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Recapping a crazy hour with Scott Boras

Rob Bradford
December 13, 2017 - 6:37 pm

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. -- It should be noted that Scott Boras' hour-long get-together with the assembled media at the MLB winter meetings wasn't all that different than most years.

Word is passed down on the third day of the event when Boras will appear, along with the general location his informal press conference will take place. The media then waits for the agent to come around the corner, doing their best to guess at what exact point will be his landing spot. If you guess wrong, there is a strong possibility that hearing what is said will be a struggle due to the rows and rows of audience.

This time, Boras swooped in and set up shop just outside the media room, taking the opportunity to stand atop a nearby camera box to make for better visibility. Thanks to the prop, the agent stood well above his questioners, with the Boras Corp. logo on his jacket in plain view.

It's somewhat predictable what topics Boras will hit on. All one has to do is look at a list of the free agents he represents. This time there is J.D. Martinez, Eric Hosmer, Mike Moustakas, and Jake Arrieta, with newsworthy clients Jackie Bradley Jr., Zach Britton, and even Pedro Alvarez entering into the mix. There is also the predictable rant on how owners aren't spending money, with the Marlins getting in the agent's cross-hairs numerous times this time around.

What you don't know going in is how Boras will weave in and out of his answers.

Wednesday morning, he didn't disappoint.

One of Boras' staples is to identify a new term, or terms. This time? "Playoffville" was broken out six times when describing the postseason.

"Trade haze," was mentioned three times when talking about the deliberate pace of the offseason.

And, when it came to Hosmer, Boras also broke out a new way to measure a player: "Prestige value."

"We call that Prestige Value." "When we talk about WAR we put the PV to it."  "Proven Prestige Value is when you have the ring on your finger." Six times the term was broken off.

Here were some of the other beauties:

"The Ohtani Sun Solar Eclipse." (Describing the delay caused by Shohei Otahni's signing.)

"Miami Rain, where we've seen a heavy liquidation." (The Marlins selling off their players.)

"We've seen on of our major league jewelry stores become a pawn shop." (Another dig at Miami.)

"King Kong of slugging, separates himself from the greats, Stanton, Trout." (Praising Martinez.)

"Bottom's up approach that the market has taken." (Smaller signings kicking off the offseason.)

"When your in the bus, you don't go anywhere without a road. I don't make those roads." (How teams are approaching the offseason.)

"If New York Tiffany wants to call Miami Pawn, I can't interrupt the process." (Referencing the likes of the Yankees dealing with the Marlins.)

"You're not a jewelry store that is coveting your diamonds. You now become a pawn shop that is trying to pay the rent of your building." (More digs at the Marlins.)

"We have to get to the vault. The ATM has limits." (Talking about the Mets.)

"They're positioned to have a wonderful Bronx opera." (The Yankees.)

"You have to put your oars in the water in advance of, at the time of, and in the future of to really create a window of choice for you." (Figuring out when to make a move.)

"The key to any game is revenue. The second key is choice." (Urging teams to spend money.)

"If you have revenue realization playing the property tax is a diminimous issue to the greater well being for the franchise in the future." (Diminimous: Of little importance.)

"We have to look at the metrics of baseball because the eye test is winning over the metric evaluations." (Praising Martinez's defense.)

"They have a lot of diamonds in their jewelry store." (Once again, the Yankees.)

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