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WEEI Red Sox play-by-play voice Josh Lewin takes you inside the broadcast
booth and provides daily analysis and updates on the team.
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Sox Daily Ep. 84: Phailure To Launch

Tuesday, August 20th
Phrustrating. Sure, Aaron Nola was great, but the Sox had multiple chances to win vs Philly Tuesday night and simply didn't, costing them a chance to advance...

Sox Daily Ep. 83: Good News/Bad News

Sunday, August 18th
Which do you want first? The good news is the Sox trounced Baltimore and swept the series. The bad news is there will be no Labor Day Sale. And maybe no Chris...

Sox Daily Ep. 80: Rust Belt Blues

Monday, August 12th
Cleveland rocks (three home runs including the walkoff winner) and kicks the Sox further down the hill. Josh recaps the "almost" comeback, rolls in sound from...