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Scott Boras explains why J.D. Martinez would be a good fit with Red Sox, praises Eric Hosmer, awaits word on Jackie Bradley

John Tomase
December 13, 2017 - 1:34 pm

Scott Boras held court at baseball's winter meetings on Wednesday in Orlando and addressed a number of Red Sox subjects, including trade rumors involving Jackie Bradley, J.D. Martinez's defense, and the man ways Eric Hosmer can impact an organization.

To wit . . .

-- On what separates Martinez in this market:

"For any team you're talking about a slugger. A .690 slugging (percentage), he's King Kong of slugging. He's separated himself from the greats, the (Giancarlo) Stantons, the (Mike) Trouts, all of them, there's a 40-50 point difference. You want to make a difference, and not only have a player perform at a high level but accentuate an impact on the players around him, both in the locker room and on the field, it's rare in free agency that we have players with that kind of skill."

-- On Martinez's defense, which is considered below-average:

"Look, he had a plus-1 rating in right field. We have 28 right fielders that are really, really affected by the rankings of right fielders because we have two stellar defenders in (Jason) Heyward and Mookie (Betts). When you remove them from the process, you see the majority of teams, J.D. included, he is an average, and the plus-1 rating says above-average, major league outfielder.

"I've had no one tell me that J.D. Martinez is anything other than a very competent outfielder."

-- On Martinez's willingness to DH:

"I think he's comfortable in looking at the team and evaluating it. . . . Doing what's best for the team he's with, he'd certainly adapt to any role."

-- On the reasons teams sometimes meet players face-to-face during negotiations, as many are doing with Martinez:

"The only reason I think you have players talk to owners, presidents and GMs, is there's a request to really get to know the player. As to what impact it has on the immediacy of a deal or whether or not that affects their decision-making, I think it really helps them be more assured in an assessment of their business decision. They get to ask questions that they could never ask, because they've never been in front of the player. That's the only reason we do this, because they've asked us to do it and really want to know more."

-- On Hosmer's potential impact as a four-time Gold Glover, two-time All-Star, and acknowledged leader on the World Series champion Royals, all by age 28:

"Players that are young free agents and leaders and have that prestige value that he has where he's done everything, really, as a player that you could do at a young age, the demand is great, because everybody looks at this from the standpoint of I can use him if I'm a now team, I can use him if I'm a team that's a year from now, and I can use him if I'm a team that's building something three years from now. His glove fits all teams."

-- On Bradley's trade rumors:

"We've been in communication with the Red Sox about that and there have been media reports about that, but that has never been anything they've expressed as an intention. They told us they're very happy with Jackie and they very much want to continue their relationship with him and have him be their center fielder."

(WEEI.com's Rob Bradford contributed to this report from Orlando)

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