Zero Pucks Given, Ep. 7: Dale responds to last weeks rant on Bruins coverage; Why Chara is the most underrated athlete in Boston sports history 3-15-18

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Thursday, March 15th

Ty (returning from his ‘big time’ appearance on Kirk and Callahan) and Dale are able to snag some studio time on the fly and talk about the 40-year-old Zdeno Chara’s refusal to slow down for the Boston Bruins. Is he the most underrated athlete in Boston sports history? Dale gives his response on the surprising reaction last week’s rant on the lack of Boston Bruins coverage, and Ty has a problem with a local writer taking some shots at WEEI’s hockey coverage. It’s Zero Pucks Given presented by Wise Snacks and Star Market. 


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Given them in my life. Hi Anderson you know Arnold here have always a much longer if you do it. We mean I'm out of here on the morning show I'm not on the morning show on you know all Hollywood. Because it's probably not gonna last much wrong. I'll never saw that on you and still light ironing out our morning show that was the snowy Jose there was snow day for them so they brought in. While at brokers and at gas on the top that list yes there's so while it's I guess primarily because tank weight gassed them. That's true yet he's diva contrivance now. Of the SUV. Probably less coastal act yet. I've ever seen on a set and slide all over the road that you were here absolutely. Ability is availability my friend that's nice I said it was tennis racquets on my feet. And walk here at the thing that I can't talk to you and I talk and wanna be ought to be here and not show up. Little weather so well but I'm here. So how are things. Okay he players drop like lies for the Boston Bruins hear about it. Womb we having this discussion before the mics open will happen now that they are open. You look back the trade deadline and yet the acquisitions that the Bruins made in Don Sweeney looks smarter and smarter. Not just that he. Brought players in to fill roles they looked at that. At the schedule for the month of march 16 games in 31 days at a pretty good indication as everybody would it you know somebody's down at some point they did know who. And it's actions that they brought for guys it's that they brought the rate for guys and open. Absolutely I mean technically that branch outlook is good for 39 year old who sat out for five months Chelsea's day he was playing Olympics. It it he's been the biggest surprise. It it as we're sitting here recording this induces via the data or they get ready to play via the Florida Panthers on Thursday as were recording us right now. I would say the one of the four who's playing the least impressively at this moment is Rick Nash. I'm not exactly where about Rick Nash and just saying he's had a couple of them sub par outings here John does look great holdings look great. Wing angles. But he's not and gasoline anyway he he is what he has but he he's been very effective in the roles might stress rules not role that they put him. Absolutely and I think that nationally the big thing for me is that teens and even now linemen and that is the line that's in line. Although I would say that martian apartment just good but I think it'll dapper Drake is Riley Nash absolutely you take elected job Nash has done being you know interjected between those two guys in place of Patrice Bergeron. Riley Nash has been great for this team. An and not just in this role he's been very solid all season long. But you know they stick him in between the two best forwards you have. And he hasn't dropped off really much at all from from what bird struck but he's up Patrice Bergeron astronomy at case obviously. But the play of that line has kept up really well because he's been really good. If you're a little bit of or across increased partly as the offensive game to put him anywhere he doesn't change isn't trying to change he has he has what he has. Right now it's been very productive for them and that's been huge cute excess. The bomber Havoc with right now that prides himself on ever turn Boston with the way he has played Abbott you know what realistically. I don't know how many spots they're going to be on this team you know and in the in the immediate future. You know you Marty got. Cameron Hughes and and now Trent Frederick who began their professional careers Ryan Dunn Ottawa I think once his Harvard season is over will be in his professional career. You've got some guys who going to be pushing to make this team here in the next year too that not a thing is weird because option arbor for. Atlanta. Like I think he's going to be that player I don't even know they're gonna start and here. I think he will be here before the season is out the regular season is not misunderstand. But I'm not sure would be a bad thing and the down to Providence and get a weaker tunes were the games and at the HL level and candidature. Your professional feet. The smartly and before that Mac boy that it would Maclin but they even want to deal with active voice they did you know they had a four defensemen go down and and they really didn't happen option. I don't think their first choice was to have Charlie Mack a boy make his NHL debut in the Stanley Cup Playoffs that's a that's a tough task and it's not that months ago a bye guys that I think that that's a good point with this team is that the depth. This time he needed you know these these 34 days for six days and maybe. Mean this is sort of in the remote start the island about most and is that happen. Chemistry and they haven't pinch these young kids in favor the older veterans buried peace times regain. Had no problem right act and I think that's telling them what the direction. Where they wanna be still wanna be. Even after that it. Yeah I mean he would obviously they've they've got some roster decisions to be made it closer to the Stanley Cup Playoffs but right now. Especially with the crush of games that you got here as we sit here now we know that Zdeno Chara and Jake to brusque will not play. Tonight's game against the Panthers and Saturday's game at Tampa. Bruce Cassidy has said flat out they will not play either of those two games. And assuming that these are not serious injuries in the breasts case it looked pretty clear sub hit that he took into the boards it's got to be concussion. And you know those things are notoriously hard to judge. And I'm not any rush make sure Reese you know ready to go and completely healed and all that in char this case it's the quote unquote dreaded upper body injury. Assuming it's not serious. Assuming. This does that. I mean Cassidy and Ari said it was going to be a yeah a tough conversation to have. When he wanted to convince char to sit out gamer to hear there and rest up for the playoffs Chara had already set I wanna play every night. Well there's at least two games he's not comply. And and I'm OK with that again assuming this is not a serious injury. I what I wanna beat told us that you know what. He's gonna sit out weakening can be fine and good to go then I'm good to go as well. We've talked about that. Yes pride locked in the lineup he he is such a force now. Stand the heat and of cash at 8 o'clock in the flat out you are fighting global respect liter currently are opposed very telling very interesting. Because some answers negative ideas of charm for whatever reason. But you know I will say this Ellen and lingle has only been you know a few weeks now. Zdeno Chara seems different to me this year and I've seen here you know in years past I've been in the locker room with a New Year's past. He seems more open he seems more giving for lack of better term. He certainly seems happy. I mean I think he really truly likes these guys likes this team. I think he likes where he is and and what his position is within the organization. I think he knows full well he's got boarding give. That this is not the end of the road for him he's still got some hockey left. I'm I'm not saying that he wasn't always. You know happy in and you know happy to be here. But he's happier than I've ever maybe ever seen here Bruins uniform short of obviously winning a cup course like that Ortiz opened that's where I mean. I think that are in years past he ducked the media but he wasn't freeze out your increase one's. I thought that technically. It in the team. And just a quick example I wrote this book about the Bruins that's coming up next November 1. And I really wanted to talk. To see about a chapter in the book. Am and I wanna to in the locker room Monday after practice and I just you know. Sit in on right in his book about the Bruins and and it really like to talk about it and consent at the time it's convenient for you racist. Now. And we went off the side and we sat down. And we sat I'd got my phone on and put on record and we sat there and talked for half an hour forty minutes. And you know he was gracious with the time. At the end of the whole thing. Obviously he's a big advocate of not the TB twelve method but the kind of things that the forty year old quarterback in Foxborough was doing. He knew that you know we we do the showdown at Gillette Stadium every money he knows all this stuff he said you know. He admires Tom he really hope he gets the opportunity to just talk to Tom at some point. And I was in the process of trying to make that happen. But the middle football season total top but I think at some point here in the near future. He and Brady your gonna connect I think in a lot of interesting things to say to each other about longevity in nutrition and conditioning. But you know at the and the forty minute conversation he wanted to sit there and talk about a robbery. And and how he was doing what he's doing it his age. Because it in those carving the same sort of thing out. Yet it's Lovett because it's a things I think that we talked athlete in Chara who. May go down under an athlete in sports history because he's been biscuit for this and I think that. This year has its place but it's sort of statement that. You know people they like it on park. Lies. I think he's kind of shut up these and it's common for Abbott you know what there's that group out there. Today they're not giving up that high ground as far as they're concerned and you know people they still pinkie Sox they still think that groans can't win win them. I mean I I get tweets from them all the time. You know if he's out there for a bad goal against target you know half a dozen tweets you know all yell what do you think now. And you know when he got their for a three minute and 32 shift in and play in his ass off and and fighting guys at the end of it it's crickets. But the amenity you know makes a bad play Europe a guy gets around him or somebody what do you think about that chart guy now. What I think he has. He is the third best defenseman in the history of the Boston. And and I mean literally the third best Brad Park was a transcendent player by the time he got to Boston he was a shell of its former self. There early to defenseman in the history of the Boston Bruins who ranked above char Bolter in the hall of fame he's called the hall fame to. And he's he's been that good. And the people who don't see yet I'm convinced at this point they don't want us. They've got to narrative built up in airheads like you said the say it's the same for the took arrest people. Yeah they're never gonna editing with grass when you point out that. You know Rask helped backstop the Bruins to a Stanley Cup final. Yeah but he gave up those two colts lost the game forum here. He was the goaltender when the two goals were scored. But that you know Dayton there are people with narratives and you're not gonna change it in others there's certain guys that the ma'am amateur there's anybody that. Nine everything yet they hate everything they hate everybody date of this team it's so weird it in it is at it's exactly the right phrase they hate watched the team. And and they do it just a bitch about. I hate that guy a nice colts Sweeney bringing that guy and I mean it's like it's like really in this is how you spend your evening but yet. Hello a lot of fun to be one of their kids or house Spezza. Hang around the house listener this deal I bought again yeah I got ally area that's a lot of fun. I mean it's Willis here to please everybody I think that year the look at this team and every every piece out your up and actually. Stop and join this group. We've done you. Yeah exactly and it's like you're the you're the person of the problem here so more on the Alec right back the easier putt about lies packs. And our markets well. The bill IDB pick at the world on fire last week when we when you went on that live there. I didn't realize that it was gonna guess. Kirk met him off as much as it did as much I didn't care. You know it's it's it's kind of comical because mutt was co hosting the show the day after. I when have I ever brought the podcast on the air you know we we just don't generally till it. Separation of church and state no it's not even that it's just you know I I I try to serve a wider audience and when you do in the show from two to six but anyway. There was a cut sheet. Our producer Jason Rossi provides two of the three hosts every single day in there in it was a cut sheet that. Probably had about a third of the cuts. We're from the podcast. All the stuff was there. And I heard I hear mutt on with Kirk the next morning saying I wish she brought this stuff on the Arab wish she'd done at that was written from a you wanted to do what do what but he didn't want to and that's fine. I I I don't take back anything I said. It's kind of comical because in the aftermath of the podcast and thanks to Kirk it kind of blew up a little that night I give him credit for that. Heard a lot of folks on this radio station trying to talk Bruins all of a sudden. A lot of it a shot that I went in the morning show and I tried it and it's not Bruins but they weren't happening I was surprised even begin. Yes while you say you respond of these tweets and they call the night I called their bluff I guess right now that's so let's add it if if you know this is called a lot tires used to edit and showed up here I got made fun of the talked about my mom firfer reporting finance a lot of fun it's great. The it's it. I think to your point now the morning Mott is if the two to six month. In on you almost have to expect that. If you go back and listen in morning Joseph verses what he did not bring up during your shows two to six that is your domain are about to see wanna come in there I. You know he can do what every once in their as far as I'm concerned some lots he's in there today and do whatever he wants. We we have people in there that have you know do what they do in the heart was in there yesterday I wanted to do what he does. Though the point was simply that that the I don't ask anybody on this radio station to talk about the Bruins. In Kirk's case he thinks that it is bad for business okay he thinks that it it turns away listeners. And you can't argue with his numbers he can't argue with their ratings. For his audience he's probably right. All I suggested was that for those people who mock. Hockey fans who make fun of hockey fans and talking hockey. If this hockey team suddenly goes on a run in the spring their suddenly gonna have weak on hey let's. Now. And Bruins fans are gonna say screw you. Make fun of me for doing this the last six months wanna I wanna talk to you know that was the only point I was trying to make them. I stand by the point and while I don't. Economy Clinton Christian and Lou talk about the Bruins are. Mark Kirk and Callahan I mean truthfully their show so different than everything else on the air here anyway absolutely and and as I said you can't argue with their success. They do less sports than any other show on the station he works for them. Where I have a problem is suggesting that all the rest of us should be doing the same thing they're doing. That would sort of take away their uniqueness wouldn't it. Absolutely and and I think we got hot about this I got hot in the aftermath. This article on the big lead dot com all I read it by Henry McKenna who have never under the house you'd never heard of in my life never heard of him once he's trying to say that. Hockey coverage in and honey I duck hunt doesn't move the needle. How skis (%expletive) with Gina. Honestly how would he even know what movies did he contact you were robbed now he didn't you know I anybody and it's these things because if not serving your core audience. What are you really dealing. Again. Thank you have annoyed at the core audience. Since you have one idea and by the way in and just to. Take your point refute his 11 other step here. We serve mark core audience very well let's talk football almost all the time we talk Red Sox Celtics. Some people talk pro and some people don't but the idea that. You can't talk Bruins. Because your core audience doesn't want that. It's a dip (%expletive) idea apps it's and it's based simply on what Hank McKenna thinks just fine he's got an opinion as valid as anybody else's. But but somehow we're supposed to to Taylor. Either WEEI dot com the Airways here at WEEI. Defeat his narrative. Always thinks they've yet instigator que es point here he sits there goes. It is not like covered many sports or Boston pervert And look at his eyes handled there on Is he says his record was well read. Answer the fact that it was copy and paste press releases. That's pretty much what he did and I went up you can look up all the things that these people do so yeah maybe it started with Neil doesn't mean ourselves. So I don't need his advice and I'm hoping it call for my job. I've I've worked my free an ass off to get to this point slept on coaches. I've worked three jobs that worked everything trite at this point coughed my job said he did know you lark I don't know who you are so congrats. We're given mile a minute fame Kirk talked about your article on the air and ripped off Luke reloading with Al corporate Sox take on the big league dot com or Korea. It's their time here enjoy it. I couldn't tell I mean you've had a week to calm down for Christ's sake now. Apparently I'm not gonna come down that it is just that is the absolute. I think that's the sleaze is thing you can do it if you're somebody in this industry is is try to say that another person or another what is they're not doing their job you don't know we live which is suggesting Hank that that. His Bruins coverage wasn't well read not because they know Bruins fans but because he's gotten opportunities job. We better Hank people read about your patriots writer herta you cover free candy for a living. That's a patriot rider has the easiest job in the entire world because people with in this market they consume patriots purpose to point where are today they love it I've never heard of he. That's quite enemy I've never heard the beat her to sit there you have the authority noble works what doesn't street self I'm done. They calmed down big Fella can all right well. Switching gears to more positive and pleasant things. It's time for our allies snacks player of the week but he got Brad martian. I didn't understand it was only second star of the week and first. And I remember what was and I remember reading Marcia and had more goals more assists more points and oh by the way three straight game winners. Tickets are only. Once again the NHL hitting on Brad marsh N eight. The Bruins knowledge of state Brad marsh. He's been amazing and you know I I love the way and now impostor Max kind of picked it up as well. And especially in the in the improbable come from behind win against Carolina. It Pasternak was pretty pissed pour most of that game. As he was responsible for the shorthanded goal early in the third that mated for one game and memo said it was just like you went you know what I'm going to be better. And he was freaking amazing all of a sudden. He's got that ability he is really something special to watch. And the two we them especially when you get Bergeron back. That's going to be a nightmare for teams in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. And especially if you got a second wind it's legit and it looks like David crate tree and a brusque and Rick Nash surely jet. Well then if you the other team it's like on the apple my best defensive. Line in my best offensive mime best defense they're against the because one of those two lines is gonna do some damage but anyway marsh and as my yeah my player of the week I think he's enemies. Well I'm happy apostrophe is that it's my upper of the week I have been a little critical posture likely I think that a puck management hasn't been worth it Libya and that fourth bowl against Carolina sort of spoke to that. But I love the I love the resolve my love and coming back scoring some big goals for them. I mean value and what notice who was on the ice in a one goal game in the final minute. You know to give impostor knocked out they're very much in those situations are usually sheltered angle he urged in he was not out there. Because Bruce Cassidy was trying to get him hat trick he without their because Bruce Cassidy trusted him. In that situation. You see the fourth line out there in those situations much or the impostor knock has them. Cassidy said you know what he's he sucked it up be doing a good job I'm gonna reward amendment put him out there and I think I think that. The mentality that is what I really love about posture that he shakes off that that played their moves on. You know he he is sort of that he has the mentality at that new superstar where he trusts is on skill set in the unity should come right back out yet and I think. And that goes a long way in a season especially two game grind here where in March and it's easier kind of fall a slumps if you will so for to see him get back on track there and it seems or some big goals huge for the confidence huge that line. And I'm with you a line in the playoffs and it's going to be remarkable I think it's one of those things were last year what's the test for them. This year is is sort of that where they're gonna ride my opinions though again all positives this team right now. Coming debate this weekend we what are you hoping for that matchup when you're down char and brusque. I want the Bruins to be playing for first place in the east Saturday and for that to happen they've got to beat Florida Panthers tonight. Beat the Panthers tonight is Tippett doesn't play again until Saturday. And you were playing for first place in the east. And you think about where temple was early in the year and where the Bruins wore you never would have thought that was an option. If you can find a way to beat Florida tonight you're playing for first place on Saturday I love it so it's a fun time here with tiger it's. I go to radio and I know you do fail thanks as always I felt pretty good restaurant. Your fifth. Our market.