Zero Pucks Given Ep.12: Bruins Season Wrap-Up. 5-15-18

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Tuesday, May 15th
In this edition of Zero Pucks given, Matt Kalman joins Dale Arnold to discuss the previous season and what’s coming up for the Bruins. They open talking about the Bruins and Lightning series and what they could learn from it for next season.Tuukka Rask is the most polarizing figure in sports but he was not the problem against the Lightning. They assess the defensive pairings and the loss of Torey Krug. Can the Bruins live with two 5’9 defensemen? Bruins need to find a veteran left shot third pair defenseman and then choose between Grzelcyk and Krug. They discuss the importance of Chara even at his age 41 year.

They recap the offensive lines and how the fourth line disappeared in the playoffs, how Riley Nash is probably going to leave Boston and who is going to fill in on the third line. Danton Heinen might find himself being traded, but he can be plugged into the top 9. David Backes had a lost season, but when healthy he was good. He’s not living up to the contract, he’s basically here for leadership, might not get much more out of him. Rick Nash most likely will not be back, he gave virtually nothing in the playoffs. David Krejci has been a disappointment, why can no one play with him?The first line of Marchand-Bergeron-Pastrnak has been unstoppable, the Bruins lost because no one else could score. Brad Marchand plays with an edge, but now he’s too good for it. If Bergeron wins his 5th Selke it’s time to start thinking Hall of Fame.

Rookies that could make an impact next year, Ryan Donato, Forsbacka-Karlsson, Jessie Gabriel, Vaakanainen. Maybe include some rookies to find a left shot defenseman and include Torey Krug. Sweeney might want to get back into the first round. Dale wouldn’t want many more people than Cassidy coaching the Bruins after this season.  

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Here's Gail Arnold. Zero putts given affront to my wife snags and red river. I'm Dale Arnold the final regular season or final season wrap up additions zero given. And have it be through equipment Helmand freelance writer who covers the Boston Bruins for a number of different venues and it's also I might point out. And leave the full disclosure the coauthor of thought if these walls could talk Boston Bruins edition that comes out next November 6. Thanks for being with us telling thanks for having me like come on before on the with the ability to happier time Anderson if you're one of those I can't believe that the it is the the wrap up addition we can't look back at the season was and look at what's. Possible for the Bruins and. I guess we'll start with this. I freely admitted that I'd miss judged. The Tampa Bay series based primarily on how easily the Bruins handled the lightning during the regular season. Winning three out of four looking great in three of the four. I guess the difference here is Tampa Bay Rays to their game in the Bruins didn't yeah I mean that's McCain's Johnson and I think. Yeah I mean because we don't see Tampa Bay as often as we usually do. We didn't realize they had that extra pit exit Agile they're the album there was a reason why they led the east from start to finish in the they showed that. And the yeah I mean obviously the Bruins handled imminent and that game one looked like the same as those reducing games on the Bruins. Played so well against the took them out of the game you know did everything they wanted to do. And we don't really sort of contempt of opening must all year. If the Bruins had a lessons learned from the Tampa Bay series to me it would be this. The defensive intensity and commitment shown below lightning blocking shots which hadn't seen them much of their regular season. Five on five completely shutting down that offensive zone for its closing down slide area in front of Basilan ski. I don't know that the Bruins had that in them when they better find that before and absolutely I mean there's there's a there's a will to win and is also just the execution and I think that the the game plan didn't get adjusted nearly enough if that first came once Tampa Bay turned up its its intensity. And I think they just didn't quite understand what it was gonna take two to get beyond the sticker on your you when that first round. And the seventeen grueling series and yet come up with that great third period and you think this is what it takes up. As a lot of guys and and and Islam the core of this team can tell you it's speaks on what's more each round. The intensity gets so much ramp up the talent of the opposition gets wrapped up in the Bruins you know I was kind of wakeup call I think. Ironically if you go back to the Stanley Cup championship the year 2011. The Bruins won the cup with an historically inept power if for saint has better power play out as any team has ever rent and and winning a cup. And you go to this playoff year. Almost the only thing the Bruins have going Wright was power play yeah I mean that it's funny it's the Tampa Bay is doing right now is writing a power play and hoping it works I mean. They have the talent there they have this young we saw there honoring a senior good firefighting there in the season it's just like you said all the things that Tampa Bay did. They just didn't have an answer for them and you know some of its injuries some of it's an experience I think. And some of it was just talent and in that that for a line you know we thought Brodeur for a nineteen. And the lightning pretty much showed you what a four line team looks like as far as from that Callahan line to the stamp coastline every line was not only. Producing in some way shape performance they weren't getting goals but they were making things happen. On the fore check in and play strong defense legacy of blocking shots that was that was the biggest and they were blocked shots on mostly the Rangers blocked shots what does. Kind of funny because they have so many ex ranger. Let's start with a goal and work our way out I have said that. Tuukka Rask is one of the most polarizing athletes and lost in an export. There are people who love them and and wanted to be here forever their people who want and gone tomorrow. I have said my my own opinion is that the problems the Bruins had in the Tampa Bay series to grass would make my top ten. Right Heidi you look at absolute beat me if there's no way to blame him for that that second round series at all mean. Maybe the only goal you can question on is that one that he jumped away from in game two and we know that was about that was about Reid was about about to talk and let's face it's. This is numbers refined they were in these games if you don't score five on five for the three teams you're not gonna win many games. And you don't have to say that that first series was was the a referendum on him. It's kind of ridiculous and mean I don't think to stamp the natural predators are trading Pickering anytime soon just because of what he did in these playoffs and we seeing now vessel askew we've seen it with every goaltender in these playoffs even flurry I believe was pulled once in his in his playoff so. Goaltending isn't so what used to be you know holidays a lot more skill in this in these games has a lot more. Power plays with a lot more you know crackdowns of trucks and slashing and there's more funds offers up to. And it's it's not commit to readjust the expectations on these goalies. You're Sunday skate co host Ken layered wants to trade took gas. I mean that's that's great you can do that I'm sure that's fairly stupid and finds it defines when he deems the lineup to do it onshore and then you'd be putting your year now in the hands of who. And gentlemen I mean even if you got someone in a tree and for two to lose in a number one in this league. Which aren't too many of them that are in that regard number Owens. How much Dow is there in the idea is are there any goal is out there that are valid or have more experience in the post season and he does. And this idea that he hasn't won the cops there was a failure is kind of ludicrous when you looked at. The goal he's always compared to territories Smarty Jones. Etc. None of them on the the co operate a Corey Crawford Jonathan Quick. And Matt Mario and and flurry if you wanna count and write this for us that four guys active the one actually won the cup. And I think I said to candidate are nice and people always wanna say a two dozen thirteen he let them down. But then they also want to count the 2010 collapse and stats you know it's like this or they wanna say two dozen thirteen was. Was five years ago he he he did well a year but that doesn't count them accounted doesn't and it's like you can't go back that way. This is a goalie we you know to getting you know you're getting you know Arab League average or above average save percentage you know he knows how to win you know he's he's been in these situations. And you know we always bring up Philadelphia Flyers a forty years and looking to to correct. In a lot of teams like that. So you know. Arlen morale went a little bit here but these are you drove appointee and I have to hit on this diets like. I don't know it's just amazing isn't it just so easy. A look at the the goal in thing he's the he's fallen to lose and it does not case in in most sports towns not this one because of the personalities involved it's the starting goaltender yet. It's the starting quarterback Bernie. Union much heat and Erie and it's the manager of the baseball exactly those are the guys are going to and say they lost because of that out it's unbelievable and thesis that India you don't know exactly what you what expertise and staff from I think people I mean you know youth you'll all people know what it's like in this town when the goalie. Is not even the average it's how many tiers of the Bruins there's a Bruins go through that rate. Of here you have a good goalie took the mantle from Timmy and is on everything he's been asked of mean this nonsense about him asking at games and stuff I mean I'm so sick of people. Playing amateur amateur psychiatrist and getting inside his head and stuff are exactly in of people I think he doesn't look like he cares out there because he have as the B oppositional goalie who doesn't have the well over the place and we were seen adult and dual these dances often to make saves and he's had some rocky deemed himself. He's a he's not the number one you're gonna go with what's basically because they have a perfect. It's here now I mean the way they split it up this year was at 54 3030 with through to whatever was that these that these. It mean to the work out for clear both guys will probably balloons Morton in the second look at you know what to do in the offseason but because goaltending. You mentioned Anton and opened up he has already kind of take in the negotiating power its own and as if he said he doesn't wanna go back in free agents now he wants to stay here on to sign here. It really is the perfect starter backup situation. I'd be shocked if the event on who'd openness re sign here I would do I mean it seems like he's now. Federalist view what he's worth in the market. You know I'm and it's if you combine the two the two salaries of he gets it took seven in an Anton you know say one and a half. That's not a bad for goaltending tandem that as a tandem is is certainly elite mean you know the seats in mania groups like that you know when. And people of the ring Martin Jones. Well marginal business market and paid next year that you make close to six million and they haven is backed up Aaron Delhi commitment and now a million and a half. So that's what I will be like a million less than what took an adult would make an infidel and gets his so. Again these the goal we Dudley isn't ham stringing them as far as moves haven't seen one move to the Bruins didn't make the news that well. We're paying two Lucas seven million can't go and get this guy we haven't seen that happen. And obviously I thought on terms of quality and expertise that what you know you know what you're getting. You can't ask for a better situation and let's move out from the net and go to the Blue Line and in your assessment of the bruins' defense for. In the Tampa Bay series will start with the obvious thing here that Torre crew got hurt then and and what's in there for the end of it is so we'll start with him yet. Well I mean just the way he played a minute I think he'd keep her stuff this year yet great. Offense get a great offensive here and I think the problem the only problem and it's the only out. Is can you have 259 defense was necessary at that that's who we were gonna learn this this post season or in the we kind of learned that it it is hard to do that Tampa Bay mated eight point. A pound congress again for a long before. They governor Tim base there is teams are doing that now mr. from the Bruins struggle in those last two or three weeks. That's that they were doing and you know it helped but they're right up until when Carlo got hurt. That was that was even the strategy and the Carlo was. Soccer play much better he was playing physical and teams were a little less apt to go at that that they are much improved and Carlin again. Once Carlo is on the line up for sure I mean teams were attacked them and it's it's hard to do I think if they think it's hard to commit to that I think that's why this you know it doesn't have to be in on the left shot the fans the people keep saying like. They're gonna go out and get this. Game changing guy who's gonna put them over the top in the final peace and much of that peace exists or is available. My immediate it's. Right exactly especially when you think of having to pay all these prospects of these all these guys are all gonna copper contract. It's a really soon what's coming up this exactly McIlroy already is going to be eligible for extent and so you can't go get a Oliver Pacman Larsson in particular tea months 67 million and that's will be able to take care of these other guys that are such key parts. I think it's you have to look more polite just a yes or bargain but just a veteran left shot and complain maybe third there. And then you just decide between crew agrees that for your second careless shot the if Tuukka Rask is the most polarizing. Player on the bruins' Zdeno Chara the second. He's the guy who generates the second most of listener calls it an angst. And and for a for a market that I think deserves the reputation of being real Smart hockey fans. There are some real dumb ones out there and they all seem to call about today and coach our race. I thought he had a remarkable year this year and enemies a year and I think everyone. That follows the league. As follow this team closely knows. What about Specter he said Shari he had a couple of over fears the past couple years when the team was struggling and it wasn't any support when you think of the fact that. A 41 playing the top amenity played the minutes that he always played. He obviously thought to what the Matthews line yeah it with the stay excellent Slovakia funny as far right everyone's saying guy out there playing always on everyone's saying. He slowed down in the playoffs and like I said to ask cost the math easy your thoughts are slow down. As David stamp goes of and stamp coasted into anything here and empty netter in the near the tying goal. And and maybe things got away from the moment of the game five there but I mean my god he was the shutdown guy around those guys. They've done everything they can't the limit his minutes note taking off the power play things like that but. He's still the best offensive defenseman in league he's the guy no one wants the face also the only defenseman I know alternately. Who plays an entire two minutes to perfect exactly placed it exactly an annual -- to a three times a game sometimes and they're really you know it is on discipline in the box. I mean to think that. Yeah opposite the thing forward about replacing him. You might actually have that replacement and throwing knack of blame you might have a different he's the next right you have do you have a you'll have a different looking defense or why he's the number one I was he's a two way guy he's the Drew Doughty of the team. He's in a play 25 minutes a night when he's in a play all situations knowledge are now re comes off on the PK. Like an RC not gonna have that a. Amazing shut down guy analyst Brenda Carlo you know continues to develop ourselves like that and that's an. So well like Carlo he's going to be on the in his in his David it is a moron in he's not no one's going to be tomorrow it's not was going to be that but if you have. A couple of these defensive defenseman to mix in. Would say tore through trying McIlroy if you don't look more like every all those defense Clark everywhere that a good defense corps league you're not gonna have the six foot nine monster back there anymore. About Charlie Mack and think about the heart issue early in the media and procedures that rate and it. And then in the injury late in the year and and ray Bork told me. He's not going to be percent until next fall then he's got used to the need to figure out how to move around very given all of that. What a year he's not Hancock who can I mean let's reasons. I'm certainly not an expert tarmac of what goes when he stepped into the playoffs I was like. Scoffing at the cycle and right here in its four defense expert cook and they orwellian tactic right exactly so because in the Arlington is going to be held via open and he was he not just in time as far as ice and he was the second best defenseman. 'cause back this year and and you know you think maybe a sophomore jinx David Lee gets the book on him. The bright count on one hand one and a half hands how many off nineteen. He is a real newness. I wish it would be a bit more arrests are obviously have obviously because he's got so yes deals he had the three shots on net in the Tampa series and beat your that's gonna have to get that are quickly. But there are times when you see him you know make that move to the offensive zone now meet the Russian home calmer that's what to exact I can imagine that's probably what people. Thought when they saw ray coming here I mean that's that's it feels like to miss Phil I feel like I'm in a good position honored to. Beat covering the beginning of this guy's career. To see him blossom into what he's going to be it's amazing that. When you think about how much. Golf the Bruins get supposed to drafting a lot of these patents on McIlroy in on teams are getting regarding that. About met grizzly was one of the biggest surprises for me nobody even planned on him being here this year and branding Carla hadn't gotten hurt he might not have been this year. Except for the fact that I think Bruce Cassidy. Loves Mac risen more than anything and up and he was gonna find a spot for in my and I thought Matt had a terrific rookie season now. The only issue as I said his annual fort Wright to five foot nine inch defenseman your blue men and you know. It's it's it's a mean people have such different opinions to meet. Thinkers that is is a solid defender but I think tore recruit is also assaulted and he's getting these this reputation. It because he plays more minutes he's playing harder minutes queries he certainly takes more face offs starting in the defense in the there's that there's as different things you have the way I guess and like you you might. Able to us I would have loved to see what happen if you had Carlo in there because that would with it looked like things were coming together for the six guys. And once Chris likened Miller became a solid parent and yet you took Carlo I you had a double that. I understand why Bruce is doing on the were questioned why he was breaking up the Chris Miller thing but he I don't particularly as much you love backer of the company he really trusted him as much in the post season as the his first playoff. So but yeah I mean opposite of that whether or not you can maybe the jury's still out on whether or not you can have a defense or those two guys but I think the Bruins might be a little list. Likely to try it again. And based on the salaries and might be tore recruit it would have to go but I think that would be. A step back depending on which are getting growth. It's like once that follow once the Packers or things Parker can do. You mentioned Kevin Miller I've said all season long he has sneaky player now he's a much better skater gets credit for it. He has a much better shot and gets credit for and that's obviously physical threats he's not in the company by name one and only got they've got him but he knows he's he's good he's awesome I mean. That's within the two about the new look at the way he's improved. At the easy improve the mean the big thing when and when they re signed the ones. What else what what's the ceiling here east when he eater anyway every was when he was released on to get some minutes so how is he gonna improve on that while he did it. He went out got a skills coach worked tirelessly in Aussie came back with better hands his passing was excellent this year's first passed its always on tape. And that's why think about Torrey crew gonna say you know. There's there's more room to improve here and we know that he has that work ethic and we know that. He's had a lot of losses where he's been injured and now and of course he's gonna miss you know not to be on its feet for couple months here. There's still some room to group growth of that cash Kevin Miller all cell. Just based on my experiences observing in the dressing room has become a real leader officer pencil him in this there are a lot of guys on the team if you like that but he definitely emerged mean. Who can't respect the limited to goes back tomorrow with the you know if you if you look respect that sharp anything it's it's the off vice. You know work ethic great effect because back every year and example of content and Kevin Millar is like starlight eighty's he's the guy and always talent as a minute contest that he's the guy who takes purpose and I care of so let's face it the guys who have been teammates with him. For several years they see the improvement as much as we do right and so that's that's obviously used and to respect. The final again and the defense crew that we should talk about his adamant Quaid not no one admires McWethy more than I do except maybe as teammates wearing you noticed that shorthanded. He's the guy and the ice with Chara almost all the time very. I'm nobody more willing to put his body at risk to block shots to throw himself in front of pox the shore I'm I'm I'm not sure that there's much growth left in his game and I hate to say it because I love the guy. Chances are he's going to be guy's gonna find himself without a job on this defense corps next year. Yeah I mean if at the very least will be the seventh guy in you know injuries going helping those rolls right exactly and he's been there before and they missed him when he's done that put. There is Tora limitations like you're saying to what he can do and especially the waiting game is right now you need to have. Four and a half five guys for a flat five guys probably that can really bring it both and the not to be defensive defenseman and there's nothing wrong with having him around as this as a seventh guy you know he can be Ambien play a situation where. You're facing a certain match up that he fits better than say you know whoever loses is taking his job and the experience and again another guy whose quiet leader and his team for sure men died if one looks to. Not discuss your breaks bones or because he's been through it all and got the covering so. That it's it's so hard to see how order it would it would play out I mean. Clearly you don't wanna tree Kevin Millar put it if you did you have McQuay there replace them you don't. You have to give up some and get some enemy we don't really quite know exactly what that's gonna because we don't know what they're gonna really pursue. We tackle tending and defense will turn our attention to the forward lines in just a moment will continue the conversation. After a recent brief message from wise snacks and rhetoric. Before the ice freezes in the ref drops the puck and make a wise choice at your local grocers dial this hockey season and pick up your favorite wise snacks brought. 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Delicious flavor wise snacks is bad clutch score weird case good. Oh hockey fan top over the boards and get your big blue coat top shelf this season and pick up your favorite Casey wise snacks products. And Jordan team continues its quest towards the cup. Back on zero parks given Dale Arnold. Mack Calvin is our guest this weekly talked about the Bruins goaltending we've talked about the defense let's move to the forward lines here. We're gonna start at the bottom and work our way up. We'll start with a fourth line to a line that I thought. Gave eight a remarkable amount during the course of the season. And in the playoffs it dried up. Yeah it dispute yeah I think. I think those guys got worn out and teach all played only 82 and next thing you know he's healthy scratch in the playoffs. Currently became a spurts and I think. You know charting the same thing I think those three guys had a great year and it. There are some juggling obviously with the bottom six when there injuries toward the end there in the playoffs put. I think they all got worn out that was for the most hockey any element of played and especially once it went up against him today in that. Fourth Landis had so many so much experience and so much strength. It was hard in the those guys play hard ministry noses and a fourth on they only brought it into the fourth lines who spent a lot of the season chasing first and second lines. And it's very hard to keep them together I think on the next year but sellers and and restrict very exactly whether or not to bring him back. I'll I'll include Tommy dwindles in the forty outline plans for a trade deadline. I don't know that they'll bring him Barry liked what you have violates you know obviously Tim Shaw or think of the guy with more a little more psyched and even play. Top nine at least and in spot duty we saw that at the beginning of his career here when when Clark had a thrown in a couple of times on the Pritchett line book. You also don't want to block kids in the business pistols there's so many guys down on the farm to come and I'm thinking right off the top about Jesse Gabriel who. On the back in junior at the start near Providence but you got to figure he's going to be in the mix come this country campaign. That it's is that if there's one place where you can afford to kind of leave the spot opens the fourth line I mean you can always find someone to fill there may be immediately be Timmy stardust come back in May be he kind of passion at the end we've seen. And do that numerous times at these types of guys that they bring them back and then figuring out if no one takes the job from them. Short line at juggle around a lot of course the playoffs between injuries and and performance. For the sake of our discussion let's call Riley Nash the third line center. Archer he's going to be back and I would guess he would now be back. I think David Backus will end up being a wing on your third line. And then the question is who's going to be the other weighing on your third grade. While he was the act of kindness for much of the year rate. And seem to be a good fit for him but you know what to. That that her rally Backus. The Priceline. Nearly saved the season that was a baseline. Game 54. Backus got rung up there so. Is that's the Q that they've done here was that the the drafting guys is the first -- in the fact the you can has a lot of moving parts as they always say in. You can put guys up and I knew playing third line second line it's not that big of a difference right in the stand in the spread out the minutes. And and then again no doubt to get to enter into the month into the weeds on the kids here but you guys. Where's pocket Carlson and so law are right in and Frederick looked good when he came off the problem and in non does Europe is gonna come back and I've said this at the pour a I spoke to Harry sinden like January you know in the course of marble. And he said to me. Of all the good young kids on the team like them all yet he's I think Bjork to be the best one of the mind when they go there between the candidates are better. Recommendation than that and yeah I mean you look great I mean obviously it is is rookie up and ups and downs and got a got the you know put the injury we show or even before the shoulder yet I think. So. I mean you he was a top line right when when the season's starter rates though. There's a lot of a lot of wealthier ought to talent that conduct a plug in just about how young you wanna go to sign in had remarkable rookie season look at the numbers and you realize slowed down in the last month or so great. I mean he'd close the point Jan and you know in the playoffs I think maybe you know Bruce Cassidy was asked. What you learned about it's himself as coach in the playoffs and he Pete talked about the generalities hitting it to specific and I think. And it he regrets a little bit sitting in tonight in the last thinking that that's series of meetings there's Nicklaus he wasn't as they bring in and he's a player who and the Ike and a snap of the finger turn up and NEC he might be a sneaky Florida thinking you don't see the blazing speed or that an amazing hands by. He has a tendency to come through when he did it that's trying to assert when he came back after being scratched and he's just a good all around player and a Smart player unless it is mostly sound guy who might actually be perfect for bird on the martian on or near. And I haven't obviously again they're gonna treat somebody here somebody's going to be gone in my opinion could be one reason the kids like guys you can definitely. Plug into the stop nine and whether it be even if just there along with when he's fine. Lost season for David Backus between the particulars. On him. The concussion at the end rate. I mean I had four teen goal that's who was healthy for good he was certainly better than his first year here. Probably him making contract would rate KD should like and I understood why Don Sweeney went out via. And 88 character they needed leadership or lack in that dressing room when they rounds signed him he's got that in spades. I just don't know which gonna get a whole lot more out of him and he's getting older respect it younger guys to sit I mean. He said he thinks Davies a 2050 guy yet when Eagles thirty assists than. That is worth the that would be amazing if we did that mean it just fills in that's gonna happen means. He's not gonna play your top six is he's. Soccer player above the second power play second power play in it's actually an affront horizons he does and the like you cities get older too so gonna get pushed around. Is going to be injuries no matter what animal might not be as bizarre as of this particular lightness but he's gonna get some problems and but he says I mean EE EEQ look at that contract he says while what was they thinking but yeah that's that is what they with things like you said they needed the leadership that needed the character and he's brought that in spades I mean no one's gonna not always you know once again not what he's done that and he's got an interest in the way I think that. He has made himself the senator retention you know he drove a deal that was here one year but there was this whole thing about he's going to be a leader in. He was pretty boastful about being a leader can think David Backus is found their perfect niche of like. Bergeron and Charl the leaders here on Mike in that second group I think and I think he's done a great job of that I think they respect that he did that. He didn't try to take over the remotely maybe you would have expected to. And I guess you could if if you also look at that Donny can he can pay him six million when he's paying. The Bryce can Bjork and crying in these guys on their entry levels and it's gonna kind of coincide that that contract will be near its and when these guys start getting paid and then you'll have to make the hard choices and I don't think Devin now to give back is as a guy when is no tree kicks in is going to be like I'm staying here no matter what I think if it's on he's not wanted at some point. He'll accept that and go so well exactly so did these things always work on but you said I mean you gonna have somebody gives a lineup. Can't all rookies everyone wants all the rookies the plate can't do that this is close to and I think 55 and in one line opposite. Outs and more than most team exactly. Let's go to the second line. Rick Nash said he wants to come back to. I have a hard time picturing yeah that was like a politically correct to Robbie backed out of the night he gave you virtually nothing. You know playoffs now I don't solid that was a result of the concussion now. And and that may well be the case by the way so I'm not I'm not writing him there but his career arc is that you get to the playoffs then he kind of dries up. I don't see any way Rick Nash's back and again that the justice would make any sense and in fact and I asked lauded the move when they get off course I don't wanna make it sound like a second guessing I thought it was a great. When acquiring I was through the roof and did that equitably equitably they did it 'cause I didn't think dunce when you would ever make a move like that. We're trading the first trumpet and a prospect that they like the only nordic and and to get rid the sport who we know Don Sweeney and had an affection for. He's the one you couldn't knock that trade and these effects and if it is. Well you have easily guys get drafted him got the known province and that was what they needed immunity didn't need the top four. Could've gotten down the that it wanted jerseys in this case you but the guy went from Manheim Taylor all ours all of them. Camping again manually the violence that went to Jersey from Edmonton. The room pat amber yeah you could cut back but that was like such a low level thing to me that would have been like. Which which which triangle or not really stuck paying you you went out he's he's spent the big prison at. And like you said it was it was a disappointment that he didn't perform better and you know you win some you lose some but I don't think they've lost it because they didn't lose that. Tonight and that. Mr. David Cree chief for me. Because I think at this point. I'm at the point where I think Hammel for rating when he can bring to the table now. I think I've always thought it was one of the best second line sinners in the National Hockey League and I've continued to say that. And and I ultimately end up disappointed. And I felt like I was disappointed in Cree chief for much of the mean yet you know when he was playing with with Europe and the brunt of that. The short time me kind of look rejuvenated. And in the injuries slowed down I think and it's funny you bring Eric nasty thing it's a perfect marriage and he was going to be when when creature was great cup year that he had Lou teach important. As big shoe first wings yeah I thought ash was gonna righty. And I thought this is going to be the perfect guy to stick with David preachy and up and you know maybe had a brief little energy exactly but a miniature you know creature guys I guys on this team now. Now that he's performing it's hard to find guys to play with the Mercury chief whoever reason I think is a lot of maybe has to do with the game changing. Even in their primes you wouldn't have necessary of the chief Horton critique line and be successful. Eggs there's just so much to so much more speed of the support for emphasis on and I think. And it's just it's it's really hard I mean you know Nash in a left shot maybe doesn't help either you're not a not an excuse but these are the things that contribute to lake. Guys not clicking with David creature we've seen it for three years now. They elderly Nebraska did an island in writing about Jacob and Jason Brown skin I think with there was anyone that's the thing it take the breast. I'm pleased about it kind of a straight line in his you know akin to play with the guys that rockets and his skates and mean I've never seen. A guy with a second burst of acceleration. Where he's teasing apart you know even with someone annexing you know eased restraints and of them. It's just amazing to watch him and did they probably need more of that I think that maybe the biggest reason why if they don't bring them as aquifers are pretty much should serve is not gonna happen. You can maybe it's different to kits again and you and you indicated skating the other QB and you know we ever did Davis say they're not on your. Thanks a that's a said he got he got Ryan and I know you've got the got to now. The Ross Bjork these guys can skate you know like the wind in that that's great she needs at this point. And I think there's no doubt and it's going to be on this team and here he's going to be a big part of this team this year. And Wachovia Center I don't think the anyway I don't think I don't think that they light for not strong enough great thing yet now right maybe I've there are summer in the gym and yeah in combat with you know fifteen pounds mosque salon and very I love his skill set and I love shot. I just. Think that especially in the playoffs Bruce was a little hesitant about their leverage situation absolutely in the and he didn't do many fear was putting model which yachts with a ski. Think it was finally you know giving an anti tampering there was Arab. I mean that's sort of sent about Jake the breast too is he's so versatile he can play. Third line and you can plug in not only mental asylum crates in the media find someone else I mean the perfect line. And this goes back to something I've been saying for weeks now and or even packets of the season is at some point you break up top line they'll never made now. Not I've now seen what they are together again magic in his magic metal global to that group now because if they were the best line in the national hockey you know they combined for 99 goals they at 330 goal scorers on the same line. Com I understand. Coaches think if I guess spread some of that score out the fact of the matter is and we saw this even in the playoffs. They are practically unstoppable. Rate I think. It's definitely arguments that put in the grand scheme I think it kind of cost them in the end because they didn't have the second that in heaven secretary scoring their own right same literally gotta get another line yeah so that's straight she's right in and that's where you're relying on these kids being able to. Either wings for crates in Mecca said we we saw with the thrust of Europe that was pretty good. I agree to some maybe that or can you keep it together by. You have to at least contemplate Austin mark Ritchie marsh embers are being errors in awe of the kids and wherever they fit. Which is the way they were gonna start the season if things didn't go haywire as high cost and Arctic gas I think he's got. The best skill set on the girl and he's the most skilled player on the missile don't mean that the things he does the creativity than I've ever seen in a Bruins player in my time. I'm always an anyway may be nifty but that was great for my that's before my time for sure and he needs to for a little bit that there are some aspects of his games at times that he -- he's the author on to prove but he somebody can do it tries to take you know it would get guys to play one on four right in almost never needs to be smarter needs the work on his passes and it needs to be a little less predictable on the powerful I think you know to move around a little bit. Why you know what's that I think you say impasse right the most I think Brad marsh and I don't is skill or an astronaut and we'll go to march and next it's an easy player controversy began. He's saying all the right things I hoping means what he says. Because he's too damn good at the end match yet stop. It's embarrassing to himself he was an embarrassment twist teammates and he was an embarrassment was organization. All that he was a bit on The Daily Show. They actually show it looking on in their XTO Trevor Noah said. I called in some hockey player alleged CA a playoffs do. I mean it's just stopped I am I mean I understand that he feels he's got to play on an edge. Dance there's no exact cause of that that's a sad visit airs an edge and the brewers know that they except that. Once a year or east are gonna get a five game suspension for. Lowber urging somewhat are elbowing somebody. That's heat of the moment type stuff that you accept. The nonsense after the whistle what do you think it was bad or not. As terms of awful there's so many people like defending it saying how can do you comparing it to hitting someone in the head is how could this be any worse but it just. Embarrassing and disgusting like this and that's it it reflects poorly in the organization and I think. I have no inside info on this is is probably my speculation 100% but you know. He has a small child now. I think maybe the family says something that I hope so I think that's I think his teammates did you know I do think that there are inmates who had there's no doubt that the trees burn including his best press the ratings are I mean that's an interest these colorful as I mean you think of those guys to build hospitals and they are they're going great friend right. There might appeal more unlikely. Pair of friend tandem in this in these militia and its Felix and Oscar to the hill their bullet. I think the team if I bet I bet his wife for his father someone's that the and the what do you do. And I tried to estimate after that first game when he did the licking its like what makes between nine year old man decide that submission to. We seem to do so many wacky things and talk a lot of trash and say a lot of funny thing what you might not. But what is the looking come in key is that it says this all along I think he's one of the top five forwards in the Nash almighty god for sure he. I mean it was the first team all NHL left wing last she's top. One or two all around. Wings for sure I mean no one better defense hourly rate plus minus if the pro hockey right association didn't. You know. This dismissed wings in the soaking voting like they do right or it's basically just the center of the year award. Brent marsh has got to be up there he's for the best penalty killer of the last 510 years and he's got the short and the go to prove it. And he Danny keeps getting better. You know he deeply in his hands just keep getting better shot it's gotten so much better over the years and the guy who you don't think if you're not gonna break here Bergeron company guy on another team would obviously drive a line and we saw like this you went Bergeron was out. Every once said you know martian upon second struggle in and they didn't they made they made Riley Nash until multi million a probable. You mentioned Bergeron and being out for awhile it it's the only negative I can never say about it unfortunately. He gets hurt it turns out that he told us post post season break that he had some sort of groin injury most you know season. If he'd place through everything and god knows he's tough as nails. It's the only negative I have about are the perfect hockey player and maybe close to perfect human being it. He plays to such a degree that he into merton and tries to play throw. That's bad thing and don't drop balls that much right in the you know really a remarkable exactly you don't see it's well I mean. This whole offensive production. Part of his career as he goes against everything that we've been taught me is less clear what that by satellite I guess it's an exact early warrior I'm watching exactly he works on match on its amazing every single day. He's acts is on Tuesday to tricks and you know. Supposedly you're supposed to be on the other end of your career at this point analytic choirs are saying now the prime is 2627 and 3233 supposed to be dropping off but he's increasing its amazing to think that. Just three years ago we were part of look at him as checking Saturday wasn't necessarily offensive jumper that he is now. So. Yeah I don't know what else we could say other than to turn this into a Patrice Bergeron appreciation now ours does nothing does not knock on he's probably average winning its fifth silky now. Dan and I never said this prior to this much I admire him as a player. Silky and all after the fourth month Rashard even without that mean the guys putting up numbers he's climbing the all time ranks of the original six team. So respected by his peers I mean you know that the numbers are going to be there and won the Stanley Cup once in Oslo also happen I mean this is disguised as one of the legends of the game I think. Thirty other organizations and thirty other fan bases appreciate that for sure he's not a guy that. Anyone's ever not mean people have you know people like vets can have their detractors but no one's. Ever says negative quarter of the trees version anywhere he dislikes him exactly even like monster all they don't have into negative about it right now means though. Yeah I mean he's he's a no brainer hall of Famer mean whether or not its first ballot you can't tell it to eat whatever is twelve person committee where they make up their own rules and how about their friends and sometimes. Unfortunately we the people died of put them in but at Burr oak trees were shot will be in. I so let's talk about next year you mentioned that there were five rookies in its roster now you might have five more next year. To me if you think about it at Ottawa obviously is going to be right no doubt about that. I think that it in no particular order but guys who have a chance of being here you know Jacob for Spock a Carlson but Trent Frederic who you mentioned. Com. Jesse Gabriel I Scotch on it and I'm kind of push and her whole back nine into I think he had a talk of Illini haven't seen him at all now playing covering your right. Secondly neither but I've heard some good things about him being a a guided his team up on a team of men relied on in the place a major minutes I think they had a pretty decent season area I'd like a thirty minute. Playoff team somewhere in this though. They're not just throwing out those minutes and no to nobody with a guy that could maybe. You'll be tutored by Zdeno Chara you know in the locker room maybe not play with star but at least be in the in the locker with this guy and play in the third pair so. As you know and that's another guy NN wealthy have there. Well we've got those guys in Providence Sonia whose name San nation and write more Olympian names we've been hearing and a self. A lot of guys if I mean it's not and Hillary that you would have the fire rookies because it of them and finals while it may be that you include some of the right package absolutely buying that left defenseman while this is my seat Cory Kruger and one of those kids right this is this is the summer. Where. I was talking about this the candidate they they made a Nathan Horton trade after 2010 right that was the trade said. They dress they they looked at their team it's a book it's what we need we need to. First baseman first line right wing at the time. And it was a perfect storm and the Panthers were paying court a lot but weren't liking what they're getting from him. He was a guy would do in. Wasn't d.s playing in Florida it was too easy to. This around the not pay attention and discipline are bad at this team so. They gave up a pretty good. Price for an enemy Wideman for all his faults was not a high end you know up. Puck moving defenseman as they called the Bruins struggled to replace that that year and into an intimate and terribly trade and gave the first round pick which does. Thirteenth and I believe overall. Bought in other thing that I think Don would like to acquire this summer. First round pick facts on I wouldn't be surprised to see him include you know one down prospect kids now to try to get back into. In the first round again dental problems with a make in the deal right saying exactly like to get guys that you would end. The certainly enough for these guys to do that with then you know we've seen a lark a few times he's had injury problems at the got a meeting shall mean much got me really exactly so maybe they soured him a little bit down. Some moral guy might not. Be an enemy accidents editions had you know we had some injuries this year but he clan hasn't. He's not he's not a point at this point where two Brusca was last year right demean depressed at the full year province in the new and is comfortable. Citizens and a little less so he clearly you're not gonna get the first pick for just one of those guys in my NAFTA. Involvement on the pick or something but I mean getting in the first round here could be the worst thing in the world and we saved this for the end to talk about Bruce Cassidy is coaching staff. Opera won't win coach of the year. Let's get Girard galactic are engraved on the trophy in which it. But I feel like there might not be two guys in the league at one coaching his team ahead of us right now I'm in the things that this team accomplished this year. In the face of five rookies in the face of the injuries I mean in November when at one point what Bergeron marsh and and Charl are the one of them at the same time I think. I wasn't. Planning on having work to do and Graham is out of arch. Yeah it like five regulars are and yet that's exactly some of course the whole season and I'm talking about earlier this year when you don't know about this team and those. Big players came out a lineup and we were talking about lottery you know what's gonna happen in librarians. How Bailey is a stint in a fallen is Donny and take the fall for this and that Bruce Cassidy was able to in integrate all the rookies and you know we took a five rookies but there was there were games and had six. And to integrate them into into the lineup and to. Make them believe to the point where what they lost two in a row in regulation might. Twice or some nonsense I mean nevermind that eighteen games without regulation loss mean it's it's crazy what you said. Gerrard go on overshadows this but it was an amazing coaching job in the maybe you learned some lessons in the playoffs like we talked about and that's what it's all about right any Claude Julien had to learn from all nine in 2010. Bruce Cassidy this is just is he's now got three playoff series with the Bruins and he had W one with a capital so that takes a long time to to learn how to coach in the playoffs but I was it for regular season. The perfect guy for this team the kids. Especially because he is hard on them he's not. Using kid gloves so to speak the way some details that doesn't vary but he doesn't bury them and he doesn't. Let them get away with stuff he knows he's got the perfect balance and that's what you need in this league right now. Time for our wise snacks player of the week despite the fact that you know lost and all that stuff and I'll let you pick your guy but for me it's Patrice Bergeron. You know heap he kept playing the exact same level the exact same way. Right up through game five he'd be my guy for player and a ball you know elected that the that maybe it's not the player of the week so to speak but the player of the year and talking about plane to stuff positive Chara had a broken finger. And a shoulder injury that he was playing through and did all those things to Boston Matthews Stephen stamp coast and that's the one and it's funny about the trees as he gets so much credit for playing for stuff but. Zdeno Chara the guy you say people like the call and complain about he does a lot of to and doesn't it doesn't get the sacred to me because he's 69 and he's a beast put. Yet Al playoffs and I'll think people should be knocking him at all. I'll I'll say this Tom I'm too close to it at this point as you know we've been listening for every year opt. I liked the book you know it that we came up with I think. Fans will learn some stuff that they didn't know that was the goal on only when it comes out I think November 6 I. I think pronouncements we'll get a kick out absolutely I mean there's things in there that I certainly know. At the museum things and that you didn't know until I started talking to these exactly so. It's definitely different kind of book and I think. You know the the ones for the other teams have been really popular and families of those who is a lot of them and I think this time around. You really don't the fans are really gonna like the reed has spoken and learn some things and has been especially with so many new Bruins fans have come on the last ten years. Since then you missed just before the cops as the co I think people are Republican Nam if there aren't too different side of things. I'm sick of it by now if my test that cents a happened book I've I've I've read enough that I mean you look at the whole summer to week. He had just sit around and and hope people by the dark and practice your autograph. Oh yeah that'll happen right will matter it was it was a pleasure not only writing the book quit yet that was fun throughout the last year but have lenient on. On the yeah its season wrap up edition of zero parks given this'll be a lit a little more intermittent throughout the course of the summer. A will bring it back around the time of the draft around the time free agency and I'm we will get a chance and visits more as we continue to look towards the upcoming season which I think. Most people are pretty optimistic about the as a reason not the big. We hope you enjoyed it now we hope you enjoy the summary as well but don't give up on hockey this has been zero putts given.