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Sox Daily Ep. 107: Ending On A Sour Note

Thursday, September 26th
We've got bush. League. The Rangers and Red Sox picked an odd hill to die on in the season's final road game. Staredowns and nonsense at the end of a 7-5 loss...

Sox Daily Ep. 106: One For The Road

Thursday, September 26th
Pour one out for Porcello. And Mitch Moreland too while you're at it. As their respective red Sox tenures potentially wind to an end, each player was terrific...

Sox Daily Ep. 103: Spoiler Alert

Sunday, September 22nd
With the Sox officially eliminated, they can at least do the spoiler thing in Tampa Bay now -- Sunday was a good start. JOsh recaps the three games played...

Sox Daily Ep. 102: Eduardominance

Thursday, September 19th
Eddie Rodriguez has a higher WAR than MadBum and Kershaw?? Yup. He also has 18 of the team's 80 wins now too. The Thursday game was a 5-4 Red Sox winner: Josh...