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Red Sox reportedly engaged in Giancarlo Stanton trade talks

Rob Bradford
November 28, 2017 - 1:00 pm

While there has been seemingly very little movement in the Giancarlo Stanton trade talks, some hints have been offered as to how things are progressing.

We know that both St. Louis and San Francisco have made formal offers to the Marlins for the slugger's services. And Monday a report surfaced that said Stanton -- who holds full no-trade protection in his contract -- has told Miami which landing spots would be his preferences, with his hometown Dodgers residing on the list of approved clubs.

Now comes word from The Athletic's Ken Rosenthal that the Red Sox are one of three teams -- joining the Giants and Cardinals -- who are believed to be "engaged" in talks for Stanton.

Writes Rosenthal: "The Marlins, sources said, are engaged with three clubs, believed to be the San Francisco Giants, St. Louis Cardinals and Boston Red Sox. Three other unidentified clubs are on the periphery, capable of entering the mix. Those clubs, however, risk losing out if they do not turn more aggressive, sources said—and it’s not out of the question that Stanton’s appeal might persuade one or more of them to jump in."

What does this mean?

One way to look at it is that if the Red Sox are continuing to pursue Stanton in some form or fashion that would suggest the slugger has shown at least some semblance of interest in coming to Boston. If he didn't then why would the Marlins waste Dave Dombrowski's time? The same goes for both St. Louis and San Francisco, neither of which were seen as locks to get approval from the outfielder.

The Marlins were taking the approach of fielding interest from all clubs before diving into the weeds of Stanton's desires. But, again, why would the conversations continue if there was any suggestion that Stanton would veto a potential trade?

Another interesting note in Rosenthal's piece is the notion that teams might look at Stanton's right to opt-out after the 2020 season as a benefit, not a negative. If the 28-year-old does choose to take the free agent route after three seasons, the team acquiring him this offseason would be saving $208 million.

What isn't clear is what it will take to get Stanton, with multiple general managers telling at the recent GM meetings the belief was that if a club was willing to take on the majority of what is left on the outfielder's contract (10 years, $295 million), an overwhelming package of talent wouldn't have to be included. This might be the Red Sox' best bet considering the lack of high-end minor-leaguers left in their farm system. (To read more about that, click here.)

While you are waiting for more news about a possible Stanton trade, gives us an idea of how the slugger's swing might translate to Fenway Park:

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