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Former ESPN boss John Skipper's story comes into question

Rob Bradford
December 30, 2017 - 9:26 am

The John Skipper story looks like it's just getting started.

The former ESPN boss' reason for leaving the organization due to substance abuse struggles is coming into question thanks to a post on "Outkick the Coverage," written by Clay Travis.

Travis' sources have told him that Skipper's exit was in fact due to "sexual harassment issues inside the company" and not the reason given by ESPN. (To read the complete story, click here.)

In the post, Travis also posted photos of Skipper and ESPN host Dan LeBatard out at a North Carolina bar Friday night, drinking what was described as martinis. LeBatard was one of Skipper's most outspoken supporters after the resignation, offering a tearful soliloquy in standing up for his former boss and friend.

The timing of Skipper's resignation had already raised eyebrows considering he just signed a contract extension the week before. (To read Alex Reimer's column on the skepticism surrounding the news, click here.)




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