Zero Pucks Given,Ep. 5: All things trade deadline 2-22-18

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Thursday, February 22nd

Dale and Ty get back together — an hour before Frank Vatrano was traded to the Panthers, because of course — to talk about the acquisition of Nick Holden, his fit within the Bruins, and if Don Sweeney is gearing up for a major move between now and Monday’s trade deadline. They also take a look at Zdeno Chara’s impressive season at age 40, and could another 40-year-old be a fit for this locker room?


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Hello welcome Heathrow what what our market guy and I Anderson. So we've ideal Arnold L I feel good. I feel right. The lack of sleep US. Look I'll say this and I know that this is a hot show when we both understand that. 99.9. Percent NHL and Bruins but your hockey fan and we are. What you saw last night was was magic. I think it is idiotic to be 100 degree. That you decide any sort of a championship an issue that should never ever ever happen. Having said all that. That was some that'll last obsolete I act what scared me about that game was. Watching USA dominate watching the women's team complete Dominique and a late in the third period and all the overtime. In the back my head and think and this is gonna and on some cheap goal in transition I cannot demean the worst feeling in the world well it's kind of like the way the US tied. You know yeah you look at. A bad line change by the Canadians and all of a sudden clamoring gets behind them and that's this article you're talking about all god look at what happened here. It was it was and I I know some of the girls on the team I know Hillary night embryonic Decker in Macon Duggan. As I was watching the end of the game. I was thinking about Ralph Cox. Who was the last guy cut out of the University of New Hampshire. The last guy cut by herb Brooks before the 1980 Olympic team that won the gold medal at Lake Placid. Fast forward to 2018. Bobby carpenter's daughter Alex. Is Ralph Cox. The last curl cut she'd been on the Olympic team previous the last girl cut from the team. Wherever she was sitting watching the game last night I'm sure she's thinking. I missed a gold medal by that much yet nets and she's a great player to a terrific player now a most of us were shocked when she got cut from from this team. But I as I was watching it I was thinking of Alex carpenter and equating her to Ralph Cox 1980 and ironically February 22 1980 was when via. US men's team won the gold medal February 22. 2018 is when the women's team won the gold medal against Canada. Yeah and I enjoyed it because that people saying what elect on the Olympics work because teen USA. Was out early in 19 Melissa women's civil women's team which they've been probably the most exciting team between the two in my opinion I've had more fun watch known the united that I have a men's team this year and like our last irony said baton and think it shows sort of progression of and the American game for the women's and and where they're trying to I would say look my I am a father. Both female hockey player she was the captain number team at mount saint Charles academy played on back to back state championship teams. Played it at sacred heart and then transferred to UMass and played in through her senior year at U mass. I've been around the women's game for a long time and crying I'm not you know being unrealistic here. I know that a lot of the times I was watching UMass play against Penn State or somebody and the only people in the stands were friends and family. We could not around and said hello to each other and you know it it is not as popular. Even at the national level it's not as popular the Boston pride play right next door here and and you can walk in anytime get a ticket OC game anytime you want. I feel bad because these girls play for the love of the game. There they know they're not gonna get rich can this whole thing they know that they're not going to be able to make millions of dollars and set up their families forever. They play because they love it I I I appreciate their game because I watched it with my own daughter not the same level but all through college. I feel bad sometimes that they don't get more recognition and more rub T used to wrestling term then than they do get and that they deserve. But it's fun to watch absolutely and I listening to am at NC. Canada upset I am pretty happy person climate the Canadian girl took the silver medal off the minute they put it around her neck. It's just the right off. I don't lot and I was gonna happen there and there's just throw on the ice and a third in the crowd at the Swedish kid yeah it does chuck get his name now I am the Rangers prospect at the world junior yeah exact cause and that that exact move and I was like oh no here comes. But never happen in Boozman Austin's now my my partner on the radio show rich people appreciate that he hates sportsmanship he thinks sportsmanship is supremely overrated. I I would say crop hell lot you guys were winning a lot and you were happy to have that medal hanging around your neck when you were winning. What all of a sudden now second place is no place crow law it is a weird feeling all right as you did accomplish something but second best team in the world it's never it's not gonna hit it that way until years later it fine you know and and at some point I hope one of her parents at some point after she gets home to wherever she's from Canada pulls resides with. The gauntlet here on it yet that was not what we want to choose to do with that sort of thing and I hope she's in. In the light of day is gone now and I can which hadn't done that ends up as it's not a participation trophy it's a no second best. T you're part of a second best team in the world that should really embrace that. Let as I said I'm a hockey tenure hockey fan it was great to watch. I know we're here to talk about and that's not it that we couldn't begin zero pucks given without talking about a remarkable gold medal game last night is fantastic and talk but the second best team in the world if you will Boston Bruins right now at the moment make a trade yesterday nick couldn for a third round pick Robbie of the era. I like the trade here's theory thing about I love the tree. You know as Don Sweeney said in the aftermath of making the deal he said you go back to last year's playoffs the Bruins were on their tenth defense. They had four defenseman get hurt in the Ottawa series at various times and they were playing with their tenth defenseman. Now do you wanna assuming that the the worst happens then I start to fall waited at last year. You wanna bring in a thirty year old guy with NHL experience who by all reports is great in the Rome great teammate everybody likes him. Got a lot of experience you want put him in the lineup or you wanna put rubble caramel line I'd rather put it couldn in the lineup if it gets to that. I don't know what his role is going to be here like I don't think at as we're sitting here taping this right now. They're in Toronto with nine defensemen on the roster they're not gonna keep nine defenseman. They're not you wonder Matt grizzly it's gonna be sent down and I hope not because I think it's a bad message if you do. You wonder if they'll try to slip Paul postman through waivers let's be honest he hasn't played since November. If somebody didn't pick him up in oh thanks for being here Paul you give us a great shot with. The reunion with your dog in Calgary the other day that better yeah I mean great picture and everything but you know he's not playing anyway. You gotta get beat out one of these at least one of these defensemen off the roster it's not going to be holding you brought him in here for a reason. It's not going to be looked Quaid it's not going to be Kevin Miller not probably not going to be guy like Carlo and you could make a deal here. I mean there's a lot of rumors out there about the possibility of trying to get Brian McDonough for instance. Kevin DuPont of the globe suggests that the package that would land Eumig dynamite Pia a Carlo and Trent Frederic in a first round pick. So you'd be getting a defenseman off the roster but should be adding another one on. You may be looking at it it'll Wheeling a guy out here sometime before now on Monday. Yeah I think it was ligaments. Look at this like you have to I didn't look at the straits it's either done know don't know it's one of those situations we look at the serve the the ripple ripple effects of this of the steel and central post I can't play. You can't have him hanging out here now he's going to be easy and I defense he was playing as the eighth hasn't played the ninth no way. So I think I look at the straight down people I think you were quick to freak out a third round pick for a guy who's more or less that depth piece. But a third round pick has that maybe 20% chance play a hundred choking to begin with you talking about a pick in the sixty's yeah I'm fine with it I mean really years. I know this is this is a rental and this is truly believe do you pay at the end of the season they're probably not gonna bring him back into too many young defenseman in the system now they're trying to get it on this roster. But he serves the perfect purpose here I also think to your point I think he's the steppingstone. Adding guns when he's got some other things that he's working on. Get this guy in here OK I've got that depth defenseman position filled I now can work on movement this guy out and trying to get this guy and I I think he's got. At least one if that two more moves still to come and I love this move as well because he's played the right side most the years left shot the last shot and but he seeking kind of move him around maybe he's a little bit like your Seidenberg north of responsibility but you can sort of put him out journal situations and be confident and easily compared with McDonnell a lot of the year you know it's as really their top pair defenseman. Now the Rangers are train wreck but I'm just saying. You know he has he has played important minutes alongside Brian McDonough for at least part of the season. You feel very confident stick in this guy at a spot somewhere and saying okay you've got to help us out here. And and I I feel better about the depth at the Blue Line rather than bringing up the kid from Providence her or something like that and I think that's I think speaking to your point. You almost feel more confident putting him into a role here knowing that he's not meet top hearing guy. For the most part as it happens yeah he's gonna be on third pairing which may allow him to sort of excel. Like Louie Ericsson call Soderbergh did you know in defense and sort of way for the Bruins though. I vacillate say the other night in Edmonton after that the trade was made he said he said in a workable incorporate this guy into our lineup well. I thought that was kind of up to the coach to be honest with you but the way he was saying it like we didn't bring him in here to just play the pole post moral. I think they wanna use. And that indicates to me that somebody else is going to be moving on from here. Absolutely it's hard to sit there and say OK or at for me anyways artists that they're in point at a guy right now that's not really in the mix or would be worthy of sort of sitting so you'd have to think there's another shoe to drop here at some point. Especially if he's gonna get actually involved in this team and I think I'd be really weird to did to trade. Two pieces I will say this hero didn't have a future here now a nice kid but he doesn't raiders you by the way laughs everybody loves them after he has a Long Island kid can get an opportunity with the Rangers they're trying to go young he'll probably play there when the play here he shouldn't if you if you look at their their latest offensive roster either. Yup he should be playing I would I would say but he didn't fit what they are doing and he wasn't great with the pot he's not big enough to be a net front kind of guy like the equator Kevin Miller. In a setting that's been an issue forms so. You know and I think now they they get sort of what they need and what where they wanna go. And this is a move that you make your contender which the bruins' most definitely are not you say is on the move to come on very dear to host it still account where do you think they target I think they're looking for a defense. Now they they added a left shot defenseman but I think they're looking for rape a top four left shot defenseman and I don't think they think Nicole to miss that. And I also think they're looking for left point. Now where you go without I don't know. Now we were kicking this around the other night at Essen in the green room as we are trying to figure this stuff out and I ran the you know the whole. Branding Carlo Trent Frederick and a first round pick by Billy champion Barry Petersen said which you do that for Ryan McDonough and they both have Helm. He given up way too much I said with the Rangers do it for Rick Nash and Ryan down. You've got to decide if Nash is the guiding wanna play again. You know there are times when when Nash plays Annie looks like you know. A top three forward on a team let alone a top six there were other times when he looks like he's battling for a pub bottom six kind of role. That great size great hands. Decent skater not outstanding. I've also heard the rumors out there about Patrick maroon I've heard the rumors out there about me La Lucci each. Lou teach before the game in Edmonton the other time was 2 and a morning skate pre taped. And and if you listen to what closely. He spent the entire time talking about how much he loved being in Boston and being part of the Boston sports scene it was practically begging Don Sweeney to please bring me home. I don't think he's very happy and Edmonton. Effort that his wife is even living in Edmonton now out sheet unlikely than there. I'm country does one out I hate to say it but I don't think there's any way in the world and and if Edmonton offered to pick up 75%. Of the contract. I don't think he fits here all maroons have better skater Dellucci each. He's a rental as opposed to the cheese's has got long term. He signed one of those seven year deals at seven million a year. I love mile on Lou teach the person I don't like him the player anymore and I don't think he fits in here. Patrick maroon is a rental. I'd be okay without one. I wouldn't mind bringing a guy like that in here and not just because he's always killed the Bruins I hate that. I always played well against us we gotta go get him Tomas panics always played well against the pro once they got to go get a I don't want Thomas manic on this team. Maroon I think about. I'm a little bit reluctant on maroon I just think that. We played in the David you're gonna get that does the prime scoring chances I don't know if if he gives you. All that much an upgrade over what you have when you can kind of move around if he's having a bad game you can move to brusque down move on and up. Move Backus up if you really want to Nebraska still be here after. Sea air from the Bruins I am not trading that player I just I can't. I can't trade that player because of what I've seen from him this year that I like and broke that he's made yeah it's just I think that's that's a tough one to sillier room. If a player come out and race everything has moved and I'll tell you what I'm hearing in and some of the talk here. All Ryan anonymous comic. So you can trade chick to brusque while. I know objective breast complaint the NHL level I don't watch him do it all season. I think Ryan and out of that great upside I think you will be here when harper season is over. I don't know we can play at this level I've got great confidence that he can I haven't seen it. I know to Brusca. You know I think Donato is gonna end up being one of those you know almost trade type additions because I think he is going to be here. Prince Frederick may well turn pro after his Wisconsin's season is over I wouldn't be surprised defeat yet. And out of got a much better chance of playing here I believe in Frederick does. But I think you're gonna at a guy like an auto. I still think that they'd like to get themselves a veteran. Decent sized left and a rookie forgot say about that first time you know should I would I ever done by you and I would I would find you for it now can't be heaven phones going off in the middle of this important African podcast right now. Your putt you at by our market a couple how important sponsor and a proudly signed. You're here your learn it I think they're not a is going to be here I still think that like to make in addition up front I think they'd like to make an addition on the back. I'm I think Don Sweeney knows and can kneeling. They've got a team that could win a cup. And you don't wanna be wasting in L. Cup possibility tight seasons from guys like Bergeron and marsh and the Chara and ending kick yourself later on and I wish we'd done something. I I think they they they think they've got a team that can win the cup and I think they wanna add to. Yes sir what I wrote last weekend for EI ABC said that there's a perfect storm you have Rask Bergeron and Shara are contributing a career highs are close to them. When's when's the next time that's gonna happen you really can't bank on that all through the guys are entering their mid thirties the other one is going to be 41 next month you know it's very hard to sort of same. Well this is an are your next year's earlier on TV so sure so I do think there is that's her element to it. And in. When I'm making a move based on now and make sure it's a right guy I'm not sure rune organic are the right guys I think nationally close it was a right guy because he's been the east eastern conference for so long now. That he really knows these teams in it wouldn't be an adjustment period and half forum. You know Danica is obviously been here in the Eastern Conference but I'll tell you what. Yeah I am I'm I got and I've got no interest in here yeah it just doesn't work here thinking and even Nicklaus shot arson and some interest there. Yeah ouch I'm not sure they'd Whelan and and you know I kind of pooh poohed this when it was brought up to me originally the idea. Of Arizona perhaps looking at moving Macs don't. And I felt like which remove a kid young kid you've got under control in no got a lot of upside. But I'm hearing out of Arizona they gather. Their kicking the tires on the possibility of moving him now. Which wanna have both Ty dome recently to brusque skids on the same team. I genes may yet well in one in one particular way if I'm not sure that while Jake thirty show he's got better scoring hands than than Lee does. You know maybe a maxed only made maybe in a polish on Emerson. Effort Patrick sharp's name brought up as the the Bruins and interest in Patrick Sharp in the past. There there are going to be some rental type players available the question is which one fits in best with what you're doing here. The drama again left that one of those now. Now I don't think so. I mean am I don't know anybody who knows to Rome again who doesn't love the guy yeah I mean I love the guy. He's forty years old to be 41 on July 1. Hasn't played all year. I think it's a little tough to crank it back up when when you miss the season at twenty Gator 29 it's one thing when you miss the season at forty. I think it's tough I think. He feels he owes it to himself to see we're taping this thing off Thursday skating today again with Providence skated on Tuesday with them skating again today. He asked the Bruins if he could do this. John Sweeney and came nearly to their credits it absolutely one gonna skate with a musical ahead. There there are no strings attached there no promises given. This is not a tryout agreement or anything like that it gives him a chance for months after hip surgery to say I got anything left in this tank. And I don't blame him for trying him. I totally ripped the sweater off yet. And I love Jerome again. I don't see where he fits here. That's one of those situations where we can look at it nice today. A cable no one's in Europe reasonably deal with you know is gonna say hey. You know we'll treat this player for a second round pick or third round pick whatever the case ABN Amro wants a first round pick. It's almost like a cable wheat are four cores pretty good for the most part do we think that we're a simple additional way we we won insurance policy. And I and Alec and I say a cable curricula is making a pro rated league minimum. I wouldn't be against bring him in as a thirteenth or concealing hats it's not a bad presence to have in your room. But he's a great Eizenstat avenue room and out like I said I don't know anybody who knows him who doesn't like him. I just have my real doubts about whether he can contribute anything at this late stage of the season yen and the fact that he hasn't played all year that's the big question ready if you bring anyone wanna make sure that connection tribute in right on if you're losing. Let's just say for Toronto to waiver or something like that. You bring in again late you wanna be sure that you're gonna get something or anything out of forty year old again and and I think the trial will be dealt by Monday yeah. Now makes sense he's not gonna play here he can't play here. Their teens who think he's got some upside mean culturally might be interest that you know as part of a package to land your maroon. Com you know give up Frankfurt frontal third or fourth round pick type of thing. I think he'll be gone by Monday I think post bowl week on by Monday sonic. Possibly our neck. I would be bit surprised if he has. You know him and again this is about this year and and I'm wanna make sure I stress that this about this year you think you've got a chance to win the cup that's all the matters. But if you Don Sweeney also got to think about next year and the year after. And you bunch of young kids we got a bunch of young kids on the team now you've got a bunch more who were banging down the doors to be here next year. And you know you're Don Sweeney you think and I don't need a first round pick this year I'm fit enough kids who won I'm. Holding back is it is so I'm Oakland trade first absolutely in the right deal and a Ryan McDonough deal would be the right deal for me by the way. I think he's gonna trade the first round pick. I think those guys that we mentioned could well be traded to wave to whatever I don't think they'll be around here in the next few days. I don't think there will be substantial. Almighty god the rosters all different they don't wanna do exactly. But I think you're gonna see we've got one new face already I think you'll see one or two. Other new faces and then when harper it's done I think it's you know. Yeah and that that makes more sense I think Donato is the guy that you're gonna is gonna be the Kreider of the Mac avoid. I'm also play important role as as Mac avoiding crowded for the RegToy get forced into it to exactly how it was said they were down they were. Playing the tenth defenseman last year. They didn't plan on Mac avoid having to be thrown into that situation at that stage of his career I will say this watching D'Amato playing in now. In Jung Chang. It looks like you sprawl wait. And I mean good weight you know he he he always seems so willow weak to me when I talked to in the past and its senior development camps and things like that. And luckiest he's maturities 22 years old he did a PG year before he went to Harvard so he's 22 years old he's not a he's not a regional 1819 year old kid. Looks a little beef fear and better able to withstand the rigors of the NHL game. And and let's be honest that. Rigors of the NHL game what they used to be anyway now I think he's going to be able to play here go go go down to eighty of them yeah exactly as as we saw. What do you think about the last these this road trip in Canada I think there are lucky to get the points they did. Yeah its thirty taking Iran because this is sort of the first scoring slump we've seen. This team goes through I would say yeah the first line is in a bit of a scoring slump right now but I saw signs started in Calgary really saw signs in Edmonton where. Okay now the sentinel plate. The other guys were used to. To expect that they were going to be able to play at the level they were rat for 82 games is ridiculous nobody can. I am I feel fine about this team what I liked is that they throw clunker in Vancouver. And and they all got together as a team looked at the video and said that's not who we are we've got to tighten this up. And in Calgary and Edmonton they looked like the team we've been watching earlier in the season in terms of strong in front of their own net. You know the goals aren't there as much perhaps they'll a lot of scoring chances that were going in early in the season weren't going in in the three games in Canada so far. I liked the response after the Vancouver game I'm not concerned about the at all you know I'd. The fact that they're down two nothing in the third in Edmonton and scored three to win a ticket as a positive. Not a negative obsolete I just mean that yeah you know grabbing the points do you did there I mean not expected if you well you know given the way they are playing in. You know I think the only player that's the players are making a play or Chara I would say Tuukka. And to the prosecutor who didn't have any points by the way to show for right he played well I would stand on that three games when there. When he gets the questions if there are. So this is. These questions you can always tweet us questions that I used hash tags here pucks given you can't you not at present by our market accounts for long hatch act. The one of the questions here was we meet at dale. Obvious questions here from Tommy Celadon thoughts on kick the tires on Boone Jenner is a solid buy low candidate has some bite and scheme simply seeking preachy lightens when you know whites and buy low candidate. The Sox he's not scoring aren't doing anything now the idea and then we would. We meaning you know hockey fans of any team thank you know like I sucks right now but if we get him he'll be really good again. I'm not interest him Boone Jenner other and the fact and I really like his name. That's a good hockey game that's great hockey game but now I'm not interest. I pass on and the shooting percentage is so low that it kind of worries communities knocking it out of its funk this year and and you're pretty you're pretending shootings which guy you wanna take outline to put exactly and not in the mood for projects are now against any crotch yet exactly so given this team announced that it should be projects. Anthony Nikko asks do you think Riley Nash the third line center on a cup contending team capsules. Yeah. What's his name again Anthony Anthony watched the games. Have you seen the latest guys played this year and attack the cars and now now I look I think these guys played great this year you know I I love Riley Nash's game. It's heady. You know Bergeron lighten that Ricard ease up Patrice Bergeron but he thinks the game a lot the way Patrice Bergeron does always in the right place the right time. He penalty kill big faceoff guy third line center on a cup contending team absolutely. Yeah I go back Chris Kelly here I didn't think Chris tell you that the reliance on a cup contending team was and it is he was even better than that especially. I think this line has some of those elements you have you have high and it's yours or you can. Also plays a strong defense and in back this is from a known commodity that you can trust in any situation in which really goes along way. After that line as a whole I think that they've been shut down line at the scoring line they've really kind of been your Bergeron junior line a lot of ways this year so I think by nice or have to buy in. To what you've seen from that group. Our next question here from Jarrett. Howland on saying it wrong I'm so sorry. A bruising be struggling on the power play as late do you think they are missing in what Canadian turnaround. The missing anything in that same people playing the same spots. Other teams in the NHL scouts well. And you know that that low triangle bumper played a Bergeron everybody sort of seen it work really really well. So all the that it was tweaked some things and you know what they've done is is try to incorporate they were using early in the season that got away from it for a little while. Back to that cross box pastor pastor knock for the one time all of a sudden opened up Bergeron again. I don't think there's any issues personnel wise. They've just got to make some tweaks based on how other teams have now scouted them in and out playing them. Anybody let's Bergeron shoot from that spot as an ally apps because he is deadly. With what he's been doing with that thing it's automatic with an you don't. You don't see that in hockey to Austin where where one shot automatic updates reminds if you know benched in one timer on the power play from the point for the caps. I stand post had a run Harry eulogized you do these one these snipers is one timers and they are almost automatic so. Where players feeling it he's feeling it I'm I'm. Reluctant change personnel I I'm not change the only thing I would consider is that prospect has some more injuries little. Sluggish getting to the locker retrieving it I would meet Mac or their entry load up your power play units by having Mac wing group you've two points. I know they'd take that in the past I'd be surprised they too full time basis. That's one thing I would maybe you but then again that's that's that that's a minor fix the rate but they're doing a quick aside about Bergeron a couple of. Looks at me once you do in this this year what what that's going on. He worked his ass off. I mean you or their warrior you do all the time I'm over there 120 Stew when he's working on that shot every single day. He you know he he works on getting away quickly getting away getting in a way. He's got pinpoint control shot almost all he knows where it's Golan before he lets it go. He's busted his ass he's worked to improve and the fact that he's in his thirties and is having you know. Arguably his best offensive year ever is it an accident. It's not like he just suddenly you know at nobody's playing him as so he's just scoring goals now he's worked yet he's really good. He's become a scorer. And he's got a couple of line mates who've been pretty adept at getting in the pock in the spot that he needs. I would agree that an and that's all the more reason to by I think if you're as as a team because you don't know how many more years you have this player I looked up to today. Acer H 33 seasons are not necessarily kinda people last question here from Richie Ernst. Does that Zdeno Chara wanna play next year if they win the Stanley Cup he wants to play period when they when the copper and east fault. He he wants to play for at least another couple years. I think don's when he's working on right now. And and there are going to be some people and Bruins nation the ones who don't know their ass from their elbow or gonna say why the hell are they signing Zdeno char. Has anybody watch what he's the one this year credible. As it is unbelievable. This year. And you know he is like shut down defenseman will run in the courts he numbers. The Edmonton game and he was on against comic David for fifteen minutes five on five time. Bruins out chance the Edmonton Oilers twelfth to war. In those fifteen minutes of five on five time economy David's arguably the best player in the National Hockey League right now. He is. On a regular basis playing the entire two minute penalty kill they got the second that while I haven't checked today but they had the second best penalty kill in the NHL. A lot of us to obviously a lot of this is the Dana Chara who never leaves the ice man down. He he has embraced. Changing his diet changing his training regiment Trai act changing how we approached the off season. He looks like he's taken 567 years off his game and having fun. Heat I have never seen him like he has right now exactly T he is so much more open so much more engaged. Penny spent the last couple of years he's got teammates who bought into what he's buying into what. When he scored though 180 foot empty netter the other night. Would you solve a joy. On his team's spaces and it wasn't just that it was an empty net goal to seal the win. It was his goal absolutely loved this guy and he loves playing with the team. I absolutely want him back next year if I'm Sweeney and try to sign him to a two or three year deal. I'd like to keep it to two if I had to do three you know I'd I'd I'd considerate. I absolutely want him back next year. It's like when you get a puppy you know for Arnold dog and meet the old opinion again right that's basically what it is in a lot of ways knack of always the poppy yes I would say so yeah and and I think it's beginning your play much are at the dancing and numbers. This that road trip as a mis informed all it is a he checkered drove down. Control is having a nightmare against against our it was pretty remarkable everybody dies I I saw on dual I'd seen him do it this year. To John Tavares on the island accident to Johnny get wrote economy David. If you're the top offensive forward on opposing team. And you're sitting their pre scouting the Bruins you got me on. God what am I gonna do with this guy yelled like yeah because he's out there all night and what makes it even more remarkable in in both gross and McCain it's case. Brought don't have last change exactly so they've had Dick. And I give credit here to Bruce Cassidy and his staff they have the kind of coach their ass off. To make sure that they've got the matchups they want when they want them and they've been able to do it on a consistent basis and he's just that. East and I can indeed stirring up the ice is eyes are watering chemical is right that chart back out there we gotta get him back out there and they do as much blinking and -- the minutes. Horrible no no not thirty fired and went to a good job in that regard and you know elected Ian Mac Boyer obviously getting the most minutes. But this team so deep that even the third defense pairs skating piece of minutes so they've done a good job. Not over extending guys like Chara and Bergeron and running them into the ground. The same way that they're not running took it into the ground they're they're handling this whole thing the right way is on pace for 55 starts perfect it's exactly the number one offense I think that I look at this hour load he looked at the rate yeah this is a quick aside as we were having this discussion the other night as well. The seventh player awards coming out I mean honest god there's like six guys you could give the seventh player award to. But you know minus visa and Todd would open. That's a renewed call. That's a really good actually he's my seventh player award winner yep and now again they beat criteria here is the player who has performed above and beyond all expectations. Got several guys of course who apply. And Dan Heine and certainly applies Jake to brusque certainly applies. But Anton who'd opened would be accurate if it were me. Did anybody see this from who'd opened. And it's been one of the keys to the success this team is that this actually could make the cases the season savings for a month that he yes and act in November apps that got them right back on track without that who knows where this team is neither a wildcard team just finds that fighting to stay afloat pitcher right now which. You know what really media crappy situations and B and I've gone back to Charlotte last point I wanna make that holding trio love it because they have a thousand games not the march April. So you may as well finally get this guy and it eased some of those teens on minutes off chart and I think he's perfect for that month of march they place sixteen games in 31 days hated basically from this weekend. Through the end of the Stanley Cup Playoffs whenever Dennis via they're gonna play every other. Perot any girl it's going to be horrible in that regard via and you hope you've got the depth and I think they do so that you don't have to run guys into the ground you're also. Not chasing every point the way you were last year you know just to get into a playoff spot. You've built enough of a cushion where you know it's it's and I know I got a I got from Patrice back over the ports here we're down a goal. He say on on were OK we'll just keep the rotation on here and and I think that's the way they'll they'll approach with Asia and it gives them time mistress he we have there was mother linesman the competency we can do in and go from there because it's it's not in the world if you lose a game you could this team can afford to lose three games it's kind of crazy to think about that you can afford to lose three games and road stretch run. But they theoretically could do that you don't wanna see it I don't see how they. Would pin high that's I guess I guess it's possible but the way they're playing it's hard to picture that you know don't lose too robbery off exactly it's been awhile what mid December against us like that that's crazy so. You're gonna record you're gonna city gonna make some trades before Monday and could make at least one probably two now I'm gonna go out there not just that beacon tranda say they doubt that's the price too high they like but they have their forwards it on wants a young kids they say go to hell. With the young kids. No deal their deadline deal is Ryan's not a that's about it which could deadline deals and await a month. I don't know what. He's gonna do with the NHL yet. I'd rather have somebody that I know what they're gonna do or at least I have an idea what they're gonna do with the child well let's disagree and the weird thing is they inquired on Darren Helm. Generally understand. For us and this term as decent you know the amount 3638. Something like that point 85 it's not a bad about. I think that what blocked this thing is I think. Donnie was trying to get them detectable ASCII contract off his stance yeah which has seen same money happening basically in the dollar yeah and I think that's where he was. You take the last ski I'll take home and we'll throw in up expect whatever gas that's sort thing. I don't think Detroit yeah I think Agassi a lot of that in the gonna try to move when he's back contract to answer now when area are so. On an out and you are deadline though I think I wouldn't be surprised earning those down at 3 PM on Monday in a right is the deadline closes I deadline deal lobby on NASA to thirty to four days now. Just begging John Sweeney in something the UN Jaffe. And wreck cool it's a good cast like that will be there always and John Shannon from Australia that's good too yeah. Well this weekend the Sunday the hockey show returns and EI Sunday's state. Myself can layered and try to get guests on the call and he won the national guys he EC meetings deadline nothing happened really meant that we took several pucks given for the podcast. For for Sunday skate you know what not because I love I love the state because and continually DJ started Iranian night and in. We can talk about our house escaped on you know I think it's it's it's a continuation of his has its product this is the stars. So I like that so. Dale thank you as always joining me that's been zero putts given. This guy stock market maybe boy.