Zero Pucks Given Ep. 9: Bruins' March casualties return to the lineup; Postseason expectations for Tuukka Rask and the rest of the roster. 4-3-18

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Wednesday, April 4th
After a week stuck in traffic, Ty finally makes his way back to WEEI headquarters and reconnects with Dale for another episode of Zero Pucks Given. They talk about the Black and Gold establishing themselves as a legit power in the Eastern Conference after a downright ridiculous March schedule, how the Tampa Bay Lightning — or any team, for that matter -- are no longer scary if you’re the Bruins, and why this postseason seems like it’s a true make-or-break kind of year for Tuukka Rask. This is Zero Pucks Given, presented by Star Market and Wise Snacks. 

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They're close they'll welcome. Zero let's give him brought to my star Martin why snacks on anti Anderson as always they'll Arnold's. Failed pretty exciting three or four days here. And kind of fun. Got a as we're taping this thing now they've got an opportunity for all intents and purposes wrap up the division in the conference tonight technically they only another point. But. If they beat Tampa Bay Lightning tonight. They'll have a four point lead Tampa will only have two games remaining. They've got the tiebreaker and ROW sell you've got to get one more point besides that but I think the Bruins are probably gonna finish first in the east. And my whole thing is I've never felt more confident in this team and I did the enters tonight's game and thought that was to gain that. Had a big could've swung back and really sort of changed dynamic of this season series now look at messy neat in the temple incite acts like the Bruins in seven games series yeah and look at let's be honest throw out that the the course of sports history. There is eighteen for every team that they just have their number. You know that the Washington Capitals have had the bruins' number and until they turn that around I'm still gonna believe they've got the bruins' number or at least break and hold B does. The Bruins have the Tampa Bay Lightning number and they have different a number of years to go back to that playoff series in the Stanley Cup run really from then until now. Despite you know that the superb players who play for Tampa Bay and I've. I have undying admiration for Stephenson Kos who like as we're sitting here now I'm not insurers don't play against the Bruins tonight. But even with Stamkos in the lineup and Hedman and you know all those guys. I think the Bruins kind of have the lightning number interestingly enough if you watch the lightning and I know you have. You get fifth dissents. That vessel of ski is in that both the Tuukka Rask has been in the last couple of years where they've played him too much they had two or at least they felt they had to. I think he's worn down I I think that he looks like a guy who's kind of running on fumes. It doesn't speak well for the lightning going into the playoffs if you got to a stamp Kos who by the way they're not even sure he's gonna play again until the playoffs they may hold him back. For the rest of this week. And a goaltender who looks like he's on fumes that does not bode well for them long term. Analysts and appeared actually it's it's one of those things where. Once a goaltenders tired can't make them on tired easily status but at September but yet is exactly it's never going to be the same in season I feel like so. So that's that's on the they have really sort of I think. Mismanaged here I mean he's he's. One of these players I had on my my heart might mind Mike Hart trophy ballot via the and Italy Rita bicycling so well now let's. Play from goaltenders things that he's letting at least one bad goal per game. You know get a few of those schools approves or limited if he's a little bit fresher and all those go in. I think I think that he's just kind of mentally fatigued and that team as a whole mentally I'm hoping that they are. Where they need to be innocent dangers Boston Bruins I think you're seeing now with the way that shall there and it Sharif and these guys are getting their skin and and just haven't completely unravel before their eyes and your and your senior. Happened for the Bruins where other start to trickle guys back into the lineup you know first it was Bergeron coming back and you know than it was to brought skin then it's Chara tonight it's going to be Mac avoid. We get word from Bruce Cassidy as we're sitting here today that Rick Nash has begun skating back here in Boston he'll play before the weekend is out. Don't wanna get a regular season game under his belt. You know Riley Nash. Once the swelling goes down in his ear and get his helmet back on he'll likely be able to play our core rallies the one I'm not sure rough but rally might not have a spot. On this you know normal twenty man roster skating roster when everybody's healthy. They're getting healthy at the exact right time it it has worked out this way certainly not the way they planned it. That Patrice Bergeron got a great rest Zdeno Chara got a great rest I think you'll see Bruce Cassidy work in rest times before the weekend is out. For both Brad marsh and and David postured knack of kind of carry this team through the injury riddled month of march. They'll get a game off and you know the Bruins are news good shape going into the playoffs knock wood. He still that you know a couple of games get out of the way here. There is good shape you can be and. And I think. You know I don't under sell how important this march was for and I think that I looked at march and with a Teddy for April 1 well 171830 TDs and he that was a death sentence I think this team. But they are the best team they are one of the best teams in hockey throw in in the month of march were it was sixteen games in 31 days 112 and three. Wild eleven to win three over the month of march and you go through the list and we did this the other night on NASA and you know you go through the list of guys who were missing. And this was as of Saturday because we are working this up for Saturday show. With Chara out of the lineup they were. 51 in two over the stretch that he was gone with Mac a boy out of the lineup they are on nine to win four. With Mac voice out. When up Patrice Bergeron was out they went nine to win two with him out of and by the way for a number of these games enormous and all these guys yes I'm just you'd be giving individual numbers. When Jake to brusque was out of the lineup for one in two. Rick Nash. Out with him out of the lineup 4014. You look at some of these numbers and it boggles your mind. Because these aren't just you know any kinds of players these are. Key important vital cogs. And it's Bruins team hasn't missed a beat put those guys down. Yeah I think it really sort of generates confidence in seven game playoff series were. Look connect a cable if if charts in the box or Mac always bought something happens whatever mitnick he's maybe you can turn to Kevin Millar you can turn it macro is slick. I think the emergence of that pairing. That that parent has really needy couple what this team can do in the postseason because they think you need. Three pairings nice to see any three scoring lines now I think. NHL's trending the amount of skill that all these teams have. To have. Three pairs you put up there and any situation and trust me get the job done that's huge so I look at that. And I think Kevin Miller's play with talk of I mean he's been tremendous I think throughout the entire run. You know I love what Cassel did on Thursday where he gave the challenge of the stand coast who dropped combo to Torrey crew from Britain Carlo. These are not guys you expect to be out there against those kind of talents but you know that's gonna happen at some point in the post season. So you roll that you UEEECO. Plays out and actually won that battle. I think I am I'm not sure Bruins fans have a grasp on how good to a recruit spend this year. And and I know points or not the be all and end all for a defenseman but just to put it in perspective. The last Bruins defenseman to have this many points in the season was ray Bork in 198889. Think about that for a minute and a lot it's been a long time since they've had a defenseman put these kind of points on the board but more your point because I think you hit the nail on the head here. What Bruce Cassidy said was you got stamp cost and I. You what do the job because when you had Tampa Bay and here you didn't have char you didn't have Mac boy he'll have both tonight. But that's the kind of although the level of trust that he's putting crew. Crow has become a real leader on this team this year to not just you know the production on the ice and play on the ice he's become a voice. In the dressing room and you go back you could make an argument that this is the the greatest. College free agent signing the Bruins have ever made. Yeah you go back to when there was bit of a bidding war and teams were trying to get Torre groovy got to give Peter surely credit he was the guy in charge back down. What a move this wise for an undrafted college free agent who can go anywhere he wanted to the Bruins make sure they got him here and boy has he performed. And I can't think of when that comes close in terms of free agent signing cultured signing mean. Blake Wheeler but that was a bidding wars in as well I mean he kind of knew you're getting Eric and crew there's a lot of unknowns. To most people so they deceive the size and write them off and that's been a big thing for artist career and he sort of but that put that hoping that really mean he's been a tremendous tremendous talent for the team I think that. The thing I like about to recruit is that he's accountable you know when he all that yeah he comes up there because I've played like garbage you know I got to be better it is and that. And I think that is that is that a true sign of a sort of a player develop and where your eyes and becoming more of a Morgan asset beyond just the points he talked about you know he's the guy that Ole hole there's a com or hold himself accountable swelled so. He's been huge for them you know like he said I think sixty points is on the table form I mean if he gets that. I mean that added that alone is pretty dark black and brought him lasting blocker and I said hey Gaza financial network in and they had you in the Norse conversation you're in the in the top ten. He is he's locked him as a arrows give me grief about that but it just shows you how far he's come and Beckham's back to the awards are changing a little that I think we degree yet become appoints a yeah yes and add just to see that got that breath I never thought I would ever see that in lean years and expecting to get any first place votes but. Always play this year fifth place vote for a police boat when they're endorsing the world in my opinion. Top ten would be a pretty impressive if say if he's finished top ten for the Norris. When you consider that he's the third best defenseman on this team. And be pretty impressive and adding the contracts that my apartment he can five point 25 as warts every defenseman Everett Everett events and well. But I think that in terms of bang for your buck and I don't as any sort disappointment you have to recruit I can't imagine what there would be as I said I I think he's flown under the radar for Bruins fans I'm a little surprised at that. Because he has been amazing. And especially with. Both Charen Mac way out of line with those guys out of the lineup and he's had to become. The number one defenseman is also on a couple of occasions this year so clearly been playing through stuff. You know physical stuff. And sucking it up and gotten it out all those cliches you wanna use no problem at all on what their play. Yet gimme more minutes I'll be out there as long as you need me to be in a 2324. Minutes a game he's he's done at all for this to. And I think that's sort of that's speaks this whole roster now it seems everyone does everything now I mean it's it's really remarkable I think that this team has been able survive anything. Now the new one for an Carlo. I mean pretty obvious I think what it was and it's funny enough funny it's weird to me that they don't just say it. Yeah you know today Bruce Cassidy said he's got a significant injury. I mean it's like. They they've become you know the Kremlin over their in terms of of injury information and I know how touchy there are about that. Everybody's got an upper body injury or lower body injury and everybody stayed today he ate data today. And and it's clear when you sought. What happened on Saturday. You can you can always tell these things as well the minute Don del negro got there. And and got to Carlo in the corner he immediately looked up in the Zamboni. Entrance where they work. And motion get the stretcher let's go he I mean donny's as experienced as they come he knew the minute he got there we know. I don't know why they're so hesitant about saying you know what he's done for the year. Yeah I mean maybe they're trying to make glimmer of hope after missing last year's post season but I think it's pretty obvious that he's not going to be that I mean. Is why doesn't mean neither do their deal due diligence here and figure Hala but I I'd I can't see any situation which comes back as a possible mean that. And I feel bad for the kid because he missed all last season's post season as well caution. Same area of the ice you really really bizarre that are kind of happen. And now all you know the the trade deadline acquisition and they couldn looms even larger because that means he's gonna play now. An and I am not sure he would have. I think there would have been her a real internal struggle for Bruce Cassidy to sit Holden or Dwight sip. You know branding Carlo had really stepped up his play here over the last few weeks they had challenged him to be more physical they challenged him to be more assertive and he had. I I don't think they would have ended upsetting them. And now that means holdings gonna get an opportunity to play that he might not have had otherwise because they're opposite grizzly. Iraq and obviously sit proved Chara Mac O boy not the way those guys have played they're not gonna sit Kevin Miller. I mean right now looks like Adam Quaid he'll be the odd man out tonight in Tampa he will likely be the odd man out in the playoffs. At least on a regular basis he made drawing in from time to time depending on how physical a series as but. That acquisition of Holden now looks gigantic for Don Sweeney. Yeah nasty sort of natural trees in the way acting that you have to look at and cable will be playing a high and skilled team and and in which case analogue hole then Everett depleted team as a great power players and some physical wings. Ottawa for for McQueen and you know ticket juries in the first round I would almost want to seem quit because they have. They've miles would have been Stafford you know even Jimmy Hayes got it will go to the front of that and on how effective he won't do anything when he gets there exactly. But that's one of those things for us I love Adam Quaid but. You know. The skill level on this team this Bruins team is so dramatically different we've talked about this the other day you go back and compare the cup championship team. To this team. And nothing matters until you do something I'm not trying to put the cart before the horse here. It's a better team in the cup team. At cup team had won thirty goal score that was mile which each. But Andy's and yet this team has 33 goal scores they're all on the same line. You know I and I understand completely that Zdeno Chara is that many years older but I would make an argument that you know he's gotten better over the last several years. That team didn't have Charlie Mac voice in didn't have David Foster knocked didn't have objective brusque you had some things that were were really Chris critical and crucial. They had Tim Thomas for the final two series of the cup run play as good as any goaltender comply. Though the final two series he was out of his mind. Took it hasn't proven yet east and he has to prove that. This fourth line output up against the Marleau line. I Hollywood and and you know you look at it if you just try to break it down how does this team compared of that team. I think this team is better now they've got to prove it you gotta go 12 it. But if you start to break it down bit by bit. This is pretty good. And you're gonna have a Rick Nash. On a second or third line you're gonna have a Jake to Brusca Denton Hainan. On a second or third line. You're gonna have a Riley Nash is your third line center when he said to spend time as the top line center filling in for Bergeron. The depth on this team the skill on this team and this is roundabout way of getting back to Quaid. The skill on this defenses is a whole lot different than it was back. In 20102011. And and I think that that's gonna make it tough I think at times for out of the gate with so much different even in the short. Seven year period. Between that and this just the game itself is so different. As funnyman Jack I was actually re watching some some clubs and between eleven team. And partly unit was awful had a bit error on the they had the worst power play. On a cup winning team in the history of the NHL wild it was wildly bad and the Bruins have a power play that is a weapon. I again and and we were doing this whole breakdown the other day do you think about how that wasn't just up up that power play then it was a detriment if it's sock. The energy out of your team and they still over the top gaffe you worried about a five minute major you know I don't wanna five minute major and I don't want I don't wanna go in an outline yeah. Know it's funny that you look back on that roster right they had app they had in your parents on their second partly these wild to think that's that's an ad now. In all these options we have any date they do it differently of course now need to back and it yet posture knock on one of the points and and you have. Mack what group grizzly you can put Kevin Millar out there I think given you know Nichols welcome him what you could is still don't know how newswire Europe I have about the epic but your point is made yeah I had so I think that's something that's different and I think when you look at this team. I just can't see anything in this league beating them forth seven times I just I can't do I think Nashville's a look at this in nineteen could do it. Pittsburgh needy I'm not I'm not as and lava Pittsburgh as this year as I have in years past I don't see it. I just think it's so hard to an end this would be for any team not just penguins but any team in the NHL. In your coming off back to back cup winning wins. And means you've played you know forty more games of the last couple years than anybody else. And a deep playoff run this year there's a reason why it's really really hard to do. Because the physical hole your putting a team through especially the top starts in on a team. That that would try to make it a three peat man it's tough on the physically to pull out off I think and I can't remember many repeats. Yeah and it in any sport in a little on the one that's the most physically demanding physically punishing the Stanley Cup Playoffs yup you know can really be so. Yeah I mean I'm with you there IA I think that. You know EE TF and throws those Bruins team. Really think that they will come to a head in the third round but if you drop the capitals what you say like if he can get that far. But then by that point to get enough momentum and enough sort of of energy develop as a team that you're not worry Hillary this season numbers in spring hoping a well I was to say the irony is. Whole B seems to be that guy who has your number and amateur he's their best goaltender right now math and you know he would probably play against the Bruins just because he's owned the Bruins. But I'm not sure you'd have the same fear factor as in he has stoned this team he has he has owned them. I'm not even trees their best goalie right now let's not ask you imagine have this conversation packed September like him now of course not. Yeah it's like people as at the beginning of the season I go back to this. If you think back that on November 15. This Bruins team with 67. And four. And we were getting when we would get Bruins calls on the talk show on there weren't a lot of them but when you did it was what the hell's wrong with this team. Co hosts here would say you know what's going on here today did they picked the wrong coach today and I kept saying. I don't know yet you haven't seen that team yet you haven't seen the team so cents. November 15. Their 4310. And eight. That's 94 points. That is the most in the NHL and eastern content most in the NHL but in the Eastern Conference the caps are second and their well behind. Sense sense that that starts 67 and four. When they had a bunch guys hurt and have the the roster available you were asking young guys to do more than you ever should've asked him to do. But it ended up being a blessing in disguise if found up to brusque and play the finding complaint that he knew Mac of what could play just based on the playoffs last year but. You were getting more out of young guys you're putting more responsibility. On them. And they came through and they performed in and now you've got guys who work. At least regular season heartened now let's see what they when they find out that the playoffs are a whole different beast and they are. Mac voice the one guy among the young guys who probably has that that knowledge base right now. And I agree and it's it's amazing how much a different. And of a different team they are and don't have Jordan's wars in the top six tinkling second line center at. Kind of weird how that works out right although he did get a contract extension so good for him well deserved all of their outlook into this conversation after a brief message from life. Before the ice freezes in the ref drops the puck and make a wise choice at your local grocers wildest hockey season and pick up your favorite wise snacks crowd. Flavor wise snacks is that clutch score weird case floods. Oh hockey fans topple over the boards and get your big blue coat top shelf this season and pick up your favorite tasting wise snacks products. As George team. West towards the cup. They're unhappy brought this up in the last segment. One of the things that that really sort of I wanna touch ousted Rask proving in the post season. I think that he has been. All right in the policies and I think that I think that we look back last year I give a lot of credit for battling through. I was pretty significant or an even better right let's I mean I mean the numbers would tell you he's been better than all right but he hasn't. He hasn't done it yet late Tim Thomas got over the hump and did it. You know took it's always gonna have those playoff bombs that ever is gonna remember that three nothing lead against the flyers losing four games to three. Having the lead in game six against the Blackhawks in the Stanley Cup finally given up two late goals. Even though we you and I and most hockey fans know that it's not the goalie it's you know the five guys on the ice. And there were other issues the goalies always going to be guys assign the responsibility. I'd give up Tubal slate. A comedian forces to a game seven you didn't come through when the team needed to understand I really do end. And frankly I don't even disagree with it. Until he you know puts upper shots up. But if you go if you go if you do a deep dive through took this playoff numbers. They're really good as goals against average is below to win that in the year that they they lost to the Blackhawks. In game six. His playoff goals against and save percentage is is goals against was like one point nine something. His save percentage was like 950. You can't play better than that. I think that when I see are right acting the one this one and that I have with and anxious people as the 2014 season. It is important to us the Canadians and and in the second round but that he was OK and that it. I think the anywhere else I mean it's it's hard disappointment and because the way he has played in this sort of the low that he shoulder I think. I'm really with this team so he's got to prove it and I understand that I really do you know that. You've you've had those instances too like last year we needed to win in the 82 game of the regular season and he ends up sick and can't play. You know those are valid concerns that people and he probably understands that too. But I think that they prepare him for a playoff run in the perfect way. Anton who to open has given them the ability to have this just play out exactly the way they needed to. There are no excuses for two Rask in this play out front he's not exhausted you know. Again assuming that you don't have a bunch of injuries like last year when they lost four of their top six defenseman. Assuming those things don't happen there are no excuses he's got fire power he's got the defense in front of them. He's going to be physically prepared as well as he's ever been prepared for a playoff run. If he doesn't pull it off this year. It probably going to be his ball. Offense now we appoint Howard's it's in the upper boss for Cuba where of course he was this a yes rerun he can't have a three round run. And lose and have a denying money in at night and you think he needs to sort of win the cup teams if you've got a team that you think. Is the best team in the east and I do. I'm one of the two best teams in the NHL and I do well and you got a lot in the damn cup. Yet to win it. And it's not I don't get me wrong. It is idiotic to put at all on the goaltender shall it's never. All on the goaltender shoulders. But ultimately if you're the goaltender for a team that's that good you can go on prove. Yeah and let's I'm not gonna I'm not gonna play on that presenting that I think that is sort of a truce. Of this of this post he's run it is gonna sort of defined to got a lot of ways I mean he has fifteen ounces on an eight seed sneak in and this is not. You know I think this team has started in the presidents trophy team really do I think they're deeper because you look at that presents trophy year. They lose. Dennis Seidenberg and all the seasoning on dreams are us. You know he's not your number one target Indians scratched for half a second round that's not that's not your ideal team I think this is the ideal roster right now barring. Something catastrophic happening here in these final three which I think they'll manage the point that doesn't happen. Everything we. Talked about this last segment you know the way they've had to play without guys. Via a lot this year you go through the number of games missed. For for this team and you know you've got double digit numbers for martian for Bergeron for Chara for Mac avoid. This team is is prepared as well as any team could possibly be overcome injuries you'll get some in the playoffs I understand that. What you can overcome any team can overcome losing you know four of your sixth defenseman. When it's all in one visit you know if you lose all four if you lose three of your four senators. Well it's kind of hard to overcome those sorts of things but at this team you know. Maintain some semblance of health you'll get guys will get banged up you'll get guys like branding Carlo just got hurt. You can overcome those as long as it's not all in one position. That's in it's the same with football if if you know three of your cornerbacks all could down heard at same time with you're not no team is built to overcome. No team has built overcome four of your six defenseman going down which is what you had happen here. Norte Tommy cross is one of your Stanley Cup playoff defenseman it's not supposed to work that way you can work a guy in like that if you need to. He can't work for guys and. Get out that's one thing actually it's kind of concern it was lower concerning to me is is seeing the center injuries are of pileup or those last weekend here. When per one person and speak after Sunday's game and creature of these obviously battling summoned as a wrist in the game for magic shot off the foot. You know Brian Nash back in Boston that it had swollen like okay now this is little Dicey now get a little worried but as I feel as if those worries for a little over the top off a jump I think I think you see what happens tonight and you assess from there. But it that if we should. Went out to folks that. The emergency recall for tonight's game of Colby cave is for Tommy when girls. It's not for Patrice Bergeron or David crate she where you'd really start to hit the panic button a little more. And even Tommy winged gulls has got to hand injury. That Bruce Cassidy said is not that big a deal we can't play tonight he's not available tonight but this is in a long term thing so Colby cave comes up from Providence who gets an opportunity to play. A game Sunday night and I know you're limited you can't bring up the Providence Bruins to play. If that game means what I think it's gonna mean which is nothing. I would I would sick there's no way marsh and sees the ice postured knock proved. Those guys would all sit down and I play as many guys from provenance is like the plight. Absolutely absolutely I mean. Wasn't holding Boston's are actor Freddie come up and that was no waivers he's leaving anyway in the free agent in the years not to resign here I don't think to dispute depth he so. Bring them up plain a plain and top line on Saturday and Sunday is I don't wanna see any of these guys. And even even have a chance of getting hurt the Pope for the post season because that. They suck it robs him of what they'd what they've worked hard to deserve that I mean you're not gonna play until Thursday. I blame it on. But detective work here at the Celtics have a game on hacks axle likened sort of figure out that the Bruins will be that Thursday Saturday thing. Plus there haven't played Sunday night submitted on that and yet you know I could see where you play Tuukka Saturday. Because that's a pretty long gap of course if you played in Thursday and then didn't play him again until the following Thursday maybe you think that's too big. And I understand that my guess is what to do is is your gonna flip flop on here. You're gonna play Tuukka tonight and in Tampa you're gonna place in town who'd opened Thursday. I'm guessing you're gonna play Tuukka Saturday who'd opened Sunday and then you're ready to go for Thursday with Tuukka you know start playoffs. Jackets I mean that that's that's sort of the best way to do it and without. Overdo you know Eleanor that he ordered that it almost like pre season game and happened to a half and half uniting after the new. First two periods and boom there could I I probably wouldn't mess with things like that and how would want them getting into the pre season. Mode in their head anyway. I mean I. I think it works out pretty well if you just alternate the final four games in it gets you where you wanna go anyway. It still gets to Kia you know a significant amount arrest he plays Saturday. Doesn't play again until you know Thursday. It in the NHL that's pretty good gap you don't want to begin GAAP. For goaltenders I said I'm actually want him without a game in week which is what you get if you played in Thursday and didn't play him again until you know the playoffs start. My thinking too much and it's nicer animal was happy the flyers won that game on Sunday seek it. Potentially bully then and wild card team that that's in the kind of scares me from the Bruins and if it over the first round if you think that to the best team in the east. Why do you give a (%expletive) who play in the playoffs if I mean it it'd be gotten to the point where you sit there on. Well I don't know I don't know if I wanna play Toronto I don't know if I wanna play New Jersey or Philadelphia. If you're the best team in the east you're gonna have to beat you know. Three pretty good teams in the Eastern Conference. What difference does it make who they are at all Rick flair thing if you want to be the man you got to meet demand that tiger eight. Does that get those matchups that's a tough matchup for and I feel like at eighteen is is that some air in the playoffs it's boast hi Ian I'll act job. I mean you know I I know that your afraid he scared I am and stop that ship it here if you're good enough you're good enough. If you think you're the best team in the east. They've got to be worried about playing you know the Philadelphia Flyers have got beat on con panel played that team in the playoffs or the doubles or the Maple Leafs. I don't want peace that that's what their thinking you shouldn't be thinking that way. Yeah I know I'm always from the for everything that's just who I am that the as the Bruins fan always waiting for that. That other shoe to drop but this team infamy did you know hate my life again so it's causing it seems an average of bearing that Anderson it's always in the back my mind feel like they're really. Good now you know take a look at the numbers. Right now there's only one team in the NHL it's got a better record than them. Now if you wanna tell me that you're worried about playing the national predators in the Stanley Cup final. Probably okay with taken out on when that time comes you know what I'm probably gonna feel pretty good about my life if that's what happens. Yeah you know it's funny and I should operate them and make which makes no sense now I think I think that's been a great match and I think there's a lot of teams that I think that we look at me. We say okay that that team is a little bit worrisome I think in seven games series but you know for me yet think you avoid one of these teams that. You know has has a hot goalie or has this the first round I think I'm okay with that like. I think you jurors optimal match Pristina a look at and that's it that's who we want that's that that's you wanna face the first round I don't think that they would be the Ottawa Senators of last year or. The Carolina Hurricanes 2009 is totally surprise you. I think that you've handled those that team pretty well so if you doctor roster. If you if you are missing four of your defenseman. I don't care who you play every day I just don't care. In the news you look you're gonna play good teams that's what the Stanley Cup Playoffs Earl. Gore one of them it's like Bill Parcells used to say I don't like throwing a young player to the walls until I discoveries one of the walls. Like that the Bruins are one of the wolves needed biggest one name they might be I mean I'm not. Gonna say that they're the best team in the NHL what I am gonna say is that the best team in the east. I've seen enough of the Eastern Conference to to feel pretty strongly about that. They're one of the walls. Other teams have got to be worried about playing them. If you're sitting here as the Bruins and you can't be worrying about all who I have to play after play New Jersey laughed like Philly to I have to play Columbus to I have to play. Toronto they've got to be worried about playing and you. Now Esther and I think Al I'd ask question as it rated spot last what was the one thing. I wanna Europeans what was the one thing that can be real this team. And I said injuries I said posture not going cold because I nights I got it right about that we I'm not a word about that. Again he's he's proven. He's proven what he has done and what he can do. You know he is one of the best young forwards. In the NHL. I'm I'm not worried about suddenly gave imposter and the moment being too bigger something. Based on what I've seen so far this year your only concern. Is guys get hurt and then as I said Evan a bunch of guys getting hurt at one position. Morals and your own holy cow I can overcome this. I'm not worried about an effect postured impostor Knox case might be just the opposite. His personality is such that nothing phases him it really doesn't in fact I could see him stepping to the occasion when you get to the playoffs. Yeah I mean I think his serve how he's handled this the final stretch here is encouraging for me at thinkpad. Last year he did have a over the jitterbug kind of things first playoff series but he had some moments for the moment to look a little too big. I just think that you know eighties. Dialed in and rated ago this team is gonna go real far I think that's that that if he goes called that's one thing I have concerns because their right side I mean if Rick Nash is that. 70%. Is simply so pretty good at and your so reliant on sort of back kiss and dwindles and in charge every part of that right side there I am I get a little worried there are so. So no I think all overall putting urgency with what he's done so far that he's ready. So before we get out here are why sax player of the week. We'll start with you but he got Patrice Bergeron. Last five games three goals four assists seven points a game winning goal in their as well. I mean I sort of boring it's sort of like plain chalk here right to try to get creative Torre crew gets close by the way he'd he'd be maybe my second but. I'll play truck consider Patrice Bergeron tried diving and a little bit because because for the six factories. Can't pick one of these guys whenever. I island notes are here because I think that. Or he got beat up in the faceoff circle I'm Wendell for nine. Against the Panthers but that Thursday game and Saturday and I think that that. He established himself physically he got in the heads of of some better players in my opinion. You know and he. Really kind of sets the tone for the other players. That a charge of the great job at that and it scores eagle on Sundays so. I'm going deep cut here I guess and don't know. Chart there I like knowledge Sharia like Tim shall. And and I I know we're kind of up against the end of this thing but the other advantage but I think the Bruins have as they go into the playoffs is Bruce Cassidy. Who any other year. He would be a sure win for coach of the year are any other year. What you had was the the vaguest golden knights do something nobody could have predicted when the Pacific division in their first year in the league. One of the best teams in the west in their first year in the league Girard a line. The names already on the trophy and it should be I got no issues with that. Any other year Bruce Cassidy would be a shoo in for coach of the year. The IE in factor from this team not just the young guys you expect young guys to buy. As they're just happy to be here by Ian factor from the veterans on this team. And and you could go right from the top on down from Bergeron and Marsha and and preachy and Chara. But by Ian factor from those guys have shown me all I need to know about about Cassidy and then the message getting across here. I think he I think he becomes a real advantage for this team when you start the playoffs because. He's pushed a lot of buttons here that have really been the right buttons. You can't ticket to winning coaching moves that he's made that it's all about what came back and bit him in the ass. It doesn't happen with him that often yeah and I and I'm I've learned not to over react to those kind of moves like I would in the past I think when he scratched a prosperous like limelight that. Depressants back in new player you know just total stinks right now on as the seller on the top line with Bergeron out. And Riley Nash fits in superbly. But those guys. You know he. He sticks to him she dollar he moves him up a line because you know there's something going on here and shower scores a big goal Saturday. Saturday afternoon here against Tampa. He makes moves that at the time he makes them you wonder about them like you I've I've stopped questioning them but I wonder sometimes. Okay how's this gonna work out. Well actually pretty well. You think about two power play units that he's got here and the moves that he's made he's got two power play units that actually play totally different. They don't have the same power play they don't have okay this is our power play. You guys go out now that second unit comes out you play the same power play they play totally different power play. I mean that's something about coaching. And adaptability. And the other teams got to be gone up crap OK I think I know what the Bruins power plays gonna do now the second unit comes out they do something totally different. You know and and rice and Ottawa's an X-Factor and do the things that he's done with this team I'm good. Yeah it is while I mean that the with a power play. Euphoria out into that that thing oh with our place in five dominant possession players opener on their first units that you don't know where it's coming from I think that. For years street for a year and a half basically said okay they're gonna go Spooner. To Bergeron the bumper that's they wanna do now it's it's really different now they do whatever they want out there it seems yet. Posture nineteen upshot accrue tee up shots and they can score from all areas of the ice on the up our place mission that first unit. Totally changes it that dynamic of what you can do and I think that you watch this team to what other teams they're toy but they're torn out of our PK unit it's unbelievable the that for the Bergeron goal in the third period. Against Tampa. Where it was the crew backhand pass to Bergeron and you could read Bergeron slips where he said almighty god. One apply. And I mean that's the guy and the ice who's finishing the play Hussein almighty god what a play. That's the type of skill that they are that they are bringing to the table this year and and you know it is is this just beginning armor that set forth succumb. So. I mean this final this final four game stretch here I just I wanna see then. Sort of Figaro who that right side presents going to be next to to recruit and for game one. I would like to see equate another chance you know maybe you hold them Quaid hold McWethy behalf there the same at the same. You know on the same breath he kinda wanna get groups some consistency there. I think that's an addicting from this year so sourcing what they do there and the I I'm not ready to write off this roster as saying this is everything this we have right. Still wanna see we have there wanna see that Otto maybe moved out of Byrd lined the rough down a third line. If you have some sort of combination merit Nash back this if national labor in this that is driving. So still some things I want to see answers overall I think. We're good we're good drop the puck. All right it's been zero puts given brought to you by star market wise snacks. Peace.