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#DORK 152: Horror Movie Trivia

Thursday, October 17th
Rich Keefe & Ryan Davey were unable to attend the big Horror Movie Trivia Night at Idle Hands, so they invited the host, Gu (Mac & Gu Podcast) to jump...

#DORK 150: Paranormal Activity

Monday, October 14th
Rich Keefe is joined by Chris Scheim (The Pay Day Pod) to discuss the supernatural horror film, Paranormal Activity. Plus Scheim tells the story of his...

#DORK 149: Breaking Bad Season 5

Thursday, October 10th
Rich Keefe & Ryan Davey conclude their look back at Breaking Bad with a discussion of Season 5. Is this the best season? What were the best and most...

#DORK 148: Joker

Tuesday, October 8th
Rich Keefe & Ryan Davey review the polarizing new film, Joker. Spoiler-free for nearly half the episode. Is it one of the best movies of the year? Did it...