Zero Pucks Given, Ep. 6: Don't play catch up on taking the Bruins seriously. 3-5-18

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Monday, March 5th

"Ty apparently tries his best radio voice while Dale comes in fired up about sports radio's unwillingness to talk about the Bruins, and why playing catch-up on taking this team seriously will be a mistake for the talking heads. They then get into the Rick Nash trade, and Ty unsuccessfully tries to stop himself from falling in love with the new No. 61. Plus, how many more injuries can this Bruins team take? It's Zero Pucks Given, presented by Star Market and Wise Snacks."


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Welcome and your putts didn't rush to buy store market wise snacks. I anti Anderson doing as always by Dale Arnold. They're always doing. I think he cited very ladylike and they're very proud of it gave them feeling keep. Putter wants that I'll stop with Twitter once that I don't associate way to say that in like you aren't making your followers to say something about it. Well I'm not. That they impersonate. Encouraging. Encouraging is away and I got a straight up by a by Gilroy the day if I want and another Kelly I want it why would nine that's exactly with 46 year olds. Here who would like to make his mark so it. And then why did you just come and ask me okay are such simple I have got a buyer on now but. Well tonight that's a great spot you're great you're great guy Richard Drake I'm. Anyone who doesn't want as a dummy in my opinion so zawahiri our area. So. While he talks in terms of doubt happens we had things happen last week in the storm on Friday sort of messed things up as well. So before we get into the hole depth of the team and guys going down oh let's not. And won it for at least a couple of minutes talk about sports talk radio. And this kind of in a way includes both of the sports talk stations in Boston. Because combined between the two. If you combine all of the bodies in one I think you'd have a grand total of about two people who can and want to talk about hockey. And I one hole one you got a couple half ones. I mean edit edit and unfortunately that is a fact of life. And I'm listening to our radio station on the weekend and I am listening to Chris baloney and rob Bradford. And and rob Bradford whining about the fact that people wanna talk about the Bruins and bitching and moaning because he wants talk about the Celtics in the Red Sox and apparently nothing else. God almighty I get frustrated sometimes in this town other people don't like hockey got a wishes with that I'm not try to sell you demo on the sport. I'm not trying to convince people watch this quarter or watch it on nests and listen on radio our port talked about it on on sports talk radio. What could sports talk show hosts give half a damn. About the possibility. That there are people who want to. That there are there is a rabid fan base in the city of Boston that's interested in the hockey team specially this year when the hockey teams really good. And it it for some reason it just it just greats there nerves. That there are people who would like talk about the Bruins down in you know what it is a big part of it am convinced of this. They don't awful pockets stuffed or puffed. I mean they have no idea about the game and I include almost everybody on this radio station in almost everybody on that radio station. They don't ship about the game a pock god now and it's way too hard. To like learn so I want to talk about hey why. We'll says it's that it's it is the fourth option for these guys they are allowed a lot like the fifth or sixth option yet you know national NBA even a national baseball game well the pay attention of the Bruins and and that's the thing I think because. These people they'd they'd come into evade. Very. And barely passable knowledge of the game nod they can't talk about it Morton an hour's they don't want to be isn't gonna look like dummies I think that's a that's a real thing that. That happens at this market and you know it's sad because I think that. This is not a team that's an eight seed this is not at the seventh seed this team. As a legit chance at being in the forefront of the Stanley Cup Playoffs and that that is something that you don't want to relate to that party because that another going to be and that's probably go back to 2011. When previous management at this radio station in their infinite wisdom. Took the one person on the air here WEEI who could talk about hockey and fired beat me. And and fired me about the first of march. Thereabouts. Brought in people who claimed they can talk about hockey but couldn't. And to their credit the folks across the street saw an opportunity seized it. And wrote a Bruins Stanley Cup championship. To a huge ratings went. I'm sitting watching the Bruins clinched the Stanley Cup. In the in in Tropicana Field in Tampa. And calling eight Tampa Bay. Rays Boston Red Sox game on June 15. And I'm watching the greatest one hitter in the history of baseball that nobody knows about. And and you know it didn't matter and that that happened not nobody dies and and I watched the whole thing there rushed back to the hotel. Stood in a lobby bar with the entire Boston Red Sox roster. Watching the Bruins clinched the cup and the whole Red Sox roster going nuts. Scream and in yellen and jumping up and down. But the folks across the street I give him credit they took advantage of the opportunity. They knew nobody here was gonna talk about the sport. It will talked about book it Bruins fans is safe landing spot. By the way the Bruins want to win the Stanley Cup so that's all anybody wanted to talk about by the time the people at this station set while. The team's pretty good people wanna talk about a Bruins fans it's screw you. Want talk about before I'm gonna talk about with you now. We still Russell that we still do I think that's a big thing that that that being here I've I've I get batting Tommy record upsetting time. I'm on the Sunday skate whatever that is. You know people say well you know sucks that your on that you're on the station decision to give it give a (%expletive) about hockey and it's like well. Let's let's try to change that dialogue you know and we can do this do this to a blue in the face. You know so it's a drive to work in their car they're not gonna hear it because they're not as in tune with with the podcasting world is as you and I and everyone also payless in this right now so. It's a real thing I want us to be honest party I think it's a huge thing is this team is fun they're exciting they're legit. And I think that if they have a much better chance of winning the Stanley Cup championship and the Celtics have of winning the NBA championship all apps not because the Bruins are dramatically better than the Celtics Celtics are really really good. There is no Golden State Warriors in the NH absolutely in a Tampa Bay is terrific. Golden State's terrific. On Nashville is terrific and the Bruins are right there with them. And and so the Bruins. Have a better shot at the end of this whatever run ideas. A hoisting the championship than the Celtics to an if that happens once again folks at this radio station going to be left. Sticking their thumbs up their butts trying to figure out Waldman. Place to talk about the Bruins but. Bruins fans won't buy. That's real thing and I it's and so it's been knocked out Toronto by round and round two around pre whenever I think beyond I really do with LA it is not a binary choice for me I want them all to win the title. I did that rate will make the tend to think that you're either Bruins or Celtics for no one eye on it and you well it's it's it's good advertisements didn't hit us. You know it's good for business if if teams do well around here. I I know that the narrative mainly spun by Rick Pitino and others is you know sports talk radio is only successful and people have stuff to bitch about. Look at the numbers when teams win titles look at sports talk ratings numbers in the aftermath of championships. Trust me. It would it would be great for this radio station of both those teams could win. Both are not sick here root against the Celtics because I'm a hockey guy or or anything like that I want them both to win. I'm just saying legitimately and realistically in my opinion one has a better chance of hoisting their championship at the end of the year. And I think because there is no Golden State Warriors. In the NHL I think that's the Bruins I would agree and ask you now here. Your putts gave him and by star American allies snacks to the Bruins haven't even better chance of that now after seeing Rick Nash and how it's fitting with this team. Tell me about the health of some other guys rehearsed and you know I I I believe Patrice Bergeron will be back I don't think it'll be two weeks that's the narrative about there all of will be back until we know what they said was that we're gonna look at him again in two weeks. He will not escape it in those two weeks because of this particular injury he can't skate if we had a bad wrist or a bomb bomb. He can be out there skating every single day and and could be ready to jump in quicker. They're gonna look at him in two weeks and let's say for the sake of argument that they say OK your your good to go will that have at least another week of skating. If not more. And frankly I'll be surprised if after just two weeks they say okay you ready to go I think it might be closer to three or four weeks I had a lot of I don't I don't lava and I understand I read your piece and I understand your premise. I and and at I understand that their playoff position is is practically security and that's it here. Like you were the last couple of years you know needing every single when I whatever march sweating every game but. I don't mind Patrice Bergeron getting a rest. I don't want it to be a 45 week rest. I think that hurts him and I think it and it ends up hurting the team are you getting terrific player ultimately back in the playoffs. But it I think it's tough to bounce back from that that amount of time off the ice yet one of those things where I wrote that in Al launch a conference the regular season because they've speaking your point you need to conditioning back sure when he's playing 25 minutes and I probably in the post season. Depending on what overtime games and what have you specially matchups can dictate that you're talking about Austin happier for Steve and coast on one or two that's a big part of that I would say. You know I I do think though that there's not be said for. You know you find don't you have here with right now actually find out what what matchup keep handing can can't get away with in terms of his line matching yet a lot of Indians can debate coming up here. It be great to find out who you know I think in trying to line that matched up against somebody else pretty well neagle in there so. You know I I like for that reason I'm with you in the sense that he beastie back and I think. Mac always another one while as we take our. Fastest. Mile an hour or so ago. The knack of always being evaluated this afternoon. That makes me nervous to begin with absolutely got hurt Saturday we're not a value waiting until Monday. He absolutely will not play Tuesday night against Detroit obviously. And and my concern here is. Supposedly got guys were covering the team saw him down at at warrior with a knee brace. Well now what are we dealing with here and and you know what's the timeframe here and I know you've got depth and I understand that. He's your second best defenseman. And that ports last year in the playoffs they lost their top four defenseman. Think about half for a minute they were playing their tent defenseman. In game six against Ottawa if he Tommy cross exactly and and get ought. I'm I am that's being a harbinger of doom I don't know what's going on with Mac avoid their real secretive over there and I understand that. But Tellme tell me what his shape is and I'll tell you how excited I am Rask won't play tomorrow night either that's the Detroit game as weak as we tape this. It is described as a very minor injury he was gonna play Saturday. And he talked took Bruce Cassidy earlier in the day. And evidently had been nursing some minor thing they describe it as minor and Cassidy made the call to play Anton who build and instead of Tuukka. He's been off the ice for three days here. They've Marty said he won't play tomorrow night so you know the earliest would be Thursday. Tummy tell me how minor minor is and then I'll tell you whether or not like I'm starting in nervous. It'll the grass is interest in me because everyone is so quick to crucify the guy he misses the game which you. The same time I want to play you listen percent because we clearly seen this past week of play from and it hasn't been his best though. Food and fun what little was great and turned to keep in that game tied up late. Especially in the ads I would opt in so it's one of those things where. I'm OK with this for right now but yet this lingering thing where he has to battle through it like last replay the entire playoffs that pool with a torn groin apparently. I don't I don't need to see that again I guess that greatly changes sort of the ceiling of this team might I would find so it's one of those things where you know the Mac quick thing is scary when it happened I ate. Rules to say it was a slash from Gallagher in the C replaying it it it wasn't the it is believed that tripped up by it's thicker summed. I thousand non contact injury and I immediately thought worst case scenario. Haven't seen Marco Sturm back into when he ten in the playoffs against Philly game one and that's torn ACL that's just me being it terrified nervous any but. I really thought that an out innocently numb out that she worried that something along those lines and sort of hair pulled them it's gonna put him on the shelf for 45 weeks which would be. Actually devastating to this team's chances I think come postseason time. If he can't play at like I said he's their second best defenseman and I know that their people in this town say he's their best defenseman I'm not want them. I think he's going to be your best defenseman and it's sooner rather than later but I don't think it's now. Their best defenseman is the guy I say I saw play three minutes in three minute shift. Play an entire penalty kill stayed up for a minute three after that made a great stick save along the goal line when the puck got behind on his goaltender. And then fought. Elects Alexi act. To a draw on my opinion and guidance fifteen years younger. Who is six foot 5250. Pounds and Chara I actually think he won but if you don't that's fine it was at least the draw. And by the way Alexi act was not at the end of a three minute shift like char allies. That's your best defense you don't see charity like wet when he tried engaging in a fight Charlotte's Adam like. Now react like oak and it's hard to edit and then after the fight to artist got a stands at Agassi's back. Heavily breathing but he's not like slobbering like that is like as a monster he's a stand there is like. He's not the Crowley data spot after three net readmit premiums plus which I'm not sure how many people in the in the building realized. We keep track of that stuff and we senate and the post game show I'm not sure people understood what they had just witnessed. And and people who cover the game and follow the game will tell you that should be possible the first volume should be able to play a three minute and 32 shift period. But did and fight at the end of that shift in no way against the league's best power play as well came to that as well I mean. That it goes on at that you noted at a soft Pluto had and I think I I treat them as well like. It kind of flew under everyone's radar because I think the city's charting out I just I don't think that people don't keep track of ice time and honestly to sit in the arena. We do because the stuff matters to listen and Billy and Barry and Arab on. As he left the ice yet you have no and it where we're going back and seen when the shift started when it ended. And that's what we cannot put the 303 and it was like. That shouldn't be possible. No human being should be able to do what he just did it's why. And I made the comment on the air at the day after you know here on on the show with rich. What Tom Brady does mentally. Is much greater. Then Zdeno Chara I'm talking about comparison the forty year old athletes horse what's that ano Chara does physically. Is much more impressive than what Tom Green it. In this day and age with the protection the quarterback and I'm not taking way he takes its nine stand all Latin. What the forty year old defenseman is doing from a physical standpoint. Is more impressive than what the forty year old quarterback is doing. What the forty year old quarterback is doing it's much more impressive mentally than what the defenseman past that. Especially and ye in the league that's become increasingly younger and faster I think that's a big thing as well we talk about needed of the world drones the world. Everyone is getting younger and faster it's got this league so to be forty years old six foot nine never quite the you know the quickest beater if you will. Just to keep up with light quicker this year though yeah obsolete this plant based diet I mean that leads can't disputed that diet again heat heat or unrest in the country he undertook a complete change in its training. Program over last summer he knew he had to get quicker he he really undertook training. Make his feet quicker making strides that are. He worked with a different skating coach he did a lot of things to prepare himself to be a better player this year and he has it's crazy at both he and Kevin Miller they couldn't add. Massive strides in their terms there's chemical Hillary sneaky good. Yeah like like people don't understand. That's really fast for him he can yet. And then ever wants a while he'll unleash that shot of his snuggle well where'd that come from he's he's like fly under the radar sneaky good. In fact as I look at this defense one of the things that breaks my heart. Is I don't think there's a spot for Adam played when everybody's healthy now there's not and it kills me. Adam quite as one of my favorite Bruins ever I can tell and I I love this guy I love the the passion he brings. I love how he sells his body out every single shift. He'll block every shot he'll fight for every teammate he'll do anything and everything to help this team win. But if I look at the defensemen were on the roster right now my theory is there may not be a spot for Adam played in that normal. Six man rotation and then the neck injury happens in resemblance elite who put grizzly back in there. And that while they've stop and quit back. So it's one doesn't mean that comes on a personal preference obviously if you're if you're Trier place and not avoid it more likely to go with a grizzly and you arm Quaid and and that just speaks at the stop Iran and and the roles they play but it is tough we are watching out technically have to be the good soldier and he by all accounts he has been he's not complaining understands situations oh yeah and he has he has a pros pro but it just it's it's fascinating what they think of the app that is the real thing is this the one question mark Abbott steams up their second pairing I don't know if they have a a solidified once you there on that middle pairing that is going to be the difference come. Or make the difference come playoffs I'm there on the road and became the char against these top line players all game. Although the they to recoup job of that target Cassidy credit all the that it caught for too many men on the ice way to many times. If it's it's inexcusable on the row. It is absolutely unfathomable. At home. Yeah you can't get too many men on the ice on home ice. And I'm sorry that it's a brain fart of epic proportions. On behalf of ball the coaches and the players it's got to be sold simple. You've got that guy. And you don't go till he gets here I mean stop with this. Crap it pisses me off. That they get somebody to when he met on the ice penalties because that is self inflicted wounds we saw this in the playoffs last year too with only a few of those in a few. Parts may delay game penalty is last in the in the post seasons orders and it ran off the glass and did. Dornin stands I I'm I'm not a huge fan of that automatic delay of game penalty rule anyway but. I can forgive that one yet to Lehman on the ice I'm sorry there're there are no circumstances in which I forgive that one. On the road it's one thing you know when your try to you don't get last change your trying to match up guys. So okay as soon as that they drop the puck we're gonna switch our defense pair. Sorry no excuses at home you can't take a delay of game penalty is pretty obvious one to who it was like oh how I noticed rub here how do you not notice that what's going on there also. Saudi royals will will they do a lot of things really well. That's one little chink in the armor that just drives me crazy. I can tell this and out of a great sitting there like that this was an this is or drive you to the edge and Alex just. I I I love my equates games so much and it makes me sad. The little bit I've seen of Nicole opens came. You know there's your seventh defenseman. If everybody's healthy. Under an offensive game I think a little bit. Terms of what would he can do I agree we moved back with more Nickels and talking everything after his brief message from wise snacks. Before the ice freezes in the ref drops the puck and make a wise choice at your local grocers wildest hockey season and pick up your favorite wise snacks brought. It was a high ball. Delicious flavor. Wise snacks is bad clutch score weird case good. Hockey fan top over the boards and get your big blue coat top shelf this season and pick up your favorite tasty wise next products. And Jordan team continues its quest towards the cup. So so talking about these deadline additions. And not all are in love with them I know we've talked about it a little bit here Rick Nash I mean this guy is such a fit and it makes me. Feel like the biggest Bozo in the world fail the tried to sell you on Ryan Spooner the top six Winger and I'll come out here LA and that played great New York he has I mean I I. Don't know that it'll continue but good for him I'm happy for him I don't root against them. Rick Nash is all whole lot better. I'm in the top six forward off. You know I I think that I knew how good he was in terms of puck possession me only have to watch the games to know the he's a he's an impossible got to get the puck away from me so big and so strong and it's got that long reach. I I think I under rated his penalty killing game and I knew that the Rangers used him a lot of the penalty killer but. You know when you only seen him four times a year or something you don't get a real grasp of it. Com. He shot is so quick. The pockets on and off his stick so much faster than what I've I even remember. That's the thing that jumped out at me. And I said this at the time the acquisition David great team when he's Bennett his best with the Bruins is when he had a big power shoot first wing. Whether it was Nathan Horton army La Lucci to both when whenever he had that kind of guy on his wing is when he's been at his best. He looks totally re energized by the acquisition of Nash. And I think being underplayed in all of this is the chemistry that's developed between Jake to brusque. And Rick net cash. I mean if it's it's pretty obvious to me that the brusque it's also kind of been re energized. That bench for a little bit on on the game on Saturday and came back and scored acute power play goal late. To tie it. But when that group is healthy. And creaky may be nurse and something right now I don't know landing site but I get the feeling that he has. But outline. And that's. Box office second line if you got crate she between two brusque and Rick Nash. That is pitch for the other team to play again I'll it's impossible because I think you have three guys that can score from all over the ice I think we've seen that. Nash does what he's unique players that every time I watch him into the pockets on that Jimmy think it's horrible and they haven't had that in a very long time I think last got to fill that with the gala. And just when he thirteenth when he fourteen season Marie had tremendous luck with a pot use everything was going infirm. You know with national average now watch from the skies and legit scorer junior right now in the wild you look at scoring chances. That Nash has put up in his very brief Bruins tenure. Look at a shot attempts look at the shots on goal I mean he's doing some amazing things. At the offensive end. And oh by the way he's better in his own defense event that I gave him credit for absolutely and and he's a legitimate 200 foot player speaking to your point scoring chances that look this up yesterday. At five on five that line this accord no one of those fancy let's say it's a natural stature I think had this. They've played 35 minutes together the depressed. Great cheap now fine. They have 27 scoring chances for just eight against. I mean. Per Frontline does see two lines that can deduct some basis. That is you can't stop that means the shut down line or the over the shut down defense pair for the other team is got to pick their poison. And okay we're gonna take the Bergeron line. Well okay. Great she's happy to have it do that. OK we're gonna take crate she line out well impostor knocks gonna start dance and so it it's a dilemma for the other team and it's a dilemma that the Bruins I think can exploit. Mike crazy Ferrari saying I wanna re sign this guy. No no not crazy and and Don Sweeney even hinted you know that you know we'll see what happens but you know. Maybe this won't just be well you know short term rental. He certainly fits. Now I he doesn't fit at the price tag these guys that's the problem and that's going to be the issue here com. You know just because and fans say this all the that he'll take the take hometown discount play for the Bruins won should. Oh very finite amount of time you can do what you do and bank which you can bank. You know there are certainly players who take less than making yet. But I don't necessarily think an unrestricted free agent as a guy who should be doing that yeah I think I wish he would but I don't think he showed the big thing I think ill. They'll be telling the post season if they win the Stanley Cup that's. You know if that happens then everybody loves everybody yell I don't know I think a much better chance to keep it really oh yeah absolutely I would say if everybody loves everybody always thought we did this. That we get a chance to this again I think if you lost the conference finals. Percent I think I think he would. I think he would. Really entertaining had it coming back because you were so close. I think that's the real thing burst if you lose in the first second round is gonna say. Screw this I'm gonna LA Anaheim San Jose when these teams where I know I can have a pretty good shot at winning and BP and a team that. Like the heavier players like myself you know. I think that that's something but I think. I wonder I just I just wonder because I think that it can get into the contract kinda some Assange what does this mean the contracts general Eric Staal had I would do that. Nine times out of ten I think it's three years that the 3.5 person like that part B yeah take that that's the only prominent yes sort of rests with the idea OK do I like where I am right now are gonna wanna pick to a wanna actually. Can't see myself winning with this group up and hoping for them is do they have the room but the prospects like I would argue that you make room for dialing Rick Nash if he continues playing like this. You deal that. You don't get to a guy when he's younger guys knocking on the door included in a trade efforts to address your defense the offseason. Not a great free agent market there either I would say. So it's funny situations where. You know you have to kind of weigh it out but I bet. Listen I would keep this a long term if he continues like this because creaking has not looked this good in a very long time. And I can't see that just magically re developing with one of these kids as much I love the prospect pool cannot secret keep playing as he's playing right now. If he say okay great next year Linus to brusque. You Donato and I love rented out but I think there's a mental aspect of it with David creature that is definitely worth noting. And Rick Nash is kind of knowing that David Ritchie is passed and he was best when he was with Lou Chichi was best when he was with Horton. That's the kind of player that gets the most not a creature and that's why Rick Nash would be perfect stay here. He's is he's a better Louie Erickson you know it back to aching we talk about hate to say it but in hindsight that wouldn't be that hard. Now we all wanted to Louie Ericsson to be really really good. And he was sort of good but he was never really really good. There's no you always wanted a little more than I was thought there was more there like yeah yeah and he just didn't give it. Yeah it's been he's been at a Vancouver team that is and now her trainer yet he's on the air that you can rip I mean. That's for us and you could say you on the back assigning in his fit in Boston. But if you wait them out the back it's one as well right now sure AA actually has to be so. Brian Gionta is now I got monster's clear opinion on. I didn't think this is gonna happen he was a hard pastor me when her first visit a lot of wants there ought body was and the Olympics and he'd fit. I'm wrong again I'm always wrong but the scenes scenes. He was bad in the Olympics I think teen USA it was in the Olympics bright point he was the captain of the team and I don't think he was necessarily bad. I was joking around with Jaffe Yemen that I said he it's over here he starts playing for the Bruins and think while decisive release smallest. And all these guys are really fast here aren't that. He has such of savvy veteran player any real estate heat and the power play specialist kinda guy. That the guy that Jian to remind mean most of the acquisition of Gionta reminds me Mark Recchi yeah you know the guy who's won a cup. Knows what to do has been captain in Montreal captain you know at at several different places on back Tuesdays at BC he's a veteran savvy leader. He eat it seamlessly into the bruins' dressing room. He knew exactly what to say and what not to say and how to kind of let that fall where it does. And actually you think about all the guys Holden wing angles Nash Gionta. All savvy veteran guys who knew. And winner for economic splash Quinn and try to be a part of what they've got they've got a real good thing going here. I've heard all four guys say yeah they can really good team here I just got to fear Alec infineon. And have been Smart about that. Gionta brings a little sum them and I actually kind of liked the line the other night with Ingles and Bacchus in Gionta replied I like that line. And you know I understand I don't wanna sit guys he was playing because to brusque was a healthy scratch the perfect place to stick him in there. I don't wanna sit brusque for any length of time but you're gonna have guys that you know you're gonna have guys get being up get banged up. You know as soon as all these guys arrive. They get the word that Bergeron out so and immediately you've got a knee dwindles fits seamlessly and you know when they stuck him in game one. Scored a huge goal had a great assist on a Riley Nash goal. I like everything these guys have brought and yet if you ask most hockey fans out there the only one of the four they thought anything about was Eric dash. Extra now he's the best of the bunch and you know he is clearly. The the jewel that you're building around but Don Sweeney was Smart enough to say you know why we a couple of other things too. We needed depth defenseman but a guy who can contribute offensively and play on the power play if we need him to. And and I can keep native Barry. Appropriate price to get nick couldn in here lingle says the name that probably shocked people the most. And it was a guy that's Sweeney really targeted. Close to the trade deadline and and once he got Chicago to agree to the fifth round draft pick price tag. Alec do that deal again tomorrow. He's exactly the kind of thing you needed in the case of Gionta you know I think Gionta was close to coming here a year ago. And it just wasn't quite right for his family. You know he had this Olympic thing in the back of its heady wanted to an opportunity to play in on Olympic team. As it turns out captain Olympic team. But he a lot about it. A year ago here and and I think that there was real mutual interest back and forth. So this was an easy one you know he finishes the Olympics Sweeney reaches out heck yeah I am at I'd wanna do that and I. My my former partner in the afternoon Michael Holley loves Brian Gionta and notice any set on the air he said I promise you he's gonna win. A Stanley Cup playoff game for that would be that surprise defeat slats of the great ECD nine it was back in the lineup. And on Saturday night and it walker that games in that high and has proved has proved himself as worthy of of earning a spot this scheme once it because without dwindles. You know he fits well a little bit more of what they wanted you in terms of of the areas of the ice he played it based optical place at a rate we left or right. You know eyesight to wonder here if this cup is gonna push some of these younger players. Out of the mix and it. I don't want our jut push some of these younger players yes yeah even if it's not out of the mix if it pushes some of the younger players. If at this stage of the season without these moves. There's and while this is this is the team this is the lineup but you know you're not thinking this. Consciously. But you know how hard the push when basically if there isn't another option. In a replaced in the line up on the other options yet at every position it seems and and you know certainly there are certain guys who are gonna be replaced him Leno who they are. But there are some guys who could be replaced. And and I think we're seeing you know branding Carla gets a little injection of enthusiasm. Because he sees a legitimate candidate back on defense there. One point eight at nine defensemen here in east Lincoln you know he still in the math. You know these guys up front whether it was Heine and aren't the brusque. Leo some of those guys on the fourth line and I love the fourth line. About Saturday night one goal lead 57 seconds left in the third. And Bruce has got the fourth line on the ice for draw on the defensive zone. Think about that for a death possible fourth line. And you know at the time Andrew rate crop to its work in the game with me on NASA and set. If you got a fourth line that you feel that confident and that makes to a very tough team to beat. I mean he uses them in every situation he uses them against any match up. He has no problems at all putting not their against the Sidney Crosby line he has no problems at all. As he did Saturday night putting him out there in the in the closing minute oval one goal game with the draw on your defensive end. I mean it's it's amazing what Bruce Cassidy is gotten out of those three guys one of the things you need to bring parliament things I love is that in the first period of of Thursday's game against the penguins. City draws features cross check in the holy hell out of them any punched him in the face and yet and I'm like hand. I wanna see Carla kinda shows something here and it is Saturday. And your shot I wanna say it was a or somebody in the case and try to do in the same thing and Carla kind of snapped and gave one back like that's I wanna see I wanna see Carla take this a little bit more seriously and he doesn't but. Chose this county showed your site six foot five he should be more a monster than you are I like him finally chose to push back and that's. That showed me that this competition authority gets in Munich I get a few more than when I'm what I happens I want him to even respond against Crosby to commit Crosby get a couple of shots right in the face. Right down it was right in front of where our studio is. That you know bruins' net right behind the net there. I mean Crosby would flopped on the ice and cries for a call them all that stuff Crosby did nothing in neck. He was an invisible. Which is crazy or I wasn't playing by the way Bergeron wasn't playing the Chara was. Phil Kessel hates to seize it in a Chara I don't think Sidney Crosby love city. But. I wanted to see Carla do what against Crosby toward against the best player in the game no I'm not gonna take that shipped from. Give a shot in the back of the light or something but he did come back into it on Saturday and good for him. Go and finishing up here wise player wise snacks player of the week but he got on the mine. But he but that's what puts it Ryan's border for you know now opens is playing well like I had ice he's playing very while I'm happy for. I thought about it please you sort of hit me with a out of the blue I'll give it weird when a cat Torre crew who I like it. When we picked our player of the game on Saturday night I picked crew. And what's in one of the three stars in the building I don't think now he assisted on the power play goal by to brusque that the tide that he assistant on the martian goal in overtime. That wanted he had ten shots on goal Saturday wild ten shots on goal. That's what I wanna see Torre crew do. Get that puck to the net but things can happen from that they did happen from a I'll I'll pick up and out of the box election with Torre Croat. Yeah mine is Rick Nash they'll be getting the extended. Its three year extension for Rick Nash and I have already written out and I am setting to downstream right now. Now this player has been amazing I think he sorts all over the ice. He is like you what you talked about he's revitalized you players at the Bruins need in the post season I think. You know he is the guy that I is impaired and I thought possible. And innocent and it's one of these situations where I just I can't believe I'm watching is one of these things where I I've. Very surprising brick national Boston Bruin you know like I remember reading it over national paper when he first came on the scene. And being a lot of players and testing it out but Erie are you know fifteen years later whatever it is he's now Bruin and he's pretty game and did so he's my guy. I think he has to be really for me Yankee team announce I love what depressed dead. But I mean Nash every team has been even heard of them before so pretty remarkable that he's here and that is producing this quickly put these few these. Few practices have the Bruins it's pretty wild my opinions and he gets my nod. Will do next week with that we will run through. The six. Legitimate candidates for the seventh player off I love that I can give you all six legitimate I could vote for anyone to be six yes and I would never a problem. Yeah and none of them by the way are an impostor knock. Or Mac. That's the thing right this award has changed a lot you show you know it hasn't changed the voting bands stop getting it right they got to get it right. And I think Bruins fans are really Smart. But then it became a popularity contest and and and there have been times when it's a popular who is my favorite player that's not what this award. It's the player who's performed above and beyond expectations. You can't win it twice. The many you win it once your expectations go this is true how can you win the second time. And their met a couple of guys who have won it more than once the most recent being posture or not. Nobody better when this damn thing three times but we'll talk about that next absolutely should double asked about it shouldn't Dominic Moore creator lets us with the announcement last year end up. It's crazy that lays out there and Carlo or Dominic Moore and it wasn't but we'll get that XP sales as always thank you for joining me. I see you next.