Zero Pucks Given, Ep. 4: The Bruins are the hottest team in the NHL & trade deadline interests 2-9-18

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Friday, February 9th

Back from Minnesota, Dale and Ty reunite for Episode 4 of Zero Pucks Given to talk about the NHL’s hottest team. The duo talks about the B’s rise to legitimacy as one of the league’s top threats for the 2018 Stanley Cup, a season-changing meeting in Anaheim, the noticeably improved skating game from some unlikely legs. And which potentially available player interests the Dale the most ahead of the NHL trade deadline?


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Hello welcome to zero what's given presented by star market I am tie in the central and as always by Dale Arnold. They'll welcome back. Nice to be home trust me definitely nice to be home by which we can ended differently than it did but. Nice to be back next be talking hockey league it would. You missed they held the week the Bruins who for the most part. Yeah I missed two games I got back for Saturday's game and you know I've been here since since the Saturday game. I did miss the two missed the loss to Anaheim which was not that code from everything I've been told that. And then Thursday game I missed as well where things got back on track again. Yeah it was it was all things considered it was a good week we talked about Brad Marchand missing. The week with a suspension. Medical four and one they'll take it right you'll take it nine Oregon had an awful performance against Anaheim I mean. If they played the standards we've been used to probably go five and without Brett martian absolutely having Anaheim is almost Washington Capitals west where the EU does it expect them to lose degree they appoint. But a lost your most. Expecting at this point seems. It's probably true but they got a they got to get rid of that crap I mean if they are truly one of the best teams in the National Hockey League. And the NHL dot com power rankings the economic weakness of the there at the top team in the league. If I believe there one of the best teams in the league they can have a team can't beat you can't have a Washington Capitals where I'll while we play them we're done as we can't beat them mark. If we play Anaheim were done because we can't beat them. If you're one of the best teams in the league one of the best teams in the league and need to play like that no matter who they're playing yeah it's funny because I walked away from this week. And now certify an intern at I mean I was buying from beginning where the Taliban for cuts as they try to buy into the app related this team is really really good and that this team could be. A third round fourth round team and and I think it's actually legitimate I. You know I wanna see you please talk me out of this team being used in a cup finals it's hard for Lebanon do that. I've Friday night we were flying home from Minneapolis and ran into Mike robbery in the airport we're on the same flight coming Allman. Had a little delay so we've often had an adult beverage together and talked some hockey and and Mike said to me flat out of the folks at NBC. Truly honestly believe that the Bruins are one of the two or three teams to beat for the Stanley Cup not to be held a deep run of the playoffs or anything like that he said. People at NBC think this is one of the teams to beat if you want to win the yeah absolutely you know I would agree with that and I go back to that Saturday and it's against a Toronto here where. They made Matthew disappear and I know Matthews wasn't feeling that wells the third game in four nights for the leafs. But they made him complete on panic everybody disappear it's a little held on against John Tavares at the islanders. In my mind one of the handful of best players in the National Hockey League and any disappeared against the Bruins Austin Matthews as you pointed out great young player great young play. The Bruins to use your phrase and it's a good one meeting disappear. They are so stifling defensively. And yet Bruce Cassidy is taken up. Take the blinders off and and you know. President not awful DD deep pass you know you get the puck now on the defensive zone you're expected to either make the pass out of the zone quickly. Or Kerry get it out you know stop look and you know east west in your own and look north south. So so they're better in that regard but in their own end. They're still tough to play against and their. That place stifling defense to forwards by in the forwards come back this is just Patrice Bergeron who does this this is every single forward on the team. Looks at the way for Bergeron place and says you know what I got to play like that too. And of course has always to start with goaltending which is the one thing. I notice on my Twitter feed it's the one thing people are still sent. You know when I pointed out while this was before Tampa Bay played last night I pointed out there were one point out of first place in the NHL with a game in. And what I got was a lot of gap but I'm not buying and goaltending isn't gonna it goaltending will fail like it always does to global cough it up like he always does. I understand people's feelings about that. I just look at the way to grass is played since November 26. When he hasn't lost a game in regulation. Has been the best goaltender in the national hockey let me repeat that now. Now one of the best. The best goalie in the NHL. I'd seen it I'm watching I'm watching it every single night if you wanna predict. That two months from now he's gonna suck and and fall into cave. Feel free to do that. I know what I'm seeing right now which is the best goalie Emily absolutely and acting especially when you're talking with that first month and a half of the season there were he couldn't stop a beach ball and we don't like not just him he wasn't good either in your thought he wasn't good. But they were hurt and I know I kept telling people October November and it's wise is teams suck and it's the season thirteen. You know they had two guys who are they had too many guys who were up there was a terrific piece of DuPont credit he wrote a terrific piece about Bruce Cassidy. And Bruce Cassidy said the turnaround point of the season for this team was a a team meeting that he had in in Los Angeles. Where he would he's got pissed off about how they played against I think it was Anaheim naturally and and didn't play well against Anaheim just looked awful. He had what he described as a very hard nosed film session started with a defense brought the defenseman and read them the riot act then brought the rest of the team and read them the riot act they bought him. Took a lost his next regular season game after this come to Jesus meeting in LA Oilers against Edmonton yet. He played fine teams to didn't quite get it yet the garbage can performance and absolutely team was awful and you know he wasn't great but he was good he was okay. From that point until now. They've been lights out. At the minute he begins of that goaltender I think. With Rask it's the whole idea of does that carry this team anymore he did three years Redick had a team. And his salary came under fire because of that and that wasn't a great team you know this is a good team and now that they found a way to not only. Protect him in terms of the chances that are against him. The same time that they find ways to get him rest in time to build and he's been great. Relief reliever basically former a lot of ways he's performed well above what I think we expected out of him. So I do think that's allowed them to sort of have raspy back and that 55 to sixty gain comfort zone and not the seven game that would burn him out against you know a team like Ottawa in the first round last year I think that was fair. That towards the end of the season to the copper out and in this happen again and again and again and this year they've done away they found at a way to avoid that happening so far. That's exactly how they found a way to avoid it happening absolutely Anton who don't. That's how they found a way and Tom who Delmon has become the perfect backup goaltender go back to that Rangers game Wednesday night. Where you know. Bruins were playing second game in as many nights all let all that stuff and they look like in the first period. And they were bad. He was right absolutely he kept the man then they got their their skates under them. And from that point on it was kind of you know I could play goal you can applicable but in that first period. They needed a goaltender to be great. And he won its. He allows them to be very judicious now about how much to Rask placing a point. They can look at the schedule going forward I think the latest playoff percent its focus on hockey reference the brits have a 100% chance of making the play Austria odds. Pretty good odds they in Tampa they're the only 200% chance of making the playoffs. So again they can be very judicious here and my guess is the Bruce Cassidy in its assistant coaches and Bob sends a probably laid out the rest of the season the old the rest of the regular season they've probably got a pretty good idea right now. Which games took its gonna play which games and time and time to opens and apply and they're gonna make sure that when they do get to the playoffs in early April. They're starting goaltender is gonna be ready to go. Apps that you have to because the bad marketing its sixteen or seventeen games in the month of march in and he also that makeup game at the end of the season there which may remain active plate yeah I mean I'm I'm not convinced they're gonna have to play it. And if they do have to play it what you gonna see as a whole bunch of guys who were gonna be auditioning for spots on the roster for next year and a top line Austin's Arnot glitzy Ryan Dunn autos NHL debut or something that's a player that's instinct because we saw the Beanpot and now he's embarked on the team USA Olympic team. You know I've I've I've seen this out there and you're McGwire things when that's been sort of spreading it that. He's gonna turn pro and join this team we're in a season like ice that's my theory really yeah that's my theory that's I wasn't making a joke when I said. Maybe you'll see Ryan and autos NHL debut he might he Trent Fredericks NHL debut that that date as if they end up having played this course this makeup game. You're gonna see an interest in line up. My guess is by that point the bruins' playoff position will have been very solidified our food I don't think they're going to be you know battling it out if they'll know that they're the first to the second seed in the east by Dan. And I think they're gonna use it as an opportunity. Sorry Patrice you come watch if you want but don't leave the ninth floor up. You know Patrice and Zdeno in marsh landing crate G you're gonna see a lot of interesting names in the lineup if they have to play that game. -- going to be surprised if you see some guys get an opportunity to show on the big stage if they're ready to make another step and Michael I almost want that at the same time looking back at last year Brent Carlo gets injured in the last game of the regular season. You miss your your top pairing up your topic right side guy for the entire playoffs the concussion. I want to avoid that is that's like cancel I'm with you wrap these guys and in dollar up on the ninth floor and say. Game one as your first game back and I don't wanna do that but I do I I think the way that the playoffs are shaken out especially in the Atlantic were division I hockey. You know I really do think that your and he'll do this I was saying last night that the data at this team could clinch the first recycling march based on how bad division hasn't. Given that the sort of clearance area haven't playoffs yet what they're going to be fighting for its first overall NH. Obviously first in the east. And first overall in the NHL now you've got to decide. If it's worth it to you know you've got to look at its strategically if you're you know Don Sweeney and Bruce Cassidy. You know is it worth going balls to the walls to clinch first overall or we okay finishing second you know is that matchup just as advantageous and by the way. There is not a match up. That I think the Bruins have to try to low point even Washington. I don't because as I said. If you if you if you've got a team you can't beat then you're not the best team Italy after it if you got a team I don't know if I wanna play them. Well when you've got no cup aspirations. And if you play like that it can think like that. I think you're defeated before even start it's it's funny I was talking that this I would prefer to be number two in the east is because I think if you're the number one. You run the risk of facing a team that's white hot and in the playoffs which. If again if you're an I don't care really are doesn't care doesn't scary and round one will take a look at what you can. That's true what's your team and again they talked about this a lot and I give them credit Cassidy says this all the time. We worry about us. And they're in a position this isn't like the last few years where you're scrambling trying to get into the eighth spot and in the east and hoping you get a playoff spot. This is a team that everybody else. Has got to be looking at thing teased on played this team in the first round. It again if you're looking to I don't want play this team all I wanna avoid that team welding and had a cup contender if that's the way you're thinking you're done. And I think if you're someone like me lorries and everything. I think that this past week and a half has to be some encouragement in the sense that they are now absorbing teens got shots I think they that's the real thing that teens are now getting the Bruins. You saw that Saint Louis so at Toronto and the Bruins are handling their finding ways arise that challenge and answer the bell I think. I think there response again against the blues after that Anaheim game was very telling for the team in a lot of ways because it really was sort of okay now gut check time it's not a heavy team in your building. The same week two days after you treat came to an antibody response and they answered the bell perfectly I was Bruce capacities line when they beat Saint Louis we got single isn't sick to lose Packers they have one regulation loss in a loss in the last month and half. I mean I know sort of you know. Playing a broken record here. They are where they are for a reason and I know what's hard for Bruins fans to wrap their arms around this and apparently it's hard for you to do. They are one of the two were three best teams in the NHL period. And there are a number of reasons for that you know we talked about the goaltending. They're veteran players Zdeno Chara me and I. If I'm Don Sweeney I signed Zdeno Chara to a contract extension today and I think they're working towards that by the way. Patrice Bergeron is a legitimate. Hart trophy candidate the cell he's done it probably RD engraved it. He should be delayed. Use your rice absolute future freaking eyes and take a look at what he does night in and night out. I have never and I've watched pretty much every game Patrice Bergeron ever played the Bruins uniform. I've never seen in this good offensively. The shocked the release. The way he can he can get the puck to the net. If he's always been the great defensive forward we know that best defensive forward of his era. Now you start to hear people talk about legitimately. Well you know what maybe this guy is an MVP you know Terrelle to start here now. Sort of make the case for hall and that's how goodies that you got marsh and putting it is head out of his ass. And and stay on the ice and not be suspended let me just interject here but about martian okay. If he gets another one. He's getting ten to twenty. Which would suck but I'm dead serious if Pete does it again. He's getting ten to twenty that was the message the NHL sent with Alexander burrows. What they said the marsh and in they may have said this explicitly to him by the way when they gave them the five. They may have also set to mcsame time but the message with burrows was you do this again you're intent to twenty. You better get your head out your grass you better figure out that you need to be on the ice. Every time he does qualities I think he's finally learned his last. I've always been wrong. He'd better of learned at this time because if he does another one between now and the end of the season he's gonna screw this team apps that I love what Kathy said before the Rangers game he said. That they're trying to keep the some of those elements into his game because it makes an effective elite score. But he just realized that we had a cam and effectively or announced candidates elbowed aside they had was not one of those things they wanna keep in his game now stopped trying to make excuse I don't say you'll yet but don't make excuses for that she yet. Yeah it was an elbow to the side of the head that he didn't have to throw he didn't he wasn't trying to defend himself for any of that crap. It's an elbow they had to get the guy contraction in the Borough settled my beer many in the neat there's an enemy let's let's get let's get this out of the way about Alexander burrows. He is a championship hockey play well absolutely there is no other way to put it. They are there is no redeeming quality Alexander burrows game at least the martians case you say but he's a championship hockey player at times to. But at least he can play and tell me what Alexander burrows does not as I got nothing. Nothing I mean eat you go back to 2011 where is try to bite Patrice are not trying to fighting Patrice Bergeron springer's at this guy is a predator. He is a punk. And and I'm glad they gave him the ten he deserved at least the tenth I'm glad they sent the message to a I'd love what George Garros is still. Yeah he's that he's the disciplined guy now and this is a guy who has been the subject of some discipline himself in the past he knows. He watches what Burris did the other night with the the need to the back of Taylor halts at. And he says there's no explanation for this there's now all I didn't know what I was still stop with that. He knew exactly what it was still when he was trying to hurt a guy. I want those people out of the game and by the way if Brad marsh and continues to try to hurt people he's going to be out of the game. For a lot of games and he needs a hell of a lot more of the pro once and Alexander burrows means to the Ottawa Senators. And what that mine acted like. Brent marsh and response game against the Rangers just let it was it was a good in I think and that team they'd make it kept the foot on the gas entire way once they chase. It would have been easy for them they're going to shell once they chase luckless but they. Days are gone you're probably got two more goals is a blowout win. I think that your top line was back to being your top line eat their third period was incredible it's that the puck was on there was on their sticks for the entire. There appeared every shift they had out there are so Rangers okay I'm a little bad there. And and I don't know that I've ever seen. I such Jeff Gorton England's say they're due this week where basically they hold a press conference and send a letter up all the season ticket holders and say our team sucks we're about to blow up. Please forgive us but a whole bunch players who you like are now going to be gone Hendrick Lundqvist has a wonderful. I think everybody else is fair game. I think they would listen to offers for every player on the team with the exception of Lundqvist. And they're I mean they're hurt I understand that they've had a lot of injuries. But they're also. I even think they're gonna we'll Ryan McDonna out of there and he's the one guy. If I'm Don Sweeney that's the guy. That I'd like to poach off that crossed out and X questions regarding window shopping watching that game cannot Rick Nash and I know that's the other name that everybody's talking about. He's okay. He has real hot and cold when it's on it looks great when he's off you know he looks awful Ryan McDonough is the one guy. You've got to for this year and for next year it decent Germany it's 565. Point six million I mean I I'd live with that. I'd be wanted to give up legitimate assets for a guy like Ryan McDonald might be the only doubt that roster and I'd be really cranked up about trying to go poach and Yeltsin have to wonder. Look I think the Rangers don't have a choice they got a we'll. Wherever they can whoever they can. So it's not this well with the Rangers deal with the Bruins yeah they would. Yeah if you had the best off yes I do wonder what the headlining piece of that package would be and you know I have to assume that. You have to move some seller after the line probably to recruit. I think that the starting point off that the salaries almost naturally these guys can work financially. And then you're talking about you'd have to price of one of these dance and I'm in anything to Frost's. Yes that that is huge what he had to add an amateur wanna do that I'm just saying he's the one guy. I'd have to at least look at. And you mention Tynan in to brusque. The Bruins rookies. Have more points from the rookies than any team in National Hockey League and by like twenty yeah I mean it's been there way out in front. Debt behind and it's the fourth leading rookie scorer in the national hockey. You know you look at some of these other young players and how they've contributed. And and it was the one bright spot from all the injuries at the beginning of the season. They didn't have a choice. That maybe Bruce Cassidy wouldn't have played these young guys as much as he did early on but he didn't have any other options so I was like you were gonna push off the dock Latif can swim. And they did they swore him. And and you can tell the confidence that they have. Every game every time they go out on the ice. You know I have no issues putting young players out on the ice. The the game on Saturday night Bruins are protecting a 32 lead late. That was excuse me was he in Detroit the protecting a three to get a lead late it already given up a gold goaltender pulled by Detroit. Tim she dollars on the ice in the final 3030 seconds. Think about that for a that's a guy that Bruce Cassidy puts faith and trust them and nieces let you block their help protect this one goal lead the final thirty seconds. That move by Cassidy. He's done that other times as well. They'll stick kind and out there when it matters they'll stick the Brusca there when it matters. I I love the play they've gotten out of their young players Matt grizzly I don't care feed no point. He Israeli jet NHL defenseman he's not a top four defensemen at this stage of his career. But he basically forced them to keep him. By the way he played when he got up here absent in that he does dominating sort of third pairing ships that go along way for the team I think and group first came in and he was that third pairing guy. It really changed the top floors are able to do and let them be more effective and focus on their roles well and I think grizzly you know he adds another left side element that that this team is sort of needed I think I'm group that. Especially when it comes Cassie system plane that north south game you talked earlier in the guy who can begin to break a collapse and it isn't to recruit. A chart does so much of the defensive work that it's almost unfair to ask him to say he added this is well so if I was gonna trading young defensemen on this team I would try to make a brand and our. Yes a lot so he's the guy I'd be willing to part with tomorrow you know it in the right packet to McCormick atomic and try to get rid of this guy Adam sang. If if if I'm if I'm trying to acquire Ryan McDonald. And I know I've got to put a couple of pretty good players together to do that. The young defenseman up this team I'm willing did too we allowed here tomorrow is Carl. With date with they want Chris reckons that. And would you be willing him to include grizzly if that was the case. And try to avoid tore recruit in the package if I can yes because he's got offensive skills that not many defenseman while no defensemen on this team out. And and that's a good thing. Carlos a guy who I think has probably I I think I've seen his peak. I like that seems like branding Carlo Lewis. And the offensive game has progressed to the point where it's it's nonexistent at this point he see what you see with the puck on the stick and he looks like he's overmatched. I think it all facets all possible ways and I love a great fit for this is the means you're seen as smitten with the Miller McQuay that they've tried to incorporate offense and their game they'll never BE. Forty point guys but they're taken chances when Karl has at any take a chance. I get a little worried I think that's gonna go the other way and it in the back and that by the way in talked about Miller and McQuay. And and we talked about this with char this year. And I'm sure you've noticed I've certainly noticed Billy Jaffe Gary Peterson talked a little time. Was helpless guy skate now. A lot better and you notice the difference in Zdeno Chara skating game how much quicker he has have you noticed the difference when Adam Quaid came back into the lineup. He's like a different defenseman back here the skating part. You know the shot blocking willingness to to fight. That's that's always going to be there he will always put his body on the line he will always stepped in to help a teammate as he did New York the other night. I've never seem quite skate like this before and Kevin Miller. Has some of the sneaky just offensive skills from the from the Blue Line of anybody on this team. He's got a shot that when he unleashes eagle holy crap we're did that come from. He can skate much better than people give him credit for that's probably the single biggest difference under Cassidy is just to see how mobile. This defenses and it kind of plays into the way the forwards are. I mean I know it's hard for Bruins fans to to grasp this agreement except it. The Bruins one of the fastest teams in the NHL never thought I'd ever see the day and I'm watching. Night in night out they're one of the fastest teams now they don't have a guy like comic David neither does anybody else by the way but Edmonton. But as a group an entire. Eighteen. Man segment out on the ice there as quick as any team in the late. And you've seen that with David Backus has lost weight. Effort means that at first I wanna I knew somebody didn't but but he's that hasn't it is Annette in an effort to get quicker and be faster there with with the rest of the line mates Ers the team given the style play. And I think when Bonior went about Kevin Millar I love is on the right side for that exact reason that equity activates he's sneaky offensive threat from from. In the attacking zones as a defender so. Like that's while of that grizzly sort of emergency if you will because that allows Miller play in the right side where I think he's more a threat yeah in the offensive game in India has a good one timer when he goes down low we can make things happen to appease a bull along the walls. You know I think that's a big thing for this team a lot of ways and in Miller you know speaking to his. And his team if you will. He works on the Osce with Adam Oates he worked with some skill coaching throats and he tries to get better and and quicker as for the game on guys or the games they understand they need to be this this these players. Or succeed and I think that that message it's off on appears clearly as are seen. And it's I said there one of the quickest teams in the NHL and they are which is still have to have some physical presence we saw this the other night New York. Where Adam Quaid got challenged in the first period answered the bell. And then he challenged McLeod in the third period after what he thought was a bad hit against grit slick I think it at a time jumped into the clout. And you still need Kevin Miller brings that as well by the way. Zdeno Chara has always broccoli and and we'll bring it he still have to have some guys back this is another one. In it will jump in Erin and you know answered the bell physically. Almost everybody and it fourth final bullet shall worker Ollie they'll all do it. He's still have to have some. It's not the big bad Bruins it's not a big bad any challenge we all know that. You still have to be able to have some physical presence in that got that as well yeah it just seems that Camilla in a lot of ways naked in the conservative. They can play this game they template that's the game it's matter of mixing up the lines if you don't find the right balance but it's. In what we stopped early it's tough to find a team that. Can really give them a lot of fits I think in a seven game series because of how diverse this roster building. Has really been in the that the island and used to be all the pros can't skate with the Canadians exact and it and by the way they could and it was it was true back when there with a big bad Bruins. Now and skate with anybody absolutely and nephew have to play physical. And I don't they suck against Anaheim but they can they can still match physically with anybody they can play the kings they complain the ducks physically. And you know I know they've got his bugaboo about capitals but it's not like the capitals are two big play hamster too fast to play against they got to just. Get over the hump and find a way to beat them I think it's when he would get that first on the rest and come in and means caliber and Lundqvist dominated the Bruins beginning yeah they had that stretch I think between twelve to eleven where they just they start rooting him every team has four goals again. But finally sort of brought that back with class and had with him but. I think well but this team the most right now is that they have this the third line here at Nash practice in and Heine and that is a trichet outline a lot of ways I think that. We talked with her front line being their shutdown line but. I think the same time that second layer with the Bruins did back in against the Maple Leafs. That we've talked about they shut down a catchy line you know typically Matthews and Cadbury the leaves are are very volatile and not a good they're not a great team I think beyond those two lines a lot of ways in their defense the suspects though. If you take those weapons away they're useless I like Heinemann you know we just mention. Martian gets suspended. He can jump up there to that first line. And not just you know Phil roll to the job looked like he belongs there. So that martian comes back he goes back to the role you know that they've got him slotted in for the moment. And you know with Nash and Backus he looks great that he can play anywhere. And you know he can do whatever they need him to do. Basically any of the first three lines he obviously can play him fourth beatle wanna and play any place in the first three lines and into a good job for. They a lot of versatility in that regard. You know your first Linus and because it's the best line in the NH idiots. Which are second and third lines. You could shift in mix and match into two wanted to do with knows it and I think I think. With behind me also that which dollar and awaits you were alarmed second line person belt as you live with him in the third line yes I'm with the retail with Nash back 2000 pretty. As a pretty heavy line play against so I like that. That vs notre roster and it makes me kind of wondered about one out of body. To this mix you know up front I. I'm on that side where I was not the range minus you know would be good fit Michael Graham. But I don't think I wanna pay the price and maybe run the risk of throwing up what you have here is a very fast player he plays all situations he can be really good at this team but again Pryce has the match. And I don't think it's gonna for the Bruins I'll be curious to see the NBA trading deadline you know the Cleveland Cavaliers Scobee Altman is blowing up the entire roster detritus you know. He LeBron James happy. Any changes to sit there and just sit there. And stock embodies not Dylan in that trade deadline comes and goes and a okay. I wonder if Don Sweeney is going to be like that it NHL trade deadline. I wonder if he's gonna look at his team and he's gonna say you know like an added depth piece. OK you know what to do that. A guy like McDonough is not a depth piece obviously but if I want to upgrade. At that position. Okay I've considerate. When I'm not sit here from Don Sweeney on my god I I gotta get I get left wing I got to get a a left shot defensemen I gotta get this I gotta get that. Take a look at the witness teams play what's the one that you gotta have. To contend for a cup I I would say there isn't anything. Now threatening the one question you have is on that right side it can or keep this up in on the Olympic sport guy I'm not I know what he's making a liar out of me. Yeah I mean I got to give credit where credit is due when he's always wanted to ease beat he's always said he wants to be intimately wants placed under. It was good now now he's not much better rumbling that much better he's using his speed and I'll give him credit here. I think he's lacked courage in the past about go to the net I'd seen him do that more this year yeah a lot more. I have not been high on Spooner I would wheeled him out of here on any number of occasions. But right now he's Macon liar out of me east playing great and he's east contributing. I don't love them on the power play just because he's stands off there aren't that half wall and just doesn't budge sometimes. But you can't deny the skill the skill levels always been there he frustrates me at times. But man he's played much better than I thought he could at this point absolutely and I think that's given you widget paused to say okay you wanna spend a first round pick which I know they're willing to deal listeners knew that there will move profound thing is they were last year's well. If the if the the right piece comes round. But you know I I do think that there's more you know K he's not too old to change he can still be rich Beverley it's apparently allowed to get its footing in bead. Become the player that he wasn't he ends at an enriched Beverly yeah he should I mean skill level course is skill levels much better the rich Beverley. Rich Beverley got much more out of his game and I've seen Ryan's losers that it seems Boehner get out of his game. Until this year. I'm finally starting to see him get an out of his game one answering questions from the air and the peeps always all right so our first question comes from sassy blonde he won. She wants an a considering him wonder couldn't get that twenty. I tried considering all the young talent Providence the Bruins keep shower and our Nash after this season. Good question because. You know we've talked about how young they are and one of the youngest teams in the league despite the that the great beard veterans that they got on this team that got like kids already playing. And a lot of kids coming through week mentioned Donato and Frederic born even pros. But percolating through the system they've got young players. At at Providence I think you're gonna cease and mission make a real move to try to game here your Tennessee's a boy oral make a move to try to get in here. It's a good question it's tough position to put Don Sweeney and I mean it's one you dale it's all that's problem you like to have. I think it's a legitimate question and I don't know whether the young guys are gonna push some of the guys. Like Nash. You know like shallow like for rally out of out of jobs here moving forward etiquette stuff because I think you don't wanna get in the situation fall in love with Durham players count which really degrees over pains as Portland players by the end of it. At the same time and in hopes replacement for all those really don't at night yet I think rally could be. Something similar Nash but not exactly is as strong defensively. At the same time Nash could be very off price himself out Austin makes us that's the real thing. On next question is. They are playing great now. This from Brandon with a bunch of numbers. They are playing great now but how all the march April let affect their plant performance we kind of went over that it's going to be brutal I mean there's no doubt about it the beauty of it here is you're not gonna have to play the legs off of Tuukka Rask. And and the way this thing is going to be able to selectively. You know have easy taken nine off have Patrice taken time off at crate she taken night off. You know you're not going to be as few as you've been in the last few years you're not going to be battling tooth and nail for every single point just to see if you can get into the playoffs. Cell looked at the schedule is brutal. You know whats he get past this week it starts to pick up from the trade deadline through the end of the regular season. It's a bitch. And and it's a legitimate question. I think the points that they've banked so far is in double album to be judicious about how they play these guys apps that I think that it even that you come back down to earth. Have there in more than a couple situation where they'll be okay. Last question here is hop in the marsh and Bergeron pops not climbed. Doesn't have a name yet it seems to be that I tried that the other night. Dot camera tried he called on in night troll line in the first appearance since I took when that become a thing and come up huge dock Emmerich fan he's my mentor I love the guy yeah. But I thought to come from. I don't know you know we we talked at this with Jeff and Barry and I've talked about this and and chapped is convinced because we've been trying to come up with a line a name for the fourth line. Remember he had the Marleau line then but that was simply because they had maroon practice sweaters it's the only reason they were called the reload line. And you know we try to come up with a nickname for the fourth line here and Jaffe says it's got to be organic it's got to just Allen and you can't be try to force it sari. Emmerich you're trying to force nitro line honest and we weren't by an. I'm not sure that they don't need a nickname to be a great line because they are great line. I'll be damned if I can come up with a an alternative either yet thought I mean. The BP and the beats per minute line yes that sucks that it you know might airline ever will always get cash lineup and Ottawa that was great name out. With captain Alfredsson Spezza and Heatley I love that love the senator online as well that's that's there that are down and Philly. Yeah I've and I loved that that is that was organic at all gigantic annual Mike Utley the size of these guys out. And that's fine. I haven't come up with a organic name for the Bruins first line. And so I'm not gonna let my camera forced micro line on me how to best sign knocking. Works fine yeah I liked it to the little wordy it's not about bumper sticker kind of thing it's accurate I I got no argument with with the thought process. And come up with a nickname then we could do bumper sticker threats like pots and act shoots. Personal scores the rebound martian elbow soreness out of god don't let him do that impact a because I'm telling you. He does it again. Now he's content it's one it's to it's terrifying to think about it happen in the playoffs we've we've talked about that last episode where ten becomes five and all that stuff so yeah sadly. I'm not sure given his track record he's gonna get that kind of leeway from from the NHL player safety and wanna be in that situation. Last lastly. This week this weekend here yet yet beginning at sabres I mean. I think please don't lose this game please them after the rescue of five goals on 25 shots is and that art that are mentioned he'd be announced that mass I'm with you with grass even takes a slight dip. He still work is when I'll be very amateur. And the plate took of Saturday and would open Sunday and he flippant I don't know. I think you play Rask on Saturday because then it's just the gaps that guarantee because you know I think if you look at that Sunday game. Cycle in a back to back here in Jersey they're going to be pissed about Lee Hanson hit Amy come out line that gain and I think the probability is indicate yet greater chance of losing that in buffalo games though you may as well go get a great reliability of losing either. College of New Jersey is certainly one of the stories in the NHL this year. Start compact earth. You know unlike base is not ever coming back as an F suddenly insane it's no sense to me how I mean our innocence but if I said Bruins fans except the reality where your team has. Except the reality that the Vegas golden knights are good. Who really good. You know I looked like think I think Bruce Cassidy will be a finalist for the Jack Adams trophy. But I think Girard a linesman is RD inscribed. It's over it's done Don Sweeney may be a candidate for executive of the year. But George McPhee is already clinched that would as well sorry it's over it's done. They are good. I've talked to Dave Kosher about this couple times a nice Monday to see this company's Helm well nobody thought risk nobody. Saw this coming. We thought you're gonna get to the deadline in McPhee is going to be trying to figure out. Trade wade James Neal what can I get return in terms of draft picks and young prospects. To trade away Marc-Andre Fleury what can I get back in return. Trade anybody wait nor should say they're looking at this and saying. Right now one of the three best teams in the NHL right now where the best team in the Western Conference. Why would it take anything away from the steam I was that the golden knights I wouldn't there repeal. Now barring injury which is the great equalizer for every team. They're going to be one of the teams to beat the west absolutely and it's funny because I I win of the season look at that roster saying all right James Neal. That's a deadline in that I will start incident now let him in a signal William Carlson and move and you realize just what idiots the Florida Panthers. Now with Gerard. So you'll look what he's doing with the Vegas golden knights look at the Florida Panthers. Where you guys think now when you decided you know what it will move on from Gerard here and we'll make the move. I and those of us in the game thought it was idiotic when they get it. Now you look at hindsight with what he's doing in in May this thing got the Panthers were stupid. And especially giving up the players it gave up in the trash and draft the Bradley Smith and Jonathan market so. You know they they threw at it through and rallies method to get them to take care of it through march and get it right right at and it's like Marsha so looks like a star it's unbelievable that agents every they've become what the Bruins were a little bit removed and lube and blow open their face it's it's. It's not the best place to be in but if there's anything. Attic they'd take comfort in that no one's watching it's so so they're okay now. What they're doing in Florida with that Saint Patrick's Day. A path there they're combining their game against the Edmonton Oilers comic David company town which should be a big deal anyway yet. Up Bruce Pritchard Conrad Thompson and something to wrestle with the doing a life shall post game. At the Florida Panthers and they offered people a I think it's 35 dollar ticket cutesy and the hockey game. Gets you in to see something to wrestle with. And gets you unlimited beer and sonus. But I messed thanking all of my god wrestling fans with the unlimited beer what the hell you'll thank him and yell things are brother love and that's that's gonna that's gonna I'm not worried about brother appropriately handle itself and by the like Conrad Thompson's bigger than him anyway so the going back before it out here who is that what is the first shoe to drop in New York Rangers who was the first player move and do you think it's now actions I think it'll be Nash. Just because that's the cleanest. That that the Ellie may be one of them ancillary part of the players who matter U well yeah National League first. It's a hard time believing McDonald will be dealt. I mean I still wonder if they can afford to do that. And obviously. King America's going anywhere nor should but he. I don't know Nash would be the guy that I would expect would be the first shoe to drop outs kind of thinking you're gonna see things happen year end soon like days yeah I don't. He saw that's the last couple of years where a lot of the deals were made before the trade deadline at your show relic credit if you go back to 2011 the cup here. You know when he made the big deals he and a couple of weeks before the trade deadline they were going on that west coat at that western swing Western Conference road trip. And cattle those guys with a mandate assimilated into the culture I think you're gonna see teams make moves earlier. I'd we got beat trade deadline special one nests in on trade deadline day have a feeling it's going to be a dud because I think whatever moves the Bruins are gonna make. They will look made before that absolutely and that seems related yeah I think that's what you avoid the price of the market becoming inflated or are. In some cases people don't wanna get into a bidding war exactly you know for what will probably yeah. You know be a bit partners something he just wanted to yen and if there's one thing we take a Burnett thinks he's gotten better. And the deadline and plaster the Stafford moved or spoke to that. Burton more so than the Lyles I like that Stafford moved last year I loved it and I had and I wouldn't mind a move like that this year a depth move a guy who can you know. Commit in place for you if you Needham. Imus earlier you're counting on him pummeled like Drew Stafford last year's exactly the kind of move that I think Agassi Sweeney in the tree chipped you have probably the Toronto. I would say this Arctic would be up differ showcase in my opinion he's playing well. But I think he's classic Tweeter there were maybe it's a harder immigrants a lot of names or on that list yeah so you're not gonna get a world beer for those names you know in even if you are on a first round picks so. Yeah I don't that's trading a first round pick for a bit party exactly for depth guy no thank you yeah but if I trade a first round pick it's to bring in Brian McDonough as part of a package to bring me down and some like that apps and I think I think you've seen that that. Price gonna come down over the years Stafford was for perfect prompted by the end they wanna conditions added to it but. I think that Assad and perfectly willing to do it's like that now should be changed things we'll see we'll see what they do dale thanks as always good to see again it's nice to be back I'm I'm now here for the iterations so will be doing this on a weekly basis and I tried finding a fill in person does know what you think so. Note to replace human friend on their slots people who actually believe that you just couldn't get him can mean here that was the day yet another security at the hole to hole you couldn't get in the building for Christ's sake how we expect you're gonna get a guest in here if I mean you guys who were listening to this podcast. Hi can't talk his way into the building up first the volley doesn't have a past. And I always thought this is the way I'm gonna find out I don't work here anymore and Kansas not gonna work that I'm gonna come up and swipe and they're gonna say and maybe now that type kick it into the building he's trying to convince security downs there's not an item to work here. Honest guy and and me. Ignore the fact that it got to grubby switcher on on the one a a big time podcast upstairs. Bradford studies that he is anywhere is c'mon yet that's your standard or he's not better than Bradford cities that we're going for my boss like and it's like candidates I've bar I gotta I gotta be better nav bar I'm good news. Virtually anything in your closet beats that far. A fat or. I'd probably say slim now so he's got to get all the work. I'm sure they'll spit and I know I guess I join in this project which guys could play at that huge issue for you right now it's not good soccer. I'd just been syrup what's given them to buy stock market thanks as always for listening we'll be back out next week.