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Tom Brady on K&C: 'Hopefully by next Saturday night I am feeling as good as I have all year'

Ryan Hannable
January 03, 2018 - 7:20 am

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady joined Kirk & Callahan Wednesday morning to look ahead to the postseason, speak to Jimmy Garoppolo's success and other Patriots-related matters. To hear the complete interview, visit the Kirk & Callahan audio on demand page.

At times this season Brady took a beating and didn't have the best December statistically. Some argued it was health-related, but the quarterback said he's feeling good and hoping to be at his best for the first playoff game a week from Saturday at Gillette Stadium.

“I feel good," Brady said. "There’s some bumps and bruises you always deal with over the course of these games. It’s a physical sport for everybody, so I am happy to be able to — like I’ve said before, in 2008 I missed the whole season with my knee and that was pretty tough mentally and physically. Anytime you end the season playing and playing all 16 weeks I think there’s a really positive feeling about that. I am happy to advance now where we don’t have to get any of those extra bumps and bruises before we advance to the next round. Hopefully by next Saturday night I am feeling as good as I have all year. That is what I am hoping.”

Garoppolo finished the year 5-0 as a starter with the 49ers, but Brady said he didn't get the chance to see his former backup play.

“I haven’t watched any of those games," he said. "Really, there’s been so much focus on our team. Like I’ve said, for them to win all their games, that is pretty great. I am really happy for him. He did a great job.”

As for if he viewed Garoppolo as a player who was in New England to one day take his job, the 40-year-old said he never thought of it like that.

“I don’t think about any of those things," Brady said. "Honestly, I have just tried to go out and do the best I can do for this team. There’s been a lot of players drafted over the years and other quarterbacks drafted. I don’t think that has ever taken away from what my focus or preparation has been. I think everyone on the team is here to help us win. The more good players you have the better it is for everybody. That’s team sports. I think you have to embrace competition and that maximizes everyone and really gets the best out of everybody. That’s how I viewed it.”

Following are more highlights from the conversation. For more Patriots news, visit the team page.

On Bill Belichick and other players wearing shorts and t-shirts prior to last Sunday's game: “That’s pretty hardcore. To do that in those conditions, I mean that was cold the other day. It’s been cold for a couple of weeks now and maybe you can bear it for a few minutes, but I don’t know, staying out there for a couple of hours, or guys playing with hardly anything on, that is pretty hardcore.”

On the TB Times: “I think it was something we started last year. It was just something to have some fun. Social media has been a fun thing to be involved in and just bring a little levity to some of these games and some of the wins has been fun. They all have a little different meaning and we talk about them — me and the guys that I work with. Hopefully people enjoy them. There’s nothing more than that. Just a fun thing to do and I think people enjoy it.”

On if he's explained the alligator: "No, not yet, but there will be a time.”

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