Zero Pucks Given Ep. 8: Ryan Donato & 7th Player Award 3-23-18

Zero Pucks Given
Friday, March 23rd
Dale and Ty reconnect to discuss the immediate impact of Ryan Donato and how he changes things for this team come the postseason. They also touch on NESN's 7th Player Award, and how some nifty cap management has the Bruins set up to be contenders for a long time. This is Zero Pucks Given presented by Star Market and Wise Snacks. 

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Hello welcome to Europe what's given brought you buy stock market wise facts I am Tai Anderson joined as always by Dale Arnold failed played a great. A real. Good clinched finally carried out. Yeah I mean it's not like you thought this was much in out for a while. But it's nice to get it over with. I just I I look at the loss in saint Louis the overtime loss in Saint Louis is one of those remarkable events. If you think about it and we can run through the whole list but the Bruins played against the blues. Without aid of their top ten players including goaltender Tuukka Rask has Anton who'd opened up start. But seven regulars out of a lineup seven top guys your top three defenseman the way. Your top forward or at least your second best forward. It you'll you'll look at the guys that have been missing and what they've been able to kind of do to keep this this ship afloat here. Clinch the playoff spot you're gonna start to see guys trickle back into the lineup I think you'll see Bergeron. Perhaps the Minnesota game but in my opinion at least the Winnipeg game next week. And then you're gonna see guys kind of worked their way back in the lineup after that. And all of a sudden you go to in my opinion one of the deepest teams in the east if not one of the deepest team Italy desperate earmark well that. Where were we get the point now or this team regional college ranks to get what they need. In terms of a missing bodies replacing bodies. Obviously we circle back to rank and Otto I mean this kid he looks ready already netstat impressive to me. Maybe it's expected and away if you watch Olympics here perform their butt to step right in. Two goals and two games four point 32 games it's got to be something else write it and it even matter to me he scored goals I mean that's nice but just watches play. Media like six shots on goal in the first half of the game in his in his in his debut. He's involved he's in the right places the thing that really jumps out at me and you know as I've watched this guy. Is how much stronger he's gotten since they drafted them. And you know I've known Teddy forever and call the games when he was here and I've known Bryant since he was a little kid. But when the Bruins drafted him in 2015. I think it was 1414 yet. He was so slight and these kids eighteen years old. He's 22 now he's put on some BP stronger. He's able to go to the dirty areas ghost of the front of the net he suffered a massive huge guy. But I think he's playing even bigger than his size would indicate so far. Yeah like he mentioned the front of the net there I think that was what reduced it out to me is that he was aren't in front of the net he was getting bullied around and just kind of relying on getting a loose stick or something on their you can stand his ground yeah you keep plays alive. He can extend plays especially the power play we saw them Columbus game. I think that. Mean the Saint Louis came after the Eagles of it a step back but we'll get that team. If that's a big defense are going through it seems that's huge huge slice across the board. And also the pros they had a tough time getting to. The primaries of the ice I think throughout that game but overall these two games is really nothing that goal is I'm worried about this plane are not at all now on saying how how can you fitness and in the lineup in game one. Which I think I didn't expect that he sang every thought that he would sort of be another piece but I'll tell you where I think it's gonna fitting game one where is that second line left ruling. Really yeah I really do. I think he's going to be with Nash and David crate she. I think your little behind in down I think you're gonna move to brusque down. I think he's that good I think he's that he's got that kind of scale and all of a sudden optimistic in Nebraska and your third line. With wherever you know Gionta and whoever. Kind of like how things looked down there yet rates for decrees of the team went from. Having a question mark in terms of having. Not a natural fit on the right side Planar top sixty now they have to reports I mean I didn't think that the batteries. Well I I know which is that you never have too many of anything as we learned last year when the brewers lost the top six defenseman wanted to if you know as the playoffs went along. But. You've got some nice depth here you're you're you're gonna have some guys who were key contributors to this team throughout the course of the season who are going to be able to find a way in the line. Yeah and that's the big thing I wonder about a guy like pine and I'm curious you guys that got me here. One attention Heine and they're printing Cairo. Do you have room for these players come the first round I think that I think it's a legitimate question ought to valid question and in both guys cases and the answer may be no in both guys cases. I go back to the Saint Louis game again and I just thought Kevin Millar was planet grown man's game. In on a depleted defense was their top three defenseman out of a lineup he stepped up huge. He looks like that. There's no way you can have that guy out your line. You just you you cannot afford to have a model line up when he's looking like he did neck and I think for me I'm still waiting for that team. You know I think throughout these this this whole injury nonsense if you go. I think every player on that defense has had a Jean Marie said this is their game this agreement that players taken over. With the exception Brennan Carlo I'm still waiting for that Kaymer Carla takes over shows that hey. I'm not leave this line at this is my spot. And under I'm still waiting for maybe it's tonight maybe this weekend. I don't know but not doing anything wrong he's just not grabbing your attention is what you say that it's you know always eat its fine. When you had Chara in the lineup without Mac boy you saw the affected had on the overall defense and you saw the effect of that on char. Then all of a sudden when you take Chara Mack a boy and crew got your lineup. Well I'm it's real hard for me to gauge I said you know Kevin Millar I thought played great in the Saint Louis game. But it's hard for me yet to have much criticism for anybody on the defense when your missing those three guys out your blue line. I get to that same time I think Isaak Risley have had these schemes where eagle on he looked ready I just I'm I'm still waiting for that with Carlo I don't know it's just. He doesn't have the nastiness that I think people expect out of him for his size and and maybe that's fine maybe he's going through the deliver a verb. Of a wall right now fuel second year pro I mean lot of expectations last originally played yet I'm just I'm sweeter to seize the moment here which which I don't know maybe it's between years and it's a conferencing right now I think it's. When we need you look at the way everything has gone wrong for him this year maybe is a confidence thing. I just say that right now look at it and I say. Okay you're healthy I had charred Mac to voice my top pairing my middle parents probably Torre Kruger and I'm tempted to say Nik holding he's played pretty well. And then on talk and grizzly thing in Kevin Miller and may get put the Quaid there ahead of ahead of Carlo as well so it's just an odd. Situation right now for a player who we looked out last year and said he was a reason why didn't win the first round you know his absence was a reasonably when first round. So I think it's just it's it really speaks to battle dynamic of this team having so many good players just matter of being healthy. So far I mean and I have no reasonably many of these injuries are long term the most long term as Mac Voight. And I see where he was at an event last night and said you know he's feeling better I know he's going through his rehab stuff pretty religiously. No indication from anybody that there's any cause for concern any setbacks. You know with Chara if they call it an upper body injury when you look on the telecast it looked like it was a shoulder that was bothering him. But again am I am looking at how he acts and how he is around the team you know posing for pictures with Bobby Orr in the in the the press box level in Florida. He looks like a guy who knows he's going to be just fine and I think he is going to be just fine I have no idea what's wrong wrong with crew but I certainly have no light no indication that it's a long term thing. So I think those three guys are all going to be back what I'd really like to make sure happens in Mac voice the question mark for me here's. Can he get back in time to get a couple of regular season games under his belt I don't want its first game back in the lineup. To be and you know the heat of a Stanley Cup playoff series I'd like him to get a couple of games get a skates back under him get his feet went a little bit. And then you know go from there exactly ought north first. Any Nat Marten Ireland down on him in our fore checking in on an annual in the locker Brett Brett the entire game so our group that I think. I think with their forward grouping you know I I'd like that they have there I mean I'm okay. You know speaking here Maclin point I'm almost a case anchors fronts first game back in one analyst I'm not ethical I just. It's what I think he's I think he's gonna play either Sunday in Minnesota or Tuesday in Winnipeg I really I do I really believe that. And you know you if you think about it Bergeron goes back obviously the center of the top line with pastor knock and martian in and that line when they were helping with his good align its there was in the NHL. You've got crate she is your second line center he's looked good with Nash he slipped up with a brusque. You could theoretically slipped to brusque right back into that same spot we you know when he's healthy enough. But I'm a little bit intrigued by the stuff that Brian de autos brought to the table so play the game with me you put did not out there with Craig cheek. And with Nash you've got Riley Nash now it's your third line center. Riley Nash is plain wood Brian Gionta and chick to brusque. And then you've got to decide on your fourth line whether Denton hiding gets the spot. Or if you're gonna keep the fourth line together that I think has been as good a fourth line is there is the league all season long. I mean that's a pretty fascinating group of forwards from the apps that it has a mix everything that that. You need to be a good deep playoff team I think in. Yes I had talked to cast the vote this you know how difficult is the manages and in the fourteenth this question is very difficult as very difficult that is such as always players he's not language in the lineup. You know I I I is I just wonder like. My big thing is I don't think you'd be good situation if yours was your line attacked from game one digging Judy ingredient for. At the same time you'd like to do is get a line up and stick with it media you know roll it out there but you know sometimes you change things based on who is effective and who isn't obviously injuries changed things. In the lineup that I just. Put forth here and and really the only theoretically yours whether to brusque stays on the second line you are you put Donato there. I'd like that group and I'd be willing to roll it group out every night yeah and maybe matchup based UN which brings an X point here. Are you in or out on gore for the number one seat. I I'm I'd I would like to get it. But it's gonna happen organically I'm not pushing for it you know chart that was back in the lineup on a plane in 35 minute tonight because he's our best defenseman and Charlie Mack avoid. Now let's stick and Patrice Bergeron and a position where he's got to play 26 minutes to some I'm trying to grab that extra point it's got to happen organically you know if if it does great. I don't do anything different I don't stick guys in the lineup quite at one end. I'm not I'm not moving guys around I keep the same group and and you hope that you've got a group that's good enough that they can go out and get it done. Getting its big thing it's been so hard to gain ground tabulating we've we've noticed that they had a six game win streak. At one point it's not their homes and out of digging a single point in terms of where they were in the lightning and and you know and in regards to catch in first place and then. I think Tuesday night was sort of the indication appearances gonna happen at least in my opinion. Because you had you blow the 20 lead him on Monday you lose the Blue Jackets Hostin NHL no big deal to get a point that's great. The next night the leafs are beating the they're polite in three of one. I demons of lightning win 43 in other they make their come back down and they need you lose in Saint Louis then last night. They had absolute shootout and and between the islanders in the lightning lightning still win so I think ketchup is almost officially sales if you will. So it's not okay now that I'm gonna start saying McCain now it's time this figure out what your lines are two of the roles are come game one. Like he said organically it be nice. If you win those two head to head changes things and help let but I think overall I think you're kind of look and at that number two spot right now it would be the Maple Leafs. I think he'd be OK there but I if you get a little bit closer here at entering the final week of the season need to give a slight push knowing that. Home ice through the first at least the first three rounds. Mean that really works to your fever when you have Chara actually Bergeron line up and I'm not losing any sleep over it I think the health is the most important thing this team. Grow look at his conversation after brief message from Y. Snacks. Before the ice freezes in the ref drops the puck. Make a wise choice at your local grocers wildest hockey season and pick up your favorite wise snacks brought. Delicious flavor wise snacks is that clutch score weird case good. Oh hockey fans topple over the boards and get your people who build top shelf this season and pick up your favorite tasting wise snacks products. As George team continues its quest towards the cup. Right to a one thing and I wanna talk to you about my nose is this something that. Intrigues you set a player award it seems that they have 23. Nominees for this award this year got about six or seven but the other years the appoint his ballot. The did you know I. I want to hear your six or seven for me I have three and you know I but I do you wanna know where you. Lineup at this well first ball and and we talked about this a couple of weeks ago and and people have to remember what this award is about it's not a popularity contest it's not an MVP contest. And and that's sometimes get confused by fans for instance you can't win this twice. If you perform above and beyond all all expectations enough to win the award your expectations change. So ansari in my mind you can't win this thing twice and guys out. Again the criteria of the award is performing above and beyond all expectations. And odds and I'm not putting these in any particular but for instance. I had zero expectations for Matt grizzly. It used to be on the team. Rightly somebody who's going to be in Providence. I had no expectations. So everything he's done has been sold above and beyond what my expectations work. I look at grizzly consent holy golf course he's got a beard guy. Who is who was considered a legitimate seven player award winner. I look at a guy like Jake to brusque. Who you know if I looked at the rookies the rookie forwards on this team. At the start of the season I probably had him behind both under his Bjork. And Denton Heine. I thought both those guys were going to be ahead of him he's ahead of both of those guys. He is far outplayed what my expectations work he said a legitimate number two candidate Meghann and not putting them in order saying where's there's a second one. And if I gave your third one off the top of my head and Tom who'd open. You got held hostage by the backup goaltender position the last couple of years. You and you bring would open in bring him back and you think it well what are my expectation of an aptly Tuukka 65 games again this year. Just the opposite this guy sees the backup goaltender role gave you great back up goaltender play. This is the games played effort for Tuukka Rask is going to be about 55 or so which is exactly in the wheel house of what you want it. Anton who dull when. As far exceeded what my expectations work I knew we could be up back up goaltender in the NHL he's been better than that so those are three just off the top might. Yet for me my number one seed in this bracket if you on the whole marchment theme rally Nash I think that. Coming into this year I thought he was good last year you use it as a fourth line wing. He didn't while on the as a senator I think in when he had to step up their third line second line first on whatever the case was last year for the team. This year totally opposite I think I think he's really found a way to find his groove finest putting in terms of when he's asked to be top six felon. He's play in the power play as well yes he scored some goals so. You know not your job he's done in in Patrice Bergeron absence has been remarkable exactly Iraqi being Astor place and all world player and and there's a drop off but it's not like you're fallen off that cliff yeah exactly it's like he can't. You know eat right trust them when you need a big faceoff winning he does it beat up their little bit but but it's one of those things right think that he's done. As good of a job as somebody Camden New York are placing a player of that caliber. I'm with you and who dove and I think that's a guy as well that. You know this really was a mess for them last year and the year before that I think when you're you're talking a brain and Jonas Gustafson. You know off the street basically and having him try to be your back up and the sooner it happens to get sick the final game of the regular season you have to turn him. And it was like it was kind of an acting under and lose this game because. You just couldn't trust that position could trust who is who is there. And before that remember who was before that. It was. My goodness who was it like that's think that's what I mean it is cold and position has been such a revolving door. All us fabric and an endless terrible too cold contrasts them so. One of those things where where he really needed someone to stabilize deposition when it bronze medal in last year I was gonna happen and it did it ended up on waivers. And I thought here they go again I have to go and Gordon overspend for somebody this past offseason now they might have to overspend to keep him this year yeah eggs which unlike know about that mean. MacIntyre. I'm not I'm not a big McEntire got I don't think he can be an Angel back up on on a consistent a basis to release her trust him for that 25 team workload so. I would anybody Malcolm Sudan was either is Andy yeah. Yes I mean they're there and we're its puppet stabilize that position has been so key to this team not to worry about playing to gun back to back nights. Which he can't deal I know it's been done before but you look at play the next I it's it's substantially worse he's not he's not built for that. He's not built for seventy deemed not Erik Lundqvist. You know I think he can do that would equal partners and cities gained anyways but. So look at that and and I look at I look at brusque to be honest as my third because yes he is a first round pick yes he's won this organization's top prospects. But I think that if you if you read the clippings last year and use you read into that the panic among the fans he was a bust already he was this he was that. He has been. Such a stabilizing factor on that second line I think really helping preachy. Know what he has out of alignment which preachy I think was annoyed by the revolving door of players that he had to lose left and too right probably the last time you actually fair. And I think that having a kid that he can trust. You know George Russ is gonna be he he makes skill moves and greedy moves you know he can deflect pucks in front of the net. He also stormed on the wing and Engel top shelf on goaltender and we see them do against great goaltenders in the NHL this year so. That those at three guys that I look at. A fourth if you will would be Tim shall there. For me because as this team they lost Dominic Moore who sort of their go to left handed faceoff guy. And chalice come in and he's that'll take Oliver of that workload. I think which when you talk about their PK which has remained pretty good this year that's an underrated element of what Shalit has rocked this team any sicker Ryan points. Our goals and points I believe now as well so. It's anyone of these guys eight. If I pop idol and was on the list Tilly fellows beat kind of fell part here the last month or so I thought he was one of those legitimate guys as well. I I said you've got legitimately six candidates on this team which is the beauty of probably why this team is where they are right now. You know you've got the veterans playing really really well active you know as good as they've ever played before. Which you brought this group of newer players him. Who have just lifted everything up and and you know you look at the weight and height and has been good this year and really even with that the drop off accurately. I thought he was going to be one album but I think Nebraska is passed him in that regard. Yeah I didn't really hope it's not pot's not as a three time three time so Butler I Carty said he can't win it twice there is no way you can you can win it three times as anyone else besides him one at. Twice together about a couple. And Thomas and is adding nearly won it twice I think. You know pain in his comeback year he won it. Yeah. That we had the list at NASA and I was looking at one point there have been a few yeah I don't think anybody should ever won it twice that's my own bias. I hate the idea of somebody winning twice. With the possible exception of you know you've got 88 career threatening knee injury like nearly did you come back and what are the expectations for that. I could justify that if that was the case but normally and it if the guy wins it three times home goodness. And the fans have completely lost their minds yet you know. Being as some and he worked at NASA might. Is it all fans of you guys it is there and comedians was involved can't give it to this auto a couple of hours that's why guys don't wanna twice yeah no they don't mess with anything it's you know the fans vote. They don't mess with that at a Leo how about this guy news you would really like him Nell now is if the fans pick Austin aka third year. He's gonna win and a third year now go crazy yak as the guy I was worried who's gonna hit the point where they delist the five personnel players and their like you gotta pick where these guys do not mess with it out which which. Mean I get I think I'd rather the didn't yeah I mean even if I think the fans get it wrong even if they did vote Oster knock the award for the third year. It's still fans vote that's what we said yes this is the opportunity for the fans to decide if that's what they decide it's like the American election you know. Where you whoever you decide on his so you get notre Ari the rest of it alone and I you know it's like. I thought last here that when posh wanna as I can see it and the legacy liar taken aback by. Player going from I think it was nineteen goals and 35 and seven points with. You know yields expect that pop act. Dominic Moore brand car launcher Adam last year you Carlo given my choice Europe are I had zero expected and accused going to be on the team like grizzly this year. United the Carla was going to be on the team last year so for him to. To be on the on defense pair with Zdeno Chara for most of the year. It was clear cut to me but the fans chose differently tonight their car you still gonna cart that now you get yet you'd get it's a lease and it's a three year les back in the day used to get the car. And the and the and the fan who was selected whose name was selected got a car. I think it's pretty early someone. The you to pay reported it and they pay for. What no no I mean you you win 83 year policy SA I figured you would your responsibility I don't know if this Dario thank. If you just don't get to keep it after the actor I guess that makes sense. What are things ought to talk about as well have been back to the seventh player if you all these options they had did you see the ad yesterday the the Boston Bruins in our blood out of this tool yeah well I mean I you know there are mad at the Geiger when the gap between it. I'll I'll give Felger credit weakness. I assume yet to allow. His is stuff to be used on Latin and and good for him for allowing it. When I re tweeted out late last night and said you know it's the end of the of the ad says listen to know. And I just said or. Decide who you listen to. That log out and and you've you've got your choice. And some of elders followers on Twitter were coming after he said he was just saying what everybody else with sand back at the beginning of the year and no it wasn't. Sorry I wasn't. When people were critic who were critical of the teams play in the first month or so what I said consistently on the air here is I don't know what this team is yet. We haven't had a chance to see. You know they weren't helping they didn't have a a complete line up. And I don't know how good they're going to be. I didn't write them off in October 1 of November the way the ad portrays ice it give the team and then we'll decide. But up about Thanksgiving so absolutely and then use arm and you went all crap. They're really good. Now. I guess in in one way you stick yourself out there you take the chance you know you say this team has done too many young players I don't know what they're doing. And that's fine and that's the cash tank top sports take you know approach to collect it until it. Well then you got to eat it later on if if it turns out that your raw. All I said in October 1 of November was. Just let me see the team just give me a chance to see what they really are and and we'll figure this thing out. Once you saw him. What you saw was that the release yet. And I think the funny thing is not that it's it's it's almost that was a bad idea to declare seasonal for three weeks into it right when you're missing class in my parents Aaliyah well that's the thing inflate. It comes back hard especially that we've had a we had a few weeks you're talking of people who talk hockey in this market you know I was went to my guest spot on on curtain Callahan. They'd ask me oh you know who talks pocket neat thing as bad as the elder because. If people in corporate ring at Leo he covered the Bruins you know back back in the day it's like that's great but. We feel like because he actually does it counts of other that's fine he covered the team. Yeah and and he was willing to to talk about him when others in this market mark tonight. I say that with appreciation or. And yet there are times one of the keys right there are other times when I think he's just flat out wrong. Then you know writing off the team in it at the first of November seems a little silly to me. But you wanna take the hot sports take wrote oh adding it's also kind of for me exactly in the charging against Tuukka if you know the it is it's a gigantic. Part of the standings having to grasp of the bad goal because what they hear and were trio which. Again is is I think it's factually incorrect I think you're being dishonest moment as he goes back even further and I'll go back to you know one of my former partners at the end moment. Who started telling everyone who would listen to him and he was a huge voice in this market for a long time and he would tell everybody. You can't talk documentary. Nobody wants to hear hockey on the radio and it's sort of became ingrained in people's minds. And they started to believe the crap that he was thrown around and so they started repeating it. And I you've got talk show host who were repeating it. You know it it is silly to say that you can't talk hockey on the radio. You have to be able to do what well. You have to know what the hell you're talking about and obviously you will connect with a very rabid. Fan base if you do that. In the same way that if you declare. The Bruins will never great win anything with the rest as the goaltender and you've got a pretty significant voice in the market. That voice is gonna carry some white. And and I guess Santelli does win a Stanley Cup championship you're gonna look like a genius. If you go back to that 2013. Playoff run that took grass cat. In his one point 88 goals against average for the playoffs in his 940 save percentage. That's better than Tim thomas' numbers in the year the Bruins won the cup. I people who wanna hear that knowing I you know weighing in with him. Yeah which which drives me nuts I mean we've talked without Ford's think that people are so quick exit to say how terrible everything is all the time and I think we look at Tuukka and you look at what he's done her struggles what would every want to call it. I think that the workload has played a factor there's no doubt in my order the workload has benefactors so. You know if he has another bad playoff run. If they're out in the first round he posts and 915 or ninth and we don't they keep on that keeps and yet he got a three and up Finley against Philly remember quite who. How how long the call was Jack. And yet the young they keep all Allah remember that. Or or the other one that they'll throw matches. Gal but what happened in the in the last few minutes of game six against Chicago com some defensive breakdowns. And in the greatest dynasty in this Ara turning on and and dunks and some and some big goals which they've done. Again and again and again what they like that violent black opting out of the out of the post happens to everybody then and for the for the cap is crap crowd out there. I would just hold up up up postcard from the Chicago Blackhawks it's not crack. It does matter. You've got to be able to navigate the salary cap era. It's why the Edmonton Oilers are screwed in my opinion Peter she rally in what he's done with the cap out there they are screwed. It's why the Chicago Blackhawks tried to keep the dynasty together I understand completely what they were doing the fans love these guys I understand all the reasons. But to look at the numbers it is said it's going to be hard to keep this group together and if you do keep the court together unit will be able to put anybody around them was an ego. It's one of the under rated things that I think Don Sweeney has done here you look at the contracts that he's gotten Brad marsh and and David Pasternak sign to. They're they're really good contracts for the players. But their reasonable contracts for the for the team and end the Bruins. Have navigated the salary cap era a little more efficiently than some other teams have done. In order for back to work you've got to pick the right young players you've got to get some young players in an entry level contract who can committing contribute. And that's a huge factor and they've done that I give them all the credit in the world. But they've also managed some of these contract negotiations properly as well yes and bring I was gonna say how the Blackhawks pay 21 million for teas contain ten point five each. The Bruins pay under money for their top line of moral victory yet mark chambers on past track which and and again you can you can flip those players around you can move pop art kind of second line if you will and here's a deeper team because of it you know I think that. And the girls they make tough calls they had to patriot boy chuck a little bit earlier because they knew they couldn't pay him. Yeah I think I think you happening those decisions and as the Blackhawks fell in love with their court and rightfully sell but hard to blame the guy you look at that you know maybe retreats deeper maybe could've got three younger pieces affordable pieces if you will. Referred you know secretly go from there any other thing is Duncan Keith looks like a shadow of his former self it's unbelievable where a guy like Zdeno Chara looks like he did 567 years ago. Duncan Keith looks and I don't think this is the case but he looks like it's over yeah. It looks like yeah and in. I never thought I mean you get they've done a masterful job of of they've been in this situation before and they fought out of it. But in the always have some cap space and fever when they did that and and now that dynamic has changed contention see what they'd do the work out of this. I think that an errand for sod treated real and too much of anything and if any can almost hurt the middleweight to get an airing Columbus and how he's thriving there. Universal its hottest on I think that. In this team they've fallen in love to fault with their with the dynasty they were really looking for somebody to play with Toews and sod had played their before and they thought that that chemistry would rekindle. And it really didn't the same degree started out like that first you know 67 games started out I thought okay while they've done the right thing. And and regressed and let you you make decisions based on the best information at that time some of emigrate. I'm not trying to make it sound like Don Sweeney made every great decision. Kevin Hayes Matt olasky weakened run through the mistakes he's made in he's made is what he's been willing to do. Is is cut bait. Now by guy out. Unload a contract move things around. When he made mistakes he's easy knowledge them and he's moved away from the moved on from them. And sometimes that's even harder to deal throw pucks given presented by star mark and wise snacks. One thing I wanna ask tonight asked as recording this how to say in Dallas stars and dine Boston are tight in Dallas sect. Holcomb. Where a situation here this team trade today a franchise senator and they don't feel the effects for Eagles score it's unbelievable isn't. And and this is gonna let me just start this spiked by making sure people understand and sang. If the Dallas Stars aren't in the playoffs it's not because of Tyler say OK I'm not blaming Tyler Sagan. For the fact that they've met a playoff team the last couple years he's a battery. It's great it's a very good he's great player. Gifted player. But are you going to be able to build the team around Tyler Satan or the build the team around Patrice Bergeron. West wing and when the Bruins traded Sagan what they were saying realistically. Was that Tyler sickens going to be the third line center on this team is he better than Bergeron is he better than crate cheat. And I don't pentagon is a force eagle score. Take a look at everything. Would you say that he's a better senator. Than those two guys now Bergeron I don't get to you can make an argument now if you wanna make an argument that he's better than crate she I'll listen to what that's fine I understand that argument. So in a best case scenario he was your second best center. Now we've talked about this before on on this podcast. There were and number of factors involved when they traded Tyler sing in a way. I felt that the Bruins had betrayed Sagan you wanna come back and bitch at me you've got a legitimate bitch that they didn't get enough. I got no argument with you there I felt they had to trade him they felt they had to trade him. Where they screwed up is that they didn't get enough in return for. Absolutely napping you know for me become we're circled back to this point because I think at the time that we recorded this. The stars are surging in the crates Aegon had a great team as a first line center against bird rounds like. Always is player turn turn the corner here. And again certain zero point not think they're falling off because of Sagan and that that team is in a free fall right out. And you're looking towards you can't app player. Insanity is he enough it is what they have right now at an insane enough to elevate them to that next stratosphere and we can say that. Hitchcock didn't play younger players an accurate there indices I think it's a real thing that's Burton's team right now. But look at that these situations here island where the Bruins arbor for the stars are. And I'm like us are not better than than what they are right now in the when you have a core senator Ron tenancy and how are you not better than than what you are right now and it just it's it's. Will forever blow my mind that the street is not blowing up the way that I thought I thought this vigil board all over again. But on a grander scale because as the starter set up for long term success plan to eat you haven't seen it and it's it's better Michael. Watch yeah I don't know if it's management I don't know if it's coaching I don't know for both I don't know it's the it's the players and ball because as I said. You've gotta ask yourself is Tyler sing in a franchise player. It iyas you know an outlook like I understand you could legitimately throw back in my face. Yeah I'll look at what the Edmonton Oilers are doing giving economy David's a franchise player answered yes I deal course I think he's a franchise player. I don't think Tyler sing Indians. I think the Bruins decision was Patrice Bergeron is the forward we're gonna build this team. The electrical. Yeah I think he had a look at it to your point that you brought this thought he was in the third line center here eat I mean you couldn't pay act guy. Five and half Miller five points and illegitimate entity at a reasonable contract they just signed remembered that his contract was reasonable maybe not for a third line center. They didn't trade and because of his contract now. There were other reasons involved as I bet but the contract wasn't the reason that they dealt them. I went back and I watched the idea behind the clip of when their assignment and a treat him right. It's a little cringing when you're back and watch it I mean yeah understand kind of what they're saying. You know yeah you wonder if that's right that mines that they had vanished changed now you know the media player like march and we look at his struggles in the 2014 post season. And you say a note to they have the same car receives racing all if you documents need the differences they don't have any questions about marsh and off the lights yeah. They have questions about marsh and on the ice occasionally. You know is he gonna go over that line again is gonna get suspended again. They don't have any questions about a mafia none ya which I think at delta and made a big difference but I forget too that when they were having those discussions at first. And ever Shirley telling me straight up because we're we're we're listen offers and I was blown away about your admitting that light on the record you're okay with M where. You know we need to grow up and out there really noticed it right now. But I I always forget that it plans to treat him to re up port. I was in the initial play that was that was part of what was going on at the time and a great osu Columbus they wanted to bring Nathan Horton back they wanted him back here. The plan align with great. And you know this was all happening and it in a similar timeframe. They dealt Sagan and then important ultimately to all the normally and then you know things sort of fell apart for many gimmick comes and I'll I'll sign here for one year and back and it is just fine it's got he was I thought he was great I mean he's most players sort of what you've seen for three or four your runs and we really dumb and is it's funny though when I look back and at that you lost Horton and you las vegan and you really had one year again. Like your franchise in this comes back to Gordon's injury and Alan announcement for things you can control but should not they should have been a lot worse off than they are. Adding act that speaks of that. That's when he fourteen draft with when you had Bjork and pine and does not note that really might be what's if this franchise yak and the guy who doesn't get credit for that is Keith Gretzky. Now he Gretzky was the guy who was in charge of scouting at that point for the Bruins. David pastor knock. Was Keith Gretzky first peck. Cryptic. Now he didn't stay. But he turned things around in terms of scouting drafting. And and ultimately the development obviously was within the system Keith Gretzky deserves a lot of the of the credit. For how they turned around that part of the of the organization and order what his features through an Edmonton you know I would be threats truly inspired. Given the way this team that teams looked in the long term future he talked but the Indians group now. You know it where it is ego where does he end up and you're gonna have every time digging out from under that one too I mean that's what that was Sweeney's toughest job here. Was digging out from the salary cap problems that your rally at built. And some of the contracts the aid given and no trade clauses and all that stuff. It might be a bigger mess to dig out from in Edmonton if Gretzky were to succeed sure rally is the general manager and Edmonton might be a bigger task trying to dig out from under that. You've got to think that if they moved away from sure rally. Gretzky would be the logical choice A because he's really good at what he does and being that last name carries a lot of weight net town absolutely meanwhile everything is sunny in Boston. I never thought I'd say that when when that GM comes entries is Akron although Owen and in and no one that when I said he doesn't always make that moves that might be at the top of my list has the the right there on top -- under the editor Dan I don't understand it now under the new great. Like stop that and I cannot blame neatly when they screw sum that up and and say Sweeney gets the credit when they get some right gas. Don Sweeney is the general manager. Yeah stop that crap that gets thrown around in this stuff well we don't know if it's nearly it's not really. We don't that was John Sweeney's that he says it now get tougher we look at look at I'm sure they talked about we've got to get tougher course not Sweeney is the guy says let's go get snack run although for a third round I like I. I don't think in an organization had a hand in that as well I think that I'm trying to find ways that I say it's I don't blame Sweeney ins are blamed the aliens that a Sweeney c'mon I like camp I had I have always been a pro cam guy I think he's had a great job here at what the deal with the buildings while its technical issues with amonte Modano for its us we hear that a lot in this town yet if the Bruins do something really good. They wanna give nearly the credit for gas if they screw something up they wanna blame Sweeney for yes on Sweeney is the general manager of this team. On Sweeney decided to fire load Julie and not Kim neatly. Don Sweeney decided to give Bruce Cassidy the job not can't really debate talk to they discussed of course they deal. But ultimately that decision. Is done swings and he's made some real good choices there. You wonder like on that point had you wonder if there's a point where where they they had a meeting of the minds where we're knew he admitted and guarantees that accurately you. Run this the way that you think the best plan because I do think that. I think it's surely getting nearly what I really emotionally to get exactly which I don't think he'd necessarily had to throw it towards the end you talk about the rumors of in barring him from trading certain assets well. I that spoke to trust one another you know he doesn't trust him long term future so. Do you wonder if it can take a step back and and sort of looked at the big pitcher but trusts his guys in the day to day operations in this. The scouting in the moves it's pretty clear based on the results that the trust is well founded absolutely. I would I would I would trust them to know I I think I think cam and Donnie always had a good relationship. I think cam trust Donnie trust his plan trust the programs he's put together here in is let them run it yeah. Before we get out here. Time for a YY sax player of the week that we have this yeah well yes. Which would I prepare properly for. Player of the week. Again I'm gonna say I gonna say Ryan Donato. Okay when he shows up in scores goals in his first two NHL games. You know when when you make a splash like that. I had a chance to talk to a tip Teddy. The night of Ryan's debut on over to visit with Teddy for awhile and congratulate him and and we were joking because. A lot of Harvard kids were in the suite with with Teddy watching Ryan play. Teddy says all all of his teammates are saying you must be nervous he's passing the puck and they were laughing about it. But but he was proud any should be Ryan's looked like he belongs here Saul picked Ryan Denon. I like it and one of the things that they brought up on the broadcast and and I don't remember Ted a whole bunch ever amber and coming back second time around. They Syria's heavy shot. Is the shot similar yeah well I I think Ryan's got a better shot like yes Donny has said this I called the games when Teddy was playing near you did have a heavy shot. I I think Ryan is more skilled offensively than Teddy ones. But but Teddy could shoot the puck and any did have amnesia which if Teddy wants him and the fun I don't think he likes it now. I have. I think today I just say hey never deal. No I mean I love Teddy I I think he I think he's done a great job at Harvard eight convince his kid to stay for three seasons the job by him. That's a great hockey family to get them on the uncle the any Ryan's uncle to any of that Dexter. You know I I I know Danny we believe that's in congress is on the phone for storage and on. On Ryan great great guy great hockey Stanley. I come back to my wise snacks player of the week here on your putts given. Anton would open because I think that. You look at that team against the blues there the blues are released surging towards in that game that they should've had it in four goals in the third period and in a comeback that see that little me of his locker with I think one of the aspects left and then couldn't help real time as it was blocker hand I don't know I don't think it went off his mask as it sounds better but I thought it would block I was at that they I said it like in my apartment I think that was the head save and then pilot pen. The blocker on the sounds better if it was off the mask it was locker and it was sort of it was so fitting given the way he's played this year and he's helped this team I think is steal points steal victories specially in November. When you had idiots like meter rating may be here's the number one goaltender for the time being ho a wrong and I possibly then. But Iran yet print run as is tradition. But I think that it's you know that was that was so fitting for an once the playoffs. On the back of leaking state by Antwaan Randle that in just a total battle there. Underrated element to this team's success this unit we talked about that player award nominee for share. I saw a cycle and is because they need of that performance he delivers it. And I you're in puffed president night to figure out who easing your lineup in game one. I'm Maple Leafs I think that's team they're gonna play doesn't scare me but it I think it it it should on the serve. Mr. and keep it going beat them one time the last eight meetings. I think this team has a good matchup against them if it is indeed different from a holiday if they get everybody that exactly that's the big thing I was gonna say that's the big things so. We'll get to see that. Dale as always thank you for joining me this is in Europe what's given up for some of my wife's death star market.