirteen a 14 in their last seventeen last lost in regulation December 14 against the caps you don't want change anything. And now Brad marsh in his major change. He's he's forced you to change the best line in hockey and that and a we'd been over already know what we think about the martian thing but it's that selfishness. Bodily out that it was premeditated. I don't think he's sitting there thinking OK I got a chance Amelie winning here it's instinct for him. It's it's very is pulled all him what do I do now I I really I think and you let it reminds me and I've heard this a lot last couple days to. In fact Barry Petersen an iron and argue about this tonight on the pregame show on NASA. Very says how about some of the hits he steak and Eddie's right. I mean he has taken some high hits penalties not called. You know he he gets a lot of attention most of it not good and he's taken some hits. That's like saying you know Rob Gronkowski gets more attention and takes more hits than any tight end or receiver in football so you can understand why he'd snap against the Buffalo Bills know. You can't. And and I don't care how many hits croc is taken you can't do what he did. I don't care how many hits Brad marsh and it's taken and a lot of them are illegal by the way you still can't do I I understand the frustration he must feel. You can delete and I come back to sort of what happened December with John taveras. He easily could have faced disciplinary action that because that was. Situation with Brad marsh got knocked down who's pissed off he got up he went the other and the ice you can see in the hallway and senior pentagon he's in some stupid here sums that that's gonna happen. He delivers that interference penalty that there is really targets the head. There's an obvious superstar on this NHL can't do that he got away with Allen he was doing with this one like you said very selfish. The other argument I've heard and I totally disagree with it as well well what happened as a result of the it shouldn't be taken into consideration I think it should be. Absolutely I you know I think Matt cook should of sat out you know multiples of tens of games 102030. Games as a scumbag he he should have sat out. And I am not even you know trying to exaggerate here he should've had to sit up twenty or thirty games that it on Matt Cooke. You have to take into consideration the results you have to look at that Marcus Johansson. And you know the doubles announced yesterday before we knew about punishment. They announced that he's in the concussion protocol. He missed an entire month. With a concussion back in March in that November he missed that twelve games with a concussion. A couple of years ago. It would be like if somebody targeted Patrice Bergeron for the Bruins right now. Bruins fans would be seen red and they should be. That's the problem that mark chance guy Sri didn't think of that you know we hit Johansson probably even know the Johansson missed month where the games he probably at nobody's concussion history. He's 91 album and it don't do it. From one selfish guy to be selfless guy try to McIlroy. Is this is scary as I thought it was another group of stocks no way more than I ever will but a heart issue mute when he is all kind of scares me. I I understand the thought and and Mike first when I first heard about it I was a little concerned about it as well. You know what I'm hearing is that first ball this happened in like November. He's been playing with this. You know the little time well obviously very closely monitored and you know they're they're watching him every shift and all that he's fine and he probably could have continued to play. I think there was a rather strategic look at the all star break in the gains year. And I think Charlie and his parents in consultation obviously with Don Sweeney in the Bruins. Said look there's a procedure we go through that will take care of us we don't have to think about it we don't have to monitor closely. We can take care of it right now it's not open heart surgery it's a procedure and treatment and pretend to know exactly what's involved but when he was home the next day. And and I think they looked at its strategically instantly got the all star break come in anyway. Let's do it now let's take care of it let's get it over with let's take that burden off its mind. Because this kid is special. I'm I mean he is the best Bruins draft pick defenseman since ray Bork. And outrigger at that and and I know it's early in his career and I'm not saying he's re bored by the way that's not one cent. I'm saying in terms of drafting defenseman I remembered Don Sweeney said to me one time. He said it is if we've had a problem in this organization. It's that we haven't drafted and developed. Top flight NHL defenseman and he pointed to Doug Hamilton and he said and this guy might change it for well he didn't change for. To the Calgary that this guy has changed for. This is the guy. First Tyson's pork that they've drafted developed and and I think will be a perennials are honestly would have been and also this your by the I a actually should have and I think that I. Either went ahead and went head and went down I think he encryption and alcohol and and and crew would have been my choice but Mack a boy what when Morgan Riley then got hurt I thought it was between Mac of Wayne Riley one of those two guys should replace them. Don't quite get the idea that OK had been down Mac voice not available. So let's put another Tampa Bay forward on the two ticket to defenseman. Yeah. I know what's three on threes and gives it has and those were the point gap problem that existed I really thought Zdeno Chara should have been the replacement once Mac the boy was unavailable. Final or consulate I can easily make the argument he's playing all star caliber defense top plus minus in the NHL but to know what it's like. Article Tony assess how many points that's all that matters to apps that I thought Kruger Matlin because they're both up there are defense to scoring. Goes specially group McIlroy it was my choice once he was unavailable I thought they should go to char but they didn't. Yeah out on the and that's way these things going on now I think these same thing you can say for Carey Price made over the grass and the only reason prices there is that you have to have a player from each team. An honest to god. Which go with off the Montreal Canadians. Nobody knew it would come would be Carey Price that is really know that team is is so beyond dreadful and but with Mac avoid that thing outside mowed it sort of being scary importance like you said that the franchise guy this is the guys that I think that you have extremely careful at like they aren't. When they said two weeks and now make it three weeks you know ideological you know I almost guarantee it'll be less than two weeks which is which is insane to think about that means. Obviously like that it's you know I'll minor it is I had people that it. Reach out meted Agassi procedures act or week. In LA at the different when you're playing dirty dancing the night NHL vs sitting at a desk but the audit guys who've gone down long term this year. David Backus was back much sooner than any of us expected. Adam Quaid was available to play much sooner than any of us expected. I think they're probably doing this the intelligent way. They give me the outside number and then when that the when it comes in less than that you'll. Be okay. I've appealing to be playing before two weeks the anti Gordon Hayward read did Celek say nothing about it the pros like LB two except that we can Elliott. Modern medicine it's amazing is and what a warrior exactly a lot I think it's funny to my wedding Gordon Hayward is still don't want to give the wrong impression here yet I saw him up double for the game last night Nelly thrown up shots. And if it has complained that he'll be back and when I saw what happened to him opening night in Cleveland. I thought OK we'll see you next year he's going to be playing. Sometime in the month of march absolutely panel marshals are traveling and I mean planes traveling now we all know that I think it's one of the Bruins not funny yes but. They've had every injury humanly imaginable. And it and there are still win which is which is just. It's remarkable speaks to everything they've done. It's why again my mid season awards I apple Don Sweeney and Bruce cast my ballot for team of the year and coach here because this is truly partly on your ballot but they can't win the award and are now well we know it's McCleon Gerard gallant I got hired the award yeah what they're doing in Vegas is unbelievable. Nobody on the planet including them by the way. Saw this coming in they can already in grave their names on those trophies 'cause those are out and I wouldn't care they lost every game the rest of the year which they won't do. Well what they've done is unbelievable now in in Las Vegas one of the things that I wanted to get to it as well. Was Eliot Friedman noted that 31 putts column that Mike Hopkins group to look at yeah Ottawa Senators. Glory you remember from last year's playoffs scored a lot of timely goals against Bruins. What do you think what this player he has another at is that two years of five point one though the problem does not the problem I have. You know. You've almost got to log jam here for some of the younger players percolating through the system now. In a Trent Frederick who's the Wisconsin you've got. You know force pocket Carlson and I I understand Bjork is up with the Bruins now but you know he's playing in Providence so Lar ex down there. I don't know by one another veteran guy who's got two more years of term after this year blocking those younger players I I think. You're not doing your due diligence if you're Don Sweeney if you don't check. And analysts this new on the sounds like Lou Gorman single what I do with Willie McGee Mike Coffman is very good player. Given the term. Given the amount of money that he's paid. Given the way the salary cap operates in the National Hockey League and it's why the Bruins are in such good position. Because ago hope what you guys Macon you know relatively short money. You know grizzly and the broad scheme you run through although the list of all these young kids a sport and you know if if Hoffman conceit here. One of these guys is gonna have to get pumped. And and I understand the argument that I can hear people saying now well he'd be more and more importantly than Tim shall now mention that that's true. I think they love what they've got with their fourth line and by the way Mike Hoffman thought fourth line player anyway. But I reside on the north second line guy with Prejean whoever on the right side now I like the second line the latest to sell. I I probably would look at. See what what would be required you're gonna get a lot of offers if you're Don Sweeney here over the next month you're getting a lot of offers. For a lot of guys who aren't playing in the NHL he's made it very clear he's not interest didn't dealing any of these young players off the NHL roster nor should he. Which are gonna get a lot of offers for so lark and Bjork and force pocket karlson and Frederic and beaten down the list is a Borland. And and I think if he makes a deal it'll be for something like that. And I think if he makes a deal it'll be for right I'm more of a big part so the sun nest in the other night I came into the season thinking they needed a top 64. Sure they do. Now and I'm with you there I think you know we've we've come around on certain players that we have a lot of questions about your. And and I think there were CNET doable you know and I think the luxury of having the ability to flip Austro knock down that second line in neutral difference in terms of your needs to do. I don't think he'd acquired Drew Stafford like he did last year maybe be nice to have insurance. But I think that those bodies in Providence and asked her out on Hoffman you know this it was loser after him. I asked few people and that they've rejected some pretty substantial packages from the blues so it's gonna take a lot you know and highly Anna and if it takes a lot and I'm really not entry exactly and if I look at too is to five point one for Mike Hoffman. Not really crazy about that. Well our our fourteenth I'm sorry actually not because he's he fits a want for Sony teams out there right now that needs scoring. So I'm not gonna do you any favors the within your division Iraq retains salary that I can come down their asking price to send him to Boston. There's no way that it really works I I think it lets you move. Multiple pieces author NHL roster and I'm not really crazy about it right now I tell Bruins fans this hockey against this all the time don't look at goals for. Look at gold differential. That's the stat that matters and that's where the Bruins are one of the best teams in the NHL. It doesn't matter that they're not top scoring team Italy by the with a really good really close there it is they're not that far off look at goal differential goal differential is the key here. The other they're tough to play against defensively. To go on out is it makes it and nightmare for opposing team offenses. And they score pretty well by the way. You don't need this isn't one of those class that we steer this before Harry. Scull are. They don't need to go to score they'd you know they don't need Mike Gartner dropped into the middle of this lineup or something. Not that that guys available by the way. The deals that you make for big time players the next Kim mealy the next whoever. Both are offseason deals so they're not trade deadline deals trade deadline deals are for for pieces. You don't generally see. Major players dealt at the deadline that's the sort of thing you have to do in the offseason. Yet I look at the senators as example of what you don't wanna be. Last year they go out and it by Burroughs he's been terrible yeah it's been aptly awful this year is a year finesse current deal and even not machine is here for them. I think she's gonna ghosts for that he's been better in recent gains but overall app package is not or not for them. And I think if he afraid of messing with what you have written out for the Bruins allocated insurance pieces of I'm not crazy about blowing and operate now I wanna see a playoff from a client and in the prost playing. I don't want us here and healthy scratches I need to see what this team can view today to identify what is part of the core but we've talked before. You need to see these players to deal. I'm out I'm Mike Coffman I'm owed on most guys I think that people have sent the bruins' way Ian Cole as the closest on the I'm like okay acting maybe you need. But at the same time I don't because you have seven defensemen right now that are very people NHL player at eight sit here exactly post was still sit here. He never plays and I can't foresee when he will play but he's here. I mean obviously Mac was on the sidelines right now you've got eight defenseman right now. Hold off you'll be all right to be all right. So also weekend do you watch any of the author and almost none yet. On the skills competition does nothing forming. The also look at a podium like overtime in the NHL wanna I wanna watch an entire game of it. It it is a bastard is guys nation of of our sport I understand with the try to do I understand the entertainment value. I think true hockey fans don't and it all and entertain not forgot three guys. Now really and I mean look yeah it's. There's a whole lot of laid back playback and Cokie reed. Although I can choose here because if it's a block late playback playback and then. You eat ever wants you get one of these fire wagon overtimes were the gone back and forth and back and forth. It's been my experience at least so far this year that a lot of the overtimes or spent going in retreat. Just Bakken up back in up let's see if I got a very many OK let's let's sort of sneak up not an analyst back up again just like in a possession of the puck. The puck possession game it's not a scoring chances game but it's beside the point I. I don't like All Star Games in gent the probable as the dumbest of them I hate to put a single dumbest primus for a for a sporting event in history. The closest to being real is baseball. And hockey and basketball or are argue that middle ground. Where it's not really like the NBA all star game in at the will be a 16258. It's really basketball. Skills competition you know OK well I'll let the army has got to wait on this is so funny it's okay fine. Yeah I had the last also and I truly cared about was 20091 because you had three Bruins at Savard Chara Tomas there isn't Montreal. In the gulf senator cheering Thomas in big cities and appears that was their only don't nine season they were the bureau wagon. Start to finish and here are fork was the MVP. Yeah I was fine I mean I am back but it was still Fleetcenter. Yeah that was a blast because it was the local guy in the local hero I'll let the affluent in general. Huge fan the all star game yeah before that I cared about the one that finally in 99 so how often in ninth and part that was that was a big one for me I was there too that was that was big ones though. Overall what's your outlook here these these five games a martian get through them. You know I. You should have enough you know again running through the list for people Ottawa Anaheim Saint Louis Toronto and Detroit. Of that group to autos probably the one scares me the most and it's the on the need to win the most. Ottawa has got issues all opened on the line. Anaheim's head injury issues all season long Saint Louis says. Started great and has really come back to earth. And Detroit amateur what they are an amateur they know what they are terrible you I could easily see them even without martian being able to go at least three in two during this five game streak that. You're fine let's as an associate 31 on one would be a doubt that's an idea naps and win for me at Lincoln and that's a big thing in. Did that mean they've built such a cushion like you said earlier that it really emotional matter away but I think mentally you wanna get a few of these wins given the competition ironically. And this is looking for the silvery silvery as the silver linings. I'll Mac avoid getting a break in the low season could end up being good thing. In the college kid may be hit in the pro hockey wall how many games has he played. You kind of force a little rest period on him in the middle of the season this in the way you wanna get that rest period and saying in general. It could end up helping. I mean I hate to say it but Brad marsh and with the minutes that he plays than that and high impact minutes that he place you know in in May help him physically. When you get into that incredibly tough schedule in the month of march it's been a tough schedules next week you mean Minnesota will be with you next. Week I now I am gonna do if you're gonna do like needing it from him. But that's opposite. That it's not zero but given exactly to few putts it. I think I've made it one. And then which is who knows direction the show could be lost. Dale pleasure as always our attack. And have a great trip to Minnesota I appreciate it reflected.